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Internshipforlonniewhitaker _MGM Grand Hotel_


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Name: Lonnie Whitaker
Course: RHM 175
Project: Internship for MGM Grand Hotel
Instructor: Jason Blumenthal


   The MGM Grand Hotel, located at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas Nevada 89109. MGM
Grand is one of the largest hotel and casino located south of the Las Vegas Boulevard, which has a
variety of elegant restaurants to choose from. There are a total of 17 properties which are located in
Nevada, Mississippi, and Michigan and have 50% investment in four other properties in Nevada, New
Jersey, Illinois, and Macau.

   The MGM has a Hospitality Internship Program which is a 12-40hr a week summer program which
was created seniors to obtain professional knowledge in the hospitality industry. Interns will interface
with the senior management and have hands on experience throughout this program, using the
executive speaker’s forum and exclusive guided tours of business units. The will also participate in a
structured three-day orientation class that will expose them to the philosophy and culture of the MGM
Grand Hotel, diversity, business etiquettes, and exceptional customer service.

   During this program, the hosting department will create a 12 week training plan which detailed
learning objective and measureable outcomes. The hosting department will also determine the intern’s
work schedule, job functions, and special projects. The interns will be held responsible for preparing a
business plan as a final group which will be presented to an executive panel for evaluation and
feedback. There are a wide variety of jobs that are offered at the MGM Grand Hotel. Such jobs include
but not limited to, Front Desk, Channel Distribution, Reservations, and EVS/Housekeeping, Slot
Operations, Casio Marketing, Food and Beverages, and Corporate (same areas are Diversity and
Community Affairs, Communications, Information Technology (IT), Public Relations, and Philanthropy).

   The MGM Grand Hotel has a variety of compensations/benefits that are available in the Hospitality
Internship Program. Such benefits are;

       Health Plan
       Saving’s Plan
       Employee Assistance Program
       Additional Benefits
       Child Development Center
       Wellness Program

   In order to apply, the intern must meet the eligibility and selection requirement. Such requirements
      Must maintain GPA 3.0 or above
      Must be entering their final year (senor status) of undergraduate studies at an accredited
        college or university
      Must be able to earn academic credit for participation in the program
      Must complete application packet which consists of online application, official transcript, letter
        of introduction outlining three areas of interest, resume, letter of recommendation (one letter
        must be from a college or university), and an essay
      Must have phone interview with MGM Mirage Management
      Must be able to pass Employment Drug Test

   The applications are online at www.mgmmirage.com/employment, click “Job Search”, then “Choose a
Property”-MGM Grand, Las Vegas, “Job Title Alpha Search”, choose “H”-Hospitality Internship Program
(HIP), “More Info” and apply.

  Reserved Housing is available for interns at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Residence Hall. For
UNLV Summer Housing Information, please visit www.mgmresortscareers.com

  To find out more about the MGM Grand Hotel, please use their web link at www.mgmgrand.com

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