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									                   Part A : Career Cruising
Job #1 Computer Programmer
     Positive – Good pay ($40,000 to $75,000 a year for most).
     Positive – Programming computers can do things that people can’t do, but quicker
      and more efficiently.
     Negative – Sitting on a desk the whole day.
     Negative – Spending more time on the computer, and less time outside.

Job #2 Construction managers
     Positive – Work for large construction companies or self-employed.
     Positive – Spend time outdoors at jobsites, in all weather conditions, and indoors in
     Negative – Really risky.
     Negative – Environmental damage.

Job #3 Producer
     Positive – Create, monitor, and enforce budgets and production schedules.
     Positive – $60,000 to $160,000 a year or more for most.
     Negative – Possibility of not being successful.
     Negative – Takes a lot of time.

Job #4 Actuary
     Positive – Work for large insurance companies, actuarial consulting firms, financial
      services companies, or government departments.
     Positive – Spend time each day in meetings with clients, other actuaries, and a wide
      range of other professionals.
     Negative – Spend much of the workday using computers.
     Negative – Takes a lot of time.

Job #5 Web Developer
     Positive – Get to work with big companies such as Facebook, Twitter..etc
     Positive – Be able to travel a lot, work at home.
     Negative – Consumes a lot of time to learn.
     Negative – You must be constantly looking for clients.
                      Part B : Reflective Essay
I know I am a smart individual, some people might laugh hearing this. I know I am smart
because of my ability to learn things easily specially web and computer programming
languages, I was able to learn ActionScript 3.0, PHP, VisualBasic, C#, HTML and CSS,
in a really short time, that demonstrates my ability to learn. A lot of people struggle with
that kind of stuff and I was able to learn it easily and was able to do fantastic job at it too.

I have learned from a lot mistakes that I have done in my school life, first thing is to work
harder which I obviously don’t follow much but at the same time I am constantly
thinking about it, I also learned that I want to be something that will change the web
industry and take it into a whole new level of experience for internet users. That made me
think to become a web developer, the only problem is I don’t think it’s that easy of a
choice since you have to be sitting in a desk all day, you have to be able to market
yourself and find a lot of customers to be successful, after becoming more successful I
could probably open up my own web/graphic design company and hire some
professionals like myself.

My goal is to make something huge in the internet business something like Google,
Facebook or Twitter. My goal is to be successful at what ever I end up doing even if it
wasn’t that great.

Others in this world might see me as a loser since I didn’t do so great in school, failed
subjects and so on. But I want to show them that I am not like that, in fact I am really
good at many things and I am a smart person. Time will definitely show people who am
I, because I know for a fact I will be more successful than those people who made fun of

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in
Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft."
— Bill Gates
                     Part C: Work Safety
1a) Trips/slips or falls.
 b) Electrical incidents.
 c) Manual handling/lifting.
 e) Head injury.

2a) Chemicals.
 b) Chlorine Dioxide.
 c) Hydrogen Sulfide.
 d) Toxic cleaning products.
                 Part D : Workplace Scenarios
            Call manager for help.
            Tell them I broke my ankle possibly.
            Ask the to call 911 for assistance.
            Go to the hospital get X-Rays done.
            If my ankle is broken then they will put a cast on it.
            Leave the hospital then go rest at home.

        Tell them to stop harassing me or I will have to notify the manager.
        If they didn’t stop harassing then I will go ahead and let the manager know that I
         am being harassed everyday because of the way I look.
        At that point the manager will have to fire the worker that is harassing me.
        If the manager didn’t fire them just told them to not harass me and the proceeded
         harassing me then at that point I will have to tell police.

        I will ask if it is necessary.
        If they insisted to know I will them that I am a straight Muslim.
        After the interview I will wait for a call from them.
        If they didn’t answer me then I will go ahead and call them asking if they have
         made their decision yet.
        If was not accepted I will ask the employer if he didn’t hire me because of the
         religion that I practice.
        If they say yes then at that point I will let a in-law person know what is going on.
               Part E : High Five Principles
Movie chosen: The Pursuit of Happyness

  1.   Follow your heart.
  2.   Change is constant.
  3.   Learning is ongoing.
  4.   Access your allies.
  5.   Focus on the journey.

Examples :

  1. Chris Gardner followed his heart by doing what he actually wants to do in life
     regardless of what comments people making about his journey.
  2. Changes in life are constant an example from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness
     his life (Chris Gardner) he had to sleep in a washroom, he had to sleep in a shelter
     with homeless people but then he had a event that changed his life becoming a
     stock broker which definitely was the biggest change in his life.
  3. Chris Gardner had to keep learning and maintaining his education in order to be
     successful for example he had to learn how to become a stock broker which took
     him over a year.
  4. Chris Gardner had to find allies to support him through his hard times and also
     find people to mentor him and give him advice such as the companies CEO.
  5. Gardner had to focus on the journey and not get off, he had to stay determined to
     finish what he started doing and also maintain what he has done so far.
 Part F : Computer Apprenticeship Research
1. Chosen Apprenticeship : Plumber.
3. Job-related skills :
    1. Reading blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine layout of plumbing
       systems, water supply networks and waste and drainage systems.
    2. Measuring, cutting , bending and threading pipes using hand and power tools or
    3. Installing repairing and maintaining domestic, commercial or industrial plumbing
       fixtures and systems
4. Hours required : 720 hurs outside class and 200 hours in class
5. Who could you work for :
       a. AAA Drain Svc
       b. Acro Mechanical
       c. Aim Systems
       d. Alf Waechter Plumbing
       e. Independent Work
6. Wages : $13.48 for a beginner.
7.Careers with similar skills : Construction worker.
8. Why is this apprenticeship preferable : The plumber gets paid really high once they
have a lot of experience and also it doesn’t require a degree in university.

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