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                      CROSS REFERENCE

ImperviTRAN - GlobalTRAN - EconoTRAN - ValuTRAN - Core & Coil

           Includes single and three phase General Purpose

             HAMMOND                      __________MICRON

                                                             Form No. INT03-1

The following files and workbooks provides a cross reference guide to the Micron product
offering as of December, 2003.

This disc and the data within are the property of Micron Industries Corporation and may not be
altered or copied without permission.

The data to support these files was taken from competitive catalogs and every step has been
taken to assure the data is correct. However, Micron can express no guarantee that the data
presented is error-free.

File: Cross reference LVGP 2003 represents a cross reference for general purpose items to
most common competitive brands.
File: Cross reference CPT 2003 represents a cross reference for control transformer items to
most common competitive brands.

Worksheets: 1 Phase LVGP, 3 Phase LVGP and Buck-Boost represent a cross reference
for LVGP items to most common competitive brands.

Substitutions can often be made if the primary voltage in use is known along with the
approximate load. ie: Customer's transformer is marked 230/460 volt primary but is used
only at 460. In this case any 460 or 480 volt primary transformer will work as long as it meets
the minimum VA requirements of the customer. See Micron-Micron worksheet for more
d may not be

ep has been
hat the data

ose items to

rmer items to

s reference

g as it meets
                                                  LVGP PRODUCT CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE

                    UL              UL/CSA        UL/CSA            UL
                 MICRON           HEVI-DUTY        ACME             C-H
       VA    PRI 240x480 SEC 120/240
       50    G050A1KF1A01      HS1A50        T-1-53004        S20N11S81N
       75    G075A1KF1A01      HS1A75               N/A       S20N11S85N
      100    G100A1KF1A01      HS1A100       T-1-53005        S20N11S82N
      150    G150A1KF1A01      HS1A150       T-1-53006        S20N11S83N
      250    G250A1KF1A02      HS1A250       T-2-53007-S      S20N11S26N
      500    G500A1KF1A02      HS1F500A      T-2-53008-S      S20N11S51N
      750    G750A1KF1A02      HS1F750A      T-2-53009-S      S20N11S76N
     1000    G001K1KF1A02      HS1F1AS       T-2-53010-S      S20N11S01N
     1500    G1X5K1KF1A02      HS1F1.5AS     T-2-53011-S      S20N11S16N
     2000    G002K1KF1A02      HS1F2AS       T-2-53012-S      S20N11S02N
     3000    G003K1KF1A03            N/A     T-2-53013-S      S20N11S03N
    3000T    G003K1KF7A03      HS5F3AS       T-2-53013-4S     S20K11S03N
     5000    G005K1KF1A03            N/A     T-2-53014-S      S20N11S05N
    5000T    G005K1KF7A03      HS5F5AS       T-2-53014-4S     S20K11S05N
     7500    G7X5K1KF1A03            N/A            N/A       S20N11S07N
    7500T    G7X5K1KF7A03      HS5F7.5AS     T-2-53515-3S     S20K11S07N
    10000    G010K1KF1A03            N/A            N/A       S20N11S10N
   10000T    G010K1KF7A03      HS5F10AS      T-2-53516-3S     S20K11S10N
    15000    G015K1KF1A03            N/A            N/A       S20N11S15N
   15000T    G015K1KF6A03      S5H15S        T-2-53517-3S     S20L11S15N
    25000    G025K1KF1A03            N/A            N/A       S20N11S25N
   25000T    G025K1KF6A03      S5H25S        T-2-53518-3S     S20L11S25N
   37500T    G037K2KF6A04      S5H37S        T-2-53019-3S     T20L11S37F
   50000T    G050K2KF6A04      S5H50S        T-2-53020-3S     T20L11S50E
   75000T    G075K2KF6A04      S5H75S        T-2-53021-3S     T20L11S75E
  100000T    G100K2KF6A04      S5H100S       T-2A-535022-3S   T20L11S99E

   VA        PRI 190-440 SEC 110/220
     1000    G001K1PG1A06      HS14F1AS      TF-2-17437-S    S40N14S01N
     1500    G1X5K1PG1A06      HS14F1.5AS           N/A      S40N14S16N
     2000    G002K1PG1A07      HS14F2AS      TF-2-17439-S    S40N14S02N
     3000    G003K1PG1A07      HS14F3S       TF-2-49873-S    S40N14S03N
     5000    G005K1PG1A07      HS14F5AS      TF-2-52520-S    S40N14S05N
     7500    G7X5K1PG1A07      HS14F7.5AS    TF-2-52794-S    S40N14S07N
    10000    G010K1PG1A07      HS14F10AS     TF-2-52795-S    S40N14S10N
    15000    G015K1PG1A07      S14H15S       TF-2-52796-S    S40N14S15N
    25000           N/A        S14H25S       TF-2-52797-S    T40N14S25A

   VA        PRI 480 SEC 120/240
    1000T    G001K1QF8A02           N/A             N/A       S48G11S01N
    1500T    G1X5K1QF8A02           N/A             N/A       S48G11S16N
    2000T    G002K1QF8A02           N/A             N/A       S48G11S02N
    3000T    G003K1QF8A03           N/A             N/A       S48G11S03N
    3000T    G003K1QF3A03           N/A             N/A       S48D11S03N
    5000T    G005K1QF8A03           N/A             N/A       S48G11S05N
    5000T    G005K1QF3A03           N/A             N/A       S48D11S05N
    7500T    G7X5K1QF8A03           N/A             N/A       S48G11S07N
    7500T    G7X5K1QF3A03           N/A             N/A       S48D11S07N
   10000T    G010K1QF8A03           N/A             N/A       S48G11S10N
   10000T    G010K1QF3A03           N/A             N/A       S48D11S10N
   15000T    G015K1QF8A03           N/A             N/A       S48G11S15N
   15000T    G015K1QF3A03           N/A             N/A       S48D11D15N
   25000T    G025K1QF8A03           N/A             N/A       S48G11S25N
   25000T    G025K1QF2A03           N/A             N/A       S48M11S25N

                                                   LVGP PRODUCT CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE


                    UL             UL/CSA         UL/CSA           UL
                 MICRON           HEVI-DUTY        ACME            C-H
   VA        PRI 600 SEC 120/240
       50           N/A              N/A             N/A            N/A
      100           N/A        HS10A100              N/A            N/A
      150           N/A        HS10A150              N/A            N/A
      250           N/A        HS10A250              N/A            N/A
      500           N/A        HS10F500A             N/A            N/A
      750           N/A        HS10F750A             N/A            N/A
    1000T    G001K1RF8A02      HS10F1AS       T-2-53110-S     S60G11S01N
    1500T    G1X5K1RF8A02      HS10F1.5AS     T-2-53111-S     S60G11S16N
    2000T    G002K1RF8A02      HS10F2AS       T-2-53112-S     S60G11S02N
     3000    G003K1RF1A03            N/A             N/A      S60N11S03N
    3000T    G003K1RF8A03      HS10F3AS       T-2-53113-1S    S60G11S03N
     5000    G005K1RF1A03            N/A             N/A      S60N11S05N
    5000T    G005K1RF8A03      HS10F5AS       T-2-53114-1S    S60G11S05N
     7500    G7X5K1RF1A03            N/A             N/A      S60N11S07N
    7500T    G7X5K1RF8A03      HS10F7.5AS     T-2-53615-1S    S60G11S07N
    10000    G010K1RF1A03            N/A             N/A      S60N11S10N
   10000T    G010K1RF8A03      HS10F10AS      T-2-53616-1S    S60G11S10N
    15000    G015K1RF1A03            N/A             N/A      S60N11S15N
   15000T    G015K1RF5A03      S10H15S        T-2-53617-1S    S60J11S15N
   25000T    G025K1RF5A03            N/A      T-2-53618-1S    S60J11S25N
   25000T    G025K1RF2A03      S10H25S               N/A      S60M11S25N
   37500T    G037K2RF2A04      S10H37S        T-2-53119-3S    T60M11S37C
   50000T    G050K2RF2A04      S10H50S        T-2-53120-3S    T60M11S50D
   75000T    G075K2RF2A04      S10H75S        T-2-53121-3S    T60M11S75D
  100000T    G100K2RF2A04      S10H100S       T-2A-53122-3S   T60M11S99B
  167000T    G167K2RF2A04      S10H167S       T-1-53123-3S    T60M11S67A
VA       PRI 208 SEC 120/240
   500   G500A1HF1A02              N/A          N/A     S29N11S51N
  1000   G001K1HF1A02              N/A   T-2-53140-1S   S29N11S01N
  1500   G1X5K1HF1A02              N/A   T-2-53141-1S   S29N11S16N
  2000   G002K1HF1A02              N/A   T-2-53142-1S   S29N11S02N
  3000   G003K1HF1A03              N/A   T-2-53143-1S   S29N11S03N
  5000   G005K1HF1A03              N/A   T-2-53144-1S   S29N11S05N
  7500   G7X5K1HF1A03              N/A   T-2-53645-1S   S29N11S07N
 10000   G010K1HF1A03              N/A   T-2-53646-1S   S29N11S10N
 15000   G015K1HF1A03              N/A   T-2-53647-1S   S29N11S15N
 25000   G025K1HF1A03              N/A   T-2-53648-1S   S29N11S25N
 37500   G037K2HF1A04              N/A   T-2-53649-1S   T29N11S37N

VA       PRI 277 SEC 120/240
  1000          N/A                N/A   T-2-53170-1S         N/A
  1500          N/A                N/A   T-2-53171-1S         N/A
  2000          N/A                N/A   T-2-53172-1S         N/A
  3000   G003K1MF1A03              N/A   T-2-53173-1S   S27N11S03N
  5000   G005K1MF1A03              N/A   T-2-53174-1S   S27N11S05N
  7500   G7X5K1MF1A03              N/A   T-2-53675-1S   S27N11S07N
 10000   G010K1MF1A03              N/A   T-2-53676-1S   S27N11S10N
 15000   G015K1MF1A03              N/A   T-2-53677-1S   S27N11S15N
 25000   G025K1MF1A03              N/A   T-2-53678-1S   S27N11S25N

VA       PRI 120x240 SEC 120/240
  1000   G001K1EF1A02              N/A   T-3-53040-S    S10N11S01N
  1500   G1X5K1EF1A02              N/A   T-3-53041-S    S10N11S16N
  2000   G002K1EF1A02              N/A   T-3-53042-S    S10N11S02N
  3000   G003K1EF1A03              N/A   T-3-53043-S    S10N11S03N
  5000   G005K1EF1A03              N/A   T-3-53044-S    S10N11S05N
  7500   G7X5K1EF1A03              N/A   T-3-53545-S    S10N11S07N
 10000   G010K1EF1A03              N/A   T-3-53546-S    S10N11S10N
 15000   G015K1EF1A03              N/A   T-3-53547-S    S10N11S15N
 25000   G025K1EF1A03              N/A   T-3-53548-S    S10N11S25N

               UL        CUL/CSA       UL/CSA            UL/CSA
              SQ-D         FPC           GE            JEFFERSON

         50SV1A       SE2N.050F    9T51B0002         211-0001-000
                N/A   SE2N.075F    9T51B0003         211-0011-000
         100SV1A      SE2N.100F    9T51B0004         211-0021-055
         150SV1A      SE2N.150F    9T51B0005         211-0031-055
         250SV1B      SE2N.250F    9T51B0007         211-0041-055
         500SV1B      SE2N.500F    9T51B0008         211-0051-055
         750SV1F      SE2N.750F    9T51B0009         211-0061-055
         1S1F         SE2N1F       9T51B0010         211-0071-055
         1.5S1F       SE2N1.5F     9T51B0011         211-0081-055
         2S1F         SE2N2F       9T51B0012         211-0091-055
         3S1F         SE2N3F       9T51B0013         211-0101-055
                N/A   SE2T3F             N/A         211-0104-355
         5S1F         SE2N5F       9T21B1004G02      211-0111-055
                N/A   SE2T5F             N/A         211-0114-355
         7S1F         SE2N7.5F     9T21B1005G02      211-0131-055
                N/A   SE2T7.5F           N/A         211-0134-355
         10S1F        SE2N10F      9T21B1006G02      211-0151-055
                N/A   SE2T10F            N/A         211-0154-355
         15S1H        SE2N15F      9T21B9103         211-0161-055
                N/A   SE2T15F            N/A         211-0164-355
                N/A         N/A    9T21B9104         211-0181-055
         25S3H        S2T25        9T23B2671         211-0184-355
         37S3H        S2T37        9T23B2672         221-3205-055
         50S3H        S2T50        9T23B2673         221-3225-055
         75S3H        S2T75        9T23B2674         221-3235-055
         100S3H       S2T100       9T23B2675         221-3245-055

               N/A         N/A     9T51B0170               N/A
               N/A         N/A     9T51B0171               N/A
               N/A         N/A     9T51B0172               N/A
               N/A         N/A     9T51B0173               N/A
               N/A         N/A           N/A               N/A
               N/A         N/A           N/A               N/A
               N/A         N/A           N/A               N/A
               N/A         N/A           N/A               N/A
               N/A         N/A           N/A               N/A
                 N/A    SE481D1F     9T51B0050            N/A
                 N/A    SE481D1.5F   9T51B0051            N/A
                 N/A    SE481D2F     9T51B0052            N/A
         3S40F          SE481D3F     9T51B0053            N/A
                 N/A          N/A    9T51B0135            N/A
         5S40F          SE481D5F     9T21B1007G02         N/A
                 N/A          N/A    9T21B1013G02         N/A
         7S40F          SE481D7.5F   9T21B1008G02         N/A
               N/A            N/A    9T21B1014G02         N/A
         10S40F         SE481D10F    9T21B1009G02         N/A
               N/A            N/A    9T21B1015G02         N/A
         15S40F         SE481D15F    9T21B9105            N/A
               N/A            N/A    9T21B9109            N/A
         25S40F               N/A    9T21B9106            N/A
               N/A            N/A    9T21B9110            N/A


                  UL       CUL/CSA       UL/CSA         UL/CSA
                 SQ-D        FPC           GE         JEFFERSON

         50SV51A              N/A    9T51B0082      211-0006-000
         100SV51A             N/A    9T51B0084      211-0026-000
         150SV51A             N/A    9T51B0085      211-0036-000
         250SV51B             N/A    9T51B0087      211-0046-055
         500SV51B             N/A    9T51B0088      211-0056-055
         750SV51F             N/A    9T51B0089      211-0066-055
         1S51F          SE61D1FS     9T51B0090      211-0077-055
         1.5S51F        SE61D1.5FS   9T51B0091      211-0087-055
         2S51F          SE61D2FS     9T51B0092      211-0097-055
               N/A            N/A    9T51B0083      N/A
         3S4F           SE61D3FS     9T51B0073      211-0107-055
               N/A            N/A    9T21B1016G02   N/A
         5S4F           SE61D5FS     9T21B1019G02   211-0117-055
               N/A            N/A    9T21B1017G02   N/A
         7S4F           SE61D7.5FS   9T21B1020G02   211-0137-055
               N/A            N/A    9T21B1018G02   N/A
         10S4F          SE61D10FS    9T21B1021G02   211-0157-055
               N/A            N/A    9T21B9111      N/A
         15S5H          SE61D15FS    9T21B9113      211-0167-055
         25S5H          S61T25S      9T21B9114      211-0187-055
               N/A            N/A    9T23B2681      N/A
         37S5H          S61T37S      9T23B2682      221-3188-055
         50S5H          S61T50S      9T23B2683      221-3208-055
         75S5H          S61T75S      9T23B2684      221-3228-055
         100S5H         S61T100S     9T23B2685      221-3238-055
         167S5H         S61T167S     9T23B2686      221-3248-055
N/A         N/A          N/A      211-0051-208
N/A   SE201D1F           N/A      211-0071-208
N/A   SE201D1.5F         N/A             N/A
N/A   SE201D2F     9T51B0156      211-0091-208
N/A   SE201D3F     9T51B0157      211-0101-208
N/A   SE201D5F     9T21B1028G02   211-0111-208
N/A   SE201D7.5F   9T21B1029G02   211-0131-208
N/A   SE201D10F    9T21B1030G02   211-0151-208
N/A   SE201D15F    9T21B9119      211-0161-208
N/A         N/A    9T21B9120      211-0181-208
N/A         N/A          N/A            N/A

N/A   SE271D1F     9T51B0190      211-0071-277
N/A   SE271D1.5F   9T51B0191            N/A
N/A   SE271D2F     9T51B0192      211-0091-277
N/A   SE271D3F     9T51B0193      211-0101-277
N/A   SE271D5F     9T21B1046G02   211-0111-277
N/A   SE271D7.5F   9T21B1047G02   211-0131-277
N/A   SE271D10F    9T21B1048G02   211-0151-277
N/A   SE271D15F    9T21B9143      211-0161-277
N/A         N/A    9T21B9144      211-0181-277

N/A   SE120N1F     9T51B0030      211-0071-120
N/A   SE120N1.5F   9T51B0031            N/A
N/A   SE120N2F     9T51B0032      211-0091-120
N/A   SE120N3F     9T51B0033      211-0101-120
N/A   SE120N5F     9T21B1001G02   211-0111-120
N/A   SE120N7.5F   9T21B1002G02   211-0131-120
N/A   SE120N10F    9T21B1003G02   211-0151-120
N/A   SE120N15F    9T21B9101      211-0161-120
N/A         N/A    9T21B9102      211-0181-120
                                       LVGP PRODUCT CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE


                UL          UL/CSA      UL/CSA            UL          UL
             MICRON       HEVI-DUTY      ACME             C-H        SQ-D
 VA      PRI 208 DELTA SEC 480Y/277
 15000   G015K5HQ2A04     T84H15S     T-3-79367-1S    V29M47T15N   15T64H
 30000   G030K5HQ2A04     T84H30S     T-2-79368-4S    V29M47T30N   30T64H
 45000   G045K5HQ2A04     T84H45S     T-2-79369-4S    V29M47T45N   45T64H
 75000   G075K5HQ2A04     T84H75S     T-3-79370-4S    V29M47T75N   75T64H
112500   G112K5HQ2A04     T84H112S    T-2-79371-4S    V29M47T12N   112T64H
150000   G150K5HQ2A04     T84H150S    T-2-79372-4S    V29M47T49N   150T64H
225000   G225K5HQ4A04         N/A     T-2-79373-4S    V29R47T22N   225T64H
300000   G300K5HQ4A04         N/A     T-3-79374-4S    V29R47T33N   300T64H
500000   G500K5HQ8A04         N/A     T-2-79376-4S    V29G47T55N   500T64H

 VA      PRI 240 DELTA SEC 208Y/120
  9000   G009K3JH8A03     HT6F9AS     T-2A-53360-1S   Y24G28T09N       N/A
 15000   G015K5JH2A04     T6H15S      T-3-53361-1S    V24M28T15B   15T12H
 30000   G030K5JH2A04     T6H30S      T-3-53362-4S    V24M28T30N   30T12H
 45000   G045K5JH2A04     T6H45S      T-3-53363-4S    V24M28T45N   45T12H
 75000   G075K5JH2A04     T6H75S      T-3-53364-4S    V24M28T75N   75T12H
112500   G112K5JH2A04     T6H112S     T-2A-53365-4S   V24M28T12N   112T12H
150000   G150K5JH2A04     T6H150S     T-2-53366-4S    V24M28T49N   150T12H
225000   G225K5JH5A04         N/A     T-2-53367-4S    V24R28T22N   225T11H
300000   G300K5JH5A04         N/A          N/A        V24R28T33N   300T11H
500000   G500K5JH8A04         N/A          N/A        V24G28T55N   500T11H

 VA      PRI 480 DELTA SEC 208Y/120
  3000   G003K3QH8A03     HT1F3AS     T-2A-53308-1S   Y48G28T03N   3T2F
  6000   G006K3QH8A03     HT1F6AS     T-2A-53309-1S   Y48G28T06N   6T2F
  9000   G009K3QH8A03     HT1F9AS     T-2A-53310-1S   Y48G28T09N   9T2F
 15000   G015K5QH2A04     T2H15S      T-3-53311-1S    V48M28T15B   15T3H
 30000   G030K5QH2A04     T2H30S      T-3-53312-3S    V48M28T30K   30T3H
 37500   G037K5QH2A04         N/A     T-3-53394-3S    V48M28T37K       N/A
 45000   G045K5QH2A04     T2H45S      T-3-53313-3S    V48M28T45K   45T3H
 50000   G050K5QH2A04         N/A     T-3-53403-3S    V48M28T50J       N/A
 75000   G075K5QH2A04     T2H75S      T-3-53314-3S    V48M28T75J   75T3H
112500   G112K5QH2A04     T2H112S     T-2A-53315-3S   V48M28T12H   112T3H
150000   G150K5QH2A04     T2H150S     T-2-53316-3S    V48M28T49K   150T3H
225000   G225K5QH2A04     T2H225S     T-2-53317-3S    V48M28T22L   225T3H
300000   G300K5QH2A04     T2H300S     T-3-53318-3S    V48M28T33K   300T3H
500000   G500K5QH2A04     T2H500S     T-1-53319-3S    V48M28T55G   500T68H
750000   G750K5QH2A04         N/A     T-2-53321-3S    V48M28T77F   750T90H
 15000   G015K6QJ9B02     T5H15S       T-3-53341-1S  V48M22T15B       N/A
 30000   G030K6QJ9B02     T5H30S       T-3-53342-3S  V48M22T30N     30T6HCT
 45000   G045K6QJ9B02     T5H45S       T-3-53343-3S  V48M22T45N     45T6HCT
 75000   G075K6QJ9B02     T5H75S       T-3-53344-3S  V48M22T75N     75T6HCT
112500   G112K6QJ9B02     T5H112S     T-2A-53345-3S V48M22T12N     112T6HCT
150000   G150K6QJ9B02     T5H150S      T-2-53346-3S  V48M22T49N    150T6HCT
225000   G225K6QJ9B02     T5H225S      T-2-53347-3S  V48M22T22N    225T6HCT
300000   G300K6QJ9B02     T5H300S      T-3-53348-3S  V48M22T33N    300T6HCT
500000   G500K6QJ9B02     T5H500S      T-1-53349-3S  V48M22T55N    500T63HCT
750000   G750K6QJ9B02         N/A           N/A      V48M22T77N    750T91HCT

                                       LVGP PRODUCT CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE


                UL          UL/CSA      UL/CSA           UL           UL
             MICRON       HEVI-DUTY      ACME            C-H         SQ-D
 VA      PRI 480 DELTA SEC 480Y/277
  9000   G009K3QQ3A03         N/A          N/A       Y48D47T09N        N/A
 15000   G015K5QQ2A04     T81H15S     T-3-3500015-3S V48M47T15B    15T76H
 30000   G030K5QQ2A04     T81H30S     T-2A-3500030-3SV48M47T30N    30T76H
 45000   G045K5QQ2A04     T81H45S     T-2A-3500045-3SV48M47T45G    45T76H
 75000   G075K5QQ2A04     T81H75S     T-3-3500075-3S V48M47T75F    75T76H
112500   G112K5QQ2A04     T81H112S    T-2A-3500112-3SV48M47T12E    112T76H
150000   G150K5QQ2A04     T81H150S    T-2A-3500150-3SV48M47T49F    150T76H
225000   G225K5QQ2A04     T81H225S    T-2A-3500225-3SV48M47T22F    225T76H
300000   G300K5QQ2A04     T81H300S    T-3-3500300-3S V48M47T33E    300T76H
500000   G500K5QQ2A04     T81H500S                   V
                                      TT-BD-3500500-3S48M47T55F    500T76H
750000   G750K5QQ2A04         N/A          N/A       V48M47T77A        N/A

 VA      PRI 600 DELTA SEC 208Y/120
  9000   G009K3RH8A03      HT7F9AS    T-2A-79332-1S   Y60G28T09N   9T7F
 15000   G015K5RH2A04      T7H15S     T-3-79333-1S    V60M28T15A   15T8H
 30000   G030K5RH2A04      T7H30S     T-3-13102-3S    V60M28T30N   30T8H
 45000   G045K5RH2A04      T7H45S     T-3-13103-3S    V60M28T45H   45T8H
 75000   G075K5RH2A04      T7H75S     T-3-13104-3S    V60M28T75G   75T8H
112500   G112K5RH2A04      T7H112S    T-2A-13105-3S   V60M28T12F   112T8H
150000   G150K5RH2A04      T7H150S    T-2-13106-3S    V60M28T49F   150T8H
225000   G225K5RH2A04      T7H225S    T-2-13107-3S    V60M28T22G   225T8H
300000   G300K5RH2A04   T7H300S   T-3-13099-3S   V60M28T33F   300T8H
500000   G500K5RH2A04   T7H500S   T-1-13112-3S   V60M28T55A   500T8H

 CUL/CSA       UL/CSA           UL/CSA
   FPC           GE           JEFFERSON

T204H15     9T23B3801         423-3161-055
T204H30     9T23B3802         423-3191-055
T204H45     9T23B3803         423-3211-055
T204H75     9T23B3804         423-3231-055
T204H112    9T23B3805         423-3251-055
T204H150    9T23B3806         423-3261-055
T204J225    9T23B3807         423-3291-055
T204L300    9T23B3808         423-3331-055
T204B500    9T23B3809         423-3341-055

TE242D9FS   9T21B3103         213-0142-055
T242T15S    9T23B3811         423-3162-055
T242T30S    9T23B3812         423-3192-055
T242T45S    9T23B3813         423-3212-055
T242T75S    9T23B3814         423-3232-055
T242T112S   9T23B3815         423-3252-055
T242T150S   9T23B3816         423-3262-055
T242T225S   9T23B3817         423-3292-055
T242T300S   9T23B3818         423-3332-055
T242T500S   9T23B3819         423-3342-055

TE4D3F      9T21A4004         213-0104-055
TE4D6F      9T21A4005         213-0124-055
TE4D9F      9T21A4006         213-0144-055
T4T15       9T23B3871         423-3164-055
T4T30       9T23B3872         423-3194-055
T4T37            N/A          423-3204-055
T4T45       9T23B3873         423-3214-055
T4T50       9T23B3864         423-3224-055
T4T75       9T23B3874         423-3234-055
T4T112      9T23B3875         423-3254-055
T4T150      9T23B3876         423-3264-055
T4T225      9T23B3877         423-3294-055
T4T300      9T23B3878         423-3314-055
T4T500      9T23B3879         423-3344-055
T4T750      9T23B3867         423-3364-055
T43T15          N/A         N/A
T43T30     9T23B3842   423-3197-055
T43T45     9T23B3843   423-3217-055
T43T75     9T23B3844   423-3237-055
T43T112    9T23B3845   423-3257-055
T43T150    9T23B3846   423-3267-055
T43T225    9T23B3847   423-3297-055
T43T300    9T23B3848   423-3317-055
T43T500    9T23B3849   423-3247-055
    N/A         N/A         N/A

   FPC          GE     JEFFERSON

    N/A    9T21B3105   213-0415-055
T484T15    9T23B3851   423-3165-055
T484T30    9T23B3852   423-3195-055
T484T45    9T23B3853   423-3215-055
T484T75    9T23B3854   423-3235-055
T484T112   9T23B3855   423-3255-055
T484T150   9T23B3856   423-3265-055
T484T225   9T23B3857   423-3295-055
T484T300   9T23B3858   423-3315-055
T484T500   9T23B3859   423-3345-055
T484T750        N/A         N/A

    N/A    9T21A4021   213-0149-055
T6T15S     9T23B3891   423-3169-055
T6T30S     9T23B3892   423-3199-055
T6T45S     9T23B3893   423-3219-055
T6T75S     9T23B3894   423-3239-055
T6T112S    9T23B3895   423-3259-055
T6T150S    9T23B3896   423-3269-055
T6T225S    9T23B3897   423-3299-055
T6T300S   9T23B3898   423-3319-055
T6T500S        N/A    423-3349-055
                                      BUCK-BOOST PRODUCT CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE

               UL           UL/CSA        UL/CSA        UL           UL
            MICRON        HEVI-DUTY        ACME         C-H         SQ-D
VA      PRI 120x240 SEC 16/32
   50    J050A1EB1A01     HS20A50     T-1-81054      S10N06A81N   50SV46A
  100    J100A1EB1A01     HS20A100    T-1-81055      S10N06A82N   100SV46A
  150    J150A1EB1A01     HS20A150    T-1-81056      S10N06A83N   150SV46A
  250    J250A1EB1A02     HS20A250    T-1-81057      S10N06A26N   250SV46F
  500    J500A1EB1A02     HS20F500A   T-1-81058      S10N06A51N   500SV46F
  750    J750A1EB1A02     HS20F750A   T-1-81059      S10N06A76N   750SV46F
 1000    J001K1EB1A02     HS20F1A     T-1-13073      S10N06A01N   1S46F
 1500    J1X5K1EB1A02     HS20F1.5A   T-1-13074      S10N06A16N   1.5S46F
 2000    J002K1EB1A02     HS20F2A     T-1-13075      S10N06A02N   2S46F
 3000    J003K1EB1A03     HS20F3A     T-1-13076      S10N06A03N   3S46F
 5000    J005K1EB1A03     HS20F5A     T-1-13077      S10N06A05N       N/A
 7500    J7X5K1EB1A03     HS20F7.5A   T-2-13078      S10N06A07N       N/A
10000          N/A        S20H10A     T-2-13079          N/A          N/A

VA      PRI 120x240 SEC 24/48
   50    J050A1KC1A01     HS22A50     T-1-81061      S20N08A81N      N/A
  100    J100A1KC1A01     HS22A100    T-1-81062      S20N08A82N      N/A
  150    J150A1KC1A01     HS22A150    T-1-81063      S20N08A83N      N/A
  250    J250A1KC1A02     HS22A250    T-1-81064      S20N08A26N      N/A
  500    J500A1KC1A02     HS22F500A   T-1-81065      S20N08A51N      N/A
  750    J750A1KC1A02     HS22F750A   T-1-81066      S20N08A76N      N/A
 1000    J001K1KC1A02     HS22F1A     T-1-37920      S20N08A01N      N/A
 1500    J1X5K1KC1A02     HS22F1.5A   T-1-37921      S20N08A16N      N/A
 2000    J002K1KC1A02     HS22F2A     T-1-37922      S20N08A02N      N/A
 3000    J003K1KC1A03     HS22F3A     T-1-37923      S20N08A03N      N/A
 5000    J005K1KC1A03     HS22F5A     T-1-37924      S20N08A05N      N/A
 7500    J7X5K1KC1A03     HS22F7.5A   T-2-43570      S20N08A07N      N/A
10000          N/A        S22H10A     T-2-43571          N/A         N/A

VA      PRI 120x240 SEC 12/24
  50     J050A1EA1A01     HS19A50     T-1-81047      S10N04A81N   50SV43A
 100     J100A1EA1A01     HS19A100    T-1-81048      S10N04A82N   100SV43A
 150     J150A1EA1A01     HS19A150    T-1-81049      S10N04A83N   150SV43A
 250     J250A1EA1A02     HS19A250    T-1-81050      S10N04A26N   250SV43F
 500     J500A1EA1A02     HS19F500A   T-1-81051      S10N04A51N   500SV43F
 750     J750A1EA1A02     HS19F750A   T-1-81052      S10N04A76N   750SV43F
1000     J001K1EA1A02     HS19F1A     T-1-11683      S10N04A01N   1S43F
1500     J1X5K1EA1A02     HS19F1.5A   T-1-11684      S10N04A16N   1.5S43F
2000     J002K1EA1A02     HS19F2A     T-1-11685      S10N04A02N   2S43F
3000     J003K1EA1A03     HS19F3A     T-1-11686      S10N04A03N   3S43F
5000     J005K1EA1A03     HS19F5A     T-1-11687      S10N04A05N       N/A
7500     J7X5K1EA1A03     HS19F7.5A   T-2-11688      S10N04A07N       N/A
10000   N/A   S19H10A   T-2-11689   N/A   N/A
                      Doc. #99-LVGPC-R

           CUL/CSA      UL/CSA         UL/CSA
             FPC          GE         JEFFERSON

         SB16N.050F   9T51B0122      216-1200-000
         SB16N.100F   9T51B0124      216-1201-000
         SB16N.150F   9T51B0125      216-1211-000
         SB16N.250F   9T51B0127      216-1221-000
         SB16N.500F   9T51B0128      216-1231-000
         SB16N.750F   9T51B0129      216-1241-000
         SB16N1F      9T51B0130      216-1251-000
         SB16N1.5F    9T51B0131      216-1261-000
         SB16N2F      9T51B0132      216-1271-000
         SB16N3F      9T51B0133      216-1281-000
         SB16N5F      9T21B1040G02   216-1291-000
             N/A          N/A        216-2201-000
             N/A          N/A        216-2211-000

         SB24N.050F   9T51B0202      216-1400-000
         SB24N.100F   9T51B0204      216-1401-000
         SB24N.150F   9T51B0205      216-1411-000
         SB24N.250F   9T51B0207      216-1421-000
         SB24N.500F   9T51B0208      216-1431-000
         SB24N.750F   9T51B0209      216-1441-000
         SB24N1F      9T51B0210      216-1451-000
         SB24N1.5F    9T51B0211      216-1461-000
         SB24N2F      9T51B0212      216-1471-000
         SB24N3F      9T51B0213      216-1481-000
         SB24N5F          N/A        216-1491-000
             N/A          N/A        216-2401-000
             N/A          N/A        216-2411-000

         SB12N.050F   9T51B0102      216-1100-000
         SB12N.100F   9T51B0104      216-1101-000
         SB12N.150F   9T51B0105      216-1111-000
         SB12N.250F   9T51B0107      216-1121-000
         SB12N.500F   9T51B0108      216-1131-000
         SB12N.750F   9T51B0109      216-1141-000
         SB12N1F      9T51B0110      216-1151-000
         SB12N1.5F    9T51B0111      216-1161-000
         SB12N2F      9T51B0112      216-1171-000
         SB12N3F      9T51B0113      216-1181-000
         SB12N5F      9T21B1037G02   216-1191-000
             N/A          N/A        216-2101-000
N/A   N/A   216-2111-000

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