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					          Instructions to Complete Certification Update

1. To obtain the certification update documents:
     a. Download documents to your local computer and complete the
         registration form and answer template.
     b. Print the document and complete the registration form and answer
     c. Call 717-396-3016 or email to request a hard
         copy of the documents. Be sure to include your current address and
         phone number when requesting the hard copy.
     d. Attend a local seminar through one of our distributor trainers.

2. All answers can be found within or in the current version of
   the F-5061.

3. Complete the registration form.

4. Place answers on answer template.

5. When completed, submit registration form, answer template and payment of $75
   (check payable to Armstrong World Industries) to:

          Mail: Valerie Trejo
                Armstrong World Industries
                P. O. Box 3001
                Lancaster, PA 17604
                   Armstrong Certified Installer Program
                      Laminate Certification Update
                           Installer Application
                                (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY)

Date:   ______________________
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                                LAMINATE FLOORING
                                Certification Update Test
1. Sawing, sanding, or machining wood products can cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation. The
   International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified wood dust as a nasal
   Carcinogen in humans.
            A. True
            B. False

2. Electric shock is a primary hazard from electrically powered tools. Electric shock can cause
   burns, injuries from falls, or even death. To protect yourself, use:
            A. Only approved electrical tools
            B. Disconnect power lines before changing tool accessories or before adjusting or
                repairing tools
            C. Always use a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) when using power equipment in a damp
                or wet area
            D. All of the above

3. Floor covering installers often lift heavy objects such as rolls of sheet goods, tile boxes, heavy
   tools or toolboxes. When an object is too heavy or awkward for you to lift alone, you should:
            A. Get someone to assist you
            B. Use mechanical aids
            C. Lift correctly and carry only as much as is comfortable
            D. All of the above

4. The perimeter expansion zone for Laminate flooring installation 26’ x 40’ should be:
           A. 1/2”        (1.26 cm)
           B. 3/4”        (1.43 cm)
           C. 1/4”        (6.35 mm)
           D. 3/8”        (4.75 mm)

5. Temperature changes have a great deal of effect on the movement of Laminate flooring.
         A. True
         B. False

6. Quiet Comfort/Quiet Comfort Premium Underlayment should be installed with the Armstrong logo:
          A. Facing down
          B. Facing up
          C. Either way
          D. Perpendicular to the installation of the floor

7. The use of Quiet Comfort/Quiet Comfort Premium Underlayment:
          A. Acts as a moisture barrier when the seams are taped together
          B. Provides a thermal barrier reducing the “cold floor” feeling common to floors directly
               bonded to the subfloor
          C. Provides a cushion between the floor and the subfloor and compensates for slight
               subfloor irregularities
          D. All of the above
8. Which statement is correct regarding Armstrong S-99 Laminate Flooring Glue?
          A. Any wood working glue will do
          B. Use as much glue as you like
          C. Apply the glue on either the tongue or the groove
          D. The integrity of the floor installation depends on the use of the appropriate glue, the
              amount of glue and the proper installation techniques.

9. Since Laminate flooring is a floating floor structure, it is not necessary to test for moisture when
             A. True
             B. False

10. When installing Laminate flooring, the slope should not exceed:
           A. 1” in 10’    (2.54 cm in 1.83 m)
           B. 1” in 8’     (2.54 cm in 1.46 m)
           C. 1” in 6’     (2.54 cm in 1.09 m)
           D. 1” in 12’    (2.54 cm in 2.19 m)

11. Variations in subfloor flatness should not exceed _________ in 10’ (3.05m) for Laminate planks.
            A. 1/8”            (3.17 mm)
            B. 1/16”           (1.58 mm)
            C. 3/16”           (4.76 mm)
            D. 1/2”            (12.68 mm)

12. Laminate flooring may be installed over radiant-heated subfloors where the surface temperature
    does not exceed:
           A. 100°F        (38°C)
           B. 95°F         (35°C)
           C. 85°F         (29°C)
           D. 90°F         (32°C)

13. Laminate flooring may be installed over:
           A. Carpet with 1” (2.54 mm) nap which has flattened
           B. Indoor/outdoor grass-type carpet on concrete
           C. Fully adhered, 1/4” (6.35 mm) carpet over a suspended wood subfloor
           D. Carpet pad

14. Concrete subfloors, which are not flat, can be leveled with a suitable cement-based self-leveling
    underlayment or patching compound following the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.
            A. True
            B. False

15. During the installation of Laminate flooring, the temperature in the room should not exceed:
            A. 85°F           (29°C)
            B. 75°F           (24°C)
            C. 100°F          (38°C)
            D. 65°F           (18°C)
16. The temperature of the room to receive Laminate flooring should be a minimum of 65°F (18°C)
    for 48 hours before installation, during installation, and for 48 hours after completion of the
    installation. Maintain a minimum temperature of 55°F (13°C) thereafter. If these temperatures
    cannot be maintained:
              A. Use a space heater to temporarily warm the area
              B. Install material anyway even though it will be more difficult to handle
              C. Proper room and material conditioning not only affects flooring products and
                  adhesives during the actual installation, but also assures proper curing, setting, and
                  bonding of these products
              D. Work only in the warm months of the year

17. It is a good idea to use 100% silicone caulk in areas of rooms where excessive moisture may be
    present such as:
              A. Kitchen sink
              B. Ice maker
              C. Dishwasher
              D. All of the above

18. Armstrong Laminate flooring is not recommended in:
           A. High humidity areas
           B. Saunas
           C. Steam rooms
           D. All of the above

19. A good quality carbide-tipped cutting blade that has been designed for composition and laminate
    materials is recommended for cutting Laminate flooring. Those types of materials are:
            A. Melamine
            B. Core board
            C. Hard, dense, man-made materials
            D. All of the above

20. To minimize pattern repeats, always pull from ________ cartons of Laminate flooring while
              A. 2
              B. 3
              C. 4
              D. 6

21. The end joints of the first board and all remaining boards should be staggered:
           A. 2” or more
           B. 4” or more
           C. 8” or more
           D. 10” or more

22. When installing Laminate flooring in bathrooms, the expansion zone must be filled with:
           A. 100% Latex caulk
           B. 100% Silicone caulk
           C. Powdered underlayment
           D. Construction adhesive or glue
23. Always use a T-Moulding where the flooring continues through a doorway or passageway into
    another room.
            A. True
            B. False

24. T-Moulding must be used in areas where the room is longer than 80’ (24.38 m) in board length or
    wider than 52’ (15.85 m) across the board width.
            A. True
            B. False

25. The installation of Laminate flooring on stairs is a _________ system.
            A. Floating floor
            B. Fully adhered system
            C. Perimeter bonded
            D. Loose lay

26. For wood visuals what % should be added the total square footage of the room?
           A. 5%
           B. 10%
           C. 15%
           D. 20%

27. For tile visuals what % should be added the square footage of the room?
              A. 5%
              B. 10%
              C. 15%
              D. 20%

28. For bathroom installations, all joints must be properly glued with what size bead of adhesive?
            A. 1/8”
            B. 1/16”
            C. 3/32”
            D. 1/32”

29. Minimum length size of the boards is?
          A. 4”
          B. 6”
          C. 8”
          D. 12”

30. When cutting with a power saw, rotation of the blade should cut into the decorative side?
          A. True
          B. False

31. When installing under a door jamb, how much should you remove of the groove?
           A. 25%
           B. 50%
           C. 75%
           D. 100%
32. For stair treads and risers, what size bead of construction adhesive should be used?
             A. 2”
             B. 3”
             C. 1/2”
             D. 1”

33. How much larger diameter of a hole should you drill for pipes in a laminate installation?
          A. 1/4”
          B. 1/2"
          C. 3/4"
          D. 1/8”

34. Traffic, on stairs that were glued down, should not be allowed for?
             A. 12 hours
             B. 8 hours
             C. 24 hours
             D. 4 hours

35. When incoming light is a concern, install parallel to the light.
           A. True
           B. False

36. A free-standing kitchen island max weight on top of the laminate is?
            A. 150 lbs.
            B. 200 lbs.
            C. 250 lbs.
            D. 275 lbs.

37. You can install laminate over 1/4” carpet on concrete.
           A. True
           B. False

38. When installing Laminate over existing wood plank floor, install at what angle to the floor?
           A. 45°
           B. 60°
           C. 50°
           D. 90°

39. Wood flooring on concrete must be removed before installing laminate.
           A. True
           B. False

40. Minimum width of a board is
          A. 2-1/2”
          B. 3”
          C. 2”
          D. 4”
               Certification Update Test Answer Template

                              Please PRINT legibly.

Course Name:    Laminate

Installer’s Name ____________________________         Date ______________

City/State/Zip ________________________________________________________

1                 11                  21                31

2                 12                  22                32

3                 13                  23                33

4                 14                  24                34

5                 15                  25                35

6                 16                  26                36

7                 17                  27                37

8                 18                  28                38

9                 19                  29                39

10                20                  30                40

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