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									                                          Statement of Work

Project Title: DCBS/BCD Statewide E-Permitting System (Building Permits) – Analysis

    Unless otherwise stated, for the purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) the following
    definitions shall apply:

    Statewide system – Commercial software e-permitting systems that, at a minimum, allow for
    the intake and tracking of plan reviews, issuing and tracking of building permits, scheduling
    and tracking of inspections, interfacing abilities with other software permit tracking systems,
    and emergency preparedness management of the system — via the internet.

    DCBS/Department/Agency – Department of Consumer and Business Services.

    BCD – Building Codes Division.

    Contractor – Consultant under contract with DCBS/BCD to complete this SOW.

    Local Jurisdiction(s) – Building departments in Oregon.

    External Jurisdiction(s) – Building departments outside Oregon.

    Workgroup – A team of representatives from state and local government, and industry

Section 1: Project background

    The purpose of this project is to identify the current plan review, permitting, and inspection-
    tracking requirements and capabilities of local jurisdictions in Oregon and recommend to the

         1. Software options for a statewide system (what is possible and the pros and cons of the
            various software options).
         2. The best option, including detailed information on size and scope of the
            recommended option.
         3. An overview project plan for implementing the recommended option, including at a
            minimum: estimated start-up and ongoing costs of the recommended option, other
            resource requirements such as staffing, training and maintenance, project phase
            options and rough timelines, risk identification and mitigation strategies, security and
            system back-up options, emergency business continuation plan and strategies,
            stakeholder identification, and a communication plan.

About the division
  The Building Codes Division (BCD) is part of the state’s largest consumer protection and
  business regulatory agency in Oregon. BCD adopts construction codes used by state and
  local governments in Oregon. Additionally, BCD sets operating standards and provides
  technical assistance to local governments.

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                                          Statement of Work

Local jurisdictions
   There are currently 130+ local building departments, including some at the state level, that
   issue and track permits and plan reviews, and inspections through a wide spectrum of paper
   and IT systems.

The DCBS technology infrastructure includes:
      • Oracle databases
      • Oracle web based forms applications
      • Cold Fusion applications
      • Collage web content management

    DCBS’ local area network is currently Novell based. Within the next year the department
    will be migrating to a Microsoft network environment. Most software is run via a central
    application delivery (server based computing) environment through Citrix, and our
    workstations run Windows 98 and Windows XP thin builds.

    Within BCD’s office structure there is 100 mg connection to the desktop and a gigabit

Section 2: Contractor Work Tasks:

    Provide project leader and, as appropriate, other consulting staff; a summary of existing
    permit systems in local jurisdictions; identify and document statewide permitting system
    requirements; perform an analysis of permitting systems currently available on the market;
    identify best options of commercial software products; recommend a specific option; and
    prepare a project implementation plan for that option.

         A. Research and document the state’s software needs. The research and documentation
            shall include (minimum, but not limited to):

              1. Gather and summarize background information regarding local jurisdictions’
                 current permitting systems. Items to be surveyed (minimum, but not limited to):
                     a. Current permit tracking system.
                     b. Major functions the current system supports (e.g. permits, plan reviews,
                         inspections, IVR services, internet services, PDAs, GIS, etc.).
                     c. Type of hardware, network and database the current system runs on.
                     d. Types of permits and inspections the jurisdiction provides.
                     e. Types of payment methods accepted.
                     f. Annual volume of permits and inspections being processed.
                     g. Population of area served.
                     h. Is the jurisdiction is planning any upgrades or acquiring new software in
                         the next 2 years.

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                                          Statement of Work

              2. Gather and analyze statewide system requirements based on detailed information
                  from local jurisdictions.
              3. Gather and analyze commercial systems options based on detailed information
                  from the major software vendors of e-permitting systems.
              4. Identify and document goals, opportunities, issues, risks, and overview of options
                  for a statewide permits system.
              5. Perform a cost-benefit study for each option, including data conversion and
                  maintenance costs.
              6. Identify and recommend a specific option. In addition to base software meeting
                  the minimum requirements of this SOW, identify additional software modules
                  offered by the recommended vendor and a cost analysis for the software of each
                  module and the associated maintenance fees.
              7. Identify and document hardware and software requirements for the recommended
              8. Perform a detailed cost-benefit study for the recommended option.
              9. Prepare an overview implementation project plan for the recommended option.
              10. Presentation of draft deliverables to DBCS/BCD and the sub-Workgroup.
              11. Presentation of final deliverables to DCBS/BCD and the full-Workgroup.

Section 3: Deliverables (using Microsoft Office Suite):

    A. An Executive Summary Report:

              1. An Executive Summary Report that identifies the goals, opportunities, issues,
                 risks, options with rough costs/benefits for each option, and the recommendation
                 of a specific option for the state to move ahead with a statewide permitting
                 system. The report must also address:
                 a. Hosting options: Hosting services considered should include vendor hosting,
                     state hosting, jurisdiction hosting, and combinations thereof.
                 b. Migration issues and costs: issues and costs for jurisdictions that want
                     migrate to the new system from either current paper/manual processes or from
                     an existing system, which may include data conversion issues.
                 c. Integration issues and costs: issues and costs for other jurisdictions that want
                     to continue using systems they have previously acquired.

    B. A Detailed Recommendations Report and Project Plan:

              1. A Detailed Recommendations Report and Project Plan that documents the
                 recommended option in detail, including:
                 a. hardware and software requirements,
                 b. data collection and storage,
                 c. emergency business continuation plan and business continuation strategies,
                 d. security, system back-up,
                 e. detailed cost-benefit analysis, and

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                                          Statement of Work

                  f. an overview project plan that includes: estimated start-up and ongoing costs
                     (for base system and any additional modules offered by the vendor); other
                     resource requirements such as staffing requirements; project phases and rough
                     timelines; risk identification and mitigation strategies; stakeholder
                     identification and communication mechanisms; and any other factor the
                     vendor deems important or appropriate for inclusion.

    C. All information gathering tools, procedures and the results for the data gathering and
       the analysis processes. This includes surveys, checklists, and spreadsheets.

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