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									 List of selected pre-conference workshops: TEPHINET 6th Global Scientific Conference

SN       Name of workshop       Content                                                                 Person responsible       Contact

     1   Programme Directors    Curriculum development for FE(L)TPs with the following focus:           Prof Paul Kelly,         Paul Kelly
         and staff workshop     How to balance the requirements and competencies of work-place          Australia FET(L)TP
         (1/2 day)              training, academic qualifications for the fellows/students/trainees                              Paul.Kelly@anu.e
                                and academic accreditation of FE(L)TPS                                                 
     2   Ethics, emergencies,   Ethics, Emergencies and Epidemiology                                    Prof Donna van           Khin San Tint
         and epidemiology                                                                               Bogaart Dr Khin San
         (1 day)                                                                                        Tint
     3   Scientific writing     Coaching residents/ fellows on how to prepare manusricpts.              Raoul Kamadjeu &         Raoul Kamadjeu
         (1 day)                Publish-ready materials will be submitted to the Pan African            Landry Tsague, Sheba
                                Journal of Medicine.                                                    Gitta, AFENET/PAMJ
     4   One World One          Sharing experiences and benefits in responding to zoonoses              AFENET                   Monica Musenero
         Health. Lessons        includes – preventive, outbreak investigation, surveillance, funding,                            mmusenero@afen
         learned and best       collaborations, training and other capacity building efforts.                          
     5   Grant Proposal         The skills necessary to write a competitive proposal for conducting     Drs Dave Goodman,        Dave Goodman
         Writing for Non-       applied NCD and RMH epidemiology work.                                  Chris Zahniser, Mike
         communicable                                                                                   Pratt, CDC/NCD
     6   Mobile Technology in   – An innovated data collection methodology for public health            Dr Wei Li, CDC           Wei Li
         Public Health          emergency, mass gathering, and routines surveillance system                            
         surveillance (1 day)
     7   Public Health          Overview on essential competencies required for public health           Drs Kashef Ijaz, Alden   Kashef Ijaz
         Leadership and         leadership and management for public health. Forum for continuing       Henderson, Libby
         Management for         education to graduates as well as mentors of public health              Howze (CDC),
         Graduates of Applied   programs                                                                Mohannand Al-Nsour
         Epidemiology                                                                                   (FETP Jordan,
         Programs (1 day)                                                                               EMPHINET)

8    Coaching and             Training for working more effectively with subordinate staff          Dr Sara Clements, Dr.    Sara Clements
     Mentoring for            members as a coach and/or a mentor                                    Elizabeth Howze,         SClements@cdc.
     Successful                                                                                     CDC/PHSWD                gov
     Performance (1 day)
9    Training programmes      Understanding of the relevance of having a laboratory component       Dr Pierre Nabeth, Ms     Pierre Nabeth
     integrating public       in a Field Epidemiology Training Programme, and identification of     Anouk Berger, Dr Peter
     health laboratory and    available resources to make field epidemiologists aware of            Gaturuku, WHO
     applied epidemiology     laboratory (toolkits, recommendations …),
     (1/2 day)
10   Coordination of Inter-   Strategization of the coordination of Inter-country Surveillance      Dr Pierre Nabeth         Pierre Nabeth
     country Surveillance     Networks for capacity building under IHR (2005)                       (WHO), Dr Louise
     Networks (1/2 day)                                                                             Gresham (CHORDS)
11   EpiTrack User’s          Introduction and overview of the EpiTrack database and its            Suzanne Elbon, Health    Suzanne Elbon
     Training and             purpose for FE(L)TP. Assistance to programs that wish to use          education Specialist,
     Troubleshooting (1       Epitrack                                                              CDC
12   Promed-Mail              Focus on the use of non-traditional information sources.              Dr Marjorie P. Pollack   Marjorie P.
                              Demonstration of available tools for information gathering and                                 Pollack
                              dissemination. familiarize participants with the global ProMED-mail                            pollack@promed
                              and HealthMap activities, as well as other sources of disease                        
                              outbreak information such as GPHIN and Medisys
13   Values-based             Provision of tools and techniques which help make good decisions:     Dr Elizabeth Howze,      Denise Traicoff
     decision making          description of steps in the values-based decision process, …          Mrs Denise Traicoff,


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