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                       Check Fixture Standards
               Metal Stampings & Assemblies

Approval: R. Tempich              1 of 12        Rev: 2/14/11
                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

    1      Notice to Supplier                                   3
    2      Timelines                                            3
    3      Design                                               4
    4      Bases                                                6
    5      Alignment                                            6
    6      Carts                                                6
    7      Clamps                                               7
    8      Datums                                               7
    9      Form checks                                          8
   10      Trim line checks                                     8
   11      Pins                                                 9
   12      Data ports                                           9
   13      Identification tags                                 10
   14      Certification                                       10
   15      Gage R&R                                            11
   16      Approval - Buyoff package                           11
   17      Delivery                                            11
   18      Check Fixture Design and Build Approval Checklist

Approval: R. Tempich                            2 of 12         Rev: 2/14/11
                                            NOTICE TO SUPPLIER


    *      The intent of this document is to make current and potential check fixture sources aware
           of the quality level requirements, specifications and approval forms necessary for
           check fixture approval.
    *      This standard serves as a guide to our fixture suppliers. You must contact manufacturing
           facility for plant/customer-specific requirements.
    *      Fixture suppliers and their 3rd party sources must have the minimum certification of
           IS0-9001:2000, IS0 17025 and/or be customer approved when required.
    *      Any deviation from the material standards and specifications of this standard requires
            prior written approval from Flex-N-Gate.
    *      Fixture designs must be formally approved by Flex-N-Gate Quality Engineer (MTC or
           Manufacturing Plant) prior to start of build.
    *      Acceptance of design by Flex-N-Gate does not in any way alleviate the supplier from
           responsibility for the function, performance, repeatability and dependability of the check
           fixture being supplied.
    *      Flex-N-Gate reserves the right to send engineering, quality, and other personnel
           throughout the design, build and check fixture acceptance stage.


    *      Timelines are required at the time of kick-off, at the discretion of the Flex-N-Gate representative.
    *      The following events shall be identified at a minimum.
           Fixture source certification
           3rd party certification
           GR or GR&R
           Delivery date

Approval: R. Tempich                                        3 of 12                                               Rev: 2/14/11

    *      Check fixture designs to be a Computer Aided Design (CAD).
    *      Check fixtures to be designed in metric.
    *      Fixture orientation to be in body position or rotated in 90 degree increments, deviation requires
           prior written approval from Flex-N-Gate.
    *      The CMM working envelope of the manufacturing plant must be considered.
    *      Overall size of base must be shown on the check fixture design L x W x H.
    *      Fixture designs require plan, front, side and isometric views. Sections through datum locating
           pins, net pads, data ports etc required to clarify design.
    *      Sections to be cut normal to part surface.
    *      Alignment features to be shown on the fixture design, typically tooling bushings.
    *      The fixture must address all applicable datum locators.
    *      Datum net pad size to be shown on fixture design.
    *      The fixture shall address all GD&T feature control frames and toleranced surfaces shown on the
           released GD&T.
    *      Nominal material thickness to be used for the fixture design, construction and CMM
    *      Title block containing part number, part revision level, program name and build source
           information to be shown on fixture design.
    *      A complete purchased parts list to be shown on fixture design.
    *      Fixture designs shall be submitted in iges format (3D) and pdf or edrawing format (2D).
    *      Designs should give consideration to:
           Operator safety
           Low maintenance
           Simplicity in operator part loading without interferences
           Easy accessibility to all components for ease of operation
           Ergonomically designed
           CMM measuring
           Flex-N-Gate representative to initiate Check Fixture Design and Build Approval Checklist
    *      For hole measurements required on the bottom side, the part to be a minimum of 175 mm above
           the base when using the True Position probe, see below.

Approval: R. Tempich                                      4 of 12                                              Rev: 2/14/11
    *      LMI flush and feeler blocks to be mounted normal/parallel to all features checked, see below.

    *      Flush checks require a minimum of 25.0 mm flush surface where possible, see below.

Approval: R. Tempich                                      5 of 12                                          Rev: 2/14/11

    *      Base plates under 18" in length to be constructed of 1" aluminum tooling plate with 4" jig feet
           approximately 1" diameter and 1" height.
    *      Base plates exceeding 18" in length to be constructed of cast aluminum or similar fabricated
           aluminum base (i.e. Tool Tec, Wolverine, Equivalent).
    *      Steel bases should be considered when fixture weight or orientation dictates necessity.
    *      The material for cast and fabricated aluminum bases shall be SAE 315 or equivalent, with Brinell
           hardness of 74. The average yield strength shall be 26,000 PSI and a tensile strength of
           35,000 PSI. The base supplier shall furnish the pattern.
    *      Bases must be flat within +/- .001" per foot not to exceed +/- .010" overall.
    *      Bases must be square within +/- .0005" per foot not to exceed .005" overall.
    *      Bases must be parallel within +/- .003" between the top and bottom surfaces.
    *      Steel bases to be stress-relieved. Aluminum bases to be normalized.
    *      Fixtures exceeding 40 lbs. in weight require four tapped 1/2" minimum hole for eye-bolts
           located in the corners of the base. Size to depend on weight of fixture. Eyebolts not required.
    *      Thread size to be stamped near the tapped hole on the base.
    *      Swing details to be within perimeter of base in open position.
    *      Base surface must extend 50 mm beyond fixture details.
    *      Base surface must have bodyline reference CNC machined every 100 mm.


    *      Fixtures require (3) tooling balls or (2) P-type press fit bushings (1/2" ID) with (3) U/D pick-up
           points for alignment.
    *      Tooling balls / bushings to be set-up so the X, Y, Z coordinates are the same as the others in
           the same plane.
    *      The X, Y, Z coordinates to be stamped on the base next to the tooling ball or bushing.
    *      The X, Y, Z coordinates to be in vehicle position.
    *      Identify work face corner / primary tooling ball or bushing.
    *      Tooling balls / bushing require cover.


    *      Cart material to be steel tubing.
    *      Strength and deflection considerations will be left to the discretion of the fixture source.
    *      The cart must safely hold the fixture and must be able to endure reasonable wear and tear.
    *      Cart must be at least 2 ft. wide to provide stability.
    *      Side plates to be securely welded around corner rest pads to prevent fixture from sliding off cart.
    *      Casters used on cart must be able to endure weight of fixture.
    *      Casters to be oil resistant and 4"-5" diameter.
    *      Two of the four casters must swivel and have locking features.
    *      Casters will be screwed on.
    *      Identify applicable part number on all carts (tag or stencil)

Approval: R. Tempich                                       6 of 12                                               Rev: 2/14/11

    *      Clamps to be within perimeter of base in open position.
    *      Clamps to be attached to aluminum block, angle brackets not permitted.
    *      Clamp pivot point to be in line with clamp surface.
    *      Clamps must apply pressure normal to part surface through centerline of net.
    *      Clamp feet to be rubber or swivel type.
    *      Each net requires a separate clamp, unless part size or configuration does not allow it.
    *      Clamps to be of sturdy construction and able to withstand daily use.
    *      Clamp pressure to be adjustable.
    *      Where clamping surface is on a class 1 surface, clamp feet need to be made of a non-abrasive
    *      Clamp sequence to be identified with removable tag.


    *      The datums as indicated in the released GD&T sheet to be utilized as locators.
    *      Stamp all datum locating pins and net pads.
    *      Datum locating pins to be spring loaded MMC / RFS pins with MMC lock out for assembly
           and end item check fixtures for Ford, Chrysler, GM and Nissan.
    *      Datum locating pins to be spring loaded RFS for assembly and end item check fixtures for Honda.
    *      Datum locating pins to be stab RFS pin for assembly and end item check fixtures for Volkswagen.
    *      Datum locating pins to be spring loaded RFS for all detail check fixtures.
    *      Spring loaded RFS pins require minimum pre-load pressure sufficient to maintain engagement
           with the fixture, see below.
    *      Locator pins to be O1 oil hardened steel (55 R/C minimum) and protected from corrosion
           (i.e. hot black oxide and oil process).
    *      Datum net pads to be made the same size as shown on GD&T.
    *      Datum net pads to be O1 oil hardened steel (55 R/C minimum) and protected from corrosion
           (i.e. hot black oxide and oil process).
    *      Contour surface nets will be avoided wherever possible. If used they must be CNC machined.
              MMC / RFS pin                                            RFS pin

                                   MMC lock out example shown for reference.

Approval: R. Tempich                                     7 of 12                                             Rev: 2/14/11
                                                  FORM CHECKS

    *      Details to be Aluminum 6061 or Fixture Plank per RFQ.
    *      Check fixtures to be CNC machined to part math data.
    *      No shims or adjustability allowed in any fixture.
    *      The use of bondo on any surface is not permitted.
    *      Check fixtures to be painted according to the customer's standards (i.e. Chrysler - light blue).
    *      If painting is not required all details to be finished (i.e. sand blasting, polished, black anodized ).
    *      Stamp fixture clearance in base or fixture surface.
    *      Fixture clearance typically 3.0 mm for details and 6.0 mm for larger assemblies where load
           issues may occur.
    *      Feeler surfaces to be identified by stamping letters A, B etc on feeler surface and
           corresponding feeler pin. Color coding feeler surfaces is not permitted.
    *      All assembly and end item check fixtures require mating surface road map attached to base.
    *      Feeler pins are to be stamped with size and "go" / "no go" accordingly.
    *      Feeler pins to be O1 oil hardened steel (55 R/C minimum) and protected from corrosion
           (i.e. hot black oxide and oil process).
    *      Feeler pins to be attached to fixture by means of a retractor, 6565 coil retractor, or in a
           storage box with a fastenable lid.
    *      Details to be properly secured onto base or subplate with dowels and screws. Dowels not to
           protrude unit surface.
    *      Fixtures to be designed for adequate access for CMM probe paths.
    *      Swing details to have a stop feature (i.e. pin, block) for the open and closed position.
    *      Swing templates to have all sharp edges removed.
    *      For all detail fixtures, full form underbody aluminum block is required.

                                              TRIM LINE CHECKS

    *      Trim line check per RFQ, manufacturning plant and / or Flex-N-Gate customer requirements.
               1      Cut flush nominal with go / no go flush block to specified tolerance
               2      Cut to maximum trim line and machine minimum trim line sight check
                      (.010" minimum depth)
               3      Machine a minimum and maximum trim line sight check (.010" minimum depth)
               4      Machine a nominal trim line sight check (.010" minimum depth)
               5      Machined tolerance groove into form 1/8" deep with painted bottom
               6      Aluminum check block with go / no go feeler gage
    *      Trim line sight checks to be CNC machined.
    *      Stamp trim tolerance in base or fixture surface.
    *      For all detail fixtures, full trim check is required.

Approval: R. Tempich                                         8 of 12                                                 Rev: 2/14/11

    *      Locator pins, check pins and go / no go pins to be O1 oil hardened steel (55 R/C minimum)
           and protected from corrosion (ie hot black oxide and oil process).
    *      Bushings to be O1 oil hardened steel (55 R/C minimum) and protected from corrosion
           (i.e. hot black oxide and oil process).
    *      The hot black oxide and oil process must be utilized, cold black oxide process not acceptable.
    *      All holes (round, square, rectangular, slotted, key shaped, hexagonal etc.) to be checked for size
           with a go / no go pin.
    *      Slotted hole width and length size to be checked separately. Width to be checked with a
           round pin and length with diamond / blade shaped pin.
    *      Go / no go pins to be stamped with size and "go" / "no go" accordingly.
    *      Go / no go pins to be attached to fixture fixed in base, retractor, 6565 coil retractor or in a
           storage box with fastenable lid. Size of part must be considered.
    *      Check pins to be of captive design, where possible, otherwise use stab pins attached to
           base by means of a retractor, 6565 coil retractor, or in a storage box with a fastenable lid.
    *      All non-diametrical check pins must utilize an anti-rotating feature.
    *      No shims permitted to move check pin bushings into tolerance.
    *      Stamp go / no go pin and corresonding check pin with same number or letter to aid the operator
           in inspection.
    *      Where similar sizes of hole locations are to be checked with stab pins, large variations of pilot sizes
           are required to prevent incorrect pin usage.
    *      Blind holes / bushings must have air bleed holes.
    *      Pin handles to be properly secured (i.e. set screw, roll pin, lock-tite).
    *      When hole and / or slot sizes are conflicting between CAD and GD&T, CAD is master.

                                                   DATA PORTS

    *      Data port bushings to be HP-type headed bushing (3/8" ID) , chamfered appropriately.
    *      Bushings to be O1 oil hardened steel (55 R/C minimum) and protected from corrosion
           (i.e. hot black oxide and oil process).
    *      Data ports must be easily accessible for certification and operator use.
    *      Data port offsets to be standardized at 31 mm or 50 mm from nominal part surface.
    *      Direct data ports on swing details require lock in check position.
    *      Transfer arm type require indicator transfer arm set master for CMM calibration.
    *      A set master block to be attached to base.
    *      Digital indicator Mitutoyo model #543-682B (Asian suppliers) or 543-683B (North American
           suppliers) with Certificate of Calibration required on all check fixtures. Attach certification
           sticker to back of indicator.
    *      Indicators to be protected from damage in a storage box with a fastenable lid attached to base.
    *      Consider part contact point when determining indicator tip and travel.

Approval: R. Tempich                                        9 of 12                                                  Rev: 2/14/11
                                          IDENTIFICATION TAGS

    *      Check fixtures require the following information attached to the base with appropriate tag or
           stamped on base.
               *      Identification tag
                                  part number
                                  part name
                                  part revision level
                                  fabrication date
               *      Ownership tag - Property of " "
               *      Operator instructions
               *      Tooling ball / bushing coordinates
               *      Certification sticker from builder
               *      Certification sticker from 3rd party source
               *      Fixture weight


    *      Fixture certifications to be in metric.
    *      Vector deviations to be given in all fixture certifications.
    *      Data ports to be measured for distance as well as X, Y, Z deviation.
    *      All datum net surfaces and locator pins, feeler surfaces, templates, trim line, go / no pins, check
           pins, sight checks and data ports must be certified prior to shipment to the tolerances stated
           below, if Flex-N-Gate customer tolerances are more stringent they must be used.
    *      Certifications to include road map of all points taken.
    *      Certification reports to include the following: actual coordinates, measured coordinate, deviation,
           tolerance, out of tolerance condition.

                                            Feature                 Tolerance
                                                 Location tolerance
                                 4-way & 2-way locator pins          +/- .05
                                         Net surface                 +/- .05
                                         Feeler check                +/- .12
                                         Flush check                 +/- .15
                                         Sight check                 +/- .20
                                          Pin check                  +/- .10
                                    Data port - controlling
                                                                     +/- .05
                                  Data port - non-controlling
                                                                     +/- .50
                                                    Size tolerance
                                 Locator pin / check pin / go
                                 /no go pin (inside or outside       +/- .01

Approval: R. Tempich                                      10 of 12                                               Rev: 2/14/11
                                                   GR and GR&R

    *      Supplier to complete GR or GR&R study per RFQ, utilizing the AIAG format for fixture approval.
    *      All check fixtures to be inspected and certified prior to GR or GR&R study.
    *      Inspection points used in the GR or GR&R study are to be approved and / or supplied by
           Flex-N-Gate representative with concurrence with Flex-N-Gate customer, when necessary.
    *      Variable data GR or GR&R study required, attribute study not acceptable.
    *      Data ports to be utilized for GR or GR&R studies if available.
    *      Manufacturing plant to follow up with full GR&R per customer specific requirements for PPAP.

                                      APPROVAL - BUYOFF PACKAGE

    *      The following documentation (hard copy) is due at the time of buyoff to receive full approval:
               1     Fixture design (2D pdf and 3D model)
               2     Fixture source certification report, including road map
               3     3rd party certification report, including road map
               4     Certificate of Calibration for digital indicators
               5     GR or GR&R study
               6     NAFTA Certificate (available upon request)
               7     CD containing all of the above, including digital photo of completed fixture
               8     Flex-N-Gate to complete Check Fixture Design and Build Approval Checklist
    *      The above stated requirements apply to all check fixtures, original build and engineering changes.
           Engineering change buyoff package is at the discretion of the Flex-N-Gate representative,
           may send electronic copy.


    *      It is the responsibility of the fixture supplier to ensure that the fixture is dimensionally correct and
           that all requirements outlined in this standard have been fulfilled before the fixture is shipped.
    *      Check fixtures shall be adequately covered and protected in a waterproof covering, banded
           to a skid.
    *      All fixtures built overseas must ship fixture in "AU" approved wooden crate, inspected and
           certified as disease and bug free.
    *      Should you fail to make delivery as promised any penalties which are charged back to us by our
           customer or incurred by us will be deduced from the total value of the purchase order.
    *      Should the fixture be rejected by the quality department for any reason, the supplier will be debited
           for our CMM time at a rate of $100.00 per hour for each subsequent CMM certification.

    C     Changes noted in turquoise; combined design & build approval cklist                             2/14/2011
    B     Changes Noted in Blue                                                                           5/9/2008
    A     Original Release into Flex-N-Gate system                                                        6/20/2003
 Revision Change Description                                                                               Issued
                                               WHERE USED:                                           TYPE OF CONTROL:
           FNG MTC, Royal Oak, Forming Technologies, Battle Creek, Alabama, Masterguard, Canada        Electronic Master
                 (Tecumseh), San Jose, Puebla, Mexico (San Jose), Hermosillo, Queretaro,
                                        Veltri Howard, Lakeshore

               DOCUMENT CONTROL:                            APPROVED BY/TITLE:                        DATE APPROVED:
           Quality Systems                  Director of Tooling & Development                             2/14/2011
                                            Quality Engineer                                              2/14/2011
Approval: R. Tempich                                        11 of 12                                                  Rev: 2/14/11
                                               Check Fixture Design and Build Approval Checklist

                                                                               GENERAL INFORMATION
Part Number                                                    Supplier                                                  Program Manager
Part Name                                                      Address                                                   Phone Number
Part Rev Level                                                                                                           Quality Engineer
Customer                                                       Contact                                                   Phone Number
Program                                                        Phone Number                                              Mfg Plant
                                                                                                                                     DESIGN                 BUILD
 ITEM                                                       CHECKLIST
                                                                                                                         Accept      Reject   NA   Accept   Reject   NA
   1      Fixture built using approved materials per Check Fixture Standard and RFQ
   2      Fixture at current part revision level
   3      Part orientation complies with GD&T
   4      All datums present and properly identified
   5      All checks present and properly identified
   6      Fixture base (type, certified, scribed body lines, weight stamped)
   7      Provisions made for handling (cart (part number identified))
   8      Alignment features (type, stamped)
   9      Datum locating pins and net pads (size, shape, quantity, location, stamped, attached, proper function)
  10      Clamp pivot point in line with clamp surface
  11      Clamp sequence identified
  12      Form checks (properly identified, correct tolerance, stamped)
  13      Adequate clearance provided for component or assembly load and unload
  14      Swing details (proper and safe function, adequate clearance, within perimeter of base in open position)
  15      Removeable details (properly identified, proper and safe function, storage)
  16      Trim line checks (properly identified, correct tolerance, stamped, flush block)
  17      Steel details (protected from corrosion, black oxided)
  18      Go / no go pins (size, stamped, attached, slot width and length checked with separate pins)
  19      Hole, slot and fastener check pins (size, stamped, attached, proper function, orientation)
  20      Hole sight checks (minimum and maximum size, scribed)
  21      Go / no go feeler pins (size, stamped, attached)
  22      Data ports (properly identified, quantity, location, proper and safe function, adequate clearance)
  23      Digital indicators (type, certificate of calibration, storage, master block, required calibration tools)
  24      Part identification, ownership, part level tag (properly identified, attached)
  25      Operator instructions (properly identified, attached)
  26      Builder and 3rd party certification sticker (properly identified, attached)
          Certification documentation provided and within FNG Check Fixture Standard tolerance (datum net
  27      surfaces and locator pins, feeler surfaces, templates, trim line, go / no go pins, check pins, sight checks
          and data ports)

                                  DESIGN APPROVAL                                                                            BUILD APPROVAL

Quality Engineer                                                                               Quality Engineer
(MTC / Mfg Plant)                                                                              (MTC / Mfg Plant)

Supplier Representative                                                                        Supplier Representative

Design Review Date                                                                             Build Review Date

Build Approval Date                                                                            Full Approval Date

#TE017                                                                                                                                                        Rev. Date: 2/14/11

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