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                                         STUDENT TRANSPORTATION
                                            STATUTES AND RULES
                                                Revised 2/17/06

   Note: Index provided for informational purposes only. Index should not be used as a substitute for a comprehensive
   review of federal, state and local statutes, rules and policies that might be applicable in a subject area.

                           Subject                                             Statute (FS)/Rule (FAC)
                                                                            EXAMPLE: 1006.22, FS, IS FLORIDA STATUTE
                                                                       6A-3.0171, FAC, IS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULE
ADA, School District Exemption                                       49 CFR, Part 37.29 (Preamble)
Adult Transport                                                      1006.22(7), FS
Allergies; Epinephrine, Self-administration (also see                1002.20(3), FS
Anticipated Revenue to Purchase Buses (237 Loan)                     1011.14, FS
APA, Exemption from                                                  120.63, FS
Attendance Zone Authority (also see “Transportation                  1001.42(4), FS
Across District Lines”)
Auditing, DOE required to (also see "Monitoring” and                 1008.32, FS
“Enforcement of Laws/Rules”)
Authority of School Bus Driver; Authority of Principal (for          1006.09 and 1006.10, FS; 2003 Senate Bill
Transportation)                                                      30A
Behavior of Students-Zero Tolerance-Rule, Victims’ Rights            1006.13, FS
Belt Cutters                                                         6A-3.0121, FAC; Florida School Bus
BFMP Reviews (Best Financial Management Practices                    1008.35, FS
reviews; also known as “Sharpening the Pencil Act”)
Breastfeeding (Teenage Parent Program)                               383.015, FS
Bus Stop Behavior                                                    1006.07(2)(h); 1006.09(1)(b), and
                                                                     1006.10(3), FS
Buses Simulating School Buses (also see “School Buses,               316.72, FS
Use by Other Organizations”)
Buses, Other Use                                                     1006.21(3)(f), FS
CDL (Commercial Driver License; residents/nonresidents               322.01(33), 322.03(3)(a) and (b),
license requirements; disqualification)                              322.031(4), 322.57, 322.61, and 1012.45, FS
Charter Schools                                                      1001.02(q), 1002.33, and 1013.62, FS
Charter Schools School Bus (DMV) Licensing                           320.10(1)(h), FS
Child Care Requirements (incl. caregiver ratio,                      402.305, FS; 65C-22, FAC
transportation safety)
Child Safety Seats                                                   316.613, FS
Choice Schools; Choice of schools by parents                         1002.31, FS
Code of Conduct (Transportation component required,                  1006.07(2), FS
student consequences; also see “Discipline of Students”)
Confidentiality (also see “Video Tapes on Buses”)                    1002.22(1)(c), FS
                                     Index: School Transportation Statutes and Rules
                                                     Revised 2/2/06
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                           Subject                                          Statute (FS)/Rule (FAC)
                                                                         EXAMPLE: 1006.22, FS, IS FLORIDA STATUTE
                                                                    6A-3.0171, FAC, IS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULE
Control of Property                                               1001.42(2), FS
Criminal Background Checks, Fingerprinting; FDLE to Set           1012.32(2) and 1012.465, FS
Fees, Report Arrests of Employees; Districts to Report
Employment Status and Changes
Crossing Guards                                                   316.1895, 316.75, and 318.21, FS
Daycare Transportation                                            See “Child Care Transportation”
Definitions (Florida School Code)                                 1000.21, FS
Diabetes Exemption                                                316.302 (2)(j), FS
Discipline of Students: see “Authority of Bus Driver; Bus
Stop Behavior; Code of Conduct; Throwing Objects From
a Moving Bus;” 2003 Senate Bill 30A
Disposal of Property (Surplusing, etc.)                           Chapter 274 and Section 1013.28, FS;
                                                                  Chapter 60A-1, FAC
Div. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Licensing                            320.60-320.70, FS
DJJ (Dept. of Juvenile Justice) Programs                          1003.52, FS
Driver Curriculum Manual                                          6A-3.0141(4)(b), FAC
Driver License Points Not Affecting Ins.                          626.954(1)(d)4., FS
Driver Licensing: see "CDL"
Drivers of School Buses (physical exams, training,                Sections 1002.42(14), 1012.45, and 316.615,
licensure, other qualifications)                                  FS; Chapter 322, FS; 6A-3.0141and 6A-
                                                                  3.0151, FAC
Drivers, Rights to Continued Employment                           1012.40, FS
Driving History Checks, DHSMV                                     6A-3.0141(6),(7), FAC
Emergency Response Plans                                          1006.07(4), FS
Emergency Vehicles                                                316.072 and 316.126, FS
Emergency, Use of School Buses in                                 252.38(1)(d) and 1006.07(4), FS
Enforcement of Laws/Rules (see also “Monitoring”)                 1001.03 and 1008.32, FS
ESE Transportation                                                6A-1.0451 and 6A-3.0121, FAC
Evacuation Drills (of buses, principal’s responsibilities)        6A-3.0171, FAC
Exceptional Students, Definition                                  6A-6.0301, FAC
Facilities, Education                                             Chapter 1013, FS
Firearms (also see “Weapons”)                                     790.115 and 1006.07(2)(j), FS; 6A-3.0171,
Florida School for Deaf and Blind                                 1002.36 and 1011.55,56,57, FS
Funding, Transportation, FEFP Formula                             1011.68, FS
Funds for School Buses, Obligation of (237 Loan)                  1011.14, FS
Funds for Student Transportation (also see “Two Mill Tax          1011.68, FS
Funds, Borrowing (also see "Anticipated Revenue")                 1011.14, FS
Goals, State Education                                            1000.03, FS
Graffiti (on vehicles, buildings)                                 1013.22, FS
                                    Index: School Transportation Statutes and Rules
                                                    Revised 2/2/06
                                                     Page 2 of 6
                         Subject                                          Statute (FS)/Rule (FAC)
                                                                       EXAMPLE: 1006.22, FS, IS FLORIDA STATUTE
                                                                  6A-3.0171, FAC, IS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULE
Hazardous Walking                                               1006.21(3)(b), 1006.23, and 1011.68(1)(e),
Head Start Transportation                                       Federal: 45 CFR, Part 1310 (1/18/01)
Headlight Use                                                   316.217, FS
Home Rule                                                       1001.32(2), FS
Homeless Child, Definition and School Attendance                1003.01(12) and 1003.21(f), FS; also see
                                                                federal No Child Left Behind Act
Index, General (School Buses)                                   See Florida School Laws
Inspection of Buses (roadside, FHP, FDOT, school district       1006.22(11) and 316.610, FS; 6A-3.0171,
self-inspection, DOE authority)                                 FAC; Florida School Bus Safety Inspection
Insurance, Protection Against Loss; PIP                         1001.42(9)(d), 1006.24, 1006.261, and
                                                                627.732, FS
Lab Schools                                                     1002.32, FS
Leasing (of School Buses)                                       1011.71(2)(c), FS
Leaving Children Unattended                                     316.6135, FS
Loading/Unloading: see "Pupil Warning Light Use"
Loans to Purchase Buses: see "Anticipated Revenue"
McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities               1002.39, FS
McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act                          See No Child Left Behind Act (Section 721)
Medication, Administering by District Personnel                 1006.062, FS; 64F-6, FAC
Mileage Reimbursement Rate                                      112.061, FS
Monitoring, DOE Required to                                     1008.32, FS
Motor Vehicle Driving Records (MVRs): see Driving
History Checks
MyFloridaMarketPlace (state purchasing)                         287.057(23), FS; 60A-1.030 to 1.032, FAC
National Uniform Driver Inspection Procedure, Penalty for       316.3025, FS
Operating Vehicle Not in Compliance with
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA)                                Federal: Public Law 107-110
Non Public (private) Schools                                    1002.42, FS
Non Public (private) Schools, Districts Authorized to           316.6146, FS
Transport Private School Students (and vice versa)
Nonpublic (private) Buses in School Zones                       316.615 (5), FS
Nonpublic (private) School Bus Requirements                     316.615, FS
Occupant Restraint Systems (also see “Seat Belts”)              316.6145 and 1006.25(4), FS
Offenders, Zero Tolerance Crimes (restrictions, parent          1006.13(5)(a),(b),(c), FS
responsibilities regarding transportation)
OPPAGA, Best Practices Reviews                                  1008.35, FS
Opportunity Scholarships                                        1002.38, FS
                                  Index: School Transportation Statutes and Rules
                                                  Revised 2/2/06
                                                   Page 3 of 6
                         Subject                                             Statute (FS)/Rule (FAC)
                                                                          EXAMPLE: 1006.22, FS, IS FLORIDA STATUTE
                                                                     6A-3.0171, FAC, IS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULE
Passing of Stopped School Buses (also see "Stops and               316.172, 318.18(5), 318.19, 322.27(3)(d),
Stopping Procedures")                                              FS; 6A-3.0171(2)(e)3.k., FAC
Physically Handicapped, Definition                                 6A-1.0451, FAC
Pool Purchase Program (also see “MyFloridaMarketPlace”)            1006.27, FS
Pre-K; also see “School Readiness”                                 411.01, FS
Pre-K Disabled                                                     1003.21(1)(e), FS
Private School Buses: see "Nonpublic"
Private Car Transport (Handicapped or Isolated)                    1002.20(21)(c), 1011.68(5), FS; 6A-
                                                                   3.0171(10), FAC
                                                                   , FS
Public Records, Inspection of                                      119.07, FS
Public Schools, Definition                                         1004.04, FS
Pupil Warning Light Use (also see “Stops and Stop                  316.172, FS
Purchase, Pool Purchase Program (also see                          1002.42(15) and 1006.27, FS
“MyFloridaMarketplace” and “Purchasing, Emergency”)
Purchasing (by school boards)                                      6A-1.012, FAC
Purchasing, Emergency                                              287.057(5)(a), FS; 60A-1.046, FAC
Purchasing of School Buses, Obligations across Budget              1011.14, FS
Purchasing of School Buses by Private Schools (from                1002.42(15), FS
FDOE bid)
Purchasing Policies                                                6A-1.012 and 6A-1.013; FAC
Purchasing Statutes and Rules                                      Ch. 287, FS; Ch. 60A-1 and 6A-1.012, FAC
Purchasing, Alternative Procedures for                             1010.04(4), FS
Purchasing, Ceiling Price Requirement (for buses)                  1011.68(4), FS; 6A-3.005, FAC
Records and Reports (required from district)                       1002.51(12)(b), FS
Records Retention Rule                                             6A-1.0955, FAC
Right of Privacy                                                   1002.22(3)(d), FS
Rights of Students, Parents                                        1002.22, FS
Route Duration Limitation (also see “Time on Board”)               6A-3.0171(6), FAC
RR Tracks, Obedience to Traffic Control Devices                    316.1575, FS
RR Tracks, Stopped School Buses at                                 Federal: Title 49 CFR, Part 392, Subpart B;
                                                                   316.159, FS; 6A-3.0171, FAC; Basic School
                                                                   Bus Driver Curriculum
Rule-Making Authority                                              1001.02(1) and 1006.21, FS
Rules-Legislature shall review                                     120.545, FS
Safe Driver Plans Required                                         6A-3.0141, FAC
Safe Paths to Schools                                              335.066, FS
Safe Schools/Juvenile Justice Act                                  1006.07, 1006.08, 1006.09, FS
Safety and Security Best Practices                                 1006.07(6), FS
                                     Index: School Transportation Statutes and Rules
                                                     Revised 2/2/06
                                                      Page 4 of 6
                         Subject                                          Statute (FS)/Rule (FAC)
                                                                       EXAMPLE: 1006.22, FS, IS FLORIDA STATUTE
                                                                  6A-3.0171, FAC, IS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULE
School Board Responsibility: see "Transported Students"
School Buses, Use by Other Organizations                        316.72, FS
School Crossing Guards: see "Crossing Guards"
School Readiness; also see “Pre-K”                              411.01, FS
School Site Traffic Control and Hazards                         1013.36(4), FS
School Site and Traffic (Loading & Unloading)                   6A-2.001, FAC; State Requirements for
                                                                Educational Facilities (SREF), Chapter 5,
                                                                Section 5.3
School Site, Separation of Traffic (cars and buses)             6A-2.001, FAC; SREF, April 1997, Section
                                                                5.3(2) (c) 3.b.
School Support Personnel; definition of; Trans expenses as      1010.215, FS
“support expenses”
School Zone Signage Requirements                                316.1895, FS
School Speed Zones, Police to Inspect Periodically              316.1895, FS
Seat Belts (lap belts) on School Buses, Equipment and           316.6145 and 1006.25, FS; 6A-3.0291, FAC;
Usage Requirements (also see “Occupant Restraints)              Florida School Bus Specifications
Seat Belt Cutters: see "Belt Cutters"
Seat Belts, Use by Employees, School Bus Driver                 60B-1.012 and 6A-3.0171, FAC
Sexual Offenders Near Schools, Stops                            947.1405, FS
Sharpening the Pencil Act (Best Financial Management            1008.35, FS
Sidewalk Repairs Required                                       1013.36(5), FS
Smoking prohibited on Buses (Clean Indoor Air Act)              386.207, FS; 6A-3.0171, FAC
Specifications for School Buses                                 1006.25, FS; 6A-3.0291, FAC; “Florida
                                                                School Bus Specifications (various years)”
Speed Limits for School Buses                                   316.183 (2), FS
Stops for School Buses (also see “Stops and Stopping            1006.22(12)(c), FS
Stops and Stopping Procedures (also see “Pupil Warning          316.172, 318.18(5), 318.19, FS; 6A-
Light Use”)                                                     3.0141(4)(b), FAC; Basic School Bus Driver
                                                                Curriculum, Unit VIII
Strobe Lights, White                                            316.2397, FS
Student Transportation Funding                                  1011.68, FS; 6A-1.0451, FAC
Superintendent or Designee on MPO                               339.179, FS
Surplus Property, Selling of Buses (also see “Disposal of       274.05, 274.06, 1002.33(18)(e), 1013.28, FS
Survey Dates, Alternative                                       6A-1.0451(2), FAC
Tags, Permanent, Motor Vehicle                                  320.0655, FS
Tax, Pollutant (Motor Fuels, Oils, Batteries, Solvent)          206.9925 and 206.9935, FS
Teenage Parent (TAP) Program (also see “Breastfeeding”)         1003.54, FS; 6A-6.0525, FAC
Telephone Procedures, State Government                          110.1082, FS
                                  Index: School Transportation Statutes and Rules
                                                  Revised 2/2/06
                                                   Page 5 of 6
                          Subject                                         Statute (FS)/Rule (FAC)
                                                                       EXAMPLE: 1006.22, FS, IS FLORIDA STATUTE
                                                                  6A-3.0171, FAC, IS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULE
 Throwing Objects From a Moving Bus (civil law)                 790.19 and 806.13, FS
 Time on Board (also see “Route Duration)                       6A-3.0171(6), FAC
 Transportation Across District Lines (also see "Attendance     1001.42(4), FS; 6A-3.001, FAC
 Zone Authority")
 Transported Students, School Board Responsibility              1001.42(8) and 1003.31, FS
 Trespassing (on school buses and property)                     810.095, 810.097, and 810.08, FS
 Two Mile Limit: see “Funding”
 Two Mill Tax Levy for Bus Replacement                          200.065(9)(a) and 1011.71(2)(c), FS
 Unattended Children (left in vehicles; also see                316.6135, FS
 “Specifications for School Buses”)
 Vans, Prohibition on Sale or Lease                             Federal: Title 49 CFR, Part 571; United
                                                                States Code B30112
 Victims of Zero Tolerance Crimes (and siblings of victims)     1006.13(5)(a)(b)(c), FS
 Video Tapes on Buses, Educational Records (also see            1002.22(1)(c), FS
 Vouchers (also see "Opportunity Scholarships")                 1002.38, FS
 Waiver Authority, in Emergencies                               252.46, FS
 Weapons (also see “Firearms”)                                  790.115, 790.053, 790.06 (1)(2),
                                                                1006.07(2)(j), FS
 Windshield Obstructions                                        316.2952, FS
 Zero Tolerance for Crime and Victimization (transportation     1006.13(5), FS

                                  Index: School Transportation Statutes and Rules
                                                  Revised 2/2/06
                                                   Page 6 of 6

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