Statement of Educational and Career Goals

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          Master of Science in Architecture Program
                   Kansas State University

To the Applicant:

In order to carefully evaluate each applicant and to assure the likelihood of the success in our
program, the Graduate Committee has found that your statement about your specific objectives in
pursuing the Master of Science in Architecture degree at Kansas State University is essential.
Please respond to the following questions. You may use an additional page if necessary. Use
autobiographical information only in ways that will help us understand the reasons for your
educational and career goals.

Please type your name

Last                                    First                                    Middle

Area of Emphasis                        (select one)
        Design Theory

        Ecological and Sustainable Design

        Environment Behavior and Place Studies

Why is graduate education important to you at this time, in view of your long-term career goals?

Why is the graduate program at Kansas State University of particular interest to you?
Statement of Educational and Career Objectives
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What issues or questions concerning your anticipated area of emphasis (Design Theory,
Ecological and Sustainable Design or Environment Behavior and Place Studies) are you currently
most interested in pursuing in your program of study? Why are these questions important to you?

Have you identified a topic area that you believe you would like to study? Why is this topic of
interest to you? (Although you are not required to identify such a topic before beginning the
graduate program, we are interested in your present thoughts about topics you might select.)

Are there any additional comments you would like to make about your reasons for applying to our
Master of Science in Architecture program?

  Please print completed form and mail with other application materials to:
  Department of Architecture, 211 Seaton Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506

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