Housing Agent’s SD STATUTORY DECLARATION The full I by oht14582


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									                                                                                        Housing Agent’s SD


(The full      I, _____________________________________ occupation ___________________________
name estate
occupation     holder of Identity Card No ______________ residing at No ___________________________
and place of
abode of       ____________________________________________________________________________
must be        Singapore do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:
               (a)   I am an *employee/associate of ______________________________________________
                     under House Agent’s Licence No: ____________________________________________

               (b) I am the housing agent engaged by *the seller(s) ________________________________

                     _______________________________________________________ and/or *the buyer(s)
                     in the sale and purchase of the resale flat at Apt Blk ______________________________
                     ________________________________________ (“the Flat”).

               (c)   The resale price of the Flat as agreed between the seller(s) and the buyer(s) is

               (d) Except for the deposit of S$ _________________, which is a sum not exceeding $5,000/-,
                     there are no other cash payments made or to be made by the buyers to the sellers.

               (e)   I have not used any other agreement in the resale transaction except the prescribed
                     Standard Option to Purchase provided by HDB. The seller(s) and the buyer(s) have not
                     entered into or made arrangement to enter into any other Option, Sale & Purchase
                     Agreement, Supplemental Agreement or any other ancillary agreement other than the
                     HDB’s Standard Option to Purchase.
               (f)   I have highlighted all the items in the Resale Checklist to *the seller(s) before the seller(s)
                     granted an Option to Purchase to the buyer(s) and/or *the buyer(s) before the buyer(s)
                     exercised the Option to Purchase.

               And I make this solemn declaration by virtue of the provisions of the Oaths and Declarations
               Act (Cap 211), and subject to the penalties provided by that Act for the making of false
               statements in statutory declarations, conscientiously believing the statement contained in this
               declaration to be true in every particular.


               Declared at Singapore the ________________ day of _________________ 20 _____________

               Interpreted by me _____________________________________________________________
               Before me,

                                                                        COMMISSIONER FOR OATHS

               a:cso-SD9(22/06/09).doc                                  *Delete where not applicable

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