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Statement of Qualification Sample by adz17358

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Statement of Qualification Sample document sample

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Environmental Science & Engineering


                Since 1975
Table of Contents

projECT ExamplE: Npl-remedial Design 2
                 & Implementation


projECT ExamplE: System-wide CWa 3
                 program management


projECT ExamplE: Waste Water Treatment 5
                 System Design

projECT ExamplE: Storm Water 6
                 management Design


projECT ExamplE: Technical review 7
                 & oversight



projECT ExamplE: phase I ESa 11


projECT ExamplE: Creosote Transloading Facility 12


projECT ExamplE: Co-Environmental 13
                 Emergency response


projECT ExamplE: Environmental/Indoor 15
                 air Quality (IaQ)

    “We are Defined
     by our Values.”

  In our journey to become a
Great Firm, our employees,
each of which are stock
holders, formulated a set of
values by which we operate:

•    Family
•    loyalty
•    Integrity
•    Team Work
•    Empowerment
•    Trust
•    performance

   To our employees,
management, and
stockholders, these values
represent how we want to
work together and what we
stand for in our industry. Our
firm applies these principles
to each and every project.
        Begin With the End in mind
  When Marshall Miller started the firm, he did so with one goal
in mind.

“Provide personal superior services at a fair price; promise only
what can be delivered, and deliver more than is promised.”

  Despite our continual growth, Marshall Miller and Associates
(MM&A) has always be known for its customer service and absolute
customer satisfaction. We ensure client satisfaction by maintaining a
seasoned staff of professionals with excellent communication skills.
  These traditions continue today with our staff of over 200
professional scientists and engineers of all disciplines. MM&As
diverse technical staff have the qualifications and direct experience
necessary to handle any environmental or civil design-related project.

             30 Years and Counting
  Founded over 30 years ago in the Appalachian Mountain town
of Bluefield, Virginia, MM&A has grown into a dynamic and
diverse consulting and engineering firm. Today, the employee-
owned company operates from eleven offices in eight states and
has over 200 employees. Our technical staff includes: civil and
environmental engineers; geologists and hydrogeologists; chemists;
biologists; risk assessors; GIS specialists; wetlands specialists; and
construction managers.
   Our growth strategy is simple; we grow one satisfied client at
a time. By doing this we have distinguished ourselves from other
firms. MM&A exceeds the standards with regard to communication,
personal service, responsiveness, attention to details, and
consistency in finished work products. Given the opportunity,
MM&A will prove that this is no cliché.
  Commitment to
   The key word is
“Uncompromised.” MM&A
refuses to compromise
personal SAFeTy for any
reason. We do not believe any
job or task is so important that
it cannot be performed safely.
each member of our staff is
40-hour HAZWOPeR trained
and has completed Roadway
Worker Protection Training.
Utilizing our trained in-house
Health and Safety Director,
MM&A consistently conducts
safety audits, weekly staff and
tool box safety briefings to
address potential issues before
they become incidents.
look Inside for:
   Site Investigation and
   mm&a remains at the forefront of
   the environmental science and
   remediation fields.

   Compliance Services
   one of our strengths is our ability
   to assist in proactive management
   of compliance issues before they
   become management problems.

   Civil Design and
   Construction management
   We have a seasoned staff of
   engineers capable of developing
   design solutions for a variety of

   Voluntary remediation
   Brownfields redevelopment
   mm&a has extensive practical
   experience in navigating sites
   through the Vrp and acquiring
   certificates of completion.

   real Estate Services
   Whether acquiring or selling
   property or managing non-
   operating assets already
   in possession, we have the
   experience to assist you.

   Expert Witness
   our team of scientists and
   engineers have extensive
   experience in providing full
   litigation support.

   Emergency response
   mm&a’s environmental professionals
   can provide quick and aggressive
   action to prevent long-term liability
   and lengthy regulatory projects.

   Investigative Engineering
   mm&a’s Investigative Engineering
   Services (IE) have been designed
   to provide our clients with a broad
   range of expertise.

  MM&A remains at the forefront of the environmental
science and remediation fields. Our team of professional
scientists and engineers has the experience to steer sites into
the appropriate regulatory program and fully characterize
the sites in accordance with the applicable state guidance
documents. Specific site investigation services include:

• regulatory program Selection and Negotiations
• preparation of remedial Investigation (rI), Site assessment
  Work plans, and Sampling and analysis plans (Sap)
• preparation of Site Specific Health & Safety plans (HaSp)
• multi-media Site Investigations
• Contaminant Fate and Transport modeling

   For more than a decade, regulatory programs have
slowly gravitated to risk-based closures versus stringent
published remedial goals. MM&As scientists (including
toxicologists) have extensive experience in preparing
site-specific risk assessments and developing site-specific
remedial goals that match the intended property use and
future exposure scenarios.
  Because site closure is not always achievable through
human and ecological risk analysis, MM&A has a staff of
engineers to design the appropriate, cost effective remedy to
address any contaminant in any media. Our experience in
remediation design includes the following technologies:

•   lNapl/DNapl recovery*+
•   Excavation and off-site Disposal*
•   In-situ and Ex-situ Bioremediation *+
•   Chemical Destruction*
•   on-Site Incineration*
•   Capping in place*
•   pump and Treat*+
•   Vapor Extraction*+
•   Encapsulation*
•   landfilling/management on-site*
•   monitoring and Natural attenuation (mNa)*+
•   Use of Institution Controls*+

* Denotes Soil
+ Denotes Water

5/5/05                                                            1
                  projECT ExamplE
    Npl-remedial Design and Implementation

Client: North Carolina State University
project location: raleigh, North Carolina
Description of Work:
  As engineer and Remedial Contractor, MM&A prepared
the remedial design and implemented the ROD-Specified
remedial action at the North Carolina State University
(NCSU) lot 86 National Priorities List Site. The NCSU Lot
86 Site served as a burial site for hazardous chemical and
low-level radioactive waste generated in the Universitys
educational and research laboratories from 1969 until its
closure in November 1980.
   NCSU estimated it disposed approximately 300,000 cubic
feet of chemical waste at the Site, including: solvents (1,1,1-
trichloroethane, chloroform, bromoform and methylene
chloride), organics, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, inorganics,
acids, bases, oxidants, amines, pesticides, herbicides,
fungicides, phenols, halogenated hydrocarbons, and PAHs.
Some of the chemicals disposed were air reactive, water
reactive, and shock sensitive. The site was rated and placed
on the NPL List in October 1984.
  The ROD specified remedy was shallow soil mixing and
stabilization using a crane mounted auger unit connected
to a borehole shroud and air treatment train. Soils and
buried waste were stabilized using a 15% mixture of
Portland cement.

Key Work assignments:
• prepared a remedial design work plan, sampling and
  analysis plan (Sap), treatability study plan, and health and
  safety plan (HaSp)
• prepared a performance standards verification plan for
  evaluating the effectiveness of the remedial action
• prepared the remedial action work plan, project delivery
  strategy, construction management plan, and quality
  assurance plan (Qap)
• Implemented an on-site remedial treatability study and
  bench scale performance testing
• Implemented the remedial design and modified the
  design due to change in conditions
• prepared an Explanation of Significant affluence (ESa) and
  modified the roD to reflect a change of condition
• prepared the remedial action and construction reports


  One of MM&As strengths is our ability to assist corporate
environmental or facility managers in proactive management
of regulatory compliance requirements before they become
management issues.
  Through our experiences with private and government
sector clients, MM&As staff has developed the expertise
to assist in managing environmental requirements for
large corporations with numerous facilities in broad
geographic areas. MM&As staff stays abreast of regulatory
requirements that arise whenever our clients operate
facilities, acquire or transfer properties, build, repair or
renovate structures, respond to new regulatory requirements,
or handle emergency situations.
  Since 1998 our staff has prepared or updated over 1,400
plans and permits for our clients. Because each action taken
by our clients potentially triggers another environmental
requirement, we must stand ready to deliver comprehensive
solutions for each request. Our staffs extensive history of
handling facility compliance matters include:

• Storm Water pollution prevention
  planning and permitting
• Spill prevention Contingency & Countermeasures
  assessments and plans
• oil Discharge and Contingency plans
• Facility response planning
• Waste management and reduction
• Sediment & Erosion Control planning & permitting
• National Environmental policy act Compliance
• National pollution Discharge Elimination System
• Environmental Compliance audits

                 projECT ExamplE
  System-wide CWa program management

Client: Class I rail road
project location: System-wide - 22 States,
                 District of Columbia, and
                 province of ontario, Canada
Description of Work:
 MM&A currently manages all aspects of compliance
with the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) on a system-wide    3
  basis for a Class I Railroad. Our compliance work
includes over 100 active rail yards in 22 states and
incorporates at a minimum the preparation or updating of the
following plans and permits:

•   SpCC
•   Frp
•   oDC
•   SWppp
•   NpaES

  Responding to amendments to the Oil Pollution Prevention
regulations (40CFR Part 112) promulgated under the CWA,
specifically the SPCC and FRP plans, MM&A audited 57
facilities to identify upgrades necessary to comply with the
amendments. Based on the audit data, MM&A identified
and assisted in the implementation of measures to reduce oil
storage, therefore eliminating requirements for SPCC and
FRP plans. In the process, MM&A succeeded in eliminating
45% of the facilities from the SPCC regulations. In addition,
MM&A designed the facility upgrades to bring each facility
into compliance.
  MM&A prepared the necessary bid specification
documents, conducted pre-bid meetings, assisted in
contractor selection, and performed various construction
management oversight tasks.

Key Work assignments:
• audited each facility for compliance with amended rules
• prepared memorandum of Understanding, outlining
  interpretation of the amended rule as they apply to the
  rail industry
• Designed generic fuel loading and unloading pads for
  system-wide use
• provided yard specific upgrade plans for facility
• prepared bid specification project manual
• Conducted pre-bid meetings and site tours
• modified SpCC plans to address facility upgrades
• performed limited construction management to ensure
  quality construction


  MM&A has a seasoned staff of engineers capable of
developing design solutions for a variety of engineering
applications in the railroad industry. Solving problematic
engineering challenges requires educated and skilled
personnel equipped with the right tools to identify key
concerns and resolve difficult issues. MM&As team of civil,
structural, environmental, and mechanical engineers has the
experience to assist our railroad clients with a multitude of
design challenges, including:

•   Waste Water Treatment and Distribution Systems
•   Storm Water management
•   Erosion and Sediment Control
•   pipelines
•   lagoons
•   Stream mitigation

  MM&A designers work with a variety of design software
including AutoCAD® and MicroStations®.

                 projECT ExamplE
       Waste Water Treatment System Design

Client: Industrial Client
project location: ludlow, Kentucky
Description of work:
  MM&A designed a replacement waste water treatment
system for the Ludlow engine Terminal owned and operated
by a Class I Railroad. According to the client, water
collecting in the storm drainage network beneath the facility
was conveyed through pipes to a basin that once served as the
roundhouse turntable. The turntable mechanisms were long
ago removed, and the drain in the bottom of the turntable
became plugged, allowing the turntable to act as a large
holding tank for storm water flowing from the facility. The
network serviced an approximately 2-acre drainage area,
which included ready tracks, fueling area, yard drains, and
parking areas.

Key Work assignments:
• Surveyed and mapped the existing system and evaluated
  its effectiveness
• jet cleaned and vacuumed the drain lines and disposed
  recovered grit off-site
• Determined the design flows associated with the drainage
  network and evaluated the current system attenuation
  and treatment of flows
• Evaluated potential alternatives for treating the storm
  water discharge
• prepared a summary of findings in an Evaluation report
  suggesting recommendations for optimum implementation
• provided 50% design and upon approval, a 90% design for
  the treatment system
• Following client approval of the 90% design, mm&a
  proceeded with the final construction drawings for the
  wastewater treatment plant
• participated in pre-bid and pre-construction meetings to
  ensure successful start-up construction Completed the
  remedial action and construction reports
• participated in public meetings to address comments
  and concerns

                projECT ExamplE
        Storm Water management Design

Client: Industrial Client
project location: Elkhart, Indiana
Description of work:
  MM&A designed enhancements to the storm water
treatment system at a large Indiana industrial facility.Storm
water draining from the 159-acre facility flowed into a
retention quality pond prior to discharging off site via a
NPDeS permit. The pond had a surface area of 0.15 acres,
with the outflow being controlled by a v-notch weir, yielding
a maximum holding volume of 370,000 gallons. Given
the large drainage area supported by the pond, the ponds
retention time was shorter than optimal, limiting its potential
effectiveness for improving water quality. In addition, pond
outflow control was limited and the two pipes conveying
the pond outflow were restricted to a 5-year storm event
capacity. To address these issues, the pond was reconfigured
into a constructed wetland to polish effluent with a 1.65
million gallon storage capacity. Outflow from the constructed
wetland was controlled by (2) riser barrel structures, which
expands the basins storage capacity to control a 50-year storm
event and attenuate the peak flow. Another modification was
the installation of submerged, individual valved-pipes to
convey flow from the forebay to the rest of the structure. This
created desired catastrophic event controls and increased the
retention time while filtering the storm flows through 5,700
added riparian plants.

Key Work assignments:
• Surveyed and mapped existing storm drain system and
  evaluated existing system’s effectiveness
• jet cleaned and vacuumed storm drains near the fueling
  racks, 3.5 million gallon aST system, and other petroleum
  handling facilities at yard
• Determined design flows associated with drainage area
  encompassed by network and evaluated how current
  system attenuated and treated flows
• Evaluated potential alternatives for treating storm water
  discharge from facility
• provided 50% design and upon approval, a 90% design for
  treatment system
• provided final construction drawings for storm water
  treatment system


  Over the last decade and a half, various states have
recognized their inability, due to limited resources, to
oversee and enforce investigation and remediation at
impacted industrial facilities. As a result, most states have
created Voluntary Remediation Programs (VRP) of various
dimensions, designed to direct industry toward site closure
with minimal involvement with the regulatory agency.
MM&A has hands-on experience in navigating sites through
VRP programs and acquiring certificates of completion.
More importantly, our staff understands which programs are
not flexible and may create additional liability. Our staff
maintains the necessary licenses and credentials to perform
work under the various state programs. VRP services
routinely offered include:

• Negotiation of Consent agreements
• Selection or Creation of remediation Goals Based on
  Intended property Use
• preparation of program Specific plans and Documents
• preparing public Notices and Conducting public meetings
• obtaining Covenants or Certificates of Completion

  In addition to VRP programs, MM&A has experience in
various state Brownfield programs designed to provide for
the redevelopment of abandoned or inactive sites.

                projECT ExamplE
         Technical review and oversight

Client: Greenvest lC
project location: Charles Town, West Virginia
Description of work:
  MM&A provided lead technical review and oversight
for the Site Characterization Sampling and Analysis Plan
and Human Health and ecological Risk Assessment for a
former tanker truck-rinsate disposal facility operated from
1959 to 1972. The Site included a primary settling lagoon
and two retention ponds. In 1972 the site was transferred
to the original landowner. A consent order was issued in
1994 requiring the preparation and implementation of a
work plan to address ground water and soil contamination.     7
Marshall Miller & Assoc
    Previous Project Site Loca


After unsuccessful attempts of implementation of a
remedial work plan, the Site was entered into the State
Voluntary Remediation Program. Under the VRP an initial
investigation identified an extensive list of contaminants
of concern (COC) including the dioxin 2,3,7,8-TCDD,
metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile
compounds (including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons),
total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), pesticides, and
polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Due to the extensive list
of COCs, the Sites proximity to the Kanawha River, and
numerous other potential receptors, the State contracted
MM&A to serve as the technical reviewer for each phase
of site work. For the first phase, MM&A worked closely
with the responsible party (RP) and the regulatory agency
to implement a thorough sampling protocol to adequately
delineate the Site and to collect sufficient data for a complete
risk assessment. MM&A served as the lead technical
reviewer for risk assessment.

Key Work assignments:
• assist rp with developing a comprehensive sampling plan
  to characterize site
• assisted rp in developing risk assessment database for use
  in developing cleanup criteria
• assisted rp in developing fate and transport model to
  predict off-site movement of CoCs
• assisted rp in calculating bioaccumulation factors for
  keystone species

              REAl ESTATE SERVIcES

  MM&A has a lengthy history working directly with real
estate departments or real estate transactions. Whether a
client is acquiring or selling property, or simply managing
real estate assets already in possession, we have the
experience to assist you in any situation. Over the last
decade, MM&A has assisted its clients with real estate
management at hundreds of facilities. These services have

• performing Environmental audits of leased property
• assisting leasees in Becoming Compliant with
  Environmental regulations
• performing Due Diligence assessments in accordance with
  aSTm Standards
• reviewing Due Diligence audits and Investigations
  performed by other Consultants to Confirm or refute

• performing Corrective actions to Facilitate property
• redeveloping and Sale of property Under Brownfield and
  State Voluntary remediation programs
• Evaluating potential Impact to Natural resources

                 projECT ExamplE
                       phase I ESa

Client: Waggoner Forest management
project location: Virginia, West Virginai, Kentucky
Description of work:
  MM&A was tasked with performing a Phase I
environmental Site Assessment (eSA) in accordance with
the ASTM protocol on approximately 500,000 acres located
in a three-state area. The property was previously used for
coal mining and possibly timbering. Due to the large size
of the property, MM&A obtained and performed a thorough
record search and reviewed aerial photographs to identify
potential areas of environmental concern prior to any site
reconnaissance. The overall property was surveyed via
helicopter to confirm and map the areas of concern and to
identify any additional areas. each potential area of concern
was visited, inspected and mapped in a GIS database.
Numerous recognized environmental concerns were noted
including petroleum impacted media from fueling operations;
PCB impacted media from spilled dielectric fluids associated
with transformers; acid mine leaching; and, potential impact
from open dumping. A complete eSA report was furnished in
a timely manner.

            ExpERT wITNESS SERVIcES

  There are times when litigation is the only means to an
end. Accordingly, MM&As team includes scientists and
engineers who provide expert witness support to our clients
for a variety of cases, including, but not limited to:

•   Environmental Tort
•   Insurance Claims
•   Contaminant Fate and Transport
•   Hydrology and Storm Water related claims
•   risk assessment
•   product liability
•   accident reconstruction

  We have extensive experience in providing full litigation
support, including:

•    preparation of Expert Witness reports
•    Witness Testimony preparation
•    arbitration Testimony
•    preparation of Trial Exhibits
•    Trial Testimony

                   projECT ExamplE
      Creosote Storage & Transloading Facility

Client: Class I railroad
project location: Savannah, Georgia
Description of work:
  Senior MM&A personnel provided trial support to a
plaintiff pursuing settlement of a pollution liability claim
against Lloyds of London Insurance. The insurance claim
involved expenses associated with the assessment and
remediation of soil, ground water, and surface water
impacted by the release of a large volume (approximately
80,000 gallons) of creosote from an above ground storage
tank (AST) and appurtenances. Lloyds of London denied
coverage, claiming that the release occurred after the policy
expired and that the release was not a catastrophic one from
the AST, but rather multiple releases over time from the
facility. In addition, the defendant claimed the expenses
associated with the remediation were excessive.
  MM&A provided expert witness testimony revealing that
the release was in fact, associated with the AST and was
catastrophic in nature. In addition, MM&A was in agreement
with the expenses associated with the proposed remedial
technology for soils and ground water.

Key Work assignments:
• reviewed available technical reports associated with
• produced expert witness report supporting the litigation on
  the plaintiffs behalf
• provided deposition testimony
• assisted in witness preparation
• provided expert testimony during trial

             EMERGENcy RESpONSE

  Many clients, as well as MM&A, recognize the value of
co-environmental emergency response to accidents involving
the release of petroleum or hazardous materials. In many
instances, aggressive short-term remedial actions guided by
environmental professionals can minimize long-term liability
and prevent lengthy regulatory “red tape” environmental
projects. Having an environmental professional present
during the incident produces the following value or benefits:

• real Time regulatory Negotiations
• real Time Sample Collection for all affected media
• remedial action Guidance Geared Toward
  Immediate Site Closure
• real Time risk analysis of Impact to public and
  Natural resources
• assistance in public relations
• project Coordination

  each of MM&As environmental professionals are
HAZWOPeR trained. Those involved in co-response
have received additional Haz-Mat response training, are
certified, and experienced to operate in conditions requiring
respiratory protection.

                projECT ExamplE
    Co-Environmental Emergency response

Client: Class I railroad
project location: Tri-Cities, Tennessee
Description of work:
  MM&A was called for a release from a tanker car carrying
bis (2-ethyhexyl) phthalate. Approximately 17,000 gallons
of liquid were spilled from the leaking tanker car onto a
third party property. A portion of the released material
immediately entered the storm water drainage system while
the remainder was absorbed into the soil. MM&A was
responsible for rapidly assessing the extent of the impact
to soil using a direct push system while eR actions were
ongoing. In addition, MM&A monitored streams during a
24-hour storm event to assess the potential impact to

the natural resources. MM&A negotiated the clean-up
standards with the Tennessee Department of environmental
Control (TDeC) and guided the remediation of soil and
ballast concurrent with the eR actions. The project was
immediately granted closure preventing any further
assessment or monitoring.

Key Work assignments:
• rapidly assessed extent of impact
• monitored adjacent streams for potential impact
• Negotiated clean-up standards with regulatory agency
• Coordinated all activities between property owners and
  the responsible party
• managed and coordinated impacted material excavation
  and loadout
• managed and negotiated disposal of impacted soil
• Conducted confirmation samplings
• prepared final report achieving site closure


  MM&A’s Investigative engineering Services (Ie)
have been designed to provide our clients with a broad
range of expertise required to address most any kind
of incident, accident, property loss, or personal injury.
With a staff and network of multi-disciplined engineers,
scientists and experts; individuals and/or teams can be
assigned to investigate and provide answers to conditions
that could results in large monetary losses or lawsuits.
When advantageous to our client, we can engage our
design and/or environmental engineering services with
a forensic investigation. With fully trained and certified
professionals who meet all Ie requirements, MM&A has
served a broad range of clients including the insurance and
legal communities, as well as the industrial, commercial,
government, and private sectors. MM&A’s professional Ie
services include, but are not limited to the following:

•    Fire origin and cause investigations
•    Vehicle accident investigations/reconstructions
•    Structural investigations
•    Electrical/mechanical investigations
•    product failure/liability investigations
•    Environmental/IaQ investigations
•    Geotechnical/foundation investigations
•    Construction accident/incident investigations
•    risk assessment
•    Expert witness
                      projECT ExamplE
      Environmental/Indoor air Quality (IaQ)

Client: regional property management Company
project location: raleigh, North Carolina
Description of Work:
  MM&A was retained to determine the origin and cause of
a mold condition on the interior perimeter walls of a large
three-story commercial building. Moisture mapping and
IAQ sampling verified the existence of moisture intrusion
and mold condition(s) within the building. A detailed and
systematic investigation of the overall building system
eliminated common water intrusion causal conditions.
Further mechanical investigation of the building’s
multiple HVAC systems, coupled with pressure testing
and environmental evaluation of the building revealed that
moisture was being drawn into the structure, due to an
abnormal negative pressure condition within the building.
High humidity air was being drawn into the perimeter wall
cavities and was being trapped by vinyl wallpaper in the
interior walls, resulting in moisture concentration and the
development of mold growth. Construction deficiencies and
the design/modifications of the HVAC system were cited as
casual factors to the client.

Key Work assignments:
• Verification/identification of moisture/mold conditions
• Determine o&C of condition
• Determine opportunities for subrogation.
• remediation recommendations

                                                     CAMP HILL
                     CINCINNATI    CHARLESTON


                               LEXINGTON BLUEFIELD   ASHLAND




     MM&A Ranked
     a Top Firm by
     ENR Magazine
     For the past nine consecutive years,
     Marshall Miller and Associates, Inc.
     has been ranked among the Top 500
     Engineering Design Firms in the U.S.

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  (e)                       OHIO
                                        6860 Skies Edge Court #42
          VIRGINIA                          Cincinnati, OH 45247
 Suite 203, 11277 Airpark Road                (p) 513-460-2921
        Ashland, VA 23005               (e)
(p) 804.798.6525 (f) 804.798.5907
    (e)                      INDIANA
                                       125 N. Weinbach Avenue #230
 WEST VIRGINIA                              Evansville, IN 47711
 1018 Kanawha Boulevard East,         (p) 812.491.8777 (f) 812.491.8779
             Suite 400                    (e)
      Charleston, WV 25301
(p) 304.344.3970 (f) 304.344.3986

    200 George Street, Suite 6
        Beckley, WV 25801
 (p) 304.255.8937 (f) 304.255.8939

    u 24-hour co-Environmental Emergency Response u


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