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EVENTS AND contests


           By: Felisa M. Benton
 New Business Account Executive, Marketing

                 Database Marketing
Benefits of Promotion/Event Marketing
The Marketing Department’s goal is to provide the sales staff with
aggressive marketing opportunities to maximize revenue and grow
market share of the company. We work hard to understand the
changing needs of our clients as well as to integrate more
multimedia products and services that are tailored to the client’s
specific goals.

The following are steps taken to ensure maximum exposure as well
as securing the best marketing promotions and events:

•Negotiate agreements and obtain inventory from the Valley’s premier
events and entertainment venues to offer you and your clients a variety of
revenue driving sponsorship opportunities.

•Meet with clients to perform a needs analysis to determine the right
business plan, promotion or event.
•Create custom promotions targeting the client’s marketing goals.
•Assist with ad creation and provide turn-key contest administration
All Sponsored Events Include:
     •Promotion in one, or in a combination of, The Arizona Republic,
     The REP, Buyer’s Edge, Database Marketing, Republic Direct or
     • If applicable, an enter-to-win opportunity at participating client’s
     location(s) or a mail-in to The Arizona Republic.
     •Advertising schedule to be mutually agreed upon between The
     Arizona Republic and client. Pricing varies depending on the
     promotional schedule, additional products or services used in the
     promotional package.

                               Database Marketing
Maximizing New Revenue Potential
         How do you maximize new revenue potential?

1   Know your clients as well as their customer’s buying
    habits for untapped or new revenue opportunities. Some
    of us have called this simply “The Customer’s, Customer”

2   Become the experts. Where do their customers come from?
    Based on that, where do their customers spend most of their
    money? Do for entertainment? And the list could go on and
    on. This could be called “lifestyle targeted marketing”. This
    facilitates value added selling of your products and services.
    Your clients will appreciate and embrace your knowledge of
    their industry. This puts you in the best selling position from
    the start by building both trust and loyalty.

3   Set goals. Plan. What do you want your clients to receive?
    What does it require? How much does it cost? What’s in it
    for you and your client? Does it make sense? Does this
    include a promotion or ad buy? Does it create a win, win?

4   Identify new clients. Get out in the market to find out what’s
    going on. Watch what people are doing these days in the new
    millennium. Whether it’s community-oriented, a business or
    entertainment event, you are going to be in the best position to
    find new clients.

                            Database Marketing
Marketing Programs/Events Examples
Here are some examples of new revenue programs and events:

•   Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction - This event draws approximately 140,000+
    spectators. Our trade agreement included $20,000 in new revenue and we provided
    them with $40,000 in space. The event was advertised in our daily paper, weekly
    entertainment pub. as well as on our web site. This was our first year sponsoring event
    which had been previously sponsored by another newspaper. Also with this
    sponsorship, we were able to create an online promotion by giving away a classic car
    inside the tent of this event as well as on our web site. To date, this event gave our
    online department over 3,000 quality email addresses with valuable demographic
    information which helped to launch their monthly e-newsletter. Our circulation
    department was also a part of this event by having the opportunity to be positioned in a
    highly visible area to sell subscriptions and daily papers.

•   Dinner and a Movie Promotion - This promotion initially brought in $30,000 of new
    revenue from a local restaurant. After this event, we were awarded a contract for
    $100,000. We partnered with Harkins theaters, the Valley’s leading venue for movies.
    The program was simple, go to Garcia’s Mexican restaurant, order an item from a
    special menu and receive two tickets to a movie of your choice. Promotion was
    promoted in our daily paper, weekly entertainment pub as well as through the
    restaurant's TV buy. The Arizona Republic facilitated the production of the paper ads,
    banners and posters which were placed in the restaurants as well as promotional slides
    which were displayed at all Harkins theatres. Harkins currently uses this program as a
    model for all their promotions.

•   Ringling Bros. Barnum’s Kaleidoscape - This inaugural event brought in more than
    $50,000. The Arizona Republic was designated as the official newspaper sponsor and
    received tickets to the show, an opportunity to bring in Fifth Third Bank as a third party
    sponsor as well as our inclusion as a sponsor on the event’s local media buys.

•   Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year publication - This specialty publication was
    initiated by a marketing team member which generated $55,000 in new revenue. Ernst
    & Young was the title sponsor of the pub. with advertisements sold through our
    advertising sales staff and Ernst & Young’s clients. Ernst & Young had a 12 year
    relationship with a business publication in the Valley. Our marketing team member
    presented a tab format, different from their previous magazine format which had a full
    circulation of 15,000. With our new client’s desire to expand this program to the
    community, their employees as well as their customers, we produced this tab for a full
    circulation run of 400,000+ pieces. The tab was a huge success and it provided us with
    new clients which were generated from Ernst and Young’s customer base as well as our
    sales staff. Ernst and Young’s program is currently running in 47 cities nation-wide and
    27 cities internationally. We are one of two daily newspaper running this program for
    Ernst & Young.

                                         Database Marketing

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