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Volume II                                   SEPTEMBER, 1920                                              Number 3

WORKMEN'S ACCIDENT                      This law was passed by the         alities of the industry, or to any
   COMPENSATION                      State Legislature of New Hamp-        steam boiler owned or operated
                                     shire in 1911 and became effec-       by the employer, provided injury
   The Bulletin will publish a se-   tive January 1st, 1912.               is occasioned by the explosion of
ries of short articles relating to
                                        It has been in force without       any such boiler or explosive.
 this subject for the information
                                     amendment since that date and            (e) "Work in or about any
of employees of the Brown Com-
pany, covering the more impor-       applies to classes of work which      quarry, mine or foundry."
                                     may be briefly described as fol-         Section 2 of the law provides
tant features of the state law       lows:                                 that if the employer does not ac-
governing the right to and the
payment of compensation to in-          (a) "The operation on steam or     cept its provisions such employer
                                     electric railways of locomotives,     shall be liable to workmen for in-
jured workmen, with the recom-       engines, trains or cars, or the       juries caused in whole or in part
mendation that they will preserve
for reference the issues of the      construction, alteration, mainte-     by failure of the employer to
paper containing the articles, in     nance or repair of steam railroad    comply with any statute, or with
order that a better understanding    tracks or roadbeds over which         any order made under authority
of the law and its application to    such locomotives, engines, trains     of law, or by the negligence of
                                     or cars are or are to be operated.    the employer or any of his or its
accidental injuries may prevail
among the employees of the              (b) "Work in any shop, mill,       officers, agents or employees, or
company.                             factory or other place on, in con-    by reason of any defect or insuffi-
   The law was intended to com-      nection with or in proximity to       ciency, due to his or its plant,
                                     any hoisting apparatus, or any        ways, works, machinery, cars,
pensate employees for loss of
time due to disability caused by     machinery propelled or operated       engines, equipment or appliances,
accidental injuries sustained in     by steam or other mechanical          and such employer must pay all
the course of their employment       power in which shop, mill, factory    damages which the employee suf-
                                     or other place five or more per-      fers from injuries caused as
in any of the classes of work de-
scribed below, which were con-       sons are engaged in manual or         above, and in case death results
sidered by the Legislature to be     mechanical labor.                     from the injury must pay all
especially dangerous, and also to       (c) "The construction, opera-      damages suffered by his or her
provide compensation for the         tion, alteration or repair of wires   personal representative under the
families of workmen who suffer       or lines of wires, cables, switch     law as it existed before the pas-
fatal injuries by accident arising   boards or apparatus charged with      sage of this act, and the workman
out of and in the course of their    electric currents.                    shall not be held to have assumed
employment.                             (d) "All w o r k necessitating     the risk of any injury due to any
   The law is entitled:              dangerous proximity to gun pow-       cause above specified; but the
   Employers' Liability and Work-    der, blasting powder, dynamite        employer shall not be liable under
men's Compensation Law of New        or any other explosives where         this section for any injury where
                                     the same are used as instrument-      it shall be made to appear by a
Hampshire.                                                                          (Continued on page 11)
Page Two                                     THE BROWN BULLETIN

                                           a shortage of spruce, as more than        ports fifteen per cent loss. Is it
The Brown Bulletin                         80 per cent of the actual ingredi-        not wise for all to try to reduce
                                           ents of paper, of all kinds is            this to at least seven per cent ?
    Contributions of news items are        spruce.
requested from every employee. It is
                                              The United States uses over            MONTEZ, MONTEZ,
not absolutely necessary that you write
an article. If you have any news to offer  38,000,000 tons of paper in a year,          MADEMOISELLE,
er an article to suggest, drop a note in   and to produce this paper, it re-
the suggestion boxes placed in the         quires about 57,000,000 tons of                  SANS PEUR,
different mills for that purpose.          spruce. To obtain this tonnage,                     SANS PEUR
                                           we have to cut down our spruce               The following story is told of
Vol. II. SEPTEMBER, 1920. No. 3
                                           forests at a terrific rate.               two American' school teachers,
             Editorial Staff:                  We have practically made no           who were seeing Paris. They
Editor-in-Chief                W. E. Taft   effort to replace the trees, which       climbed into a crowded bus in
Associate Editors          j g^Jg*          took from 100 to 150 years to            which there was little room to
Business Manager              J. H. Briggs  grow, so we find ourselves in the        sit. There was no one riding on
                                            embarrasing situation of depend-         top of the bus. Apparently it
    WHAT ABOUT YOU?                         ing on other countries for one-          wasn't done. Nevertheless one
    The average man in the paper            third of our paper pulp. It is a         of them with inward trepidation
 industry has not concerned him-            fact that the average issue of a         but with outward sweetness and
 self very much about the paper             New York morning paper devas-            confidence asked permission to
 shortage, although many news-              tates from 25 to 80 acres of forest.     climb up above. The answer of
 papers and magazines are larger               One large publisher, before a         the conductor was instantaneous
 than ever and a few small news-            Congressional committee, esti-           and typically Gallic in its enthus-
 paper publications have b e e n            mated that at the present rate of        iasm. "Montez, montez, made-
 forced out of business. The news-          increase of paper consumption,           moiselle, sans peur, sans peur."
 papers and magazines continually           we will have exhausted our sup-              In our own Berlin Mills family
 tell us of this crisis in our paper        ply of pulpwood in thirty years.         not so very long ago no women
 industry.                                  We must expect the Government            were employed. It simply wasn't
    There has been a Congressional          to put restriction on all waste and      done. Girls might look at the
 investigation, but Congress in-            unnecessary use of paper.                stairs at the Main Office and wish
 vestigates everything, therefore              All authorities agree that we         there was an opportunity up there.
 we are but little concerned about          should lose no time in re-foresting       Today, however, conditions
 their reports.                             our devastated timber land.              have changed,, new needs have
                                               We, as employer and employee           arisen, and the women have
    About the only evidence the
                                             who obtain our living from the           stepped into the gap. The Berlin
 average man has is the increase
                                             paper industry, cannot go blindly        Mills organization welcomes wo-
 in the price of his morning paper,
                                             on as we have in the past, if these      men, and the only question asked
 but as everything else is more
                                             reports are true.                        is, "Can you do the work that we
 expensive, naturally he expects
                                               It is reported that the United         need done and can you do it as
 his paper would be also.
                                             States uses over 38,000,000 tons         well or better than a man ?" The
    According to Government and              of paper a year with an average          spirit is that of the French con-
  scientific reports there exists in         of ten percent waste in the manu-        ductor, "Montez, montez, Made-
  our paper industry a real crisis           facturing of paper from pulp, or         moiselle, sans peur, sans peur."
  and the sudden increase in the             in other words a loss of 3,800,000           Several months ago we pub-
  demand for news and magazine               tons of paper a year, with a value       lished pictures of many of the
  papers, has forced upon us the             of about three hundred and seven-        women in the Burgess organiza-
  realization of our condition.              ty million dollars.                      tion. This month we include
     Several of our large newspapers            Is it not time that we, number-       those of the Berlin Mills offices
  bought outright, or secured a              ing 40,000 employed in the paper         and store, next month we will in-
  controlling interest, in big paper         industry, began to make war on           clude the research, electric repair
  mills to insure for themselves a           this terrific waste, and see if there    and kream krisp departments.
  supply of paper, to the disadvant-         is not some way to save at least         They're an efficient as well as a
  age of smaller publications, which one-half ?                                       good-looking lot. We don't know
  must buy their paper in the open              One paper company reports             whether they can cook or darn
  market. The whole situation is             seven percent loss, another re-                  (Continued on page nine)
                                                     THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                     Page Three

                                  WOODS DEPARTMENT
       Joseph Mooney, the genial clerk of the       Big Jack Murray says that his youngest       Company Timber Beasts." Much atten-
    Brown Farm, spent two weeks in Berlin         son will make a great man for the Com-         tion was received from tourists who in-
    recently, substituting for his brother Jim,   pany's drive. He's awake every morning         variably asked if they might photograph
    in the office of the Woods Department.        at three o'clock, shouting louder than         the beasts. Several interesting snap-
    It is rumored that Joe will not be invited    George Home ever could.                        shots of the ever-smiling Jack Murray
    down again as most of his time was spent                                                     were obtained in this manner.
    in the telephone booth answering the calls      A visitor to Patoine's camp on the
    of his many feminine admirers along the       Diamond asked Patoine if he had any              Ned Richardson of the Pontook House
    Magalloway.                                   "Mentholatum." Patoine looked at the           remarked recently that he thought he'd
                                                  skylight, the windows, the c a r e f u l l y   buy a Super six. Henry Jordan, who was.
      George Anderson, one of the Woods           chinked walls and pulled this one:             on his way down river, remarked that if
    Department clerks residing in the neigh-        '"Well, no, we hain't got very much of       "Sweepstakes" got a Super-six he'd have
    boring village of Milan, has spent a very     him. We hain't need very much. They            to have a "two-by-six" in a short time.
    busy summer. Besides clerking for the         was only free men of us here last winter
    drive at Pontocook and Errol, "looking        so we jest hopen the door once in awhile."
                                                                                                   Joseph Mooney was in Milan recently
    after" some jobbers in Dixville, and writ-                                                   and paid a visit to the new poultry farm.
    ing for the Bulletin, George has found          While camping in Dixville Notch this
    time to teach his youngest boy to walk,       summer, Howard Woodward placed a               Joe says he never saw so many chickens
    and to buy and tame two wild flivvers.        sign beside the State road reading, "Brown     in one bunch before.

                               Site selected for an experimental forest nursery at north end of Cupsuptic Lake.
                                    Young trees are being raised at present on a small portion of this area.
                                                    Soiling crops are planted on the balance.

Page Fom                       •        THE BROWN BULLETIN


                                m .A

                                                 THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                          Page Five

   *                            UPPER PLANTS                                        NOTES                                         *
           MAIN OFFICE                          Miss Elizabeth McLellan of the cash-         running for the Presidency. Pete Beau-
  Miss Helen Cooper has just resigned         ier's office is planning an extensive trip     doin says that he and his mates at that
her position with the labor department to     west on her annual vacation.                   time wore galluses with B:L tags pinned
accept a more remunerative position in                                                       to them and many and strenuous were
other fields.                                   Mr. Elmer Nutting of the accounting          the fights taking place between his gang
                                              department is still ill at his home in New-    and a rival band of Cleveland supporters.
  Mr. Poisson of the accounting depart-       ton, Mass. Mr. Nutting left on his an-         These photographs will be copied and run
ment has recently returned from his va-       nual vacation in May and was taken             in the Bulletin as opportunity offers.
cation.                                       seriously ill. He was at once removed to
                                              the hospital where he underwent two              Mr. John H. Gullison of the Cascade
  Mr. Peterson of the Portland office         serious operations. It is the wish of all      mill has lent a picture taken at the time
visited us on business this past month.       that he will speedily recover arid that we     the Riverside mill was building. This,
He assures us that we are constantly          may have the pleasure of his presence          too, is slated for publication in the near
growing.                                      once more.                                     future.

  Our favorite, Mr. N. G. Cram, spent a         Mr. Tankard was in Woodsville a few             At the upper mills there is a brave but
few days in Boston and took that oppor-       days this month in the interests of the        tender-hearted superintendent. Five kit-
tunity to enjoy a ball game or two. Few       company.                                       tens came to bless his home early this
enjoy this form of sport as does Mr. Cram                                                    summer. Our hero couldn't bear to kill
and few are better informed on this sub-        Joseph Letourneau was in Syracuse, N.        those cats, so he got another man to do
ject.                                         Y., and Worcester, Mass., on his annual        it. The contract called for five cats. In
                                              vacation.                                      order to make up the quota about all the
   Mr. Joseph Mooney of the Brown Farm                                                       cats in the neighborhood suffered. Some
is replacing Mr. James Mooney who is             The Misses Young and Oswell enjoyed         of our most prominent citizens lost dearly
enjoying his annual vacation in and           a long and welcomed rest at Peak's Island      beloved felines. In memory of their es-
around Bangor, Maine                          They have been taking swimming instruc-        cape, the cats that remained are planning
                                              tions for some time and this proved of         an annual passover celebration.
   Mr. Bailey's department has found it       great help and afforded them an oppor-
necessary at this time, because of increas-   tunity to fully enjoy the bathing privileges            RIVERSIDE MILL
ing work, to add to the force Mr. Maurice     at the beach.
                                                                                                A Riverside man makes the following
Oleson, who recently completed a success-                                                    suggestion to the civil engineering de-
ful business course with high rank.            Mr. D. W. Linton spent part of the            partment: "I think that it would be a
                                              month at the seashore with his family.         fine thing to have something over the
   Mr. E. E. Morris of the accounting de-                                                    new boiler house smoke stack so as to
                                                Mr. W. F. Swan spent two week? travel-       prevent the small cinders from falling all
partment is back from his annual vaca-        ing. Among the places visited were
tion.                                                                                        over the yard and into the public eye on
                                              Philadelphia, New York and Boston.             Main street. The man going in and out
                                                                                             of the mill is liable to go blind from them."
  Mr. M. McCarthy is enjoying Conway            Mr. Louis Arey of the cost department
and the surrounding country for two           reports that Washington, D. C., is all they
weeks.                                        say it is. He is in a position to know for
                                                                                                        KREAM KRISP
                                              he has just returned from a two weeks'           Delphis Ramsay's new house is rapidly
  Miss Evelyn Studd recently returned         visit to that city and surrounding points.     being completed. That brings to our
from a two weeks' trip to Canadian                                                           minds the fact that we got no cigars from
points.                                          RESEARCH DEPARTMENT                         Delphis on the arrival of that baby girl.
                                                Born, August 11, 1920, to Mr. and Mrs.         Ray Smith spent his vacation at Porter's
  The recent hot weather has made work        D. H. White a daughter, Penelope Ann.
in the Main Office, "under the tin roof"                                                     Pond, Maine, and Danielson, Conn. Ask
anything but a round of pleasure. We                                                         Ray what his opinion is of a detachable
                                                 Mrs. J. E. Anderson of 142 Norwegian        rowboat motor.
are of course all looking forward to a        street has lent to the photo section a
new, better ventilated structure at some      valuable collection of seven photographs
future date. This has been spoken of for      taken at Berlin 37 years ago. They in-           John Thoits also spent part of his period
some time but owing to pressing work,         clude the site of the Cascade mill, the old    of leisure in Maine, going and coming via
necessary to care for our ever increasing     sawmill and log pile, the site of Burke's      Ford.
business, scarcity of labor, etc., it may     mill, Carl Olsen's house, John Oswell's
not materialize until conditions are im-      house, the old wooden Grand Trunk sta-           Maine seems to be very enticing to va-
proved.                                       tion and a picture of the Berlin store with    cationists from this department. Con-
                                              a Blaine-Logan campaign flag flying in         stance Boswick spent a week at Cape
  Miss Ada Anderson has accepted a            the foreground, reminiscent of the days        Elizabeth, Maine, during the earlier part
position with the pulpwood department.        when a distinguished son of Maine was          of the season. Pol Dubey (Abie) was at
Page Six                          THE BROWN BULLETIN

                                 FIGE & QTORE

           FLOW H1WU
           VffiA FANCY

           RUTH PAHL
           ELIZABETH McL
           M~. ElEANOff BAILEY
           TREBtSA KEENAN

           FYVI£ PIVA
           THELM* MTASAN
           STELLA. UCLWC .
                                                 THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                    Page Seven

Old Orchard, Maine, for a week. Abie             Mr. J. T. Cox, our manager, is passing     that he would buy the place if he were a
enjoyed his first airplane ride while there    his vacation hours at Boothby Harbor,        millionaire.
—also the company of some of the fairer        Maine.
sex. Ask him.                                                                                 Fritz Finson tells the best fish (or
                                                 Auguste Lefebvre and Joe Lemoine           mosquito) story of the year. He recently
  Fritz and his better half attended the       have returned to our happy little family.    went hornpout fishing. As it was dark
last circus. Certain attractions in one of     We are all glad to have you back with us,    Fritz put a light on the bow of his boat
the many canvas arenas caused Fritz to         boys.                                        and said light held great attractions for
become unaware of the presence of his                                                       the many billion mosquitoes around the
                                                 Lepha is sojourning in Canada, the land
wife and desertion followed. We will not       of the happy.                                water. Frits says that they were so thick
say what happened after that but Fritz                                                      around his boat that when he was ready
says that he had a good time at the circus       Gedeon Morrissette passed his time at      to start for shore he could not get his
just the same.                                 Success Pond for two weeks and says          boat through the swarm.

                             BROWN CORPORATION
              LA TUQUE                           While out on a week end fishing trip to      Pat Bradley is having a serious time
  A prominent citizen of Berlin, N. H.,        Lake Long, Messrs. H. Murch and son          getting his new tennis courts located.
may be called at any time by Chief             and W. Nevin claim they saw a moose          And he is not even able to talk it over at
Auclair of La Tuque's policejforce as a        and got within two feet of it—close          meal time now.
witness in a case against one of our auto      enough for it to eat out of their hand, we
speed fiends.                                  guess. They got a hundred and ten fish.        The town has lost a good piano player
                                               Other reports state that the fish caught     in the person of Mr. GowerGillard, better
  We shall always welcome visitors from        were only one-third that number. We          known as "Mike," who left La Tuque on
the U. S. A., but we want them to conduct      wonder how many bottles of 2 per cent,       July 26th. We here there is a possibility
themselves when here at least as well as       went into their packs this time ?            of his coming back in a month or so, and
they behave themselves at home. Just             The new conveyor made for loading          hope he will.
because La Tuque happens to be wet is          into coal cars has proved a great success.
no excuse for New Hampshire people to
get mixed up in auto accidents caused by         Since coming back from his vacation          In spite of the hot weather, our young
excessive speed.                               Mr. Ed Moore, our walking information        people continue to have dances, and al-
                                               bureau, has transferred his affections and   ways manage to have a good crowd and a
  We have heard on good authority that         his bulk from the sawmill department to      good time. We are sure the dancing floor
Jack Fairbairn, late of the Main Office,       the purchasing department.                   in the new club house will be much appre-
and now on the electrical staff, has come                                                   ciated and well used, as the present space
                                                 We are very glad to see Walter Arnott      in the St. Andrew's Club is getting rather
to an agreement, with    matrimonial in-       back on the job again. The Rest Cure
tentions, with the daughter of our re-                                                      small for the crowds that are turning out
                                               has certainly worked wonders for him.        even during the summer.
spected Mr. Chas. Cash. Well, here's our
congratulations, Jack.                           Work is going ahead in good shape on
                                               the new time office building and also on       The pulp wood is sure coming up the
   We are all wondering if Harry V. D. is      the club house. The contractors, Messrs.     conveyor from the river in good shape
taking his usual trip to Grandmere this        E. G. M. Cape & Co. of Montreal, are         now, and with the help of the continuous
week end, and what the special attraction      showing a willingness to rush things         barking drum is going to the pile very
is down there.                                 along.                                       clean.

                                              CASCADE JUICE
  Mr. Bert Rumney and Mike Moffett of            Mr. Carlos Elliott reported his depar-       Heard on the loading platform one day
Mr. Spear's staff have returned after one      ture Saturday, August 14th.                  last spring:
week of sojourning.                                                                                 Girls in the front of me,
  Pat Hinchey is endeavoring to take Mr.         Phil Goss of the Electrical Department             Girls in the back of me,
Everett Bird's place as office man for         says that he volunteered for two wars                Girls to the left of me,
                                               and he has nothing to show for it. He has            Girls to the right of me,
Super. Spear.                                                                                       Gee, but I do like the girls.
                                               now joined the largest army in the world
  Mr. Hayden is away on business.              that has been waging war and signing
                                               peace treaties for centuries and he hopes       Did you know that New Hampshire is
  Our Superintendent seems to be very          to come through this engagement with a       behind little Rhode Island in population
well satisfied with his new Hudson. No         creditable record. All his friends and       and that among the ten highest moun-
one doubts his judgment.                       fellow workmen wish him the best of luck.    tains, Washington was not named 1
Page Eight                                         THE BROWN BULLETIN

                                                  If it is 180 feet from first base to third   talked of Gorham team by defeating
                                                base, how far is it from third base to         them four straight games, and burying
                                                home plate ? Ask Merle Ford.                   them with a 17 to 5 score in the last

                   SPORTS                       N—Is for Nibrocs, our Baseball stars,
                                                                                               game played at Gorham.
                                                                                                 We are in hopes of making the October
                                                I — Is for our infielders, who shine like
                                                                                               Number of the Bulletin a Nibroc Num-
                                                                                               ber, by having the season's averages and   D
                                                                                               group and individual pitchers of the
                                                B—Is for our Backstop, there's none            Nibroc team, so watch for the October
  The La Tuque tennis team played at                    better,                                Number.
Shawinigan Falls and Three Rivers on            R—Is for "Reddy," that old fly-getter.
the 7th and 8th of August. They lost at         O—Is for our outfielders, on the job all
Shawinigan by 7-2, but won at Three                     the time,
                                                                                               HARVEY STARTS
Rivers by 5-4.
                                                C—Is for Corbin, oh, H—1! I can't make                  SOMETHING
  Let us be reasonable with our ball                    this rhyme.                                For an up-to-the-minute bunch
team. They are all working every day.                                      "YESSENNEH."
                                                                                               you have got to hand it to the
Can anyone mention a team as good as
the Nibrocs composed entirely of laboring          A baseball league has been started at       electrical crew at the Burgess.
men and all on permanent jobs ?                 the Cascade Mill. There are already            Whenever a new fad is started,
                                                three teams in the league, with the possi-     you may be sure that soneone of
  We all seem reticent about our winning        bility of two or three more teams entering
ball team. Just a word of explanation:                                                         that bunch will take it up.
                                                the league. The "Neversweats, captained
Hardly a chance to talk as we have been         by "Cave Man" Preo, have played three
                                                                                                   Some time ago much space in
unable to compete with any teams except         games and have not been beaten yet;            the Boston papers was given to a
Gorham. Apparently a majority of the            they took into camp "Lucky" Stilson's          young couple who got married
team seems to have stage fright unless          nine from Berlin Mills, the White Bears        and endeavored to spend their
they have met some of the opposing team         of Berlin Mills, and their best feat was de-
or have had a dress rehearsal. I say                                                           honeymoon—one in one part of
                                                feating the Cascade Electricians 3 to 0.
Gorham because St. Johnsbury wasn't             The Cascade Electricians have such men
                                                                                               the country and one in another.
supposed to have a ball team the first          as Jack Haney, Leo Landrigan, Billy Mc-        No sooner did Mr. A. E. Harvey
time we played there. Others, we got            Gee, Steve McGivney, Bill Palmer, etc.         read this than he said " Here is
our second wind before the other team              The Cascade Machinists, another team        my chance to get my name in the
got too far ahead. We are good winners,         in the league, captaineH by Danny
a good ball team and good losers. I shall
                                                                                               papers and I will go them one
                                                Hughes, have a fast team, having such
add that I consider the Nibrocs as good a       men as "Looie" Morrison, John Ve^zie,
                                                                                               better." Accordingly, Albert took
team as any working ball team when they         etc.                                           the lady of his choice to the
play the ball they know.                           "Cave Man" Preo has Herbie Landri-          church and was married in due
  There does not seem to be any doubt as        gan, brother of the mighty "Dusty" Lan-        form— then to show that not only
to which is the best base ball team in La       drigan, doing the twirling for him, and        could he copy another's idea but
                                                has such men as Paulson, Sam Hughes,
Tuque, and we regret to state that the
                                                Ross, Libby, Hayden, and Dubey for a
                                                                                               improve on it, Albert leaves by
best is not ours. In spite of Eddie But-                                                       the back door and goes back to
ler's good coaching the Athletics have          wrecking crew.
lost three or four games straight to the           These teams play three nights a week        his boarding house while the
La Tuque team. Of course, when the              and are ready to meet any department           bride leaves by the front and im-
players insist on going out of town three       team in the Brown Co., so, managers,           mediately takes the train for
                                                wake up and take them on.
or four at a time when there is a game                                                         Canada. Odds were freely offered
on, the team cannot expect to win.                                                             that Harvey wouldn't stick it out
                                                   The Nibroc baseball team is now trav-       two weeks, but he did, altho, sad
   If a base-runner is on first base; the       eling at a fast pace and holding their own
batter hits a ball out into centre field; the   against all teams.                             to relate, not one of the Boston
second baseman decides he will go out in           Their twirling corps of Lafayette, Jones    or New York dailies mentioned
centre field and field the ball; the runner     and Capistrand are now traveling in big        it.
starts for second base, he mistakes the         league form and are mowing down the op-
short stop for the second baseman, he           posing batsmen.                                             FOR SALE
runs to the short stop position; when he           "Coon" Morris is still the chief of the       Five kittens: Four gray and one black
gets there he does not find second base         wrecking crew with a percent of over           and white. Will let these kittens go
and he starts to look all around as if          .400, with "Cave Man" Preo in second           cheap as we figure $1.28'^ will bring us
someone stole the second base; is the           place. Preo also leads in fielding with a      an annual income of $100" from our one
                                                                                               pet cat. Sulphite Storehouse Crew, Oscar
runner out if he finally gets to second base    percent of .992 for 140 chance and 1 error.    Gonya, Sales Manager.
before the ball gets there ?                       Lafayette is the leading twirler with
  This play happened August 2nd, during         six games pitched and none lost. Captain
the game between the Brown Company              Wagner leads in run getting with a total                    FOR SALE
Office and the Cascade Electricians, Cas-       of 18, and Old "Red" Wildes is the champ,        One dog, one cat, and one duck. Apply
                                                                                               to H. S. Lee, Main Office.
cade Electricians winning by the score of       base pilferer with a total, of 10.                LATER: I have only the dog and cat
4 to 3.                                            The Nibrocs cleaned up the much             left.
                                         THE BROWN BULLETIN                                          Page Nine

MONTEZ, MONTEZ,                        name. When we got into hot            so short or so transparent. The
    MADEMOISELLE.                      weather we were fed lime juice.       girl used to wind about 50 yards
         SANS PEUR,                    That is the reason English sailors    of silk around her waist and
               SANS PEUR               are called Lime Juicers. They         under her skirt, then we used to
        (Continued from page two)      drink this to keeb down scurvy.       march up the dock as large as
                                       We called on three ports of the       life and twice as handsome. Of
socks, as their grandmothers                                                 course, we bowed and the girl
                                       West Coast, Valparaiso, Rosario
could at their age, but we do          and Iquiqus. I never was in           smiled (deceitful thing) at the
know that office affairs would be      Iquiqus but once and I was told       officer as we passed. I made a
hopelessly e n t a n g l e d without   there never was any rain there,       good deal of money running on
them. Not only are they showing        so thought this was a good time       this route but spent it all. I got
that they can accomplish tasks         to find out. I inquired of an old     tired after a while of sailing on
requiring patience and accuracy,                                             English ships, pay very small and
                                       man if it was so that there never
but some of them are displaying        was any rain in Iquiqus. "Well,       accommodations very poor, so I
a high order of executive ability      young man," said he, "never is a      stepped out in New York, leaving
as well. In fact, it is not at all     very long time, but I have been       the Lime Juicers for good.
certain that men can hold their        here 84 years and I have not seen        Dear reader, do not get the idea
own against the best of them.          any."                                 that this is a history, it is not. I
There are, of course, some that           When we got back to Liverpool      promised to give you my views
might be classed as "Rest Room"        I signed on the City of Berlin of     of the American Merchant Ser-
types, but the great proportion        the Inward Line. This boat since      vice and to do so have to give you
are not to be judged by the few        that time was bought by the In-       my experience in foreign ships.
who are disloyal to the cause of       ternational Navigation Company           Well, I joined the S. S. Finance
opportunity for women in busi-         and at the outbreak of the Span-      of the U. S. and Brazil Mail
ness. Their most uncertain char-       ish War she was taken over by         Steamship Co. bound for Rio de
acteristic is a tendency to stay a     the U. S. Government and named        Janiero. This was a good line
few years, and right at the time       Mead. From that time until the        and American, that was the
when we need them most they            present she is named the U. S.        trouble. They could not compete
get married. There ought to be         Transport Mead. Well, I made          with the Lamport and Hott line
a law against it, but perhaps this     quite a few trips on the City of      which was English,, paying less
idea is to be classed with that of     Berlin across the pond. Of course,    than one-half of the American
the United States Senator, who         you often heard it said that a        wage schedule for almost every
introduced a law to stop laun-         sailor has a sweetheart in every      position or job on board of the
dries from tearing shirts.             port. I do not know whether this      ships, and when they needed re-
                                       is so or not, but I do know that it   pairs they were sent to England
MY THREE OR FOUR                       is very convenient, as every man      where it was a great deal cheaper
     VOYAGES TO SEA                    who goes to sea does more or less     than in America to get repairs
      (Continued from last issue)      trading (there is another name        made, and the American line re-
   At the end of my visit with         for this but trading will answer      ceived no more per ton for carry-
Queen Victoria I was out of a job.     the purpose) and the girl comes       ing freight than the English.
I cruised about the docks in Liver-    in very handy once in a while,        Passenger rates were on the same
pool for a couple of days until I      and I, like the others, dipped in a   basis. Well, with this handicap
got a job on the California, be-       little. My specialties on the west-   there was just one thing for the
longing to the West India and          ward trip were silk, dress goods,     American line to do, go out of
Pacific Steam Navigation Co.           and clay pipes; eastward, Ameri-      business, which they did. How-
This ship was bound for the west       can tobacco and cigars. The clay      ever, I made four trips on the
coast of South America. This           pipes, cigars and tobacco I han-      Finance. The trading was good.
voyage took six months to com-         dled alone but the silk I had to      You know there is usually a
plete the round trip. The first        have help with. This was where        young revolution in some part of
day leaving Liverpool we got a         the girl loomed up large. I also      Central or South America. Well,
good dinner and that was the           had the customs officer tipped so     on the passage south I carried
only one, the rest were cracker        that he did not see everything.       revolvers, cartridges also Balbrig-
hash and salt horse. Those ships       I used to bring the girl on board     gan underwear for men, every-
were named by the crew, hunger         of the ship visiting. In those days   thing small and light. The money
and ease, and that was a good          girls did not wear their dresses      came rolling in but I got caught
Page Ten                                          THE BROWN BULLETIN

once and lost all I had. On the                OUR DISABILITY                           period of from five to twenty
passage north I had monkeys and                                                         years, according to the wishes of
                                                         INSURANCE                      the certificate holder.
parrots. The ship was a floating                  There is a clause in 9ur insur-          However, should death come to
menagerie, every man had some.                 ence certificates to which many          him before all the installments
It got to be such a nuisance that              of us have not given any atten-          have been paid, the person whom
the company after a while charg-               tion—that which refers to Total          he has named to receive his in-
ed us freight on what we brought.              and Permanent Disability.                surance, will receive the remain-
I will tell you how we caught the                 If, before reaching sixty years       ing unpaid portion of it either in
                                               of age, any of us are totally and        installments or in a lump sum.
animals. Perhaps you know that                 permanently d i s a b l e d — o r , in      The payment of this insurance
they are great mimics. Well, a                 other words, if because of acci-         in no way affects any benefits
gang of us used to go out in the               dental injury or disease, he will        which may be due under the
jungle on a Sunday. We carried                 never again be able to do any            Workmen's Compensation Act.
along a narrow necked jar with a               kind of work—the full amount of             This Disability Insurance is an
                                               his insurance will become payable        added protection, which is cover-
good dose of whiskey and molas-                to him in installments.                  ed by our life insurance certi-
ses well mixed. We sat down                       Six months after proof of such        ficates, and, like the life insur-
under a tree and passed the jar                disablement, the Insurance Com-          ance, it was secured for us by our
around, each man pretending to                 pany will begin to pay the install-      Company because they are inter-
drink. The monkeys would gath-                 ments. They may be paid either           ested in our welfare and that of
                                               monthly or annually, o v e r a           our families.
er around in the trees overhead
and chatter to beat the band, call-
ing us all the Yankee names they
could think of in their own lan-
guage, of course. Well, when we
had their curiousity well aroused
we used to leave the jar under
the tree and go away a safe dis-
tance. They would come down
and smell, then taste, after they
got the taste of the molasses,
good night! They got drunk and
you never saw anything so comi-
cal in your life as those drunken
monkeys. Well, like their more
civilized brothers and sisters they
would lie down to sleep off the
effects, then we got ours. We
picked up all the young females
we could find, because the females
are easier taught than the males.
The parrots we bought from the
   After these ships went out of
business, I do not remember how
long they were laid up, but finally
they were bought by the Panama
R. R. and they are still sailing be-
tween New York and Aspinwall.
            (To be continued)

   In the Human Race, back Ability for a
lead by a head on the first lap; bet on
Reliability for a place in every heat; stake
all on Stability as a sure winner in the
long run.—The Crombie Bee.
                                          THE BROWN BULLETIN                                             Page Eleven

WORKMEN'S ACCIDENT                      Act, he thereby waives his right           PAUL BUNYON'S
          COMPENSATION                  for relief under the provisions of
        (Continued from page one)
                                                                                             BUCK SAW
                                        the Compensation Law, and if he
                                        should not prevail in a common                "Out in North Dakota Paul had
preponderance of evidence that          law action he would be without a           an awful time getting enough
the injured person's own negli-         remedy.                                    fire-wood to fire the camp because
gence caused, or contributed to            It is, therefore, an important          it took so much to cook for all
cause, the accident.                    question for an injured workman,           those men. He had a whole crew
    Section 3 of the Act provides       and for the personal representa-           a-bucking away on fire-logs and
that the provisions of the forego-      tives of workmen who are fatally           taking an awful lot of time, but
ing section (2)shall not apply to any    injured, to determine whether             the most they could do was to
employer who shall file with the        they will accept the compensation          saw three cords of wood an hour
State Commissioner of Labor a           provided for by this law which is          apiece.      Paul he thought he
declaration in writing accepting        secured to them by its terms, or           oughto fix up a saw big enough
the provisions of this compensa-        abandon this right and resort to           so as a couple a times a week
tion law and satisfies the Com-         t h e i r Common Law remedy                sawing would be enough, and he
 missioner that he or it is finacial-    which may or may not be suc-              did. He fixed her up, but she
 ly able to pay the compensation         cessful.                                  weren't fitted just right, so one
 provided for by the act, or files a       The next chapter will describe          rainy day Paul began a-fittin' her
 suitable bond covering such lia-        the manner in which the Brown             up. It come along toward dinner
 bility.                                 Company performs its duties un-           time and Mrs. Paul rings the din-
    The Brown Company, imme-             der the provisions of this Com-           ner bell and blows the horn, but
 diately after this law went into        pensation Law, the method of              Paul he didn't come. Then she
 effect, accepted the provision of       computing compensation, a n d             rings the bell again and she
 the law and satisfied the Com-          various other phases of the law           blows the horn, but there weren't
 missioner of Labor that it was          relating to settlements between           no sign of Paul, and finally she
 financially responsible to satisfy      employer and employee.                    sends the little gal down to fetch
 all just claims for compensation,       (To be continued in the October issue.)   her paw. By an' by Paul he
 and has since been settling its                                                   comes in a-carryin' the little gal
 accident matters under this Com-                  SHOWERS!                        and his face was all dusty and
 pensation Laiv.                          The Misses Hughes and Sheri-             streakedit, and he was breathing
     Therefore, Section two (2) of      dan were tendered a unique sur-            heavy, and she says, 'Paul, what
  the act does not apply to the         prise one evening recently when            ails you, Paul ? What you got ?'
  Brown Company, because it ac-         their many friends greeted them            And Paul he sets the little gal
  cepted in writing and agreed to       with a "shower," merely to re-             down and he wipes his face and
  be bound by the compensation of       mind them that their marriage is           he chokedit. 'Maw,' he says, 'ef
 feature of the law.                    in the not far distant future.             it hadn't a-ben for the little
     An injured employee may elect        That these young ladies are               gal—' and then he all chokedit
  whether he will accept the com-       popular indeed was shown by the             again. And she says, 'Paul, you
  pensation provided for by this                                                    big lummux, you tell me what
                                        veritable avalanche of useful
  law or he may waive his right to                                                  ails you!' 'Maw,' he says, 'I
                                        presents they received from the
  such compensation and claim                                                       never heern the dinner-bell and I
                                        hands of their friends.
  damages under the law as it ex-         A more jovial party could hard-           never heern the horn blow, and
  isted before this compensation                                                    ef it hadn't a-ben for the little gal
                                        ly be imagined. Dancing, singing
  law was passed.                                                                   I dunno what would a-happened.
                                        and story telling, at which these
     If the injured employee elects     young people cannot be excelled,            I was a fittin' of the saw, and she
  to accept the compensation this       proved but a round of merriment.            was a-goin' that sweet and easy,
  law gives him, he thereby waives                                                  and when the little gal come the
                                        The "goodies" were of many
  his right to any other remedy to      kinds and plenty for all, with              saw she was a-cuttin' twenty-
  recover damages for his injury.       some in reserve.                            seven cord of wood an hour, and I
     If, on the other hand, he elects      Surely if this evening, full of
                                        joy and good wishes as it was, is           was a-watchin' her, and I was all
  to proceed against the company        an omen of their future, we pre-
  under the Common Law, that is,                                                    up to my neck in sawdust.'"
                                        dict for these two young ladies             From the collection of P. S. Love-
  under the law as it existed before    nothing but happiness everlast-
  the passage of this Compensation      ing.                                        joy.
                                                                                      Fibre Cores
                                                                                      of any length—made
                                                                                      up quicklyin the mill
             The reamed and pointed core—finished in 50 inch Itngthi
                                                                                      of the paper maker
       "Have been using cores made by you for the last two years or more and find them very satisfactory." "The best
       thing \ve have ever seen along this line.'' The two preceding statements are excerpts from letters received from users
       of 'Bermico Cores. There are many testimonials of this character on file in our office.

            the man at the right gluei the iengtAs together, -which are cut with the. ruling aia In any length desired—vvith absolutely no ivaite

       Jr OR mills that cannot anticipate their core re-
       quirements, we furnish 50 inch fibre cores with
       reamed and pointed ends, ready to fit together and saw
       into any length desired.
       Metal ends are also furnished with
       the two simple machines needed
       to attach them.

                      "Fibre Com 'Department
                               roundea 1 8 5 1
                     v>0UPLAND                  SMAIX(E
              .-^fi/.V .'r.catcd at V>rr/:/>, .'A(Vro Hampshire
                                                                                                             Ciarnfirg >.-n tlif KX.I/ a:,'.,


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