PowerGres HA Database System by PhilCantillon


									PowerGres HA Database System
PowerGres HA is SRA’s high-availability database              Active-Standby Configuration
solution based on most advanced open-source database
                                                             The figure below displays the basic system
PostgreSQL. PowerGres HA enables the enterprise to
                                                             configuration of PowerGres HA. When a failure occurs
build database servers across multiple systems that are
                                                             in the system, clustering software switches PowerGres
highly available and highly scalable. In PowerGres HA
                                                             service running on the active server to the standby
environment, the PostgreSQL database runs on two or
                                                             server (fail-over).
more systems in a cluster environment, while
concurrently accessing a single shared database. This
extends high availability and scalability benefits for all
your applications.

 Technical Specifications

  •    ANSI_SQL99-Standard compliant
  •    Fully ACID compliant, serializable transactions
  •    Interfaces for Tcl, Perl, C, C++, PHP, ODBC,
       JDBC, Embedded SQL in C, Python, and Ruby              Benefits
  •    GUI administrator tools
                                                               • Most cost-effective high availability database
  •    Views, sequences, inheritance, outer joins,               solution
       subselects, referential integrity
                                                               • Reduces downtime for mission critical applications
  •    UNION, INTERSECT and EXCEPT queries
                                                               • Significant performance benefits on 8-way, 16-
  •    Rules, Triggers                                           way, dual-core, and multi-core CPU servers
  •    User-defined functions, stored procedures               • Effectively scale-out database environment to any
  •    Procedural languages PL/pgSQL, PL/Perl,                   desired capacity
       PL/Python, PL/TCL, and others                           • High reliability and stability
  •    Extensible data-type system                             • Ease of use and administration
  •    Functional and partial serializable indexes
  •    Unicode and locale support                             Environment
  •    Loadable extensions offering full-text search,        PowerGres HA on Windows:
       GIS, XML and other functionality
                                                               • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 Server
  •    Support for SSL and Kerberos authentication
                                                               • CPU: 2 Intel Pentium or compatible CPU
  •    Cross-database compatibility functions                    (300MHz or better)
                                                               • Memory: 128MB (256MB is recommended)
 PowerGres Product Suite                                       • Hard Disk: 100MB
PowerGres Products include:
                                                             PowerGres HA on Linux:
  • PowerGres on Windows
                                                               • OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES 2.1/3.0
  • PowerGres on Linux
                                                               • CPU: 2 Intel Pentium or compatible CPU(300MHz
  • PowerGres Plus (with high-performing and reliable            or better)
    database engine)
                                                               • Memory: 128MB (256MB is recommended)
 PowerGres HA Solution                                         • Hard Disk: 100MB

PowerGres HA solution includes:                              PowerGres Plus HA on Linux:
  •    PowerGres with PostgreSQL database                      • OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES 2.1/3.0
  •    Clustering Software: NEC ExpressCluster &               • CPU: 2 Intel Pentium or compatible CPU(300MHz
       Database Agent (for Windows) or SteelEye                  or better)
       LifeKeeper (for Linux)                                  • Memory: 128MB (256MB is recommended)
  •    PowerGres Recovery Kit                                  • Hard Disk: 200MB
  •    PowerGres yearly support
  •    Clustering software yearly support

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