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					                     AUXILIARY SERVICES DIVISION
                               AUXILIARY SERVICES

Auxiliary Services operating units provide a wide range of services to the University
community in the following functions:

       Food Services
       University Bookstore
       University Printing
       Campus Transit System
       Vending Services
       University Golf Course
       Parking Services
       UGA Card Support Services/Bulldog Bucks
       Administrative Services Warehouse
       Parkview Warehouse
       Administrative Services Annex

Food Services and UGA Card Support Services/Bulldog Bucks report to the Executive
Director of Food Services, while all the other operating units report to the Director of
Auxiliary and Administrative Services. These self-supporting enterprises generated gross
revenue of $59,305,302 in Fiscal Year 2010. This amount represents an increase of more
than $2,700,000 or approximately 5% from the previous year. In addition, these operating
units contributed over $4,084,000 in depreciation reserves to be used to fund equipment
replacement, capital renovations and facility acquisition for the improvement and
expansion of service performance to customers.

Summary of Major Accomplishments

In the past year, improvements abounded and new services continued to be expanded to
allow for additional offerings to the University community. The University Bookstore
partnered with the Office of the Registrar and EITS to incorporate textbook pricing into
the online course schedule and allow students to make a more financially-informed
decision about their courseload. This partnership ensured complete compliance with
provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity and Affordability Act, which took effect
on July 1, 2010. Campus Transit began reporting ridership data via the National Transit
Database to comply with requirements to receive federal funding. All of the services
provided by auxiliary service units were highlighted through their joint efforts to support
the UGA Golf Course as it played host to the inaugural Stadion Athens Classic at UGA in
April 2010. Parking Services completed a comprehensive inspection and safety review of
all of the parking decks on campus and began work on a 15-year maintenance plan.
Major construction and improvement also occurred, including the completion and
opening of the Performing Arts Center Parking Deck and the Intramural Parking Deck,
renovating the entryway at the Golf Course, and continuing the replacement of buses in
the Campus Transit fleet with new buses.

The division had several success stories which were recognized across the state and, in
some cases, across the nation. A Parking Services employee, Leanne Fouche, received
the gold medal in customer service for an individual from Georgia Governor Sonny
Perdue, and Parking Services was recognized by University Business – Solutions for
Higher Education Management for best business practices. Printing Services was
awarded first place for educational publications by the National Extension Association of
Family and Consumer Sciences for designing and printing the magazine, New Parents
Guide. Additionally, Printing Services was highlighted by the Governor’s Office of
Customer Service during December for excellent customer service.

Overall financial operations are summarized on the following pages, along with
individual reports for each operating unit.

                                     THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA
                                    AUXILIARY SERVICES - GROUP A
                                REPORT OF REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES
                                 FOR THE PERIOD ENDED JUNE 30, 2010

  Food Services                                                         $ 34,364,098
  Parking Services                                                        10,750,284
  Campus Transit System                                                    7,398,231
  University Golf Course                                                   2,057,786
  University Printing                                                      1,607,812
  University Bookstore                                                     1,224,484
  Vending Services                                                           585,433
  UGA Card Services/Bulldog Bucks                                            434,208
  Administrative Services Warehouse                                          306,432
  Administrative Services Annex                                              218,545
  Parkview Warehouse                                                          32,891
  Interest                                                                   325,098        $     59,305,302

  Food Services (2)
   Operating Expense                                $ 28,513,617
   Depreciation                                          582,887
   Debt Service                                        1,213,940        $ 30,310,444
  Parking Services (3)
   Operating Expense                                $   4,289,873
   Depreciation                                         2,108,314
   Debt Service                                         5,662,215       $ 12,060,402
  Campus Transit System
   Operating Expense                                $   6,381,136
   Depreciation                                         1,244,047       $   7,625,183
  University Golf Course
   Operating Expense                                $   2,938,889
   Depreciation                                           282,183       $   3,221,072
  University Printing
   Operating Expense                                $   1,782,878
   Depreciation                                           157,483       $   1,940,361
  University Bookstore
   Operating Expense                                $      62,728
   Depreciation                                            90,110       $     152,838
  Vending Services
   Operating Expense                                $     146,914
   Depreciation                                             3,589       $     150,503
  UGA Card Services/Bulldog Bucks
   Operating Expense                                $     718,534
   Depreciation                                             9,274       $     727,808
  Administrative Serv. Warehouse
   Operating Expense                                $      30,242
    Depreciation                                          102,534       $     132,776
  Administrative Services Annex
   Operating Expense                                $       9,006
   Depreciation                                            54,467       $      63,473
  Parkview Warehouse
   Operating Expense                                $       1,592
    Depreciation                                              -         $        1,592
  Auxiliary Administration
   Operating Expense                                $     479,609
   Depreciation                                             4,102       $     483,711       $     56,870,163

Excess Revenue Over Expenditures - before FY2010 Auxiliary Overhead Deferral                $      2,435,139 (1)

  FY2010 Auxiliary Group 'A' Overhead Assessment Deferral                                   $      2,565,576

Excess Revenue Over Expenditures - after FY2010 Auxiliary Overhead Deferral                 $      5,000,715

(1) Allocated for new construction, renovations, equipment acquisition and inventory expansion.
(2) Food Services includes a full year of operation for the following operations:
   Larry's Subs, Hotei's, and Barberitos.
(3) Parking Services includes a full year of operation for the following new parking deck facilities:
   Performing Arts Center Deck and Intramural Parking Deck.
                                  AUXILIARY SERVICES
                                 ORGANIZATION CHART

                         Auxiliary and Administrative Services
                                     Douglas Ross

                                                                                  Administrative Associate II
                                                                                        Sherry Bone

                                          Auxiliary Services
                                          Assistant Director
                                            Brett Jackson

       Campus Transit
       Ronald Hamlin                                             Administrative Services Warehouse
                                                                  Administrative Services Annex
                                                                       Parkview Warehouse
    University Bookstore
       James Dwyer
                                                                         Senior Accountant
                                                                           Amy Thomas
   University Golf Course
       David Cousart
                                                                             Joy King
      Parking Services
       Donald Walter
                                                                  Systems Administrator Associate
                                                                          David Helwig
University Printing Department
         Max Harrell

  Vending and Solicitation
        Mike Ward


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