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“Why we love Scania”

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                                                                 SOUTHERN AFRICA

 “Why we
 love Scania”
  Customers speak out

  Phones and wheels
  don’t mix

  Scania’s best techs

                     Scania Approved                               Secure Cargo
                     TAKE THE RISK                                 PHYSICS OF
                     OUT OF USED                                   LOADING A TRUCK
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July / August 2009

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Scania Revolutions No 4

   4 Why customers love Scania
       We speak to some customers, both old and new, to
       discover why they use and love Scanias

 10 Taking the risk out of used
       Scania Approved used vehicles are in magnificent condition,
       with considerable capacity for an extended working life
                                                                     18        24
 12 Scania at ESM Conference
       Scania co-sponsored and participated in the 2009 Fire &
       Emergency Services Conference and Exhibition

 14 Dividends from Diversity
       The transport business would benefit from employing
       more women and people of diverse backgrounds

 18 Top Team announced
       Scania’s Top Team competition seeks out the best
       technicians amongst dealers on the subcontinent

 20 Physics of loading a truck
       Securing cargo onto a truck is a question of
       common sense and basic physics

 22 Five minutes with Leif Östling
       Scania’s President and CEO says there is every reason to
       expect strong global demand for transport services

 23 Export News
       New luxury buses head for Mozambique, and Namibian
       hauliers Snyman Transport take delivery of their 50th truck

 24 Local News
       Scania attends the RFA Conference and the Gaborone
       Motor Show
 SCANIA   REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                       

   26 SCANIA supports road safety
             Scania Southern Africa co-sponsored a pilot study about                                                                   “…we reached a
             the hazards of using cell phones while driving.                                                                           market share of 5.6%,
                                                                                                                                       which has grown to
   30 Two days of driving                                                                                                              9.7% for the first four
             Hannes van der Merwe from Scania’s Cape Town dealer
             shares two days in the life of a Scania driver.                                                                           months of 2009…”
                                                                                                                                       Christoffer Ljungner, Managing Director

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covEr Story: POWErFuL, DurAbLE, rELIAbLE, FrugAL

Text and photos: Astrid de la Rey and Chris Reilly

Why customers
love Scania

  Road haulage is a highly
  specialised, capital intensive
  business that contributes greatly
  to our nation’s domestic product.
  It’s also highly competitive, not
  only for hauliers, but also for truck
  manufacturers. Scania Revolutions
  spoke to some of its customers,
  both old and new, to discover why
  they use and love Scanias.                                                   Scania’s mighty R580 prepares to haul a 40 ton Gautrain coach to its depot.

                                                             ince its reintroduction to the South      its customers. This includes finance and
                                                             African market 13-odd years ago, the      insurance packages, fleet management
                                                             Scania brand has made significant         products and services, driver training and
                                                             inroads into the hearts, minds and        technician training programmes, and a 24-hour
                                                     truck yards of southern African haulage           service call centre with mobile service technicians.
                                                     operators. In that time, Scania has expanded         Has this enhanced customer awareness of the
                                                     its product range and dealer network,             Scania brand? Without a doubt, according to
                                                     upgraded its service and parts facilities,        the responses we received from a cross section
                                                     and introduced a host of new services to          of customers polled recently.

 SCANIA        REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                           
                                                                                                       The four rear axles of the Faymonville trailer also steer!

   Brighton-raised Trevor Rawlings is a director       including one purpose-built R580 CA 8x4 EH2
at Car Towing Services East, based in Vulcania,        with two front steering axles built by Scania’s
Johannesburg, specialising in the recovery             special vehicle division Laxa in Holland, and
and towing of heavy commercial vehicles. The           one each of the R480, R420 and R380 models.
company was formed in 1988, three years after          The company also owns 35 assorted heavy duty
Rawlings came to South Africa from the UK for          low bed trailers, including a couple of Belgian-
a short term workshop manager contract.                made Faymonville units equipped with steerable
   At the time, CTS East had just acquired its         rear axles. Low bed trailers are mainly used to
first Scania from then agents Malcolmess; a            remove accident-damaged trucks and heavy
Scania 142M 4x2 sold by Robert Mohr, who is            equipment that are un-towable.
today Scania’s Alrode Regional Sales Manager.             Rawlings’ company recently came to the
Rawlings says that old Scania is still working for     attention of Scania Revolutions when it was
an operator somewhere in Johannesburg.                 commissioned to transport six Gautrain
   “We didn’t buy Scania again for ages; the           coaches from the harbour to the project depot
bloody truck is not cheap!” says Rawlings. Then        in Centurion. The 40-ton coaches were loaded
in 2007, CTS purchased some models of both             onto a special rail assembly built by Vanguard
Swedish brands. “The Swedish trucks slot right         Rigging, fitted to a steering Faymonville trailer          Scania’s chassis
into our application,” he says. “The weight-per-       behind a Scania R580 6x4 tractor. The job went        development and
axle specifications are exactly what we need,
with 9 tons on the front and 32 tons on the rear
                                                       without a “hitch”.
                                                          One little known fact about abnormal load
                                                                                                             engineering is streets
– we can now carry loads of 150 gross tons.”           hauliers is that they must pay thousands of rands     ahead of any other
   He points to the chassis engineering of his R580.
“Scania’s chassis development and engineering is
                                                       for abnormal mass permits to local or provincial
                                                       government per load. This adds to the costs to
                                                                                                               Trevor Rawlings, CTS East
streets ahead of any other make. That’s why we can     clients, making heavy recovery and haulage a
carry the heavy loads we do,” he says.                 pricy business. But then, the equipment they
   CTS now owns and operates six Scanias in            recover is usually worth a fortune. If any truck
its 25-truck fleet; three monster V8 tractors,         can do the job, Scania can.                                                                                                             N o 4/2009 • SCANIA    REVOLUTIONS 
  covEr Story: POWErFuL, DurAbLE, rELIAbLE, FrugAL

  Text and photos: Astrid de la Rey and Chris Reilly

                                                              I have a good
                                                       relationship with
                                                       Scania and that’s
                                                       what makes the
                                                       difference for me.”
                                                        Brian Butterson, CYB Construction

                                                       Power to the
                                                       little people
                                                                 cania has noticed an interesting trend      a good working relationship. At the end of the day
                                                                 in customer feedback – the focus            that’s what counts, not a glorified spec sheet.”
Brian Butterson with one of his Scania 6x4 tractors.             shifting from product to people. This          Brian is impressed with his new Scania R470. It
                                                                 is especially noticeable in smaller         delivers consumption figures of around 2,1 litres
                                                       companies, such as CYB Construction. Owner            per kilometer, which he attributes to the turbo
                                                       Brian Butterson openly admits that his loyalty        compound which converts heat into additional
                                                       to Scania has more to do with people than             power. “I wasn’t even sure I wanted a new truck. But
                                                       pulling power.                                        the guys at Scania have so much faith in this specific
                                                          In 2002, Brian returned from South-East Asia,      product, that they managed to twist my arm,” he says.
                                                       where he worked as a construction foreman, to            Brian’s drivers say the R470 has more power
                                                       enjoy his semi-retirement. After sixth months he      than the 480, it is smoother and doesn’t require as
                                                       got hooked on the road freight industry and took      many gear changes on inclines.
                                                       a leap of faith to buy his first truck, a second-        “When you’re operating a small business,
                                                       hand 1986 Scania tractor, from Deon le Roux in        your priorities are safety and reliability, not
                                                       the Western Cape.                                     image. I bought the R470 because of its excellent
                                                          Brian started hauling containers in the            reputation for safety. The retarder is very effective
                                                       Cape Town area, but felt that the long-haul           on down-hills and reduces brake wear immensely.
                                                       business had more potential. He applied for              “One of Scania’s ex-driving instructors told
                                                       financing at Mercedes-Benz and Scania, got a          me that these vehicles perform brilliantly if
                                                       ‘yes’ from both and traded in his old Scania for      driven correctly. My second 480 dropped two
                                                       a Freightliner and brand new Scania 420. Brian        clutches within the first 80 000km. It was blamed
                                                       has since bought three Scania R480s and one           on driver error and fixed quickly, but it was still
                                                       R470. They haul a variety of cargo from fruit to      an expensive exercise. All my drivers have now
                                                       fertiliser, mainly between Johannesburg, Cape         undergone Scania driver training and it’s a very
                                                       Town, Durban and Nelspruit.                           thorough course.”
                                                          With a wry grin Brian admits that long-term           For Brian, the choice of wheels is a ‘people-
                                                       contracts seem to have become creatures of myth       based’ decision. “I buy from Scania because I
                                                       and most of his work comes through a broker.          like the people. I can’t compare their trucks to
                                                       Competition is fierce.                                all the others because I haven’t experienced
                                                          Brian doesn’t care too much about the badge.       them,” he says. “Each truck has its strengths
                                                       “A truck is a truck is a truck. My decision to stay   and weaknesses. Good working relationships,
                                                       with Scania is purely out of convenience. They’re     however, are much harder to come by, and take
                                                       two minutes down the road, so I can just walk         longer to acquire than a truck with good pulling
                                                       over if I have a problem. I’ve also known them,       power. I have a good relationship with Scania and
                                                       specifically Deon le Roux, for years, and we have     that’s what makes the difference for me.”

   SCANIA        REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                                
  covEr Story: POWErFuL, DurAbLE, rELIAbLE, FrugAL

Raising the Game
           ings Road Freight is using the                     According to White, the secret to success is                 We find that
           economic slump to raise the bar in the
           road freight industry. The only way to
                                                           good client relationships, and providing the best
                                                           products on the market. Whether they hand over
                                                                                                                    Scania’s servicing
           offer the best possible service is to have      one truck or twenty, Scania makes sure they cover        and parts availability
the right equipment – which is why they’ve just            all the bases. Driver training and evaluation is part    is superb, especially
taken delivery of ten brand new Scania R470s.              of the Scania package.
   Kings Road Freight is a family business that               “The Scania R470 is also renowned for its
                                                                                                                    in the Western cape.”
has been in operation since 1932. According to             excellent fuel consumption,” says White. “At a            Matthew King, Kings Road Freight

directors Wayne and Matthew King, the company              time when fuel comprises about 50% of fleet
is a medium-sized operation dedicated to offering          operating costs, low fuel consumption is certainly
clients above-average service.                             a deciding factor.”
   “We’re a hands-on team,” says Wayne. “And                  Kings did demo runs with numerous other vehicles
by keeping things streamlined we’re positioning            and the Scania R470 had the best pulling-power and
ourselves in a higher bracket in the road freight          proved to be the most frugal for their specific needs.
segment. This means we can be sure to offer our               “The trucks really are worth every cent,” says
clients only the best.”                                    Matthew King. “When we tested the other trucks it
   And to be the best in the industry, you need to         was clear that many had forsaken quality in order
be reliable, which is why Kings opted for Scania.          to drop their prices. The Scanias, on the other
The decision to go with Scania isn’t simply about          hand, focus on what’s important such as safety and
the truck, but rather the entire package. “Scania’s        durability. They don’t try to dazzle with unnec-
dedication to excellent service is probably what           essary extras and seem to have a good sense of
sealed the deal,” says Matthew. “We find that              what’s important to buyers.”
Scania’s servicing and parts availability is superb,          According to Kings, the Scania’s running costs
especially in the Western Cape. Our trucks are             average around 24 to 30c per kilometre, which
often back on the road within 24-hours.”                   makes a big difference in the long run.
    “Selling ten trucks is a big deal at the moment’,         “We found that the Scania’s re-sale value is far
says James White, regional sales manager for               better than other brands. If you take into con-
Scania in the Western Cape. “Clients are finding it        sideration the truck’s reliability, durability, good     One of ten new Scania R470s delivered to Kings

difficult to get decent finance rates, so it’s not often   fuel consumption and re-sale price, it really is a
that you get to make a sale of this caliber.”              fantastic deal.”

Obie Transport
A winning recipe
          wenty years ago Joos Oberholtser was             and launched an intensive marketing campaign.
          using a single truck to transport sheep          The deal on a new Scania was R100 000 less than
          from Karasburg, Namibia. Today he                on a new German truck.
          owns two companies, an impressive                   “Scania’s warranty and service was also much
fleet of Scanias, as well as a Scania service              better than the opposition at that stage,” says Joos.
station. The key to his success is determination,          “It wasn’t a difficult decision to make.”
excellent client service and ensuring that his                In 1997, Joos acquired his second Scania, a
most important assets, his fleet of Swedes,                R144. “Like any growing company, Scania had
receive the TLC they need in order to function             some teething problems but I was convinced their
at their best.                                             products were still the best on the market.”
   When Scania returned to South Africa in 1996               Joos purchased his third Scania, a new R143 in                                                                                                              N o 4/2009 • SCANIA     REVOLUTIONS 
covEr Story: POWErFuL, DurAbLE, rELIAbLE, FrugAL

                                                                         Scanias are the best looking        Obviously we’ve had problems over the years, but
                                                                                   trucks on the road        the Scanias rarely have problems with engines,
                                                                                                             gearboxes or differentials. I’m not saying they
                                                                                                             don’t break, but if you take care of them you can
                                                                                                             avoid really expensive breakdowns.”
                                                                                                                Scania’s turnaround time is also very short, so
                                                                                                             the vehicles are back on the road in record time.
                                                                                                             Joos believes this has a lot to do with their excel-
                                                                                                             lent training program for technicians.
                                                                                                                Twenty years down the line, Joos now owns 22
                                                                                                             Scanias and 24 trailers, and transports everything
                                                                                                             from sheep and carcasses to clothing and ice-
                                                                                                             cream. He moves around 10 loads per week, and
                                                                                                             up to 28 in peak season. “More than anything, we
                                                                                                             understand the value of punctuality”, says Joos.
                                                                                                                In 2007 he started a second company, AJR
                                                                                                             Transport, based in Upington. Considering Joos’s
                                                                                                             affinity for Scanias, it’s no surprise that the new
                                                                                                             company obtained the Scania Service Agency
        Scanias are                                                                                          in Upington. With twenty years experience, he

 without a doubt the                                                                                         undoubtedly has a keen understanding of what it
                                                                                                             takes to keep Scania owners happy.
 best looking trucks                              2000, along with five Reefer trailers. By 2004 Obie           “Look, Scania isn’t completely problem-free,”
 on the road; those                               Transport was a solid and respectable road freight
                                                  company, transporting carcasses across Namibia
                                                                                                             says Joos. “I’ll even admit that the trucks are a bit
                                                                                                             expensive. But even so, the good still outweighs
 who don’t own a                                  and South Africa.                                          the bad. They are the most comfortable trucks on
 Scania always dream                                 “Scania’s advanced technology and excellent             the road, and their excellent fuel consumption and

 of the day they do.”                             service are the main reasons I’ve remained loyal over
                                                  the years,” says Joos, “The trucks are reliable and sol-
                                                                                                             vehicle lifespan are far superior to any competitor.”
                                                                                                                And the clincher? “Well,” says Joos, “Scanias
   Joos Oberholtser, Obie Transport               id, which is vital to any serious transport business.”     are without doubt the best looking trucks on the
                                                     “These vehicles are expensive,” says Joos. “So          road; those who don’t own a Scania always dream
                                                  we make a point of looking after them properly.            of the day they do.”

Brothers on
           rothers Sybrand and Barto van Wyk
           started their transport company
           hauling granite through Namibia.
           Twelve years later van Wyk’s is
a strong company with a reputation for
reliability and safety. All this comes from a
combination of overtime, careful planning,
more overtime, and a big sense of humour.
   Chatting to them about trucks is a bit
like discussing rugby or politics. They’re
opinionated, and with good reason.
   In ten years they’ve operated over thirty
trucks of different brands. Today their ten
vehicle fleet is all Scania, with a few more on

 SCANIA    REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                                      
  covEr Story: POWErFuL, DurAbLE, rELIAbLE, FrugAL

the way. They’ve driven plenty of long-hauls
themselves, and still do. The brothers are no
pencil pushers. They know their trucks first-hand.
   Each brother is responsible for his own vehicles
and their combined experiences bring some
interesting viewpoints.
   It all started with an old Scania 111 hauling 45-
ton granite blocks from the granite quarries in
Namibia. But the 111 couldn’t last forever and the
brothers gradually added several German trucks
to their fleet. The distances were short, about a
90km round-trip, but the roads were in bad shape.
   In 2000 they bought their first batch of new
Scanias – three 460s that were used to transport
everything from granite to beer, mainly around
southern Africa. They’ve travelled to Botswana,
Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe and loaded
everything from salt and wine to transformers.
   “Like everyone else, we’ve learned through trial
and error.” says Sybrand. “We’ve tried different
tactics and different trucks, but right now Scania
seems to be the best option for our business.”          excellent fuel consumption is the main reason
   And this is where their good-natured                 they’ve remained loyal to the brand over the years.
disagreement starts. Barto says Scania simply              “Our older 480s and 420 are really good                    right now
isn’t as solid as Mercedes-Benz. “Their service         vehicles,” says Barto. “They have really served         Scania seems to be
is better, the cabs are larger and it’s just a better
truck. If they just sort out the fuel consumption,
                                                        us well. My only criticism is that they leak more
                                                        oil than the others.” At this point Sybrand scoffs
                                                                                                                the best option for
I’d buy one tomorrow.”                                  at Barto’s dogged loyalty to the German brands,         our business.”
   Sybrand just shakes his head. “Scania is the         pointing out that he bought a Scania anyway, and         Sybrand van Wyk, Van Wyk’s Transport
better product all-round. I’ve never had any            the argument starts all over again.
serious problems and their service has improved            “We’re very hands-on,” says Barto. “When
immensely,” he says.                                    we get a new client we both work out the safest
   Both brothers agree, however, that Scania’s          and most efficient way to get the cargo to its
                                                        destination. Being sloppy costs money, so we take
                                                        a lot of care with how the trucks are loaded.”
            Dirt and Dust – The Van Wyk Scanias
            work in the most difficult conditions.         Sybrand likes the fact that Scania has a similar
                                                        approach to service. “Their 24-hour service is
                                                        brilliant; they have a presence right across the
                                                        country and the fact that they’ve grown so quickly
                                                        bears testimony to the quality of their trucks.”
                                                           Today the Van Wyk’s fleet consist of three
                                                        previous generation R480s and a R420, two new
                                                        R420s, three R500s and a brand-new R470. Both
                                                        agree that the R470 is by far the best truck. “The
                                                        470’s gearbox is brilliant,” says Sybrand, “It revs
                                                        much lower and is smoother to drive. I wish
                                                        Scania would put the same drivetrain in the 500!”
                                                           Despite differing opinions, the Van Wyks
                                                        are honest and straightforward; they’ve made
                                                        it clear they won’t beat around the bush when
                                                        asked for a fair opinion. Even Barto has to
                                                        concede that Scania is the best option due to its
                                                        fuel consumption.
                                                           “Overall, Scania offers a really good package,”
                                                        he says. “In a way, they’re a bit like us. Not always
                                                        the cheapest, but if you’re looking for the best
                                                        then we’re worth every cent.”                                                                                                           N o 4/2009 • SCANIA     REVOLUTIONS 

Text and photos: Chris Reilly

    Approved Scanias
    make cents
The Scania Approved vehicle
display at Scania Aeroton.                           cania’s trucks are renowned for their   life of the truck to many hundreds of
                                                     excellent durability, power output,     thousands, if not a million kilometres or more.
                                                     reliability and fuel economy. And all   This makes a well maintained Scania a viable,
                                                     sensible Scania owners send their       valuable proposition when a customer wants
                                            trucks to Scania dealers for in-warranty         to trade in and upgrade to a new Scania.
                                            servicing and maintenance, using Scania’s           These used vehicles are thus in magnificent
                                            highly trained technicians and genuine Scania    condition, with a full service history and con-
                                            parts, of course. This extends the serviceable   siderable capacity for an extended working life,

10 SCANIA        REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                             
  Approved vehicles
  have been
  maintained by
  Scania technicians
  using genuine parts,
  so we know these
  vehicles like family.”
    Leon du Plessis, Scania National Sales Manager,
    Used Vehicles
                                                                                                                                       Leon du Plessis, Yvonne
                                                              vehicles. Fortunately, we have a supply of good quality
                                                                                                                                     Peter, Ronald Melville and
                                                              stock in excellent condition to supply that demand, and               Ronnie Marks of Scania East
                                                              have therefore launched Scania Approved truck parks                    Rand show off their Scania
                                                                                                                                        Approved vehicle park.
                                                              with dedicated sales teams at all our dealers in order to
                                                              satisfy customer demand for these vehicles.
                                                                  “The Scania Approved vehicles we can offer customers
                                                              all have full service histories. They have been maintained
                                                              by Scania-trained technicians at Scania dealers using
                                                              Scania genuine parts, so we know these vehicles like fam-
                                                              ily,” says du Plessis.
                                                                  In order to qualify as Scania Approved trucks, all suit-
                                                              able used Scanias, all of them trade-ins from established
                                                              customers, first go through a comprehensive 100-point
                                                              maintenance examination to check if any components
                                                              need attention. Any maintenance and refurbishment
                                                              required is carried out in a dedicated service bay at the
                                                              Scania East Rand dealer, to make sure the truck meets
                                                              the stringent standards required to be offered as an
                                                              “Approved” Scania.
                                                                  What’s the advantage of buying an Approved Scania?
                                                              It’s offered with an extended 6-month /100 000km war-
                                                              ranty, with optional maintenance, finance and insurance
                                                              packages available through Scania Finance. In the unlikely
                                                              event that a truck requires attention during its warranty
                                                              period, Scania offers a loan replacement vehicle to cus-
                                                              tomers while theirs is in the workshop. The biggest benefit
                                                              to buyers is that they acquire a tough, powerful, tried and
                                                              tested fuel-efficient Scania workhorse priced up to 30%
                                                              less than a new one.
                                                                  Even in the current downturn affecting the country’s
                                                              economy, it’s business as usual for most hauliers. Trade
                                                              and industry grinds on, albeit at a slightly slower pace.
making them ideal candidates for Scania’s ‘Approved’ fleet    Scania Approved trucks are affordable, making it possible
of used trucks.                                               for all enterprises, large or small, to keep their wheels of
   “Scania Southern Africa is the first distributor outside   commerce turning.
of Europe to launch the Scania Approved vehicle division          Scania Approved takes the risk out of used trucks; that’s
to customers in the African subcontinent,” says Leon du       why Scania Approved makes cents!
Plessis, Scania Southern Africa’s National Sales Manager          To find a Scania Approved dealer near you, call
for Used Vehicles. “We have identified a growing mar-         Leon du Plessis at +27 (0)11 822 3854 or e-mail:
ket across the entire region for well maintained, used 6x4                                                                                                           N o 4/2009 • SCANIA   REVOLUTIONS 11

Text and photos: Chris Reilly

   Scania co-sponsors
   EMS conference and exhibition

A Scania hydraulic platform from the
Ekurhuleni Municipality form the                      he 2009 Fire and Emergency Services          The conference was attended by guest
centrepiece of the EMS conference venue.
                                                      Conference and Exhibition took            of honour Dr. Gule, Executive Director of
                                                      place at the Johannesburg Expo            Emergency Management Services for the
                                                      Centre mid May this year. The event       City of Johannesburg. Councillor Ntombi
                                            also comprised a training and evaluation            Mekgwe, Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni,
                                            exercise, and coincided with the 50th               opened the conference.
                                            anniversary of the South African Emergency             The new President of SAESI, Mr. Lenny
                                            Services Institute (SAESI) , formerly known         Naidoo, was announced along with the
                                            as the South African Fire Services Institute.       Executive Director of Community Safety at
                                            The organisation has been involved with             Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, and new
                                            fire fighting training since its establishment      Vice President of SAESI, Mr. Moshema Mosia.
                                            in 1959.                                               Several important topics were discussed
                                               The conference and exhibition brought            during the three day conference, including
                                            together many companies and professional EMS        an overview of the Gautrain project and
                                            practitioners together for a common platform to     its safety and emergency systems and
                                            create awareness of issues affecting the country,   programmes. Colonel Ben Stein of the
                                            and to share their practical experience and         SANDF discussed techniques in dealing with
                                            knowledge. This was particularly relevant to the    biological warfare risks.
                                            many international sporting events taking place        Lazarus Makola of Johannesburg City
                                            in the country over the next year, in particular    discussed the city’s state of preparedness
                                            the 2009 FIFA Soccer World Cup.                     for the 2010 World Cup, and Colonel Theo

1 SCANIA        REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                              
                 The exhibition included a training
                          and evaluation exercise.
                                                        Ligthelm introduced a programme of major
                                                        incident medical management training in
                                                        preparation for the event. Safety at sporting
                                                        and recreational events was also covered.
                                                        The final day of the conference saw delegates
                                                        enjoying a tour of the Soccer City stadium
                                                        adjacent to the conference venue.
                                                           Later, Scania Southern Africa hosted an
                                                        evening gala dinner and cabaret show for
                                                        SAESI delegates and VIPs at The Dome in
                                                           Scania Southern Africa National Sales        A Scania major pump on display at the exhibition.
                                                        Director Alec Mack welcomed all the guests
                                                        and VIPs to the function, stating that the
                                                        company was pleased to have been a part
                                                        of the conference and exhibition. He was
                                                        particularly proud of the fact that the
                                                        Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality had
                                                        chosen Scania products as part of its fire
                                                        engine replacement programme last year.
                                                           The Executive Director of Community
                                                        Safety for Ekurhuleni, and new Vice President
                                                        of SAESI, Mr. Moshema Mosia, thanked
                                                        members of the institute for their dedication
                                                        and efforts to make the conference a success.   Scania hosted the gala dinner and cabaret show.

   Ekurhuleni gets R23-million fire fighting fleet

              ast December, the Ekurhuleni                                                                    One of the Scania hydraulic platforms
              Metropolitan Municipality unveiled                                                          demonstrating its abilities at the handover.
              a new fire-fighting fleet worth R23
              million for Emergency Services in the
   city. Of the 13 new vehicles, six were Scanias.
   Two were hydraulic platforms and four were
   outfitted as Scania major pumps. The rest of
   the fleet consisted of Mercedes medium pump
   and rescue vehicles and two Toyota Land
   Cruiser Grass Units.
       The new vehicles were added to the existing
   fleet of Ekurhuleni Emergency Services as part
   of a fleet replacement programme aimed at
   scrapping old equipment and replacing it with
   new and more advanced machinery.
      The new vehicles will be distributed to
   Alberton, Springs, Wadeville, Boksburg, Thokoza,
   Benoni Central, Daveyton, Katlehong, Palm
   Ridge, Vosloorus and Selection Park fire stations.
      In addition, 59 new recruits were added to the
   Ekurhuleni Emergency Services team. The group
   underwent a year-long training programme in
   fire-fighting, medical and rescue courses, paid
   for by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.                                                                                                      N o 4/2009 • SCANIA   REVOLUTIONS 13
Text: Cari Simmons
Illustration: Andrea Sjöström

                                           The transport business would benefit from employing
                                              more women and people of diverse backgrounds as
                                            drivers, experts say. Studies show that diversity pays
                                                       off in lower job turnover and absenteeism.

                REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                        
                 A diverse workforce reflects the customer and
                 supplier base, helping to attract more business.”
                 Tom Widger, senior researcher, Focus Consultancy

                           n inCreasing nuMber of European                is an essential part of a commitment to hiring on merit,”
                            companies are working towards having a        says Focus Consultancy senior researcher Tom Widger. “But
                            more diverse workplace, not only for moral,   more than this, a diverse workforce is also a workforce that
                            ethical and legal reasons, but also for the   reflects the composition of the customer and supplier base.
                 economic benefits that diversity delivers.               It helps to attract more business and to enable successful
                   Diversity opens doors to a wider labour pool of        expansion into new markets.”
                 qualified workers. It also has a beneficial impact on
                 improving managerial style, corporate image and          Yet another benefit of having a diverse workforce is
                 reputation, and it leads to greater innovation and       employee retention, as statistics from one of the study’s
                 enhanced marketing opportunities, according to a         participants showed. TNT Austria calculates that as a result
                 European Commission study by Focus Consultancy Ltd.      of effective management of diversity and inclusion, it has
                   “A commitment to diversity and non-discrimination      seen a reduction of yearly staff turnover from 25 percent                                                                                  N o 4/2009 • SCANIA    REVOLUTIONS 1

in 2000 to 10 percent in 2003, and a similar reduction
                                                                                       into the workplace,” she says. “As more and more women
in absenteeism.
                                                                                       and people of varying backgrounds enter the workforce, the
   Diversity reflects the changing face of today’s workforce,
                                                                                       workforce must change in order to meet their needs.”
says Karen Sumberg, assistant vice president at the Centre
                                                                                          This is particularly true in terms of the trucking industry,
for Work-Life Policy. “White men are no longer the
majority, when it comes to the pipeline of talent coming
                                                                Women                  she says. Truck driving has traditionally been a male-

                                                                generally              dominated profession, in part because it required brute
                                                                                       strength. But with technological developments such as
                                                                drive more             servo steering and adjustable features in cabs, there is

                                                                safely                 no logical reason why women cannot be at the wheel of a
                                                                                       heavy truck today.
   10 PROS – NO CONS                                            than men
     Thanks to effective diversity, TNT Austria has             and use                sCania’s senior ViCe PresiDent Human Resources,
                                                                                       Magnus Hahn, has experienced firsthand the benefits of
   seen a reduction of yearly staff turnover from
   25 percent in 2000 to 10 percent in 2003, and a              less fuel              having more women enter the field. “We see that quality
   similar reduction in absenteeism. Now more and
   more companies are discovering the benefits with
                                                                because                and productivity are better and that people feel better about
                                                                                       their jobs,” he says. “We also get feedback that some people
   diversity:                                                   they drive             who are out driving on the roads are afraid of truck drivers
   1. Access to new labour pool                                 gentler.”              who they perceive as tough and macho. If they meet female
                                                                                       drivers, they will see that trucking is a profession like any
   2. Benefits related to company’s reputation                  Magnus Hahn, Senior
   3. Commitment to equality and diversity as                                          other, and its people are just like the rest of society.”
                                                                Vice President Human
      company values                                                                      Women also bring some specific business benefits to the
                                                                Resources, Scania
   4. Innovation and creativity                                                        truck industry. “Women generally drive more safely than
   5. Improved motivation and efficiency                                               men and use less fuel because they drive gentler,” Hahn
   6. Legal compliance
                                                                                       says. “This results in fewer accidents, and it is less costly
   7. Competitive advantage
   8. Economic effectiveness
                                                                                       with lower fuel consumption. Competitive male drivers
   9. Marketing opportunities                                                          try to be better than the women, and this is good for truck
   10. Enhanced customer satisfaction.                                                 owners as it has a positive effect on the bottom line.
                                                                                          “Today jobs in this industry are possible because the
   (Source: The Business Case for Diversity: Good                                      technology is there making it possible for women to drive a
   Practices in the Workplace, by Focus Consultancy                                    truck,” he says. “Now we just need to change it in our heads.
   and the Conference Board of Europe, 2005 study)
                                                                                       The next generation is less likely to think that truck driving
                                                                                       is only for men.”

1 SCANIA    REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                        
                                                                     Text: Daniela Kratochvílová Photos: Jan Branc

“I LOvE mY
Czech truck driver Michaela
                                                                 name: Michaela Duchoňová
Duchoňová is a pioneer for her                                   age: 27
                                                                 family: Married (to a truck driver)
gender. Her 50 colleagues are                                    experience: almost four years as a
                                                                 truck driver
all male.

                                                                 Drives: Scania R 470 “Red beauty”
                                                                 the best thing about my job: I can’t
           or 27-Year-oLD Michaela Duchoňová
                                                                 say exactly what I enjoy most. For me it’s
             from Plzen in the Czech Republic, becoming          a love-forever situation. Without a driving
             a professional trucker was a fulfillment of a       wheel and a strong engine I would only be
             lifelong dream. She loves her job so much that a    living half my life.
             Scania even played a central role at her wedding.
   “Thanks to the owners of the companies where my
husband and I work, we could arrive in our ‘own’ truck – a
Scania R580,” she says.
   Duchoňová says she is grateful that the owners of haulier
firm DHW employed her as a driver; it was her entry into
the profession. Now she works for DV-Trans, which has
headquarters in Přeštice, south-west of Prague.
   “DV-Trans’ owners had the courage to take a step into
the unknown when they employed me, the first woman
amongst 50 men,” she says. “The company is engaged in
transit of loose materials, so I drive a tipping truck.”

What reactions do you meet from male colleagues
and transport customers?
“I’ve had both positive and negative experiences. If I were
to choose a country where I’ve had the most positive
responses, then it would definitely be Italy. I’m always most
pleased when I have the chance to talk to an older trucker
who might have been driving for 20 years. He can relate
his experiences from the times when there were no mobile
phones, repairs were performed on the journey, and the job
in general was far more demanding than it is today. I look
up to men like that. I admire them.
   “These days women can be seen relatively frequently
behind the wheel, but it’s true that sometimes people
scrutinise me a little more than they would a man.
Sometimes they even ask me if they can take a photo of me
with my truck.”

What are the differences between male and                                                Positive reactions.
female drivers?                                                                        Michaela Duchoňová
                                                                                       has good experiences
“I’m not as physically strong as most men. Other than that,
                                                                                              from working
though, I wouldn’t make comparisons. For me, the greatest                                        as a driver.
satisfaction is that I had the freedom to choose the work I
always wanted to do.”


Scania Southern Africa’s Top                        fter a year-long questionnaire         were presented as a customer complaint, for
Team competition is intended                        survey amongst technicians at          example, “indicator doesn’t work”, and each
                                                    all Scania dealer workshops in         team leader had to decide the appropriate
to seek out the best technicians
                                                    southern Africa, four finalist teams   course of action to identify the actual fault. The
amongst all the Scania dealers         were selected to contest the last round on          hidden “faults” included an electrical wiring
in the subcontinent. The               Saturday March 7 at Scania Southern Africa’s        problem, an over-tightened valve fitting, and a
finalists were gathered together       Alrode dealer workshop.                             faulty road speed indicator.
for the final test.                       The four finalist Scania workshop teams – The       All teams were provided with the necessary
                                       Cheetahs from the Bloemfontein dealer; The          tools to diagnose, investigate and perform the
                                       Mighty Wizards from the Alrode dealer’s own         repair, including diagnostic laptop computers
                                       workshop; The Hub Masters 2 from Botswana           which were available at each station. The teams
                                       and The Specialists from Namibia – took turns       were rotated on the four stations, and each test
                                       to solve specific technical problems on various     was timed by a stopwatch to determine the exact
                                       Scania vehicles. Three trucks were parked at dif-   duration it took each team to complete the test.
                                       ferent work stations in the workshop, hidden        The team with the shortest overall time would be
                                       from view behind heavy curtains. The fourth         the winner.
                                       station comprised a theoretical exam of 50 ques-       The technicians were smartly dressed in clean
                                       tions which each team had to answer collabora-      black trousers and Top Team golf shirts, in stark
                                       tively in a secluded boardroom.                     contrast to their usual work attire of blue over-
                                          In the three practical tests, each team was      alls. This didn’t deter some of them from ventur-
                                       given the identical scenario of a technical fault   ing under the trucks in search of the fault. Fortu-
                                       on the vehicle, and they had to identify the        nately, the floors of the Scania Alrode workshop
                                       fault – in one case two faults – and propose or     are almost spotless.
                                       perform a repair, within 20 minutes. The faults        Each work station had observers present to
1 SCANIA   REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                  
TOP TEAmS FOR 2008/9
                                                                                                              second and Alrode’s own Mighty Wizards
                                                                                                              came first. Dave Barclay, Scania’s Dealer Devel-
                                                                                                              opment Manager based at Alrode, the host
                                                                                                              dealer, was justifiably ecstatic about the home
                                                                                                              win. “It’s because of you that Scania has such
                                                                                                              an enviable reputation for its service,” he said.
                                                                                                                 Trophies and prize money was handed to
                                                                                                              the winning team members, and the runner-
                                                                                                              up teams also received various prizes for their
                                                                                                              efforts in reaching the finals.
                                                                                                                 After a hectic and demanding competi-
                                                                                                              tion, the team members could finally relax
                                                                                                              and enjoy themselves. They, along with
                                                                                                              guests, Scania management and media
                                                                                                              members, enjoyed a sumptuous dinner after
                                                                                                              the awards presentation, followed by a daz-
                                                                                                              zling cabaret show to top off the spectacular
                                                                                                              evening. No doubt the Mighty Wizards will
                                                                                                              revel in their victory as Scania Southern
                                                                                                              Africa’s Top Team. But the next competition
                                                                                                              draws closer and the other dealer work-
                                                                                                              shops will certainly be drawing up plans to
                                                                                                              topple them.

ensure that the technicians followed the correct       their skills, and they were also very confident that
diagnostic procedures.                                 their team would emerge victorious.
   The full competition lasted from 9am to 2pm,           After the competition was concluded, the
with the teams, media, guests and supporters           teams posed for official photographs and then
enjoying a lunch break at midday. Christoffer          took the rest of the afternoon to relax before the
Ljungner, Scania Southern Africa’s Managing            gala dinner and prize giving.
Director, paid a surprise visit to the teams and was      That evening, the teams gathered with guests
impressed by the organisation of the event. Sca-       and media representatives at the Dome conference
nia’s Training Manager, Chris Crookes, also kept       centre in Randburg. Gideon de Swardt, Scania’s
a wary eye on proceedings, since all of the team       Area Manager for Promotions and Communica-
members had passed through his training centre         tions, kept everyone in suspense as the awards
at Scania Head Office in Aeroton.                      evening progressed, but eventually it was time to
   It was evident from all the smiles that every       announce the results.
team member was thoroughly enjoying this test of          The Cheetahs placed third, The Specialists were                                                                                                        N o 4/2009 • SCANIA    REVOLUTIONS 1

ThE PhySicS
OF LOAding
Securing cargo onto a truck is very much a question of common sense – the
number one rule is making sure it doesn’t fall off – understanding the basic
physics of the situation can help avoid accidents down the road.
Text: Alexander Farnsworth Illustration: Tue Beijer

Cargo that is inadequately secured on                 should be able to withstand 0.8 times the
a truck can potentially be life threatening for       weight of the cargo during heavy braking,
the driver, pedestrians as well as drivers of         and 0.5 times the weight during a turn.
other vehicles.
   The basic physical principle is that               but aCCorDing to the EU’s Cargo
when a vehicle brakes, the load will                  Securing for Road Transport European Best
strive to continue in its original direction          Practice Guidelines, which publishes tables
independently of the vehicle, unless of               relating weight to how many restraints
course it is properly lashed down.                    are needed, friction tables and so on, the
   “Securing cargo on a truck is about taking         principles of cargo securing should be
into account four very important parameters           regarded as the minimum requirements.
– the friction between the cargo and the                 “During heavy braking, the force exerted
truck bed, the cargo’s dimensions, its weight         by the cargo can be very high and nearly              When starting from
and center of gravity,” says Peter Andersson,         equal to the weight of the cargo. Greater             a standstill, the
President of Mariterm, a Swedish company              forces may be encountered if the vehicle,             cargo load acts with
that conducts cargo securing courses for              for example, is involved in an accident,”             a force that corre-
                                                      says the report.                                      sponds to half the
the trucking and maritime industries. “Cargo
                                                         Besides center of gravity, friction, and           cargo’s weight when
should never tip or slide. That is when
                                                                                                            directed towards the
accidents happen.”                                    weight, some other things to consider when
                                                                                                            rear of the vehicle.
   According to Andersson, the most                   loading a truck include the rigidity of the
dangerous instances for a truck loaded                cargo, the load distribution, and the choice
with cargo occur during hard and sudden               of an appropriate vehicle.
braking, strong acceleration, hard cornering             Another important point when securing
on roundabouts and rapidly changing lanes.            cargo on a truck is that maybe it will
Without appropriate restraints, these are the         continue its journey on a train or on a ship,
moments when the physical forces on the               both of which pose different force scenarios
cargo are the strongest and potentially most          on the cargo than road transport.
catastrophic.                                            “In our training, we urge people to think    up a pre-loaded trailer and expect it to be
   “Many say that the best advice is to drive         one step ahead and do it right from the         fine. In Sweden, the driver is ultimately
calmly, which is true. At the same time, you          beginning,” says Andersson.                     responsible whereas in Germany it is
never know when something unforeseen is                  So who is ultimately responsible?            the driver, the sender, and the trucking
going to happen,” says Andersson.                        “That is a complicated question and          company that share responsibility. But
   According to international rules, cargo            it differs from country to country,” says       ultimately the driver should always make
restraints in the forms of chains and blocks          Andersson. “Many drivers often go to pick-      sure that his rig is secured correctly.”

0 SCANIA        REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                                 
                                                                                                               When braking,
      When turning                                                                                             the force directed
      corners, the                                                                                             towards the front
      sidewise force                                                                                           may equal 80
      may reach half                                                                                           percent of the
      the weight of the                                                                                        cargo’s weight. In
      cargo. In the case of                                                                                    this case, the cargo
      unstable loads, you                                                                                      is stowed up against
      also need to account                                                                                     the headboard.
      for an additional roll

                                                                                   Friction alone cannot prevent
                                                                                   cargo from sliding. Securing
                                                                                   the cargo to the platform and
                                                                                   base blocking with chains or
                                                                                   other lashings can stop the
                                                                                   cargo from sliding sidewise.
                                                                                   Beams and profiles should be
                                                                                   stowed on wedge beds and
                                                                                   secured with loop lashings.

                                          Driver checklist for cargo securing
                                          The ten most important tips for cargo            The securing equipment must withstand
                                          securing according to the EU’s Cargo             the conditions of the journey like bad road
                                          Securing for Road Transport European Best        and weather conditions.
                                          Practice Guidelines:
                                                                                           Ensure that the cargo is distributed in
                                           Check that load platform, bodywork, and         such a way that the center of gravity of the
                                           load securing equipment are sound and           total cargo lies as close as possible to the
                                           serviceable.                                    longitudinal axis of the truck and is kept as
                                                                                           low as possible.
                                           Secure cargo so that it cannot move, roll
                                           over, wander because of vibrations, fall off    Check the cargo securing regularly,
                                           the vehicle or tip.                             especially after heavy braking.

                                           Determine the securing method(s) best           Use friction mats, boards, straps and
                                           adapted to the cargo (locking, blocking,        beams to support the cargo.
                                           lashing, top-over lashing, or a combination
                                                                                           Ensure that the securing equipment does
“We urge people to think                   of these).
                                                                                           not damage the cargo

 one step ahead and do it                  Check that the vehicle and blocking
                                           equipment manufacturer’s                        Drive smoothly and avoid brisk change of

 right from the beginning.”                recommendations are adhered to.                 direction and heavy braking.

 Peter Andersson, President of Mariterm                                                                                 N o 4/2009 • SCANIA      REVOLUTIONS 1
                                                                                                                                                     Text: Göran Lind
                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Dan Boman

     5 minutes with                                                   25,000
                                                                                                                        NET SALES bY PRODUCT                                 2

                                                                                                                        SEGmENT, 2008

                                                                      20,000              25,000
                                                                                                                                                  Other 4.3%
                                                                                                                        Used vehicles                                   20   1
                                                                      15,000                                                                                                 1
00                                                                                                                     Services 18.3%

                                                                                          15,000                                                                        12

                                                                                                                        Engines 1.3%                                     8

                                                                                                                                                 Trucks 62.1%
00                                                                                            5,000                        Buses and                                     4

                                                                                                                          coaches 9.1%
                                                                                                 0                                                                       0

     “Economic fluctuations are recurrent, and in
00   the long term there is every reason to expect
     strong global demand for transport services.
     But currently there is great uncertainty
00   about the economy,” says Leif Östling,
     President and CEO of Scania.

     Last year ended in a financial crisis and a global
     economic downturn. how has this rapid economic
     swing affected scania?
     “We will have to adjust to the new demand situation. The
     industry in which we operate is strongly cyclical, and we
     have had downturns like this once every decade since the
     1970s. Today’s recession is not fundamentally different from
     the earlier ones. Looking at 2008 as a whole, we had a very
     good year in terms of sales and earnings, but obviously we
     were also affected by the downturn late in the year.”

     We have had a long period of strong economic
     growth. is today’s scania adapted to coping with
     weaker demand?
     “Because fluctuations like these are recurrent, we have
     quite a lot of previous experience and we have gradually
     increased our flexibility over the years. First of all,
     purchased components account for a large share of the total
     product cost for a chassis − around 30 percent − so it will
     be a matter of adjusting our purchases to lower volumes,
     with sub-contractors taking their share of the downturn.        the
     Second, there is built-in flexibility among our employees
     in the production network, where we work with time banks        economy
     and temporary employees. While we reduce production in          always                                                    “Today Scania is a flexible company
                                                                                                                              which rapidly has adopted to a weaker
     2009, we will use this as a window of opportunity to train
     and develop our production employees. This will enable          recovers,                                                          demand,” says Leif Östling.

     us to proceed even faster with our efficiency-raising work,     and then the
     once the market rebounds. Another factor for stability is our
     extensive sales of services, this makes us less sensitive to    demand for                       become more efficient every year. Using the principles from
     economic fluctuations.”                                         transport                        SPS, we have now created a platform that will make this
                                                                                                      possible: Scania Retail System (SRS).”
     service-related products are increasingly                       services will
     important to scania. how is scania working to                   increase                         We are now in a global economic downturn. how do
                                                                                                      you view scania’s long-term future outlook?
     improve the service organisation?
     “We are now introducing the same principles used in
                                                                     again.”                          “The economy always recovers, and then the demand for
     the Scania Production System into our sales and service         Leif Östling, Scania’s           transport services will increase again. Our plans of reaching
     organisation. This is becoming important to us, since the       President and CEO                150 000 deliveries by around the middle of the next decade
     number of Scania vehicles on the roads is growing and                                            remain unchanged, and by then Scania should have the
     customers increasingly want us to take over maintenance                                          production capacity for this, within its existing structure
     and repairs of their vehicles. To handle this, we have to                                        and with unchanged production staffing.”

      SCANIA    REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                                 

  new Scania buses for mozambique

                                                     our brand new Scania buses are headed for Mozambique
                                                     as part of an export order for the fleet of TCO Turismo
                                                     based in Beira, a division of the Transporte Carlos Oliveira
                                                     transport company. The luxurious double decker buses
                                             feature bodies made by MarcoPolo, specifically the Paradiso
                                             1800DD models, mounted on a Scania 420hp three-axle, eight-
                                             wheeler 6x2 chassis for ultimate travelling comfort. The buses were
                                             snapped at the East Rand dealer shortly before their departure.

namibian haulier picks
                                                                                                             DEAL SEALED … Sakkie Snyman of Snyman
                                                                                                             Transport signs the deal on his new Scanias
                                                                                                                with Ricardo van Wyk of Scania Finance.

          nyman Transport recently added a fiftieth truck to its fleet, one of
          three Scania 420s from Scania Truck Namibia. According to Sakkie
          Snyman it’s the culmination of an excellent relationship.
            “We do all kinds of transport from abnormal loads to general
transportation and we work a lot in Africa. In particular we go into Angola
almost exclusively,” says Snyman.
   Since starting the business eight years ago, Snyman Transport has grown to
                                                                                                           KEYS PLEASE … Riaan Henop presents Sakkie
the stage where it now employs 70 people. The company operates fifty trucks                                  Snyman with the keys to his new Scanias as
all bought from Scania, including the 380, 420 and 480 models. “I buy Scania                                                Francois Bruwer stands by.
because they personally give us very good service throughout the country.
They really go out of their way to help us.”
   “All of Snyman’s Scanias have been purchased through Scania Finance,”
says Ricardo van Wyk, Scania Finance’s Namibian representative. This
includes the latest three, a trio of brand new 420s assembled at the Scania
plant in Aeroton, Johannesburg.
   Snyman Transpot’s fleet is complete for now. The company does a lot of
work for the diamond mines, and that activity has declined by 75 percent, so
Snyman Transport has had to expand its client base to make up the difference.
Despite this, they still had a need for three new trucks. And they had to be
Scanias, of course.                                                                                                      N o 4/2009 • SCANIA   REVOLUTIONS 3

Scania makes a debut appearance at NAMPo
For the first time, Scania Southern Africa took part      for the Free State and Northern and Eastern              town of Kestall, with 53 trucks in their fleet, 50 of them
in the NAMPO Harvest Day agricultural Show in Bo-         Cape, manned the Scania stand at NAMPO with              Scanias, including two mighty V8 R580 models.
thaville, Free State recently. The biggest agricultural   Bloemfontein sales rep Max Kruger for company.              The trucks are used to transport every manner of
trade show in the southern hemisphere, NAMPO              Scania’s plush event trailer formed the centrepiece of   agricultural equipment – from combine harvesters,
has taken place every year since 1967, at its present     the stand, with 6x4 chassis R420, R470 and R500          tractors, planters, sprayers, graders, excavators
home at NAMPO Park in Bothaville since 1974.              tractors on display.                                     and dumpers – all over the sub-continent, including
    Some manufacturers gave equipment demon-                 The two Scania men also had the pleasure of handing   Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
strations in the fields, while some employed com-         over a brand new Scania P270 flat bed truck to PEC          Jaco Victor was satisfied with visitors’ reactions to
puter technology, electronic exhibits and simulated       Transport owners Paul and Thia de Wet. The de Wets,      his products. “Judging by the interest shown in our
displays of the capabilities of their equipment.          who used to be farmers before starting their transport   trucks, chances are that Scania will be at NAMPO
   Jaco Victor, Scania Regional Sales Manager             business in 2001, operate the company from the tiny      again next year.” He says.

 The Scania stand at NAMPO hosted many visitors.                                        PEC Transport owners Paul
                                                                                        and Thia de Wet with their
                                                                                        new Scania P270.

rFA conference focuses on survival
The Road Freight Association held its annual                                                                          A discussion followed in which delegates
conference at the Riverside Hotel in Vereenig-                                                                     posed questions to a select panel of industry
ing recently. The two-day event saw delegates                                                                      players and experts. One of the biggest issues is
exploring solutions to the problems affecting the                                                                  the question of capital equipment funding for all
transport industry.                                                                                                sized businesses that has simply stopped flowing.
   Well-known independent consultant Gary                                                                          Some operators are concerned that the highway
Wels dissected the current credit crunch, say-                                                                     improvement projects currently underway will in-
ing basically that funding had dried up. “Today,                                                                   crease costs through additional toll fees. Another is
large companies are seeing greatly reduced                                                                         whether the impending expansion of rail networks
lending from the banks, and small and medium-                                                                      by Transnet will impact on road freight volumes.
sized businesses are being declined for credit,”                                                                   One possible solution is to reduce fleet sizes on
says Wels.                                                                                                         some routes and work to shorten turn-around
                                                               Scania driver Jerry Selepe, Managing Director
   “Last year, manufacturing production dropped                  Christoffer Ljungner, Area Communications         times on return trips.
15%, mining output dropped 11% and new vehicle                 Manager Gideon de Swardt and National Sales            Other challenges identified by the panel are fuel
                                                                  Director Alec Mack at the RFA Conference.
sales dropped 30%,” says Wels. “Currently, truck                                                                   prices and consumption, tyres, operational inef-
repossessions have increased by 50% and liqui-               Rudolf Gouws of RMB attributes the global             ficiencies and maintenance.
dations were up 67% in the first quarter of 2009.”        credit crunch and recession to a vicious circle             In closing, acting RFA Chairman Frank
   Wels said that all that companies can do is just       of bad debts and lax lending standards. With the         Wagner said it was imperative to go back
ride out the storm. Even with the interest rate           drop in demand of goods, manufacturing produc-           to basics in tough times, cutting costs and
cuts taking place, there will be a 4 to 8-month lag       tion and mining output has dropped, resulting in         rationalising operations. “Cut the fat, not the
before the benefits take effect.                          “less bags of stuff on the back of trucks.”              muscle,” he concluded.

  SCANIA      REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                                           

                                                                                                      Scania’s Brt fleet
                                                                                                      ready to roll
                                                                                                      Following the City of Johannesburg’s
                                                                                                      massive investment in an infrastructure
                                                                                                      upgrade of the city’s road and freeway
                                                                                                      network, the first consignment of
                                                                                                      custom designed buses destined for its
                                                                                                      BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system fleet is
                                                                                                      ready to hit the road. The 147 Scania-
                                                                                                      based buses, specially designed to
                                                                                                      integrate with the city’s stations and
                                                                                                      termini, are awaiting the final touches
                                                                                                      to the planned BRT routes and stops
                                                                                                      around the city before they are deployed.
                                                                                                      Keep a lookout for a Rea Vaya bus
                                                                                                      coming to you!

Scania wows truck lovers at Gaborone Motor Show
Scania Southern Africa maintained its presence       Torsten Linder from the Export Division of   Coach Division of Scania Sweden got first
in the region with an impressive trade stand at   Scania Southern Africa and Gerard van Keulen    hand experience of the African transport
the WesBank sponsored Gaborone Motor Show         of Scania Finance and Insurance were also on    scene. Representatives from MarcoPolo and
in May this year.                                 hand to answer questions from prospective       Irizar, the bus body builders, were also present
   The event showcased the latest automotive      customers. A VIP visitor from the Bus and       at the show.
technology across many specialised
sectors, from commercial vehicles to
exotic cars, including Audi’s stunning
R8 supercar, BMW’s new 7-Series and
X6 Coupe, Mercedes-Benz’s SL65
AMG bi-turbo and Nissan’s new ‘Fast
and Furious’ Skyline GT-R.
   Scania Botswana exhibited a
complete product line up, and visitors
had the opportunity to explore a P380
CB 8x4 cement mixer, various P270
LB 6x2 distribution trucks, a G420 LA
6x4 long-haul tractor and the R500 6x4
ADR, specially designed to transport
hazardous cargo such as chemicals.
   Visitors were impressed by the
luxury and comfort of the new 5-
cylinder Scania F270 Irizar, and the
70-seater Viaggio with its Scania
310hp engine on a 6x2 chassis.
    For the first time at the show, Scania
showed its impressive 250kVa power
generator, complete with a built-in
weather and sound-proof housing.                                                                                               N o 4/2009 • SCANIA   REVOLUTIONS 
  Update                                   road safety: wheels and phones don’t mix!

Text: Chris Reilly
Photos: Patrick O’Leary and Chris Reilly

                                                                          A driver gets ready for a practice run on the obstacle course.

 SCANIA       REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                       
  As part of its
  involvement in
  promoting road safety,
  Scania Southern
  Africa co-sponsored a
  pilot study to educate
  motorists, and especially
  school children, about
  the hazards of using cell
  phones while driving.

                                                           Scania’s star driver Jerry Selepe tries his hand at talking while driving his truck. Not possible!

               oad safety is a sensitive topic around
               the world precisely because there’s
               simply not enough of it. The AA reports
               that there are 900 000 road crashes
  around the world every year. In South Africa,
  thousands of lives are lost, tens of thousands of
  lives are ruined, due to traffic accidents caused
  by motorists disobeying traffic laws, practicing
  unsafe driving habits, and just not paying attention
  to what’s happening on the road around them.
     Scania is one of many companies and
                                                          “I can’t talk now I’m on the phone!” Chris Reilly       Traffic cones don’t stand a chance with a
  organisations in South Africa that are trying to
                                                                           says cars and phones don’t mix.                              driver on the phone.
  make a difference, to reduce the incidence of traffic
  accidents in the country.
     At a recent demonstration in Johannesburg
  presented by Pick ‘n Pay, Scania, BP, Motorola,
  Sabat, Ferodo, Monroe, Suzuki Motors and Nikon,
  a group of motoring journalists, and school children
  specially bussed in by Eldo Coaches, were given
  a practical demonstration of the effects of trying to
  use a cell phone while driving a car, a phenomenon
  known as DWD (Distracted While Driving).
     An obstacle course was marked out with orange
  traffic cones in a parking lot of the Wanderers
  Sports Club, with a start-stop line, traffic light,
  short slalom course and two parking bays.
  Volunteer drivers from the contingent of journalists,
  driving three identical Suzuki Swift hatchbacks,
  had to perform three separate runs through the
  course against the stopwatch. The first run served
  as a benchmark time for driving without a cell
  phone; the second run had the driver trying to
                                                                               Police Inspector Marais Ferreira gives a driver a surprise breathalyser test.                                                                                                      N o 4/2009 • SCANIA    REVOLUTIONS 
  Update                                 road safety: wheels and phones don’t mix!

          Unless you
    have a proper
    hands-free car kit,
    don’t use a phone
    when you’re
    Chris Reilly, Sub Editor, Scania Revo-

   send an SMS while driving, the third with the
driver accepting a call and talking on the phone
while driving through the course.
   Individual times were measured for each driver
on each run, with penalty points deducted for
driving errors committed and traffic cones “killed”
by each driver.
   After scores were tallied, it became evident that
drivers were significantly distracted by using a
phone while driving. The number of errors (taking a
wrong route or an incomplete manoeuvre) increased
by a factor of 17 while driving accuracy deteriorated
by 10%. Texting while driving caused a 27%
                                                         The children are very aware of the need for safety when crossing the road.
increase in time taken to complete the course and a
tenfold increase in the number of cones struck.
   According to research in the US, drivers that use
cell phones have a 400% higher risk of having a
crash serious enough to injure them. 25% of police
reported crashes involve drivers being distracted,
usually by a phone. Drivers distracted by talking on
cell phones take up to three times longer to brake
for danger.
   Dr. Lawrence Barit, a traffic criminologist for the
Arrive Alive campaign, summarised the results of
the study. “Using a handheld cell phone causes
deterioration in the time it takes to negotiate the
course. Many participants knocked down cones,
which they did not knock down on their benchmark
run, and they stopped inconsistently, often far away
from the given line. They also took the wrong route,
                                                         Eugene Herbert of RAC Driver Training is looking
                                                         for the next driver.
 SCANIA     REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                      
                                                         Miss Road Safety SA, Jessica Paulssen, explained the importance of safety to a bunch of
                                                         school children attending the demonstration.

                                                         which did not occur on their benchmark run        while I was doing the exercise,” he said.
                                                         without a cell phone.”                               Jerry Selepe, one of Scania’s best truck
                                                            Scania Revolutions’ sub editor Chris Reilly    drivers, also had a go at traversing the
                                                         also took part in the study. He only managed      obstacle course. And he did it in a truck! It was
                                                         to type one word on the phone while               a bit unfair since Jerry had to manoeuvre the
                                                         driving, and couldn’t send it. “I was trying to   big Scania 470 around a course designed for
                                                         concentrate on driving; there is absolutely       cars. He was very reluctant to try driving while
                                                         no way anyone can use a handheld phone            talking on the phone, in fact he battled to go
                                                         and drive safely,” he says. “Unless you have a    against his training.
                                                         proper hands-free car kit, don’t use a phone         Nevertheless, the big truck simply could
                                                         when you’re driving.”                             not squirm around the course without
                                                            Patrick O’ Leary, editor of a well known       squashing a few cones, even without Jerry
                                                         trucking magazine, was shocked by his             chatting on the phone. Verdict? It’s even more
                                                         experience of talking while driving: “I can’t     dangerous to use a handheld phone while
                                                         remember any details of the questions asked       driving a truck!
             The Pedestrian Angel provided some
             important safety tips to the school kids.                                                                                                    N o 4/2009 • SCANIA     REVOLUTIONS 
 Text and photo: Hannes van der Merwe

 TWO dAyS in
                     e can be              much later. All I knew was that he      Noordoewer, a small farming            up to 10%. This leads to a 4%
                     glad it’s a           and I would be driving Scania’s         community 720km distant. It would      reduction in fuel consumption.
                     Scania,” said         R500 demo to Namibia and back.          be twelve hours before we reached      Trip topography also has an effect
                     the staunch           I’ve never been there, so I only        our destination, including a 3-hour    on fuel consumption.
looking man walking up to greet            had a vague idea of where we were       sleep stop. While George drove, I         Travelling time for a trip needs
me. “George is the name,” he said,         actually going, after a brief glimpse   found a comfortable position in        to be carefully calculated to
extending a large hand. I had              of the huge map of southern Africa      the co-driver seat to make the long,   ensure that the cargo reaches
to strain to prevent my already            hanging on his office wall. The         tedious road ahead more bearable.      the customer at the desired
respectable handshake from being           map didn’t tell me that the journey        As a Scania staffer, I started to   time. For example, on the trip to
pulverised.                                was going to be pretty daunting.        consider basic details like tyre       Noordoewer, we had to climb
   I wouldn’t come to realise how             We eventually left Cape Town         pressure, air deflector height and     the Piekenierskloof Pass, over
true his words really were until           at about 7pm, heading towards           trailer streamlining as contributing   half a kilometre above sea level
                                                                                    factors towards reducing wind         at its highest point. Correct gear
                                                                                    resistance, optimising fuel           selection is crucial to optimise
                                  JOURNEY                                           efficiency and shortening overall     road speed on uphills.
                                  STATISTICS                                        travel time. These are especially        We reached the border post
                                                                                    true for Scania owners, who have      at Vioolsdrif on a scorching 45°
                                  Distance travelled: 4539 km
                                                                                    to keep to deadlines and perform      Celsius afternoon. Venturing
                                  Fuel used: 2486 litres
                                                                                    fast freight turn-around times on     outside the air-conditioned cab
                                  Cruising speed: 95 km/h                           stringent time-based contracts.       to check in at customs was almost
                                  Average fuel consumption: 1.82 km/litre              Extensive wind tunnel testing      unbearable. Cab climate control
                                                                                    on the new P, G and R-Series          can be easily regulated to suit the
                                                                                    trucks by Scania engineers in         occupants, ensuring high levels
                                                                                    Sweden has proven that using          of comfort, especially in extreme
                                                                                    the correct air deflector setting     outside weather conditions.
                                                                                    can reduce wind resistance by            We arrived at the destination,
30 SCANIA     REVOLUTIONS • N o 4/2009                                                                                                
    situated in a cool river valley. To load   speed control.
    the cargo, we had to maneuver the             We didn’t need the Scania’s traction    SCANIA R-SERIES
    rig around a fairly small yard, but
    positioning the 500 horsepower truck
                                               control or ABS in the dry conditions,
                                               although it was available if needed.
                                                                                          A DRIvER’S PERSPECTIvE

    and trailer proved quite easy work.        These features are essential in wet or                     ulti-functional adjustable seat ensures driving
       A cargo of corn on the cob was          slippery road conditions.                                  posture is correct and comfort is optimised to
    loaded, destined for a distributor            We reached Stellenbosch on time,                        minimise fatigue.
    supplying a major food store chain         with the customer extremely pleased                          Pneumatic adjustable steering column allows
    in Cape Town city. With a fully laden      to receive his cargo on schedule for       precise adjustment to suit driving position.
    payload of 30 tons, we departed for        his production cycle. He told me that         Multi-function steering wheel houses cruise and downhill
    Cape Town. The pulling power of            fresh corn cannot be subjected to          speed control functions, trip and fuel meters and other essential
    the R500 seemed to handle the load         long periods of heat. It has to have       engine information, giving the driver fingertip access with
    effortlessly, negotiating the climb        the correct moisture content for           minimal distraction.
    out of the valley with ease. The rest      maximum shelf life.                           Gear lever system positioned beside the steering column
    of the journey was essentially a              I don’t have a day-to-day driving       allows automatic or manual shifts.
    reverse repeat of the trip up, with no     job, nor do I directly contribute to          Retarder system lever offers simple activation of the desired
    problems to speak of.                      the strict operational demands of          braking stage.
       Grinding down the mountain              transport deadlines, turn-around              Dash control panels offer easy access to other functions like
    pass we so recently ascended was           times, fuel economy and asset              diff-lock and traction control and tag axle functions. Cup and
    made easy with the Scania hydraulic        responsibility. I do consider myself       bottle holders are standard features in G and R cabs.
    retarder, supplying 2000Nm of              fortunate to have taken part in this          Efficient interior sun visors compliment the external
    braking force through the                  journey, helping to transport goods        cab-mounted visor for optimum visibility in sunrise and
    GRS 900 R transmission.                    and provide citizens with their daily      sunset conditions.
       The Scania’s supplemental exhaust       needs, contributing in a small way to         Sleeping quarters provide a thicker, wider bed surface for
    brake kicked in right on cue with the      the country’s commerce. After all, it is   extra comfort.
    last retarder stage, for safe downhill     SCANIA driven!                                                                                                        N o 4/2009 • SCANIA   REVOLUTIONS 31
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