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									                                                               Fianacials - 60 Day Worklist
Advisory   Business                    60 Day    Complete
                          Status                            Priority Rank                Request Title & Summary                       Requestor          Project        Stage     App
 Board      Service                  Target Date   Date
  FIN        AP       15-Dev In                             2-High    0      Print Vouchers- This change has to do with                   PG       Break/Fix            02-DEV     FIN
                      Progress                                              the total claim amount not showing the add on
                                                                            charges(freight, taxes and misc charges)

  FIN        GL       01-New                                2-High    0      Workload Report- Workload amounts are                      Riley      Break/Fix            01-PND     FIN
                                                                            incorrect.                                                  Shaull

  FIN        GL       18-UAT                                2-High    0     Daily Wire Extract- Wire extract is not pulling             JPratt     Break/Fix            04-UAT     FIN
                                                                            records correctly.
  FIN        AP       97-Migration      01/00/00            2-High    0     Warrant Cancellation Register Report - Report is              PG       Break/Fix             #N/A      FIN
                      signoff                                               doubling up on certain data.
  FIN        PO       15-Dev In                             4-Low     1     PO Outstanding Encumbrance report. Need to                   RKM       Service Request      02-DEV     FIN
                      Progress                                              clone the existing OCP_0066 and add the Project
                                                                            fields -- > Dependant upon
  FIN        GL       18-UAT            05/31/11            3-Med     2     Zero Balance Deposit Corrections - OST has                   Jpratt    Service Request      04-UAT     FIN
                                                                            requested that we create a way for agencies to enter
                                                                            zero dollar deposit corrections. This would need to
                                                                            be a separate menu item/permission. It would need
                                                                            it's own rules requiring that the net of the transaction
                                                                            be a zero amount. We would have to extract this in
                                                                            one of the extract files and would need a new batch
                                                                            code for it.

  FIN        AP       11-DR Tech        07/22/11            2-High    3     ARCHIVE INACTIVE VENDORS - We need to be                     JDV       Service Request      02-DEV     FIN
                      Specs                                                 able to archive vendors that have had no
                                                                            transactions (PO’s, payments) related to the vendor
                                                                            number in 5 years. This is part of the process to
                                                                            convert all vendors to EFT payments.

                                                                            Will need to check for any recent activity and will
                                                                            also need to check to see if they have re-registered
                                                                            recently before the vendor is removed.

  FIN        PGC      01-New                                2-High    4     Billing Intrfc Report - I would like to have the             Yuhui     Service Request      01-PND     FIN
                                                                            "Project ID" field added to this report.

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