METROPOLITAN PREMIER DIVISION 1 – 2009

NUMBER OF TEAMS:                     10

PLAYING DATES: All weekends except 11 April (Easter)

Round 1: Split Round of 5 games - 28 March to 02 May
Blue Section Teams v Gold Section Teams

Blue Section: (2008 finishing 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th) – Alhambra-Union; University A; Southern;
Pirates; Green Island
                                nd    th   th   th   th
Gold Section: (2008 finishing 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 ) – Dunedin; Kaikorai; Select Harbour; Zingari-
Richmond; Taieri (Winner promotion / relegation)

Speight’s Cup; The Speight’s Cup is awarded to the team with the highest Flag Points in
this round. In the event of a tie the trophy may be shared.

Note: All Flag points are carried forward to the Full Second Round for the Gallaway Trophy

Round 2:.Gallaway Trophy: Full Round Robin of 9 games – 09 May to 04 July.
First Split Round Flag Points are carried forward. Trophy is awarded to the team with the
highest Flag Points over the 14 Rounds , this may be shared in the event of a tie.

Round 3: Post Section Play – 11 July

Top 6 Teams: To be played at highest qualifiers home ground.

The top 6 qualifying teams following the full round robin (Round 2) will contest post section
                 1st Placed      v        6th Placed
                 2 Placed        v        5th Placed
                 3 Placed        v        4th Placed

Bottom 4 teams to contest Metro / Country combined competition.
(Refer to the format for 2009 Premier Combined Metro Bottom 4 / Southern Region Top 2)

Round 4: Semi-Finals & Play Offs – 18 July: To be played at University Oval

        Highest Qualified winner (round 3) v lowest ranked winner (round 3)
        2nd Highest Qualified (round 3) v highest ranked losing qualifier (round 3)
              th    th
Play off for 5 & 6 Place: to be played at highest qualifiers home ground.
        Loser v Loser - (round 3)

Round 5: COMPETITION FINAL – 25 July

Club Final: Winner Receives Speight’s Championship Shield
      Winner v Winner (round 4)

To be played at highest available neutral venue, i.e. Carisbrook, University
Oval, or Tahuna Park.

Play off for 3rd & 4th Place: To be played at top qualifiers home ground.
        Loser v Loser (round 4)

Semi-Final & Final Formats: refer Metro Regulation 20.

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