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									                                                                                         APPENDIX A

                                             STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS

Action plan to the statutory requirements and recommendations identified in the announced inspection of Solihull MBC
fostering service – December 2006

No. Standard     Regulation   Requirement           Action being taken      Completi   Review       Review
                                                    to address statutory    on Date    6/11/07
                                                    requirements                                    19/11/07

                              The Fostering
                              Service must          A further social
                              ensure that it has    worker has been                                 6 people to
                              sufficient staff to   appointed to                                    see from
1.                            operate               undertake, amongst                 Staffing     adverts
     FS17        19           effectively; this     other duties, private   12/05/07   remains an   and 9
                              includes the          fostering                          issue        people
                              support offered to    assessments                                     applied for
                              Friends and           (started in October                             pool.
                              Family Foster         2007)

                                                                                 APPENDIX A

                                              Training took place
                        The Fostering         in September 2007
                        Service must          for all members of
                        ensure that foster    the Fostering Team
                        carer                 on undertaking
                        assessments,          foster carer
2.   FS17
            27, Sch 3   including Family      assessments. All     12/04/07    
                        and Friends           foster carer
                        foster carers         assessments are                  Training
                        contain robust        signed off by the
                        analysis of the       appropriate ATM
                        information           and checked by the
                        gathered.             Professional Advisor
                                              to panel

                        The Fostering         A further social
                        Service must          worker has been
                        ensure that foster    appointed to F&F’s.
                        carers, including     Regular audits of                           
3.   FS22   17
                        Family and
                        Friends foster
                                              foster carer files to
                                              take place.
                                                                    12/04/07             Procedur
                        carers receive        Procedures to be                            es now
                        regular               amended so that the                         on
                        supervision in line   foster carers in most                       Intranet
                        with the Service’s    need of supervision
                        guidelines.           are prioritised.

                                                                        APPENDIX A

                                                                                    MG has
                                                                                    files –
                                                                                    some child
                                                                      MG audited
                 The Fostering                                                      missing –
                                     A new procedure for              but not all
                 Service must                                                       to make a
                                     the signing off of               child’s
                 ensure that all                                                    spreadshee
                                     “Foster Placement                plans
                 parts of the                                                       t for
4.   FS24   34   Foster Placement                          12/03/07                 placement
                                     (Placement Plan                  Spreadshe
                 Agreement are                                                      and child
                                     and the Child’s                  et carer &
                 completed and                                                      plans.
                                     Plan) is being                   placement
                 signed by all the                                                  Admin to
                                     introduced.                      & child’s
                 relevant parties.                                                  check and
                                                                                    fill in and
                                                                                    take to
                                                                                    nt team

                                                                               APPENDIX A

                                          ATM’s to monitor
                                          this through the
                   The Fostering          supervision of the
                   Service in             child’s social
                   collaboration with     workers. It will also
                   the wider              be monitored in file
                   directorate must       audits. Fostering                  E-mail JW
                   ensure that            Team social                        re who is    MW to
5   FS32   35(1)                                                  12/03/07
                   young people are       workers to monitor                 dealing with action.
                   visited in line with   this through the                   it.
                   the stated             supervision of foster
                   regulation to          carers; agenda for
                   ensure their           the supervision of
                   safety.                foster carers has
                                          been amended –
                                          alert system?

                                                                                    APPENDIX A

No. Refer to   Good Practice              Action to be taken to address            Review
    Standard   Recommendations            recommendations                          6/11/07

               The Fostering Service                                                          MW to e-
               should ensure that all                                                         mail JW re
               foster carers, including                                                       ICS.
               Family and Friends
               foster carers,                                                                 ATM to
                                          Training on the “Health of LAC” for
               understand under what                                                          check.
                                          foster carers has begun to take place,
               circumstances they can                                              ICS
1   12                                    run by the LAC Nurse. HELAC are                     MG to
               give consent for                                                    issues.
                                          considering options. Placement plan to              consider
               treatment.                 be reviewed.                                        adding
                                                                                              consent to
                                                                                              plan in

               The Fostering Service
               should ensure that the
                                          To be included in the review of the      Extra form
               foster carer’s safe                                                            MG
2   9                                     Placement Plan. Also see Statutory       to be
               caring policy is agreed                                                        actioning.
                                          Requirement 4.                           sent.
               by the young person’s
               social worker.

                                                                                   APPENDIX A

         The Fostering Service
         should ensure that risk                                                  ½ way
         assessments are            Referral/risk assessment forms to be          through.    To be
         completed at the time      reviewed (and amalgamated?) Latest            Done and    completed
3   9
         of a young person’s        meeting to review this is 16th October        in place    by MG by
         placement and              2007.                                         by end of   Dec 07.
         reviewed on a regular                                                    Nov.

         The Fostering Service
         should give                The process for foster carers’ reviews
         consideration to the       has been amended and a new annual
4   30
         process of foster carers
         annual reviews to
                                    review panel is presently being piloted to
                                    address the management of annual              
         ensure that they are       reviews being undertaken within the
         approved in a timely       timescales required.

         The Fostering Service      IRO will continue to negotiate dates and
         should ensure that         times with young people to facilitate their
         young people’s reviews     attendance, taking into account whether
         are timed so that young    they prefer them to be held at school
         people can attend their    during school hours, after hours at
5   11   own reviews                school, at the placement after school or
                                    first thing in the morning to minimise the
                                    loss of education. The young person
                                    will be offered the opportunity to meet       
                                    with IRO when they have chosen not to

                                                                               APPENDIX A

         The Fostering Service                                                             MG to
         should ensure that all                                               MG           confirm it
         young people including                                               checking     has been
         those whose first           Discussions are taking place with the    out.         done and
         language is not English     UASC team about this. Procedure to be    Need         translated
6   11
         understand how to           devised and leaflets in appropriate      confirmed    complaint
         make a complaint.           languages to be explored.                done and     from care
                                                                              distribute   distributed
                                                                              d.           end of

         The Service should
         consider including
         specific reference to
7   11   the role of the
         Commission when the
                                     Child’s guide has been amended.          
         Children’s Guide is fully

         The Fostering Service
         should ensure that
         friends and family          The policy and procedure in respect of
8   29   foster carers receive
         the same support in
                                     foster carer equipment has been
                                     reinforced to staff.
         respect of equipment
         as other foster carers.

                                                                             APPENDIX A

          The Fostering Service
          should ensure that all
          staff undertaking foster
9    17   carer assessment have
          undertaken appropriate
                                     Training arranged for September 2007    
          training in the
          assessment of carers.

          The Fostering Service
          should amend the
10   22   Foster Care Agreement
          so that is refers to the
                                     The Foster Carer Agreement has been
                                     amended                                 
          appropriate legislation.

          The Fostering Service
          should ensure that
                                     The procedure for the unannounced
          unannounced visits to
11   22   all foster carers are
          undertaken, at least
                                     visits of family link carers is to be
                                     amended to ensure minimum of            
                                     unannounced visits takes place
          once a year and this is
          clearly recorded on the

                                                                                     APPENDIX A

                 The Fostering Service
                                         The Panel Advisor is in the process of
                 should consider
                                         identifying the most appropriate provider
                 providing further
12   32          training for the
                 Fostering Panel in
                                         for this training and consideration is
                                         being given to sharing this training with   
                                         the family and friends assessment team.
                 respect of Family and
                                         Training is planned for October 2007.
                 Friends assessments.

Other Notes

CHESS CareFirst not up to date. Taken up with Linda Franks. (6.11.07)


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