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									                                               Buyer Commodity Assignments                                          11/30/09

Buying Team 1 (BYR1)    Basketball Standards-Outside                      Handy Helpers Shop Supplies
Karen Fleetwood         Batteries/Operation Stock                         Heating/ Ventilating/ Air Conditioning ( HVAC)
PH# 472-6122            Benches- Picnic Tables (Outside)                  Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning      Bleacher Repair/ Purchase                         Machine Shop Parts
Lauren Jaramillo        Boilers (Steam, Heating )                         Marquees (Purchase/Repair)-Outside
PH# 471-6124            Bottled Water Cooler ( Purchase/Rental )          Operations Warehouse Stock      Cafeteria Repair Shop (Parts/Operations)          Pest Control Services
Fax # - 472-6125        Chemical/ Operation Stocks                        Picnic Tables, Benches-Outdoor
                        Chillers ( HVAC )-Maintenance/Parts               Playground Equipment
                        Concrete Supplies (Non-transit)                   Plumbing Shop Supplies
                        Cooling Towers (HVAC)-Maint/Parts/Chemicals       Ramadas
                        Crane Services                                    Recycling Services
                        Electrical Shop Supplies                          Refuse Collection/Roll-Offs
                        Electronic Scoreboards                            Shade Structures
                        Elevator Service Agreements                       Sheetmetal Shop Supplies
                        Fasteners- Nuts, Bolts, Screws-Operation Stock    Steamfitter Parts
                        Filters (HVAC)                                    Steel (Pipe, Angle, Tubing, etc. )
                        Fire Proof Safety Cabinets                        Storage Tank Linings
                        Flagpoles (Outside)                               Tools/ Hand Tools- Operations Dept.
                        Flood Irrigation Services Contract                Training for Fork Lifts
                        Furniture-Cafeteria tables                        Typewriter Repair
                        Furniture-Conference/Training Room                Underground Detection Service
                        Furniture-File Cabinets                           V-Belts (HVAC/Transportation)
                        Furniture-Office                                  Volleyball Standards-(Permanent/Outdoor)
                        Furniture-Storage Cabinets                        Water Treatment (Cooling Towers)
                        Furniture-For other catagories see Buyer 7        Welding Supplies (Gas Operations)
                        Gas Lines/ Repairs/ Surveys/ Service              Wheelchair Lifts Service Agreements
                        Generators-Maintenance/Repair                     Window Cleaning
                        Grease Trap Pumping

Buying Team 2 (BYR2)    Airliners                                         PDA's
Mary Talerico           Book Binding/ Textbook/ Library                   Peripherals, Parts, CD ROM's
PH# 472-0143            Books/ Text/ Library/ Reference                   Photo ID Camera Equipment      Brochures/ Pamphlets                              Printers
Cindi Hostetler         Camera Assisted Imaging                           Professional Development Supplies
PH#472-0141             Cell Phones                                       Projection Systems   Computer Hardware & Software                      Scanners
Fax # - 472-0144        Computer Hardware & Software/ Maint Agrmnts       Smartboards
                        Document Cameras                                  Software (Curriculum & Student/Teacher Use)
                        Duplicating Masters                               Software Licensing (Administrative Only)
                        Erate Contracts                                   Technology Maintenance Agreements
                        Information System- Programming Consult. Svcs     Technology Parts
                        Kronos Time Clocks                                Telephone
                        Laser Disks, LCD Panels, Networking Telephone     Workbooks

Buying Team 3 (BYR3)    All Costco & Sam Club Purchases                   Paper/ Plastic Products ( Food & Nut )
Lori Skinner            All Foods/ Beverage Items                         Parts for Cafeteria Maintenance (F&N Only)
PH# 472-0915            Beverage Vending                                  Racking (Food & Nut Only)      Candy/ Snacks/ Fundraisers                        Small Wares for Cafeteria Kitchens & FACS
Karla Tennyson          Catering - All                                    Soap & Cleaning Supplies (Food & Nut Only)
PH# 472-0916            Commercial Food Service Equipment                 Supplies ( Food & Nut Supplies Only )      Commodity Processing                              Walk- In Coolers/ Freezers
Fax # - 472-0994        Ice Machines - All

                                                Buyer Commodity Assignments                                         11/30/09

Buying Team 5 (BYR5)   Apparel: T-Shirts, jackets, sweats, shoes,caps       Notary Public Applications
David Barnby           Athletics/ Training/ Equipment/ Supplies             Parent University Supplies
PH# 472-0146           Award Letters/ Stick Pins/ Trophies/Certificates     Petroleum: Bulk-Transportation     Batteries- Automotive                                Postage/ Mailing
Debi Karnya            Bicycles                                             Privacy Curtains
PH# 472-0145           Cameras - Digital, 35 mm, Video                      Scale Calibration     Career Tech Edu Equipment & Supplies                 School Buses
Fax # - 472-0144       Carts- Golf ( Gas/ Electric )                        TV Mounts & Installation
                       Charter Bus Services                                 Security Supplies
                       Drama/ Supplies/ Scripts                             Student Services-Special Ed
                       Driver Training Simulator                            Student Stores/Promotional Items
                       Early Childhood Edu Supplies & Equip                 Teaching Aids & Supplies
                       Elementary P.E./ Equipment & Supplies                Tires-Transportation vehicles
                       Football Helmet Reconditioning                       Transportation Warehouse Stock
                       Graduation Supplies                                  Trophies
                       Grounds Heavy Equipment (Parts & Repairs)            Uniforms- Athletic/Band/Bus Drivers/PomCheer
                       Health Office Equipment/ Supplies                    Uniforms- Maintenance/Operations
                       Mat Reconditioning                                   Uniforms- ROTC/School/Security
                       Music Edu Instrument & Repair                        Vehicle Maintenance Supplies
                       Music Edu Supplies/Sheet Music                       Vehicles
                       Netting-Batting Cages                                Weight Equipment
                       Netting-Portable Soccer Goals                        Wheelchair Lifts - Vehicle Mounted
                       Netting-Voc-Ed Greenhouses                           Yearbooks/ Memory Books
                       Newspaper/ Composition

Buying Team 6 (BYR6)   Arts/ Crafts Supplies & Equipment                    Library Supplies
Joe Sieczkowski        Batteries-MDC stock                                  Maps/ Globes
PH #480-472-0942       Bookstore Supplies                                   MDC Warehouse Stock- Supplies     Calculators                                          Name Signs/ Badges
Gini Pittsenbarger     Cash Registers                                       Notary Supplies
PH# 472-0943           Clocks                                               Office Supplies     Coin Counters                                        Paper
Fax # - 472-0990       Computer Supplies-MDC stock                          Paper Cutters
                       Custodial Supplies-MDC stock                         Paper Racks
                       Dictating & Transcribing Equipment                   Party Items
                       Die Cut Machines & Die Cuts                          Photo Film/ Supplies
                       Finger Print Supplies                                Posters
                       First Aid Supplies-MDC stock                         Printer Supplies
                       Flags- USA/ AZ/ Sets                                 Printing Equipment and Forms/Outside
                       Flowers                                              Printing Brochures/Pamphlets
                       Fund Raisers-Non Food                                Printing- Warehouse Stock
                       Helium                                               Rubber Stamps
                       Instructional/ Office Supplies                       Shredders
                       Labels                                               Subscriptions ( Magazine/ Journals/ Newspaper )
                       Laminating Supplies                                  Toner, Copiers
                       Lamps/ Bulbs-(AV & Custodial)                        Typewriters &Typewriter Supplies
                       Lanyards (straps for badges)                         Videos- Blank/ Pre- Recorded
                       Library Book Detection Systems/ Repairs

                                              Buyer Commodity Assignments                                           11/30/09

Buying Team 7 (BYR7)   Alarm Installs/Repairs/Parts-Intrusion/Fire          Key Control/ Knox Boxes
Michelle Hamilton      Alarm Monitoring Services-Intrusion/Fire             Land Appraisal Service
PH# 472-6114           Appliances- Life Management/Athletics                Landscape (Trees/Shrubs/Sod/Grass seed/Fertilizer)     Audio Visual Equipment/ Repairs (Non-Tech)           Lock Shop-(Equipment & Supplies)
Gary Barkman           Backflow Devices-Domestic (Testing/Inspect/Repair)   Lockers- Musical Instruments
PH# 472-6116           Batting Cages Permanent (Softball/Baseball)          Lockers/ Locks/ Padlocks-(PE & Athletics)     Carpenter Shop (Equipment & Supplies)                Material Handling Equipment (Repairs/ Services)
Fax # 472-6125         Carpet Cleaning Services                             Microfilm-Equipment/ Service
                       Curtains- Stage/ Blackout                            Pagers-Rental
                       Custodial Equipment- Purchase/ Repair                Paint Shop (Equipment & Supplies)
                       Custodial Services-(Outsourced)                      Petroleum Products (Grounds)
                       Electronics Shop (Equipment & Supplies)              Radios 2-Way & Equipment (Purchase/ Repair)
                       Fencing (Permanent/Chain link/Ornamental/etc)        Sand/Soil/Aggregate
                       Field Marking Paint/Gypsum                           Security Cameras Install & Repair
                       Fire Extinguishers(Testing/Maint/Repair)             Sign Shop (Equipment & Supplies)
                       Fire Protection- Hood Suppression, Sprinklers        Sound & Pa Equipment-Perm. & Portable
                       Floor covering (Carpet & VCT)                        Sprinkler & Irrigation Parts
                       Fork Lifts-Purchase/Maint/Repair (Hydraulic Lifts)   Stadium Cleaning
                       Furniture-Auditorium                                 Tackboard/Bulletin Board (Mounted & Portable)
                       Furniture-Classroom                                  Temporary Labor Services
                       Furniture-Computer Lab                               Temporary Sprinkler Systems Rental
                       Furniture-Lecterns                                   Tractors/Utility Trailers/Riding Lawn Equipment
                       Furniture-Lecture Hall, Free Standing                Truckmount Carpet Clean Equip (Purchase/Repair)
                       Furniture-Media                                      TV Mounts & Installation
                       Furniture-Trophy Cases                               TV's/VCR's/DVD/Boom Boxes
                       Furniture-For other categories see Buyer 1           White Boards (Wall Mounted & Portable)
                       Graduation Chair/Bleacher Rentals                    Window/ Wall Coverings (Blinds/Shutters/Curtains)
                       Grounds (Equipment & Supplies)

Buying Team 8 (BYR8)   Audiology Equipment/Supplies                         Memberships
Kelly McKelvey         Camp Facilities: Science, Band, Cheer/Pom            Professional Services
PH#472-0148            Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Registrations      Professional Speakers     Consultant Services: Educational/Prev.Programs       Public Relations and Advertising
Wendy Wallace          Copiers-Purchase/Lease//Maintenance                  Recreation & Entertainment Services
PH#472-0147            Cosmetology Instruction                              Scholarships     Counseling Services                                  Science Equipment:Purchase/Repair
Fax # - 472-0144       Drug & Alcohol Testing-Physical Exams                Science Furniture & Science Supplies
                       Emergency Response Services                          Shredding Services
                       Employment Verification Services                     Special Education Equipment/ Services/Supplies
                       Facilities Rental                                    Tests
                       Fax Machines/ Supplies/Maintenance                   Translation Services
                       Field Trips                                          Travel Services: District
                       Grant Writing Services                               Travel Services: Student Performance & Tours
                       Laminators-Purchase/Maintenance                      Video Caption Services

                                                  Buyer Commodity Assignments                                          11/30/09

Buying Team 10 (BYR10)
Bill Munch             Audit Services/Bank Services
Ph# 472-0150           Insurance
Fax# - 472-0144

Buying Team 11 (BYR11)
Darlina Windom-          A/B/C Cabinets- Portables/ Prototypes                Locksmith Services
PH# 472-6046             Aerial Photography                                   Maintenance Facilitators/ Construction Products       Architect/ Engineering Services                      Modular Buildings
Fax # - 472-6079         Asbestos & Indoor Air Quality (3 yr reinspections)   Modular Funiture
                         Auditorium Seating                                   Plumbing - Contractors
                         Carpenter Shop/ Construction Projects                Relocatable Buildings
                         Classrooms/ Mobile/ and Related Projects             Remodeling & Additions
                         Concrete/ Paving/ Resurfacing                        Reprographics Services for Construction
                         Construction- New/ Remodeling                        Roofs/ Roofing/ Reroofing
                         Dry Wells ( Registration & Install )                 Running Tracks-All/New/Repair/Refinish
                         Electrical Shop - Contractors                        Sound & PA Equip (Install) permanent
                         Fence Rental/ Barricade Rental                       Storage Mobile Units (Rental/Purchasing)
                         Flooring-Gym & Stage (replacement & repairs)         Technology/ Special Systems Cabling
                         Graffiti Removal                                     Tennis Court Resurfacing
                         Grounds- Construction Projects                       Theatrical Lighting & Sound (Install/refurbish)
                         Grounds/Tree Trimming                                Underground Storage Tanks
                         Hazardous Waste Mgmt/Bio-Hazard Materials
                         Laboratory Caseworks
                         Landscape Services


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