Sand Volleyball 2011 RIV Reg Form by ashrafp


									                          Rally in the Valley
                   Co-Ed Sand Volleyball Tournament
                           Saturday, August 13th 2011
                   Rivers Bend Campground in Rock Valley, IA

                              6 Person (3 men/3 women)
                             Prizes to 1st & 2nd Place Teams

                2011 Sand Volleyball Tournament Entry Form
Team Name                                           List Players to be on Roster

Team Captain                                        1

E-mail                                              2

Phone #          /                                  3
Cell Phone #                                        4

Address                                             5



Please enclose $65 Entry Fee per team with this entry form and return by August 10 to:
                         Rock Valley Chamber of Commerce
                           %Sand Volleyball Tournament
                                      PO Box 89
                                Rock Valley, IA 51247

Entries are limited to the first 16 teams and entry fees are non refundable. For more
information call Curt at 712-476-9300.

Make Checks payable to Rock Valley Chamber of Commerce
                Rally in the Valley Sand Volleyball Tournament
                             Rules and Regulations:

    1.    The teams shall consist of three (3) men and three (3) women. The rosters shall be limited to a total of 8 players. Teams
          may not play on the court at one time with four (4) women and two (2) men or two (2) women and four (4) men.
    2.    Play may begin with as few as five (5) in order to avoid a forfeit. A forfeit will be enforced if there are not enough team
          players 10 minutes after the proposed starting time of the scheduled game.

    1.    Net height will be approximately 8 feet.
    2.    If there are any questions on rules outside of the rules below, AVA rules apply.
    3.    A volley prior to the start of the game will determine who serves first. The winner of the volley serves first in the first
          game. The loser of each game thereafter serves to start each additional game.
    4.    Length of Games
                 a.    A match consists of the best two out of three games. A two-point advantage is necessary to win a game.
                 b. Games will be Rally Scoring to 17 points
                 c.    Net serves are allowed
                 d. Each team is allowed one (1):30 second timeout per game.
    5.    Substitutions may be made when you team is serving. A male must sub for a male and vice versa. You also may sub only
          at the service line.
    6.    If a team contacts the ball more than once during offensive action, one of the contacts must be made by a female
          player and one by a male player.
    7.    Contact of the ball during a blocking action does not count as one of the team’s three hits. Therefore, after a block, a male
          or female player (depending on blocker) may play the ball back over the net since such contact would be considered the
          first team hit.
    8.    The Serve
                 a.    Serve may be overhand or underhand
                 b. The ball must be clearly hit on the serve
                 c.    Service rotation must take place in a clockwise manner at ALL times.
                 d. The service may take place from anywhere behind the baseline.
                 e.    Each player must remain in position within the boundary lines of the court until the ball has been contacted by
                       the server. After the serve and the ball is in play, players may exchange positions on the court

Playing Regulations
    1.    Double hits are prohibited
    2.    It is permissible to run out of bounds to play a ball.
    3.    When the ball touches a boundary line it is considered in.
    4.    Players may reach over the net in following through or blocking, however they may not touch the net or cross into the
          opposite court until the ball is dead.
    5.    A player may step on the center line but not over it.

    1.    Reffing of the games is completely up to the two teams who are playing.
    2.    Your team is required to be at the court 10 minutes prior to the start of your game.
    3.    This is a tournament that is designed for all participants to have fun and enjoy themselves during the Rally in the Valley
    4.    I reserve the right to make any necessary changes that will allow the tournament to run properly and on time.
    5.    Prizes awarded to 1st & 2nd place team

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