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					                       Cirque du Soleil Believe– Criss Angel Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil has its own flavor, and that unique type of experience lends itself well to the
amazing illusions of one of the world's greatest magicians, Criss Angel. The two together have
brought the kind of exciting show that blends hints of dancing, acrobatics, scenery, and costumes
with the amazing power of this well-known illusionist. It was no mistake that Criss Angel was
recently declared the Magician of the Century, and it is not a surprise that the partnership with
Cirque du Soleil works fantastically as well.

Criss Angel Las Vegas - Why is the Show Great?

      You get a chance to see Criss's own unique brand of illusions, such as those he has
       showcased on the TV show "Mindfreak."
      You get a taste of the spectacle of the Cirque du Soleil experience. While it is a hybrid
       show between the illusions and the acrobatics, it is cool to see the influence of the Cirque
       du Soleil in this unusual setting.
      The show has both thrills and comedy - something for everyone. It is all about
       entertaining the audience with a blend of humor and dramatic flair.

The Cirque du Soleil Criss Angel Believe Las Vegas show is not your usual Cirque show. It is
based on the performance of magic by Criss Angel himself, as assisted by his helper and
members of the audience.

You will not see the full-out Cirque spectacle, but you will definitely be aware of that influence.
The two elements of the show work together and they offer audience members an excellent way
to spend an evening.

Criss Angel Believe- Most Popular Attractions

      The magic is the main attraction at the Las Vegas performance. There are over 30
       illusions in the show, all designed and orchestrated by Criss Angel himself.
      The surprises are the biggest attractions among the illusions. A single person stands on a
       ladder, the light flashes, and instantly three people are holding on above the crowd. It is
       moments like that which people remember the most vividly.
      The costumes of the Cirque du Soleil performers are unique and visually stunning. They
       are larger than life, and can only add to the experience of the show of illusions.

People who know Criss Angel from his appearances on TV are always excited to see him in
person. They look forward to getting a better look at his magic up close and personal. They come
to be thrilled and amazed. The Cirque du Soleil element just sweetens the deal.

Audience Reviews
Audience members had different opinions about the Criss Angel Believe show. Some thought
that the magic was the best part. Many stated that they realized that there was a difference
between TV magic and live stage magic, and they enjoyed seeing the illusions first-hand.

Some would have liked to see more of the Cirque du Soleil factor in the show, but others felt that
there was just enough to make the show more beautiful and exciting.

Where to Get the Souvenirs

Memorabilia from the Cirque du Soleil Criss Angel Las Vegas Believe show is not always easy
to come by. If you stop by Criss Angel Believe - The Official Store, at the Luxor, you will find
posters, t-shirts and various other items that will remind you of the experience you had at this
interesting show.

Take time to visit some of the Las Vegas shows during your next trip to the city.

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