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									                                                               Gift Certificates

If you’re looking for the perfect way to spoil a loved one on their birthday, commemorate your anniversary or
celebrate a special occasion, a Maritime training School gift certificate delivers a unique gift every time.

To purchase a gift certificate, simply complete the order form. Once you have completed the order form, please send
it to Maritime Training School. Upon receipt of your order form a gift certificate will be sent to the recipient by
standard mail through Australia Post. Allow at least 3-5 working days for deliveries to metropolitan areas, and a few
more days for regional and other areas. A postage and handling fee of AUD $5.00 (inclusive of GST) applies.

Marine Radio                                                                            $225.00 (incl. GST)
A gift certificate for our popular Marine Radio course will enable the holder to enrol in our course which is run
monthly from our training school at Cabarita. Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a
MROVCP certificate from the University of Tasmania. A MROVCP is a legal requirement for all operation of VHF
Marine Radio.

General Boat Licence                                                  Sydney:           $225.00 (incl. GST)
                                                                      Canberra:         $325.00 (incl. GST)
A fantastic idea for an upcoming birthday is to purchase a gift certificate for our General Boat Licence course. A great
day out on the harbour learning the theory and practical skills required to make your boat journey a safe and
enjoyable experience. By undertaking the course through the Maritime Training School you will fulfil the new
requirements by NSW Maritime for the practical component of your boat licence. A day out with Maritime Training
School and you will have a boat licence with no further testing required.

Terms & Conditions
Maritime Training School gift certificates are valid for 12 months. If the certificate is not redeemed within 12 months
from the date of purchase, an extra cost will be payable upon redemption if the cost of the course to which the
certificate pertains has risen in the advertised price.

The amount payable will be the difference of the course at time of purchase of the certificate compared to the cost of
the course at time of redemption.

Rev: 1.3                                         Date: 20-12-2010                             Next Rev: 20-06-2011
Gift Certificate Order Form

Section 1                 Your details
First name
Suburb                                                                        State                       Post Code
Telephone                                                                     Mobile

Section 2                 Recipients details
First name
Suburb                                                                        State                       Post Code

Section 3                 Gift Certificates Required
                                                                                                 Unit Price
Qty             Item                                                                                                            Line Total
                                                                                                 (incl. GST)
                General Boat Licence Course – Sydney                                              $ 225.00
                General Boat Licence Course – Canberra                                            $ 325.00
                Marine Radio Course                                                               $ 225.00
                Postage & Handling                                                                   $ 5.00                            5.00
                                                                                           Total Payable $
Section 4                 Payment details (Complete either Part A, B, or C of this section)
A        Credit Card Authorisation
         Cardholders Name:
         I authorise MARITIME TRAINING SCHOOL to debit from my credit card the amount of $..............................

         Credit Card Type:               AMEX (2% surcharge applicable)           Mastercard          Visa

         ____/____/____/____                                                          __/__                       ____
                                       Card Number                                     Expiry Date               Verification No:
                                                                                                               (located on back of card)


B               Bank or Personal Cheque (made payable to MARITIME TRAINING SCHOOL)
C             Electronic Funds Transfer (email copy of receipt to
          Account name: Maritime Training School, BSB: 082 401, Account No: 831482696

Section 8                 Send this form with payment to:
Post to:                                       Scan and Email to:                                  Fax to:
MARITIME TRAINING SCHOOL                               02 8221 9807
Suite 6 d’Albora Marina                                                                            Attn: Enrolments
138 Cabarita Road
Cabarita NSW 2137
Payment Received:         Yes     No                                              Receipt No.:

Gift Certificate No.:                                                             Date Posted:

Revision: 1.3                                            Date: 20-12-2010                                          Next Review: 20-06-2011

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