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									                         Restroom Cleaning
What is a Restroom Cleaning Outreach?
If there is one outreach the Vineyard is famous for, this would have to be it! In local
area businesses, we roll up our sleeves and scrub some of the dirtiest toilets, sinks, and
mirrors around in an attempt to show there is no limit to God’s love. He’s willing to
lower Himself to the humblest of acts in order to love His children.

Due to the unusual nature of this outreach, it can have a great impact. All of the cleaning
equipment is safe and easy to use, so this is a kid-friendly outreach. This is also a great
outreach anyone who enjoys using extreme or at least different measures to serve God.

What will I do when I get there?
Break into groups of 3 to 4 per cleaning kit.
       This person simply goes in and tells the first employee he or she sees “We are
       here to clean your toilets for free.” Note that you do not ask for permission… just
       politely state your purpose. This is typically also the person the employee will
       come up to later, once the realization that you’re serious hits home, and ask why
       you’re doing this!

     One cleans the sink and mirror while another cleans the toilet. Others can spot
     check for other areas needing attention if you get really ambitious!

Helpful Hints
      Wear latex gloves.
      Prepare to answer the question – “Are you Crazy?”
      Pick newer stores if first-timers are going.
      Go in teams of two or more.
      Clean even if they hire a service to do so.
      Really clean it good – no slacking…seriously.
      Don’t take donations!
      Know when it just won’t get any cleaner.
      Use deodorizer spray with reckless abandon.
      They won’t believe you the first time, be ready to ask again.

Things Not to Put in Kits
      Your drinks.
      Garbage or used materials.
      Outreach cards (sharing God’s love AND germs is not such a great idea!)
      Anything not in the kits when you started out

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