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					                                                   THE PERFECT WEDDING PLANNER

                                                    indian wedding checklist
                               Decide on a date for the wedding (this is something you may have to see an Indian Priest about)
                               Think about how many functions you need to organise, and set their dates and times
first things first

                               Consider your budget
                               Decide the size of the wedding
                               Allocate responsibilities between both families
                               Draw up a first draft guest list for the various functions
                               Visit possible venues to discuss their availability and cost
                               Decide on your attendants and ask each of them

                               Book the ceremony and reception venues (pay deposits)
                               Decide on your menu and book caterers for all your functions
                               Book a professional photographer and/or videographer
                               Book panditji for the wedding
                               Finalise your guest list, inform family and friends that may need to travel
  nine - six months

                               Order wedding invitations
                               Book your wedding décor arrangements – (confirm your colour theme, flowers, mandaps etc)
                               Book your florist
                               Start thinking about honeymoon locations (or you could delegate this to the Groom)
                               Book your DJ or live entertainment you wish to have for your functions
                               Shop around for wedding cakes
                               Shop around for wedding favours
                               Shop or place orders for your wedding attire for all the functions – Groom, Bride, Bridesmaids,
                               Groomsmen, Parents etc.
                               Choose your wedding jewellery and wedding rings
                               Start your beauty routines
                               Allocate someone to organise the Hens/Stag night


                                                  THE PERFECT WEDDING PLANNER

                                                  indian wedding checklist
                              Mail out you overseas invites
                              Book mehendi artist, make up and hair stylist
three - six months

                              Book any other party rentals you may require for all your functions – eg chairs tables
                              Book your transportation needs
                              Register your gift choice at your desired stores
                              Book accommodation for your overseas guests
                              Purchase all wedding attire for the Bride, Groom and the bridal party
                              Book your honeymoon (or make sure it is booked!). Don’t forget about visas, vaccines and your passport
                              expiry date.
                              Purchase/order your favours for all your functions

                              Send out your wedding invites – (keep a record of acceptances and refusals)
                              Finalise your menus for your functions
                              Confirm all your floral and décor arrangements
                              Confirm all your music and entertainment needed for your functions
                              Book sweets or methai for your functions
 two months

                              Purchase your wedding rings
                              Get your marriage license
                              Ask the people who you want to do speeches
                              If you need to – purchase gifts that you may need to give to both families
                              Book your wedding cake
                              Meet with the photographer and videographer - advise them on what you want on the day (different
                              photographic styles – give them a run down on what the days will be like so they know what to expect).
                              Visit your Priest to finalise details for all the functions


                                         THE PERFECT WEDDING PLANNER

                                          indian wedding checklist
                     Confirm with family and friends who is doing what on the days (helps if you give them a list so there is no
one month

                     Create day plans for all your functions informing when and where things are happening
                     Confirm all transportation needs for the bridal party
                     Collect all attire for the wedding party – ensure everything is ready to wear
                     Confirm all guests with the caterer
                     Purchase or hire all pooja items

                     Confirm your honeymoon details
two weeks

                     Finalise wedding speeches
                     Finalise seating plans
                     Confirm all bookings and check if things are going as per planned
                     If required fill favour bags of almonds, chocolates etc

                     Visit your beautician for facials, waxing etc.
                     Get your manicure and pedicures
one week

                     Decide on who will return all the hired items after the wedding
                     Write any cheques that are required for the wedding day – put them in separate labeled envelopes
                     Pack for your honeymoon
                     Make sure all pooja items are prepared



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