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					    Fukushima JET Japanese Course and Home Stay
Dear JET,
The Aizu Wakamatsu International Association will be hosting this year’s Fukushima
JET Japanese Course and Home stay, which your contracting organization has been
informed about and encouraged to let you attend. Please read the following information
and send back the Reply Form to your contracting organization. (Your contracting
organization is the prefecture/city/town/village which has sent Notice of Appointment to
DATES                  From     Friday 18th August 2006 at 1pm
                       to       Sunday 20th August 2006 at 1:30pm
LEVELS (3)             Pre-Beginner
                       Other (for those with more Japanese experience)
ACCOMMODATION          Home stay with a Japanese family on Friday and Saturday
                       NOTE: This programme includes a home stay so that you
                       can practise the Japanese that you learn during the classes.
                       Other accommodation arrangements may be possible, but we
                       highly recommend doing the home stay.
OTHER                  Class Excursion in Aizu
APPLICATION            Please fill in the Reply Form consisting of both the Home Stay
                       Application and the Japanese Quiz. You can download the
                       form       from    the     Fukushima        JET      homepage
                       Please send these documents back to your contracting
                       organization by no later than 12th June 2006. (If you received
                       the documents later than 12th June 2006, please send them
                       back as soon as possible.)If you cannot participate in the
                       programme, please inform the reason to your contracting
This is a popular programme because classes give intensive individual attention to
students. All teachers are trained volunteers, enthusiastic to share the Japanese
language with you. We look forward to welcoming you to Aizu in August.

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     Fukushima JET Japanese Course and Home Stay

                          REPLY FORM
                    Home Stay Application


(if known)

Nationality                          Gender                Female           Male

Date of Birth                        Do you smoke?           Yes             No


                                     Likes & Dislikes

The above personal information will be used to match you to a homestay family.
          Is there any reason why you cannot stay with a Japanese family?

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                       Japanese Quiz

Please use this document to inform us of your Japanese level. There are two sections: A
is a self-assessment form. B is a short quiz to allow the teachers to group students into
similar levels. It is very important that you complete this quiz beforehand so that you
can be placed in the appropriate Japanese level class upon arriving at the language

                                            Section A

Rate your Japanese ability.                                  Which class would you like to join?
                      Pre-Beginner                               Pre-Beginner            Beginner
    Speaking                         Intermediate   Fluent

                      Pre-Beginner                                                           Other
    Listening                        Intermediate   Fluent

     Reading                         Intermediate   Fluent
                       Beginner                              Have you participated in…
                      Pre-Beginner                           Japanese Classes     (Hours             )
     Writing                         Intermediate   Fluent

                                                             Self-Study           (Hours                 )

Can you read …        Hiragana       Katakana       Kanji    Japanese Test        (Details           )

Can you write …       Hiragana       Katakana       Kanji

Have you stayed in Japan before?                                     Yes                      No

If “yes”, how long?                                          (                                               )

What did you do?                                             (                                               )

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                                                   Section B

             Please answer as many of the questions as possible. The quiz is designed to allow the
             teachers to prepare appropriate and relevant material for all participants. Therefore
             please do not use dictionaries or any other study aids. Answer as many questions as you
             can (in kanji, hiragana, katakana or roman script) and do not worry about answering
             those questions that you find to be too difficult. It should take no longer than 15 – 20
             minutes. When you have finished, please circle which of the following that applies to

                      I’m a complete beginner so I did not answer any of the questions!
                      Please have a look at my great efforts!

                                  Please answer the following questions in Japanese.

1   お名 前 は?                                 (O namae wa?)

2   あなたは 学 生 ですか? (Anata wa gakusei desuka?)

3   いつ日 本 に行きますか? (Itsu nihon ni ikimasu ka?)

                                               Please fill in the blanks.

    ぎんこう                        じ                 じ
    銀行 は たいてい 9 時                              3 時                   です。
    (Ginkou wa taitei (usually) 9 ji            3 ji               desu.)

    にほん               たか
5   日 本 のカメラは 高 いですか。 (Nihon no kamera wa takai desuka.)

                                           (Please write a negative sentence.)

    いいえ、日 本 のカメラは(                                     )です。 (Iie,Nihon no kamera wa (                   )desu.)

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6    あなたの部屋はきれいですか。                        (Anata no heya wa kirei desuka.)

                                               (Please write a negative sentence.)
     いいえ、(                                                        。
                                                                  ) (Iie, (                                               ). )

                                   Please answer the questions about yourself.
                                               す                                     _
7     あなたは どんな スポーツ が 好きですか。 (Anata wa donna supotsu ga suki desuka.)

8     家 族は      なんにん ですか。 (Kazoku wa nan nin desuka.)

      にほん       なに
9     日 本で       何 がしたいですか? (Nihon de nani ga shitai desuka?)

                くに   に ほん             おお
10    あなたの国と日本とどちらが大きいですか? (Anata no kuni to Nihon to dochira ga ookii desu ka?

                                                   Please fill in the blanks.
11 今日は忙しいです。                                きのうも (                                                                     )。
     (Kyou wa isogashii desu.                                Kinou mo (                                                ).

12 すみませんが、 塩                を(                          )ください。             (Sumimasenga, shio wo (             ) kudasai.)

                                                        (Please pass the salt.)
13 ここでタバコを                                                  か? (Koko de tabako wo                                      ka?)
                                                        (May I smoke here?)
14 いいえここで タバコを                                          ください。 (Iie koko de tabako wo                               kudasai.)
                                                     (Please do not smoke here.)

15 わたしのしゅみは                 音 楽を                                                                              ことです。

     (Watashi no shumi wa ongaku wo                                                                           koto desu.)
                                                      (I like listening to music.)

16 まいにち                            まえに          本 をよみます。 (Mainichi                               mae ni hon wo yomimasu.)

                                             (I read books every night before sleeping.)

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17 インドへ                                     ことがあります。                  (Indo e                               koto ga arimasu.)
                                                        (I have been to India.)
18 このボタンを                              とおつりがでます。 (Kono botan wo                                          to otsuri ga demasu.)
                                                  (Press this button to get change.)

19                                    とき、本 をよみます。 (                                                   toki, hon wo yomimasu.)

                                                    (I read books in my free time.)

     あめ                                                い
20   雨が                                           ら 行きません。 (Ame ga                                                ra ikimasen.)

                                                        (I won’t go if it rains.)
21 いくら                                                わかりません。 (Ikura                                          wakarimasen.)
                                        (However much I think, I still don’t understand.)
22 わたしは ブラウンさんに                     でんわばんごうをおしえて                                                                    。
     (Watashi wa Buraunsan ni denwabangou wo                                                                                   )
     (I told Mr Brown the telephone number.)                                           ※   In a situation that helped Mr Brown.

23   右 へ_____                  _ __とホテルがあります。(Migi e                                                      to hoteru ga arimasu.)

                                         (When you turn right, you will find the hotel.)
                                               じ かん
24                                             時間がありません。 (                                                  jikan ga arimasen.)
                                                       (I have no time to study.)
              とうきょう                                   しゃしん
25 これは         東 京で                                   写真です。 (Kore wa Tokyo de                                    shashin desu.)
                                               (This is the photograph I took in Tokyo.)
26 あした雨が                                              と思います。 (Ashita ame ga                                     to omoimasu.)
                                                    (I think it will rain tomorrow).
27 どうしたんですか?                                      (Dou shita n desu ka?)                                  (What’s the matter?)
         頭が                                          。      (Atama ga                         .)            (My head hurts.)
         さいふをおとして                                     。(Saifu wo otoshite                       .)       (I dropped my purse!)
28 足を                                                           。        (Ashi wo                                                .)
                                                      (Someone trod on my foot!)

                                 Please put the following sentences into Japanese.
29 I hear that it will rain. 雨 が(                                            。
                                                                             ) (Ame ga (                                      ). )

30 It looks like it’s about to rain. 雨 が(                                     。(Ame ga (
                                                                              )                                               ).)

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31 This sweater is too large (for me).

    このセーターは 大 き(                                                 )。 (Kono seetaa wa ooki (                 ).)

32 This personal computer is easy to use.

    このパソコンは 使 い(                                            )。 (Kono pasokon wa tsukai (                   ).)

33 The meeting is just about to begin.

    かいぎは 今 から(                                                )。 (Kaigi wa imakara (                       ).)

                                                Please answer the question.
34 Shourai, anata no kodomo nimo Nihongo wo benkyou sasetaidesuka?

                                                  こども        にほんご
    .将来(しょうらい、in the future)、あなたの子 供 にも日本語をべんきょうさせたいですか。

    Hai, (                                             ).            はい、(                                  。
    Iie, (                                             ).          いいえ、(                                   )。

              Please use the space below to write in Japanese (in roman letters is also ok) about
              your previous experience of studying Japanese. (eg. where, for how long, content

                                            Thank you for completing this quiz.
               Make sure you return these document to your contracting organization by 12th June.

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