A year of celebrations and festivals by hedongchenchen


									                World Celebrations and Festivals

Festivals and celebrations

      BBC Northern Ireland KS2 festivals
       Download teachers notes and worksheets from the BBC Northern
       Ireland series.
      BBC Schools Spanish festivals
       Games and language activities on the topic of festivals for primary
       learners of Spanish.
      BBC Schools religion
       Information about Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism,
       Sikhism with links to teachers notes for major festivals in their
       religious calendars.
      British Council – my favourite day
       Testimonies from children around the world written in English, talking
       about their favourite days of the year. Days include Chinese New
       Year, Taiwanese Moon Festival, Deepavali and Christmas in Italy and
      British Library – Words alive
       Teachers’ notes based around stories about three religious festivals:
       Diwali, Easter and Purim.
      European Day of Languages
       The European Day of Languages is a Council of Europe initiative held
       annually on the 26 September, to celebrate languages and cultural
       diversity. The CILT EDL pages include activities, classroom ideas,
       events and resources to celebrate the day - visit CILT EDL.
      Global Gateway calendar across the world
       Calendar of key dates including religious festivals, international and
       national days.
     United Nations International year of the potato
      2008 was the United Nations International Year of the Potato. This
      supporting website is full of cultural information about the role the
      potato plays in providing ‘food security and eradicating poverty’, with
      links to global facts for children and recipes from all over the world.
      The site is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and

Chinese New Year

     BBC Northern Ireland schools downloadable worksheets
     British Council language assistants - ideas for primary language
     Teachernet Chinese New Year assemblies


     CILT Library Christmas resources
      Search for 'Christmas' using the online catalogue to browse primary
      languages Christmas resources in the NACELL collection. Visit the
      CILT Library.
     ELL forum Christmas resources posts (pdf, 40 KB)
      A collection of posts from the ELL forum on the topic of free
      Christmas resources. Find out about activities, free websites and
      ideas suggested by other forum users. Sign to the ELL forum here.
     Action aid Christmas in Chembakolli
      Resources to download including postcards from India.
     BBC Languages - a French Christmas
     BBC Languages - a German Christmas
     BBC Languages - a Spanish Christmas
     BBC Languages - an Italian Christmas
     BBC Primary Spanish Christmas
      Find out how people celebrate Christmas in Spain.
     British Council language assistants - activities
      An adaptable language-general lesson plan with suggested activities
      and resources based on Christmas.
     Consejería de educación Christmas resources
      Christmas activities for all levels, including Powerpoints and audio
         The Voyage - Christmas
          Find out about Christmas in Germany with the Voyage, a website for
          children from the UK-German Connection. Includes recipes for
          'Lebkuchenhaus' and 'Herrenplätzchen', Christmas vocabulary and
          carols and an animated advent calendar.


         BBC Schools Diwali information for teachers


         British Council language assistants - Easter activities


         BBC Schools religion - Eid information for teachers


         British Council go 4 English - interactive Ramadan Song
         BBC Northern Ireland schools information about Ramadan
         BBC Schools religion - Ramadan information for teachers

Suggested Celebrations

           s (Christian, Roman Catholic, International)
  Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)
  Declaration of the Bab (Baha'i)
  Dia de los Muertos (Mexico, Latin America)
  Diwali (Buddhist, Hindu)
  Eid al-Adha (Islamic, Muslim)
     -Al-Fitr (Islamic, Muslim)
  Emancipation Day (African-American, United States)


                              Dominican Republic)

Displaying Students' Work
You might display the students' work in one of the following ways:

       World map. Post a world map on a bulletin board. Display students'
    celebration information cards around the map. Extend a strand of yarn
    from each card to the country(s) which that celebration is primarily
    associated with.
       Timeline. Create a timeline so students can track celebrations
    throughout the school year. (They also might add to the timeline
    throughout the year as they learn about additional celebrations.) Hang a
    clothesline across the room, mark intervals for each month, and use
    clothespins to hang students' information cards at the appropriate places
    on the timeline.
       ABC book. Combine students' information cards into an ABC Book of
    Celebrations Around the World. Older students might create a list of
    celebration-related words and terms from their cards; some celebrations
    might include several unique words. Their ABC book can introduce those
       Web site. Create a Web page of students' work. You might even
    create a clickable world map or a clickable calendar that visitors can use
    to learn more about the world's special celebrations.

As the date for each celebration arrives, expose students to more
information about it or read a children's book related to the culture/country
of the celebration. Spend some time talking about the geography (location,
physical aspects, and so on) of countries as you discuss their celebrations.

Activity Resources
Following are some additional resources students can use as they research
their celebrations on the Internet.

    Ethnic and Religious Cultural Holidays, Celebrations, and Festivals
    Holidays and Celebrations Around the World
    Kidlink's Multicultural Calendar
    Earth Calendar
    Religious Calendar

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