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									       PART ONE


AFGHAN CARPET EXPORTERS’ GUILD*                                            AFGHAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND
Office/postal address:
                                                                           Office/postal address:
Ministry of Commerce
P.O. Box 3159                                                              General Administration of International Economic Relations
Darulaman Road                                                             119 Darulaman Watt
Kabul                                                                      Kabul

Phone:    (93 70) 224575                                                   Phone:    (93 2) 290196, 290090
                                                                           Fax:      (93 2) 290196, (93 1) 287458
Year established:      1967
                                                                           Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                           •    To facilitate importing: locating competitive suppliers
•    To provide guidance in export of carpets and rugs;                         throughout the world, collecting their catalogues, price list,
•    To publicize Afghan carpets and rugs;                                      samples and other promotional materials, disseminating the
•    To identify markets for Afghan carpets and rugs;                           information to the relevant members of importers
•    To encourage Afghan carpet and rug producers and provide                   association, issuing proformas on behalf of the best
     technical support;                                                         competitive supplier and following the matter;
•    To control quality of Afghan rugs at time of exportation so           •    To facilitate exports and to process export goods;
     that unsatisfactory goods are not exported;                           •    To attract foreign assistance in the field of industries;
•    To control the imported dyestuffs and woolen yarns so that            •    To participate in the establishment of industrial projects and to
     unfit materials are not used in Afghan carpet and rug industry.            provide other facilities.

Services/activities:                                                       Services/activities:

•    Encourages the carpet producers to use Afghan karakul wool            As detailed under Principal functions.
     in weaving carpets and kilims;
•    Establishes carpet-weaving, dusting and washing centres in            Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
     important trade centres/cities of Afghanistan;
•    Conducts competition between producers of carpet for                  Primary products.
     improving the quality of Afghan carpets;
•    Encourages producers to use attractive and historical carpet          Category:
•    Promotes the Carpet Exporters’ Guild and attracts new                 Chamber of commerce.
     producers and exporters as new members;
•    Participates in exhibitions of carpets and other floor
     coverings within and outside Afghanistan;
•    Provides information on Afghan carpet traders and floor,
     covering companies of different countries of the world.


Each year the Guild, through the channel of its members, most of
which are carpet and rug producers, trains a number of
apprentices in the craft.


Carpet manufacturer and exporter.


                                                                  ASSOCIATION (APTIA)
Office/postal address:                                            Ministry of Commerce

Karte Parwan (near British Embassy)                               Office/postal address:
                                                                  Ayubkhan Mina
P.O. Box: 329, Kabul                                              South of Hibibia High School
                                                                  2nd ST, Darulaman Road
Phone: (93 20) 2200189                                            Kabul
Mobile: (93 70) 275511, 234528
Fax:    (93 20) 2200189                                           P.O. Box: 7005

E-mail:                       Phone:   (0093) 752023490
                                                                  Fax:     (0093) 752023490
Year established:      1964
Principal function:
                                                                  Year established:     1979
•    To issue marine, aviation, fire, motor and accident
     insurance.                                                   Principal function:

Services/activities:                                              •   To promote and export animal products (wool, cashmere
                                                                      wool, animal skins).
•    As detailed under Principal function.
                                                                  Local branches:
Local branch:
                                                                  Herat, Kandahar, Balkh, Khost and Nangarhar.
Mazar Branch
North of Rawza                                                    Membership structure:          Association.
Balkh                                                             Products/commodity responsible for:

Membership structure: Afghan National Insurance Company           Wool; cashmere wool; animals pickle; wet blow; hide skin of
is a member of Asian Reinsurance Corporation in Bangkok.          domestic animals.

Training:                                                         Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Undertakes training courses in English and local languages,       Herat; Nangarhar; and Kabul.
which are open to participation from other countries.
                                                                  Trade association; and trade promotion organization.


Office/postal address:
                                                                         Office/postal address:
Ministry of Commerce
Darulaman Watt                                                           P.O. Box 389
Kabul                                                                    In front of the Embassy of India
Phone:    (92 02) 500328
                                                                         Phone:    (92 02) 201329
Year established:      1969 (under Ministry of Commerce).
                                                                         Year established:    1975     (formerly:   Afghan     Handicraft
Principal function:                                                      Promotion Joint Corporation).

•    To undertake export promotion of Afghan exportable                  Principal function:
                                                                         To export all kinds of Afghan handicraft products including:
Services/activities:                                                     •   Leather products (bags, purses, travel bags, belts, footwear
                                                                             (sandals and shoes), etc.),
•    Undertakes marketing of export products and market analysis;        •   Gift items,
•    Participates in international trade fairs;                          •   Garments,
•    Upgrades qualities of Afghan exportable products;                   •   Stone products,
•    Collects and analyses statistics regarding markets;                 •   Carpets and rugs,
•    Disseminates up-to-date prices by newspaper, radio and telex;       •   Hand-knotted woollen products,
•    Undertakes training of personnel;                                   •   Embroidered garments and tablecloths,
•    Establishes new organizations;                                      •   Genuine and imitation jewellery,
•    Undertakes studies on supply and demand for Afghan                  •   Wooden statues.
•    Publicizes Afghan products;                                         Services/activities:
•    Undertakes registration of importers and exporters.
                                                                         As detailed under principal function.
Publications issued:
•    Foreign Trade Bulletin (monthly).
•    Catalogues and pamphlets of Afghan products.                        Trade promotion organization.
•    Demand and supply studies of importable products.

Offices abroad:

Afghan Trade Representative
R.B. Dunichand Road
Amritsar, India

Afghan Trade Agency
Maidan Sewom-e-Esfand
Mashad, Islamic Republic of Iran

Afghan Trade Agency
No. 10, The Mall
Peshawar Catt, Pakistan

Afghan Trade Agency
Makseem Gorki Street
Termiz, Russian Federation

Commercial Attaché
2 Brestakaya Street 18/19
Moscow, Russian Federation


Trade promotion organization.


ARMENIAN DEVELOPMENT AGENCY                                               BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER

Office/postal address:                                                    Office/postal address:

17 Charents Str.                                                          Trade Promotion Department
Yerevan 375025                                                            1 Charents str, 1 building, 2nd floor
                                                                          Yerevan 375025
Phone:    (374 1) 570170
Fax:      (374 1) 542272                                                  Phone: (374 1) 528279, 574778, 574964
                                                                          Fax:   (374 1) 528279, 574778, 574964
URL:                                E-mail:
Year established:      1998
                                                                          Year established:       August 1998
Principal functions:
                                                                          Principal function:
•    Investment promotion;
•    Export development;                                                  •    To promote the development of small and medium
•    Enterprise development.                                                   enterprises in Armenia by providing technical assistance in
                                                                               the fields of business and management consultancy, trade
Services/activities:                                                           promotion and business training.

Provision of multifunctional pre-visit and post-visit services for        Services/activities:
foreign investors as well as assistance with new market penetration
for domestic companies with export potential.                             •    Business consultancy;
                                                                          •    Consultancy on business legislation;
Publications issued:                                                      •    Trade promotion and international marketing;
                                                                          •    Business training.
•    Armenia - Country Investment Profile (quarterly, English).
•    Tax Guide (semi-annually, English).                                  Membership structure:        5 members.
•    Armenian Business Magazine “FORUM” (quarterly,
     English).                                                            Training:
•    Investment Projects (semi-annually, English).
                                                                          •    How to implement marketing in Armenia;
Membership structure:         100   per     cent     governmental         •    How to create “selling” advertising;
organization.                                                             •    Accounting (according to new standard) and financing
Category:                                                                 •    Tax legislation in Armenia, including recent amendments;
                                                                          •    Legal regulations of NGO activities;
Trade promotion organization.                                             •    How to start small business;
                                                                          •    Labour legislation of Armenia, human resource management;
                                                                          •    Contracting;
                                                                          •    Banks and credit management;
                                                                          •    Principles of management;
                                                                          •    Training of trainers;
                                                                          •    Training of consultants.

                                                                          Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

                                                                          •    Tax legislation (Profit tax low, VAT tax low) (1998).
                                                                          •    Foreign Investments.
                                                                          •    Civil Code (1998).


                                                                          Trade promotion organization.


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF                                    Representative office in Germany
THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA                                                25a Watzmann str.
                                                                       85586 Poing
Office/postal address:                                                 Phone: (4981) 2180904
                                                                       Fax:     (4981) 21/80999
11 Khanjyan Str.                                                       E-mail:
Yerevan 375010
                                                                       Representative office in the Russian Federation
Phone:    (37 41) 560184, 560196                                       Chistoprudny ave, 12A, office 732
Fax:      (37 41) 587871                                               101000, Moscow
                                                                       Phone: (095) 9169224, 09169274, 9169422
E-mail:,                             Fax:     (095) 9169034
URL:                                                  E-mail:

Year established:      1959                                            Representative office in the Russian Federation
                                                                       Samarskaya oblast
Principal function:                                                    Avtostroiteley 68, Tolyatti
                                                                       Phone: (8482) 429111
•    To promote and assist the development of small and medium         Fax:      (8482) 791256
                                                                       Representative office in the Russian Federation
Services/activities:                                                   Northwestern Federal okrug
                                                                       Moscow Avenue 138, St. Petersburg
•    Provides consulting services;                                     Phone: (7812) 3883054
•    Disseminates business and trade information;                      Fax:     (7812) 3883054
•    Issues certificates of origin and quality;
                                                                       Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    Organizes fairs, expositions, business trips, seminars and
     round tables.
                                                                       •   The Law of the Republic of Armenia “About the Chamber of
                                                                           Commerce and Industry”.
Local branch:
26 Garegin Njdeh Str.
                                                                       Chamber of commerce.
375026 Yerevan
Phone: (37 41) 443436
Fax:     (37 41) 442848

Offices abroad:

Representative office in Bulgaria
Sofia 1414
Phone: 3592/952 15 94
Fax:     592/952 62 31

Representative office in the United States of America and Canada
1807 West Glenoaks Blvd., Suite 201
Glendale, CA 91201
Phone: (818) 2470603
Fax:      (360) 2831543

Representative office in the Republic of Northern Osetia
49 Peace Avenue,
Phone: (8672) 540115
Fax:     (8672) 534737

Representative office in the Netherlands
Phone: (31 0) 652613115
Fax:     (31 0) 793716171



Office/postal address:

5 M. Mkrtchian
Yerevan 375010

Phone:    (374 1) 585848
Fax:      (374 1) 563711


Year established:       1991 (reorganized in 2002).

Principal functions:

•    To elabourate the economic policy of Armenia;
•    To be responsible for industrial and information technology
     policy development;
•    To elabourate trade and investment policy;
•    To maintain an export-oriented economic climate, negotiate
     global access for Armenian products and services to the
     world markets;
•    To be responsible for the collabouration within WTO;
•    To attract and promote foreign investments, to create
     favorable investment and business climate continuously
     improving it;
•    Many other functions.

Publications issued:

•    Concept Paper for Sustainable Economic Development
     Policy for Armenia (Ministry of Trade and Economic
     Development of the Republic of Armenia, UNDP-Armenia,
•    Armenia. Administrative Barriers to Investments (FIAS,
     Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Armenia,
•    Factors Inhibiting Foreign Direct Investments to Armenia
     (FIAS, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of
     Armenia, IRIS, 1998).

Membership structure:       350 members.

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

All areas/industries.

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

•    The Republic of Armenia Law on Foreign Investment
     adopted in 1994.


Ministry of Trade; and economic development.


INDUSTRY                                                                    ADVISORY FOUNDATION (AIPAF)

Office/postal address:                                                      Office/postal address:

31 Istiglaliyyat str.                                                       “The Government House”
Baku 370001                                                                 40, U.Hajibayov str.
                                                                            Baku 1000
Phone:     (994 12) 925126
Fax:       (994 12) 971997                                                  Phone: (994 12) 4990147, 4990148
                                                                            Fax:   (994 12) 4990152
URL:                                                  E-mail:
Year established:       1993
                                                                            Year established:      2004
Principal function:
                                                                            Principal function:
•    To assist and promote small and medium enterprises.
                                                                            •    To increase non-oil FDI in Azerbaijan.
•    Establishes business contracts;
•    Provides certification, legal services and information services.       •    Services investors.

Publication issued:                                                         Publication issued:

•    Newsletter (monthly).                                                  •    Doing Business in Azerbaijan.

Local branches:                                                             Membership structure:         Foundation with board of trustees as
                                                                            a supreme body.
Branches in Azerbaijan towns.
                                                                            Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Membership structure:           260 members.
                                                                            Non oil economy.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                            Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
Energy sector; final product manufacturing; and agriculture sector.
                                                                            •    FDI law 2004.
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
•    The Protection of Foreign Investments in Azerbaijan.                   Export marketing board; and investment financing organization.


Chamber of commerce.


NATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF                                                  •   Assists in composing statements, appeals, petitions and other
ENTREPRENEURS (EMPLOYERS’)                                                     juridical documents, examines documents and their
ORGANIZATIONS OF AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC                                           correspondence to current legislation;
                                                                           •   Clarifies and advises regulation of the relations in
Office/postal address:                                                         commercial and labour legislation;
                                                                           •   Offers modern conference-hall, business-meeting rooms in
85, S. Askerova str.                                                           the centre of the city for various meetings;
9th floor                                                                  •   Renders consulting services.
370002 Baku
                                                                           Membership structure:      2,126    entrepreneurs’ subjects
Phone:    (99412) 4949976, 4949016, 4991339                                including about 35 associations and unions of economic and
Fax:      (99412) 4949976                                                  social orientation.

E-mail:,,                   Category:

Year established:      1999

Principal functions:

•    To protect rights of entrepreneurs, their property and other
     legal interests before the corresponding state structures,
     municipality bodies and other organizations;
•    To assist strengthening the market infrastructure and
     development of entrepreneurship relevant to the trends of the
     State Entrepreneurship Development Programme;
•    To participate in the collective negotiations with the
     Azerbaijan Government and Trade Unions Confederation
     with the purpose of regulation of the labour relations
     according to the labour legislation in the country, to sign the
     tripartite General Collective Agreement together with the
     Azerbaijan Government and Trade Unions Confederation;
•    To provide the establishment of permanent business
     relations among its members, and to assist work on
     investment, innovation and formation of sound
     entrepreneurship environment as well as other projects;
•    To assist local entrepreneurs in search of partners in the
     country and abroad, participate in their information supply;
•    To participate in the preparation and realization of various
     social-economic oriented sector, regional and country
•    To realize the preparation of the social-economic oriented
     draft laws and other normative-legal acts related to the
     development of entrepreneurship;
•    To create conditions for the study of the world experience of
     entrepreneurship and its available application in Azerbaijan;
•    To assist the establishment of social-economic oriented


•    Analyses the activity of entrepreneurship enterprises and
     invites foreign experts through the international programmes
     to assist in fund-raising;
•    Assists in search of partners abroad;
•    Organizes business trips to foreign countries;
•    Organizes trainings covering various spheres of
     entrepreneurship, computer and language courses;
•    Sends representatives abroad to promote entrepreneurial
     unions in the framework of the international programme;
•    Advises regarding legal matters, legislative and other
     normative-legal documents;
•    Provides review regarding juridical examination of
     documents and their correspondence to the current


BANGLADESH CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES                                         Karnaphuli Paper Mills Ltd.
CORPORATION (BCIC)                                                     Chandraghona
Office/postal address:                                                 Phone: (880 31) 624337
                                                                       Fax:     (880 31) 612833
BCIC Bhaban                                                            E-mail:
30-31 Dilkusha C/A
Dhaka 1000                                                             Natural Gas Fertilizer Factory Ltd.
Phone:    (880 2) 9564153, 9556148                                     Sylhet
Fax:      (880 2) 9564120                                              Phone: (880 822) 688043
                                                                       Fax:     (880 821) 718425
Year established:      1976
                                                                       Potash Urea Fertilizer Factory
Principal functions:                                                   Ghorasal
•    To develop chemical industries;                                   Phone: (880 2) 9351216
•    To manufacture, market and distribute chemical products           Fax:      (880 2) 9351223
     produced by enterprises under its management.
                                                                       Triple Super Phosphate Complex
Services/activities:                                                   North Patenga
•    Supervises, coordinates and controls the enterprises placed       Phone: (880 31) 741355
     under its management;                                             Fax:      (880 31) 741357
•    Sets up new industries in the chemical sector;
                                                                       Uamania Glass Sheet Factory
•    Undertakes joint ventures in collabouration with local and
     foreign entrepreneurs.
                                                                       Phone: (880 31) 670430
Publications issued:
                                                                       Fax:     (880 31) 670308
•    Annual Report.
•    BI Monthly News Bulletin.                                         Urea Fertilizer Factory
Local branches:                                                        Narsingdi
                                                                       Phone: (880 2) 9353076
The BCIC has the following enterprises under its management:           Fax:      (880 2) 9352550
Bangladesh Insulator and Sanitaryware Factory                          Zia Fertilizer Company Ltd.
Mirpur                                                                 Ashuganj
Dhaka                                                                  B. Baria
Phone: (880 2) 8014145                                                 Phone: (880 2) 9352015
Fax:     (880 2) 8011326                                               Fax:       (880 2) 9351847
Chhatak Cement Company Ltd.                                            Products/commodity responsible for:
Sunamganj                                                              Urea fertilizer; ammonium sulphate; TSP fertilizer; paper; cement;
Phone: (880 82) 8651                                                   liquid chlorine; glass sheet; sanitary ware; insulators; ceramic floor
Fax:     (880 82) 715216                                               and wall tiles; packaging materials.
Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Factory
Rangadia                                                               Industrial promotion organization.
Phone: (880 31) 622301-4
Fax:     (880 31) 610564

Jamuna Fertilizer Co. Ltd.
Phone: (880 2) 933288
Fax:      (880 2) 933288


BANGLADESH EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES                                          Services/activities:
                                                                            •    Provides one window service in EPZs which includes
Office/postal address:                                                           provision of infrastructural facilities such as utilities (gas,
                                                                                 water, electricity, telephone, telex and fax), issue of
BEPZA Complex                                                                    import/export permits, work permits and security.
House No 19/D, Road No. 6
Dhanmondi R/A                                                               Publications issued:
Dhaka 1205
                                                                            •    Information brochures (published periodically).
Phone:   (880 2) 9670530, 8650058, 8650061                                  •    A New Horizon for Investors (English/Japanese/Korean/
Fax:     (880 2) 8650060, 9661849                                                Chinese/French/Italian/German/Arabic).

E-mail:,,                                 Local branches:,
URL:                                            Adamji Export Processing Zone
                                                                            Adamji Nagar, Narayangonj
Year established:      1980                                                 Phone: 7607037, 7607028
                                                                            Fax:    7607039
Principal functions:
                                                                            Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ)
•   To plan, develop, operate and manage export processing zones            South Halishahar, 4223 Chittagong
    in Bangladesh;                                                          Phone: (880 31) 741446, 740919, 740939
•   To take possession of land to be acquired or requisitioned by           Fax:     (880 31) 740031
    the Government for creation and development of a zone;                  E-mail:
•   To allot land and building space in a zone to investors on lease
    or on rent and to allow them to mortgage the allotted lands for         Comilla Export Processing Zone (Comilla EPZ)
    raising loans from financial institutions or commercial banks;          Old Airport Area, Comilla
•   To provide infrastructure facilities, including buildings,              Phone: (880 81) 77055, 71001, 71000
    utilities and warehouse;                                                Fax:     (880 81) 77056
•   To process applications for setting up industries within a zone
    and accord sanction in accordance with the guidelines given
                                                                            Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ)
    by the Government from time to time;
                                                                            Ganakbari, Savar, Dhaka
•   To provide customs bonded facilities in accordance with
                                                                            Phone: (880 2) 7701005, 7701002
    customs regulations for importation into a zone of building
                                                                            Fax:     (880 2) 7701003
    materials for construction purpose and packaging materials,
    raw materials and intermediate goods for the purpose of
                                                                            Ishwardi Export Processing Zone (IEPZ)
    processing for export;
                                                                            Pakshi, Pabna
•   To allow import of raw materials or semi-processed or other             Phone: (880 7) 32663962, 32663861
    goods required for use in the zone and export of semi-                  Fax:      (880 7) 32663961
    processed, processed or other goods to be specified by the
    board in such manner as may be prescribed;                              Karnaphuli Export Processing Zone
•   To assist in the transportation of imported raw materials and           North Patenga, Chittagong 4204
    intermediate goods in bonded condition and export of finished           Phone: (88 03) 1801069, 1741100
    products;                                                               Fax:      (88 03) 1740860
•   To provide necessary banking facilities within the zone in
    consultation with the Bangladesh Bank;                                  Mongla Export Processing Zone (MEPZ)
•   To establish liaison with the port, municipal and other                 Mongla Port Area
    authorities to make arrangement for transportation of imported          Mongla, Bagerhat
    raw materials and intermediate goods on bonded condition                Phone: (880 4) 66275199, 66275195
    and for export of finished products;                                    Fax:     (880 4) 66275198
•   To sanction the employment of foreign nationals, in
    accordance with the guidelines given by the Government from             Uttara Export Processing Zone (UEPZ)
    time to time, to posts for which local experts is not available         Shongalshi, Nilphamari
    for efficient running of the industries in zone;                        Phone: (880 5) 5161586, 55161677, 55161119
•   To enter into any contract or agreement for the purpose of the          Fax:     (880 5) 5161468
    ordinance, subject to the approval of the Government;
•   To set up, maintain and manage public warehouses at any                 Products/commodity responsible for:
    place in Bangladesh to provide customs bonded facilities in
    accordance with customs regulations for importation into                In the industrial units of EPZs products such as garments and
    Bangladesh of raw materials, packaging materials, semi-                 garments accessories, textile, terry towel, knitting and knit products,
    processed goods and accessories required for export oriented            caps, electronics, fishing reel, golf equipment, metal products,
    industries, if directed to do so by the Government.                     plastic products, shoes and leather goods, tent, and ropes are being
                                                                            produced and exported.


Locations of EPZs:                                                         BANGLADESH STANDARDS AND TESTING
•   CEPZ established at the port city of Chittagong, is 2.41 km            INSTITUTION (BSTI)
    from the main seaport, 7.24 km from the international airport
    and 5.63 km from the main business centre of Chittagong.               Office/postal address:
    There are currently 106 enterprises operating in the Zone;
•   Dhaka EPZ, established near the capital city, Dhaka, is 25 km          116-A Tejgaon Industrial Area
    from Zia International Airport and 35 km from the city centre.         Dhaka 1208
    There are currently 56 enterprises operating in the Zone;
•   Mongla EPZ established near the Mongla Port sea is 105 km              Phone: (880 2) 8821462
    from Jessore Airport. There is currently one enterprise                Fax:   (880 2) 9131581
    operating in the Zone;
•   Comilla EPZ established near the Comilla old airport area is           E-mail:
    97 km from the capital city and 170 km from Chittagong Port.
    There are currently three enterprises sanctioned in the Comilla        Year established:      1985 (through merger of Bangladesh
    EPZ;                                                                   Standards Institution and Central Testing Labouratories).
•   Ishurdi EPZ established near the Ishurdi Airport is 186 km
    from the capital city, 150 km from Bangabandhu Bridge and              Principal functions:
    450 km from Chittagong Port. There is currently one
    enterprise sanctioned in the Zone;                                     •    To formulate and publish Bangladesh Standard Specification
•   Uttara EPZ established near the Syedpur Airport is 360 km                   of commodities codes of practices;
    from the capital city and 640 km from Chittagong Port. There           •    To promote metrology science and render metrology services
    is currently one enterprise sanctioned in the Zone.                         throughout the country;
                                                                           •    To administer quality control activities through Testing and
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                                Certification Marking.

All sectors are encouraged with particular emphasis on hi-tech             Services/activities:
electronics and electrical equipment, hi-tech engineering, leather
and leather-related industries, specialized textiles, jewellery,           •    Formulates standards of commodities, processes/systems,
garments, automobile spares, light-medium engineering. (Industrial              codes of practice, etc., on national and international bases;
Policy 1991 encourages foreign investment through the                      •    Controls the quality of products through testing of locally
introduction of deregulatory provisions.)                                       produced consumer products, produce for the local market
                                                                                and for export through the issuance of Certification Marks
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                           Licences;
                                                                           •    Implements the systems of international units of weights and
•    Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act,                 measures in the country;
     1980.                                                                 •    Renders scientific/industrial/legal metrology services.

Category:                                                                  Publications issued:

Investment promotion authority; and export processing zone.                •    Standard specifications.
                                                                           •    Yearbook.

                                                                           Local branches:

                                                                           Dhaka Divisional Metrology Inspectorate
                                                                           BSTI Annex Building
                                                                           116-A Tejgaon industrial area
                                                                           Dhaka 1208
                                                                           Phone: (880 2) 9899631

                                                                           BSTI Regional Office
                                                                           Jumbory Maat
                                                                           Agrabad, Chittagong
                                                                           Phone: (880 31) 710695, 721137

                                                                           BSTI Regional Office
                                                                           62 Old Jessore Road
                                                                           Khalispur, Khulna
                                                                           Phone: (880 41) 762152, 761542

                                                                           BSTI Regional Office
                                                                           H-573 Ramchandrapur
                                                                           Nator Road
                                                                           Ghoramara, Rajshahi
                                                                           Phone: (880 721) 773181, 775897


BSTI Regional Office                                                      •    To identify investment sectors and facilities for investment in
Thakurstate (Launch ghat)                                                      industries in the private sector and provide wide publicity
Fazlul Haq Avenue                                                              thereof abroad;
Barisal                                                                   •    To invent specific devices for the purpose of promotion of
Phone: (880 431) 55796                                                         investment in industries in the private sector and their
BSTI Regional Office                                                      •    To create infrastructural facilities for industries in the private
Mirza Villa, Pallobi-9/B                                                       sector;
West Pathan Tola, Sylhet                                                  •    To determine terms and conditions for employment of
Phone: (880 821) 719547                                                        foreign officers, experts and other employees necessary for
                                                                               industries in the private sector;
Membership structure:         BSTI Council: 39 members.                   •    To prepare policies relating to the transfer of technology and
                                                                               phase-wise local production in the private sector and their
Other Committees: Variable                                                     implementation;
•   BSTI Council (sets policy and oversees activities);                   •    To provide necessary assistance for the rehabilitation of
•   Executive Committee (for administration and technical                      industries in the private sector;
    guidance);                                                            •    To finance and provide assistance in the financing of
•   Divisional Committee (adoption of National Standards -                     important new industries in the private sector;
    members from different sectors and industries associations):          •    To adopt necessary measures for the creation of capital for
    12 members;                                                                investment in industries in the private sector;
•   Technical Committees (finalization of Draft Standards):               •    To collect, compile, analyse and disseminate all kinds of
    12 members.                                                                industrial data and to establish a databank for that purpose;
                                                                          •    To do such other acts and things as may be necessary for the
Products/commodity responsible for:                                            performance of the above functions.
Agricultural and food products; chemicals; jute and textiles;             Services/activities:
electrotechnical; and engineering products.
                                                                          The services provided by BOI are categorized as follows:
                                                                          •    Investment promotion
Commodity standard institute.
                                                                               - Country promotions,
                                                                               - Sector/industry promotions,
                                                                               - Publications on business processes.
                                                                          •    Investment facilitation
BOARD OF INVESTMENT (BOI)                                                      - Pre-investment information and counselling service,
                                                                               - Investor welcome service (faster immigration),
Office/postal address:                                                         - Registration/approval of foreign, joint-venture and local
Prime Minister’s Office                                                        - Approving work permits for the foreign nationals,
Jiban Bima Tower, 19th floor,                                                  - Approving foreign loan suppliers’ credit, PAYE scheme,
10 Dilkusha Commercial Area                                                        etc.,
Dhaka 1000                                                                     - Facilitating utility connections (electricity, gas),
                                                                               - Assistance in obtaining industrial plots,
Phone:   (880 2) 9559378, 9561430-1                                            - Approving remittance of royalty, technical know-how
Fax:     (880 2) 9562312                                                           and technical assistance fees,
                                                                               - Facilitating the import of capital machinery/raw
E-mail:,                                         materials.
                                                                          •    Policy sdvocacy
                                                                               - Advocating policy suggestions to the Government,
Year established:      1989
                                                                               - Assisting Government in framing new policies for private
                                                                                   sector development.
Principal functions:
                                                                          Publications issued:
•   To provide all kinds of facilities in the matter of investment
    of local and foreign capital for the purpose of rapid
                                                                          •    FDI in Bangladesh during 2004, June 2005.
    industrialization in the private sector;
                                                                          •    Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh during 2002,
•   To implement government policy relating to the investment
                                                                               March 2003 (English).
    of capital in industries in the private sector;
                                                                          •    Bangladesh Investment Handbook, November 2002
•   To prepare the investment schedule in relation to industries
    in the private sector and its implementation;
                                                                          •    GCC Countries and Bangladesh: Investment and Trade
•   To prepare area-schedules for establishment of industries in
                                                                               Cooperation, May 2002 (English).
    the private sector and determination of special facilities for
                                                                          •    Utility Services and Environmental Clearance, January 2001
    such areas;
•   To approve and register industrial projects in the private
    sector involving local and foreign capital;


Local branches:                                                        DHAKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND
                                                                       INDUSTRY (DCCI)
Divisional Office Barishal
Suraiya Bhaban                                                         Office/postal address:
87/84 Jordon Road
Barishal 8200                                                          65-66 Motijheel Commercial Area
Phone: (880 431) 54797, 54399                                          Dhaka 1000

Divisional Office Chittagong                                           Phone: (880 2) 9552562, 9554383
CGO Building No.1                                                      Fax:   (880 2) 9560830
Agrabad Commercial Area
Chittagong 4100                                                        E-mail:,
Fax:     (880 31) 722382                                               URL:

Divisional Office Khulna                                               Year established: 1958
Shilpa Bank Bhaban 25-26 KDA C/A
Khulna 9100                                                            Principal functions:
Phone: (880 41) 720017, 724716
                                                                       •    To give suggestions for the formulation of government
Divisional Office Rajshahi                                                  policies in import, export, industry, investment, banking,
Heea Bitan                                                                  insurance, fiscal measures, annual budget, etc. and to provide
CandB Moor, Kazihata                                                        inputs for meetings related to World Trade Organization
Rajshahi 6000                                                               (WTO), United Nations Conference on Trade and
Phone: (880 721) 772047                                                     Development (UNCTAD), etc.;
                                                                       •    To represent trade, commerce and industry on various
Divisional Office Sylhet                                                    advisory or consultative committees at different ministries
Prabaho -18, Taltala                                                        and departments of the Government;
Sylhet 3100                                                            •    To comment on legislative measures affecting trade,
Phone: (880 821) 724 306                                                    commerce and industry;
                                                                       •    To function as a forum for exchanging views on trade and
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                            economy among different chamber members, government
                                                                            agencies, DCCI members and local/foreign delegations;
All sectors, excluding: arms and ammunition and other defence
                                                                       •    To settle trade disputes by arbitration;
equipment and machinery; forest plantation and mechanized
extraction within the bounds of reserved forests; production of        •    To issue Certificate of Origin and authenticate documents for
nuclear energy; and security printing (currency notes) and                  promotion of exports;
minting.                                                               •    To disseminate business information to members by
                                                                            electronic communication, fortnightly Trade Bulletin, DCCI
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                       Monthly Review, Current Awareness Service Bulletin, SDI:
                                                                            selective dissemination of information, newsletter, circulars,
•   Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection Act),              notifications, statistical data, etc.;
    1980.                                                              •    To organize training courses, seminars, workshops,
•   Investment Board Act, 1989.                                             symposia, meetings, delegations, fairs and participation
                                                                            thereof at home and abroad and to receive delegations;
•   Industrial Policy 2005.
                                                                       •    To undertake activities such as survey and research to
Category:                                                                   suggest for favourable business-related policies;
                                                                       •    To prepare Economic Policy Papers (EPPs) for conducting
Investment promotion and facilitation authority.                            policy advocacy for the benefit of the business sectors;
                                                                       •    To sign Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with
                                                                            overseas chambers of commerce and industries and other
                                                                            business organization for promotion of trade and investment;
                                                                       •    To prepare, implement and evaluate projects for
                                                                            entrepreneurship development and other trade related
                                                                       •    To develop business through Internet, web page, short
                                                                            link/cross link with DCCI, etc.


                                                                       •    Provides facsimile, e-mail, Internet, Web page browsing,
                                                                            commercial library; international tender documents,
                                                                            computer services, CD-ROM services; photocopy facilities,
                                                                            meeting and conference facilities;
                                                                       •    Provides computerized trade information service;
                                                                       •    Offers trade intelligence services such as export, import,
                                                                            investment inquiries, trade fairs/exhibitions, news, trade


    regulations, public notices, statutory regulatory orders             EXPORT PROMOTION BUREAU (EPB)*
    (SROs) and foreign exchange circulars;
•   Issues Certificates of Origin (CO) and Letters of                    Office/postal address:
•   Provides advisory and consultancy services;                          1st floor, 1/2 TCB Bhaban
•   Provides institutional supports to small-scale enterprises           Kawranbazar
    (SSEs).                                                              Dhaka 1215

                                                                         Phone: (880 2) 9144894, 9144886, 9144897
Publications issued:
                                                                         Fax:   (880 2) 9119531
•   DCCI Annual Report (English/Bengali).                                E-mail:
•   DCCI Monthly Review (English/Bengali).                               URL:
•   DCCI Members Directory: 2000 (English).
•   Tax Guide 2002-2003.                                                 Year established:      1972
•   Trade Secrets: the Export Answer Book for SME: 2001
    (Published jointly by DCCI and International Trade Centre            Principal functions:
    (ITC), German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ)).
•   Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution: How to settle        Product development:
    International business disputes: 2002 (Published jointly by          •   To provide technical support to local manufacturers/exporters;
                                                                         •   To provide training on product development and adaptation;
    DCCI and ITC, GTZ).
                                                                         •   To provide advisory support in quality control, packaging,
•   Introducing DCCI (annually).                                             supply improvement, post-harvest handling, etc.
•   DCCI Trade Information Bulletin (fortnightly).
•   DCCI General Circulars and Special Circulars.                        Market promotion:
•   Economic Indicators.                                                 •   To participate and/or organize international trade fairs;
•   Trade Delegation Brochure (occasional publications).                 •   To organize single country exhibitions, buyer-seller meets,
•   Economic Policy Papers on different business issues.                     contact promotion programmes, field business missions
•   Research reports.                                                        abroad;
•   Seminar reports.                                                     •   To organize product group international trade fairs.

Membership structure:      About 4,000 members classified                Trade information:
under four categories: General Members, Associate Members,               •   To disseminate trade enquiries to local exporting companies;
Town Association Members and Trade Group Members.                        •   To provide information on target markets including
                                                                             international prices and other information;
                                                                         •   To print/distribute Bangladesh Export Directory, product
Membership composition: export 30 per cent, import 30 per cent,
                                                                             brochures, export statistics and other publications of interest.
sales and services 20 per cent and manufacturing 20 per cent.
                                                                         Export policy:
Training:                                                                •   To formulate dynamic policy and programmes for the active
                                                                             promotion of exports and to assist in policy formulation;
DCCI Business Institute (DBI) provides training programmes and           •   To coordinate export development efforts programme and
counseling services to its members by year-wise scheduling.                  export promotion efforts of the public and private sectors;
                                                                         •   To develop linkages with chambers and trade associations;
DCCI has some projects through which the Chamber has been                •   To monitor export performance on a monthly basis.
imparting specialized training namely training for women
entrepreneurs, training on leather and leather goods, etc.               Coordination and cooperation:
                                                                         •   To coordinate with Bangladesh embassies abroad for attaining
Category:                                                                    the export target;
                                                                         •   To cooperate with foreign trade promotion organizations;
Chamber of commerce; industrial promotion; and trade                     •   To maintain working relationship with international/regional
promotion organization.                                                      organizations such as WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, WIPO, ESCAP,
                                                                             OIC, World Bank, ADB and IDB and other trade promotion

                                                                         Textile products:
                                                                         •    To issue Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Certificates
                                                                              and Certificates of Origin;
                                                                         •    To issue textile visa and licence.

                                                                         •    Implements National Export Training Programmes of EPB;
                                                                         •    Organizes seminars/workshops on export-related subjects;
                                                                         •    Orientation programmes for trade officials posted abroad.


                                                                         To issue GSP, GSTP, SAPTA and Bangkok Agreement certificates
                                                                         of Origin for export abroad.


Publications issued:                                                     FEDERATION OF BANGLADESH CHAMBERS OF
                                                                         COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (FBCCI)
•    Bangladesh Export Directory.
•    Bangladesh Export Statistics (annually).                            Office/postal address:
•    DITF-2003 (souvenir).
•    EPB Annual Report.                                                  Federation Bhaban
•    Monthly Export Statistics.                                          60 Motijheel Commercial Area
•    Handbook for Exporters (manual).                                    Dhaka
•    Manuals of NETP programme.
•    Handicrafts from Bangladesh (brochure).                             P.O. Box: 2079, Dhaka
•    Trade Information (quarterly).
                                                                         Phone: (880 2) 9560102-3, 9560482
Local branches:                                                          Fax:   (880 2) 8613213

Agrani Bank Building                                                     E-mail:
Ranir Bazar                                                              URL:
Phone: (880 81) 65019                                                    Year established:      1973

Agrabad Commercial Area                                                  Principal functions:
Phone: (880 31) 720907                                                   •    To promote the interests of its federating units;
Fax:     (880 31) 710540                                                 •    To bring about a better cohesion, understanding and harmony
                                                                              at the national level among the trade organizations;
5, K.D.A. Commercial Area                                                •    To aid and stimulate the development of trade, commerce,
Khulna                                                                        industry, agriculture and transport;
Phone: (880 41) 720449                                                   •    To protect, encourage and safeguard the cause of the private
                                                                              sector through consultation and interaction with the
House No. 1/B, Block C                                                        Government, Ministerial Consultative Committees and other
Road #33/A                                                                    related bodies or agencies;
Shahjalal Up Shahore                                                     •    To assist in the organization of chambers of commerce and
Sylhet                                                                        industry and associations of trade and industry in different
Phone: (880 821) 716144                                                       centres of Bangladesh;
                                                                         •    To initiate and adopt appropriate measures for the protection of
Shaheb Bazar                                                                  trade and persons engaged therein, especially members of the
Samabay Bhaban                                                                FBCCI;
P.O. Ghoramara                                                           •    To maintain relations and communicate with trade and
Rajshahi                                                                      industrial associations and other mercantile and public bodies
Phone: (880 721) 774420                                                       abroad;
Fax:     (880 721) 774420                                                •    To liaise as a member of the International Chamber of
                                                                              Commerce, Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and
Training:                                                                     Commodity Exchange and Confederation of Asia-Pacific
                                                                              Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
Funding from international organizations such as WTO,
UNCTAD, ITC, ESCAP and EU, regional seminar/workshop.                    Services/activities:

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                         •    Provides trade information services to members of FBCCI,
                                                                              foreign chambers, Bangladesh missions abroad and foreign
IT sector, agro-process and light engineering products/services.              missions in Bangladesh and related national and international
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                    •    Collects, maintains, analyses and disseminates statistical and
                                                                              other information on matters related to trade, commerce and
•    Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act,               industry of national and international importance and compiles
     1980 secures all foreign investment in Bangladesh.                       a databank;
•    OPIC’s (Overseas Private Investment Corporation, United             •    Conducts research on policies and programmes relating to the
     States of America) insurance and finance programmes                      development of trade, commerce and industry in the country;
     applicable.                                                         •    Plans to develop an information network, with international
•    Security and safeguards available under Multilateral                     collabourators such as the ICC;
     Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of which Bangladesh              •    Plans to develop a computerized database on members of the
     is a member.                                                             FBCCI in order to monitor their progress and performance;
•    Arbitration facility of the International Centre for the            •    Coordinates and disseminates matters referred by the trade
     Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID) available.                      representatives of the different embassies in order to assist
                                                                              local industrialists and traders;
Category:                                                                •    Collects information and publications from the Trade
                                                                              Representatives and circulates them among all chambers and
Trade facilitation body; trade fair and exhibition authority; and             associations in the country;
trade promotion organization.


•   Prints and circulates project profiles on new industrial projects        Services/activities:
    formulated by development finance institutes and the Board of
    Investment;                                                              •    Provides advisory services to the member organizations on
•   Collects information through field studies and market surveys                 the aforementioned areas;
    on priority sectors of the country and prepares study reports            •    Prepares updates on national macroeconomic trends;
    for the FBCCI member bodies and the relevant government                  •    Is represented on the various policy-level bodies of the
    ministries;                                                                   Government;
•   Arranges occasional seminars on economic and commercial                  •    Acts as Secretary to the Bangladesh Employers’ Federation,
    issues.                                                                       the only organization in the country representing the
Publications issued:
                                                                             Publications issued:
•   Annual Report (English).
•   FBCCI Journal (English).                                                 •    The Chamber News (monthly, English).
•   Yearly Recommendations of FBCCI Standing Committees                      •    The Tax News (monthly, English).
    (English).                                                               •    Economic Indicators of Bangladesh (annually, English).
•   Souvenirs of different important events (English/Bengali).               •    Annual Report of the Chamber (English).

Membership structure:         268 members, comprising 196                    Local branch:
Trade and Industrial Associations and 72 Chambers of Commerce
and Industry.                                                                137 Bangabandhu Avenue
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                             Membership structure: 277 members, representing the large
Non-profit promotional organization. Does not make investment                enterprises in trading, manufacturing, banks, insurance companies
itself, but works for promoting private sector investment.                   and public sector corporations.

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                        Products/commodity responsible for:

Relevant for     BOI     and   other    concerned     governmental           Manufacturing sectors such as jute, textiles, tea, chemicals and
organizations.                                                               pharmaceuticals, garments, food products, and construction, and
                                                                             service sectors such as banks and insurance, hotels.
Chamber of commerce; industrial promotion; and trade
promotion organization.                                                      The Chamber has been giving an increased focus on training and
                                                                             human resources development in recent periods. It conducts
                                                                             regular training programmes on different disciplines of
                                                                             management functions. The courses are conducted by both local
METROPOLITAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND                                         and foreign resource persons and the English language is used as
                                                                             the medium.
                                                                             Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Office/postal address:
                                                                             Agro-based industries, artificial flower-making, computer
Chamber Building
                                                                             software and IT, electronics, frozen foods, jute goods, jewellery
122-124 Motijheel Commercial Area
                                                                             and diamond-cutting, leather, oil and gas, electricity,
Dhaka 1000
                                                                             telecommunications, textiles, tourism, entertainment, hospitals
                                                                             and clinics, hotels and guest houses, etc.
Phone:   (880 2) 9565208-10, 7161028-30
Fax:     (880 2) 9565211-2
                                                                             Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
                                                                             The Government’s policy framework for foreign investment is
                                                                             based on Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection)
                                                                             Act, 1980, which provides for non-discriminatory treatment
Year established:      1904
                                                                             between foreign and local investments; protection of foreign
                                                                             investment from expropriation by the State; and ensured
Principal function:
                                                                             repatriation of proceeds from sale of shares and profit. Excepting
                                                                             a list of four reserve industries, foreign investments are
•   To deal with international trade and tariff, trade practices,
                                                                             encouraged in all sectors. To assist private investment, the
    taxation, commercial arbitration, training and human
                                                                             Government, through the Investment Board Act, 1989, set up the
    resources development, etc.
                                                                             Board of Investment.


                                                                             Chamber of commerce; industrial promotion; and trade promotion


SHIPPERS’ COUNCIL OF BANGLADESH                                                  •   Organizes joint meetings as and when necessary between the
                                                                                     representatives of shipowners and shippers with a view to find
Office/postal address:                                                               out how the national flag carriers can serve the shippers better
                                                                                     and how the shippers can provide cargo support to national
3rd Floor, Moon Mansion                                                              carriers in the overall national interest;
12 Dilkusha Commercial Area                                                      •   Resolves specific day-to-day problems faced by individual
Dhaka 1000                                                                           shippers in making shipment of their export cargoes in time;
                                                                                 •   Deals with matters relating to container shipment and container
Phone:    (880 2) 9556494, 9568520                                                   handling problems in close contact with port authorities and
Fax:      (880 2) 9568520                                                            shipping lines, railways and shippers;
                                                                                 •   Attends to enquiries from shippers, importers and exporters
E-mail:                                                               regarding ship’s programmes and space availability for their
                                                                                     cargo, etc.
Year established:       1980
                                                                                 Publication issued:
Principal functions:
                                                                                 •   Shipping News (quarterly).
•    To act as representative body of shippers to protect their
     common interest on shipping lines and conferences;                          Membership structure:        46    ordinary   members     and    79
•    To monitor shipping services and maintain close contact with                associate members.
     the shipping lines on a continuous basis;
•    To bring together all shippers in various parts of Bangladesh               Training:
     on a common platform for discussion of various problems
     affecting the shippers with particular reference to exports;                Organizes workshops/seminars on different aspects of shipping,
•    To protect the common interests of shippers vis-à-vis railway,              independently or in collabouration with ESCAP, to acquaint
     inland waterways, port authorities, etc., on any major policy               shippers and others concerned with shipping in matters relating to
     issues;                                                                     shipping techniques, etc.
•    To collect information and statistics, as required by the
     shippers and shipping lines, from different agencies and                    Category:
     circulate such information and statistical data for the use and
     benefit of shippers;                                                        Trade association.
•    To provide for mutual consultations between shippers and
     shipowners/shipping conferences, port and other concerned
     authorities as well as government on matters of common
•    To negotiate and enter into agreements with shipowners/
     shipping conferences and other concerned authorities on
     matters affecting shippers in the country;
•    To convene, independently or jointly with other organizations,
     conferences, seminars or meetings on matters relating to
     transport and shipping for achieving the main objectives of the


•    Represents the views of shippers to the concerned authorities
     and organizations in regard to ocean freight rates and
     surcharges and other terms and conditions of shipping
     services, port charges, port facilities, internal transport by rail,
•    Collects and circulates shipping intelligence and information
     regarding developments in the shipping world;
•    Safeguards and promotes the interest of shippers of member
     countries of the Association of Shippers’ Councils of
     Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka;
•    Publishes a quarterly bulletin in which information such as
     advance export cargo forecasts and ships’ schedules are
     published for the benefit of Bangladesh exporters and
•    Monitors ships’ schedules and resolves problems arising out
     of any changes in the declared schedules through mutual


                                                                           Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                           Department of Trade
Daebum Lam                                                                 Ministry of Trade and Industry
Thimphu                                                                    ThimphuG

P.O. Box: 147, Thimphu                                                     P.O. Box: 141, Thimphu

Phone:    (975 2) 323140, 322742                                           Phone: (975 2) 321337, 322407, 325588
Fax:      (975 2) 323936                                                   Fax:   (975 2) 321338

E-mail:                                                 E-mail:
URL:                                                    URL:

Year established:      1980                                                Year established:      1998

Principal functions:                                                       Principal functions:

•    To be responsible for advocacy with the Government;                   •    To act as focal point for export promotion in Bhutan;
•    To protect interest of the private sector;                            •    To support and interact with related organizations;
•    To be involved in the evolvement of new policies,                     •    To enhance export promotion activities.
     reformation process, trade promotion, sourcing markets,
     identification of products;                                           Services/activities:
•    To organize joint venture matchmaking;
•    To encourage selective foreign direct investment (FDI).               •    Collects and disseminates foreign market information;
                                                                           •    Establishes links with international organizations;
Services/activities:                                                       •    Identifies market opportunities;
                                                                           •    Coordinates and conducts market research;
•    Identifies market sourcing;                                           •    Provides marketing assistance to exporters;
•    Disseminates information;                                             •    Organizes trade-related workshops;
•    Prepares project reports;                                             •    Assists exporters in problem solving;
•    Provides business support and advisory services.                      •    Provides technical assistance;
                                                                           •    Organizes and promotes trade fairs and missions.
Local branches:
                                                                           Publications issued:
Twenty one branches spread out all over the country. All business
and trade associations are its registered members.                         •    Export News (biannually, English).
                                                                           •    Exporters Directory (biannually, English).
Membership structure:       There are over 200 individual and
corporate registered members. In addition, there are over 9,000            Membership structure:         60 members.
mandatory members.
                                                                           Products/commodity responsible for:
Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                           Horticultural and agro-based products; handicraft products; mineral
Export of Bhutanese products and import of consumer goods.                 products; timber products; processed food products; handmade
                                                                           paper products; traditional medicines; and essential oils.
For Bhutanese nationals only.
                                                                           •    ITC - Trade point seminars;
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                           •    In-country training/workshop on trade promotion activities;
                                                                           •    ITC - WTO/cost benefit workshop.
Agriculture; hydropower; tourism; wood-based            industries;
infrastructure development; IT industries, etc.                            Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                      Based on the FDI policy (2002).
Almost all the requisite Acts are in place.                                Category:
Category:                                                                  Export marketing board; ministry of trade; trade facilitation body;
                                                                           trade fair and exhibition authority; and trade promotion
Chamber of commerce; trade association; trade facilitation body;           organization.
trade fair and exhibition authority; trade promotion organization;
and training/research institute.


FOOD CORPORATION OF BHUTAN*                                              Local branches:

Office/postal address:                                                   Thimphu
                                                                         Phone: (975 2) 322877
P.O. Box 80                                                              Fax:    (975 2) 323957
Phone:    (975 5) 252241, 252429                                         Phone: (975 6) 365131
Fax:      (975 5) 252289                                                 Fax:    (975 6) 251093

E-mail:                                              Samdrup Jongkhar
                                                                         Phone: (975 7) 251073
Year established:      1974                                              Fax:    (975 7) 251123

Principal functions:                                                     Products/commodity responsible for:

Social functions:                                                        Essential food items and manufactured consumer products.
•    To provide support prices and necessary infrastructure to
     market cash crops through auctioning yards to farmers;              Category:
•    To maintain the national food security reserves at strategic
     locations;                                                          Trading company in agricultural-related products.
•    To initiate market development activities through marketing
     and initiating product standardization;
•    To look after the logistics of the World Food Programme;
•    To provide services as an export house to the suppliers of
     fruits for export.

Commercial functions:
•  To increase product lines and area coverage to meet the
   demands of consumers;
•  To source quality products and marketing at a reasonable
•  To consolidate market services and ensure timely delivery of
•  To ensure quality products for the export of horticultural


•    Provides storage facilities at the terminal markets in five
•    Caters to the World Food Programme (WFP) aid storage
•    Distributes WFP commodities at various project sites;
•    Over 100 Fair Price Shop agents are appointed all over the
•    Monitors the retailing of foodstuff by Fair Price Shop
•    Conducts regular pest control treatment to maintain the
     quality of foodstuff;
•    Conducts regular auction for horticultural products in the
     regulated markets;
•    Provides market information to the growers;
•    Maintains South Asian Association for Regional
     Cooperation (SAARC) Food Security Reserve Stock;
•    Markets essential commodities and convenient consumer
     packed goods;
•    Provides timely delivery of goods.


BRUNEI INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT                                          •   Manufacturing/processing of food and beverages including
AUTHORITY (BINA)                                                           packaging warehouse/cold storage;
                                                                       •   Manufacturing/processing of non-metallic and mineral
Office/postal address:                                                     products;
                                                                       •   Manufacturing/processing of wood and wood product.
Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources
Km 8, Jalan Gadong                                                     Training:
Negara BE1118
                                                                       All aspects of management and business development for
Phone:    (673 2) 444100, 444200                                       cooperatives.
Fax:      (673 2) 423300
                                                                       Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
URL:                                                •   Manufacture of food products, creameries and beverages;
                                                                       •   Manufacture of silica products;
Year established:      1996                                            •   Manufacture of clay products;
                                                                       •   Manufacture of non-metal products;
Principal functions:                                                   •   Manufacture of apparel products;
                                                                       •   Manufacture of textile mill products;
•    To develop and manage industrial sites and complexes to           •   Manufacture of leather products.
     encourage the formation of new industry and cooperatives;
•    To process the application of industrial activities to be         Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
     allocated at the industrial sites and complexes;
•    To register new cooperatives;                                     •   Industrial Coordination Order 2001.
•    To provide support services for the development of                •   Cooperatives Act 1984.
     manufacturing and cooperative activities.
                                                                       Government agency.
•    Licensing for industrial and cooperatives;
•    Industrial and cooperative development.

Publication issued:                                                    PROMOTION AND ENTREPRENEURIAL
                                                                       DEVELOPMENT DIVISION
•    Information on infrastructure and facilities.
                                                                       Office/postal address:
Local branches:
                                                                       Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources
c/o Blok 2 A6                                                          Jalan Menteri Besar
Pekan Belait Industrial Compleks                                       Bandar Seri Begawan BB3910
Jalan Setia Diraja, Kuala Belait, KA3131, Negara
Phone: (67 3) 3335052                                                  Phone: (673 2) 380026, 382822 ext. 2315
                                                                       Fax:   (673 2) 382838
Temburong Office
Cawangan Daerah Temburong                                              E-mail:
PA 1351, Temburong, Negara                                             URL:,
Phone: (67 3) 5221321
                                                                       Year established:      2003
Tutong Office
c/o A6 Block 2 Tutong Industrial Complex                               Principal functions:
TA 2541, Tutong, Negara
Phone: (67 3) 4261490                                                  The mission of the Division is to create self-reliant and
                                                                       competitive entrepreneurs and facilitate the development of high-
Products/commodity responsible for:                                    quality marketable products that can contribute to the nation’s
                                                                       goal of economic diversification.
•    Gas-related industries;
•    Manufacturing of chemicals, chemical products and plastic         The Division has set two main objectives:
     products;                                                         •   To identify potential entrepreneurs and support their
•    Manufacturing of paper and paper products, printing and               development to become enterprising and socially responsible
     publishing;                                                           business owners and managers of enterprises engaged in the
•    Manufacturing of textiles, apparel and leather industries;            primary resources and industry sectors;
•    Manufacturing/assembling/servicing of electronics and             •   To identify locally produced goods and services in the
     electrical goods;                                                     primary resources and industry sectors that have commercial
•    Manufacturing/processing of fabricated metal products,                potential and support their development as a competitive and
     machinery and equipment;                                              marketable product in the local and international markets.

                                                                                                             BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

Services/activities:                                                       SEMAUN HOLDINGS SDN BHD
The Division has four units to implement the above objectives:             Office/postal address:
•    Resource Centre: in charge of ascertaining that capacity-
     building programmes and services strengthen the business              Unit 10, Block B
     and management capabilities of small and medium business              Warisan Mata-Mata Complex
     owners as well as their ability to produce competitive and            Kampong Mata-Mata
     marketable products;                                                  Gadong BE1716
•    Industry and Trade Promotion Unit: responsible for creating           Negara
     development strategies that will lead to the successful
     penetration of locally produced goods and services into the           Phone: (67 3) 2456064/5
     domestic and international markets;                                   Fax:   (67 3) 2456070
•    National Standards and Accreditation Centre: has the
     responsibility of ensuring that local products have the               E-mail:
     appropriate standards and quality control recognition that            URL:
     contributes to their acceptance and competitiveness in the
     domestic and international markets;                                   Year established:      8 December 1994
•    Regulatory and Facilitation Services Unit: responsible for
     providing trade-related regulatory and facilitation services          Principal functions:
     that can assist in fast-tracking the establishment, growth and
     expansion of local businesses in the primary resources and            •    An investment and trading arm of the Government of Brunei
     industry sectors.                                                          Darussalam in enhancing economic diversification
Publications issued:                                                       •    To spearhead industrial and commercial development through
                                                                                direct investment in key industrial sectors;
•    Setting up of a Company, a practical guide, April 2000                •    To accelerate industrial and commercial development through
     (English).                                                                 creating new industries and introducing new technology;
•    Brunei Darussalam Investment Guide, 2001 (English).                   •    To generate business opportunities for active participation of
•    The Directory of Brunei Darussalam Products, Ministry of                   local entrepreneurs.
     Industry and Primary Resources, 2003.
•    Investment Opportunities in 2004.                                     Services/activities:

Membership structure:     The Promotion and Entrepreneurial                •    Direct investment in high technology, value added industrial
Development Division is under the Ministry of Industry and                      and commercial ventures;
Primary Resources.                                                         •    Investment into research and development leading to
Products/commodity responsible for:                                        •    Consideration to overseas investment in activities that will
                                                                                reinforce the position of local companies;
All products/services under primary resources, and those                   •    Provides strategic partnership to foreign and local investors in
enterprises under the category of small and medium enterprises                  strategic sectors in the economy.
Training:                                                                  Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Training courses pertinent to the development of entrepreneurs in          •    Development and management of industrial areas:
the small and medium enterprises category.                                      development of infrastructure and facilities in industrial sites
                                                                                and/or land owned by the company;
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                           •    Enterprises and commercial activities: resource-based
                                                                                industries, both upstream and downstream activities and
Primary resources, high-tech industries, manufacturing and
                                                                                manufacturing industry;
processing and service industry.
                                                                           •    Involvement in the services sector: not related to the banking
                                                                                and financial industries;
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
                                                                           •    Investment promotion: operate and act as agent for
                                                                                investment promotion, industrial development and marketing
•    Industrial Coordination Order 2001.
                                                                                of products in the local and foreign markets.
•    Economic Development Board (Amendment) Order 2001.
•    Investment Incentive Order 2001.
                                                                           Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
Category:                                                                  •    Association of Sotheast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Agreement
                                                                                for the Promotion and Protection of Investments, 1987.
Industrial promotion; Ministry of Trade; standard, testing and             •    The Framework Agreement on the ASEAN Investment
inspection body; trade fair and exhibition authority; trade                     Area, 1998.
promotion organization; and training/research institute.                   •    Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign
                                                                                Arbitral Awards, 1958, and the Convention on the
                                                                                Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and
                                                                                Nationals of Other States, International Centre for
                                                                                Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).


•    Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) with            TRADE DEPARTMENT
     United Kingdom and Indonesia Bilateral Agreement on
     Investment Promotion with Oman and Germany, and with           Office/postal address:
     the Republic of Korea and China in November 2000.
•    Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property        Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
     Organization (WIPO) in May 2000.                               International Convention Centre
•    Companies Act (Chapter 39).                                    Second Floor
•    Income Tax (Chapter 35).                                       Berakas BB3910
•    Investment Incentive Order 2001.
•    Industrial Coordination Order 2001.                            Phone: (673) 2383389
                                                                    Fax:   (673) 2384099
Investment promotion authority.                                     URL:

                                                                    Year established: 2005

                                                                    Principal functions:
                                                                    •   To coordinate and facilitate regional and international
                                                                    •   To monitor regional and international trade, investment and
                                                                        development matters;
                                                                    •   To formulate and prepare long-term and short-term domestic
                                                                        international trade policies;
                                                                    •   To establish market linkage and facilitate exports;
                                                                    •   To provide a focal point for trade information.


                                                                    As detailed under Principal functions.

                                                                    Offices abroad:

                                                                    Brunei Darussalam Trade and Tourism Office in Taipei
                                                                    6th Floor, No. 8
                                                                    Jianguo North Road, Section 1
                                                                    Taiwan Province of China

                                                                    Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

                                                                    Business services; financial services; hospitality and tourism;
                                                                    transportation and logistics; agriculture; fisheries; forestry;
                                                                    manufacture of food products, creameries and beverages;
                                                                    manufacture of silica products; manufacture of clay products;
                                                                    manufacture of metal products; manufacture of non-metal
                                                                    products; manufacture of apparel products; manufacture of textile
                                                                    mill products; manufacture of leather products; manufacture of
                                                                    electrical and electronic machineries/equipment/apparatus;
                                                                    printing industry; manufacture of chemical products; shipyards.

                                                                    Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

                                                                    Investment Incentives Order, 2001.


                                                                    Trade facilitation body.


CAMBODIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                              COUNCIL FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF
                                                                          CAMBODIA (CDC)
Office/postal address:
                                                                          Office/postal address:
Office Vila No. 78
Corner of St. No. 81 and                                                  Government Palace
109 Sangkat Boeung Raing Khan Daun Penh                                   Sisowath Quay
Phnom Penh                                                                Wat Phnom
                                                                          Phnom Penh
Phone:    (855 23) 212265
Fax:      (855 23) 212270                                                 Phone: (855 23) 981154
                                                                          Fax:   (855 23) 428426, 428953-4
URL:                                                   E-mail:
Year established:      1995
                                                                          Year established:      1994
Principal functions:
                                                                          Principal functions:
•    Represents the commercial, industrial, agricultural and
     service communities;                                                 •    To act as a one-stop service organization;
•    Develops the commercial environment through supporting,              •    To be responsible for the rehabilitation, development and
     coordinating and advocating for entrepreneurs;                            oversight of investment activities;
•    Promotes trade management capacity-building.                         •    To be responsible for the evaluation and decision-making on
                                                                               rehabilitation, development and investment project activities;
Services/activities:                                                      •    To be responsible for approving investment activities;
                                                                          •    To grant exemption from customs duties and taxes;
•    To communicate with local and international information              •    To be responsible for investment promotion.
     sources in order to exploit data for developing enterprises;
•    To publish and disseminate economic and commercial data,             Services/activities:
     to research and analyse economic and business issues, and to
     promote the tourism industry;                                        •    Provides investment information and application procedure;
•    To provide the Government and authorities in provinces and           •    Evaluates and processes investment application;
     cities information related to commercial, industrial,                •    Facilitates visa and work permit;
     agricultural and service issues;                                     •    Facilitates company registration;
•    To act as the representative of commercial, industrial,              •    Grants customs duties and taxes exemption;
     agricultural and service sectors for coordinating encountered        •    Facilitates downstream administrative procedure;
     problems with the authorities;
                                                                          •    Pre- and post-monitoring of investment activities.
•    To be an arbitrator in business dispute settlements.
                                                                          Publications issued:
Publications issued:
                                                                          •    An investment guide to Cambodia (English, Chinese and
•    Business Directory (annually, English).                                   Japanese).
•    PPCC’s Bulletin (biannually), First to Seventh Circulations          •    Prime investment information in Cambodia (Province and
     from 1998 to 2002 (Khmer/English).                                        city) (English, Chinese, Khmer and Japanese).
•    The PPCC’s Bulletin was changed to the PPCC’s Newsletter             •    Compact Disc (CD) for promotion.
     (quarterly) in 2003.
•    PPCC’s Brochure, Third issue, 2003 (English).                        Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Membership structure:         More than 500 company members.              •    Development of agriculture and agro-industry;
                                                                          •    Development of transport and telecommunication;
Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                          •    Development of energy and electricity;
Service for promoting private sector’s activities.                        •    Labour intensive industries and export oriented processing
                                                                               and manufacturing;
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                          •    Tourism-related industries.

Agricultural sector; tourist industries; and garment industries.          Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

Category:                                                                 •    Law on Investment of the Kingdom of Cambodia;
                                                                          •    Law on the Commercial Code and Commercial Registration;
Chamber of commerce; trade association; trade facilitation body;          •    Law on Chamber of Commerce;
trade fair and exhibition authority; and trade promotion                  •    Law on amendment of the Law on Taxation;
organization.                                                             •    Law on currency exchange control;
                                                                          •    Law on amendment of the law on commercial code;
                                                                          •    Law on banking and financial institution;


•   Law on corporate accounts, their audit and accounting              GARMENT MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION IN
    profession;                                                        CAMBODIA
•   Labour law;
•   Law on immigration;                                                Office/postal address:
•   Nationality law;
•   Law on environmental protection and natural resource               175 Jawaharlal Nehru (St. 215)
    management;                                                        Phnom Penh
•   Law on urbanization and construction;
•   Land law;                                                          Phone: (855 23) 301180
•   Forestry law;                                                      Fax:   (855 23) 311181/369398
•   Law on trademarks and acts of unfair competition;
•   Prakas No. 2895/99 CDC, on the provision of duty exempt            E-mail:
    incentive for supporting industry in subsequent year and           URL:
    authorization for share transfer;
                                                                       Year established:      1996
•   Notice No. 1538/99 CDC on the obligation to provide
    information with regard to import-export activity of
                                                                       Principal functions:
    investment companies;
•   Notice on the required documents to apply for the change of
                                                                       •    To represent the Cambodian textile and garment industry in
    location of investment companies;
                                                                            both national and international forums;
•   Notice No 49BSTH SSR on guidelines for the preparation of
                                                                       •    To liaise with the other stakeholders and all interested parties
    the environmental impact report;
                                                                            at the international and local levels.
•   Declaration on management and elimination of forest
                                                                       •    Informs and advises members on government impediment
                                                                            and trades-related developments.
Investment promotion organization.
                                                                       •    Assists members to resolve industrial issues.

                                                                       Products/commodity responsible for:

                                                                       All kinds of garment products and textiles.


                                                                       •    Conducts a garment factory supervisor course administered
                                                                            by Cambodian trainers.

                                                                       Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

                                                                       •    Garments and textiles related.


                                                                       Trade association.


MINISTRY OF COMMERCE (MOC)                                                •   Cambodia Import Export Inspection and Fraud Repression
                                                                              Division (CAMCONTROL) is responsible for controlling and
Office/postal address:                                                        suppressing the circulation of fraudulent goods;
                                                                          •   Statistic Division is responsible for the processing and
Building No. 20A-B                                                            compilation of trade statistics;
Norodom Boulevard                                                         •   Green Trade Company (GTC) is empowered to conduct
Phnom Penh                                                                    businesses as a private autonomous company with the power
                                                                              to bind contracts, to borrow and lend money after the
Phone:    (855 23) 427358                                                     approbation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF),
Fax:      (855 23) 426396                                                     and engage in commercial activities in the field of domestic
                                                                              and foreign trade. Its main activities are related to trade in
E-mail:                                                       agricultural products, especially rice.
                                                                          Publications issued:
Year established:      1979
                                                                          •   Trade Research Newsletter, 2003 (monthly, English and
Principal functions:                                                          Khmer).
                                                                          •   Official Gazette for Trademark Registration (quarterly,
•    To administer and regulate both the conduct of international             English).
     and domestic trade;
•    To foster the integration of the Cambodian economy into the          Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
     region and international economies;
•    To establish and develop sound legal commercial                      Agriculture; food processing; export-oriented production; textile and
     framework;                                                           garments; construction materials and tourism.
•    To promote the rapid growth of Cambodian exports.
                                                                          Ministry of Trade.
The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) is structured into nine
functional departments/divisions and a State-owned enterprise. A
short description of each is given as follows:
•    Intellectual Property Division (IPD) is mandated with the
     task of registering and granting certificates of trademarks
     and service marks to domestic and foreign applicants and
     resolving all disputes arising therefrom;
•    Foreign Trade Division is responsible for (1) setting foreign
     trade policies and strategies, (2) conducting market research
     for domestic product demand and also issuing import
     licenses, (3) negotiating and drafting bilateral trade
     agreements and bilateral cooperation between the Royal
     Government and foreign countries, and acting as the contact
     point for Cambodian commercial counselors working
     abroad, and (4) conducting and publishing market research
     and studies on price and demand on goods in the
     international market;
•    Internal Trade Division is acting as an important catalyst to
     stimulate the economic development of Cambodia. This
     division is responsible for facilitating the process of local
     trade and services development;
•    Export Promotion Division plays a central role in the export
     promotion of Cambodian products in the framework of the
     transformation of Cambodia’s economy into a market-
     oriented economy;
•    ASEAN and International Organizations Division is
     composed of four offices (ASEAN Office, WTO Office,
     Coordination and International Organizations Office, and
     Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Office) and two enquiry
     points (WTO Legal Compliance Enquiry Point and Services
     Enquiry Point);
•    Trade Preferences Division involves the dissemination of
     information on the GSP to investors and manufacturers who
     are interested in the export business, and the inspection and
     issuance of Certificate of Origin to exporters;
 • Legal Affairs Division is responsible for maintaining the
     commercial register and for governing the conduct of
     commercial activities;


BANK OF CHINA                                                                Overseas branches and offices and all banks in the Bank of China
                                                                             Group in the Hong Kong, Chian; Macao, China; China region
Office/postal address:                                                       engage in all kinds of banking business permitted by local laws and
1 Fuxingmen Nei Dajie
Beijing 100818                                                               Category:

Phone:    (86 10) 66596688                                                   Banks.
Fax:      (86 10) 66014024

URL:                                                CHINA COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF
                                                                             INTERNATIONAL TRADE (CCPIT)
Year established:      1912
                                                                             Office/postal address:
Principal function:
                                                                             1, Fuxingmenwai Street
•    To be responsible for the unified operation of China’s foreign          Beijing 100860
     exchange and for the centralized handling of international
     receipts and payments of the State.                                     Phone:    (86 10) 68013344, 68018718, 68034830
                                                                             Fax:      (86 10) 68030747, 68011370
•    Engages in foreign exchange business and related yuan                   URL:
     renminbi transactions including trade and non-trade
     settlements, loans to foreign trade corporations, foreign               Year established:    1952 [since 1988, the separate name: China
     currency loans with necessary matching yuan renminbi loans,             Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) is simultaneously
     loans to Sino-foreign joint ventures, export credits,                   used]
     international syndicated loans, commercial credits,
     international trust, investment and leasing, dealings in foreign
     exchange and bullion, issue of foreign currency bonds and               Principal functions:
     other marketable securities, foreign currency and yuan
     renminbi deposits;                                                      •    To promote China’s foreign trade, attract and utilize foreign
•    Signs agreements with foreign Governments and central                        capital, introduce advanced foreign technology, and foster
     banks, and participates in international financial activities                various forms of economic and technical cooperation with
     pursuant to authorization from the State and as entrusted by                 foreign countries;
     the People’s Bank of China;                                             •    To sponsor and arrange Chinese exhibitions abroad and
•    Provides loans for students studying overseas, issues notes in               foreign exhibitions in China;
     Hong Kong, China and Macao, China.                                      •    To help foreigners to apply for patent rights and trademark
                                                                                  registration in China;
Publication issued:                                                          •    To promote foreign investment and organize technology
                                                                                  exchanges with other countries;
•    Annual Report.                                                          •    To provide legal services;
                                                                             •    To publish trade periodicals.
Local branches:
Branches of the Bank are located in Anhui, Beihai, Beijing,
Changchun, Changzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Fujian,                    •    Conducts investigation and research work;
Fuzhou, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangzhou, Guangxi, Guizhou,                       •    Provides information and consultancy services concerning
Hainan, Hangzhou, Harbin, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hubei,                      trade, economic and technological cooperation;
Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin, Jinan, Lianyungang,          •    Introduces potential cooperative partners;
Liaoning, Nanjing, Ningbo, Ningxia, Pudong, Qingdao, Qinghai,                •    Promotes foreign trade and attracts and utilizes foreign funds;
Qinhuangdao, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanghai, Shantou, Shanxi,
                                                                             •    Introduces advanced foreign technology and helps revamp
Shenyang, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Sichuan, Suzhou, Taiyuan,
                                                                                  existing enterprises;
Tianjin, Tibet, Wuhan, Wuxi, Xiamen, Xinjiang, Yunnan,
                                                                             •    Handles liaison work with foreign economic and trade circles,
Zhanjiang, Zhejiang and Zhuhai.
                                                                                  hosts foreign economic and trade delegations and
                                                                                  professionals, and organizes and sends Chinese economic,
                                                                                  trade and technology delegations abroad;
Offices abroad:
                                                                             •    Strengthens ties with foreign chambers of commerce,
The Bank has overseas branches or subsidies in Alma-Ata;                          economic and trade associations and other organizations;
Bangkok; Budapest; Frankfurt; Grand Cayman; Ho Chi Minh City,                •    Participates in international economic and trade organizations
Hong Kong, China; Johannesburg; Kuala Lumpur; London;                             or the activities sponsored by them;
Lusaka; Luxembourg; Macao, China; Manila; Milan; Moscow;                     •    Handles liaison work with the Beijing Offices of overseas
New York; Panama; Paris; São Paulo; Seoul; Singapore; Sydney;                     industrial and commercial organizations;
Tokyo and Toronto. It also has representative offices in Moscow              •    Sends permanent representatives or establishes commercial
and Rome.                                                                         representative offices in foreign countries if needed;


•   Organizes and participates in international conferences;                CHINESE ACADEMY OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE
•   Assists in organizing exhibitions abroad, or participates in            AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION (CAITEC)
    international fairs, and coordinates the activities of Chinese
    departments, or localities, which wish to hold exhibitions in           Office/postal address:
    China or abroad, or attend international fairs and administers
    the China International Exhibition Centre;                              No. 28 Dong Hou Xiang
•   Arranges and hosts foreign economic, trade and technical                An Ding Men Wai
    exhibitions in China, sponsors multinational exhibitions and            Beijing 100710
    international fairs in China;
•   Organizes and holds technical exchanges between China and               Phone: (86 10) 64245742
    other countries and acts as national focal point for information        Fax:   (86 10) 64212175
    exchange relating to trade and economy.
•   Collects, distributes, displays and exhibits literature and new         E-mail:
    product samples, as well as various overseas publications on            URL:
    science and technology;
•   Handles legal affairs pertaining to foreign commerce and                Year established:      1948
    trade, as well as maritime matters;
•   Issues and legalizes documents, including Certificates of               Principal functions:
    Origin, Certificates of Force Majeure, documents on foreign
    trade and shipping certificates;                                        •    To advise government agencies and policymakers by
•   Acts as agent for patent applications and trademark                          submitting analytical reports on world development issues
    registrations, provides consultancy services for industrial                  and China’s international trade and economic relations and
    properties, and helps settle disputes and other issues regarding             making recommendations on economic and trade policies
    technological exchanges or trade;                                            with a view to improving China’s economic and trade
•   Compiles and publishes periodicals and other publications                    performance and realizing sustainable development over the
    reporting on China’s economic and trade relations as well as                 medium and long terms;
    China’s import needs or new export commodities;                         •    To keep the business community informed of economic and
•   Cooperates with overseas advertising and publishing                          trade information and business opportunities.
    organizations in implementing mutual exchanges.
Publications issued:
                                                                            •    Conducts academic and applied research on world economy,
•   China Trade Review (daily, Chinese).                                         international trade, international economic cooperation,
•   China’s Exports (4-6 / year, Chinese/English).                               currencies and finance, commodity market, foreign direct
•   China’s Foreign Trade (monthly, Chinese/English).                            investment, international organizations, multilateral trading
•   The Directory of CCPIT Membership Enterprises (Chinese/                      system and development issues;
    English).                                                               •    Conducts collabourative research with other agencies
•   Information on Overseas Trade and Economy (weekly,                           including international organizations and domestic
    Chinese).                                                                    institutions;
•   Products and Technology Abroad (bimonthly, Chinese).                    •    Collects, analyses and disseminates economic and trade data;
•   Survey of China’s Economic Development (annual,                         •    Conducts market investigation for domestic and foreign
    Chinese/English).                                                            companies and institutions, on contract basis;
•   Trade Promotion Newsletter (semi-monthly, English).                     •    Edits and publishes books and periodicals relating to foreign
                                                                                 trade and economic cooperation;
Local branches:                                                             •    Translates books and documents on trade and economy;
                                                                            •    Sponsors/organizes academic exchange activities including
Subcouncils in Anhui, Beijing, Changchun, Chengdu, Chongqing,                    seminars, conferences, workshops, discussion meetings and
Dalian, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guangzhou,                            lectures;
Guizhou, Hainan, Harbin, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hubei,                 •    Conducts enterprise credit investigation and organizing
Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin, Liaoning, Nanjing,               trainings on credit management;
Ningbo, Ningxia, Qingdao, Shangdong, Shanghai, Shanxi,                      •    Provides expertise on receivables collection and
Shenyang, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xi’an, Xiamen and                   management, etc.
                                                                            Publications issued:
Offices abroad:
                                                                            •    Inter-trade magazine (monthly, Chinese).
Sydney; Brussels; Ontario; Santo Domingo; Paris la Defense;                 •    International Economic Cooperation magazine (monthly,
Frankfurt/Main; Hong Kong, China; Milan; Tokyo; Lomes de                         Chinese).
Tecamachalco; Seoul; Moscow; Abu Dhabi; London; and                         •    Foreign Investment in China magazine (monthly, Chinese).
Washington, DC.                                                             •    BusinessWeek/China magazine (monthly, Chinese version).
                                                                            •    China Commerce Yearbook (annually, Chinese).
Category:                                                                   •    Study Report on China Commerce Development (annually,
                                                                                 Chinese and English).
Trade promotion organization.                                               •    China’s White Paper on Foreign Economic Relations and
                                                                                 Trade (annually, Chinese).


•   Report on the Foreign Trade Situation of China (semi-          Training:
    annually, English/Chinese).
•   Country Report on Trade (bimonthly, Chinese).                  •   Master’s degree in international trade;
•   Transnational Corporation in China (annually, Chinese).        •   Master’s degree in finance;
                                                                   •   Business credit management training;
Local branches:                                                    •   Computer skill training;
                                                                   •   Overseas training service.
Beijing International Trade Advertising Company
28 Donghou Xiang                                                   Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Andingmen Wai
Beijing 100710                                                     •   Areas: central and western region of China.
Fax:      (86 10) 64222661                                         •   Industries: electronic information, software, aviation and
E-mail:                                        space technology, opto-mechatronics, biomedicine and
                                                                       medical apparatus and instruments, new materials, new
Beijing Intertrade Business Promotion Co. Ltd.                         energy and high-efficiency energy saving, environmental
28, Donghou Xiang                                                      protection, transportation, nuclear utilization technology and
Andingmen Wai                                                          modern agriculture, etc.
Beijing 100710
Phone: (86 10) 86451067                                            Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
Fax:      (86 10) 64211322
E-mail:                                     •   Provisions on the Establishment of Investment Companies by
                                                                       Foreign Investors (2004).
Merchants Alliance International Ltd.                              •   Provisions on the Administration of Foreign-funded
28, Donghou Xiang                                                      Advertising Enterprises (2004).
Andingmen Wai
                                                                   •   Regulations on Foreign-invested Sourcing Centres for
Beijing 100710
                                                                       Exports (2003).
Phone: (86 10) 64268551, 64235259
                                                                   •   Measures for the Administration of Foreign Insurance
Fax:      (86 10) 64217789
                                                                       Institutions’ Representative offices in China (2004).
                                                                   •   Supplementary Provisions on the Interim Measures for the
Leading Development and Trade Co.
                                                                       Establishment of Chinese–Foreign Joint Venture Foreign
Rm. 805, Jiahui Centre
                                                                       Trade Companies (2003).
Building 6. Jiqingli
Chaoyang Dist., Beijing 100020                                     •   Supplementary Provisions on the Measures for the
Phone: (86 10) 65529404                                                Administration of Foreign-funded International Freight
Fax:     (86 10) 65529399                                              Agency Enterprises (2003).
                                                                   •   Supplementary Provisions of the Provisions on the
Huaxin International Economic and Trade Co. Ltd.                       Administration of Foreign-funded Construction Enterprises
Phone: (86 10) 65211431                                                (2003).
                                                                   •   Supplementary Provisions of the Provisions on the
Beijing Smart Economic and Trade Development Co.                       Administration of Foreign-funded Construction and
28, Donghou Xiang                                                      Engineering Design Enterprises (2003).
Andingmen Wai                                                      •   Supplementary Provisions to the Provisions on the
Beijing 100710                                                         Administration of Foreign-funded Municipal Planning
Phone: (86 10) 64248941                                                Enterprises (2003).

Kompass Company                                                    Category:
28, Donghou Xiang
Andingmen Wai                                                      Trade promotion organization; training/research institute; and
Beijing 100710                                                     consultant institution.
Phone: (86 10) 64248801
Fax:      (86 10) 64229352

Membership structure:     300 plus members.

Products/commodity responsible for:

Research on import/export of energy, textile, agricultural
products, machinery and electronic products, and high-tech
technology products, etc.


CITIC GROUP                                                               410 Park Avenue, 18/7
                                                                          New York, NY 10022, United States of America
Office/postal address:                                                    Phone: (1 212) 9450273
                                                                          Fax:     (1 212) 9457749
Capital Mansion
6 Xianyuan Nanlu                                                          There are also CITIC-wholly owned subsidiaries in China; Hong
Chaoyang Dist.                                                            Kong, China; Macao, China; and overseas.
Beijing 100004
Phone:    (86 10) 64660088, 64661710
Fax:      (86 10) 64662078, 64661186                                      Investment promotion authorities.

                                                                          SHANGHAI SMALL ENTERPRISES TRADE
Year established:      1979                                               DEVELOPMENT SERVICE CENTER*
Principal functions:                                                      Office/postal address:

•    To bring in foreign capital for domestic construction;               International Cooperation Division
•    To introduce advanced technologies and managerial expertise;         Room 502
•    To develop domestic and foreign economic and technological           No. 108, Damuqiao Road
     cooperation;                                                         Shanghai 200032
•    To engage in domestic and international financial and banking
     business;                                                            Phone: (86 21) 64220814
•    To invest at home and abroad;                                        Fax:   (86 21) 64220827
•    To undertake domestic and foreign trade.
Services/activities:                                                      URL:

•    Organizes outbound and inbound investment and various                Year established:      1999
     forms of economic cooperation;
•    Undertakes new technology development and promotion,                 Principal function:
     venture capital investment;
•    Undertakes international and domestic financing and banking          •    To promote the development of Shanghai small enterprises.
     business, guarantee service for foreign and domestic clients,
     establishment and management of solely- or jointly-owned             Services/activities:
     banks and finance companies inside and outside China;
•    Floats various kinds of securities at home and abroad on             •    To serve small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the
     CITIC’s own or on commission;                                             field of finance, training, consulting, information, internal
                                                                               and external communication, etc.
•    Handles leasing business inside and outside China;
•    Provides insurance for foreign investors in China,
                                                                          Publications issued:
     international insurance or reinsurance;
•    Undertakes international and domestic trade;
                                                                          •    Shanghai Small Enterprises Communicator (monthly).
•    Undertakes international contracting, subcontracting and
                                                                          •    Shanghai Small Enterprises Biz-info Newsletter (every
     labour service;
                                                                               10 days).
•    Handles real estate business and tourist service;
•    Provides trust and consulting service, other services as an          Training:
     agent for domestic and foreign clients;
•    Handles any other undertaking authorized by the Board of             •    Short MBA courses;
     Directors of CITIC.                                                  •    International trade seminar;
                                                                          •    Business English training.
Publication issued:
•    Annual Report.
                                                                          Trade promotion organization.
Offices abroad:

3rd Floor, The LANDIC Third Akasaka Building
2-3-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: (81 3) 35842635-6
Fax:       (81 3) 35056235


Office/postal address:
                                                                            Office/postal address:
Ground floor
Small Business Enterprises Centre Building                                  Private Mail Bag
Rarotonga                                                                   Avarua
P.O. Box: 242, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
                                                                            Phone: (682) 24296
Phone:    (682) 20925                                                       Fax:   (682) 24298
Fax:      (682) 20969
E-mail:                                              URL:

Year established:       1952 (formerly: Rarotonga Chamber of                Year established:      1996
                                                                            Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                            •    To process, regulate and monitor foreign investment;
•    To promote business and professional activities;                       •    To promote trade;
•    To offer protection to business practices;                             •    To assist with the growth of new and existing businesses.
•    To seek trade advancements to markets;
•    To contribute positively to legislation passed by the                  Services/activities:
•    To promote women in business;                                          •    Promotes, fosters and assists in the establishment of
•    To foster general welfare within the commercial sector.                     investment;
                                                                            •    Encourages and advises the private sector in order to make the
Services/activities:                                                             best sustainable use of resources consistent with national
                                                                                 development and investment policies;
•    Maintains a trade and export library;                                  •    Promotes, coordinates and facilitates trade to, from and within
•    Disseminates membership lists worldwide, showing business                   the Cooks Islands;
     names, principals, products/services, telephone, e-mail, fax           •    Regulates, monitors and controls the direction, extent and
     and P.O. Box numbers;                                                       scope of foreign investment;
•    Provides office facilities, including conference room,                 •    Encourages and facilitates the participation of Cook Islanders
     photocopying, telephone, e-mail and fax transmissions/                      in investment and in the ownership, management and control
     receptions to members;                                                      of investment business;
•    Conducts weekly Executive Committee meetings;                          •    Provides and facilitates training in business-related skills and
•    Conducts monthly general meetings;                                          provides advisory services to encourage and assist Cook
•    Encourages members to attend overseas seminars, workshops,                  Islanders in business development;
     etc., by liaison with overseas aid and other agencies promoting        •    Provides funding options to assist with marketing.
•    Publishes a monthly supplement in the Cook Islands News                Publications issued:
•    Produces a weekly Business Review Programme in                         •    Cook Islands Investment Code (periodic, English).
     association with the Bank of Cook Islands and Cook Islands             •    Cook Islands Business Cost Summary (annually, English).
     Television;                                                            •    Investment Project Profiles (weekly, English).
•    Provides assistance with international trade shows;
•    Assists in securing funding for projects;                              Offices abroad:
•    Works in partnership with the Small Business Enterprise
     Centre with business development advice for SMEs;                      Cook Islands Consulate-General
•    Publishes overseas trade enquiries in monthly newsletter.              1st floor, 127 Symonds Street
                                                                            P.O. Box 37-391
Publications issued:                                                        Auckland, New Zealand
                                                                            Phone: (64 9) 3661100
•    Monthly Newsletter.                                                    Fax:        (64 9) 3091876
•    Membership lists.                                                      E-mail:
•    Market Research.
                                                                            Cook Islands High Commission
•    Business Directory.
                                                                            56 Mulgrave Street
•    Trade Directory.
                                                                            P.O. Box 12-242, Thorndon,
                                                                            Wellington, New Zealand
Membership structure:       200 members.
                                                                            Phone: (64 4) 4725126
                                                                            Fax:      (64 4) 4725121
Chamber of commerce.

                                                             COOK ISLANDS

Cook Islands Honorary Consul
8/8 Lauderdale Avenue
NSW 2094, Australia
Phone: (61 2) 99076567
Fax:      (61 2) 99496664

Cook Islands Honorary Consul
Los Angeles
1000 San Clemente Way
Camarillo, CA 93010, United States of America
Phone: (1 805) 3883751
Fax:      (1 805) 3832084

Honorary Consul
c/o 144 Ke Ala Ola Road
Kamehameha Schools
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817, United States of America
Phone: (1 808) 8428999
Fax:     (1 808) 8423520

Honorary Consul-General
Bydgoy Alle 64
0265 Oslo 2, Norway
Phone: (47 2) 430910 or 446721
Fax:     (47 2) 444611

Membership structure: Government funded with board of
directors and a secretariat.


Industrial promotion and business development.


                                                                          Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
Sungri Street                                                             Central District
Jungsong Dong                                                             Pyongyang
Central District
Pyongyang                                                                 P.O. Box: 504, Pyongyang
P.O. Box: 504, Pyongyang                                                  Phone: (850 2) 3815926
                                                                          Fax:   (850 2) 3815827
Phone:    (850 2) 3815926
Fax:      (850 2) 3815827                                                 E-mail:
E-mail:                                            Year established:      1 March 2000
Year established:      1967
                                                                          Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                          •    Trade and investment promotion;
•    To conduct research on the world economy, international              •    Trade information service;
     trade trends and international market movements;                     •    Trade exhibition;
•    To provide world economy and trade information to the                •    Arbitration and training.
     State economy organizations and domestic trade bodies.
                                                                          •    Trade information service;
•    Collects, analyses and disseminates information on the               •    Arbitration;
     world economy trends, international financial and                    •    Export and import promotion;
     commodity market movement and major import/export                    •    Matchmaking.
     prices through Intranet, which connects companies
     throughout the country;                                              Publications issued:
•    Conducts the introduction of domestic and overseas
     buyers/sellers, introducing of foreign traders/investors to
                                                                          •    Market Information (daily, Korean).
     local people, propaganda of imports/exports, opening trade
     fairs and other trade promotion activities;                          •    Understanding of INCOTERMS 2000 (Korean).
•    Runs      training     courses     in     cooperation  with          •    Foreign Investment Related Laws and Regulations (Chinese/
     international/internal organizations.                                     English/Korean).

Publications issued:                                                      Offices abroad:

•    International Market Bulletin (daily).                               PCC Representative in Beijing
•    Economy and Trade News.                                              Phone: (86 10) 65324308, 65325518
                                                                          Fax:    (86 10) 65321145
Membership structure:        One president, one vice-president,
100 researchers and staff members.                                        Membership structure:      25   members     (3   banks    and   22
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    The law on foreign investment.
•    The law on equity joint venture.                                     •    Monthly workshop on trade practice;
•    The law on contractual joint venture regulations for the             •    Ad hoc training with ICC, other international organizations.
     implementation of the law on foreign exchange control.
•    The law on foreign-invested business and foreign individual          Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
•    Regulations for the implementation of the law on foreign-
                                                                          Energy industry; agriculture; light industry; trade; food industry;
     invested business and foreign individual tax.
                                                                          processing industry; mining industry.
•    The customs law.
•    The law on the protection of the environment.
•    The insurance law.                                                   Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    The law on external economic arbitration.
•    The notary public law on the registration of foreign-invested        •    14 laws on foreign investment.
•    Labour regulations for foreign-invested enterprises.                 Category:

Category:                                                                 Chamber of commerce; export marketing board; industrial
                                                                          promotion; investment promotion authority; trade fair and
Training/research institute.                                              exhibition authority; and trade promotion organization.


Office/postal address:
                                                                            Office/postal address:
178 Lakeba Street
Samabula                                                                    6th floor, Civic Tower
Suva                                                                        Victoria Parade
                                                                            Government Building
P.O. Box: 1242, Suva                                                        Suva

Phone:     (679) 3210618, 3385788                                           P.O. Box: 2303
Fax:       (679) 3370150, 3304190
                                                                            Phone: (679) 3315988
E-mail:,        (President),         Fax:   (679) 3301783 (Secretary)
Services/activities:                                                        URL:

•    Provides assistance in establishing contacts with traders;             Year established:        1980
•    Circulates trade offers/trade opportunities.
                                                                            Principal function:
Membership structure: 11 district         chambers,    8   affiliate
members, 5 corporate members.                                               •    To promote, stimulate and facilitate foreign           trade,
                                                                                 investment, and economic development in Fiji.
•    Rural enterprise developmental projects and business start-
     ups;                                                                   •    Organizes seminars;
•    Represents the private sector in negotiations with                     •    Organizes trade missions to potential markets;
     Government and statutory authorities;                                  •    Coordinates Fiji’s participation at overseas trade fairs;
•    Shareholders in the exporters club on duty suspension                  •    Organizes trade exhibitions;
     schemes;                                                               •    Promotes government’s Export Promotion Incentive
•    Partnership in the Fiji Forum of Non-state Actors association               Scheme;
     (An NGO body of civil society/private sector organizations);           •    Publishes booklets on trade and investment opportunities
•    Partnership with the Government in trade facilitation.                      and incentive schemes;
                                                                            •    Identifies and prepares profiles of projects in key
Category:                                                                        development sectors;
                                                                            •    Provides advice and guidance on investment policies;
Chamber of commerce, and industrial promotion.                              •    Identifies local and overseas partners for joint ventures;
                                                                            •    Provides information to investors about capital costs, wages,
                                                                                 labour regulations and land costs.

                                                                            Publications issued:

                                                                            •    An Investors Guide to Fiji (regular).
                                                                            •    Fiji Product Directory (annual).
                                                                            •    FTIB Annual Report (annual).

                                                                            Local branch:

                                                                            1st Floor, Popular Building, Suite 5
                                                                            P.O. Box 5105
                                                                            Lautoka, Fiji
                                                                            Phone: (679) 6660133
                                                                            Fax:       (679) 6667186

                                                                            Offices abroad:

                                                                            Level 7, 91 Phillip Street
                                                                            NSW 2050, Australia
                                                                            Phone: (61 2) 98931813
                                                                            Fax:      (61 2) 98931814


32nd floor, Suite 3212                                                   TRAINING AND PRODUCTIVITY AUTHORITY OF
333 Keelung Road                                                         FIJI (TPAF)
Section 1, Taipei
Taiwan, Province of China                                                Office/postal address:
Phone: (886 2) 27579596
Fax:       (886 2) 27579597                                              Training House
E-mail:                                            Lot 1, Beaumont Road
5777 West Century Blvd., Suite 205                                       Nasinu
Los Angeles, CA 90045,
United States of America                                                 P.O. Box: 6890, Valelevu, Nasinu
Phone: (1 310) 6452136
Fax:     (1 310) 6450851                                                 Phone: (679) 3392000
E-mail:                                         Fax:   (679) 3340184

Membership structure:        32    employees   and    10   board         E-mail:
members.                                                                 URL:

Training:                                                                Year established:   26 May 2003 (formerly Fiji National
                                                                         Training Council (FNTC), since 1973).
•   Provides training programme for staff;
•   Provides training attachments for trade officers from the            Principal functions:
    Pacific region.
                                                                         The functions of TPAF are to be conducted through its three
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                         Councils, namely, the National Training and Productivity Council
                                                                         (NTPC), National Quality Awards Council (NQAC) and National
Tourism; electronics; agro-based industries; fisheries; footwear;        Standards and Accreditation Council (NSAC):
leather processing; mining; information technology; clothing and
textile.                                                                 •    To provide quality training, consultancy services and to issue
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                    •    To promote and facilitate productivity and training;
                                                                         •    To manage skills development and standards.
•   Foreign Investment Act 1999.
                                                                         •    Provides, arranges, advises and disseminates information on
Industrial promotion; investment promotion authority; trade                   training;
facilitation body; and trade promotion organization.                     •    Provides consultancy services;
                                                                         •    Provides framework and system for excellence and national
                                                                         •    Promotes and facilitates productivity;
                                                                         •    Provides skill development and certification schemes;
                                                                         •    Establishes and manages the National Qualifications
                                                                         •    Provides a range of incentives to encourage training;
                                                                         •    Develops appropriate facilities and staffing for delivery of


                                                                         •    Construction;
                                                                         •    Information technology;
                                                                         •    Electrical and electronics engineering;
                                                                         •    Hospitality and tourism;
                                                                         •    Aviation, awards, travel and ticketing;
                                                                         •    Manufacturing of textile, clothing and footwear;
                                                                         •    Marine and port;
                                                                         •    Mechanical engineering;
                                                                         •    Productivity and quality.


                                                                         Training institute.


GEORGIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND                                         30 David Agmashenebeli Street
INDUSTRY                                                                 4400 Poti
                                                                         Phone: (995 293) 21515
Office/postal address:                                                   Fax:      (995 293) 21515

11 Chavchavedze Avenue                                                   1 Janashia Street
Tbilisi 380079                                                           2100 Zugdidi
                                                                         Phone: (995 215) 51950
Phone:    (995 32) 230045                                                Fax:      (995 215) 50040
Fax:      (995 32) 235760
                                                                         3 Chavchavadze Street
E-mail:                                                     3500 Ozurgeti
URL:                                  Phone: (995 296) 65862
                                                                         Fax:    (995 32) 001527, 001072
Principal functions:
                                                                         21 Merab Kostava Street
•    To represent Georgian business community locally and                2200 Telavi
     worldwide;                                                          Phone: (995 250) 33884
•    To protect the interests of its members both in Georgia and         Fax:     (995 250) 76057
•    To facilitate the establishment of market economy
     principles;                                                         Membership structure:       8,000 members.
•    To promote Georgian exports, help Georgian businesses to
     expand to new markets and strengthen their positions on the
     existing ones as well as to attract foreign investment.
                                                                         Chamber of commerce.

•    Provides information and consultation service;
•    Arranges foreign and local production exhibitions and
     presentations inside the country and abroad;
•    Draws up business plans for small and medium businesses,
     develops investment proposals, marketing researches;
•    E-identification of production;
•    Tests and provides expertise of local and imported goods;
•    Verifies force major circumstances of certificate of origin
     and other documents;
•    Trains and improves professional skills of the staff for the
     business sector;
•    Conducts arbitration services and court;
•    Translates and interpretes.

Publications issued:

•    Business Magazine “EXPERT”, 1997-1999 (annually,
•    Business Bulletin, 1999-2000 (monthly, Georgian).
•    Micro-Macro Economics, 2001 (Georgian/English/Russian).
•    Newsletter (Georgian/English).

Local branches:

124 Rustaveli Avenue
4600 Kutaisi
Phone: (995 231) 45992, 71400
Fax:     (995 231) 714 00

6 Kostava Street
6000 Batumi
Phone: (995 88) 22272841/3
Fax:     (995 88) 22272842



Office/postal address:

Al. Kazbegi Ave. 42 (A)
0108 Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone:    (995 32) 372754, 377911, 372761
Fax:      (995 32) 379638


Year established:      2002

Principal function:

•    To assist and advise foreign direct investors and buyers of
     Georgian products on all questions relating to doing business
     with Georgia.


•    Is responsible for investment and export promotion;
•    Acts as “one-stop shop” agency, assisting investors in
     setting up businesses in Georgia, helping in project
     implementation, performing a liaison role with the
     Government, providing information on investment-related
     regulations and laws;
•    Helps to find markets for products, undertakes market
     studies and seeks partners for joint ventures to increase the
     volume of exports and to develop enterprises;
•    Organizes international conferences, business forums, trade
     fairs and exhibitions.

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

•    Law on Investment Promotion and Guarantees of Investment
     Related Activities.
•    Law on the National Investment Agency of Georgia.
•    Amendments to the Law on Investment Promotion.
•    Tax Laws and Tax Code of Georgia.
•    Law on the National Bank of Georgia.
•    Law on Activity of a Commercial Bank.
•    Law on Non-Bank Deposit Instances-Credit Unions.
•    Laws on Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents.
•    Law on Monopoly Activity & Competition.
•    Law on Advertising.
•    Law on Entrepreneurs.
•    Law on State Property Privatisation.
•    Trade and Financial Regulation Laws.
•    Law on Grants.
•    Law on Private Arbitration.
•    Law on Accounting and Bank Accounts.
•    Law on Control Of Entrepreneurial Activity.
•    Law on Enterprise Activity Licensing and Basis of
     Permission Issues.
•    Law on Leasing Activity Support


Investment promotion          authority;   and   trade   promotion


                                                                          COMMERCE AUTHORITY (GEDCA)
Office/postal address:
                                                                          Office/postal address:
P.O. Box 2950
Hagatna, GU 96932                                                         Guam International Trade Centre Building
                                                                          Suite 511, 590 South Marine Drive
Phone:    (671) 4724201                                                   Tamuning, 96911
Fax:      (671) 4771812
                                                                          Phone: (671) 6474332
Year established:      1975                                               Fax:   (671) 6494146

In 2002, Guam Public Law 26-76 transferred the duties and                 URL:
operations of the former Guam Department of Commerce’s
Economic Research Centre to the Bureau of Planning and                    Year established:      1965
changed the Bureau’s name to the Bureau of Statistics and Plans.
                                                                          Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                          •    To be the catalyst for economic development, seeking the aid
•    To serve as a catalyst for planned and balanced economic,                 of private capital without competing with it;
     social, environmental and physical growth;                           •    To plan, initiate, organize, control and direct an integrated
•    To advise the Governor during the formation of policies and               programme to attract, promote, encourage and develop
     on the interrelationships among laws, plans, policies and                 desirable commerce, agriculture, industry and tourism on the
     programmes;                                                               Island.
•    To encourage private/public partnerships in the formation
     and implementation of plans, policies and programmes;                Services/activities:
•    To ensure the availability of information generated by the
     Government of Guam of policy and plan development;                   •    Assists, coordinates and monitors financial advisory services,
•    To provide technical support to other Government of Guam                  capital financing, debt management and capital markets;
     entities in order that they can meet their missions;                 •    Provides financial assistance by aiding private enterprise
•    To ensure the availability of timely and accurate statistical             without unfairly competing with it;
     indices that are required to make sound decisions to improve         •    Leases Government of Guam land to promote investments in
     Guam’s economic viability.                                                entrepreneurial capital and thereby increases opportunity for
                                                                               employment in manufacturing, industrial, commercial,
Services/activities:                                                           recreational, retail and service enterprises;
                                                                          •    Promotes economic development through capital investment.
•    Facilitates the delivery of economic, social and physical
     data;                                                                Publications issued:
•    Maintains and updates a library and a bibliographic database
     file of Guam planning and statistical documents;                          •    Guam USA, The Ultimate Destination.
•    Is involved in the collection, compilation, analysis and                  •    GEDCA’s Developing Guam (quarterly report).
     dissemination of socio-economic information such as the                   •    GEDCA’S Financial Assistance Program.
     consumer price index and data on external trade.                          •    GEDCA’s Qualifying Certificate Program.

Publications issued:                                                      Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

•    Atan I Islan Guam (annually).                                        Captive insurance; tourism; fisheries; aquaculture; agriculture;
•    Guam Statistical Yearbook (annually).                                transhipment; telecommunications; healthcare; manufacturing;
                                                                          aviation training; arbitration; regional certification and film
•    Guam Consumer Price Index (quarterly).
•    Guam Economic Review Quarterly Report (quarterly).
•    Guam’s Export data (annually).                                       Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    Guam’s Import Data (quarterly).
•    Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, June 2001.              •    The Guam Foreign Investment Equity Act passed by the
•    Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, April                        United States Congress, included Guam in the United States
     2003.                                                                     Tax Treaty rates with Guam withholding tax rates reduced to
•    Guam Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.                         treaty defined rates. Restrictions in the law prohibit
     Annual Report, June 2005.                                                 application of the Act to beneficiaries of a Guam Qualifying
Category:                                                                 •    Title 12 of the Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 58
                                                                               (GEDCA’s Qualifying Certificate program) provides
Government agency.                                                             incentives for investments from both foreign and domestic


                                                                          Investment promotion authority.


                                                                          INDUSTRIES (HKCSI)
Office/postal address:
                                                                          Office/postal address:
4th Floor, Secretariat Department
24-25 Connaught Road                                                      c/o Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Central                                                                   22nd Floor, United Centre
                                                                          95 Queensway
Phone:    (852) 25256385
Fax:      (852) 28452610                                                  Phone:    (852) 25299229
                                                                          Fax:      (852) 25279843
URL:                                                   E-mail:
Year established:      1900
                                                                          Year established:      1990
Principal functions:
                                                                          Principal functions:
•    To promote trade and industry and enhance the prosperity of
     Hong Kong, China;                                                    •    To promote the continuing development and competitiveness
•    To protect the rights and interests of the business and                   of Hong Kong, China’s service industries;
     industrial community in Hong Kong, China;                            •    To promote the development of a “service friendly
•    To participate in public affairs and reflect the views of the             environment” in Hong Kong, China;
     business and industrial community;                                   •    To provide a focal point for liaison with Government;
•    To develop international and regional communication with a           •    To establish and maintain cooperation between members of
     view to promoting economic cooperation.                                   Hong Kong’s service industries for the purpose of achieving
                                                                               common goals;
Services/activities:                                                      •    To represent the interests of service industries in Hong Kong,
                                                                               China and to formulate policies and make submissions on
•    Organizes/sponsors conferences, seminars, exhibitions and                 behalf of members of the Hong Kong Coalition of Service
     delegations;                                                              Industries;
•    Issues Certificates of Origin recognized worldwide;                  •    To promote fair, effective and comprehensive international and
•    Issues Certificates of Origin according to Hong Kong Closer               multilateral rules for trade in services;
     Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA);                             •    To contribute to the opening of the services sector of the
•    Provides Electronic Trading Access Services including trade               mainland;
     declarations;                                                        •    To establish and develop links with counterpart organizations
•    Handles trade enquiries;                                                  elsewhere.
•    Handles enquiries on registration information of Hong
     Kong, China limited company;                                         Services/activities:
•    Provides business information on the Chamber’s website;
•    Provides trade enquiries services and maintains a                    As detailed under Principal functions.
     comprehensive range of economic reference materials in the
     Chamber’s library;                                                   Publications issued:
•    Publishes monthly the Chamber’s Bulletin;
•    Handles trade disputes;                                              •    Servicing Economy Newsletter (3-4 issues per year, English).
•    Provides insertion services of promotion materials.                  •    Service Sector Statistical Card in Hong Kong (annually,
Publications issued:
                                                                          Membership structure:     Members of the Hong Kong General
•    Annual Report (English/Chinese).                                     Chamber of Commerce in the service industries; and service sector
•    Business Info (monthly, English/Chinese).                            trade associations.
•    Chamber's Bulletin (monthly, Chinese).
•    Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Members' Business
     Directory, available on Internet website.
                                                                          Services promotion organization.
Membership structure:         Over 6,000 members.


Chamber of commerce.

                                                                                                                  HONG KONG, CHINA


Office/postal address:                                                   Office/postal address:

825 Star House                                                           c/o Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
3 Salisbury Road                                                         22nd Floor, United Centre
Tsimshatsui                                                              95 Queensway
                                                                         Phone:    (852) 25299229
Phone:    (852) 27309851                                                 Fax:      (852) 25279843
Fax:      (852) 27301869
Year established:      1955                                              URL:

Principal function:                                                      Year established: 1992

•    To promote the export and re-export business in Hong Kong,          Principal functions:
                                                                         •    To monitor and promote the development of franchising
Services/activities:                                                          activities in Hong Kong, China;
                                                                         •    To act as a focal point for liaison with the Government on
•    Undertakes library services;                                             matters concerning franchising and its applications;
•    Conducts regular seminars, meetings, luncheons, exhibitions.        •    To promote franchising and to strengthen standards of practice.

Publications issued:                                                     Services/activities:

•    Exporters' Bulletin (quarterly).                                    As detailed under Principal functions.
•    The Hong Kong Exporters' Association Members’ Directory
     (annual booklet and CD-ROM).                                        Publications issued:
•    Annual Report.
                                                                         •    Franchise Training Kit (English/Chinese, also available on
Membership structure: One honorary member, 606 full                           CD-ROM).
members and 31 associate members as of 1 August 2005.                    •    Essential Questions on Franchising in Hong Kong (English).

Category:                                                                Membership structure:       Franchising companies in Hong Kong,
Trade association.

                                                                         Franchise association.


                                                                           Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                           HKPC Building
22/F United Centre                                                         78 Tat Chee Avenue
95 Queensway                                                               Kowloon

Phone:    (852) 2529 9229                                                  P.O. Box: 99027 TST
Fax:      (852) 2527 9843
                                                                           Phone: (852) 27885678
Email:                                           Fax:   (852) 27885900
Year established: 1861                                                     URL:

Principal function:                                                        Year established:      1967

•    To promote, represent and safeguard the interests of the              Principal functions:
     Hong Kong, China business community.
                                                                           •    To promote productivity excellence through the provision of
Services/activities:                                                            integrated support across the value chain of Hong Kong,
                                                                                China firms;
•    Networking - Opportunities for fellowship with influential            •    To achieve a more effective utilization of resources;
     business leaders and government officials from both locally           •    To enhance the value added content of products and services;
     and abroad. To help identify business opportunities and               •    To increase international competitiveness.
     exchange ideas;
•    Chamber website - Contains an up-to-date database listing             Services/activities:
     information on more than 10,000 potential buyers and sellers
     and attracting frequent users from more than 140 countries. It        Provides a wide range of consultancy, professional training,
     also contains business news, economic analyses and                    manufacturing support programmes, publications, exhibitions,
     government tenders;                                                   conferences and study missions in the core service areas of
•    Website design and hosting - Member company profiles are              manufacturing technologies, management systems, information
     listed on the Chamber website;                                        technologies and environmental technologies.
•    Business opportunities - Trade inquiries are published daily.
     Overseas delegation and visitors meet with Chamber members            Publications issued:
     to discuss business opportunities;
•    Hotline - Dedicated business information inquiry service with         •    Directory of Industries (annually).
     business matching services for members;                               •    Directory of Linkage Industry (annually).
•    Representation - The Chamber is represented on over 30 key            •    Directory of Plastics Industry (annually).
     government advisory bodies and the Legislative Council;               •    Directory of Industrial Suppliers (annually).
•    Trade documentation - Six offices around Hong Kong, China             •    Specialized technical bulletins:
     offering quality and prompt services. The Chamber is the only              -   Electronics Bulleting (bimonthly).
     official authority in Hong Kong, China to issue the                        -   Metals Bulletin (bimonthly).
     internationally recognized Admission Temporaire/Temporary                  -   Plastic Bulletin (bimonthly).
     Admission (ATA) carnets;                                                   -   Textiles and Clothing Bulletin (bimonthly).
•    Business services - Provide meeting venues, translation and                -   Toys Bulletin (bimonthly).
     mailings to members at special rates;                                      -   Logistics Bulleting (quarterly).
•    Member benefits programme - Formed partnership with                        -   Automotive Parts and Components Bulletin (quarterly).
     members to offer discounts and special privileges to fellow
     members.                                                              Membership structure: 23 Council Members appointed by the
                                                                           Chief Executive of Hong Kong, China.
Publication issued:
•    Bulletin (monthly business magazine).
                                                                           Manufacturing technologies, management systems, information
Membership structure:       Corporate members who are Hong                 technologies and environmental technologies.
Kong, China registered companies.
                                                                           Industrial    promotion      and   productivity   centre;    and
Trade and industrial promotion organization.                               training/research institute.

                                                                                                           HONG KONG, CHINA

HONG KONG TRADE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL                                      Publications issued:
                                                                         •   HK Enterprise (monthly).
Office/postal address:                                                   •   HK Toys (biannually).
                                                                         •   HK Electronics (bimonthly).
38th Floor, Office Tower                                                 •   HK Watches and Clocks (quarterly).
Convention Plaza                                                         •   HK Leather Goods and Bags (quarterly).
1 Harbour Road                                                           •   HK Gifts, Premium and Stationery (quarterly).
Wanchai                                                                  •   HK Electronic Components and Parts (quarterly).
                                                                         •   HK Household (biannually).
Phone:    (852) 25844333                                                 •   HK Jewellery Collection (biannually).
Fax:      (852) 28240249                                                 •   HK Apparel (biannually).
                                                                         •   HK Fabrics and Accessories (biannually).
                                                                         •   HK Optical (annually).
                                                                         •   HK Packaging (biannually).
Year established:      1966                                              •   HK Footwear (biannually).

Principal functions:                                                     Offices abroad:

The Trade Development Council (TDC) is the statutory                     China and Taiwan, Province of China: Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian,
organization for promoting Hong Kong, China’s external trade in          Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen,
goods and services:                                                      Wuhan, Taipei and Xian;
•   To create and facilitate opportunities in international trade
    for Hong Kong, China-based companies, most of which are              Asia: Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, Seoul,
    SMEs, and to strengthen Hong Kong, China as the global               Singapore, Tokyo and Mumbai;
    trade platform of Asia with an ever-increasing critical mass
    of “players”;                                                        Australia: Sydney;
•   To help Hong Kong, China manufacturers, traders and
    service providers succeed through marketing opportunities,           Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Frankfurt, London,
    trade contacts, market knowledge and competitive skills;             Milan, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw and Prague;
•   To promote Hong Kong, China’s trade in goods and
    services;                                                            Latin America: Mexico City, Santiago and São Paulo;
•   To match overseas companies with Hong Kong, China
                                                                         Middle East and Africa: Dubai and Johannesburg;
    service providers, manufacturers and traders in various
    business sectors;
                                                                         North America: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto.
•   To provide information on 100,000 Hong Kong, China
    product suppliers and service providers.
                                                                         Trade promotion organization.
•    Participates in major overseas trade fairs, product
     exhibitions in overseas markets, and consumer promotions
     with leading international retailers;
•    Provides business matching service which helps companies
     from around the world find the right supplier, buyer or
•    Maintains TDC’s databank of 380,000 international traders
     and 140,000 mainland firms;
•    Publishes and disseminates a series of Hong Kong, China
     product magazines with a global circulation providing easy
     sourcing for overseas importers and buyers;
•    Organizes 21 international trade fairs in Hong Kong, China
     attracting 500,000 international buyers per annum;
•    Organizes high-level missions, both inward and outward, to
     strengthen Hong Kong, China’s economic ties with key
     trading partners;
•    Reinforces its promotional thrust through a multipronged
     international public relations effort - maintaining contacts
     with business leaders, economic policymakers and media
     around the world, keeping them informed of latest business
     developments in Hong Kong, China;
•    Organizes and participates in business seminars and
     conferences at the international, regional and local levels.


INVEST HONG KONG                                                          6 Grafton Street
                                                                          London W1S 4EQ, United Kingdom
Office/postal address:                                                    Phone: (44 207) 4999821
                                                                          Fax:      (44 207) 4090647
Suites 1501-9, Level 15                                                   E-mail:
One Pacific Place
88 Queensway                                                              115 East 54th Street, 5th Floor
                                                                          New York, NY 10022, United States of America
Phone:    (852) 31071000                                                  Phone: (1 212) 7523320
Fax:      (852) 31079007                                                  Fax:      (1 212) 7523395
URL:                                               130 Montgomery Street
                                                                          San Francisco, CA 94104, United States of America
Year established:      2000                                               Phone: (1 415) 8359300
                                                                          Fax:     (1 415) 3922963
Principal function:                                                       E-mail: hketosf@

Invest Hong Kong is an investment promotion agency established            Level 2, Hong Kong House
to spearhead Hong Kong, China’s efforts to attract inward                 80 Druitt Street
investment. Invest Hong Kong offers solution-oriented investment          Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
promotion and support services in a straightforward one-stop shop.        Phone: (61 2) 92833222
                                                                          Fax:      (61 2) 92833818
Services/activities:                                                      E-mail:

•    Provides      solution-oriented     investment     promotion,        30-1 Sanban-Cho, Chiyoda-ku
     facilitation and aftercare services for foreign companies to         Tokyo 102-0075, Japan
     establish or expand operations in the dynamic Hong Kong,             Phone: (81 3) 35568961
     China economy;                                                       Fax:     (81 3) 35568960
•    Provides ancillary services to foreign companies that have           E-mail:
     arrived in Hong Kong, China such as obtaining work visas,
     trademark registrations, business incorporation, and other           174 St. George Street
     administrative, legal and financial matters;                         Toronto, Ontario M5R 2M7, Canada
•    Provides consultation, regulatory advice and logistics               Phone: (1 416) 9245544
     support guidance by sector-specific experts in financial             Fax:     (1 416) 9243599
     services, information technology, electronics, biotechnology,        E-mail:
     telecommunications, tourism and entertainment, and
     transportation.                                                      Category:

Publications issued:                                                      Investment promotion agency.

•    Invest HK – It all adds up (English/Chinese/Japanese/
•    Invest in Hong Kong for success in Mainland China – The
     CEPA benefits (English/Chinese).
•    Investment Update (quarterly newsletter, English/Chinese).
•    The Greater Pearl River Delta (English).

Offices abroad:

Rue d’Arlon 118
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: (32 2) 7750088
Fax:     (32 2) 7700980

Flat 7101, Citic Plaza
233 Tian He North Road
Guangzhou 510613, China
Phone: (86 20) 38911220
Fax:      (86 20) 38911221

                                                                                                             HONG KONG, CHINA

TRADE AND INDUSTRY DEPARTMENT                                             Offices abroad:

Office/postal address:                                                    Hong Kong House
                                                                          80 Druitt Street, Level 1
Trade and Industry Department Tower                                       Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
700 Nathan Road                                                           Phone: (61 2) 92833222
Kowloon                                                                   Fax:      (61 2) 92833818
Phone:    (852) 23985333
Fax:      (852) 27892491                                                  Rue d’Arlon 118
                                                                          1040 Brussels, Belgium
E-mail:                                                Phone: (32 2) 7750088
URL:                                                    Fax:     (32 2) 7700980
Year established:   2000 (following the reorganization of the
Trade Department and Industry Department in July 2000).                   174 St. George Street
                                                                          Toronto, Ontario M5R 2M7, Canada
Principal functions:                                                      Phone: (1 416) 9245544
                                                                          Fax:     (1 416) 9243599
•    To secure and preserve maximum access and fair treatment             E-mail:
     for exports from Hong Kong, China to international markets;
•    To provide certification and licensing services in order to          21st Floor, Office Tower 1
     facilitate trade and supplement controls imposed for reasons         Henderson Centre
     other than trade, such as to protect public health, safety or        18 Jianguomen Nei Avenue
     environment;                                                         Dongcheng District
•    To support and facilitate the development of Hong Kong,              Beijing, China
     China’s SMEs and industries.                                         Phone: (86 10) 65186318
                                                                          Fax:       (86 10) 65186321
Services/activities:                                                      E-mail:

•    To conduct the commercial relations of Hong Kong, China              Flat 7101, Citic Plaza
     internationally;                                                     233 Tian He North Road
•    To provide licensing facilities to traders on import and             Guangzhou 510613, China
     export of textiles and clothing, strategic commodities, rough        Phone: (86 20) 38911220
     diamonds, reserved commodities, radioactive substances and           Fax:      (86 20) 38911221
     irradiating apparatus, as well as ozone depleting substances;        E-mail:
•    To provide certification services for different commodities
                                                                          6 Grafton Street
     to establish the origin of the goods which Hong Kong, China
                                                                          London W1S 4EQ, United Kingdom
     exports and to meet the requirements of the importing
                                                                          Phone: (44 207) 4999821
                                                                          Fax:      (44 207) 4955033
•    To provide trade information to traders through the issue of
     trade information circulars, pamphlets, publications and the
     department’s web portal;
                                                                          Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Building,
•    To provide information and advisory services for SMEs                30-1 Sanban-Cho, Chiyoda-ku
     through its Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs                 Tokyo 102-0075, Japan
     (SUCCESS);                                                           Phone: (81 3) 35568980
•    To administer four SME funding schemes.                              Fax:     (81 3) 35568968
Publications issued:
                                                                          #34-01, Suntec Tower Two
Wide range of publications issued, including:                             9 Temasek Boulevard
                                                                          Singapore 038989
•    A Guide to Pollution Control Legislation Affecting                   Phone: (65) 63381771
     Manufacturing Industries.                                            Fax:     (65) 63392112
•    Guidance Notes on How to Complete a Combined Form for                E-mail:
     Export and Import of Goods under Outward Processing
     Arrangement.                                                         5 Allée David-Morse
•    Hong Kong: The Facts – Trade and Industry Fact Sheets.               1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
•    Notes on Application for Outward Processing Arrangement              Phone: (41 22) 7301300
     Registration.                                                        Fax:     (41 22) 7301304

For full list of       publications,   please   consult   website:


115 East 54th Street
New York, NY 10022, United States of America
Phone: (1 212) 7523320
Fax:      (1 212) 7523395

130 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104, United States of America
Phone: (1 415) 8359300
Fax:     (1 415) 4210646

1520, 18th Street N.W.
Washington DC 20036, United States of America
Phone: (1 202) 3318947
Fax:      (1 202) 3318958


Industrial promotion; and trade promotion organiztion.


AGRICULTURAL AND PROCESSED FOOD                                               •    Manual for production of orchids.
PRODUCTS EXPORT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                                         •    Manual for production of gladolius.
(APEDA)                                                                       •    Report on Guar gum.
                                                                              •    Report on honey.
Office/postal address:                                                        •    Report on Indian ethnic snack food market study.
                                                                              •    A study on status and prospects of frozen food industry
3rd Floor, NCUI Building                                                           (Vols. I and II).
3, Siri Institutional Area                                                    •    Newsletter (quarterly).
Opp. Asaid Village
August Kranti Marg                                                            Local branches:
New Delhi 110 016
                                                                              12/1/1, Palace Cross Road
Phone:    (91 11) 26513219, 26513204, 26514572                                Bangalore 560 020
Fax:      (91 11) 26534870                                                    Phone: (91 80) 3343425
                                                                              Fax:      (91 80) 3364560
E-mail:,,                       E-mail:
                                                                              Mayukh Bhawan
Year established:      1986                                                   Bidhan Nagar
                                                                              Calcutta 700 091
Principal function:                                                           Phone: (91 33) 3376363
                                                                              Fax:      (91 33) 3378680
•    To promote agricultural commodities and processed foods;                 E-mail:
•    To promote their exports.
                                                                              c/o Assam Industrial Development Corporation
Services/activities:                                                          3rd Floor, Jain Complex
                                                                              Opp. Dispur Old Post Office
•    Identifies new markets;                                                  G.S. Road, Dispur
•    Provides better support systems to exporters and                         Guwahati 781 005
     manufacturers;                                                           Phone: (91 361) 599010
•    Introduces new products to the international markets;                    Fax:       (91 361) 452600
•    Undertakes development programmes: development of                        E-mail:
     databases on products, markets and services; publicity and
     information dissemination; invites official and business                 8th Floor, Chandra Vihar Building
     delegations from abroad; organization of product promotion               Mukkaramjahi Road
     and trade missions abroad; participation in international trade          Hyderabad 500 001
     fairs in India and abroad; organization of buyer-seller meets            Phone: (91 40) 4745940
     and other business interactions; dissemination of information;           Fax:       (91 40) 4745947
     provides library services; distribution of Annual APEDA                  E-mail:
     Awards; provides advisory and supporting services to trade
     and industry; problem solving;                                           4th Floor, Banking Complex Building
•    Provides financial assistance to exporters, growers, trade               Unit No. 3-4, Sector 19 A, Vashi
     associations, governmental agencies, etc., for activities related        New Bombay 400 705
     to export promotion and market development through supply                Phone: (91 22) 7658949, 7882094 (D)
     of samples to potential importers, brand publicity, etc.;                Fax:       (91 22) 7882273
     strengthening of market intelligence and databases through               E-mail:
     studies, surveys, etc.; quality upgrading; development of
     infrastructure facilities; research and development; packaging;          Membership structure:           17,000 members.
     staffing development; and development of meat processing
     facilities.                                                              Products/commodity responsible for:

Publications issued:                                                          Fruits, vegetables and their products; meat and meat products;
                                                                              poultry and poultry products; dairy products; confectionery, biscuits
•    Export Statistics of Agro and Processed Food Products, 1990-             and bakery products; honey, joggery and sugar products; cocoa
     2000.                                                                    products; alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; cereal products;
                                                                              groundnuts, peanuts and walnuts; pickles, papads and chutneys;
•    Guidelines for the exports of fresh fruits to the EU Market.
                                                                              guar gum; horticulture and floriculture products; herbal and
•    Quality assurance manual for export of mangoes.
                                                                              medicinal plants; rice (non-basmati).
•    Quality assurance manual for export of kinnow.
•    Quality assurance manual for export of nagpur mandarian.                 Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
•    Pre harvest manual for export of nagpur mandarian.
•    Pre harvest manual for cultivation of kinnow for exports.                AEZ (Agricultural Export Zone)/Agriculture and food processing
•    Manual for production under protected environment –                      sector.
•    Manual for production of Anthrium Andreanuis.                            Category:
•    Manual for production of Perennial Statice.
•    Manual for production of Eustoma Russaellianum.                          Trade promotion organization.


                                                                           Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                           15, NBCC Tower
6th Floor, Khetan Bhavan                                                   Bhikaji Cama Place
198, J. Tata Road                                                          New Delhi 110 066
Mumbai 400 020                                                             Phone:    (91 11) 26183351, 26169393-4
                                                                           Fax:      (91 11) 26188584, 26188300
Phone:    (91 22) 22821935, 22821962
Fax:      (91 22) 22872151                                                 E-mail:
Year established:      1959
                                                                           Year established:      1978
Principal function:
                                                                           Principal function:
•    To promote optimum utilization of cottonseed through
     delinting, decorticating, crushing and solvent extraction.            •    To promote Indian garment exports.

Services/activities:                                                       Services/activities:

•    Undertakes national seminars on standardization and                   •    Quota distribution, monitoring;
     upgrading of linters, workshops on use of cottonseed                  •    Marketing in foreign markets;
     extraction in poultry feed, statistics on the market from             •    Sends trade delegations to survey export potential;
     members, government and other sources;                                •    Publicity;
•    Carries out research;                                                 •    General facilitation to exporters by way of assistance in
•    Collects and disseminates information about the production                 understanding rules and procedures (for example duty
     and prices of the raw materials and products of the industry;              drawback delays), import related helps;
•    Promotes export marketing of the products;                            •    Conducts fashion forecast seminars;
•    Analyses problems of the industry and works for their solution        •    Provides training for garment manufacturing in Apparel
     with concerned authorities or in other appropriate ways.                   Training and Design Centre (ATDC);
                                                                           •    Operates a trade information centre;
Publications issued:                                                       •    Provides technical advice and market briefs;
                                                                           •    Publishes promotional material and other information;
•    Annual Report of the All India Cottonseed Crushers'                   •    Organizes buyer-seller meets and participates in international
     Association.                                                               fairs/exhibitions;
•    Newsletter of the All India Cottonseed Crushers' Association          •    Gives annual export awards to outstanding exporter of ready-
     (monthly).                                                                 made garments.

Membership structure:          44 members.                                 Publications issued:

Mostly companies, cottonseed processors, cottonseed oil refiners,          •    Apparel Fortnightly.
exporters of cottonseed extracting and other cottonseed products.          •    Exporters’ Directory.
(Managing committee of about 16 members elected by the general             •    Guidelines on Registration and Membership.
body every year.)
                                                                           •    Handbook of Export Statistics.
                                                                           •    PP/NQ Allotment Book.
Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                           •    Quota Policy Book.
Cotton linters, hulls, cottonseed oil and cottonseed extraction.           •    Buying Agents Directory.
                                                                           •    Reports on various activities, technical and statistical
Category:                                                                       publications.

Industrial promotion organization.                                         Local branches:

                                                                           Local branches in Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ludhiana,
                                                                           Mumbai, New Delhi, Tirpur.

                                                                           Membership structure:           Approximately 30,000 members.


                                                                           Trade promotion organization.


BASIC CHEMICALS, PHARMACEUTICALS AND                                     507, 5th Floor, Aditya Enclave
COSMETICS EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL                                       Ameer Pet
(CHEMEXCIL)*                                                             Hyderabad 500 038
                                                                         Phone: (91 40) 26622311
Office/postal address:                                                   Fax:       (91 40) 26622411

4th Floor, Jhansi Castle                                                 9th Floor, Kankaria Estate
7, Cooperage Road                                                        6, Little Russell Street
Mumbai 400 039                                                           Kolkata 700 071
                                                                         Phone: (91 33) 22805791
Phone:    (91 22) 22021288, 22021330                                     Fax:       (91 33) 22475562
Fax:      (91 22) 22026684
                                                                         424, 4th Floor, Ansal Chamber - II
E-mail:                                               6, Bikaji Cama Place
URL:                                             New Delhi 110 066
                                                                         Phone: (91 11) 26160937
Year established:          1963                                          Fax:       (91 11) 26169891

Principal functions:                                                     Products/commodity responsible for:

•    To promote and develop exports;                                     Drugs, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals; dyes, intermediates,
                                                                         coaltar chemicals and alcohol dyes; basic inorganic and organic
•    To undertake liaison activities;
                                                                         chemicals and agro chemicals; cosmetics and toiletries; essential
•    To provide market information.
                                                                         oils, detergents, soaps, perfume, agarbattis, medicinal plants, castor
                                                                         oils, etc.
                                                                         Membership structure:            6,178 members.
•    Compiles export data, trade plan, commodity profiles, etc.;
•    Conducts panel meetings;                                            Membership consists of large and small-scale manufacturers and
•    Undertakes market surveys;                                          large and small merchant exporters of drugs and pharmaceuticals,
•    Sponsors individual and group delegations abroad;                   dyes, chemicals, cosmetics and toiletries and agarbattis.
•    Provides guidance to exporters regarding licensing, customs,
     banking, etc.;                                                      Category:
•    Organizes seminars, workshops, etc., for exporters;
•    Disseminates overseas enquiries, tenders;                           Export promotion council.
•    Undertakes investigation of quality/delivery complaints,
     arbitration, etc.;
•    Participates in trade fairs and exhibitions;
•    Publishes bulletins, reports, directories;
•    Liaises with various organizations.

Publications issued:

•    CHEMEXCIL Sales Bulletin.
•    Directories.
•    Market Survey Reports.
•    Exhibition Reports.
•    Promotional literature on products under Council’s purview.
•    Reports of study-cum-sales teams.

Local branches:

901, Karma
Near Mahalaxmi Cross Road
Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007
Phone: (91 79) 6640224
Fax:     (91 79) 6630061

No. 18/4,, 1st Floor - C, N.S. Bhavan
4th Cross, 4th Main Road
Bangalore 560 009
Phone: (91 80) 2269037
Fax:       (91 80) 2260446


AND INDUSTRY (BNCCI)                                                       INDUSTRY

Office/postal address:                                                     Office/postal address:

Foreign Trade Section                                                      3rd Floor, Mackinnon Mackenzie Building
BNCCI House                                                                4, Shoorji Vallabhdas Marg,
23, R.N. Mukherjee Road                                                    Ballard Estate
Kolkata 700 001                                                            Mumbai 400 001

Phone:    (91 33) 22482951 (3 lines)                                       Phone: (91 22) 22614681-84
Fax:      (91 33) 22487058 / 0387                                          Fax:   (91 22) 22621213

E-mail:                                                    E-mail:,
Year established:        1887
                                                                           Year established:      1836
Principal function:
                                                                           Principal functions:
•    To perform function of a Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                           •    To conduct investment promotion;
Services/activities:                                                       •    To promote interests of trade and industry;
                                                                           •    To establish business contacts.
•    Promotes industry, trade and commerce, particularly in the
     eastern region of India as well as in West Bengal;                    Services/activities:
•    Promotes entrepreneurship, integrated development of rural
     areas, protection of environment and improvement of the               Trade services:
     socio-economic condition of the people;                               •   Trade information and library services;
•    Organizes trade fairs, promotion of international trade and           •   International Trade Division to promote trade, investment,
     business, and business delegations abroad.                                technology transfer;
                                                                           •   Certification of export documentation and visa
Publications issued:                                                           recommendations;
                                                                           •   Declares weather working days and charter party holidays for
•    BNCCI Newsletter (quarterly).                                             Mumbai ports.
•    Committee Roster (annually).
•    Annual Report (annually).                                             Advisory services:
•    Guidebook on Industrial India Trade Fair (annually).                  • Labour advisory services;
•    Membership Directory in floppy (annually).                            • Safety, health and environment protection advisory services;
•    Trade Bulletin (monthly).                                             • Arbitration services;
•    Tender Circular (monthly).                                            • Executive training and development programmes.

Membership structure:          500   industries/firms,   about   35        Publications issued:
industrial trade associations.
                                                                           •    International Trade News (monthly, English).
Training:                                                                  •    Bombay Chamber Monthly Bulletin (monthly, English).
                                                                           •    Labour Digest - Labour Law and Industrial Relations
•    Entrepreneurship development training;                                     (monthly, English).
•    Training on trade promotion;                                          •    Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Bulletin (quarterly,
•    Training courses on business promotion and management,                     English).
     etc.                                                                  •    AnalytiQue Economics (quarterly, English).

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                           Membership structure:         Almost 1,600 members.

Whole of West Bengal in general and rural areas in particular.             Represents large and medium-sized companies from the
                                                                           manufacturing and service sectors, leading banks and financial
Category:                                                                  institutions and multinationals having their corporate headquarters
                                                                           in Mumbai, including Foreign Consulates/Trade Commissions in
Chamber of commerce.                                                       Mumbai. Membership of Bombay Chamber accounts for around
                                                                           one third of India’s GDP in the manufacturing and service sectors.


Products/commodity responsible for:                                         •   Undertakes promotion and publicity of standardization
Electrical, electronics, telecom, computer, software and hardware,          •   Provides technical information on standards, regulations,
textiles and garments, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, agri and                  etc.;
food processing, automobiles, power and energy, shipping and                •   Handles sale of national standards, standards of other
transportation, basic products, consumer goods, building and                    countries and international standards;
construction, consultancy services, banking and financial                   •   Grants certificate against various Management Systems such
services.                                                                       as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS, HACCP, etc.

Training:                                                                   Publications issued:

The Bombay Chamber’s Executive Training Development                         •   Buyer’s Guide (list of manufacturers holding licenses under
Programmes caters to the knowledge upgrading of its                             BIS Certification Marking Scheme) (on computer floppy).
constituent members and their employees.                                    •   Catalogue of Indian Standards.
                                                                            •   Indian Standards.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                            •   Manakdoot (quarterly).
                                                                            •   Standards India (monthly).
For products and services represented by the Chamber’s                      •   Standards Monthly Additions.
membership.                                                                 •   Standards Worldover - Monthly Additions.
                                                                            •   Handbooks of standards on various subjects.
                                                                            •   Miscellaneous publications such as brochures, pamphlets
                                                                                posters, etc.
Chamber of commerce; trade facilitation body; and trade
promotion organization.
                                                                            Local branches:

                                                                            National Institute of Training for Standardization, Quality and
                                                                            Management (NITSQM)
BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (BIS)*                                           A-20, 21, Institutional Area
                                                                            Sector - 62, Noida 201 307 (UP)
Office/postal address:                                                      Phone: (91 120) 2402201-7
                                                                            Fax:      (91 120) 2402202-3
Manak Bhavan
9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg                                                  Regional offices in Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai.
New Delhi 110 002
                                                                            Branch offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar,
Phone:    (91 11) 23233375                                                  Coimbatore, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur,
Fax:      (91 11) 23234062, 23239399, 23239382                              Kanpur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Nalagarh, Patna, Pune, Rajkot,
                                                                            Thiruvananathapuram, Vishakhapatnam.
URL:                                                      Category:
Year established:      1987     (formerly     Indian     Standards          Standard, testing and inspection body.

Principal functions:

•    To formulate and publish national standards;
•    To grant certification marks licensees to manufacturers;
•    To grant license for Management Systems such as ISO 9001,
     ISO 14001, OSHAS, HACCP;
•    To test and evaluate the quality of products for the
     formulation of standards and operation of Certification
     Marking Scheme;
•    To provide training in the areas of standardization,
     management systems, statistical quality control and
     certification marking.


•    Publishes national standards;
•    Grants licenses under BIS Certification Marking Scheme;
•    Provides training facilities in standardization, management
     systems, statistical quality control, certification marking and
     labouratory testing;
•    Undertakes consultancy services in company standardization
     and Statistical Quality Control (SQC);


CHEMICAL AND ALLIED PRODUCTS EXPORT                                      Local branches:
                                                                         Eastern Region:
Office/postal address:                                                   Tobacco House
                                                                         1-2, Old Court House Corner
“Vanijya Bhavan”,                                                        Kolkata 700 001
International Trade Facilitation Centre, 3rd Floor,                      Phone: (91 33) 22207620
1/1 Wood Street                                                          Fax:      (91 33) 22435945
Kolkata 700 016                                                          E-mail:

Phone:    (91 33) 22890524/0525                                          Northern Region:
Fax:      (91 33) 22891724                                               Flat No. 4 C
                                                                         4th Floor, Vandana Building
E-mail:                                                 11 Tolstoy Marg
URL:                                                  New Delhi 110 001
B2B Portal:                                         Phone: (91 11) 23356703, 23711479, 23752282
                                                                         Fax:       (91 11) 23314486
Year established:   1958 (formerly: Chemicals and Allied                 E-mail:
Products Export Promotion Council).
                                                                         Southern Region:
Principal function:                                                      Rasheed Mansion
                                                                         408 (Old No. 622), Anna Salai
•    To facilitate export by way of promotion, organizing trade          Chennai 600 006
     shows, embracing the latest technology to help exporters,           Phone: (91 44) 28292310, 28294713
     matching the needs of buyers and sellers.                           Fax:     (91 44) 28295386
                                                                         Western Region:
•    Services to overseas importers:                                     Commerce Centre
     -    Locates a reliable supplier of made-in-India products;         Block No. D-17, Tardeo Road
     -    Organizes buyer-seller meets;                                  Mumbai 400 034
     -    Provides up-to-date information on supply sourcing;            Phone: (91 22) 24943410, 24960084
     -    Publishes trade directory, brochure on individual              Fax:     (91-22) 24937665
          products;                                                      E-mail:
     -    Caters information through website;
     -    B2B Portal - online directory of          Membership structure:      3,542 members, as of 4 July 2003.
          Indian exporters with their products and services;
          highly effective platform to generate business                 Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                         Rubber manufactured products (including automobile tyres and
•    Service to exporters:                                               tubes); paints, enamels, varnishes, pigments and paint raw
     -    Assists in identifying potential markets;                      materials; glass and glassware; ceramics and allied products;
     -    Assists in overcoming export constraints and                   wood products; refractory bricks; cement, clinkers and asbestos
          operational bottlenecks;                                       cement products; paper, paper boards and paper conversion items
     -    Provides publicity and marketing backup;                       including stationery; ossein and gelatine; crushed bones, bone
     -    Organizes overseas trade delegations and participation         grist, animal glue, horn and hoof meal; safety matches,
          in trade fairs and buyer-seller meets;                         pyrotechnical articles, dyeing and tanning extracts; graphite
     -    Organizes training, seminars on export;                        electrodes, detonators and explosives; granite, marble, stones;
     -    Caters information through website;            mineral and ores; books, publications and job printing.
     -    B2B Portal - online directory of
          Indian exporters with their products and services;             Training:
          highly effective business platform to generate business
          opportunities;                                                 •   Course offered in English: Certificate Course in International
     -    Education through programme: Certificate Course in                 Marketing
          International Marketing.
Publications issued:
                                                                         Trade facilitation body; and trade promotion organization.
•    CAPEXIL Trade News (monthly, English).
•    A Statistical Profile (yearly, English).
•    Trade Directory (biannually, English).


                                                                      Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                      Dr. H. Basker, I.A.S,
Chittoor Road                                                         CEO and Member Secretary
Ernakulam South                                                       Ministry of Textiles
Kochi 682 016                                                         CSB Complex, Hosur Road
Kerala                                                                BTM Layout, Madivala
                                                                      Bangalore 560 068
P.O.Box:     1709
                                                                      Phone:    (91 80) 26688831, 26680190
Phone:     (91 484) 2376459, 2376080                                  Fax:      (91 80) 26681511
Fax:       (91 484) 2377973
E-mail:,                         URL:
                                                                      Year established:      1948
Year established:      1955
                                                                      Principal function:
Principal function:
                                                                      •    To promote the development of the silk industry.
•    To promote the export of cashew kernels, cashew nut shell
     liquid and allied products from India.                           Services/activities:

Services/activities:                                                  •    Advises the Government of India on development of the silk
•    Conducts trade promotion activities.                             •    Assists various provinces of the Indian Union in development
                                                                           planning for sericulture through jointly funded schemes, or
Publications issued:                                                       centrally sponsored schemes;
                                                                      •    Undertakes, assists and encourages scientific, technological
•    Cashew Bulletin (monthly, English).                                   and economic research in the silk sector and production of
•    Indian Cashew Journal (quarterly, English).                           basic and commercial silkworm seed for supplementary
•    Directory of Indian Cashew Exporters (English).                       assistance to various provinces;
•    A Survey of CNSL Patents (English).                              •    Initiates measures for the standardization and quality control of
•    Indian Cashew Grades Folder (English).                                silk and silk products;
•    Cashew - The Millennium Nut - Cashew Recipes (English).          •    Rationalizes the marketing and stabilization of prices of silk
•    Cashew Statistics (English).                                          cocoons and silk products;
                                                                      •    Voluntary inspection of silk goods meant for exports, and
Membership structure:      137 members (varying from year to               certification for quality and content.
                                                                      Publications issued:
Products/commodity responsible for:
Cashew kernels, cashew nut shell liquid and allied products.          •    Indian Silk (monthly, English).
                                                                      •    Indian Journal of Sericulture (English).
Category:                                                             •    SERIDOC (English).

Trade promotion organization.                                         Books:
                                                                      •   Handbook Of Sericulture Technologies.
                                                                      •   Seri Business Manual – A User’s Guide.
                                                                      •   Sericulture & Silk Industry Statistics – 2003 (with CD-ROM
                                                                      •   Directory Of Exporters And Manufacturers Of Silk Goods In
                                                                      •   Disinfection In Sericulture: A Ready Reckoner.
                                                                      •   Handbook Of Practical Sericulture.
                                                                      •   Handbook Of Muga Culture.
                                                                      •   Ericulture In India.
                                                                      •   Tips To Successful Silkworm Cocoon Crops.
                                                                      •   CSR&TI (Mysore) Bulletins On Improved Practices Of

                                                                      CDs/video cassettes:
                                                                      •   Sericulture in India.
                                                                      •   Package for Prosperity.
                                                                      •   A Stitch in Time.


•    Bivoltine for Higher yield; more income.                              D.S. Mansion II Floor
•    Reeling for Quality Silk.                                             Near State Zoo
•    Capsule films on Post Cocoon Technology.                              Central Silk Board
•    Strong Ties; Loose Threads: Women in Silk.                            P.O. Dispur,
•    Prevention is better than cure.                                       Guwahati 781 005
•    Sericulture deserves credit.                                          Phone: (91 361) 203468, 200168
•    Mulberry cultivation and Farm Management.                             Fax:      (91 361) 200 168
•    Silkworm rearing Technology.
•    The Story of Tasar.                                                   Mahesh mati
•    Eri silk in the North East.                                           P.O. & Dist
•    Golden Muga: The Cultural Heritage of Assam.                          Malda 732 101.
•    Life Story of a Moth: The Silkworm..
•    Mulberry cultivation and maintenance of garden.                       18 Satyanagar
•    Nutrient management for healthy growth of mulberry garden.            Bhubaneswar 751 007
•    Sericulture extension.                                                Phone: (91 674) 505153
•    Sericulture training.
•    Hygiene and chawki rearing.                                           63 A 12th Avenue
•    Late age silkworm rearing and quality cocoon production.              Ashok Nagar
                                                                           Chennai 83
Others:                                                                    Phone: (91 44) 4892044, 4894189
•    Translations of various project reports, popular publications,        Fax:     (91 44) 4892044
     manual reprints.
                                                                           Vikas Deep Building
Local branches:                                                            5th Floor
                                                                           22 Station Road
Regional Offices:                                                          Lucknow 226 019.(U.P)
                                                                           Phone: (91 522) 635123
Marine Drive, Ph.:203468                                                   Majra
Mumbai 400 002                                                             Dehradun 248171
Phone: (91 22) 2811826, 2815532                                            Phone: (91 135) 3261239
Fax:     (91 22) 2812842
                                                                           Certification Centres:
342-347 (2nd Floor) A-Wing
August Kranti Bhavan                                                       CSB Complex
Bhikaji Cama Place                                                         B.T.M. Layout Madivala
New Dehli 110 066                                                          Hosur Road
Phone: (91 11) 26108316                                                    Bangalore 560 068, Karnataka
Fax:      (91 11) 26176177                                                 Phone: (91 80) 26688831
                                                                           Fax:     (91 80) 26681511
House No.16-B (Extension)                                                  E-mail:
Gandhi Nagar
Jammu 180 007                                                              32, Radha Rani Sinha Road,
Phone: (91 191) 2433677                                                    Bhagalpur 812001; Bihar
Fax:    (91 191) 2542917
                                                                           Plot No.13
MEGHDOOT 95-B                                                              Vivekananda Nagar Colony
Marine Drive                                                               Maldahiya
Mumbai 400 002                                                             Varanasi 221002, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: (91 22) 2811826, 2815532
Fax:     (91 22) 2812842                                                   Main Research Institutes:

Regional Development Offices:                                              Srirampura Manandavadi Road
                                                                           Mysore 570 008, Karnataka
Road No 72 Prasashan Nagar                                                 Phone: (91 821) 2362406, 2362585
Adjacent Hills                                                             Fax:     (91 821) 2362845
Jubilee Hills                                                              URL:
Hyderabad 500 033
Grams: SILK BOARD                                                          Berhampore 742 101, West Bengal
Phone: (91 40) 3541293                                                     Phone: (91 3482) 253962-4
                                                                           Fax:    (91 3482) 251046


Post Bag # 88, GPO,                                                         COCHIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND
Srinagar 190 001, Jammu and Kashmir                                         INDUSTRY
Phone: (91 1933) 222839, 223176
Fax:      (91 1933) 223215                                                  Office/postal address:
E-Mail: csrtippr@sancharnet.
                                                                            Bristow Road
P.O. Ladoigarh Charali,                                                     Willingdon Island
Jorhat 785 700, Assam                                                       Cochin 682 003
Phone: (91 3763) 385513, 395528
                                                                            P.O. Box:    503, Cochin
Carmelram Post, Kodathi
Bangalore 560 035, Karnataka                                                Phone: (91 484) 2668349, 2668650
Phone: (91 80) 28439598                                                     Fax:   (91 484) 2668651
Fax:     (91 80) 28439596
E-mail:                                                   E-mail:

Post Box No. 44, Thally Road,                                               Year established:      1857
Hosur 635 019, Tamilnadu
Phone: (91 4344) 221148, 221149, 222013                                     Principal functions:
Fax:     (91 4344) 220520
E-mail:                                          •    To provide an accepted focal point for the region’s
URL:                                                   commerce, industry and trade;
                                                                            •    To protect the individual businessperson’s right to self-
Carmelram Post, Kodathi                                                          determination in the conduct of his or her business affairs,
Bangalore 560 035, Karnataka                                                     without undue interference from any quarter;
Phone: (91 80) 28439598                                                     •    To promote the genuine interests of its members, acting as
Fax:     (91 80) 28439597                                                        the focus for the views and reactions of the organized trade
E-mail:                                                          sector in South-West India;
                                                                            •    To act as a liaison body between industry and government, to
Piska Nagri
                                                                                 ensure that the voice of industry is heard in the corridors of
Ranchi 835 303, Jharkand
                                                                                 power and that its views are given due consideration in the
Phone: (91 651) 2775815, 2775630
                                                                                 formulation of the State’s policies with regard to trade and
Fax:     (91 651) 2775629
                                                                                 industry as also other matters that relate to the all-round
                                                                                 socio-economic development of the State;
                                                                            •    To emphasize the need for long-term policy planning in the
B.T. M. Layout, Madiwala
                                                                                 interest of industry in the State.
Bangalore 560 068, Karnataka
Phone: (91 80) 26688831
Fax:     (91 80) 26680435
                                                                            •    Serves as an intermediary between commerce/industry and
CSB Complex B.T. M. Layout Madivala                                              the Government;
Bangalore 560 068, Karnataka                                                •    Ensures that its members are kept informed of the various
Phone: (91 80) 26688831                                                          legislations, notifications, resolutions, etc. on a regular basis;
Fax:     (91 80) 26680387                                                   •    Offers its comments/suggestions and consults with the
E-mail:                                                       members, on draft resolutions placed before it for
Training:                                                                   •    Advises the Government on trade and industry;
                                                                            •    Represents on all the different expert committees of the
Provides training on sericulture to local and international students             Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
in its research institutes in the following three categories:                    (ASSOCHAM) which helps in presenting the State’s
•     Structured courses: courses of long-term duration ranging                  problems at the national level;
      from 3 to 24 months;                                                  •    Maintains information on the import/export trade carried on
•     Capsule courses: courses of short-term duration ranging from               through Cochin Port;
      3 to 45 days;                                                         •    Processes trade enquiries received from different trade
•     Ad hoc courses: short duration courses conducted upon                      organizations both from within and outside the country;
      request from different agencies.                                      •    Disseminates information to all its members;
                                                                            •    Undertakes weighment/measurement of cargo;
Products/commodity responsible for:                                         •    Issues quality certificates and certificates of origin;
                                                                            •    Is also the sole authorized representative for the “Southern
Silk and silk products.                                                          Region” for all export documentation/legalization
                                                                                 requirements vis-à-vis the Arab/African countries.

Commodity board.


Publications issued:                                                     Services/activities:

•   Statistical Report (monthly and annually, English).                  •    Increases production of quality planting materials;
•   Newsletter (monthly, English).                                       •    Creates future production potential by bringing more area
•   Information Bulletin (monthly, English).                                  under coconut;
•   Annual Report (English).                                             •    Improves the productivity of existing coconut holdings;
                                                                         •    Product diversification and by-product utilization;
Membership structure:         168 members.                               •    Promotes coconut and coconut base products.

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                         Publications issued:

Information technology and tourism.                                      •    Bharatiya Nariyal Patrika (quarterly, Hindi).
                                                                         •    Bharatiya Thengu Patrika (quarterly, Kannada).
Category:                                                                •    Indian Thennai Idhazh (quarterly, Tamil).
                                                                         •    Indian Coconut Journal (monthly).
Chamber of commerce.                                                     •    Indian Nalikera Journal (monthly, Malayalam).
                                                                         •    Other ad hoc publications on various aspects of coconut
                                                                              culture and industry.

COCONUT DEVELOPMENT BOARD                                                Local branches:

Office/postal address:                                                   Regional Offices:

(Ministry of Agriculture                                                 Karnataka:
Government of India)                                                     Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Road
Kera Bhavan                                                              (Beside Horticulture Farm, Govt. of Karnataka)
Kochi - 682 011                                                          Bangalore South Taluk, Bangalore - 560 076, Karnataka
Kerala State                                                             Phone: (080) 26593750
                                                                         Fax:     (080) 26594768
Phone:   (91 484) 2376265, 2377266, 2377267                              E-mail:
Fax:     (91 484) 2377902
E-mail:                                       M-2/40, S.K. Puri, Patna 800 001, Bihar
URL:                                          Phone: (0612) 2221367
                                                                         Fax:     (0612) 2221608
Year established:      1981                                              E-mail:

Principal functions:                                                     Tamil Nadu:
                                                                         AF-6/2204, 7th Street, 11th Main Road
•   To adopt measures for the development of the coconut                 Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600 040, Tamil Nadu
    industry;                                                            Phone: (044) 26286640
•   To recommend measures for improving the marketing of                 Fax:    (044) 26286732
    coconut and its products;                                            E-mail:
•   To advice those engaged in coconut cultivation and industry;
•   To provide financial and other assistance for expansion of           State Centres:
    area under coconut;
•   To encourage the adoption of modern technologies for                 Andaman and Nicobar Islands:
    processing of coconut and its products;                              VIP Road, Junglighat P.O.
•   To recommend measures for regulating imports and exports             Port Blair - 744 103, South Andaman
    of coconut and its products;                                         Phone: (03192) 233918
•   To fix grades, specifications and standards for coconut and
    its products;
                                                                         Andhra Pradesh:
•   To finance suitable schemes to increase the production of
                                                                         A-23 (269), IIIrd Street, 1st Line
    coconut and to improve the quality and yield of coconut;
                                                                         Indian Airlines Colony, Begumpet
•   To assist, encourage, promote and finance agricultural,              Secundrabad - 500 003
    technological, industrial or economic research on coconut            Phone: (040) 27902978
    and its products;                                                    Fax:      (040) 27902978
•   To collect statistics on coconut and its products and publish        E-mail:
•   To undertake publicity activities and publish books and              Demonstration-Cum-Seed Production (Dsp) Farms
    periodicals on coconut and its products.                             Vegivada (Village) P.O.
                                                                         House No. 688, Tadikalapudi (Via)
                                                                         W. Godavari (Dist.)
                                                                         Andhra Pradesh - 534 452
                                                                         Phone: (08812) 228401


Aluva :                                                         Kerchowmohani, Ramnagar P.O.
Technology Development Centre                                   Agartala - 799 002, Tripura
Keenpuram, South Vazhakkulam                                    Phone: (0381) 2222205
Aluva, Ernakulam Dist. Pin. 683 105                             E-mail:
Phone: (0484) 2679680
                                                                West Bengal:
Assam:                                                          BJ-108 - Sector - II, Salt Lake
Housefed Complex (Sixth Floor), Beltola Road, Last Gate,        Kolkata - 700 091
Dispur                                                          Phone: (033) 23599674
Guwahati - 781 006, Assam                                       Fax:      (033) 23599674
Phone: (0361) 2220632                                           E-mail:
Fax:    (0361) 2220632
E-mail:                                 Membership structure:       23 board members.

Abhayapuri, Bongaigoan                                          Products/commodity responsible for:
Assam - 783 384
Phone: (03664) 281473                                           Coconut and coconut products.

Bihar:                                                          Training:
P.O. Singheswar - 852 128,
Madhepura District, Bihar                                       Courses arranged as per requirements.
Phone: (06476) 283015
E-mail:                                 Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Chattisgarh:                                                    Coconut and allied industries.
Kondagaon - 494 226, Bastar District
Chattisgarh                                                     Category:
Phone: (07786) 242443
Fax:      (07786) 242443                                        Commodity board.

Pura Village, Loksara P.O.
Mandya District, Karnataka - 571 403
Phone: (08232) 234059

Neriamangalam, Kerala
Pin-686 693
Phone: (0485) 2554240

New Delhi:
Market Development cum Information Centre
120, Hargobind Enclave
New Delhi – 110 092
Phone: (011) 22377805
Fax:     (011) 22377806

N-1/297 Nayapally IRC Village P.O.
Bhubaneswar - 751 015, Orissa
Phone: (0674) 2550439
Fax:     (0674) 2550439

At Pitapally, Post Kumarbasta
District Khurda - 752 055, Orissa
Phone: (0674) 2330053

Belbari, Champaknagar P.O.,
West Tripura
Phone: (0381) 262413



Office/Postal address:                                                      Office/postal address:

CII Mantosh Sondhi Centre                                                   3rd Floor, CMDA Tower II
23 Institutional Area, Lodhi Road                                           Gandhi Irwin Bridge Road
City New Delhi, 110 003                                                     Egmore, Chennai 600 008

Phone:    (91 11) 24629994                                                  Phone: (91 44) 28594367-71
Fax:      (91 11) 24621649, 24633168, 2460198                               Fax:   (91 44) 28594363-4

E-mail:                                                 E-mail:,
URL:                                                   URL:

Year established:     1895      (formerly     Confederation      of         Year established:      1984
Engineering Industry (CEI)).
                                                                            Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                            •    To undertake export promotion activities relating to leather and
•    To create and sustain an environment conducive to the                       leather products;
     growth of industry in India, partnering industry and                   •    To promote the development of the Indian leather industry.
     Government through advisory and consultative processes;
•    To provide information to industry and government;                     Services/activities:
•    To promote cooperation with counterpart organizations.
                                                                            •    Collects market intelligence and conducts market studies;
Services/activities:                                                        •    Maintains constant touch with the world market, business
                                                                                 environment, market conditions and economic issues;
•    Catalyses change by working closely with Government on                 •    Keeps close watch on technology, buyers’ needs, product
     policy issues, enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and                    design and fashion;
     expanding business opportunities for industry through a                •    Formulates appropriate strategy to make the Indian products
     range of specialized services and global linkages;                          globally competitive;
•    Provides a platform for sectoral consensus building and                •    Disseminates vital information through magazines/ periodicals,
     networking by projecting a positive image of business,                      newsletters, brochures and study team reports;
     assisting industry identify and execute corporate citizenship          •    Assists the Indian Government in formulating policies and
     programmes;                                                                 procedures to develop the leather industry;
•    Provides information, advisory and consultative services to            •    Promotes foreign direct investment and joint ventures; foreign
     the industry and the Government;                                            direct investment;
•    With 35 offices in India, 12 overseas offices and institutional        •    Promotes Indian leather products abroad through publicity
     partnerships with 216 counterpart organizations in                          campaigns;
     94 countries, serves as a reference point for Indian industry          •    Sponsors overseas trade missions;
     and the international business community.                              •    Arranges training of Indian technicians in foreign institutes;
                                                                            •    Invites foreign experts to help upgrade the quality of Indian
Publications issued:
                                                                            •    Assists exporters by keeping effective liaison with various
Various publications, periodicals and directories in the areas of
                                                                                 authorities in Customs, Central Excise, RBI and banks, etc.;
defence; economics/finance; energy; environment; food and
agriculture; healthcare; international business; industry;                  •    Organizes exhibitions in India.
information technology; infrastructure; small and medium
enterprises; social development; technology; and quality.                   Publications issued:

Regional offices:                                                           •    Leathers (monthly).
                                                                            •    Directory of Members of Council for Leather Exports, 2005.
Offices in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore,                  •    Facts & Figures on Export of Leather & Leather Products.
Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati,                      •    Manual on “Occupational Safety & Health Aspects of
Jamshedpur, Kohima, Patna, Dehradun, Jaipur, Lucknow, Noida,                     Leather Manufacture”.
Coimbatore, Kochi, Madurai, Mysore, Trichy, Ahmedabad,
Bhachhau, Bhopal, Goa, Gwalior, Indore, Pune.                               Local branches:

Offices abroad:                                                             Western Regional Office
                                                                            11/4, World Trade Centre I
Offices in Kabul, Vienna, Brussels, Paris, Jerusalem, Milan,                Cuffe Parade
Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Johannesburg, London, Rosslyn.                     Mumbai 400 005
                                                                            Phone: (91 22) 22184060
Category:                                                                   Fax:      (91 22) 56335503
Industrial promotion organization.


Northern Regional Office                                                   DELHI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
Flat No. 6 G and F, Gopala Towers
Rajendra Place                                                             Office/postal address:
New Delhi 110 008
Phone: (91 11) 25718516, 25715517                                          49, Rani Jhansi Road
Fax:      (91 11) 25752760                                                 New Delhi 110 055
                                                                           Phone: (91 11) 23616421, 23610397, 23515828, 23518994
Central Regional Office                                                    Fax:   (91 11) 23628847, 23622815
H.B.T.I Campus (Adjacent to Central Bank of India),
Nawab Ganj, Kanpur-208 002.                                                E-mail:
Phone: (91 512) 2534198                                                    URL:
Fax:      (91 512) 2534197
E-mail:                                               Year established:      1950

Eastern Regional Office                                                    Principal functions:
1B, First Floor, Duckback House
41, Shakespeare Sarani                                                     •    To promote and protect the trade, commerce and manufacture
Kolkata 700 017                                                                 of the Union Territory of Delhi and other states;
Phone: (91 33) 22835479/80                                                 •    To protect the general interests of persons engaged in trade or
Fax:       (91 33) 22877270                                                     industry in the Union Territory of Delhi and in the adjoining
E-mail:                                                         areas/states;
                                                                           •    To handle all questions relating to trade, commerce and
Southern Regional Office                                                        manufacture;
CMDA Tower II, 3rd Floor,                                                  •    To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating
Gandhi Irwin Bridge Road                                                        to trade, commerce and industry;
Egmore, Chennai 600 008                                                    •    To establish a commercial economic and statistical library and
Phone: (91 44) 28594367-71                                                      to help developing commercial education;
Fax:     (91 44) 28594363-4
                                                                           •    To consider legislation and other governmental measures
                                                                                affecting trade, commerce or industry;
                                                                           •    To adjudicate controversies between members of the Chamber;
Agra Extension Office
S-6, 2nd Floor, Friends Tower,                                             •    To arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising out of
Block no. 41 –B, Sanjay Place, Agra-282 002.                                    commercial transactions;
Phone: (91 562) 2852619                                                    •    To formulate codes of practice, to simplify and facilitate
Fax:       (91 562) 2854053                                                     transaction of business and to maintain uniformity in rules,
E-mail:                                                     reputations and usages of trade.

Membership structure:      2,300 members.                                  Services/activities:

There are three categories of members:                                     •    Issues Certificate of Origin;
•   Ordinary Members: Those persons, Hindu Undivided Family                •    Assists local members obtaining their export documents;
    (HUF), firms, joint stock companies, cooperative societies or          •    Issues recommendations to its members in obtaining visa from
    corporations who have exported leather for a minimum value                  various foreign embassies in India;
    of Rs.3 lakhs in the previous year as evidenced by their               •    Handles trade enquiries received from all over the world, and
    Bankers or Chartered Accountants Certificates.                              circulates to its members;
•   Nominated Members: Individuals nominated by the                        •    Publishes DCC Trade Directory and disseminates to all the
    Government on the Council or the Committees.                                members, and other agencies in India and abroad;
•   Associate Members: Those persons, Hindu Undivided Family               •    Encourages its members to participate in exhibitions in India
    (HUF), firms, joint stock companies, cooperative societies or               and abroad, and organizes trade delegations for the members;
    corporations who are engaged in the manufacture, processing            •    Provides secretariat and management services to smaller
    or conversion of leather for export or exporters of leather who             associations and members;
    are not qualified to be enrolled as ordinary members.                  •    Provides financial assistance to the members and members of
                                                                                Foreign Chambers of Commerce;
Products/commodity responsible for:                                        •    Issues status and performance certificate to the members for
                                                                                securing business/contract abroad;
Semi-finished and finished leather all sorts, handbags, purses,            •    Arranges for assessment of loss or damage to goods in transit
wallets, belts, watch straps, leather garments, industrial leather              or at destination.
manufactures such as gloves, leather aprons, fancy leather gloves,
sport gloves, leather footwear and non-leather footwear and their          Publications issued:
components, saddlery and harness articles, and other leather
goods and accessories.                                                     •    DCC Trade Directory (annually, English).
                                                                           •    DCC Trade Bulletin (fortnightly, English).

Commodity board; export marketing board; and trade promotion


Membership structure:         1,200 members.                                Publications issued:

Products/commodity responsible for:                                         •    ECGC newsletter (quarterly; English/Hindi).
                                                                            •    ECGC Services (English/Hindi).
Engineering goods; chemical products including plastics;                    •    Brochures of Various Schemes (English/Hindi).
handicrafts and leather goods; sport goods; cotton, woollen and silk        •    Annual Report (annually; English/Hindi).
textiles including garments; gem and jewellery; agricultural and
processed food; pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; meat and meat                Local branches:
products; hospital equipment and other miscellaneous items;
marine products; electronic and computer software; spices, tea,             Western Regional Office
coffee and tobacco; and other commodities.                                  The Metropolitan, 7th Floor
                                                                            Plot No. C-26/27, E Block
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                            Bandra-Kurla Complex
                                                                            Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400 051
All sectors.                                                                Phone: (91 22) 26571600/2353, 26572775-77
                                                                            Fax:      (91 22) 26572779/26572046
                                                                            Northern Regional Office
Chamber of commerce.                                                        NBCC Place, South Tower
                                                                            4th Floor, Pragati Vihar
                                                                            Bishma Pitamah Marg, New Delhi - 110 003
                                                                            Phone: (91 11) 24365645/53/93/95
EXPORT CREDIT GUARANTEE CORPORATION OF                                      Fax:       (91 11) 51506400
                                                                            Southern Regional Office (I)
Office/postal address:                                                      Spencer Towers, 7th floor
                                                                            770-A, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002
10th Floor, Express Towers                                                  Phone: (91 44) 28491026-33
Nariman Point                                                               Fax:     (91 44) 28514550/28515715
Mumbai 400 021
                                                                            Southern Regional Office (II)
P.O. Box: 11677, Mumbai                                                     Raheja Towers, 11th floor
                                                                            West Wing, 26, M G Road
Phone:    (91 22) 56590500                                                  Bangalore - 560 001
Fax:      (91 22) 56590517                                                  Phone: (91 80) 25589775/25591729/25585375
                                                                            Fax:     (91 80) 25589779
URL:,                   Eastern Regional Office
                                                                            AC Market Complex, 9th floor
Year established:      1957                                                 1, Shakespeare Sarani
                                                                            Kolkata - 700 001
Principal functions:                                                        Phone: (91 33) 22820963-66
                                                                            Fax:      (91 33) 22820939, 22820967
•    Export credit insurance: to provide insurance covers to
     exporters against loss in export of goods and services,                Membership structure: ECGC is an autonomous company
     supplier and buyer credit facilities for medium- and long-term         with 100 per cent shareholding by the Government of India. It is
     exports and lines of credit cover;                                     headed by a Chairman and Managing Director appointed by the
•    Export credit guarantees: to provide guarantees to banks and           Government of India.
     financial institutions to enable exporters to obtain better
     facilities from them;                                                  Products/commodity responsible for:
•    Overseas investment insurance: to provide overseas
     investment insurance to exporters - Indian entrepreneurs in            Export credit insurance.
     overseas ventures (equity/loans);
•    Bonds and guarantees: to provide cover for bid bonds,                  Training:
     performance bonds, advance payment/local finance bonds,
     retention of money;                                                    ECGC conducts training programmes for other export credit
•    Maturity factoring: undertaking to pay the amount due for a            agencies.
     shipment on the maturity of the credit period.
                                                                            Export credit insurance.
As detailed under Principal functions.


EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF INDIA                                                 •   Directory of Useful Addresses (annually, English).
                                                                            •   Exporting Indian Healthcare, 2002/2003 (English/Hindi).
Office/postal address:                                                      •   Thoughts on the New Global Economy, 2001 (English).
                                                                            •   Business Practices of Successful Indian Exporters, 2001.
21st Floor, Centre One Building                                             •   India: Joining the World Economy (English).
World Trade Centre Complex                                                  •   Achieving Excellence (English).
Cuffe Parade                                                                •   Exporting Indian Healthcare (English).
Mumbai 400 005                                                              •   Road beyond Boundaries - The Case of Select Indian
                                                                                Healthcare Systems (English).
Phone:    (91 22) 22185272
                                                                            •   Project Exports - Connecting Continents with Indian
Fax:      (91 22) 22182572
                                                                                Expertise, 2004 (English).
                                                                            •   Market Maker-Technology Aided Business Solutions - Food
                                                                                Processing (English).
                                                                            •   Indo-LAC Business (quarterly).
Year established:      1982                                                 •   Indo-CIS Business (quarterly).
                                                                            •   Indo-Africa Business (quarterly).
Principal functions:
                                                                            Local branches:
•    To finance, facilitate and promote India’s international trade;
•    To coordinate the working of institutions engaged in                   1st Floor, Sakar II
     financing exports and imports.                                         Next to Ellisbridge Shopping Centre
                                                                            Ellisbridge P.O., Ahmedabad 380 006
                                                                            Phone: (91 79) 26576852, 26576843
                                                                            Fax:       (91 79) 26578271
•    Extends finance to exporters of capital and manufactured
     goods, and extends funded and non-funded facilities;
                                                                            4th Floor, Ramanashree Arcade
•    Extends lines of credit to overseas financial institutions,
                                                                            18, M.G. Road
     foreign Governments, enabling them to finance the import of
                                                                            Bangalore 560 001
     goods and associated services from India;
                                                                            Phone: (91 80) 25585755, 25589101-4
•    Provides buyers’ credit to import Indian goods on deferred             Fax:       (91 80) 25589107
     payment terms;                                                         E-mail:
•    Provides financial support for the promotion of service
     exports including software and IT;                                     1st Floor, UTI House
•    Extends term loans and working capital finance for projects            29, Rajaji Salai
     located within India;                                                  Chennai 600 001
•    Operates a programme on equity finance, loans, guarantees              Phone: (91 44) 25224714, 25224749
     and advisory services to support Indian outward investment;            Fax:       (91 44) 25224082
•    Provides financial support for product development and for             E-mail:
     research and development;
•    Promotes and supports agri-business and agri-exports;                  4th Floor, Sanmati Plaza
•    Promotes and supports SMEs to achieve and sustain                      Near Sentinel Building
     international competitiveness;                                         G.S Road, Guwahati 781 005
•    Provides guarantee support and multicurrency financing                 Phone: (91 361) 2599135
     facility;                                                              Fax:       (91 361) 2462925
•    Facilitates transfer of technology, trade and investment;
•    Provides advisory services, including information access,              2nd Floor, Golden Edifice
     knowledge building, financial counselling, commercial                  6-3-639/640, Raj Bhavan Road
     consulting and internationalization support;                           Khairatabad, Hyderabad 500 004
•    Provides export marketing services for Indian companies;               Phone: (91 40) 23307816-21
     advises Indian companies on overseas investments including             Fax:       (91 40) 23317843
     subsidiaries, joint ventures and acquisitions;                         E-mail:
•    Provides consultancy services in areas related to countries,
     products, markets, capacity creation and institution                   4th floor
     strengthening.                                                         Vanijya Bhavan (International Trade Facilitation Centre)
                                                                            1/1 Wood Street
Publications issued:                                                        Kolkata 700016
                                                                            Phone: (91 33) 22833419-20
•    Annual Report (English/Hindi).                                         Fax:      (91 33) 22891727
•    Performance Highlights (annually, English/Hindi).                      E-mail:
•    Corporate Brochure (periodically, English/Hindi).
                                                                            8th Floor, Maker Chambers IV
•    Exim Bank’s Annual Lecture Series (English/ Hindi).
                                                                            222, Nariman Point
•    Tax Benefits for Indian Exporters (annually, English).                 Mumbai 400 021
•    Eximius: Export Advantage (quarterly, English/Hindi).                  Phone: (91 22) 22830761, 22823320
•    Agri Export Advantage (bimonthly, English/Hindi/several                Fax:       (91 22) 22022132
     Indian regional languages).                                            E-mail:


Ground Floor, Statesman House                                      FEDERATION OF INDIAN CHAMBERS OF
148, Barakhamba Road                                               COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (FICCI)*
New Delhi 110 001
Phone: (91 11) 23326254, 23326625                                  Office/postal address:
Fax:     (91 11) 23322758, 23321719
E-mail:                                            Federation House
                                                                   Tansen Marg
44, Shankarseth Road                                               New Delhi 110 001
Pune 411 037
Phone: (91 20) 26458599                                            Phone: (91 11) 23738760-70
Fax:     (91 20) 26458846                                          Fax:   (91 11) 23320714, 3721504
Offices abroad:                                                    URL:

3rd Floor, Unit 308                                                Year established:      1927
ECE City Centre
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky UT.12                                            Services/activities:
1051 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: (36 1) 3382833, 3176699                                     •    Promotes trade and technology cooperation between India
Fax:       (36 1) 3178354                                               and the rest of the world;
E-mail:                                       •    Takes up various business issues with the government and
                                                                        semi-government authorities;
Via Disciplini, 7                                                  •    Liases and interacts with foreign governments, international,
20123 Milan, Italy                                                      multilateral organizations;
Phone: (39 02) 58430546
                                                                   •    Provides information on export and import;
Fax:     (39 02) 58302124
                                                                   •    Provides information for technology collabouration and
20, Collyer Quay                                                   •    Undertakes research studies;
No. 10-02 Tung Centre                                              •    Provides information to the public through appropriate
Singapore 049319                                                        media;
Phone: (65) 65326464                                               •    Organizes seminars and conference.
Fax:      (65) 65352131
E-mail:                                    Publications issued:

158, Ground Floor, Jan Smuts                                       •    Business Digest.
9, Walters Avenue, Rosebank                                        •    India Economic Profile (annually).
Johannesburg 2196, South Africa
P.O. Box 2018, Saxonwold 2132                                      Local branches:
Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: (27 11) 4428010, 4422053                                    Local branches in Raipur, Secunderabad, Baroda, Chennai,
Fax:      (27 11) 4428022                                          Mumbai.
                                                                   Offices abroad:
Suite 1202, 12th Floor
1750, Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                       Offices abroad in Beijing, Tamirtau, Selangor, Singapore,
Suite 1202, Washington DC 20006                                    London, Washington DC.
United States of America
Phone: (1 202) 2233238-9                                           Membership structure:     433 Ordinary Members,             1,286
Fax:     (1 202) 7858487                                           Associate Members and 50 Corporate Members.
                                                                   Chamber of commerce.
The Bank conducts short-term, focused seminars/workshops on
international trade and related activities.


Export     financing  organization;   investment  financing
organization; trade facilitation body; and trade promotion


AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (FISME)                                              INDUSTRIES (FOSMI)

Office/postal address:                                                      Office / postal address:

B-4/161, Safdarjung Enclave                                                 23, R.N. Mukherjee Road
New Delhi 110 029                                                           Kolkata 700 001

Phone:    (91 11) 26187948, 26712064                                        Phone: (91 33) 22485114
Fax:      (91 11) 26109470                                                  Fax:   (91 33) 22104075

E-mail:                                                   E-mail:
URL:                                                    URL:

Year established:      1995                                                 Year established:      1959

Principal functions:                                                        Principle functions:

•    To advocate micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises’               •    To facilitate the promotion and development of SMEs;
     (MSMEs) interests;                                                     •    To alleviate problems of existing units;
•    To conduct studies and research and to disseminate trade               •    To represents FOSMI members.
     intelligence through;
•    To provide international marketing support;                            Services/activities:
•    To help create enabling environment for MSMEs.
                                                                            •    Participates in various policy matters;
Services/activities:                                                        •    Trains and promotes medium, small/tiny enterprises;
                                                                            •    Develops self-employment projects;
•    Trade fairs and trade delegations;                                     •    Confers awards of excellence to successful entrepreneurs;
•    Support in international trade/matchmaking;                            •    Organizes seminars, lectures, discussions concerning SMEs.
•    Authentication of documents and issuing Certificate of
     Origin.                                                                Publications issued:

Publications issued:                                                        •    FOSMI SSI News (monthly).
                                                                            •    FOSMI Members Directory.
•    Business Bulletin.                                                     •    Publication of annual souvenir.
•    Annual Report.
•    Guides on WTO, IT, etc.                                                Membership structure:         Over     1,200    members      and
•    Smenetwork Update (electronic).                                        25 affiliated associations.

Membership structure:         About 100,000 members.                        Products/commodity responsible for:

Products/commodity responsible for:                                         Services-oriented organization for the development of small-scale
                                                                            and tiny units.
Electricals; electronics; plastics and plastic products; leather and
leather      products;      paper      and      paper      products;        Training:
micronutrients/fertilizers;     food    processing;     information
technology; textiles; rubber and rubber products; handicrafts;              •    Post Graduate Programme in Entrepreneurship Development
chemicals and pharmaceuticals; plants and machines.                              (PGEM), long term (12 months);
                                                                            •    Certificate in Small Industrial Management (CSIM), short
Training:                                                                        term (3 months);
                                                                            •    Management Bridge Courses, short term (one month), on
Export marketing and documentation (in collabouration with                       marketing and sales management; international marketing
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade).                                              and export management; taxation practice and procedures;
                                                                                 information entrepreneurship; financial management;
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                                 production management and inventory control;
                                                                            •    Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Studies
Focus on agro and food processing.                                               (EDIS), short term (two weeks).

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                       Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Please see the Economy Section at                        Engineering; chemicals; food processing; plastics; software;
                                                                            pharmaceuticals; ready-made garments; leather; jute.
Chamber of commerce; trade association; and trade promotion
organization.                                                               Chamber of commerce.


                                                                         CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD. (HHEC)
Office/postal address:
                                                                         Office/postal address:
N-5, South Extension Part-1
New Delhi 110 049                                                        Jawahar Vyapar Bhavan Annexe
                                                                         1, Tolstoy Marg
Phone:    (91 11) 24647505, 24616839                                     New Delhi 110 001
Fax:      (91 11) 24646361
                                                                         Phone: (91 11) 3701086
E-mail:                                               Fax:   (91 11) 3701051
Year established:      1992                                              URL:

Principal functions:                                                     Year established:      1958 (under the Ministry of Textiles)

•    Export/import training and promotion organization;                  Principal function:
•    Trade advisory organization and trade information centre.
                                                                         •    To promote exports and trade development.
•    Trade information dissemination;
•    Organizes and participates in fairs/seminars/conferences on         •    Undertakes activities in the export of handicrafts, handlooms
     trade promotion, marketing, e-governance in international                goods, ready-to-wear clothes, carpets and precious jewellery.
     trade and import management.
                                                                         Local branches:
Publications issued:
                                                                         11th Floor, Nirmal Building
•    How to Enter Export Trade (annually, English).                      Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021
•    Export Development Through Internet (monthly, English).             Phone: (91 22) 2027273, 2882098
•    Export Management (annually, English).                              Fax:       (91 22) 2024312

Local branches:                                                          15 N, Neli Sengupta Sarani, 6th Floor, Lindsay Street
                                                                         New Market Complex, Phase I
37, Bungalow Road                                                        Kolkata 700 087
Kamla Nagar, Delhi 110 007                                               Phone: (91 33) 2456863
Phone: (91 11) 27662268, 27662275                                        Fax:     (91 33) 2456864

C-115, Savitri Path,                                                     Ramanshree Business Centre, 1st - 2nd Floor
Bapu Nagar,                                                              143, Greams Road, Thousand Lights
Jaipur, India.                                                           Chennai 600 006
Phone: (91 11) 2703952                                                   Phone: (91 44) 8295609, 8294614
                                                                         Fax:     (91 44) 8294610
Membership structure:         8,685 members, as of 1 August 2005.
                                                                         Offices abroad:
Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                         3rd Floor, Union Roppongi, 2-3-9 Roppongi
Artisanal handicrafts, furniture, gems and jewellery, ready-made         Minato Ku Tokyo 106-0032
garments, leather products, silk products, and software.                 Tokyo, Japan
                                                                         Phone: (81 3) 35890771
Training:                                                                Fax:       (81 3) 35890772

•    Export management: regular and through distance learning;           Sona of India, Apt. # 3B, The Stanton
•    E-business in export development;                                   41-40, Union Street
•    Entrepreneurial development programmes on export                    Flushing, New York, NY 11355
     promotion;                                                          United States of America
                                                                         Phone: (1 718) 8889806
•    Import management.
                                                                         Fax:      (1 718) 8889803
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                         Products/commodity responsible for:
SMEs in various sections with exporting potential.
                                                                         Handicrafts, handlooms, ready-to-wear, gold jewellery and carpets.
Trade facilitation body; trade promotion organization; and
                                                                         Trade promotion organization.
training/research institute.


HANDLOOM EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL                                        Local branches:

Office/postal address:                                                   10th Floor, Padma Towers
                                                                         No.5, Rajendra Place
34 Cathedral Garden Road                                                 New Delhi 110 008
Nungambakkam                                                             Phone: (91 11) 25826965
Chennai 600 034                                                          Fax:      (91 11) 25826966
Phone:    (91 44) 28278879, 28276043
Fax:      (91 44) 28271761                                               15-A, Mama Paramananda Marg
                                                                         Opera House
E-mail:                                               Mumbai 400 004
URL:                                                Phone: (91 22) 3672921
                                                                         Fax:    (91 22) 3610923
Year established:      1965                                              E-mail:

Principal function:                                                      Membership structure:      2,000 members.

•    To promote exports of handloom cotton textile goods from            Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                         Cotton handloom fabrics/made-ups.
•    Promotes participation in domestic and overseas exhibitions;
•    Organizes buyer-seller meets abroad;                                Trade production organization.
•    Attends to complaints received from both importers and
•    Assists traders in the development of their products;
•    Undertakes publicity activities for handloom industry both          INDIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTRE
     within the country and abroad;                                      (Export Import Promotion Organization)
•    Publishes newsletters;
•    Acts as liaison between export trade and various government         Office/postal address:
•    Invites foreign buyers/delegations, etc.;                           Murlidhar Baldev Estate,
•    Disseminates feedback information from various                      Off. Aarey Road, Goregaon (East),
     organizations abroad amongst the members;                           Mumbai - 400 063
•    Facilitates product diversification and adaptation to meet
                                                                         Phone: (91) 5677 0218, 2871 1396, 2877 1918, 2876 8031
     modern market requirements;
                                                                         Fax:   (91 22) 2874 3543
•    Provides impetus to the modernization of handlooms for the
     export market;
•    Provides design inputs to promote the export of handloom            URL:
•    Provides consultancy and guidance services to handloom              Principal function:
                                                                         •    To provide assistance and support to Indian and foreign
Publications issued:                                                          companies specially SMEs, to promote export-import and to
                                                                              establish and enhance business contacts by organizing
•    Indian Color Catalogue (Color Catalogue Vol. II (Revised),               various trade promotional activities in India and abroad.
     Color Catalogue Vol. III, New Colors.
•    Importers Directory (CD-ROM).                                       Services/activities:
•    Color trends (Color trend Catalogue (2003-04)).
•    Source Book.                                                        Exports:
•    Exporters Directory (CD-ROM and print form).                        •   Locates prospective marketplace for products;
•    Directory of Buying Houses/ Buying Agents (CD-ROM).                 •   Sources out potential buyers/agents for products;
•    Directory of Handloom Manufacturers of Andhra Pradesh.              •   Negotiates deals with clients;
•    Dyeing Manual.                                                      •   Advertises and propagates products in the desired market
•    Handbook on Handloom Export Statistics.                                 region.
•    Indian Handloom Map.
•    Monthly newsletter Handloom Export.                                 Imports:
                                                                         •   Identifies product, market and exporter;
                                                                         •   Sourcing out capital goods as per requirement;
                                                                         •   Sourcing of products/services.


Trade/business enhancement:                                               INDIA TRADE PROMOTION ORGANISATION
•    Provides support for contract manufacturing in India and             (ITPO)
•    Assists in business matchmaking, joint venture formations;           Office/postal address:
•    Joint advertising, group marketing, etc.;
•    Assists in turnkey projects, industrial plants, business set-        Trade Information Department
     up.                                                                  Pragati Bhawan
                                                                          Pragati Maidan
Trade information:                                                        Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg
•    Enhances export-import;                                              New Delhi 110 001
•    Develops business contacts;
•    Trade promotion events;                                              Phone:    (91 11) 23315277, 23371540, 23371582
•    Support services.                                                    Fax:      (91 11) 23317896, 23318142

Local branches:                                                           E-mail:,
Trade Promotion and Relations
37, World Trade Centre                                                    Year established:   1992 (formed by a merger of the Trade
Cuffe Parade,                                                             Development Authority with the Trade Fair Authority).
Mumbai - 400 005
                                                                          Principal functions:
30-A, Prestige Point, 1st Floor
CTS No. 283, Shukrawar Peth                                               •    To develop and promote exports, imports and upgrade
Bajirao Road, Pune - 411 002                                                   technology through fairs in India and abroad;
Fax:     (91 20) 56012344                                                 •    To undertake publicity through print and electronic media;
                                                                          •    To assist Indian companies in product development;
Gajanan V. Gongane
                                                                          •    To organize export development programmes, buyer-seller
c/o Siddhi International
                                                                               meets, contact promotion programmes and integrated
Bhaskar Plaza, S4, Shahupuri, Kolhapur 416001
                                                                               marketing programmes for specific products in specific
Phone: (91 231) 2663302, 2652495
Fax:      (91 231) 2663302
                                                                          •    To provide information and market intelligence;
Membership structure:         Four membership categories:                 •    To organize visits of buyers and trade delegations to industry
                                                                               and trade establishments in India to promote contacts.
•    Small (SSI units) and medium entrepreneurs, buying agents,
     traders and agri-based small industries;                             Services/activities:
•    Private and public Ltd. companies, government agencies,
     banks and financial institutes, sugar-textile-dairy-agro             •    Organizes participation in international trade fairs and
     industries, multinational companies and international                     exclusive Indian trade-related exhibitions abroad;
     organizations;                                                       •    Organizes international and national trade fairs in India;
•    Consultants, commercial agents-distributors, chambers,               •    Organizes specialized programmes for trade development and
     associations, organizations and other any professional;                   promotion such as buyer-seller meets, contact promotion
•    Overseas: exporters-importers, industry, buying agents,                   programmes, department store promotions, exchange of
     chambers of commerce, trade promotion organizations,                      business delegations, etc.;
     associations, government agencies, companies and                     •    Assists technically competent units in product development
     individuals.                                                              and adaptation;
                                                                          •    Coordinates programmes of trade delegations;
Category:                                                                 •    Encourages and involves medium- and small-scale industrial
                                                                               units in export promotion efforts;
Trade promotion organization.                                             •    Provides trade promotion and trade fair related information;
                                                                          •    Conducts in-house and needs-based research on trade and
                                                                               export promotion;
                                                                          •    Enlists the involvement and support of state governments in
                                                                               the promotion of India’s foreign trade;
                                                                          •    Promotes the establishment of trade fair facilities in state
                                                                               capitals or other suitable locations in consultation with
                                                                               concerned state governments;
                                                                          •    Operates a Business Information Centre which provides trade
                                                                               information services with electronic accessibility to the
                                                                               business community in general and ITPO members in
                                                                          •    Maintains a collection of national production and foreign trade
                                                                          •    Provides information on national and foreign trade regulations;
                                                                          •    Produces lists of manufacturers/exporters and importers;
                                                                          •    Organizes Foreign Product Catalogue Shows in India;
                                                                          •    Organizes Indian Product Catalogue Shows overseas.


Publications issued:                                    1st Floor, 38, Lomonosovsky Prospect
                                                        Moscow 119330, Russian Federation
•    Annual Report (annually, English).                 Phone: (70 95) 1476215, 9561390
•    Data Kits on India’s Trade (English).              Fax:        (70 95) 1471403
•    Indian Export Bulletin (weekly, English).          E-mail:
•    Pragati India (bimonthly, English/Spanish).        URL:
•    Product Studies (English).
•    Udyog Vyapar Patrika (monthly, Hindi).             60-E. 42nd Street, Suite 863
•    Darpan (quarterly, Hindi).                         Lincoln Building
                                                        New York, NY 10165, United States of America
•    Log On (quarterly, English).
                                                        Phone: (1 212) 3705262 to 63
                                                        Fax:      (1 212) 3705250
Local branches:
24-A, Imperial Court
                                                        C/o Consulate General of India (São Paulo)
33/1, Cunningham Road
                                                        7th Floor, Avenida Paulista, 925oor
Bangalore 560 052
                                                        CEP 01311-100-SP Brazil
Phone: (9180) 2268867, 2268969
                                                        Phone: (55 11) 284 5966
Fax:     (9180) 2258662
                                                        Fax:       (55 11) 31710342
Flat No. 9, 4th Floor, Shantineketan
                                                        Membership structure:           883 Regular Members, 1,884
8 Camac Street
                                                        Associate Members (as of 14 August 2003).
Calcutta 700 017
                                                        Regular membership for marketing services; associate membership
Phone: (91 33) 22825820
                                                        for trade information services.
Fax:      (91 33) 22828269
Raja Annamalai Building
                                                        Trade promotion organization.
2nd Floor, 18-A
Rukhmanai Lakshmipathi Road
Egmore, Chennai 600 008
Phone: (91 44) 28554655, 28587294
Fax:       (91 44) 28554740

7 Cooperage
Jhansis Castle
Mumbai 400 039
Phone: (91 22) 22021730, 22021788, 22026629
Fax:      (91 22) 22044922

World Trade Centre - I
11th Floor, Cuffe Parade
Mumbai 400 005
Phone: (91 22) 22184135, 22183734
Fax:       (91 22) 22184125

Offices abroad:

India House
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 26
D-60325 Frankfurt Main, Germany
Phone: (49 69) 553773, 7434760
Fax:      (49 69) 554230

33, Mori Building, 8/F
3-8-21, Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
Phone: (81 3) 34365060, 34365063
Fax:      (81 3) 34315659


INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND                                              INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION (ICA)
                                                                            Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                            Federation House
Indian Chamber Road                                                         Tansen Marg
Mattancherry                                                                New Delhi 110 001
Cochin 682002
Kerala                                                                      Phone:    (91 11) 23738760-70, 23719103, 3319760, 23319849
                                                                            Fax:      (91 11) 23320714, 23721504
P.O. Box: 236
Phone:       (91 484) 2224335, 2225966, 2227230                             URL:
Fax:         (91 484) 2224203
                                                                            Year established:      1965
URL:                                             Principal functions:

Year established: 1897                                                      •    To advance the knowledge and use of arbitration as a means of
                                                                                 amicable and quick settlement of domestic and international
Principal functions:                                                             trade disputes and to promote amity, goodwill and confidence
                                                                                 among the trade;
•    To promote and protect trade, commerce and industry and to             •    To conduct research and provide training facilities in
     develop export, import and other activities;                                commercial arbitration.
•    To watch over and protect the general commercial interests of
     India;                                                                 Services/activities:
•    To establish just and equitable principles in trade and
     commerce.                                                              •    Provides arbitration facilities in domestic and international
                                                                                 commercial disputes;
Services/activities:                                                        •    Provides facilities for international maritime arbitration
•    Issues Certificates of Origin, quality, weighment and                  •    Undertakes conciliation services;
     measurement;                                                           •    Provides training facilities in commercial arbitration for Indian
•    Attests internationally accepted commercial documents;                      and foreign participants;
•    Disseminates information and data of concern and interest to           •    Handles enquiries and provides advisory services;
     the business community;                                                •    Acts as Appointing Authority and Administering Agency
•    Organizes periodical interactive meetings for the exchange of               under the United Nations Commission on International Trade
     views between representatives of the Government and                         Law (UNCITRAL) Arbitration Rules;
     business community on matters connected with the promotion             •    Enters into arbitration cooperation agreements with central
     of industry and trade;                                                      arbitral organizations in different countries; currently mutual
•    Is actively involved in projects and programmes for the                     cooperation agreements with 40 arbitral institutions round the
     benefit of the society (for example construction of children’s              world;
     ward, donations to educational and service institutions).              •    Provides administrative and secretarial services for conducting
                                                                                 arbitration proceedings.
Local branch:
                                                                            Publications issued:
Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Indian Chamber Building                                                     •    Arbitration and Conciliation Law of India.
G.V Iyyar Road                                                              •    Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Willingdon Island                                                           •    Arbitration and Contract Law in South Asian Association for
Cochin – 682 003                                                                 Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Countries.
Kerala                                                                      •    Arbitration Made Easy.
Phone:    2666901                                                           •    Case Law on UNCITRAL Model Law on International
                                                                                 Commercial Arbitration.
Membership structure:         Around 350 ordinary members and               •    Case Law on UNCITRAL Convention on Contracts for the
10 affiliated members.                                                           International Sale of Goods.
                                                                            •    Construction Industry Arbitration.
                                                                            •    ICA Arbitration Quarterly.
Conducting various seminars, conferences and meetings in the                •    ICA Pamphlet.
State of Kerala to promote and protect trade, industry and business.        •    Rules of Arbitration of the Council.
Also providing consultancy service to SMEs.                                 •    Rues of Conciliation of the Council.
                                                                            •    Maritime Rules of Law.

Chamber of commerce.


Local branches:                                                      Rajasthan
                                                                     Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Branch offices:                                                      Rajasthan Chamber Bhawan, MI Road
                                                                     Jaipur 302 003
Indian Chamber of Commerce                                           Phone: (91 141) 2565163
4, India Exchange Place                                              Fax:      (91 141) 2561419
Kolkata 700 001
Phone: (91 33) 22203242-44                                           Kerala
Fax:      (91 33) 22213377                                           Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                                                                     Chamber Corner, Shanmugham Road
Indian Merchants‘ Chamber                                            Cochin 682031
IMC Buildings, IMC Marg                                              Phone: (91 484) 2354885, 2380950
76, Veer Nariman Road                                                Fax:     (91 484) 2374253
Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020
Phone: (91 22) 22046633                                              North-East States
Fax:      (91 22) 22048508                                           North-East Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                                                                     Zoo Road Tiniali, Opp. Geeta Nagar Police Station
Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry                      Guwahati 781024
Indian Chamber Buildings                                             Phone: (91 361) 2417074
Esplanade Road, Opp. High Court                                      Fax:     (91 361) 2410461
Chennai 600 0018
Phone: (91 44) 25342228                                              Membership structure:        Over 4,700 members.
Fax:      (91 44) 25341876
                                                                     Foundation    membership:      organizations   providing   arbitration
State level offices:                                                 facilities.

Andhra Pradesh                                                       Ordinary membership: chambers of commerce, trade associations,
Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry        export promotion councils, commodity boards, etc.
11-6-841, Red Hills
P.B. No. 14, Hyderabad 500 004                                       Associate membership: companies, firms, import-export houses and
Phone: (91 40) 23393428, 23393658                                    individuals.
Fax:      (91 40) 23395083, 23393712
                                                                     Individual membership: any           individual experienced and/or
Gujarat                                                              interested in arbitration matters.
Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Shri Ambica Mills Gujarat Chamber Building                           Training:
Ashram Road
Post Box No. 4045                                                    •    Pprofessional development programme on commercial
Ahmedabad 380 009                                                         arbitration.
Phone: (91 79) 26582301-02, 26587992                                 •    National and international seminars, workshops and
Fax:     (91 79) 2407992                                                  arbitration meetings on different aspects of the law and
                                                                          practice of arbitration and allied matters.
Maratha Chamber of Commerce and Industry                             The training programmes are open to businesspersons,
Post Box No. 525                                                     professionals and executives mainly from India. However,
Tilak Road, Pune 411 002                                             interested persons from other countries may attend on a sponsored
Phone: (91 20) 24440371, 14440472                                    basis.
Fax:     (91 20) 24447902
Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry             Council of arbitration.
Federation House
Kempegowda Road
Bangalore 560 009
Phone: (91 80) 22262157, 22262355/56
Fax:      (91 80) 22251826

Utakal Chamber of Commerce and Industry
301, Vandana Apaertments, Vivekananda Marg
Bhubaneswar 751 0022
Phone: (91 674) 2301211, 2344056
Fax:     (91 674) 2302059


INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN TRADE (IIFT)                                    Publications issued:
                                                                            Wide range of journals, papers and reports issued, including:
Office/postal address:                                                      •   Focus WTO (bimonthly, English).
                                                                            •   Foreign Trade Review (quarterly, English).
IIFT Bhawan                                                                 •   Technology Exports (quarterly, English).
Qutab Institutional Area                                                    •   Trade Environment Linkages: The Issue from Indian
New Delhi 110 016                                                               Standard.
                                                                            •   Non-Tariff Measures on India’s Exports: An Assessment.
Phone:     (91 11) 26965124, 26965051, 26564409, 26966563,                  •   China’s Accession to Bangkok Agreement.
           26966360, 26966304, 26966613
Fax:       (91 11) 26853956, 26859520, 26867851                             For a full list of publications, please consult the website:
URL:                                                        Training:

Year established:       1964                                                •    Two-year MBA (International Business), New Delhi and
Principal functions:                                                        •    Three-year MBA (International Business, part-tme), New
•      To develop export management skills through training and             •    One-and-a-half year Executive Masters in International
       research;                                                                 Business, New Delhi, Dubai and Post Graduate Diploma in
•      To carry out supply and demand studies in India and abroad                International Trade at Dar-es-Salaam;
       for products/commodities/countries and regions of interest to        •    One-and-a-half year Executive Masters in International
       India;                                                                    Business through Very Small Aperture Terminal Satellite
•      To carry out research on international trade focusing on                  Equipment and Services (VSAT) at various centres in India;
       World Trade Organization (WTO) issues.                               •    Certificate Course in Export Marketing, New Delhi and
Services/activities:                                                        •    Course on International Business Languages: five months,
                                                                                 part-time for business executives;
•      Undertakes research on areas that relate to the efficacy of          •    Short-term management development programmes of various
       policy measures, strategies for multilateral trade                        duration on different facets of international marketing
       negotiations, international commercial and financial                      management, such as import management, export procedures
       operations, international business opportunities, supply base             and documentation, shipping orientation, management of
       for exports and management of foreign trade operations;                   international contracts, management of foreign exchange at
•      Conducts a full-time two-year MBA (International Business)                corporate level;
       at Delhi and Dar-es-Salaam; three-year part-time MBA                 •    Ph. D programme.
       (International Business) at Delhi; one-and-a-half-year
       Executive Masters in International Business at New Delhi             Category:
       and Dubai; and Post Graduate Diploma in International
       Trade at Dar-es-Salaam;                                              Training/research institute.
•      Designs and conducts specialized training programmes for
       export management personnel of public and private sector
       organizations, officers of the Government of India as well as
       for other developing countries and international
•      Designs and conducts training programmes for diplomats
       from India and other developing countries;
•      Conducts management development programmes for
       participation by business executives and officials of trade
       facilitating agencies on such subjects as international
       marketing operations, export procedures and documentation,
       supply-chain management and international trade logistics,
       risk management, international financing, managing projects
       abroad, distribution strategy for overseas markets, product
       development including adaptation for exports, export office
       administration, setting up in-house trade information units,
       electronic commerce, implications of WTO provisions, etc.;
•      Conducts part-time evening certificate course in export
       management and international business language;
•      Conducts a full-time Ph. D programme.


INDIAN INVESTMENT CENTRE (IIC)*                                             INSTITUTE OF SMALL ENTERPRISES AND
(A Government of India Organization, Ministry of Finance)                   DEVELOPMENT (ISED)
Office/postal address:                                                      Office/postal address:

Jeevan Vihar Building                                                       ISED House
Sansad Marg                                                                 ISED Road
New Delhi 110 001                                                           Vennala, P.O.
                                                                            Cochin 682 028
Phone:    (91 11) 23743673
Fax:      (91 11) 23742245                                                  P.O. Box: 4425, Vennala, Cochin

E-mail:                                            Phone:    (91 484) 2808171, 2809884, 2808727
URL:                                                      Fax:      (91 484) 2809884

Year established:       1960                                                E-mail:,,
Principal functions:                                                        URL:

•    To promote foreign direct investment in India and in Indian            Year established:       29 May 1988
     joint ventures abroad;
•    To be a nodal agency for investment in India by non-resident           Principal functions:
     Indians and persons of Indian origin residing abroad;
•    To be a member of the World Association of Investment                  •    To undertake scientific studies at an international level, on
     Promotion Agencies.                                                         development problems, with special emphasis on SMEs;
                                                                            •    To identify and popularize technologies suitable for the
Services/activities:                                                             development of small SMEs through various measures;
                                                                            •    To develop and maintain an information base for the use of
•    Is a service organization for establishment of joint ventures,              researchers, entrepreneurs, planners and policymakers;
     technical collabourations and third country ventures between           •    To organize both academic as well as action-oriented training
     Indian and foreign entrepreneurs;                                           programmes;
•    Provides guidance and information to Indian entrepreneurs              •    To organize seminars, workshops and discussions;
     and assists them in locating suitable foreign firms for                •    To offer consultancy services;
     collabouration;                                                        •    To organize and maintain a specialized research and reference
•    Provides authentic information on Government of India’s                     library;
     foreign investment policies, procedures, availability of               •    To undertake a scheme of publications in order to disseminate
     infrastructural   facilities,   incentive    and    investment              research findings and to extend topical information;
     opportunities;                                                         •    To promote development activities through liaison, lobbying
•    Advises overseas investors on setting up industrial projects by             and direct intervention, if needed;
     providing information regarding the investment environment,            •    To promote an international fraternity in the area of SME
     government policies, facilities and incentives, taxation laws               development.
     and regulations; also assists them in identifying locations and
     collabourators.                                                        Services/activities:
Publications issued:                                                        •    Undertakes research on small enterprises;
                                                                            •    Organizes training for entrepreneurship development;
•    List of Foreign Collabourations during 2000 (annually,                 •    Provides consultancy services for business, institutions and
     English).                                                                   funding agencies;
•    Special Facilities Available to Non-resident Indians (English).        •    Provides networking services in the area of small enterprise
•    Guidelines for Indian Joint Ventures and Wholly Owned                       development.
     Subsidiaries Abroad (English).
•    Foreign Direct Investment Policy and Business Opportunities            Publications issued:
•    IIC Monthly Newsletter (monthly, English).                             •    ISED Book Series.
                                                                            •    ISED Monograph Series.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                            •    ISED Occasional Papers.
                                                                            •    ISED Research Reports.
All sectors of industrial activities.
                                                                            •    SME Network.
                                                                            Membership structure:          100 members.
Investment promotion authority.

                                                                            Training/research institute.


JUTE MANUFACTURES DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL                                      Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                           Jute and jute diversified products.
Office/postal address:
                                                                           Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
3A, Park Plaza
71 Park Street                                                             Jute and jute-related industries, market research, product
Kolkata 700 016                                                            development, market promotion, design, market, technical
Phone:    (91 33) 22172107, 22263438
Fax:      (91 33) 22172456                                                 Category:

E-mail:,                                  Trade promotion organization.

Year established:       1976
                                                                           M VISVESVARAYA INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH AND
Principal function:                                                        DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (MVIRDC)

•    The apex body of the Government of India, Ministry of                 Office/postal address:
     Textiles, the Council is primarily responsible for market
     promotion of jute and jute products in India and abroad.              World Trade Centre
                                                                           31st Floor, Centre 1 Building
Services/activities:                                                       World Trade Centre Complex
                                                                           Cuffe Parade
•    Organizes and participates in domestic and international              Mumbai 400 005
     fairs/exhibitions, buyer-seller meets, seminars and workshops;
•    Conducts visit of delegations; commissions product/market             Phone: (91 22) 56387272
     studies;                                                              Fax:   (91 22) 22180823, 22188385
•    Disseminates trade intelligence information/data, etc.;
•    Facilitates buyers in sourcing products and vice versa.               E-mail:

Publications issued:                                                       Year Established:      1970

•    Indian Jute (half-yearly statistical bulletin, English).              Principal function:
•    Indian Jute (quarterly newsletter, English).
•    National Directory (occasionally, English).                           •    To promote bilateral trade.
•    Product-specific brochures.
Local branches:
                                                                           •    Conducts research studies/projects in the areas of
18, Cathedral Gardens Road                                                      international trade, technology and marketing;
2nd Floor, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034                                   •    Organizes seminar/symposia/workshops;
Phone: (91 44) 28224967                                                    •    Provides trade information, international trade library
Fax:       (91 44) 28224462                                                     service, IMPEX - India’s Import and Export Statistical Data;
E-mail:                                              •    Centre-Point: Offers business centre facilities and conference
2nd Floor, Chenetha Bhawan                                                 •    Expo Centre: Offers exhibition facilities for trade shows and
Shop No. 4, Nampally                                                            international exhibitions;
Hyderabad 500 001                                                          •    World Trade Center Association (WTCA) Online: WTCA
Phone: (91 40) 24656733                                                         website provides access to bulletin board which facilitates
Fax:       (91 40) 24614918                                                     trading online access to trade-related databases.
                                                                           Publications issued:
Flat Nos. 411-412, 4th Floor, “Prakash Deep”
7, Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi 110 001                                         •    Current and Research and Development Briefs (monthly,
Phone: (91 11) 23352652, 23310884                                               English).
Fax:      (91 11) 23353519                                                 •    Trade Promotion Bulletin (monthly, English).
E-mail:                                                  •    World Trade Research and Information Report (bimonthly,
Membership structure:          704 members as of 30 June 2005.             •    WTC Intercom (quarterly, English).

They are private/individual Indians registered with the Council            Membership structure:       400 life members and 600 associate
under a particular scheme. Otherwise, a general or compulsory              members.
membership system is not in vogue with the Council until now.


Products/commodity responsible for:                                       Training:

Services to promote bilateral trade.                                      Training courses organized on excise and customs, sales tax, etc.
                                                                          for the benefit of members only.
                                                                          Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
•        Post-graduate diploma in foreign trade (PGDFT);
•        Diploma in FOREX management.                                     Automobile sector; IT sector.

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                          Category:

Exports in general.                                                       Chamber of commerce.


Trade facilitation body; trade promotion organization; and                NATIONAL CENTRE FOR TRADE INFORMATION
training/research institute.                                              (NCTI)

                                                                          Office/postal address:

MADRAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND                                            NCTI Complex
                                                                          Pragati Maidan
                                                                          New Delhi 110 001
Office/postal address:
                                                                          Phone: (91 11) 23371948, 23371953
    st                                                                    Fax:   (91 11) 23371979
1 Floor, Karumuttu Centre
634 Anna Salai
Chennai 600 035
Phone:       (91 44) 24349452, 24349871
                                                                          Year established:      March 1995
Fax:         (91 44) 24349164
                                                                          Principal functions:
                                                                          •    To collect, collate, process, analyse and disseminate
Year established:        1836                                                  information on trade and commerce;
                                                                          •    To keep constant communication with trade and commercial
Principal function:                                                            bodies throughout the world including Indian missions
                                                                               abroad and foreign missions in India;
•        To act as the mediator between trade and industry and the        •    To establish and maintain library collection, and sell
         Government.                                                           literature connected with trade and commerce;
                                                                          •    To disseminate information from databases of export/import
Services/activities:                                                           promotion;
                                                                          •    To establish linkages with export promotional bodies,
•        Disseminates information;                                             regulatory bodies, trade associations, chambers, commodity
•        Provides advisory services;                                           boards etc., for the collection and dissemination of
•        Represents members’ problems before government bodies;                information;
•        Holds arbitration and issues certificate of origin;              •    To provide trade opportunities to the business community by
                                                                               providing trade leads;
•        Arranges seminars/meetings on topical interest for the
         benefit of members.                                              •    To organize training programmes and seminars.

Publications issued:                                                      Services/activities:

•        Monthly Bulletin.                                                •    Provides list of overseas importers on CD-ROM;
•        Annual Report.                                                   •    Electronic Trading Opportunities (ETOs): uploading
                                                                               information about Indian trading community on Global
•        Directory of Members 2005.
                                                                               Trade Point Network (GTPNet), downloading and
                                                                               disseminating enquiries to members;
Membership structure:           375 members.
                                                                          •    Undertakes selective dissemination of information: wherein
Products/commodity responsible for:                                            NCTI disseminates enquiries to specific interest downloaded
                                                                               from GTPNet to its members;
Engineering; manufacturing; textile; leather; plantations;                •    Provides trade information to government;
chemicals; pharmaceuticals; cement; automobiles, etc.                     •    Undertakes website development;
                                                                          •    Creates websites for members/non-members;
                                                                          •    Compiles trade statistics - Indian and global;
                                                                          •    Compiles country profiles;


•      Undertakes consultancy assignments;                                 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SMALL INDUSTRY
•      Market studies;                                                     EXTENSION TRAINING (NISIET)
•      Various CD-ROMs as Electronic Book on Latin American                (An organization of Ministry of SSI)
       Countries (LAC), CD-ROM on Indian Exporters, CD-ROM
       on Global Trading Opportunities, Electronic Product                 Office/postal address:
       Catalogue for LAC Market, Overseas Importers and Indian
       Exporters of Textiles, Leather and Leather Products, etc;           Yousufguda
•      Highlights developments affecting Indian industry, economy          Hyderabad 500 045
       and trade through its electronic journal, titled Trade
       Connect;                                                            Phone: (91 40) 23608544-6, 23608316-8
•      Provides hyperlinks to Memorandum of Understanding                  Fax:   (91 40) 23608547, 23608956
       (MOU) counterpart organization on its website;
•      Sets up Trade Information Centres in India and abroad - Coir        E-mail:
       Trade Information Centre, Kochi;                                    URL:
•      Undertakes other services as outlined under Principal
       functions above.                                                    Year established:      1960

Publications issued:                                                       Principal function:

•      Trade Bulletin: Trade Point India (weekly, English).                •    To assist in the promotion and modernization of small
•      Trade Connect (online, English).                                         industries through training, research, consultancy and
•      Trade Block Series:                                                      information services in the four related fields of small industry
       -   SAARC and India - 2000.                                              development, management, extension and information for
       -   Latin American Countries and India - 2002.                           development. It has enlarged its training activities to include
       -   Indian Ocean Rim Countries - 2000.                                   special annual international programmes for officers from
       -   Sub-Saharan Region African Countries and India -                     Africa and Asia.
Membership structure: Mostly SMEs; the cumulative
membership including regular members, subscription and                     •    Undertakes research projects and consultancy assignments on
miscellaneous services exceeded over 3,000 members.                             request from state and central government as well as from
                                                                                international organizations;
Products/commodity responsible for:                                        •    Has a highly specialized library consisting of 60,000 books and
                                                                                reports, 500 journals, and a specialized collection of 3,600
All categories:      service   industry   providing   trade-related             product profiles and project reports;
information.                                                               •    Disseminates information on all aspects of small industry
                                                                           Publications issued:
•      Training programmes relevant to trade such as workshop on
       trade information and e-commerce, Internet technical                •    SEDME (quarterly, English).
       training programme on Internet and other sources of                 •    SME Policy (bimonthly, English).
       business information for international trade, conducted in          •    SME Technology (bimonthly, English).
       cooperation with ITC (UNCTAD/WTO), Geneva, involving                •    nisiet bulletin (monthly, English).
       foreign participants also;                                          •    SSI Cluster News (quarterly, English).
•      One-day seminars related to trade information and
       e-commerce.                                                         Membership structure:         15 faculties headed by a principal
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                           Products/commodity responsible for:
                                                                           All products reserved for small sector, products in the medium-
Category:                                                                  scale industry, tiny sector and micro enterprises.

Trade information service.                                                 Training:

                                                                           Organizes training programmes for personnel of a number of
                                                                           organizations of both national and international levels.


                                                                           Industrial promotion; and training/research institute.


PHD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY                                    Himachal Pradesh
(PHDCCI)                                                                Room No. 205, Udyog Bhawan
                                                                        Shimla 170 004 (HP)
Office/ postal address:                                                 Fax:     (91 177) 2807855

PHD House                                                               Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
4/2 Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg                         61, Betwa Apt., New Market
New Delhi 110 016                                                       Bhopal 462 003 (MP)
                                                                        Phone: (91 755) 2553728
Phone:   (91 11) 26863801-4                                             Fax:     (91 755) 2555280
Fax:     (91 11) 26863135, 26568392, 26855450
                                                                        Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
E-mail:                                           1A, La Place, Shah Najaf Road
URL:                                              Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow 226 001 (UP)
                                                                        Phone: (91 522) 2221052
Year established:      1905                                             Fax:      (91 522) 2280871
Principal functions:
•   To serve trade and industry;                                        Jai Niwas, S-53, Arvind Marg, C-Scheme
•   To promote international trade, technical and economic              Jaipur 302 001 (Rajasthan)
    cooperation, promotion of cooperation in areas of research          Phone: (91 141) 2367131
    and development; transfer of technology and foreign                 Fax:      (91 141) 2370757
    investment;                                                         E-mail:
•   To participate in national and international trade fairs and
    exhibitions.                                                        Membership structure:        Over 1,600 direct          members
                                                                        consisting of manufacturing units of large and medium
Services/Activities:                                                    enterprises, export houses and professionals. Indirectly, serving
                                                                        over 40,000 organizations. In addition to the direct membership,
                                                                        PHDCCI also serves 12 secretarial affiliates and 125 association
•   Provides advice and guidance on policies and procedures
    pertaining to exports, imports, foreign investment, foreign
    exchange, trade regulations, customs, direct and indirect
                                                                        Products/commodity responsible for:
    taxes; identification and dissemination of commercial
    information on opportunities on trade and business, both
                                                                        All products and services as PHDCCI serves the entire trade and
    within India and abroad;
•   Services foreign business missions visiting India by
    coordinating their visits and organizing business meetings
    for the delegates with Indian businesspersons;
•   Assists foreign companies in establishing joint ventures in         Short-duration training programmes for entrepreneurial
    India by matchmaking with Indian companies;                         development and consultancy services for development of small
•   Sponsors business delegations abroad for trade and                  and medium enterprises.
    investment promotion;
•   Provides a common platform for meetings of the                      Category:
    representatives of trade, business and industry with senior
    government officials.                                               Chamber of commerce.

Publications issued:

•   Directory of Members.
•   Diplomatic Missions and Government Officials.
•   Labour Judgements.
•   Central and State Governments Incentives for Industrial
•   State Investment Guides.

Local branches:

Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh
107, Sector 18-A, Chandigarh 160 018
Phone: (91 172) 2781665
Fax:      (91 172) 2548802


PLASTICS EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL                                           306, Dohil Chambers
                                                                            46 Nehru Ploace
Office/postal address:                                                      New Delhi 110 019
                                                                            Phone: (91 11) 26445610
Ground Floor, Crystal Tower                                                 Fax:     (91 11) 26236070
Gundivali RoaD, Off Sir M.V. Road                                           E-mail:
Andheri (East)
Mumbai 400 069                                                              Membership structure:       More than 2,000 members.

Phone:    (91 22) 26833951-2, 26834352                                      Products/commodity responsible for:
Fax:      (91 22) 26834057, 26833953
                                                                            Plastic items.
URL:                                                  Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Year established:      1955                                                 Export-oriented plastic industries.

Principal function:                                                         Category:

•    To promote the exports of goods made wholly or partly of               Trade promotion organization.
     plastics, finished or semi-finished, plastics raw materials and
     linoleum products of India.


•    Undertakes market studies in individual foreign markets;
•    Sends trade missions to foreign countries;
•    Participates in international exhibitions, trade fairs;
•    Appoints representatives, agents or correspondents in foreign
     markets for collecting market data;
•    Conducts propaganda regularly and continuously through
•    Collects statistics and other information;
•    Lays down standards of quality and packing;
•    Issues certificates or gives certification marks relating to
     standards of quality;
•    Acts as arbitrator in trade disputes.

Publications issued:

•    Exporters Directory.
•    Plexconcil Bulletin (quarterly).
•    Statistical Book.
•    Product catalogues/general catalogues.
•    Members’ Directory on CD-ROM.

Local branches:

World Trade Centre
14/1B, Ezra Street
Kolkata 700 001
Phone: (91 33) 22354548
Fax:     (91 33) 22358946

3rd Floor, Rasheed Mansion
408, Anna Salai
Chennai 600 006
Phone: (91 44) 28292620
Fax:       (91 44) 28291518


RUBBER BOARD                                                               Publications issued:

Office/postal address:                                                     Trade-related publications:
                                                                           •   Booklet on Exporters of Natural Rubber.
Rubber Board - Head Office                                                 •   Directory of Rubber Products Exporters in India.
Jail Road, Keezhukunnu,                                                    •   Directory of Rubber Goods Manufacturers in India.
Kottayam 686 002                                                           •   Directory of World Importers of Rubber Products.
Kerala State                                                               •   Booklet on Natural Rubber Importers.
                                                                           •   Market Survey Reports on Rubber Products.
P.O. Box: 1122, Kottayam
                                                                           General publications:
Phone:    (91 481) 2571231 (4 Lines)                                       •   Indian Journal of Natural Rubber Research (half-yearly,
Fax:      (91 481) 2571380                                                     English).
                                                                           •   Rubber Board Bulletin (quarterly, English).
                                                                           •   Rubber (monthly, Malayalam).
                                                                           •   Rubber Statistical News (monthly, English).
                                                                           •   Inside Rubber Statistics (annually, English).
Year established:      1955                                                •   Rubber Wood: Production and utilization (annually,
Principal functions:                                                       •   Rubber Grower’s Companion cum Diary (annually, English).
                                                                           •   Advisory pamphlets (English) - Available for rubber growers
•    To promote by such measures as it thinks fit the                          on request.
     development of the rubber industry;                                   •   Natural Rubber Agro management and Crop Processing
•    To undertake, assist or encourage scientific, technological or            (English).
     economic research;                                                    •   Technical Bulletin (English).
•    To train students in improved methods of planting,
     cultivation, manuring and spraying;                                   Local branch:
•    To provide technical advice to rubber growers;
•    To improve the marketing of rubber;                                   Export Promotion Section
                                                                           Department of Training and Technical Consultancy
•    To collect statistics from owners of estates, dealers and
                                                                           Rubber Board
                                                                           Rubber Training Centre
•    To secure better working conditions and the provision and
                                                                           Kottayam 696 009
     improvement of amenities and incentives to workers;
                                                                           Phone: (91 481) 2353127, 2353168, 2353201
•    To carry out any other duties which may be vested with the            Fax:     (91 481) 2353187
     Board as per rules made under the Rubber Act;
•    To advise the central Government on all matters relating to           Products/commodity responsible for:
     the development of the rubber industry, including import
     and export of rubber;                                                 Natural rubber; ribber smoked sheet (RSS); Indian standard
•    To advise the central Government with regard to                       natural rubber-ISNR (block rubber); 60 per cent centrifuged latex.
     participation in any international conference or scheme
     relating to rubber;                                                   Training:
•    To submit to the central Government and such other
     authorities as may be prescribed, half-yearly reports on its          •   Advanced training on the processing of natural rubber as
     activities and the working of the Rubber Act;                             tailor-made forms are internationally accepted standards;
•    To prepare and furnish such other reports relating to the             •   Advanced training on rubber product manufacture and
     rubber industry as may be required by the central                         product development;
     Government from time to time.                                         •   Advanced training on rubber cultivation and plantation
                                                                           Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
The Rubber Board is designated by the Government of India as
the Export Promotion Council for Natural Rubber (NR). The                  Replantation and new plantation of rubber; productivity
Board promotes the export of NR and rubber wood articles from              enhancement through agro management; infrastructure
India. Major services provided to facilitate the export of rubber:         development and management; rubber processing and quality
•     Helps international buyers to identify potential exporters of        improvement; road rubberization projects; research development
      rubber in India;                                                     activities; export promotion and marketing support activities;
•     Provides assistance to source quality forms of rubber at             rubber wood processing and marketing; human resource
      international standards and packings;                                management: training and development.
•     Provides services to exporters for quality improvement and
      helps them to export the rubber with inspection and quality          Category:
      certificates issued by the Board;
•     Obtains feedback on exported rubber from overseas buyers.            Commodity board.
      In the event of complaints, takes appropriate corrective
      measures for obtaining better acceptance of Indian rubber in
      foreign markets.


Office/postal address:                                                      (Premier Association of Vegetable Oil Industry and Trade)

“Vanijya Bhawan”                                                            Office/postal address:
International Trade Facilitation Centre
1/1 Wood Street, 2nd Floor                                                  142, 14th Floor
Kolkata - 700 016                                                           Jolly Maker Chamber No.2
                                                                            225, Nariman Point
Phone:    (91 33) 22834417, 22834697-8                                      Mumbai 400 021
Fax:      (91 33) 22834699
                                                                            Phone: (91 22) 22021475, 22822979
E-mail:                                                       Fax:   (91 22) 22021692
Year established:      1957                                                 URL:

Principal functions:                                                        Year established:      1963

•    To support, protect, maintain, increase and promote the                Principal functions:
     export of shellac and other lac products;
•    To collect statisticd and information on growing, import,              •    To promote the export and market development of de-oiled
     manufacture, trade or use of lac in various countries and                   meals, vegetable fats, compound feeds for cattle and poultry
     propagate information;                                                      feeds;
•    To advise or represent Government, local authorities and               •    To assess international trends in feed ingredients, and prices
     public bodies regarding different policy aspects;                           thereof, for guiding exporters;
•    To promote exports of minor forest produce products.                   •    To assist trade in quality assurance;
                                                                            •    To collect and disseminate market information and statistics
Services/activities:                                                             on trends of contracting, physical exports, status of crop
                                                                                 situation and marketing strategies;
•    Issues Quality Certificates;                                           •    To provide a strong organizational nucleus;
•    Sends delegations abroad, participates in international trade          •    To ensure timely and regular shipment performance;
     fairs and maintains liaison with trade associations, government        •    To inspire confidence in foreign buyers;
     bodies, Indian missions abroad;                                        •    To depute delegations to foreign countries to explore and
•    Sponsors research on value added products of lac through                    study export markets;
     various national research institutes for higher unit value             •    To organize and participate in trade fairs, exhibitions and
     realization and regularly organizes publicity campaigns.                    buyer-seller meetings in India and abroad.

Publications issued:                                                        Services/activities:

•    The Story of Shellac.                                                  As detailed under Principal functions.
•    Industrial Uses of Lac.
•    Physical Properties and Chemical Constants of Lac.                     Publications issued:
•    Shellac in Coating Composition for Various Surfaces.
•    Shellac Varnishes.                                                     •    SEA News Circular (monthly).
•    Electrical Industry & Shellac.                                         •    Handbook on Rice Bran Processing.
•    Shellac for Food Confectionery & Pharmaceutical Products.              •    National Seminar on Edible Rice Bran Oil.
•    Leather & Shellac.                                                     •    SEA Delegation Report 2001 - Rice Bran Oil Technical
•    Lac Coated Urea.                                                            Delegation to Japan and Thailand.
•    Shellac in Printing Ink.                                               •    National Seminar on Oilmeals usage in Compound Feeds.
•    Plastic & Shellac.                                                     •    SEA Millennium Handbook on Indian Vegetable Oil Industry
                                                                                 and Trade.
Membership structure:         72 members.                                   •    31st Annual Report 2001-2003 (includes list of members and
Products/commodity responsible for:                                         •    National Seminar on Technology Upgradation in Vegetable
                                                                                 Oil Industry.
Shellac and other lac based products and minor forest products.             •    2001 - SEA Delegation Report on Malaysian Palm Oil
                                                                                 Complex Study Tour.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                            •    2002 - SEA Delegation Report on Indnesian Palm Oil
                                                                                 Complex Study Tour.
Shellac and lac based industries.
                                                                            Membership structure:         706 as of 30 April 2003.
                                                                            Ordinary members (Those having solvent extraction plants): 255;
Export promotion council.                                                   Associate (any person/company interested): 451.


Products/commodity responsible for:                                        •    Market studies and dissemination of information: SGEPC
                                                                                provides information on market intelligence, trends, related
Vegetable oil, oilmeals, oilseeds and related products.                         international news, through newsletters, seminars and also
                                                                                through the website. SGEPC undertakes specific market
Training:                                                                       studies and disseminates them to the industry though
•    Organizing seminars and inviting members and others to                •    Visa support to members;
     participate.                                                          •    Annual export awards: these provide recognition to top
                                                                                exporters and entrepreneurs.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                           Local branch:
Technology upgrading in oilseed and oil processing;
international trade.                                                       9, Shakti Nagar
                                                                           Jalandhar 144 001
Category:                                                                  Phone: (91 181) 2403734

Trade association.                                                         Publication issued:

                                                                           •   Newsletter (monthly).

SPORTS GOODS EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL                                      Membership structure:       Approximately 250 members.
                                                                           Product/commodity responsible for:
Office/postal address:
                                                                           Sports goods and toys.
Export Promotion Department
1E/6, Swami Ram Tirth Nagar                                                Category:
New Delhi 110 055
                                                                           Trade promotion organization.
Phone:    (91 11) 23525695, 23516183
Fax:      (91 11) 23632147


Year established:      1958

Principal function:

•    To support and promote the export of sports goods and toys.


•    Authentication of exporters: SGEPC is a platform for the
     projection of the sports goods and toys industry at a national
•    Enquiries from buyers: SGEPC assists foreign buyers in
     sourcing their requirement from India;
•    India Pavilion in leading international fairs: SGEPC
     organizes Indian participation in international fairs and
     forms an India Pavilion where exhibitors are provided with
     thematic stands as per their individual requirement at highly
     negotiated rates;
•    Buyer-seller meets: SGEPC organizes buyer-seller meets in
     potential countries with the help of Indian missions and/or
     local marketing consultants. A buyer mobilization strategy
     is undertaken before the event to ensure meetings with
     relevant buyers for individual participants;
•    Promotion of industry in overseas events: the Council
     promotes the industry in international markets through a
     newsletter, industry profiles, members’ directory (print and
     digital format), advertisements, industry posters and
•    Link between industry and Government: SGEPC provides
     the feedback of the industry to the Government helping it to
     evolve the national export-import policy;


Office/postal address:

Srinivasarao Thota
G.T. Road, Guntur
Andhra Pradesh 522004

P.O. Box:      322

Phone:    (91 863) 2358399, 2358068
Fax:      (91 863) 2354232


Year established:      1976

Principal functions:

•    To regulate the production of flue cured virginia (FCV)
•    To assist growers in production of quality tobaccos;


•    Markets FCV tobacco through auction to ensure fair and
     remunerative prices to growers;
•    Promotes exports of tobacco and tobacco products.

Publications issued:

•    Tobacco Directory.
•    Tobacco News Letter (quarterly).

Local branches:

Mission Road, 1/9 III Cross
4th Floor, Unity Building Annexe
C.S.I. Compound
Bangalore 560 027
Phone: (91 80) 22236599, 22233304

Tobacco Board Transit House
Mega City No. 90
Avenue No. 1, (formerly Road No. 12)
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500 034
Phone: (91 40) 23317503, 23319989

Tobacco Board Transit House
B-11, 1st Floor, Green Park (Main)
New Delhi 110 016
Phone: (91 11) 26568841

Tobacco Board Transit House
Flat No. 2A, 2nd Floor
Aravind Apartments
9, Visweswara Puram
Mylepoor, Chennai 600 004
Phone: (91 44) 24661766

Membership structure:         Growers, exporters, processors and

Products/commodity responsible for:

Unmanufactured tobacco and tobacco products.


Commodity board.


IMPORTERS’ ASSOCIATION OF INDONESIA                                   BPD GINSI Sulawesi Selatan
(GINSI)                                                               Jl. Andi Tonro V Blok A2/3
Office/postal address:
                                                                      BPD GINSI Bali – Nusa Tenggara
Wisma Kosgoro 8th Floor                                               D/a. PT. MITRA SAHATA
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 53                                                   Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 238
Jakarta 10350                                                         Denpasar 80235

Phone:    (62 21) 39832510, 39832534                                  Membership structure:        7,800 members.
Fax:      (62 21) 39832499, 39832504
Year established:      1956
                                                                      Chamber of commerce.
Principal functions:

•    To promote international trade and cooperation;
•    To strengthen the role of private enterprises;                   INVESTMENT COORDINATING BOARD (BKPM)
•    To improve the condition of international trade.
                                                                      Office/postal address:
                                                                      Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 44
•    Provides advisory service to members, particularly for           Jakarta
     customs clearance, claims, etc.;
•    Conducts a staff training scheme on customs procedures,          P.O. Box: 3186, Jakarta
     insurance, banking and shipping methods;
•    Conducts business luncheons, seminars for members as well        Phone: (62 21) 5252008
     as for foreign visiting businessmen;                             Fax:   (62 21) 5254945
•    Accepts enquiries from foreign exporters, suppliers and
     manufacturers which are either forwarded to members or
     published in the Association's bulletin;
•    Provides library service for members.
                                                                      Year established: 1976
Publication issued:
                                                                      Principal function:
•    Bulletin Ekonomi Indonesia (Indonesian).
                                                                      •    To assist the Government in deciding upon a judicious policy
                                                                           on investment, issuing necessary approvals, permits and
Local branches:                                                            licences for both domestic and foreign investments and
                                                                           controlling its implementation.
Wisma Kosgoro 8th Fl
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 53
Jakarta 10350
                                                                      •    Formulates investment policies;
                                                                      •    Coordinates an integrated investment plan;
BPD GINSI Jawa Barat
Jl. Merdeka No. 54                                                    •    Prepares and issues the priority list of investment/list of sectors
Bandung 40115                                                              that are closed for investment;
                                                                      •    Conducts effective communication and promotional activities
BPD GINSI Jawa Tengah                                                      and disseminates information to potential investors and
Jl. Letjen. Suprapto No. 22                                                business community;
Semarang 50175                                                        •    Evaluates investment proposals on both domestic and foreign
BPD GINSI Jawa Timur                                                  •    Approves domestic investment proposals;
Jl. Nginden Intan Selatan No. 49 F                                    •    Issues necessary licences and permits for the implementation
Surabaya 60118                                                             of the approved projects on behalf of the Ministers concerned;
                                                                      •    Provides necessary services to facilitate the implementation of
BPD GINSI Kalimantan Barat                                                 the approved investment projects;
Jl. Jambu Mente No. 8                                                 •    Controls and supervises the implementation of the approved
Pontianak 78113                                                            investment projects in close cooperation with Regional
                                                                           Investment Offices (BKPM) and Ministries concerned.
BPD GINSI Sumatera Barat
Jl. Arau Blok A.II/III

BPD GINSI Sumatera Utara
Jl. Setia Budi No. 782 A


Publications issued:                                                      LABORATORY FOR QUALITY TESTING OF EXPORT
                                                                          AND IMPORT GOODS
•    A Guide for Investors.                                               Directorate of Quality Control, Directorate General for Foreign
•    Investment Laws and Regulations.                                     Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade
•    Indonesian Investment News.
•    Indonesian Potential Business Partners.                              Office / postal address:
•    Investment Procedures in Indonesia.
•    List of Sectors that Are Closed for Investment, 2000.                Jl. Raya Bogor, Km 26
•    Project Profiles.                                                    Ciracas
•    Regional Profiles.                                                   Jakarta 13740

Local branches:                                                           P.O.Box: 4235, Jakarta

Regional investment institutions are located in the provinces as          Phone: (62 21) 8710321-3
well as in its regencies of provinces as follows: Special                 Fax:   (62 21) 8710477-8
Territories of Jakarta, Jogyakarta and Aceh, North Sumatra, Riau,
Kepulauan Riau (Riau Islands), West Sumatra, South Sumatra,               E-Mail:
Jambi, Bengkulu, Bangka-Belitung, Lampung, West Java,                     URL:
Banten, Central Java, East Java, Bali, West Kalimantan, Central
Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, West Nusa                  Year establised:       1977
Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, West
Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, South East                    Principal functions:
Sulawesi, North Maluku, Maluku Irian Jaya Barat (West Irian
Jaya) and Papua.                                                          •    To implement testing and certification of export and import of
                                                                               product quality;
Offices abroad:                                                           •    To render services of testing and certification of product
Indonesian     Embassies/Consulates    in    the   following              •    To implement general affairs of institution.
countries/group of countries undertake foreign investment
promotion programmes: Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto,                Services/activities:
Vancouver), Germany (Bonn), France (Paris), Japan (Tokyo),
Netherlands (The Hague), United Kingdom (London), United
                                                                          •    Microbiology testing;
States of America (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York,
                                                                          •    Sensory and organoleptics testing;
Washington, DC) and ASEAN countries [Brunei Darussalam
(Bandar Seri Begawan), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Philippines               •    Pesticide residue testing;
(Manila), Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Bangkok), etc.]. In            •    Food testing;
addition, BKPM has representative offices in Los Angeles,                 •    Industrial chemical products testing;
Nagoya, London, Amsterdam and Taipei.                                     •    Agricultural and forestry products testing;
                                                                          •    Textiles and multifarious products testing;
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                          •    Electronical products and household equipment testing;
                                                                          •    Calibration.
Projects utilizing natural and human resources; export-oriented
projects; labour-intensive projects; projects making use of               Publications issued:
Indonesia’s comparative advantage; projects producing capital
goods and raw materials; projects on infrastructure such as ports,        •    Leaflets (Bahasa Indonesia; English).
generation and transmission as well as distribution of electricity        •    Quality journal (Bahasa Indonesia).
for public use, telecommunications, shipping, airlines, potable
water and public railways.                                                Local branches:

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                     The local branches are no longer under the organization structure.
                                                                          They have already been under the auspices of the respective
•    Foreign Investment Law No. 1 of 1967 and No. 11 of 1970.             regional administration since 2001. However, these former local
                                                                          branches are now functioning as the members of laboratory
Category:                                                                 networking which are coordinated by the organization.

Investment promotion authority.                                           The members of Laboratory Networking:
                                                                          Jl. Panglima Batur
                                                                          Banjarbaru 70700
                                                                          Phone: (62 511) 772237
                                                                          Fax:      (62 511) 772237

                                                                          Jl. Mangga V Lingkar Timur
                                                                          Bengkulu 38229
                                                                          Phone: (62 736) 20189
                                                                          Fax:     (62 736) 24002


Jl. Raya Puputan Renon Denpasar                  Jl. Abdulrahman Saleh No. 31
Denpasar                                         P.O. Box 357
Phone: (62 361) 223096                           Pontianak 78124
Fax:      (62 361) 223097                        Phone: (62 561) 762849
                                                 Fax:      (62 561) 732972
Jl. Letjen Suprapto No. 29                       E-mail:
Telanaipura Kotak Pos 115
Jambi 36112                                      Jl. Letjen MT Haryono
Phone: (62 741) 60822                            P.O. Box 1111
Fax:       (62 741) 60740                        Samarinda 75126
                                                 Phone: (62 541) 733731
Jl. Kalimantan No. 1                             Fax:       (62 541) 733731
Tromol Pos 1 JR                                  E-mail:
Jember 68121
Phone: (62 331) 88396                            Jl. Gayung Kebonsari dalam 12 A
Fax:      (62 331) 84825                         Tromol Pos 8 SBWC
E-mail:             Surabay 60235
                                                 Phone: (62 31) 8280762 – 8280753
Jl. Andi Petarani                                Fax:     (62 31) 8294291
Makasar 90222                                    E-mail:
Phone: (62 411) 441239
Fax:      (62 411) 457368                        Jl. Pajang Kartosuro Km 8
Jl. Pumorow                                      Surakarta 57162
Manado 95125                                     Phone: (62 271) 743959
Phone: (62 431) 867447                           Fax:      (62 271) 743959
Fax:     (62 431) 857447                         E-mail:
                                                 Jl. Cut Meutia No. 36
Jl. STM No. 17                                   Kotak Pos 100
Kotak Pos 407, Medan 20146                       Bandar Lampung 35214
Phone: (62 61) 8764040                           Phone: (62 721) 480410
Fax:     (62 61) 8764040                         Fax:      (62 721) 482712
                                                 Jl. Baru Ubo Ubo
Jl. Pocut Baren No. 9                            Ternate 97717
Banda Aceh 23123                                 Phone: (62 921) 22193
Phone: (62 651) 23098                            Fax:      (62 921) 22757
Jl. Belibis Air Tawar No. 3A
Kotak Pos 65                                     Jl. R.A. Kartini No. 18
Padang 25131                                     Palu
Phone: (62 751) 54202, 53484                     Phone: (62 451) 424229
Fax:       (62 751) 53484                        Fax:      (62 451) 456885
                                                 BPSMB Kendari
Jl. RTA Milono Km 5,5                            Jl. Drs. H. Abd. Silondae No. 116
Palangkaraya 73112                               Kendari 93111
Phone: (62 536) 21551                            Phone: (62 401) 329386
Fax:     (62 536) 21551                          Fax:       (62 401) 321783

Jl. Demang Lebar Daun No. 90                     BPMNPI Jayapura
Palembang 30139                                  Jl. Raya Sentani Wamena
Phone: (62 711) 41646                            Jayapura – Papua
Fax:     (62 711) 41646                          Phone: (62 967) 571265
                                                 Fax:      (62 967) 571265
Jl. Mentok Raya Km 3
Pangkalpinang 33134                              Membership structure:         23 members.
Phone: (62 717) 422162
Fax:     (62 717) 422162                         Products / commodity responsible for:
                                                 Agricultural export and import products, industrial products.
Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 108
Pekanbaru 28133                                  Category:
Phone: (62 761) 21325
Fax:       (62 761) 22173                        Standard, testing and inspection body.


NATIONAL AGENCY FOR EXPORT DEVELOPMENT                                      Local branches:
                                                                            Regional Export Training and Promotion Centre in Surabaya,
Office/postal address:                                                      Medan, Makassar.

5th Floor, Dharma Niaga Building                                            Offices of industry and trade service in Banda Aceh, Medan,
6-8, Jl. Abdul Muis                                                         Pekanbaru, Telanapura, Padang, Bengkulu, Palembang, Bandar
Jakarta 10160                                                               Lampung, Jakarta Utara, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta,
                                                                            Surabaya, Pontianak, Palangkaraya, Banjarmasin, Samarinda,
P.O. Box: 1443, Jakarta                                                     Manado, Palu, Makassar, Kendari, Renon, Mataram, Kupang,
                                                                            Ambon, Jayapura, Ternate, Serang, Bangka, Gorontalo.
Phone:    (62 21) 3448164
Fax:      (62 21) 3858850, 3518669                                          Offices abroad:

E-mail:                                                   Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) branches in Osaka,
URL:                                                     Los Angeles, Deira Bubai, Budapest, Hungary, Johanesburg, São
Year established:      1971
                                                                            Indonesian industry and trade representative offices overseas:
Principal functions:                                                        Embassies or missions in Canberra; Vienna; Brussels; Beijing,
                                                                            China; Copenhagen, Cairo; Paris; Berli; Hong Kong, China; New
•    To be responsible for promoting and developing export;                 Delhi; Rome; Tokyo; Kuala Lumpur; The Hague; Makati City;
•    To act as a facilitator to link buyers and sellers, aimed at           Seoul; Moscow; Riyadh; Singapore; Madri; Geneva; Taipei
     increasing sales of Indonesian products especially of non oil          Province of China; Bangkok; London; Washington.
     and gas products;
•    To provide a comprehensive range of services to both                   Products/commodity responsible for:
     Indonesian exporters and overseas buyers including studies to
     identify potential market, advice on export procedures and the         Non-oil and gas products.
     government regulations and help in organizing fairs, selling
     mission and exhibition.                                                Training:

Services/activities:                                                        NAFED’s training programmes are aimed at initiating new
                                                                            exporters, both individually and through their enterprises,
For overseas buyers:                                                        focusing especially on small and medium firms and cooperatives.
                                                                            Training and other forms of support are conducted through
•    Provides information on product availability, by sector and
                                                                            domestic promotional events, specific projects and the creation of
                                                                            regional marketing points such as the one on Batam island.
•    Provides advice and information on current government trade
     regulations and procedures;
                                                                            Seminars, tutorials and one-on-one meetings are held regularly at
•    Assists foreign buyers to find the Indonesian products and             the Indonesian Export Training Centre (IETC) in Jakarta.
                                                                            Since IETC was established with assistance from the Japan
For Indonesian sellers:                                                     International Coopertion Agency (JICA) in 1990, more than
•    Provides up-to-date information on trade trends and prospects,         14,000 people have taken advantage of its programmes, which are
     presented with specific data on the target markets;                    more necessary then ever in an era of globalization, wider trade
•    Assists Indonesian manufacturers to find buyers for their              liberalization ad sharpening competition. By 2002, a Regional
     products;                                                              Export Training and Promotion Centre (RETPC) was established
•    Provides information on overseas trade procedures,                     in Surabaya and regional export training and promotion centres in
     restrictions and incentives;                                           Medan and Makassar opened in 2003 and Banjarmasin in 2004.
•    Provides specific counselling on potential prospects and
     assistance in preparing meetings with overseas buyers;                 Category:
•    Assists and organizes Indonesian participation in international
     trade fairs and selling missions.                                      Ministry of Industry and Trade; trade facilitation body; trade fair
                                                                            and exhibition authority; trade promotion organization; and
Publications issued:                                                        training/research institute.

•    Export Newsletter (monthly, English).
•    Price Info (monthly, Indonesian).
•    Source of Business Information (monthly, Indonesian).
•    Directory of Indonesian Exporters (annually, English).
•    Statistic of Indonesian Export Balance of Trade (annually,
•    Annual Report (annually, English).
•    NAFED’s Brochures (annually, English).
•    Export Bulletin (monthly, Indonesian).

                                                                                                       ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN

Office/postal address:
                                                                              Office/postal address:
International Exhibitions Grounds
Dr. Chamran Expressway                                                        240, Kargare Shomali Avenue
P.O. Box 1148 Tadjrish                                                        Tehran 14178
Tehran 19395
                                                                              P.O. Box: 14185-671, Tehran
Phone:    (98 21) 21911
Fax:      (98 21) 2042858, 2040251                                            Phone: (98 21) 66422378, 66422379, 66422380
                                                                              Fax:   (98 21) 66933656
URL:,                                     E-mail:
Year established:      1967
                                                                              Year established:      1980
Principal functions:
                                                                              Principal functions:
•    To promote and expand the Islamic Republic of Iran’s non-oil
     exports;                                                                 •    To provide intellectual and scientific support for
•    To decide on participation in fairs and exhibitions of the target             policymaking in the Ministry of Commerce;
     markets.                                                                 •    To respond to the information needs of trade and economic
Services/activities:                                                          •    To collect and process trade and economic data and statistics;
                                                                              •    To provide research, studies and information on trade topics
•    Undertakes market research for exportable products;                           of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member
•    Prepares incentives schemes;                                                  countries (;
•    Improves the quality of exportable goods;                                •    To conduct research and studies on domestic trade in the
•    Solves problems related to the country’s exports;                             Islamic Republic of Iran;
•    Sends marketing teams abroad.                                            •    To conduct research and studies on regional trade at the level
                                                                                   of provinces of the Islamic Republic of Iran;
Publications issued:                                                          •    To conduct marketing studies to identify new markets for the
                                                                                   exports of Iranian products;
•    Export Directory of Iran.                                                •    To conduct research and studies on the bilateral and
•    Export Message Economic Bulletin (Persian).                                   multilateral trade of the Islamic Republic of Iran and
•    All kinds of directive publications to help Iranian exporters                 international trade and economic organizations, including
     (Persian).                                                                    WTO issues and the accession of the Islamic Republic of
                                                                                   Iran to this organization;
Membership structure:          106 members.                                   •    To analyse the legal aspects of internal and international
                                                                                   trade issues in the Iranian trade system;
Products/commodity responsible for:                                           •    To conduct commercial and economic studies and research;
                                                                              •    To conduct research on applying e-commerce and IT in the
Non-oil products and services.                                                     Iranian trade system;
                                                                              •    To provide analytical reports on key trends and development
Training:                                                                          in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s business environment;
                                                                              •    To conduct studies on trade and development strategies.
Undertakes some national level training courses for the marketing
experts and managers of trading companies.                                    Services/activities:

                                                                              •    Provides consultancy services on trade to the private and
                                                                                   public sectors;
                                                                              •    Teaches modern trade through the Centre for Business
                                                                                   Training which is affiliated to ITSR;
                                                                              •    Disseminates trade information and data;
                                                                              •    Publishes trade research, working papers and books;
                                                                              •    Evaluates policy decisions made by government authorities
                                                                                   in the field of trade and trade policy;
                                                                              •    Organizes provincial, national and international seminars;
                                                                              •    Organizes workshops and lectures at national/international
                                                                                   levels according to Ministry of Commerce needs;
                                                                              •    Cooperates with international trade organizations in
                                                                                   organizing trade seminars, workshops and short-term
                                                                              •    Finances Masters and Ph. D. theses in business and economic


Publications issued:                                                      INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND INDUSTRIAL
•   Trade Survey (monthly, Persian).                                      RESEARCH OF IRAN (ISIRI)
•   Iranian Journal of Trade Studies (IJTS) (quarterly).
•   The Islamic Republic of Iran: Your Partner in Trade                   Office/postal address:
•   Business and Economic Topics: books (890 titles), working             P.O. Box: 14155-6139
    papers (430 titles) and restricted papers (190 titles).               Tehran

Training:                                                                 Phone:    (98 261) 2806031-8
                                                                          Fax:      (98 261) 2805015
Training researchers and students in short-term and long-term
courses in the field of economy and commerce:                             E-mail:
•    World Trade Organization applied issues;                             URL:,
•    Marketing, promotion;
•    Trade negotiation methods;                                           Year established:      1960
•    E-commerce;
•    Incoterms.                                                           Principal functions:

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                          •    To formulate, compile and publish national standards;
                                                                          •    To conduct research on standardization, quality of goods,
Human resources, firms and industries that export their products.              production processes and industrial efficiency;
                                                                          •    To undertake quality control;
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                     •    To implement standards and certification marking;
                                                                          •    To provide training;
•    The foreign investment law (2001).                                   •    To undertake metrology and testing.
•    An executive set of rules and regulations on foreign
     investment (2001).                                                   Services/activities:
•    An administrative set of rules and regulations on foreign
     investment (2001).                                                   As detailed under Principal functions.

Category:                                                                 Publications issued:

Ministry of Trade; trade association; trade facilitation body; and        •    ISIRI Weekly Bulletin.
training/research institute.                                              •    ISIRI Monthly Magazine.
                                                                          •    National Standards on various subjects.
                                                                          •    Scientific papers and reports related to participation in
                                                                               international meetings.
                                                                          •    Reports of research projects.

                                                                          Local branches:

                                                                          ISIRI has 30 branches in provincial centres and 13 branch offices in


                                                                          Holding regional training courses for International Organization for
                                                                          Standardization (ISO) member bodies.

                                                                          Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

                                                                          •    ISIRI law (the laws of the amendment to the laws and
                                                                               regulations of the Institute of Standards and Industrial
                                                                               Research of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the following
                                                                               amendment) passed on 14 February 1993.
                                                                          •    List of export and import goods under the compulsory
                                                                               standards of ISIRI, passed in 2005.


                                                                          Commodity standard institute; industrial promotion; inspection
                                                                          institution; standard, testing and inspection body; and
                                                                          training/research institute.

                                                                                                    ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN

RELATIONS PROMOTION (ITRP)                                                AND MINES*

Office/postal address:                                                    Office/postal address:

No. 7, 3rd Floor, Abbasie Bazar                                           254 Taleghani Avenue
Ferdowsi Square                                                           Tehran 15814
Tehran 15816
                                                                          P.O. Box:      15875-4671, Tehran
P.O. Box: 11365-3963, Tehran
                                                                          Phone: (98 21) 8830066, 8810538
Phone:    (98 21) 8830009, 8833900, 8824036, 8827440                      Fax:   (98 21) 8825111, 8810930
Fax:      (98 21) 8820697, 8833796
E-mail:                                                  URL:
                                                                          Year established:      1920
Year established:      1988
                                                                          Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                          •    To issue CARNE-TIR;
•    To operate the Trade Information Centre of Iran, providing           •    To establish relations among local and foreign importers and
     trade and industrial services;                                            exporters.
•    To undertake activities of a trade promotion organization and
     an export marketing board;                                           Services/activities:
•    To undertake industrial promotion activities.
                                                                          •    As detailed under Principal functions.
                                                                          Publications issued:
As detailed under Principal functions.
                                                                          •    Guide to Iranian Market (brochures).
Publications issued:                                                      •    A Guide to Textile Industry and Trade (English).
                                                                          •    Iran Commerce (quarterly, English).
•    Iran Import and Export Directory.                                    •    Namehe Ottage Bazargani (monthly, Farsi).
•    INFOFAX Bulletin.
•    Trade Bulletin (Farsi).                                              Local branches:
•    Iran Golden key Directory (available on line).
                                                                          Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Abadan, Ahwaz,
Membership structure:         14,000 members.                             Arak, Ardebil, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Bushehr, Esfahan, Ghom,
                                                                          Gorgan, Hamedan, Ilam, Kashan, Kerman, Kermanshah,
Category:                                                                 Khorramabad, Khorramshahr, Mash’had, Rasht, Sanandaj, Sari,
                                                                          Semnan, Shahrekord, Shiraz, Tabriz, Tehran, Urmiyyeh, Yazd,
Trade promotion organization.                                             Zahedan, Zanjan.

                                                                          Membership structure:       29 chambers. (A merger of the
                                                                          chambers in Tehran and in the provinces and of the Iran Chamber
                                                                          of Commerce, Industries and Mines.)


                                                                          Regular courses offered for national business people.

                                                                          Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

                                                                          Only private individuals, companies and establishments of foreign
                                                                          origin in the fields of development and industrial, mineral and
                                                                          agricultural production, transport and related activities are allowed
                                                                          to invest in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

                                                                          Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

                                                                          •    Refer to


                                                                          Chamber of commerce.


KISH FREE ZONE ORGANIZATION                                               NATIONAL IRANIAN PRODUCTIVITY
                                                                          ORGANIZATION (NIPO)
Office/postal address:
                                                                          Office/postal address:
Africa Highway
Haghani Crossroad next to Kish Street                                     No. 43, 11th Street
Tehran                                                                    Golha Square
                                                                          Tehran 14316
P.O. Box: 19395-4588, Tehran

Phone:    (98 21) 88777085-6                                              P.O. Box: 15815-3693, Tehran
Fax:      (98 21) 88882314
                                                                          Phone:    (98 21) 88959398, 88957593
E-mail:                                             Fax:      (98 21) 88955376
Year established:      1993                                               URL:

Principal function:                                                       Year established:      1992

•    To attract local and foreign investment, create employment           Principal functions:
     opportunities, active presence in export markets, increase
     incomes, tourist attractions, help regional development and          •    To propagate viewpoints and concepts and the ways of
     economic growth and to build the necessary infrastructure                 promoting productivity at the country level;
     for investment promotion, etc.                                       •    To create awareness in managers and experts regarding the
                                                                               necessity of productivity and improve methods at all levels;
Services/activities:                                                      •    To cooperate with the Government and law-making bodies in
                                                                               creating productivity culture and improve economic and social
•    Invests in development projects;
                                                                               structures so that national, individual and organizational
•    Establishes tourist complexes, airports, residential areas,               interests are coordinated in regard to the National Productivity
     productive affairs, cultural activities;                                  Organization (NPO);
•    Assists in export development;                                       •    To create a database on productivity;
•    Organizes trade shows, exhibitions, international seminars.          •    To examine and identify hindering and facilitating factors in
                                                                               national productivity promotion and the ways of dealing with
Publications issued:
                                                                               these factors at all levels;
                                                                          •    To encourage cooperation in line with the organization’s
•    Free Zones Magazine (Persian).
•    Series of directories, catalogues informative materials and
                                                                          •    To optimize utilization of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s
     books (Persian, some in English).
                                                                               membership in APO (Asian Productivity Organization) and
Local branch:                                                                  cooperate with sister NPOs and other similar organizations.

Kish Island                                                               Services/activities:
Sanaee Street
Phone: (98 764) 4423104                                                   Training and Human Resources Development (HRD):
Fax:      (98 764) 4422675                                                •    Organizes training courses, seminars, etc., to transfer the
                                                                               productivity concepts and tools to managers, workers, etc., at
Membership structure:         Is administered by a three-member                the national and regional levels;
Board. The chairman is appointed by the President of the Islamic          •    Provides training materials such as films, videotapes, and
Republic of Iran and the latter is the Managing Director of Kish               training packages;
Free Zone Organization.
                                                                          APO projects:
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                          •  Coordinates and implements the activities relating to APO
                                                                             including those of training and research, observational study
All non-pollutant industries enjoying advanced and high-tech                 missions, technical expert services, etc.;
knowledge in a position to export products have establishment
priorities in Kish as follows: electronic and computer equipment          Research:
manufacturing; oil industry support and technical/engineering
                                                                          •   Undertakes research on productivity measurement in industry;
services; audio-visual products manufacturing; medical, dentistry,
                                                                          •   Defines and supports research projects related to productivity.
foodstuff,     pharmaceuticals     and     hygienic   instruments
manufacturing; household appliances manufacturing; textile and
                                                                          Publications issued:
garment; modern packaging; metal and auto manufacturing;
heating and cooling industries.
                                                                          •    Productivity (monthly, English/Persian).
Category:                                                                 •    Books about different aspects of productivity.

Export processing zone; and investment promotion authority.

                                                                                                    ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN

Membership structure:        NIPO is going to accept members              ORGANIZATION FOR INVESTMENT, ECONOMIC
for the “APO Society”, which consists of participants accepted for        AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE OF IRAN (OIETAI)
the programmes of APO from different Iranian organizations in the
near future. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a member country in          Office/postal address:
APO, which consists of 19 member countries from Asia and the
Pacific.                                                                  15th Khordad Square
                                                                          Davar Avenue
Training:                                                                 Tehran

Besides the training programmes for local participants, NIPO as a         P.O. Box: 11365/4618
member of APO conducts four training projects per year in the
Islamic Republic of Iran for APO member countries. The projects           Phone: (98 21) 33112917, 39902115
are in the field of productivity and its concepts and tools. There        Fax:   (98 21) 33901033, 33112917
were seven seminars, study meeting and workshop schedule
conducted in the Islamic Republic of Iran by NIPO in 2005 which           E-mail:
were open to all APO member countries as follows:                         URL:,

•    Seminar on marketing and food safety: challenges in post             Year established:      1975
     harvest management of agricultural/horticultural products;
•    Training Course on E-Business for SMEs to access Global              Principal functions:
•    Training Course on Facilitation for Community Development            •    To promote and protect foreign investments;
     for Trainers;                                                        •    To administer government investments abroad;
•    Training Course on Value Engineering.                                •    To render economic and technical assistance as well as to grant
                                                                               loans and credits to Governments, foreign and international
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                               institutions, and collect repayment funds;
                                                                          •    To acquire loans and credits from abroad, and repay funds.
NIPO’s main activities are based on cultural affairs, to extend
awareness nationwide regarding the importance of productivity             Services/activities:
promotion and its related techniques.
                                                                          In line with the above functions.
                                                                          Publications issued:
Productivity centre.
                                                                          •    Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA),
                                                                               2002 (English/Persian).
                                                                          •    Implementing Regulations of FIPPA, 2002 (English/Persian).

                                                                          Local branches:

                                                                          30 provincial offices for investment promotion and protection,


                                                                          Regular workshops on investment regulations, investment
                                                                          mechanism and investment promotion.

                                                                          Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

                                                                          •    Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA).
                                                                          •    Implementing Regulations of FIPPA.
                                                                          •    Implementing Regulations of Para (L) of Article 21 of the
                                                                               Buagest Law, 2004.
                                                                          •    Implementing Regulations of Article 35 of FIPPA, 2005.
                                                                          •    Implementing Regulations concerning the Establishment of
                                                                               Provincial Offices for Investment Promotion and Protection,
                                                                          •    4th Five Year Development Plan of the Country 2004.
                                                                          •    20 Year Prospective Plan of the Country 2004.
                                                                          •    Annual Budget Laws of the Country since 2003.


                                                                          Investment promotion authority.



Office/postal address:

Shafagh Street (17th St.)
Ahmad Ghasir
Argentina Square
Tehran 15138

P.O. Box: 15875-1874

Phone:    (98 21) 88723744, 88725399, 88724463
Fax:      (98 21) 88726518


Year established:      1982

Principal function:

•    To offer a trade databank that links and introduces
     international buyers and sellers to Iranian traders.


•    Technical Information Centre of Iran is an active business
     databank that informs the country’'s exporters, importers,
     producers, manufacturers and other business groups of the
     latest trade developments in domestic as well as international

Publication issued:

•    Daily online Business News.

Membership structure:         10,000 members.


Trade promotion organization.


                                                                       Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                       2, Utepov Street
66 Auezov Str.                                                         Almaty 480060
Astana 010000
                                                                       Phone: (7 3272) 482713, 582883
P.O. Box:              1966, General Post Office                       Fax:   (7 3272) 482713

Phone:    (7 3172) 323 833
Fax:      (7 3172) 323 833                                             Year established:      2000

Email:                                               Principal functions:
                                                                       •    To search and develop Kazakhstan’s potential in trade and
Principal function:                                                         investments;
                                                                       •    To provide information, consulting and trade promotion
•    The main objective of the Chamber is to represent, protect             services to local companies for the development of their
     and promote the interests of business.                                 business;
                                                                       •    To provide information, consulting and trade promotion
Services/activities:                                                        services to foreign companies for the development of their
                                                                            business in Kazakhstan;
•    Business development;                                             •    To develop information and analytical reports about
•    Legal services;                                                        Kazakhstan’s potential in trade and investments for
•    Export and import services;                                            international organizations;
•    Support of small entrepreneurship;                                •    To implement trade promotion programmes of the ITC
•    Certification of food and agricultural products;                       (UNCTAD/WTO) in Kazakhstan.
•    Property evaluation;
•    Transport evaluation.                                             Services/activities:

Membership structure:       Partners include the International         •    Trade promotion services;
Labour Organization (ILO); Agency of the Republic of                   •    Investment promotion services;
Kazakhstan on Regulation of Natural Monopolies, Protection of          •    Consulting services.
Competition and Support of Small Business; Department of State
Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Astana Customs; and           Publications issued:
chambers of commerce and industry of foreign countries.
                                                                       •    Kazakhstan: Supply and Demand Survey on Textile and
Category:                                                                   Clothing, 2001 (English).
                                                                       •    Kazakhstan: Supply and Demand Survey on Food and
Chamber of commerce and industry.                                           Beverages, July 2002 (English).
                                                                       •    Kazakhstan: Buying from Central Asia for International Aid
                                                                            Agencies (Supply Survey), February 2003 (English).

                                                                       Membership structure:         4 members.

                                                                       Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

                                                                       Agriculture; forestry; fishing; foodprocessing; textile and
                                                                       clothing; woodprocessing; paperprocessing; printing services;
                                                                       oilprocessing; metallurgy; machinery; computers and office
                                                                       equipment production; electrical industry; production of apparatus
                                                                       for radio, television, telecommunication; medical equipment
                                                                       production; automotive industry; and furniture production.

                                                                       Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

                                                                       •    Law of Kazakhstan “On Investments” of 2003.


                                                                       Export marketing board; investment promotion authority; trade
                                                                       facility body; and trade promotion organization.


UNION OF CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND                                           Offices abroad:
(UCCIRK)*                                                                   B.S. Firmenberatung
                                                                            Bleich Strasse 1
Office/postal address:                                                      D-45468, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany
                                                                            Phone: (49 208) 8243723, 383577
26 Masanchi Street                                                          Fax:      (49 208) 2056132, 383577
Almaty 480091                                                               E-mail:

Phone:    (7 3272) 927823, 920052                                           EIDK Trade agency spol.s.r.o.
Fax:      (7 3272) 507029                                                   53 Starostrasnicka
                                                                            10000 Praha, 10-Sreacnke, Czech Republic
E-mail:                                                   Phone: (420) 602361137
                                                                            Fax:      (420) 724202020
Year established:   1959 (formerly Chamber of Commerce and                  E-mail:,
Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CCIRK), changed to
UCCIRK in 2000).                                                            Globus Canning Industry pls
                                                                            47 Maglodi Str.
Principal functions:                                                        1106 Budapest, Hungary
                                                                            Phone: (36 1) 2603060
•    To advocate interests of Kazakhstan companies and                      Fax:    (36 1) 2608741
     entrepreneurs and assist them to fulfil their economic aims
     locally or abroad;                                                     ZMADIM Insurance Office
                                                                            270 Ayarkon Str.
•    To promote the development of Kazakhstan’s exports, and
                                                                            Tel Aviv, Israel
     to assist local businesspersons establishing business ties with
                                                                            Phone: (972 4) 8388166, 8375372
     foreign partners;
                                                                            Fax:      (972 4) 8388166
•    To establish and develop interaction with foreign business
     circles with shared interests;
                                                                            MEGAGAZ S.A.
•    To collaborate with international organizations;                       10 ul. NowowiejskA
•    To offer Kazakhstan and foreign firms information and                  00-643 Warsaw, Poland
     consultancy services in the fields of business management,             Phone: (48 22) 8256011
     market surveys and setting up economic and monetary                    Fax:     (48 22) 8255683
     operations abroad;                                                     E-mail:
•    To assist Kazakhstan and businesspersons with the patenting
     of invention, trademarks and the recognition of their rights;          TENDER S.A.
•    To organize national and international exhibitions in                  Nr.2 Sektor 1, Barierei Str.
     Kazakhstan;                                                            Bucharest, Romania
•    To promote capacity-building programmes to upgrade skills              Phone: (40 1) 2126586, 2126587
     of labour force;                                                       Fax:     (40 1) 2126588
•    To certify the origin of goods, to issue documents connected           E-mail:
     with the import and export of goods and services and to
     arbitrate disputes;                                                    Membership structure:         300 members.
•    To carry out the examination as well as the quality and
     quantity surveyance of goods.                                          Products/commodity responsible for:

Services/activities:                                                        All products and commodities.

As detailed under Principal functions.                                      Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Publication issued:                                                         Agriculture, construction, transport, manufacturing of consumer
                                                                            goods, food products, medicines, petroleum products.
•    Quarterly Bulletin of the Union CCIRK “Kazpal Inform”
     (Russian).                                                             Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

Local branches:                                                             •   Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Foreign
                                                                                Investments” (January 2003).
Local branches in Astana, Kokshatau, Taldykorgan, Aktobe,
Atyrau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taraz, Uralsk, Karaganda, Kyzylorda,               Category:
Kostanai, Aktau, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Semipalatinsk,
Shimkent.                                                                   Chamber of commerce and industry.



Office/postal address:

P.O. Box 492

Phone:     (686) 26568
Fax:       (686) 26415


Year established:        1982

Principal function:

•    To import wholesale consumer goods to retailers and public


As detailed under Principal function.

Local branches:

Abaiang, Abaiang Island

Abemama, Abemama Island

Beru, Beru Island

Butaritari, Butaritari Island

Kiritimati, Kiritimati Island

Maiana, Maiana Island

Makin, Makin Island

Nikurau, Nikurau Island

Nonouti, Nonouti Island

North Tarawa, Tarawa Island

Onotoa, Onotoa Island

Tabiteuea North, Tabiteue Island


Trading organization.


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF                                   Membership structure:       318 voluntary members.
                                                                      Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Office/postal address:
                                                                      Mining industry; industry; agriculture; tourism and hydropower
107, Kievskaya Str.                                                   stations.
Bishkek 720001
                                                                      Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
P.O. Box: 644, Kishkek
                                                                      •   Investments Law from 27 March 2003.
Phone:    (996) 312 210565
Fax:      (996) 312 210575                                            Category:

E-mail:                                               Chamber of commerce.

Year established:      1959

Principal function:

•    To protect entrepreneurs’ interests.


•    Consults and exchanges information with overseas trading
     and international organizations;
•    Disseminates      commercial     information and    trade
•    Provides translation services;
•    Organizes training;
•    Offers advertising and publishing services.

Publication issued:

•    Delovye Vesti (business magazine).

Local branches:

5, Jim str., Osh
Phone: (996) 322273373, 322273440
Fax:       (996) 322273373, 322273440

Djalal-Abad Branch of “Kyrgyzexpertiza”
40, Toktogula str., Djalal-Abad
Phone: (996) 372255790

Balykchi Branch of “Kyrgyzexpertiza”
196, 40 let Kyrgyzstana str., Balykchi
Phone: (996) 394421489

Karakol Branch of “Kyrgyzexpertiza”
1, Prjevalskogo str., Karakol
Phone: (996) 392221512

Naryn Branch of “Kyrgyzexpertiza”
44, Lenina str., Naryn
Phone: (996) 352223984, 352250147

Talas Branch of “Kyrgyzexpertiza”
301, Frunze str., Talas
Phone: (996) 342253686

Tokmok Branch of “Kyrgyzexpertiza”
389, Lenina str., Tokmok
Phone: (996) 313820224, 313824780

                                                                                    LAO PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC

BANK OF THE LAO PDR                                                        Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

Office/postal address:                                                     •    Law on the promotion and management of foreign investment
                                                                                in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic issued by
Yonnet Road                                                                     Presidential Decree No. 23 of 21 April 1994 and coming into
Vientiane                                                                       force on 20 June 1994.
                                                                           •    Decree of the President of the Lao People’s Democratic
P.O. Box: 19, Vientiane                                                         Republic governing the management of foreign exchange and
                                                                                precious metals, issued by Decree No. 01 of 9 August 2002
Phone:    (856 21) 213109-10                                                    and coming into force instead of decree No. 53 of the council
Fax:      (856 21) 213108                                                       ministry.

E-mail:                                                     Category:
Year established:      1955

Principal function:
                                                                           DEPARTMENT OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN
•    To perform the task of state management within the                    INVESTMENT (DDFI)
     framework of the Government, in the role of a Central Bank
     as an organization equivalent to a ministry.                          Office/postal address:

Services/activities:                                                       Luang Prabang Road
                                                                           Vientiane 01001
•    Safeguards the stability of the national monetary and
     economic system;                                                      Phone: (856 21) 222690, 222691, 217005
•    Fosters conditions conducive to orderly balanced and                  Fax:   (856 21) 215491
     sustained economic growth;
•    Promotes and facilitates control on the flows of money to             E-mail:
     serve the socio-economic development plan;                            URL:
•    Maintains and manages the foreign reserves;
•    Issues bank notes and withdraws notes from circulation or             Principal functions:
     redeems such notes;
•    Approves the application for establishing, auditing and               •    To administer the foreign investment system and to review
     supervising commercial banks and other financial institutions.             investment applications;
                                                                           •    To offer a “one-stop” service to foreign investors by
Publication issued:                                                             providing information and assistance during the investment
•    Annual Report.
Local branches:
                                                                           •    Is the first stop for information on the investment process in
                                                                                the Lao People’s Democratic Republic;
Bank of Lao PDR’s Southern Branch
                                                                           •    Promotes the Lao People’s Democratic Republic as an
Pakse District
                                                                                investment destination;
Champasack Province                                                        •    Screens investment proposals;
Phone: (856 31) 214125                                                     •    Offers investment incentives;
Fax:     (856 31) 214120                                                   •    Facilitates foreign investment.
Bank of Lao PDR’s Northern Branch                                          Publications issued:
Oudomxay District
Oudomxay Province                                                          •    The Promising Investment Destination (brochure).
Phone: (856 81) 211492                                                     •    Online Newsletter.
Fax:     (856 81) 211494
                                                                           Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
                                                                           •    The Law on the Promotion and Management of Foreign
•    Twice for internal training, conducted in English, 45 times                Investment (1994).
     for outsiders.                                                        •    The Law on Domestic Investment (1995).
                                                                           •    The Business Law (1994).
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                           •    The Customs Law (1994).
                                                                           •    The Tax Law (1995).
Lending for the agricultural sector, such as rice planted, cattle,
cultivation, coffee planted and growing trees planted.                     Category:

                                                                           Investment authority.


LAO NATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND                                      Savannakhet
INDUSTRY (LNCCI)                                                          Phone: (856 41) 212046
                                                                          Mobile: (856) 540293
Office/postal address:                                                    Fax:    (856 41) 213688

Sihom Road                                                                Membership structure: 510 members and 14 groups of trade
Ban Haisok                                                                associtions operate under LNCCI.
Chanthabury District
Vientiane                                                                 Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

P.O. Box: 4596, Vientiane                                                 Agriculture production (food, fruit, vegetable); education;
                                                                          handicraft; hotel and restaurant; mining; service and commercial
Phone:    (856 21) 21923-24                                               production; textile and garment; tourism; and wood processing.
Fax:      (856 21) 219223
URL:                                              Chamber of commerce.

Year established:      1989

Principal functions:

•    To promote and assist in trade, investment and other
     business matters in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
     and abroad;
•    To represent the Lao People’s Democratic Republic business
     community for the promotion and protection of its interest in
     domestic and international relations;
•    To provide Lao People’s Democratic Republic and foreign
     business enterprises and other organizations with
     information on trade, laws and regulation.


•    Organizes the participation of the Lao People’s Democratic
     Republic and foreign business enterprises and other
     organizations in international fairs and exhibitions,
     displayssand similar events in the country and abroad;
•    Organizes professional training in the interest of improving
     the knowledge and entrepreneurship of businesspersons;
•    Conducts any work as may be assigned by the Government
     of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic;
•    Issues Certificate of Origin.

Local branches:

Phone: (856 84) 211057
Mobile: (856) 016027955

Phone: (856 31) 212337
Fax:    (856 31) 212337

Phone: (865 51) 212037
Fax:   (856 51) 212395

Luang Prabang
Phone: (856 71) 212379,212198
Fax:     (856 71) 212728

                                                                                                                      MACAO, CHINA

INSTITUTE (IPIM)                                                           ASSOCIATION*

Office/postal address:                                                     Office/postal address:

1st – 4th Floors, World Trade Centre Building                              3rd Floor, Centro Comercial Central
918, Av. da Amizade                                                        Av. do Infante D. Henrique No. 60-62

Phone:             (853) 710300                                            Phone: (853) 553187
Hot line 24 hours: (853) 881212                                            Fax:   (853) 512174
Fax:               (853) 590309
E-mail:                                                   URL:
                                                                           Year established:      1965
Year established:      1994
                                                                           Principal function:
Principal functions:
                                                                           •    To promote, develop and protect the interests of Macao,
•    To introduce potential investors to the local investment                   China’s export and import trading.
     environment and opportunities; also to provide “One-Stop
     Service”: information enquiries, project assessment, company          Services/activities:
     registration assistance provided by IPIM’s notary, guidance
     on administrative procedures concerned with licence                   •    To protect and secure legal rights for members.
     applications, project follow-up and assistance in the
     implementation of projects;                                           Publication issued:
•    To provide trade, economic, statistical, general information
     and market analysis to assist clients in exploring the market         •    Monthly newsletter in Chinese.
     and the development of their business;
•    To organize and co-organize exhibitions and other                     Membership structure:         Around 250 members.
     promotional events locally, to participate in such events held
     outside Macao, China and to sponsor the participation of local        Category:
     enterprises in such events, as a way to create trade
     opportunities;                                                        Chamber of commerce; industrial promotion; trade association;
•    To organize local economic delegations to search for business         and trade promotion organization.
     opportunities, welcome visits by delegations to Macao, China
     in order to create channels for exchange and cooperation;
•    To be responsible for the issuing of licences, technical
     assistance and supervision for non-financial offshore
     institutions; to promote local offshore development with
     various activities;
•    To evaluate applications for local residency by investors,
     company managers and professionals;
•    To edit and publish trade and economic magazines, to
     promote Macao, China’s business environment.


As detailed under Principal functions.

Publications issued:

•    Investing in Macao (English/Chinese).
•    Macao Image (biannually, English/Chinese).
•    Newsletter (every two months, English/Chinese).

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

General services; professional services; and offshore services.


Government agency for promotion of trade and investment.


FEDERAL AGRICULTURAL MARKETING                                                Pejabat FAMA Negeri Kedah
AUTHORITY (FAMA)                                                              Lot 1276, Kawasan Perusahaan Mergong
(Lembaga Pemasaran Pertanian Persekutuan)                                     Jalan Perak
                                                                              05150 Alor Setar, Kedah
Office/postal address:                                                        Phone: (60 4) 7319344, 7319103
                                                                              Fax:      (60 4) 7335154
Bangunan FAMA Point
Lot 17304, Jalan Persiaran Satu                                               Pejabat FAMA Negeri Pulau Pinang
Bandar Baru Selayang                                                          2442, Tingkat Perusahaan
68100 Batu Caves                                                              Kawasan Perusahaan Prai
Selangor                                                                      13600 Prai, Pulau Pinang
                                                                              Phone: (60 4) 3907886, 3907222
Phone:    (60 3) 61389622                                                     Fax:     (60 4) 3908107
Fax:      (60 3) 61383650
                                                                              Pejabat FAMA Negeri Perak
E-mail:                                                      Tingkat 9, Bangunan KWSP
URL:                                                  Jalan Hospital
                                                                              30450 Ipoh, Perak
Year established:      1965                                                   Phone: (60 5) 2546322, 2546684
                                                                              Fax:      (60 5) 2416545
Principal functions:
                                                                              Pejabat FAMA Negeri Selangor
•    To coordinate the marketing of agricultural activities between           No. 12-01 Tingkat 12
     private sectors and agencies/government departments;                     Plaza Masalam
•    To improve the marketing system and to expand as well as to              Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah
     develop new markets for Malaysian agricultural products;                 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
•    To cooperate with the private sector and government                      Phone: (60 3) 55118114-6
     departments/agencies to establish effective and efficient                Fax:     (60 3) 55118124
     agricultural marketing;
                                                                              Pejabat FAMA Negeri Melaka
•    To develop and enhance efficient management in the
                                                                              Lot 73, Kawasan Perindustrian Air Keroh
     agriculture industry particularly in the marketing or
                                                                              Jalan Usaha 12
     agriculture output processed;
                                                                              75450 Air Keroh, Melaka
•    To participate directly in the agriculture industry especially in
                                                                              Phone: (60 6) 2319650, 2312760
     marketing or agriculture output processed.
                                                                              Fax:     (60 6) 2317172
                                                                              Pejabat FAMA Negeri Johor
                                                                              Km 8, Jalan Tun Abd. Razak
•    Undertakes marketing research involving supply, demand and               Susur 6, Peti Surat 25
     price monitoring, market potential studies, marketing costs              80700 Johor Bahru, Johor
     and margin studies and consumption surveys;                              Phone: (60 7) 2341185-6
•    Undertakes analysis and dissemination of market information;             Fax:      (80 7) 2370832
•    Carries out adaptation and commercial trials of improved
     marketing practices;                                                     Pejabat FAMA Negri Sembilan
•    Develops and implements grades and standards;                            Tingkat 5, Bangunan Yayasan Negeri
•    Engages in agricultural marketing to improve product quality             Jalan Yam Tuan
     and marketing practices, for producers and intermediaries;               70000 Seremban, Negri Sembilan
•    Encourages increased farmers’ involvement in marketing;                  Phone: (60 6) 7635797, 7638959
•    Undertakes market promotion, domestic and foreign, for fresh             Fax:      (60 6) 7637466
     and processed products;
•    Promotes agro-processing, including product identification               Pejabat FAMA Negeri Terengganu
     and development, project feasibility studies and investment              Tingkat U3, Menara Permint
     advisory services;                                                       Jalan Sultan Ismail
•    Undertakes horticulture sectoral planning, policy analysis and           20200 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
     programme/budget planning;                                               Phone: (60 9) 6224144, 6224191
•    Engages in commercial marketing of consumer products                     Fax:      (60 9) 6221606
     through various FAMA retail (FR) outlets.
                                                                              Pejabat FAMA Negeri Pahang
Local branches:                                                               Km 9, Jalan Gambang
                                                                              25150 Kuantan, Pahang
Pejabat FAMA Negeri Perlis                                                    Phone: (60 9) 5366110, 5366113
No. 22, 24 and 26, Tingkat Atas                                               Fax:     (60 9) 5366106
Jalan Simpang Tiga, Taman Sena Indah
Persiaran Jubli Emas
01000 Kangar, Perlis
Phone: (60 4) 9765615, 9761513
Fax:      (60 4) 976 0564


Pejabat FAMA Negeri Kelantan                                             FEDERATION OF MALAYSIAN MANUFACTURERS
Jalan Dato’ Lundang,                                                     (FMM)
15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Phone: (60 9) 7482431, 7482577                                           Office/postal address:
Fax:     (60 9) 7443030
                                                                         Wisma FMM, No. 3
Pejabat FAMA Negeri Sabah                                                Persiaran Dagang, PJU 9
Tingkat 12 Wisma Bandaraya                                               Bandar Sri Damansara
Jalan Padang                                                             52200 Kuala Lumpur
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone: (60 88) 225741-2                                                  P.O. Box: Jinjang, 52000 Kuala Lumpur
Fax:     (60 88) 223526
                                                                         Phone: (60 3) 62761211
Pejabat FAMA Negeri Sarawak                                              Fax:   (60 3) 62741266, 62747288
Lot 1003-1005, Seksyen 65
KTLD Jalan Jawa                                                          E-mail:
Kampung Pinang Jawa                                                      URL:
P.O. Box 1929
93738 Kuching, Sarawak                                                   Year established:      1968
Phone: (60 82) 422578, 414744
Fax:     (60 82) 244551                                                  Principal functions:

Products/commodity responsible for:                                      •    To work in concert with the Government to create and
                                                                              sustain a dynamic business environment;
Marketing of agricultural products/commodity (fruits, vegetables,        •    To assist Malaysian industries to increase productivity and
livestock, fisheries, flowers, etc.).                                         business efficiency;
                                                                         •    To mobilize efforts to modernize and improve the range and
Training:                                                                     quality of supporting industries;
                                                                         •    To stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity in the Malaysian
•   Regular courses are only offered to staff and public,                     business community.
    conducted in Bahasa Malaysia (national language).
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                         •    Maintains online value added information through the
Contract farming; small and medium industries projects.                       website on government policies and regulations, trade
                                                                              opportunities and other up-to-date economic and business
Category:                                                                     information;
                                                                         •    Represents the industry’s problems and concerns to the
Statutory body.                                                               Government, as well as consultative representation in major
                                                                              public sector organizations on issues such as industrial
                                                                              development, technology, trade promotion, quality controls
                                                                              and standards;
                                                                         •    Provides members with up-to-date information on
                                                                              government policies, incentives, legislation and procedure;
                                                                         •    Offers guidance and advice on matters pertaining to trade
                                                                              and industry such as customs regulations, fiscal and
                                                                              monetary incentives, economic perspectives, investment
                                                                              incentives, labour laws, environmental issues, safety at work;
                                                                         •    Informs members of trade and business contacts through
                                                                              trade enquiries and incoming and outgoing missions;
                                                                         •    Produces the annual directory of members which is
                                                                              recognized as the authoritative handbook on manufacturing
                                                                              companies in Malaysia and overseas;
                                                                         •    Provides management and administrative services for a
                                                                              number of industry groups to promote their respective
                                                                         •    Assists members to participate in Association of Southeast
                                                                              Asian Nations (ASEAN) industrial and trade cooperation
                                                                         •    Issues and endorses Certificates of Origin;
                                                                         •    Maintains a business information centre for references on
                                                                              foreign trade, economic reports and other useful commercial
                                                                              and business news and statistics;
                                                                         •    Produces several recurrent and other publications;
                                                                         •    Organizes trade fairs and exhibitions in the country, trade
                                                                              missions overseas and participates in trade exhibitions in
                                                                              foreign countries;
                                                                         •    Manages and promotes the EAN.UCC system of article
                                                                              numbering and bar coding;


•   Assists members to apply for an exclusively designed                Perak Branch
    insurance scheme on public and product liability plus               No 1, Lorong Raja Di Hilir, Off Jalan Raja Di Hilir
    product recall to all countries offered by a major insurance        30350 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan
    firm;                                                               Phone: (60 5) 5488660 (Hunting Line), 5488550, 5488770
•   Operates a network of branches to attend to members’ needs          Fax:     (60 5 5488221, 5488331
    on local issues.                                                    E-mail:

Publications issued:                                                    Selangor Branch
                                                                        No. 34, Jalan U1/36, Hicom Glenmarie, Industrial Park, 40150
•   Circulars on government policies, customs orders, training          Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
    programmes etc. (weekly).                                           P.O. Box 7510
•   FMM Directory (annually).                                           40718 Selangor Darul Ehsan
•   FMM Industry Directories.                                           Phone: (60 3) 55692950, 55694171, 55694471
•   FMM Forum (annually).                                               Fax:     (60 3) 55694346, 55692576
•   Malaysian Manufacturers' Digest (quarterly).                        E-mail:
•   Berita FMM (quarterly).
•   FMM Trade Bulletin (quarterly).
                                                                        Sabah Representative Office
•   EAN Newsletter (quarterly).
                                                                        Room No. 1014-1016, 10th Floor
•   SMI Handbook.
                                                                        The Gaya Centre, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens
                                                                        88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Local branches:
                                                                        Phone: (60 88) 230620
                                                                        Fax:    (60 88) 240620
Eastern Branch (Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu)
Suite 4 and 5, 10th Floor, Kompleks Teruntum
Jalan Mahkota, 25000 Kuantan
                                                                        Sarawak Representative Office
Pahang Darul Makmur
                                                                        Level 5 (South), Wisma STA
Phone: (60 9) 5156857-8
                                                                        26, Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim
Fax:      (60 9) 5156855
                                                                        93450 Kuching, Sarawak
                                                                        Phone: 082 – 332784/7
                                                                        Fax:      082-332785
Johor Branch
Nos. 1 and 3, Jalan Kencana Mas 1/1
Tebrau Business Park
                                                                        Membership structure:      2,133 members.
Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau III
81100 Johor Bahru
                                                                        Membership is drawn from all categories of manufacturers, and
Johor Darul Takzim
                                                                        associations. Also, affiliate membership is open to companies in
Phone: (60 7) 3577613
                                                                        service industries, for example banks, accounting firms, transport
Fax:     (60 7) 3577617-8
                                                                        Products/commodity responsible for:
Malacca Branch
D3-4 Plaza Jayamuda
                                                                        Manufactured products.
Jalan Pelanduk Putih, 75300 Melaka
P.O. Box 61, 75710 Melaka
Phone: (60 6) 2831639
Fax:      (60 6) 2838090
                                                                        The Federation organizes conferences and seminars from time to
                                                                        time to enable members to obtain a clear understanding of
                                                                        government policies and procedures, trade and investment
Negeri Sembilan Branch
                                                                        opportunities, and provides a forum for a frank interchange of
No. 83-1 and 84-1, Jalan Toman 5
                                                                        ideas between the public and private sectors.
Kemayan Square, 70200 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus
                                                                        As part of FMM’s effort to assist in the creation of an adequate
Phone: (60 6) 7627564, 7627568
                                                                        supply of industrial skills and management capabilities for the
Fax:     (60 6) 7627566
                                                                        industry, a training centre known as the FMM Entrepreneur Skills
                                                                        and Development Centre (FMM ESDC) was established in
                                                                        October 1991. This centre was upgraded to the FMM Institute of
Northern Branch (Penang, Kedah and Perlis)
                                                                        Manufacturing (FMM IM) and was officially incorporated on
2767, Mukum Satu, Lebuh Tenggiri 2
                                                                        12 January 1999. As the training arm of the Federation of
Bandar Seberang Jaya
                                                                        Malaysian Manufacturers, FMM IM provides a comprehensive
13700 Prai, Penang
                                                                        range of training programmes and advanced learning
Phone: (60 4) 3992057, 3994091, 3997805
                                                                        opportunities with educational excellence in manufacturing
Fax:     (60 4) 3994863
                                                                        practices and technology.

                                                                        Chamber of commerce; trade association; and training/research


(MECIB)                                                                  CORPORATION (MATRADE)

Office/postal address:                                                   Office/postal address:

Level 17, Bangunan Bank Industri                                         7th Floor, Wisma Sime Darby
Bandar Wawasan                                                           Jalan Raja Laut
No. 1016 Jalan Sultan Ismail                                             50350 Kuala Lumpur
50734 Kuala Lumpur
                                                                         P.O. Box: 13509, 50812 Kuala Lumpur
P.O. Box:      11048, Kuala Lumpur
                                                                         Phone: (60 3) 26947259
Phone:    (60 3) 26910677                                                Fax:   (60 3) 26947362-3
Fax:      (60 3) 26910353
E-mail:                                               URL:
                                                                         Year established:      1 March 1993
Year established: 1977
                                                                         Principal functions:
Principal function:
                                                                         •    To promote, assist and develop Malaysia’s external trade
•    To provide insurance for exporters of locally manufactured               with particular emphasis on the export of manufactured and
     products.                                                                semi-manufactured products and services;
                                                                         •    To formulate and implement export marketing strategies and
Services/activities:                                                          trade promotion activities to promote Malaysia’s exports;
                                                                         •    To undertake commercial intelligence and market research
•    Conducts seminar/road shows for the policyholders and                    and create a comprehensive database of information for the
     Malaysian exporters.                                                     improvement and development of Malaysia’s trade;
                                                                         •    To enhance and protect Malaysia’s international trade
Publications issued:                                                          interest abroad;
                                                                         •    To promote, facilitate and assist in the service area related to
•    Annual Financial and Directors’ Report (vernacular/English).             trade.
•    Activities/facilities leaflets (vernacular/English).
Local branches:
                                                                         •    Maintains and updates a database of Malaysian exporters
Regional Office North (RON)                                                   comprising manufacturers, traders and services providers;
2nd Floor, No. 53, Jalan Selat                                           •    Maintains MATRADE Business Library that provides a wide
Taman Selat                                                                   range of business and trade information;
12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang                                          •    Maintains MATRADE online, a computerized database
Phone: (60 4) 3321862                                                         which comprises “Stats Online” and “Biz Info”;
Fax:       (60 4) 3322172                                                •    Produces publications for international and domestic
E-mail:                                                      circulation;
                                                                         •    Disseminates information on overseas markets and business
Regional Office South (ROS)                                                   opportunities to Malaysian companies;
2nd Floor, No. 95, Jalan Damai
                                                                         •    Organizes and manages Malaysia’s participation in
Taman Setia Off Jalan Stulang Darat
                                                                              international trade fairs overseas;
80300 Johor Bahru
                                                                         •    Organizes, together with the Ministry of International Trade
Johor Darul Takzim
                                                                              and Industry and the Malaysian Industrial Development
Phone: (607) 2231191
                                                                              Authority, a number of trade and investment missions to
Fax:       (607) 2240370
                                                                              major existing and emerging markets;
                                                                         •    Organizes specialized marketing missions overseas to
                                                                              explore and identify trade opportunities for selected products
Membership structure:      MECIB is a member of the
                                                                              and services;
International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers (Berne
Union), and a partner in Coface’s Credit Alliance and Info               •    Organizes Malaysian products exhibitions to showcase
Alliance Group.                                                               “Made-in-Malaysia” products and services;
                                                                         •    Organizes, in collaboration with major departmental stores,
Category:                                                                     “Made-in-Malaysia” in-store promotion to introduce
                                                                              Malaysian products directly to consumers overseas;
Export credit insurance.                                                 •    Sets up information booths in selected trade fairs to
                                                                              disseminate information on Malaysian products and services
                                                                              as well as to display product catalogues of Malaysian
                                                                         •    Promotes, in collaboration with relevant government
                                                                              agencies, professional bodies and associations, the export of


    major services sectors such as construction and engineering,         Offices abroad:
    education, healthcare, information and communications
    technology.                                                          Africa:
•   Manages the Malaysia Export Exhibition Centre, a
    permanent display centre located in Kuala Lumpur, where              Malaysian Trade Commission
    Malaysian companies can showcase their products to foreign           Ground Floor
    buyers and incoming trade delegations;                               Building 5
•   Manages Malaysia’s first overseas trade exhibition centre in         Commerce Square Office Park
    West Asia: Malaysia Trade Centre, Dubai;                             39, Rivonia Road
•   Responds to trade related enquiries from foreign buyers,             Sandhurst, Sandton
    trade associations, chambers of commerce, foreign missions           Johannesburg, South Africa
    in Malaysia as well as business visitors to Malaysia;                Phone: (27 11) 2682380, 2682381
•   Organizes inward buying missions;                                    Fax:     (27 11) 2682382
•   Receives visits of foreign trade delegations;                        E-mail:
•   Disseminates trade enquiries from foreign companies
    wishing to source for Malaysian products and services;               MalaysianTrade Commission
                                                                         3rd Floor, North Wing
•   Posts international tender notifications on website;
                                                                         Victoria Towers, Kilimanjaro Avenue
•   Organizes seminars and workshops to nurture new exporters
                                                                         Upper Hill
    and update existing exporters on trade developments and
                                                                         P.O. Box 48916
    business opportunities in international markets;
                                                                         00100 Nairobi GPO, Kenya
•   Is involved in evaluating candidates for Export Excellence
                                                                         Phone: (254 20) 2730070-1
                                                                         Fax:       (254 20) 2730069
Publications issued:
•   Malaysia ICT Products and Services Directory and CD-                 Malaysian Trade Commissioner
    ROM.                                                                 Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
•   Building Materials 2004/05.                                          Consulate of Malaysia
•   Malaysia Exports 2003/04 and CD-ROM.                                 Level 4, Malaysian Airlines Building
•   Electrical & Electronics Directory 2003/04.                          16, Spring Street
•   Malaysia Branding For The World and CD-ROM.                          Sydney, NSW 2000
•   Malaysia Automotive Component Parts and Accessories and              Australia
    CD-ROM.                                                              Phone: (61 2) 92522270
•   Malaysia Conventions Exhibitions 2005 - March 2005                   Fax:       (61 2) 92522285
    Edition (biennial).                                                  E-mail:
•   Malaysia Heavy Vehicles & Machinery Directory and CD-
    ROM.                                                                 East Asia:
•   Trade Mart (bimonthly).
                                                                         Embassy of Malaysia
Local branches:                                                          Trade Section, C501 and C502
                                                                         Office Building, Kempinski HoPhone:
Lot C5.2A, 5th Floor, Block C                                            Beijing Lufthansa Centre
Peti Mel No. 5                                                           50, Liangmaqiao Road
Bangunan KWSP                                                            Chaoyang District
Jalan Karamunsing                                                        Beijing 100016, China
88100 Kota Kinabalu                                                      Phone: (86 10) 84515109, 84515113
Sabah                                                                              (86 10) 84515110
Phone: (60 88) 240881, 242881                                            Fax:      (86 10) 84515112
Fax::    (60 88) 243881                                                  E-mail:
                                                                         Consulate General of Malaysia
1st floor, FMM Building                                                  Trade Section (MATRADE)
2767, Mukim 1, Lebuh Tenggiri 2                                          Tower A, 23/F Centre Plaza
Bandar Seberang Jaya                                                     161 Lin He Xi Lu, Tian He
13700 Seberang Perai Tengah                                              Guangzhou, 510620, China
Penang                                                                   Phone: (86 20) 28858212-3, 28858215
Phone: (60 43) 982020                                                    Fax:     (86 20) 28858393
Fax:        (60 43) 982288                                               E-mail:


Trade Consul                                                      Consulate General of Malaysia
Consulate General of Malaysia                                     Trade Commissioner’s Office
Trade Section                                                     1208, 12th Floor, Me Linh Point Tower
Ground Floor, Malaysia Building                                   2, Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1
50, Gloucester Road, Wanchai                                      Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Hong Kong, China                                                  Phone: (84 8) 8299023, 8298256
Phone: (85 2) 25278273                                            Fax:      (84 8) 8231882
Fax:     (85 2) 28042866                                          E-mail:
                                                                  Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
Malaysian Trade Commissioner                                      12th Floor Plaza Mutiara
Embassy of Malaysia                                               Jl. Lingkar Kuningan
Commercial Section                                                Kav E1.2 No. 1 and 2
2nd Floor, 4-1, Hannam-Dong                                       Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Yongsan-Gu                                                        Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
Seoul 140-210, Republic of Korea                                  Phone: (62 21) 5764297, 5764322
Phone: (82 2) 7953210, 79521503                                   Fax:      (62 21) 5764321
Fax:       (82 2) 7927746                                         E-mail
                                                                  Embassy of Malaysia
Malaysian Trade Commissioner                                      (Trade Office)
Consulate General of Malaysia                                     3/F, Malaysian Embassy Bldg
Trade Section                                                     107, Tordesillas Street
Units 807-809                                                     Salcedo Village
8th Floor, Shanghai Kerry Centre                                  Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
1515, Nanjing Road (West)                                         Phone: (63 2) 8174581, ext: 218, 8174551, 8174553
Shanghai 200040, China                                            Fax:     (63 2) 8163114
Phone: (86 21) 62894420, 62894467                                 E-mail:
Fax:       (86 21) 62894381
E-mail:                                   Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
                                                                  Singapore Office
Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre                             100, Beach Road
Trade Section                                                     #33-01/03 Shaw Towers
10-D, Hung Kuo Building                                           189702, Singapore
167, Tun Hwa North Road                                           Phone: (02) 63922238
Taipei City 11151, Taiwan Province of China                       Fax:     (02) 63922239
Phone: (88 62) 25452260, 27199830                                 E-mail:
Fax:      (88 62) 27181877
E-mail:                                     West Asia:

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)         Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
Ginza Showadori Building, 6F.                                     17th Floor, North Tower
8-14-14, Ginza, Chuo-ku                                           Nile City Building
Tokyo 104-0061, Japan                                             Cornish EI Nil ST
Phone: (81 3) 3544 0712-3                                         Ramlet Beulac
Fax:     (81 3) 3544 0714                                         Cairo, Egypt
E-mail:                                      Phone: (20 2) 5806632
                                                                  Fax:      (20 2) 5806601
Consulate General of Malaysia                                     E-mail
Malaysian Trade Commissioner
2A, 2nd Floor                                                     Consul General / Malaysian Trade Commissioner
554 and 555, Anna Salai                                           Consulate General of Malaysia
Teynampet                                                         Lot 1-3 Ground and 6 – 10 Mezzanine Floors
Chennai – 600 018, India                                          Al-Shafeena Building, Near Lamcy Plaza
Phone: (91 44) 24313722-3                                         Al Za’abeel Road, P.O. Box 4598
Fax:      (91 44) 24313725                                        Dubai, United Arab Emirates
E-mail:                                    Phone: (97 14) 3355528, 3355538
                                                                  Fax:     (97 14) 3352220
Embassy of Malaysia                                               E-mail:
(Trade Office)
35, South Sathorn Road
Tungmahamed, Sathorn
Bangkok, 10120, Thailand
Phone: (66 2) 6792190-9 ext: 2209, 679 2131
Fax:      (66 2) 6792200
Malaysian Trade Commissioner


Malaysian Trade Commissioner                                      Malaysian Trade Commissioner
Consulate General of Malaysia                                     Embassy of Malaysia
Commercial Section-                                               Trade Section
14th Floor, Saudi Business Centre                                 Malaysia Trade Commission
Madina Road, P.O Box 20802                                        Rolex Haus, 6th Etage
Jeddah 21465, Saudi Arabia                                        Dompropst-Ketzer-Street 1-9
Phone: (96 62) 6532143, 6532198                                   50667 Cologne, Germany
Fax:      (96 62) 6530274                                         Phone: (49 221) 124000, 124007
E-mail:                                     Fax:     (49-221) 1390416
Latin America:
                                                                  Malaysian Trade Commissioner
Malaysian Trade Commissioner                                      Commercial Section
Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)         3rd and 4th Floor
Oficina Comercial De Malasia                                      17 Curzon Street
Embajada De Malasia                                               London W1J 5HR, United Kingdom
Avda. Tajamar 183                                                 Phone: (44 20) 74995255, 74994644
Oficina 302 – Las Condes                                          Fax:       (44 20) 74994597
Santiago, Chile                                                   E-mail:
Phone: (56 2) 2342647, 4310080
Fax:      (56 2) 234 2652                                         Malaysia Trade Commissioner
E-mail:                                   Service Commercial de Malaisie
                                                                  Ambassade de Malaisie
Malaysian Trade Commissioner                                      90, Avenue des Champs Elysées
Embassy of Malaysia                                               75008 Paris, France
771, Alameda Santos, Suite 72                                     Phone: (33 1) 40760000, 40760034
7th Floor, 01419-001,                                             Fax:     (33 1) 40760001
São Paulo, Brazil                                                 E-mail:
Phone: (55 11) 32852966
Fax:       (55 11) 32891595                                       Consul and Trade Commissioner
E-mail:                                   Consulate of Malaysia
                                                                  Commercial Service
North America:                                                    5th Floor, Via Vittor Pisani 31
                                                                  20124 Milan, Italy
Trade Commissioner/ Consul Commercial                             Phone: (39 02) 66981839, 6690501
Consulate General of Malaysia                                     Fax:       (39 02) 6702872
Commercial Section                                                E-mail:
550, South Hope Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90071, United States of America                   Malaysian Trade Commissioner
Phone: (1 213) 8929034                                            Trade Section
Fax:     (1 213) 9559142                                          Embassy of Malaysia
E-mail:                                 Mosfilmovskaya Ulitsa 50
                                                                  Moscow 117192
Trade Commissioner/ Consul Commercial                             Russia Federation
Consulate General of Malaysia                                     Phone: (70 95) 1471514, 1471523
(Commercial Section)                                              Fax:     (70 95) 1436043
3rd Floor, 313 East, 43rd Street                                  E-mail:
New York, NY 10017, United States of America
Phone: (1 212) 6820232                                            Malaysia Trade and Distribution Centre
Fax:       (1 212) 983 1987                                       Rotterdam
E-mail:                                    Innsbrugweg 226
                                                                  3047 AH Rotterdam, Netherlands
Europe:                                                           Phone: (31 10) 4627759
                                                                  Fax:     (31 10) 4627349
Embassy of Malaysia                                               E-mail:
(Malaysian Trade Office)
Museum Atrium                                                     Membership structure:       9,465 members (as of 30 June
Budapest                                                          2005).
VI. Dosza Gyorgy Ut 84/B
Budapest, Hungary                                                 Products/commodity responsible for:
Phone: (36 1) 4880810
Fax:     (36 1) 4880824                                           Export of manufactured and semi-manufactured products and
E-mail:                                   services.


                                                                  Trade promotion organization.


MALAYSIAN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT                                               •   Guidebook on Key Services Supporting the Manufacturing
AUTHORITY (MIDA)                                                                   Sector (English).
                                                                               •   The Costs of Doing Business in Malaysia (English/Bahasa
Office/postal address:                                                             Malaysia/Japanese/French/German/Italian/Mandarin/Taiwan
                                                                                   Province of China Mandarin).
Block 4, Plaza Sentral                                                         •   Business Opportunities in Malaysia's Electronics Industry
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5                                                             (English).
Kuala Lumpur Sentral                                                           •   Business Opportunities in Malaysia's Medical Device
50470 Kuala Lumpur                                                                 Industry (English).
                                                                               •   Profit from Malaysia's Petrochemical Industry (English).
Phone:    60 (3) 2267 3633                                                     •   Photonics: Opportunities for Growth in Malaysia (English).
Fax:      60 (3) 2274 7970                                                     •   Electronics Manufacturing Services: Malaysia's EMS
                                                                                   Advantage (English).
E-mail:                                                  •   Make Malaysia Your Biotechnology Hub (English).
URL:                                                        •   Food Industry in Malaysia (English).
                                                                               •   Malaysia's Machinery and Equipment Industry (English).
Year established:        1967
                                                                               •   Map of Malaysia (English).
                                                                               •   MIDA Annual Report, 2003 (English/Bahasa Malaysia).
Principal functions:
                                                                               •   Why Malaysia (English).
The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) is the                   •   MIDA Corporate Leaflet (English/Japanese/French/German/
Government’s principal agency for the promotion and coordination                   Italian/Mandarin/Taiwan Province of China Mandarin).
industrial development. It is the first point of contact for investors
who intend to set up projects in manufacturing and its related                 Local branches:
support services sectors in Malaysia. Overseas investors can
contact MIDA for assistance in planning their fact-finding trip to             Room 15.03, Level 15
Malaysia.                                                                      Wisma LKN
                                                                               49, Jalan Wong Ah Fook
Functions of MIDA:                                                             80000 Johor Bahru
•    To promote foreign and local investments in the                           Johor Darul Ta'zim
     manufacturing and services sectors;                                       Phone: 60 (7) 224 2550/ 5500
•    To undertake planning for industrial development in                       Fax:      60 (7) 224 2360
     Malaysia;                                                                 E-mail:
•    To recommend policies and strategies on industrial promotion
     and development to the Minister of International Trade and                5th Floor, Menara Yayasan Islam Terengganu
     Industry;                                                                 Jalan Sultan Omar
•    To evaluate applications for manufacturing licences and                   20300 Kuala Terengganu
     expatriate posts; tax incentives for manufacturing activities,            Terengganu Darul Iman
     tourism, R&D, training institutions and software                          Phone: 60 (9) 622 7200
     development; and duty exemption on raw materials,                         Fax:       60 (9) 623 2260
     components and machinery;                                                 E-mail:
•    To assist companies in the implementation and operation of
     their projects, and to offer assistance through direct                    8th Floor, Wisma PKNK
     consultation and cooperation with the relevant authorities at             Jalan Sultan Badlishah
     both the federal and state levels;                                        05000 Alor Setar
•    To facilitate the exchange of information and coordination                Kedah Darul Aman
     among institutions engaged in or connected with industrial                Phone: 60 (4) 731 3978
     development;                                                              Fax:       60 (4) 731 2439
•    To further enhance MIDA’s role of assisting investors, senior             E-mail:
     representatives from key agencies are stationed at MIDA
     headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to advise investors on                       Suite 3, 11th Floor
     government policies and procedures. These representatives                 Kompleks Teruntum
     include officials from the Immigration Department, Royal                  P.O. Box 178
     Customs Malaysia, Department of Environment and Tenaga                    25720 Kuantan
     Nasional Berhad.                                                          Pahang Darul Makmur
                                                                               Phone: 60 (9) 513 7334
Services/activities:                                                           Fax:       60 (9) 513 7333
As detailed under Principal functions.
                                                                               5th Floor, Bangunan PKINK
Publications issued:                                                           Jalan Tengku Maharani Puteri
                                                                               15000 Kota Bharu
•    Malaysia: Investment in the Manufacturing Sector -                        Kelantan Darul Naim
     Policies, Incentives and Facilities                                       Phone: 60 (9) 748 3151
     (English/Japanese/French/German/Italian/Mandarin/Taiwan                   Fax:       60 (9) 744 7294
     Province of China Mandarin/ Korean).                                      E-mail:


2nd Floor, Wisma Wan Mohamed                                  Embassy of Malaysia
Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab                            4-1 Hannam-dong
P.O. Box 210, 30720 Ipoh                                      Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-210, Republic of Korea
Perak Darul Ridzuan                                           Phone: (82 2) 798 0115
Phone: 60 (5) 253 9300                                        Fax:     (82 2) 792 2427
Fax:       60 (5) 255 2661                                    E-mail:
                                                              Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre
3rd Floor, Menara MITC                                        8th Floor, San Ho Plastics Building 102
Kompleks MITC                                                 Tun Hua North Road
Jalan Konvensyen                                              Taipei, 105 Taiwan Province of China
75450 Ayer Keroh                                              Phone: (88 62) 2713 2626
Melaka                                                        Fax:       (88 62) 2514 7581
Phone: 60 (6) 232 2876/78                                     E-mail:
Fax:       60 (6) 232 2875
E-mail:                                  Consulate General of Malaysia
                                                              Units 807-809, Level 8,
Jalan Lapan Belas, Off Jalan Tun Razak, P.O.Box 11915         Shanghai Kerry Centre
88821 Kota Kinabalu                                           No. 1515, Nanjing Road (West)
Sabah                                                         Shanghai, 200040, China
Phone: 60 (88) 211 411                                        Phone: (86 21) 6289 4547 / 5298 6335
Fax: 60 (88) 211 412                                          Fax:      (86 21) 6279 4009
E-mail:                                     E-mail:

4.03 Tingkat 4, Menara PSCI                                   42 Avenue Kleber
39, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah                                   75116 Paris, France
10050 Pulau Pinang                                            Phone: (33 1) 4727 3689 / 4727 6696
Pulau Pinang                                                  Fax:     (33 (1) 4755 6375
Phone: 60 (4) 228 0575                                        E-mail:
Fax:       60 (4) 228 0327
E-mail:                                   6th Floor, Rolex Haus
                                                              Dompropst-Ketzer-Str. 1-9
Room 404, 4th Floor                                           50667 Cologne, Germany
Bangunan Bank Negara                                          Phone: (49 221) 124 008 / 9
No. 147, Jalan Satok                                          Fax:       (49 221) 136 198
P.O. Box 716                                                  E-mail:
93714 Kuching
Sarawak                                                       Consulate of Malaysia
Phone: 60 (82) 254 251 / 237 484                              4th Floor
Fax:      60 (82) 252 375                                     Via Vittor Pisani 31
E-mail:                                    20124 Milan, Italy
                                                              Phone: (39 02) 6698 4614 / 6698 4647
Offices abroad:                                               Fax:      (39 (02) 6698 4749
Level 3, MAS Building
16 Spring Street                                              Embassy of Malaysia
Sydney                                                        Karlavagen 37
NSW 2000, Australia                                           P.O. Box 26053
Phone: (61 2) 9251 1933                                       S-10041 Stockholm, Sweden
Fax:      (61 2) 9251 4333                                    Phone: 46 (8) 791 7690 / 7942
E-mail:                                Fax:     46 (8) 791 8761
4th Floor, Aoyama 246 Building
5-6-26, Minami-Aoyama                                         17, Curzon Street
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan                              London W1J 5HR, United Kingdom
Phone: (81 3) 3409 3680 / 3409 3681                           Phone: 44 (20) 7493 0616
Fax:       (81 3) 3409 3460                                   Fax:     44 (20) 7493 8804
E-mail:                                E-mail:
                                                              Consulate General of Malaysia
3rd Floor, Takahashi Building                                 Malaysian Industrial Development Authority
5-9-3, Nishi-tenma                                            550, South Hope Street, Suite 400
Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047, Japan                                Los Angeles, CA 90071, United States of America
Phone: 81 (6) 6313 3121 / 313 3221                            Phone: 1 (213) 955 9183 / 9877
Fax:       81 (6) 6313 3321                                   Fax:      1 (213) 955 9878
E-mail:                                  E-mail:


John Hancock Centre, Suite 1515                                          MALAYSIAN INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF
875, North Michigan Avenue                                               COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (MICCI)*
Chicago, IL 60611, United States of America
Phone: 1 (312) 787 4532                                                  Office/postal address:
Fax:      1 (312) 787 4769
E-mail:                                             8th Floor, Block C
                                                                         Plaza Mont Kiara
Consulate General of Malaysia                                            No. 2, Jalan Kiara
313 East, 43rd Street                                                    50480 Kuala Lumpur
New York, NY 10017, United States of America
Phone: 1 (212) 687 2491                                                  Phone: (60 3) 62017708
Fax:      1 (212) 490 8450                                               Fax:   (60 3) 62017705-6
226 Airport Parkway, Suite 480                                           URL:
San Jose, CA 95110, United States of America
Phone: 1 (408) 392 0617/8                                                Year established:      1837
Fax:      1 (408) 392 0619
E-mail:                                              Principal functions:

2 Oliver Street, Suite 1107                                              •    To promote investment and protect free enterprise and the
Boston, MA 02109, United States of America                                    interest of the international investment community;
Phone: 1 (617) 338 1128 / 338 1129                                       •    To enhance trade, commerce, industry and investment.
Fax:      1 (617) 338 6667
E-mail:                                               Services/activities:
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                         •    Liaises with government ministries and departments;
                                                                         •    Provides an information and consultation service;
•   High technology, capital intensive and knowledge driven
                                                                         •    Issues Certificate of Origin and ATA Carnets.
    industries in areas such as:
    -    Biotechnology;
                                                                         Publications issued:
    -    Advanced electronics;
    -    Optics and photonics;
                                                                         •    MICCI Members’ Directory.
    -    Wireless technology;
    -    Display technology (TFT, LCD, plasma and parts).                •    Investor’s Guide.
                                                                         •    MICCI Bulletin.
•   Manufacture of intermediate goods in industries such as:             •    Annual Report.
    -  Machinery and equipment;
    -  Components and parts;                                             Local branches:
    -  Moulds and dies.
                                                                         MICCI Penang Branch
•   Resourced-based sector, particularly in the following                Phone: (60 4) 2270589
    sectors:                                                             Fax:    (60 4) 2270124
    -    Food;
    -    Value added products from oil palm biomass (particle            MICCI Perak Branch
         board, MDF board and animal feed).                              Phone: (60 5) 2532233
                                                                         Fax:    (60 5) 2533206
•   Activities and products in the promoted list (Publication -
                                                                         MICCI Johor Branch
    Malaysia: Investment in the Manufacturing Sector – Policies,
                                                                         Phone: (60 7) 2224448
    Incentives and Facilities).
                                                                         Fax:    (60 7) 2248088
Titles of laws and regulations related with investment:
                                                                         MICCI Sabah Branch
                                                                         Phone: (60 88) 248332
•   Industrial Coordination Act (ICA), 1975.
                                                                         Fax:    (60 88) 268332
•   Promotion of Investment Act (PIA), 1986.
•   Income Tax Act, 1967.                                                MICCI MNS Branch
•   Customs Act, 1967.                                                   Phone: (60 6) 2816998
•   Free Zones Act, 1990.                                                Fax:   (60 6) 2844368
•   Sales Tax Act, 1967.
•   Excise Act, 1976.                                                    Membership structure:         1,050 members.

Category:                                                                Category:

Investment promotion agency.                                             Chamber of commerce.


MALAYSIAN PALM OIL PROMOTION COUNCIL                                       MPOPC Regional Office
(MPOPC)*                                                                   C-10, Gulmohar Park
                                                                           New Delhi 110 049, India
Office/postal address:                                                     Phone: (91 11) 26520500
                                                                           Fax:     (91 11) 26535315
2nd Floor, Wisma Sawit                                                     E-mail:
Lot 6, SS6, Jalan Perbandaran
47301 Kelana Jaya                                                          MPOPC Regional Office
Selangor Darul Ehsan                                                       11- 3rd Floor, Leeds Centre
                                                                           Main Boulevard Gulberg III
Phone:    (60 3) 78064097                                                  Lahore, Pakistan
Fax:      (60 3) 78062272                                                  Phone: (92 42) 5716600-1
                                                                           Fax:       (92 42) 5716602
E-mail:,                             E-mail:
                                                                           MPOPC Regional Office
Year established:      1990                                                21515 Hawthorne Boulevard, Suite 690
                                                                           Torrance, CA 90503, United States of America
Principal functions:                                                       Phone: (1 310) 9443910
                                                                           Fax:      (1 310) 9443544
•    To undertake promotional activities and to remove obstacles           E-mail:
     and create opportunities;                                             URL:
•    To enhance the marketability and image of Malaysian palm
     oil in the world.                                                     MPOPC Regional Office
                                                                           Rua Estella, 515-Bloco H - Conj. 192
Services/activities:                                                       Vila Mariana
                                                                           0401-002-São Paulo-Sp-Brazil
•    Promotes a positive image of Malaysian palm oil;                      Phone: (55 11) 55722699
                                                                           Fax:      (55 11) 50846131
•    Packages and disseminates plausible technical information to
     influence the market;
•    Generates comprehensive market information;
                                                                           MPOPC Regional Office
•    Collates, analyses and disseminates market information to the         P.O. Box 1591, M.E.C.C. 4301
     local industry.                                                       South Africa
                                                                           Phone: (27 31) 5666171-2
Publications issued:                                                       Fax:     (27 31) 5666170
•    Annual Report (annually, English).
•    Palm Oil Link (twice a month, English).                               Products/commodity responsible for:
•    Perspective (quarterly, English).
•    Palm oil information series.                                          Palm oil.

Offices abroad:                                                            Category:

MPOPC Regional Office                                                      Market promotion for palm oil.
62-63, Motijheel Commercial Area
7th Floor, Amin Court Building
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: (880 2) 9571216
Fax:       (880 2) 9551836

MPOPC Regional Office
Shanghai Westgate Mall Co. Ltd.
Room 1610B, No. 10, Nanjing Road (W)
Shanghai 200041, China
Phone: (86 21) 62182085-6
Fax:     (86 21) 62181125

MPOPC Regional Office
No. 54, Michel Bakhoum Street
Dokki-Giza, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: (20 2) 7618190
Fax:     (20 2) 7618190


(MPIB)                                                                     Office/postal address:

Office/postal address:                                                     Tingkat 17-18
                                                                           Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara)
Wisma NANAS                                                                148, Jalan Ampang
No. 5, Jalan Padi Mahsuri                                                  50450 Kuala Lumpur
Bandar Baru UDA
81200 Johor Bahru                                                          P.O. Box: 10150, 50908 Kuala Lumpur

Phone:    (60 7) 2361211, 2361012                                          Phone:    (60 3) 92062000
Fax:      (60 7) 2365694                                                   Fax:      (60 3) 21634492

E-mail:                                                     E-mail:
URL:                                                    URL:

Year established:      1957                                                Year established:   1998 (as a result of the merger of the
                                                                           Malaysian Rubber Research and Development Board (MRRDB),
Principal functions:                                                       Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) and Malaysian
                                                                           Rubber Exchange and Licensing Board (MRELB)).
•    To provide financial assistance for research;
•    To negotiate agreement on prices and grades of pineapple;             Principal function:
•    To regulate production and marketing;
•    To administer a cess fund and make recommendations                    •    To develop Malaysian natural rubber through research and
     regarding the rate of cess;                                                development, and trade through market intelligence activities
•    To administer quality control programmes;                                  and services, management of rubber exchange, licensing and
•    To collect statistics of the industry;                                     supervision of rubber producing and dealing activities
•    To handle any other matters affecting the industry.
                                                                                including quality control.
•    Undertakes registration of exporters;
•    Undertakes registration of canneries, transporter and vendor;         •    To implement policies and developmental programmes to
•    Endorses canned/fresh pineapple export’s permit;                           ensure the viability of the rubber industry in Malaysia;
•    Promotes the programmes of marketing development                      •    To promote and implement research and development
     infrastructure to support the growth of the industry;                      activities in the production, use and consumption of rubber;
•    Promotes the quality control programmes, which include the            •    To plan, coordinate and monitor all rubber research and
     production of fresh pineapple, canned pineapple and pineapple              development activities;
     base products to ensure that the quality of the products is           •    To regulate the rubber industry, in particular in relation to
     within the specification and “Codex Alimentarius” Standard.                dealings in rubber, packing, grading, shipping and export of
Publication issued:                                                        •    To control and monitor the quality of rubber, rubber planting
                                                                                materials and rubber products;
•    The Malaysian Pineapple Directory.                                    •    To develop, transfer, exploit and promote research findings;
                                                                           •    To provide technical, advisory and consultancy services to the
Products/commodity responsible for:                                             rubber industry;
                                                                           •    To administer and manage the fund;
Processing of canned pineapple products; processing of related             •    To regulate the Malaysian rubber market and manage the
products such as cottage industries, pharmaceuticals and                        Malaysian rubber exchange;
cosmetics; domestic market; export market; and research and                •    To formulate and implement an international marketing
development.                                                                    strategy for the rubber industry of Malaysia;
                                                                           •    To liaise and cooperate with rubber agencies within or outside
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                                Malaysia to further enhance the rubber industry of Malaysia;
                                                                           •    To plan and implement human resources training in line with
Canneries; plantations; cottage industries; and research and
                                                                                the needs of the rubber industry;
                                                                           •    To be the resource and information centre for the rubber
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                           industry.

•    Pineapple Industry (Export Marketing) Regulation, 1957;               Publications issued:
•    Pineapple Industry (Cess on Export) Regulation, 1959;
                                                                           •    Annual Report.
•    Pineapple Industry (Fruit Control) Regulation, 1957;
                                                                           •    Malaysian Rubber Review.
•    Pineapple Industry (Cannery Control) Regulation, 1959.
                                                                           •    Journal of Rubber Research.
Category:                                                                  •    Malaysian Rubber Digest.
                                                                           •    Monographs.
Commodity board.


Local branches:                                                               NATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND
                                                                              INDUSTRY OF MALAYSIA (NCCIM)
Lot PT. 117753
Jalan Sultan Azian Shah Utara                                                 Office/postal address:
31400 Ipoh, Perak DR
Phone: (60 5) 5485048                                                         37, Jalan Kia Peng
                                                                              50450 Kuala Lumpur
No. 23F, Jalan Zaaba
70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan DK                                            Phone:    (60 3) 21419600
Phone: (60 6) 7655801                                                         Fax:      (60 3) 21413775

No. 58A, Jalab Buloh Kasap                                                    E-mail:
85000 Segamat, Johor DT                                                       URL:
Phone: (60 7) 9311512
                                                                              Year established:      1962
No. 4, Jalan IM 6/1, Bandar Indera Mahkota
25200 Kuantan, Pahang DM                                                      Principal functions:
Phone: (60 9) 5721210
                                                                              •    To act as an umbrella organization representing five Chambers
Lot 3322, Blok 14, Jalan Sultan Tengah                                             of Commerce in Malaysia, namely, the Malay Chamber of
Petra Jaya                                                                         Commerce and Industry of Malaysia, Associated Chinese
93050 Kuching, Sarawak                                                             Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia, the Malaysia
Phone: (60 82) 447977                                                              Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
                                                                                   Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
No. 127, Taman Peringatan Petagas                                                  and the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers;
P.O. Box 14890                                                                •    To hold consultative status in dealing with the Government
88859 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah                                                         effecting economic, trade, investment, human resources and
Phone: (60 88) 212139                                                              infrastructure development.
Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM)                                  Services/activities:
260, Jalan Ampang
P.O. Box 10150                                                                •    Organizes seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences,
50908 Kuala Lumpur                                                                 exhibitions and trade missions abroad;
Phone: (60 3) 42567033
                                                                              •    Participates in annual dialogues with the Ministry of
                                                                                   International Trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Domestic
RRIM Research Station
                                                                                   Trade and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources,
RRIM Research Station Sungai Buloh
                                                                                   Customs Department, Prime Minister’s Department, Port
47000 Sg. Buloh, Selangor DE
                                                                                   Kalang, Authority Standards and Industrial Research Institute
Phone: (60 3) 61561121
                                                                                   of Malaysia.
RRIM Research Station Kota Tinggi
                                                                              Publication issued:
Batu 3 ½, Jalan Mawai
81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor DT
                                                                              •    Suara NCCIM (quarterly, English).
Phone: (60 7) 8831277
                                                                              Membership structure:       The Chamber’s membership consists
Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre
                                                                              of five constituent chambers and two associate members. The
Brickendonbury, Hertford SG13 8NL
                                                                              constituent Chambers represent the interest of the Malay, Chinese
United Kingdom
                                                                              and Indian business communities, the international investors in
Phone: (44 1992) 584966
                                                                              Malaysia and Malaysian manufacturers.
Membership structure:      225 members (as of 1994).
•   Ordinary members: producers, manufacturers’ buying agents,
                                                                              Chamber of commerce.
    estates’ selling agents, brokers, dealers (total 208 as of 1994);
•   Associate members: overseas members (total 17 as of 1994).

Products/commodity responsible for:

Natural rubber.


Commodity board.


NATIONAL TOBACCO BOARD (NTB)                                                 Local branches:

Office/postal address:                                                       Throughout Malaysia.

P.O. Box 198                                                                 Products/commodity responsible for:
15720 Kota Bharu
Kelantan                                                                     Tobacco.

Phone:    (60 9) 7652933                                                     Training:
Fax:      (60 9) 7655640
                                                                             Courses on tobacco management for curers, farmers and staff.
E-mail:                                                      Courses on integrated crop and livestock management fur curers,
URL:                                                       farmers and staff.

Year established:      1973                                                  Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Principal functions:                                                         Food crops/livestock to be integrated with tobacco.

•    To restructure the production system in order to increase the           Category:
     efficiency, productivity and viability of the tobacco industry;
•    To provide proper and adequate infrastructure and support               Commodity board.
     services (such as extension, enforcement and marketing) for
     the production of quality tobacco and the orderly growth of
     the tobacco industry;
•    To promote the development of the upstream and downstream               PEPPER MARKETING BOARD
     activities of the tobacco sector;
•    To uplift the socio-economic status of the farmers;                     Office/postal address:
•    To promote the development of crop integration as an
     additional source of income to tobacco farmers in achieving             Lot 1115, Jalan Utama
     the objectives of the Tobacco Industry Restructuring Plan.              Tanah Putih
                                                                             93450 Kuching, Sarawak
                                                                             P.O. Box:      1653, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak
•    Provides comprehensive extension services, farm
     mechanization and transfer of technology (from seed                     Phone: (60 82) 331811
     preparation to marketing activities of cured leaves);                   Fax:   (60 82) 336877
•    Provides appropriate research and development (R&D)
     support;                                                                E-mail:
•    Provides adequate funding and proper financial                          URL:
                                                                             Year established:      1972
•    Promotes other food crops to be integrated with tobacco as
     an additional income for the farmers and maximizing
     production resources;                                                   Principal function:
•    Stabilizes the industry through a quota system;
                                                                             •    To be responsible for the statutory grading of all Sarawak
•    Issues licences to curers, grower curers, cigarette
                                                                                  pepper for export, licensing of pepper dealers and exporters,
     manufacturers and also registers tobacco farmers;
                                                                                  market promotion, farmers’ development, trading and the
•    Provides enforcement services to ensure that all rules and                   development and promotion of pepper storage, processing
     regulations of NTB Acts are adhered to;                                      and sterilization facilities.
•    Produces and distributes quality tobacco seeds;
•    Undertakes enforcement activities to ascertain that all the             Services/activities:
     rules and regulations and techniques are obeyed by all
     sectors, monitors and takes necessary actions in preventing             •    Undertakes market regulation through the licensing of
     tobacco smuggling activities;                                                dealers and exporters;
•    Provides effective human resources development and                      •    Provides market extension through dialogues and visits to
     availability of trained and skilled personnel;                               farming communities;
•    Coordinates between manufacturers, curers and growers.                  •    Conducts domestic and overseas market promotion;
                                                                             •    Provides market information service;
                                                                             •    Undertakes statutory grading of pepper for export;
Publications issued:
                                                                             •    Trades in pepper and pepper products;
                                                                             •    Undertakes product development on specialty pepper and
•    Annual Report (Malay).
                                                                                  new uses of pepper;
•    Annual Statistics (Malay/English).
                                                                             •    Provides laboratory and industrial services including
•    Quarterly Bulletin (Malay).
                                                                                  processing, steam treatment, storage and physical forward


Publications issued:                                                       THE PALM OIL REFINERS ASSOCIATION OF
                                                                           MALAYSIA (PORAM)
•   Pepper Market Bulletin (quarterly).
•   Pepper Industry Bulletin (ad hoc).                                     Office/postal address
•   Sarawak Pepper Flavours the             World   (international
    cookbook).                                                             801C/802A, Block B
                                                                           Executive Suites
Local branches:                                                            Kelana Business Centre
                                                                           97 Jalan SS7/2
BDC Industrial Area                                                        47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor
P.O. Box 279, 96107 Sarikei, Sarawak
Phone: (60 84) 654161                                                      Phone: (60 3) 74920006
Fax:     (60 84) 653510                                                    Fax:   (60 3) 74920128

Lot 1152 and 1154, SEDC Industrial Estate                                  E-mail:
Jalan Teng Kung Sui                                                        URL:
P.O. Box 476, 96007 Sibu, Sarawak
Phone: (60 84) 211059                                                      Year established:       1975
Fax:     (60 82) 212033
                                                                           Principal functions:
Sub Lot 2, Lot 160
Undup Land District, Km 189                                                •    To collectively support and enhance the status and interest of
Jalan Sri Aman/ Serian                                                          the palm oil refining industry;
95007 Bandar Sri Aman, Sarawak                                             •    To promote the processing, refining and fractionation of
Phone: (60 83) 322139                                                           palm oil and the manufacture of all products and by-products
Fax:      (60 82) 324069                                                        therefrom;
                                                                           •    To project an international image of sophistication and
Batu 9, Jalan Kelupu                                                            reliability;
P.O. Box 74, 96507 Bintangor, Sarawak                                      •    To establish an identity with the public at large as an
Phone: (60 84) 691618                                                           organization with an important role to play in Malaysia’s
Fax:      (60 84) 691544                                                        economic development and as an organization responsibly
                                                                                acting in the interest of the community;
Lot 659, Jalan Industri                                                    •    To be both responsive to the Malaysian Government’s
P.O. Box 87, 94707 Serian, Sarawak                                              overall socio-economic policies and responsible in this role.
Phone: (60 82) 874234
Fax:      (60 82) 874234                                                   Services/activities:
Lot 3510, Kemena Light Industrial Area                                     PORAM and the Government:
No. 3, Jalan Nyigu, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak                                 Through PORAM, palm oil refiners in Malaysia can act
Phone: (60 86) 336900                                                      collectively and in unison to better ensure that the Government
Fax:      (60 86) 311651                                                   understands and recognizes the needs and problems of the
                                                                           industry at all times. PORAM is represented in the relevant
Lot 1208, Midgulf Building                                                 government bodies, among which are:
Jalan Permaisuri                                                           •    Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB);
P.O. Box 1245, 98008 Miri, Sarawak
                                                                           •    Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council (MPOPC).
Phone: (60 85) 420705
Fax:     (60 85) 420745
                                                                           Services to members:
                                                                           •    Provides a continuous flow of valuable information to
Km 8, Jalan Tun Razak, Susur Enam
                                                                                members, including market reports, summaries of reports on
80200 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim
                                                                                trade missions and research reports;
Phone: (60 7) 2352071
Fax:     (60 7) 2369872                                                    •    Keeps members informed of new or amended government
                                                                                regulations affecting members;
Products/commodity responsible for:                                        •    Handles government contacts and the interpretation to
                                                                                members of the legislative and administrative actions of
Pepper and pepper products.                                                     government regulations;
                                                                           •    Provides guidance to members on problems arising from
Category:                                                                       government regulations and procedures;
                                                                           •    Provides facilities for members to meet and resolve common
Commodity board; commodity standard institute; export                           problems;
marketing board; standard, testing, and inspection body; and               •    Provides facilities for arbitration under the auspices of the
government agency.                                                              Association;
                                                                           •    Publishes newsletters, guidebooks, brochures and other
                                                                                documents desirable for the promotion and enhancement of
                                                                                the palm oil refining industry;
                                                                           •    Organizes seminars, workshops and training courses for


PORAM and export promotion:
PORAM assists members in establishing business contacts and
promoting their exports, through a wide range of export
promotion activities such as:
•   Receiving trade delegations, receiving trade enquiries and
    channelling them to members;
•   Organizing trade missions and arranging for members’
    participation in government-sponsored missions;
•   Making recommendations/proposals to Government aimed
    at increasing exports of processed palm oil products.

PORAM and related organizations:
Since its inception, the Association has played significant roles in
enhancing the position of the palm oil refining industry in this
country as well as abroad. PORAM works closely with the
Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA), the Malayan Edible
Oil Manufacturers’ Association (MEOMA), the Malaysian
Oleochemical Manufacturers Group (MOMG) and The Palm Oil
Millers’ Association (POMA).

PORAM is a member of the National Institute of Oilseed
Products (NIOP) and the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats
Associations Ltd (FOSFA International). Together with FOSFA
International, PORAM has jointly issued a contract for Palm Oil
Products in Bulk (CIF) or more widely known as the FOSFA 81

PORAM is also a founder member of the ASEAN Vegetable Oils
Club (AVOC) and is currently serving AVOC as its Secretariat.

Membership structure: 16 members, 57 associate members
and supplementary members (subsidiary of full members).

The House of PORAM comprises the Chairman of the
Association and a ruling Management Board. Members of the
Management Board lead the other principal committees which are
responsible for specific areas of activity.

These committees are:
1. Commercial and Technical Committee;
2. Price Settlement Committee;
3. Arbitration Rules Execution Committee;
4. Associate Members Committee.

Products/commodity responsible for:

Palm oil products.


Trade association.


(MATI)                                                                    LIMITED

Office/postal address:                                                    Office/postal address:

3rd Floor, Gadhamoo Building                                              Block No. 389
Boduthakurufaanu Magu                                                     Hilaalee Magu
Malé                                                                      Malé 20-04

P.O. Box: 2056                                                            Phone:    (960) 3323932, ext. 123
                                                                          Fax:      (960) 3323955
Phone:    (960) 321701, 326640
Fax:      (960) 326641                                                    E-mail:
                                                                          Year established:      1 November 1993
Year established:      1982
                                                                          Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                          •    To export raw, frozen and canned fish;
•    To enhance economic and tourism development;                         •    To establish branch offices, agencies and subsidiary companies
•    To seek membership of all important tourism-related bodies;               for the purpose of overseas trading.
•    To improve organizational capability in serving the members;
•    To make the Association become nationally and                        Services/activities:
     internationally recognized;
•    To actively participate in policy formulation and national           As detailed under Principal functions.
     development planning activities;
•    To enhance MATI’s role as liaison between the industry and           Category:
•    To provide members with relevant information to improve              Industrial promotion organization.
     their performance.


Organizational development:
•   Provides training;
•   Conducts studies and research on tourism-related issues;
•   Maintains a library and computerized database on tourism;
•   Enhances in-house expertise on relevant areas;
•   Disseminates information via newsletters, bulletins and

Sectoral development:
•    Attempts to obtain development finance;
•    Undertakes activities to promote tourism;
•    Attempts to improve the operation of air travel;
•    Increases management capabilities;
•    Makes bidding procedures for resort islands more favourable;
•    Recommends new laws and regulations and suggests
     amendments to existing laws and regulations;
•    Promotes environmentally sound solid waste disposal
•    Creates awareness of reef resources management;
•    Encourages utilization of ozone friendly appliances;
•    Promotes excursion, diving, marine sports, game fishing,
     souvenirs, arts and culture, entertainment.

Membership structure:         99 members.

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Tourism promotion: Asia/Pacific and Europe.


Industrial promotion organization.



                                                                           Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                           Ghaazee Building
4th Floor, Bank of Maldives Building                                       Ameeru Ahmed Magu
Boduthakurufaanu Magu                                                      Malé 20-05
Malé 02-05
                                                                           Phone:    (960) 323668
Phone:    (960) 323228                                                     Fax:      (960) 323840
Fax:      (960) 323229
E-mail:                                             URL:
                                                                           Year established:      1982
Year established:        1998
                                                                           Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                           •    To formulate and implement regulations governing imports
•    To promote quality and sustainable growth in the tourism                   and exports;
     industry;                                                             •    To issue import and export licences;
•    To foster a well utilized and financially healthy private             •    To issue licences for sale of imported goods;
     sector industry, enabling the industry to deliver long-term           •    To issue licences for foreign parties who wish to conduct
     economic, social and cultural benefits to Maldives;                        trading activities in the country;
•    To contribute to enhancements in Maldives’ unspoiled                  •    To inspect and maintain quality control for dried and salted
     marine environment for the benefit of the people and visitors              fish exported from Maldives;
     of Maldives.                                                          •    To maintain calibration standards;
                                                                           •    To undertake registration of trade marks, shipping marks and
Services/activities:                                                            logos;
                                                                           •    To formulate industrial development policy;
•    Promotes Maldives using various forms of media and other              •    To promote, regulate and facilitate private sector investment;
     promotional media.                                                    •    To issue licences for fishery activities in the EEZ;
                                                                           •    To undertake registration of local and foreign investment;
Publications issued:
                                                                           •    To organize the national industrial exhibition.
•    Resort and Hotel Guides.
•    Promotional leaflets.
•    Statistic reports.                                                    As detailed under Principal functions.
•    Market reports.
Office abroad:
                                                                           Ministry of Trade.
Maldives Government Tourist Information Office
Bethmann Strasse 58
60311 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Phone: (49 69) 27404420
Fax:     (49 69) 27404422

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Tourism and fisheries.


National tourism board; and tourism promotion board.


TRADE AND INVESTMENT SERVICES DIVISION                                    Trade Promotion Unit:
                                                                          •   Encourages and assists the promotion of Marshallese
Office/postal address:                                                        produce and products, either in its own right or in
                                                                              cooperation with any organization involved in exporting;
Ministry of Resources and Development                                     •   Conducts and/or facilitates product and market research;
Majuro, MH 96960                                                          •   Facilitates and participates in trade fairs/missions, both
                                                                              regional and international, in order to promote ongoing
P.O. Box: 1727, Majuro                                                        product development, awareness and support;
                                                                          •   Establishes and maintains a database of export products,
Phone:    (692) 6253206/4020                                                  including all trade statistics;
Fax:      (692) 6257471                                                   •   Identifies new trade opportunities;
                                                                          •   Conducts ongoing product profiles;
E-mail:,                             •   Provides assistance to exporters in the area of customs and
                                                                              quarantine requirements in overseas markets;
Year established:      1988 (re-established in 2000).                     •   Facilitates the obtaining of funds for the purposes of trade
                                                                              development and promotion, including discussion and
Principal functions:                                                          negotiation with aid donors;
                                                                          •   Undertakes research into any aspect of domestic trade,
•    To promote sustainable economic advancement and                          commerce and industry, including the conducting of surveys,
     development through support for small business                           gathering statistics and publishing reports from time to time;
     development - including services, exports and import
                                                                          •   Coordinates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in
                                                                              formulating advice for the Government on trade policy;
•    To promote domestic and foreign investment, giving due
                                                                          •   Creates and maintains a library of trade-related resources for
     concern to the needs, constraints and environmental
                                                                              use by the general public;
     vulnerabilities of the Marshall Islands.
                                                                          •   Coordinates and cooperates with the local governments,
                                                                              Ministry of Internal Affairs, Environmental Protection
                                                                              Agency, academic institutions and other relevant bodies on
                                                                              trade-related activities.
Small Business Support Unit:
•   Acts as point of information and resources for business and
                                                                          Investment Promotion Unit:
    market opportunity assessment;
                                                                          •    Establishes an effective and efficient “one-stop shop” for
•   Organizes and conducts small business management
                                                                               foreign and domestic investment;
    workshops and seminars aimed at skills training, in
                                                                          •    Coordinates and facilitates investment and trade promotion
    collabouration with other agencies involved in business
                                                                               with overseas representatives;
                                                                          •    Develops and maintains a Foreign Investment Guide;
•   Assists in developing business plans, proposals, strategic
    workplans;                                                            •    Coordinates with other agencies involved in investment
                                                                               promotional activities;
•   Supports businesses in securing business capital, small
    business loans, etc.;                                                 •    Develops and maintains a national database and tracking
                                                                               system for foreign investment (Registry of Foreign
•   Sets policies, guidelines and standards for the establishment
    of microenterprise financing services, in cooperation with
    communities, NGOs and the private sector;                             •    Develops and maintains a national Reserve List for foreign
•   Identifies and assists in the removal of legal and regulatory
    barriers to the economic participation of disadvantaged               •    Facilitates current investors and visitors in an efficient and
    people;                                                                    timely manner;
•   Advises the Government on business policies conducive to              •    Develops a list of private sector projects, land and partners
    private sector growth;                                                     available for foreign investment (industry and sector
•   Conducts regular surveys among the local business
    community to determine needs, and respond accordingly;                •    Researches and promotes new investment opportunities;
•   Establishes and maintains contacts with other small business          •    Establishes a database of potential investors, for use by the
    support agencies outside the Marshall Islands;                             general public;
•   Develops cooperative partnerships with the Chamber of                 •    Facilitates the further development of an enabling investment
    Commerce and other local businesses not represented in the                 environment through close cooperation with the Attorney
    Chamber;                                                                   General’s Office on investment policies and legislation;
•   Coordinates and cooperates with the local governments,                •    Coordinates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in
    Ministry of Internal Affairs, academic institutions and other              formulating advice for the Government on investment policy
    relevant bodies on local business development;                             and legislation;
•   Encourages, supports and undertakes, where necessary,                 •    Coordinates with the Marshall Islands Development
    environmental reviews of business projects, in cooperation                 Authority on the Government’s privatization efforts of state-
    with the Environmental Protection Authority and relevant                   owned enterprises (SOEs).
    local governments, to ensure no undue harm is caused to the
    natural environment.                                                  Publications issued:

                                                                          •    National Investment Policy Statement.
                                                                          •    General Guide for Foreign Investors.

                                                                                                            MARSHALL ISLANDS

Offices abroad:                                                            •   Foreign Investment Advisory Board Act, 1989.
                                                                           •   Foreign Investment Act, 2000.
Ambassador to Fiji
41 Borron Road                                                             Category:
P.O. Box 2088
Suva, Fiji                                                                 Trade promotion organization; and investment promotion
Phone: (679) 387899                                                        authority.
Fax:       (679) 387115

Ambassador to the Republic of China
4th Floor, No. 9-1, Lane 62
Tienmou West Road
Shihlin Taipei
Taiwan Province of China
Phone: (886) 2-2873-4884
Fax:       (886) 2-2873-4904

Ambassador to Japan
Rm. #101, Meiji Park Heights
9-9 Minamimoto-Machi
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: (81 3) 53791701-2
Fax:     (81 3) 53791810

Ambassador to the United States of America
2433 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008, United States of America
Phone: (1 202) 2345414
Fax:    (1 202) 2323236

Consul General to the United States of America
Suite#103, 1888 Lusitania Street
Honolulu, HI 96813, United States of America
Phone: (1 808) 5457767
Fax:     (1 808) 5457211

Permanent Mission to the United Nations
18th Floor, 800 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10017, United States of America
Phone: (1 212) 9833040
Fax:      (1 212) 9833202

Membership structure:         The Division currently has two
employees in its small business support unit, and two in the trade
promotion and investment promotion units. They are under the
supervision of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry
of Resources and Development.

Products/commodity responsible for:

All exportable products.


Small business development, product development, quality

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Fisheries, tourism, agro-forestry.
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:


DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS*                                            Office of Economic Affairs
                                                                           Pohnpei State Government
Office/postal address:                                                     P.O. Box AD
                                                                           Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941
P.O. Box PS-12                                                             Phone: (691) 3202712, 3202820
Palikir                                                                    Fax:      (691) 3205167
Pohnpei 96941                                                              E-mail:

Phone:    (691) 3202646, 3205133                                           Pohnpei Foreign Investment Board
Fax:      (691) 3205854                                                    P.O. Box 539
                                                                           Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941
E-mail:,                                 Phone: (691) 3206689
URL:                                                 Fax:      (691) 3205296

Year established:    1996 (successor of the Department of                  Department of Resources and Development
Resources and Development, 1979).                                          Yap State Government
                                                                           P.O. Box 336
Principal functions:                                                       Colonia, Yap FM 96943
                                                                           Phone: (691) 3502182
•    To coordinate and facilitate commerce, industry, trade,               Fax:      (691) 3502571
     tourism, investment and banking matters at the national               E-mail:
     government level;
•    To provide/facilitate technical assistance to the states.             Offices abroad:

Services/activities:                                                       Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia
                                                                           1725 N Street, NW
•    Coordinates trade information to the state governments and            Washington, DC, 20036
     chambers of commerce in the states;                                   United States of America
•    Provides and facilitates technical assistance in industry and         Phone: (1 202) 2234383
     tourism development;                                                  Fax:      (1 202) 2234391
•    Promotes investment, tourism and trade opportunities.                 E-mail:

                                                                           Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia
Publications issued:
                                                                           2nd Floor, Reinanzaka Building
                                                                           1-14-2, Akasaka 1-Chome
•    FSM Statistical Yearbook (periodical, English).
                                                                           Minato-ku, Tokyo 107, Japan
•    FSM International Visitor Arrivals; 2002 (periodical,
                                                                           Phone: (81 3) 35855456
                                                                           Fax:       (81 3) 35855348
•    The FSM Planning Framework, 2000 (triennially, English).              E-mail:
•    FSM Consumer Price Index (annually, English).
•    FSM 2000 Population and Housing Census Report                         Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia
     (triennially, English).                                               P.O. Box 15493
•    FSM Investment Guide (English).                                       Suva, Fiji
•    Promotional brochures (English/Japanese).                             Phone: (679) 304180
                                                                           Fax:       (679) 304081
Local branches:                                                            E-mail:

Department of Commerce and Industry                                        Office of the Federated States of Micronesia Consulate-General
Chuuk State Government                                                     3049 Ualena Street, Suite 908
P.O. Box 280                                                               Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942                                                       United States of America
Phone: (691) 3302552, 3302761                                              Phone: (1 808) 8364775
Fax:     (691) 3302233                                                     Fax:       (1 808) 8366896
E-mail:                                                 E-mail:

Department of Commerce and Industry                                        Office of the Federated States of Micronesia Consulate-General
Kosrae State Government                                                    P.O. Box 10630
P.O. Box 600                                                               Tamuning, Guam 96931
Tofol, Kosrae FM 96944                                                     Phone: (1 671) 6469154-6
Phone: (691) 3703044, 3703170                                              Fax:       (1 671) 6466320
Fax:     (691) 3702066                                                     E-mail:

                                                                          MICRONESIA (FEDERATED STATES OF)

Products/commodity responsible for:

The Department, through the Trade and Investment Unit,
promotes the development and export of agricultural and fisheries
products and handicrafts, tourism and business development
through foreign direct investment.


•    The Department coordinates and facilitates training for
     personnel from both the private and public sectors.

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

•    FSM Foreign Investment Act of 1997, PL. No. 10-49.
•    FSM Foreign Investment Regulations, 1998.
•    Chuuk State Foreign Investment Act of 1998,
     CSL No. 4-99-03.
•    Chuuk State Foreign Investment Regulations.
•    Kosrae State Foreign Investment Act of 1998, S.L. No. 6-163.
•    Kosrae State Foreign Investment Regulations.
•    Pohnpei Foreign Investor Permit Act of 1986, as amended,
     S.L. No. 4L-98-99.
•    Pohnpei States’s Foreign Investment Regulations, 1999.
•    Yap State Foreign Investment Act, 2002, Y.S.L. No. 5-72.
•    Yap State Foreign Investment Regulations.


Investment promotion authority; Ministry of Trade; trade
facilitation body; trade fair and exhibition authority; and trade
promotion organization.


FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND FOREIGN TRADE                                        Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Support Office:
AGENCY (FIFTA)*                                                             •   Provides entrepreneurs with business start-up related
                                                                                information including on business legal environment,
Office/postal address:                                                          banking and financing issues, main business costs, site
                                                                                development, licensing regulations;
Government Building 11                                                      •   Assists entrepreneurs in developing investment project plans,
Sambuu Street, 11                                                               better managing financial and human resources and finding
Ulaanbaatar 211238                                                              out more about product market;
                                                                            •   Supports entrepreneurs in promoting their products, finding
Phone:    (976 11) 326040, 310599                                               suitable partners for investment projects and bringing their
Fax:      (976 11) 324076                                                       requirements to the policymaking level.

E-mail:                                            Export Promotion Centre:
URL:                                              •   Assists national export companies in increasing their ability
                                                                                to export to overseas markets by providing in-depth research
Year established:      1996                                                     and market information;
                                                                            •   Organizes overseas trade exhibitions of national export
Principal functions:                                                            products;
                                                                            •   Maintains close relations with international trade promotion
•    To promote and facilitate foreign direct investment and                    organizations;
     foreign trade in the country;                                          •   Makes a branding and marketing strategy;
•    To promote industrial development and export growth;                   •   Manages international market and importers database.
•    To promote Mongolia as a destination for new investment
     and business.                                                          Information and Planning Team:
                                                                            •    Maintains investment database structured by sectors and
Services/activities:                                                             countries;
                                                                            •    Makes analysis on investment trend and process investment
Investment Promotion and Cooperation Division:                                   statistics;
•    Carries out investment promotion activities in order to                •    Provides information on investment statistics to
     facilitate the adequate image of Mongolian investment and                   governmental or non-governmental organizations, companies
     business environment, including organization of conferences                 and investors upon request;
     and workshops on investment opportunities in Mongolia and
                                                                            •    Updates FIFTA website with the latest information on
     bilateral business meetings, hosting business and trade
                                                                                 investment, business and trade environment of Mongolia;
                                                                            •    Does FIFTA Strategic Planning;
•    Provides investment matchmaking services to both foreign
                                                                            •    Makes FIFTA quarter and annual reports.
     and Mongolian investors seeking investment and business
     cooperation; to introduce investment projects to foreign
                                                                            Publications issued:
•    Maintains close relations with various government and non-
                                                                            •   Business and Investment Guide for Mongolia, 2002.
     government institutions of Mongolia, as well as foreign
                                                                            •   Investment Policy Statement.
     embassies and international organizations;
                                                                            •   Sector Profiles (Compiled comprehensive information on
•    Prepares various promotional publications and materials on
                                                                                mining, oil, infrastructure, agro-industry, ICT, tourism).
     the investment and business climate of Mongolia;
                                                                            •   Investment Seeking Project Profiles (compiled 176
•    Handles information database on investment and business
                                                                                investment seeking project profiles in mining, oil,
     climates of countries and regions, as well as on activities of
                                                                                infrastructure, agro-industry, ICT, tourism sector).
     international organizations.
                                                                            •   Investors Forum Invitation.
One-stop Service Centre which provides investors with the                   •   Investors Forum Introduction Brochure.
following three staged services:                                            •   Mongolian Investment Directory - Business Pages (compiled
•    Its pre-registration service focuses on providing investors                information on major companies and corporations operating
     with first-hand information, advice and guidance on making                 in Mongolia).
     investment and doing business in Mongolia, including                   •   Business and Investment-related Laws and Regulations (over
     professional assistance in compiling registration documents;               50 laws and regulations translated into English and
•    Its registration service is directed to issue a certificate of             compiled).
     incorporation with foreign investment or representative                •   “MONGOLIA” brochure.
     office based on investor’s application;                                •   “Envoy of the Year” (Best Foreign Investor/Person
•    Its post-registration service concentrates on assistances to               Certificates).
     investors in facilitating initial stages of the investment             •   FIFTA Brochure, 2003.
     process and running the business, including supporting                 •   FIFTA Weekly News.
     import of capital and equipment, issuing official letter to a          •   Multimedia CD-ROM (contained economic, business and
     responsible authority for investor’s residency permission and              investment environment of Mongolia, particularly,
     multiple entry visa to Mongolia, and assisting with guidance               investment guide, investment opportunities, laws and
     on problems faced by investors at relevant authorities level.              regulations, priority sectors’ information and video


Offices abroad:                                                         MONGOLIAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY
FIFTA does not have offices abroad, but has several FIFTA
representatives in China, Germany; Taiwan Province of China,            Office/postal address:
the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
Products/commodity responsible for:                                     Prime Minister Amar’s Street
                                                                        Ulaanbaatar 13
Foreign direct investment; and export items.
                                                                        P.O. Box:      P.O.-20A, Box-39, Ulaanbaatar
                                                                        Phone:    (976 11) 311150
•   Occasionally conduct various investment, business and trade         Fax:      (976 11) 311092
    promotion seminars and courses.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                        Year established: 1994
The existing Foreign Investment Law of Mongolia imposes high
potential for foreign investment in all sectors of the economy          Principal functions:
except in the production of narcotics, guns and explosives,
pornography and running a casino.                                       •    To coordinate and bridge between the private sector and
                                                                             government organizations;
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                   •    To provide advice, consultancy, information and training to
                                                                             private enterprises, foreign companies and international
•   Law on Foreign Investment, 1991 and subsequently revised                 agencies.
    in 1993, 1998 and 2002.
                                                                        •    Delivers business consultancy on management, marketing
Investment promotion authority.                                              and financing;
                                                                        •    Conducts marketing research;
                                                                        •    Prepares     business   plan,      “Strengths,    Weaknesses,
                                                                             Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis”;
                                                                        •    Identifes foreign partners for Mongolian companies,
                                                                             establishes contacts;
                                                                        •    Negotiates with banks, assists in the loan applications;
                                                                        •    Provides business information;
                                                                        •    Organizes business meetings and training workshops.

                                                                        Local branches:

                                                                        Arkhangai Rbac
                                                                        Phone/fax: (976 133) 221215

                                                                        Baganuur Rbac
                                                                        Phone: (976 31) 20422
                                                                        Fax:    (976 121) 1239

                                                                        Darkhan-Uul Rbac
                                                                        Phone/fax: (976 137) 224610

                                                                        Dornod Rbac
                                                                        Phone: (976 158) 211802

                                                                        Khovd Rbac
                                                                        Phone: (976 143) 22210
                                                                        Fax:    (976 143) 21212

                                                                        Orkhon Rbac
                                                                        Phone/fax: (976 135) 222627

                                                                        Selenge Rbac
                                                                        Phone/fax: (976 136) 223639

                                                                        Sukhbaatar Rbac
                                                                        Phone: (976 151) 2674


Fax:    (976 151) 21209                                                   Publications issued:
Khubsgul Rbac
Phone: (976 138) 221021                                                   •   Business Times Newspaper (weekly, Mongolian).
Fax:    (976 138) 221037                                                  •   “White Book” on foreign trade (annually, Mongolian).
                                                                          •   Overview       of    Mongolian       Economy     (annually,
Products/commodity responsible for:                                           Mongolian/English).
                                                                          •   Economic overview of Mongolia (annually, English;
Consultancy and business services.                                            monthly, Mongolian).
                                                                          •   Issues of development economy (quarterly, Mongolian).
Training:                                                                 •   Metal, Mineral and Raw Material (twice a year, Mongolian).
                                                                          •   Foreign and domestic survey of agricultural products (twice
•    Business English courses (basic, intermediate and                        a year, Mongolian).
                                                                          •   Business education series (overall 67 series).
•    Managers’ training programme (EU);
•    MBA outreach programme in cooperation with Maastricht                Local branches:
     School of Management.
                                                                          Arkhangai Province
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                          Bayankhongor Province
                                                                          Bayan-Ulgii Province
•    Small and medium enterprises.                                        Darkhan city
•    Sectors: food, agriculture, wool and cashmere processing,            Erdenet city
     leather processing                                                   Govi-Altai Province
                                                                          Huvsgul Province
Category:                                                                 Khenti Province
                                                                          Khovd Province
Industrial promotion; and training/research institute.                    Ovorkhangai Province
                                                                          Selenge Province
                                                                          Tuv Province
                                                                          Uvs Province
MONGOLIAN NATIONAL CHAMBER OF                                             Zavkhan
                                                                          Offices abroad:
Office/postal address:
                                                                          No. 2, Xiu Shui Beijie
J. Sambuu Street 11                                                       Jian Guo Men Wai,
Ulaanbaatar 38                                                            100600 Beijing, China
                                                                          Phone: (86 10) 85751433
Phone:    (976 11) 312501, 327176                                         Fax:      (86 10) 85751433
Fax:      (976 11) 324620, 312501                                         E-mail:

E-mail:,                                         Gotland Str. 12                                             10439 Berlin, Germany
URL:                                              Phone: (49 30) 43734126
                                                                          Fax:     (49 30) 43734127
Year established:      2 July 1960                                        E-mail:

Principal functions:                                                      6th Floor, Yokohama, World Porters
                                                                          2-1 Shinko 2 Chome, Naka-ku
•    To render overall business services to its members and non-          Yokohama Japan 231-0001
•    To develop dialogue/partnership with the Government and              1434 E. 1st Drive # 2-305
     its institutions on creating a sound business environment;           Aurora, CO 80011 (3854)
•    To arbitrate foreign trade disputes;                                 Denver, United States of America
•    To certify foreign trade documentation;
•    To register patents and trademarks;                                  Representative in Singapore
•    To organize domestic and international exhibitions and trade         E-mail:
                                                                          Representative in Switzerland
•    Inspects export and import goods on a neutral basis;
                                                                          Representative in Belgium and the Netherlands
•    Conducts export and SME promotional activities;
•    Handles trade inquiries;                                             E-mail:
•    Sends and hosts business missions;
•    Gathers, processes and disseminates business information;            Representative in the Czech Republic
•    Holds training, seminars and conferences;                            E-mail:,
•    Provides translation services.


Representative in Hungary

Representative in Turkey

Representative in the Russian Federation

Representative in Sweden

Representative in Africa

Representative in Ukraine

Representative in the Republic of Korea

Representative in Poland

Membership structure:     Over 600 members including private
and public companies.

Products/commodity responsible for:

Trade and industry promotion service.


•   Courses on management, marketing, finance and economy
    for domestic Mongolian businesspersons;
•   Training of director’s assistant;
•   Training of professional secretary.

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Agro and food industry sector, infrastructure sector, tourism
sector, information and communication technology sector and
other sectors.

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

•   Foreign Investment Law, 1993 (amendments in 1998 and
•   Foreign Trade Arbitration Law, 2003.
•   The Law of Chamber of Commerce, 1995.


Chamber of commerce; industrial promotion; inspection
institution; trade facilitation body; trade fair and exhibition
authority; and training/research institute.


ADMINISTRATION*                                                           (Ministry of Commerce)

Office/postal address:                                                    Office/postal address:

653/691, Merchant Street                                                  228-240, Strand Road
Pabedan Township                                                          Yangon
                                                                          Phone:    (95 1) 371217
Phone:   (95 1) 372855, 372052, 377053, 377104                            Fax:      (95 1) 253028
Fax:     (95 1) 254660
                                                                          Year established:      1984
Year established:      1993
                                                                          Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                          •    To collect, process and disseminate trade information;
•   To coordinate foreign and local promotion to invest in                •    To establish contacts with foreign buyers;
    Myanmar;                                                              •    To provide technical assistance to State economic and private
•   To appraise the investment proposal and submit to the                      enterprises.
    Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) and higher
    authorities;                                                          Services/activities:
•   To monitor and report the performance of the permitted
    enterprises to MIC;                                                   •    Disseminates current information on trade development;
•   To register and administer limited companies, joint ventures,         •    Organizes seminars and workshops;
    partnerships and business associations;                               •    Replies to queries received by telephone, correspondence and
•   To coordinate with international and regional organizations                personal visits;
    regarding trade and investment affairs.                               •    Circulates a fortnightly trade information newsletter.

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                          Publication issued:

Agriculture sector; agro-supportive industries, export-oriented           Trade News (bimonthly, English).
industries; petrochemical industries; natural resource-based
industries; and labour-intensive export-oriented industries.              Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                     Agro-based industries.

•   Union of Myanmar Foreign Investment Law, 1988.                        Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•   Procedures relating to the Union of Myanmar Foreign
    Investment Law, 1988.                                                 •    Union of Myanmar Foreign Investment Law, 1988.
•   Myanmar Citizens Investment Law, 1994.                                •    State-owned Economic Enterprises Law, 1989.
•   Procedures Relating to Myanmar Citizens Investment Law,
    1994.                                                                 Category:
•   Myanmar Companies Act, 1914.
                                                                          Ministry of Trade; trade facilitation body, trade fair and exhibition
Category:                                                                 authority; and trade promotion organization.

Investment promotion authority.



Office/postal address:

504/506, Merchant Street
Kyauktada Township

P.O. Box: 1557, Yangon

Phone:    (95 1) 246495, 243151, 282208
Fax:      (95 1) 248177


Year established:   1 April 1999 (formerly Chamber of
Commerce and Industry, since 1919).

Principal functions:

•    To encourage the participation of the private sector in
     government committees;
•    To maintain continuous dialogue with private
•    To issue commercial documents and Certificate of Origin for
     goods to be exported;
•    To provide consultancy services on industrial, economic,
     legal and environmental issues.


•    Undertakes activities to promote trade, industry and

Publication issued:

•    Business (monthly, Myanmar/English).

Membership structure:        11,527 members (as of 3 April

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Investment is encouraged for promotion and expansion of
exports; exploitation of natural resources which require heavy
investment; and acquisition of high technology.

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

•    The Union of Myanmar Foreign Investment Law, 1988.


Chamber of commerce.



Office/postal address:

Government Offices
Aiwo District

Phone:    (674) 4443191
Fax:      (674) 4443791

Year established:      1968

Principal function:

•    To administer:
     -   telecommunications;
     -   lands and surveying;
     -   phosphate industry;
     -   trade and investment promotion;
     -   media and news production centre;
     -   fisheries and marine resources authority;
     -   agriculture and forestry development;
     -   government printery;
     -   environment;
     -   development projects;
     -   culture and tourism.

Publication issued:

Nauru Bulletin (weekly, English).

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Transport, communications, real estate, trade, culture and tourism,
fisheries, science and small-scale industries.

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

Foreign Trust, Estates and Wills Act, 1972.
Nauru Corporation Act, 1972.


Industrial promotion; investment promotion authority; Ministry of
Trade; national productivity centre; state trading organization; trade
association; and trade promotion organization.


INDUSTRY (BCCI)                                                       COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (FNCCI)

Office/postal address:                                                Office/postal address:

Bhaktapur Industrial District                                         Pachali Shahid Shukra FNCCI Milan Marg
Byasi 15                                                              Teku, Kathmandu

P.O. Box: 01, Bhaktapur                                               P.O. Box: 269, Kathmandu

Phone:    (977 1) 6611348, 6614851                                    Phone: (977 1) 262061, 262218, 244758, 266889
Fax:      (977 1) 6612607                                             Fax:   (977 1) 261022, 262007

E-mail:                                             E-mail:
URL:                                             URL:

Year established:      1966                                           Year established:      1965

Principal function:                                                   Principal functions:

•    To promote economic, trade and industrial development.           •    To promote business and industry while protecting the rights
                                                                           and interests of business and industrial communities;
Services/activities:                                                  •    To act as a catalyst for business and industrial development;
                                                                      •    To advise Government in formulation and execution of
•    Business advocacy;                                                    business and industry policies, acts and programmes;
•    Business development services;                                   •    To foster cooperation with national/foreign organizations;
•    Provides and disseminates business information;                  •    To provide up-to-date information services;
•    Organizes trade fairs, trade fair participation;                 •    To create awareness and support for quality, environment
•    Trade delegations;                                                    and industrial relations.
•    Export promotion;
•    Business Membership Organization Promotion Centre;               Services/activities:
•    Product Display Centre;
•    Handicraft Village.                                              •    Represents private sector in national/international forums;
                                                                      •    Prepares recommendations for promoting exports;
Publications issued:                                                  •    Promotes joint ventures by organizing foreign investment
                                                                           promotion meetings;
•    Newsletter (monthly, Nepali).                                    •    Promotes participation in national/international trade fairs;
•    Business Directory (biennial, English).                          •    Promotes better industrial relations;
                                                                      •    Provides expertise, information and research services;
Membership structure:         536 members.                            •    Strengthens local chambers and associations;
                                                                      •    Promotes entrepreneurship;
Products/commodity responsible for:                                   •    Provides “One-Stop Service” to its members;
                                                                      •    Conducts trainings and workshops on chamber management,
Service for members and non-members businesses of the country              information exchange, documentation, industrial relations,
and abroad.                                                                productivity, agro-entrepreneurship and quality management.

Training:                                                             Publications issued:

Export promotion; Chamber management; Business management;            •    Directory of Members (biennial, English).
Taxation/accountancy; ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004.                  •    FNCCI Newsletter (monthly, Nepali).
                                                                      •    Journal of Industry and Trade.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                      •    Nepal and the World - A Statistical Profile (annually).
                                                                      •    News and News (monthly, English).
Tourism; handicraft development; and modernization of
agriculture.                                                          Membership structure:        585 members (86 District and/or
                                                                      Municipality level chambers; 53 commodity and/or sectoral
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                 Associations; 437 leading public and private sector undertakings; 9
                                                                      Binational chambers).
•    Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act, 1992.
                                                                      Organizes training/workshops/seminars on a regular basis.
Chamber of commerce.

                                                                      Chamber of commerce.


NEPAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE*                                               Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Office/postal address:                                                   Medium- and large-scale industries, such as hydropower; irrigation;
                                                                         roads; drinking water; tourism industries; telecommunication; IT.
Research Section
Chamber Bhawan                                                           Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
Kathmandu                                                                •    Foreign investment and one window policy, Industrial
                                                                              enterprises Act, 1992 (amended).
P.O. Box: 198, Kathmandu                                                 •    Enterprises Act, 1992.
                                                                         •    Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Trade Policy,
Phone:    (977 1) 4230947                                                     1992 (amended).
Fax:      (977 1) 4229998                                                •    Nepal Company Act, 1964 (amended).
                                                                         •    Trade Policy, 1992.
E-mail:                                             •    Immigration rules, 1994, etc.
Year established:    1952 (non-profit organization promotion
industrial and commercial development).                                  Chamber of commerce.

Principal functions:

•    To foster positive relationships between the trading
     community and industrialists;                                       NEPAL FOREIGN TRADE ASSOCIATION (NFTA)*
•    To develop links with all commercial, industrial and other
     similar associations abroad;                                        Office/postal address:
•    To organize trade fairs;
•    To issue certificate of origin;                                     1st Floor, Bagmati Chamber
•    To establish or encourage establishment of academic                 Milan Marg
     technical management, and to organize, workshops, training,         Teku
     seminar and research programme;                                     Kathmandu
•    Arbitration.
                                                                         GPO Box:       541, Kathmandu
                                                                         Phone: (977 1) 223784
As detailed under Principal functions.                                   Fax:   (977 1) 247159

Publications issued:                                                     E-mail:

•    Chamber Patrika.                                                    Year established:      1972
•    Chamber News (monthly, English).
•    NCC Trade Directory Millennium 2000 (English).                      Principal functions:
•    A Guide on Import and Export Procedures                and
     Documentation.                                                      •    To actively develop and promote Nepal’s foreign trade;
•    Nepal for Sale and Profitable Investment.                           •    To provide services to local and overseas traders;
                                                                         •    To compile and disseminate information to business houses;
Local branch:                                                            •    To act as intermediary between Government and traders and
                                                                              maintain regular contacts with Government departments;
NCC Airport Office                                                       •    To organize seminars, workshops, etc.
Sinamangal, Kathmandu
Phone: (977 1) 4499830                                                   Services/activities:
Fax:    (977 1) 4499831
                                                                         Organizes outward trade missions and inward trade missions.
Membership structure:        1,600 registered members and
12,000 enrolled members (life member, ordinary member,                   Publications issued:
affiliated member, honorary member).
                                                                         •    Silver Jubilee Souvenir, February 2002 (Nepali/English).
Training:                                                                •    26th AGM Souvenir, July-August 2001 (Nepali/English).
                                                                         •    27th AGM Souvenir, 3 December 2003 (Nepali/English).
•    Business management, salsesmanship, export-import
     procedure and documentation;                                        Membership structure:         Ordinary and Executive Members.
•    Training on organic product, herbal picking and processing.

                                                                         Tax-related training provided to members.


                                                                         Trade association.


NEPAL INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT                                                 NEPAL RASTRA BANK
                                                                             Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                             Central Office
P.O. Box 10                                                                  Baluwatar
Durbar Marga                                                                 Kathmandu
                                                                             Phone:    (977 1) 419804/5/7
Phone:    (977 1) 4228322                                                    Fax:      (977 1) 414553, 410159
Fax:      (977 1) 4227428
E-mail:                                                    URL:

Year established:      1959                                                  Year established:      1956

Principal function:                                                          Principal function:

•    To provide technical and financial assistance to small,                 •    To enhance economic development through the issuance of
     medium and large industrial enterprises in the private sector.               currency notes, maintenance of stability in the exchange rate of
                                                                                  the Nepalese currency and mobilization of capital.
•    Provides loan facilities for the establishment, operation,
     modernization, diversification, expansion and improvement               •    Issues currency notes and coins;
     in productivity of enterprises;                                         •    Acts as the controller of foreign exchange;
•    Engages in the establishment of industries and purchases                •    Determines monetary and credit policies and supervises
     their shares and debentures or underwrites these;                            compliance thereof;
•    Acts as a guarantor in favour of debtor industry for loans              •    Undertakes the Government’s public debt management;
     from local and foreign banks/financial institutions;                    •    Acts as banker as well as economic adviser to the Government;
•    Makes available loans to the industries on the basis of co-             •    Discharges other functions such as providing financial
     financing with banks or other financial institutions jointly or              assistance to concerned institutions in the form of agricultural
     separately;                                                                  and industrial loans, collecting price statistics, providing
•    Extends loans against hypothecation of movable or                            training to personnel involved in banking and finance,
     immovable property of raw materials or semi-finished goods                   undertaking research in relevant areas, investing in shares and
     of the industries;                                                           debentures of different financial institutions in order to
•    Extends loans to industries against title deed of the property,              strengthen their financial position, etc.
     bills of exchange, promissory notes, shares and debentures
     of a limited company or bonds issued by the Government as               Publications issued:
     additional security;
•    Purchases and sells shares, debentures or bonds of the                  •    Annual Report.
     industrial enterprises incorporated as a public limited                 •    Commercial Banking Statistics.
     company through an institution recognized for security                  •    Economic Report.
     exchange in accordance with existing laws of Nepal;                     •    Main Economic Indicators (monthly).
•    Engages in studies, research, surveys, analyses in connection           •    Quarterly Economic Bulletin.
     with the establishment and operation of industries;                     •    Other occasional research and survey publications.
•    Mobilizes necessary capital and provides banking facilities,
     subject to the provisions of the existing Commercial Bank               Local branches:
     Act, for industrial promotion.
                                                                             Biratnagar Branch
Publications issued:                                                         Biratnagar
                                                                             Phone: (977 21) 22590, 22052, 26522
•    Annual Report (English).                                                Fax:      (977 21) 26519
•    NIDC Bulletin (irregular, English).
•    Doing Business in Nepal.                                                Birgunj Branch
Category:                                                                    Phone: (977 51) 22598, 22053, 21991
                                                                             Fax:     (977 051) 21902
Industrial promotion organization.
                                                                             Dhangarhi Branch
                                                                             Phone: (977 91) 21623
                                                                             Fax:     (977 91) 21322


Janakpur Branch                      RASTRIYA BANIJYA BANK
Phone: (977 41) 20362, 20182         Central Office
Fax:     (977 41) 20302              Singhdarbar Plaza
                                     Ramshah Path
Kathmandu Banking Office             Kathmandu
Thapathali, Kathmandu
Phone: (977 1) 248900 to 4           Phone:    (977 1) 4252595
Fax:     (977 1) 227378              Fax:      (977 1) 4252931

Nepalgunj Branch                     E-mail:
Nepalgunj                            URL:
Phone: (977 81) 20110, 20683
Fax:     (977 81) 20226              Year established:      January 1966

Pokhara Branch                       Principal functions:
Phone: (977 61) 20115, 20194         •    To accept deposits;
Fax:     (977 61) 21561              •    To grant loans and advances;
                                     •    To invest in government securities, treasury bills, debentures,
Siddharthanagar Branch                    shares, etc.;
                                     •    To establish letter of credit;
Phone: (977 71) 20344, 20295
                                     •    To perform government transactions in those areas where there
Fax:      (977 71) 20189
                                          is the absence of Nepal Rastra Bank (central bank);
Category:                            •    To undertake other services including issuing and purchasing
                                          travellers’ cheques, buying and selling foreign currencies,
Banks.                                    remitting funds;
                                     •    To provide banking services in rural areas and provide credit to
                                          small business enterprises under the Priority Sector Credit


                                     •    Provides banking services;
                                     •    Provides technical guidance and financial assistance under the
                                          following programmes:
                                          -    Intensive banking programme
                                          -    Banking with the poor
                                          -    Production credit for rural women
                                          -    Microcredit project for women
                                          -    Biogas programme, non-polluted electric vehicle.

                                     Publications issued:

                                     •    RBB Newsletter (monthly, English/Nepali).
                                     •    Balance Sheet (annual, English/Nepali).
                                     •    Statistical Bulletin (quarterly, English).
                                     •    Upahar (journal, English/Nepali).

                                     Local branches:

                                     There are 164 branches located in various parts of the country as
                                     well as 24 exchange centres and 8 supervision offices.

                                     Bhadrapur Branch
                                     Bhadrapur, Mechi Zone
                                     Phone: 20193, 21109
                                     Fax:     20061

                                     Bhairahawa Branch
                                     Bhairahawa, Lumbini Zone
                                     Phone: 20136, 20321
                                     Fax:     22302


Biratnagar Branch                                                      TRADE PROMOTION CENTRE (TPC)
Biratnagar, Koshi Zone
Phone: 22431, 22451, 26582                                             Office/postal address:
Fax:      30207
                                                                       Trade Information Section
Birgunj Branch                                                         P.O. Box 825
Birganj, Narayani Zone                                                 Kathmandu
Phone: 22780, 22590
Fax:      22080                                                        Phone: (977 1) 5525348, 5525362, 5525348
                                                                       Fax:   (977 1) 5525464
Main Branch Office, Kathmandu
Bishal Bazaar Kathmandu, Bagmati Zone                                  E-mail:
Phone: 223794, 220138, 222437                                          URL:,
Fax:     228337                                                      

Nepalgunj Branch                                                       Year established:      1971
Nepalgunj, Bheri Zone
Phone: 20161, 20309                                                    Principal functions:
Fax:     21513
                                                                       •    To boost the export trade of the country by means of
Pokhara Branch                                                              promotional activities;
Pokhara, Kaski, Gandaki Zone                                           •    To conduct research work and study programmes on export
Phone: 20084, 21100                                                         promotion as well as import substitution;
Fax:     20084                                                         •    To collect, compile and distribute information relating to
                                                                            products, trade and market;
Rani Branch                                                            •    To coordinate and work with the private sector in areas related
Mills Area Rani                                                             to export promotion;
Biratnagar, Koshi Zone                                                 •    To maintain cordial relations and liaison with the trade-related
Phone: 22432, 24561                                                         international organizations and agencies including ITC
Fax:      26685                                                             (UNCTAD/WTO) Geneva, ESCAP/Bangkok; EC/Brussels
                                                                            and other import promotion agencies abroad;
Offices abroad:
                                                                       •    To advise on trade-related matters;
                                                                       •    To act as a trade point of Nepal.
Agencies have been established with major banks throughout the
money market in the world.
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                       •    Identifies new exportable products;
Agriculture, tourism, etc.                                             •    Conducts quality development of traditional as well as new
                                                                            exportable products;
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                  •    Organizes, coordinates and arranges participation in national as
                                                                            well as international trade fairs/exhibitions including single
Foreign Investment Act.                                                     country trade fairs and product development events, etc.;
                                                                       •    Maintains a trade databank through field surveys, study tours
Category:                                                                   and correspondence;
                                                                       •    Organizes export trade-related workshops, seminars and
Financing organization.                                                     training programmes;
                                                                       •    Publishes overseas trade statistics, bulletin products brochure,
                                                                            annual report, etc.;
                                                                       •    Collects and disseminates trade information;
                                                                       •    Promotional activities such as buyer-seller meets, product
                                                                            development pilot schemes;
                                                                       •    Operates trade point programme.

                                                                       Publications issued:

                                                                       •    WTO Provision on Least Developed Countries.
                                                                       •    Nepal Exporters Handbook, 2000.
                                                                       •    Export Directory of Nepal, 2003.
                                                                       •    Nepal Overseas Trade Statistics (annually, latest 2003/04).
                                                                       •    Nepal Trade and Transit Agreements (irregular).
                                                                       •    Nepal Trade Bulletin (quarterly).
                                                                       •    Vyapar Prabardhan Samachar Sewa (monthly, Nepali).
                                                                       •    Survey studies and reports.
                                                                       •    Profile of Nepalese Hand Knitted Woolen Carpets, 2005.
                                                                       •    Profile of Nepalese Handicraft Products, 2005.
                                                                       •    Profile of Nepalese Ready-made Garments, 2005.


•   Profile of Nepalese Leather Goods, 2005.
•   Profile of Nepalese Gold & Silver Jewellery, 2005.
•   Profile of Precious & Semi-precious Stones of Nepal, 2005.
•   Profile of Nepalese Pashmina Products, 2005.
•   Trade and Investment Opportunities in Nepal, 2005.
•   Various products brochures and catalogues.

Local branch:

Trade Promotion Centre
Eastern Regional Office
Sanihaat Ward No. 2
P.O. Box 14
Phone: (977 21) 522054
Fax:      (97721) 526350

Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

•   All industries except:
•   Defence-related industries;
•   Cigarette and bidi;
•   Alcohol (excluding 100 per cent export-oriented).

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

•   Labour Act, 2048 (1992).
•   Labour Rules, 2050 (1994).
•   Essential Services Act, 2014 (1958).
•   Tourism Act, 2035 (1978).
•   Travel and Trekking Agency Rules, 2037 (1978).
•   Mountaineering Rules, 2036 (1980).
•   Bonus Act, 2030 (1974).
•   Industrial Policy, 1992.
•   Foreign Investment and One Window Policy, 1992.
•   Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act, 2049
•   Industrial Enterprise Act, 2049 (1992).


Trade promotion organization.


AND FISHERIES (DAFF)*                                                      OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT*

Office/postal address:                                                     Office/postal address:

P.O. Box 74                                                                P.O. Box 42
Alofi                                                                      Alofi

Phone:    (683) 4032                                                       Phone:    (683) 4200, 4224 to 25
Fax:      (683) 4010, 4079                                                 Fax:      (683) 4232

Year established:      1956                                                Year established:      1984 (formerly: two separate government
                                                                           Principal function:
•    Liaises with market growers regarding the possible export of
     produce and methods of production;                                    •    To undertake planning and development for the Government.
•    Undertakes quality control and quality assurance services for
     fresh produce exports;                                                Services/activities:
•    Provides technical advice to the food-processing industries
     concerning process control and quality aspects.                       •    Acts as housing authority;
                                                                           •    Handles external affairs;
Publication issued:                                                        •    Undertakes trade and marketing;
                                                                           •    Undertakes planning and projects;
•    DAFF Newsletter (bimonthly, English/Niuean).                          •    Advises on transport policy;
                                                                           •    Undertakes business development and loans;
Products/commodity responsible for:                                        •    Handles tourism development.

•    All processed food and some fresh produce (taros,                     Publications issued:
     coconut and yams).
                                                                           •    Agriculture Newsletter (quarterly, English/Niuean).
Category:                                                                  •    Consumer Price Index (CPI) (quarterly, English).
                                                                           •    Tohi Tala Niue (TFN) (weekly, English/Niuean).
Commodity board.
                                                                           •    Tourism Newsletter (monthly, English).

                                                                           Offices abroad:

                                                                           Niue Consular Office
                                                                           P.O. Box 68 541, Newton
                                                                           Auckland, New Zealand
                                                                           Phone: (64 9) 774081, 389720
                                                                           Fax:     (64 9) 389720

                                                                           2nd Floor, Samoa House
                                                                           283, Karangahape Road
                                                                           Auckland, New Zealand

                                                                           Products/commodity responsible for:

                                                                           Handicrafts, honey, fresh vegetables and fruit, root crops.


                                                                           Trade promotion organization.


ALL PAKISTAN COMMERCIAL EXPORTERS                                            •    Appoints delegations to present the case of the members of
ASSOCIATION                                                                       the Association before the authorities concerned;
(of rough and unpolished precious and semi-precious stones)                  •    Raises funds to meet the expenses of the Association and
                                                                                  sells, mortgages, disposes of or otherwise deals with all or
Office/postal address:                                                            any part of the property of the Association;
                                                                             •    Subscribes, pays or donates money, out of the funds of or
1, 2nd Floor, Al-Jalil Market                                                     collected by the Association for charitable, benevolent,
Namak Mandi                                                                       humanitarian or social purposes and raises and maintains
Peshawar                                                                          funds with a view to providing help to dependents of persons
                                                                                  in employment of the Association;
Phone:    (92 91) 2213396, 2213396                                           •    Buys or acquires, takes on lease or by way of transfer any
Fax:      (92 91) 2213520                                                         property, moveable or immoveable, for the purpose of the
E-mail:                                                  •    Files, prosecutes, defends or concurs, joins in prosecuting or
                                                                                  defending any action, suit, application appeals for or
Year established:      1988                                                       conducive to the objectives of the Association;
                                                                             •    Subscribes to, and sources affiliation with, the Federation of
Principal functions:                                                              Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and procures
                                                                                  from and such information as may be likely to forward the
•    To aid and stimulate the production and development of                       objectives of the Association;
     rough and unpolished precious and semi-precious stones                  •    Complies with all the requirements of the Trade
     marketing and export of stones and to promote business in                    Organizations Ordinance, 1961 (XLV of 1961) as amended
     which Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association of rough                     from time to time and directive issued thereunder;
     and unpolished and semi-precious stones is engaged;                     •    Carries out all such other lawful functions as may be
•    To promote the correct understanding and unanimity among                     incidental or conducive to the attachment of the above aims
     its members in particular and the businesspersons and                        and objectives.
     industrialists in Pakistan in general on all subjects involving
     their common goods, and to safeguard their interests                    Local branches:
•    To frame rules and regulations governing the export trade in            208 Gems Jewellery Trade
     rough and unpolished precious and semi-precious stones and              Bleanken Street Office Zebunisa
     make alterations therein from time to time;                             Saddar Karachi
•    To make representations to the local and provincial                     Phone: (92 21) 5671985
     authorities on any matter concerned with trade, commerce                Fax:     (92 21) 5687014
     and industry of its members;                                            E-mail:
•    To elect or nominate members to represent the Association
     on any local or public body.                                            No. 4, AandB, Block F, Super Market, F-6
Services/activities:                                                         Phone: (92 51) 2820453
                                                                             Fax:     (92 51) 2820727
•    Diffuses among its members information on all matters                   E-mail:
     affecting trade and commerce, and collects, prints,
     publishes, issues and circulates papers, periodicals, books,            Camp Office
     circulars, statistics and such other publications as may seem           Khawaz Khella, Swat, NWFP
     conducive to any of these objects;                                      Phone: (92 936) 744184
•    Circulates, fosters and stimulates the spirit of mutual self-           Fax:    (92 936) 7454556
     help on the principal of cooperation and coordination among             E-mail:
     the members of the Association;
•    Diffuses among the members information affecting their                  Membership structure:       400 members.
     trade, commerce and industry, and collects, prints, publishes,
     issues and circulates papers, periodicals, books statistics and         Products/commodity responsible for:
     such other publication as may be deemed to conducive to the
     objects of the Association;                                             Precious and semi-precious stones.
•    Renders technical, managerial, supervisory and advisory
     assistance to members;                                                  Training:
•    Frames and enforces rules and regulations with a view to
     regularizing the purchase and sale of the products and to               In the process of the establishment of gemstones cutting and
     changes therein from time to time in the interest of trade,             Gemological Institute at Peshawar, Pakistan in collabouration
     commerce and industry and the public;                                   with the Export Promotion Bureau, Government of Pakistan.
•    Attempts to settle or compromise or arbitrate in disputes
     arising between non-members or between a member and a                   Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
     non-member willing or agreeing to submit to arbitration in
     accordance with the arbitration rules of the Association;               Precious and semi-precious stones mining, cutting and polishing.
•    Works actively for the eradication of unethical business
     practices from the field of trade, commerce and industry;
                                                                             Trade facilitation body; and training/research institute.


BOARD OF INVESTMENT (BOI)*                                                 Local branch:

Office/postal address:                                                     Board of Investment
                                                                           Kandawala Building
Sector G-5/1                                                               M.A. Jinnah Road
Ataturk Avenue                                                             Karachi
Islamabad                                                                  Phone: (92 21) 9215967
                                                                           Fax:      (92 21) 9215078
Phone:    (92-051) 9206161, 9207531
Fax:      (92-051) 9215554, 9206160                                        Offices abroad:

E-mail:                                                 At present, the Board of Investment does not have offices abroad.
URL:                                                  However, 31 Honorary Investment Counsellors (HICs) are
                                                                           working for the Board of Investment in 23 countries whose
Year established:      1989                                                names, addresses (telephones, fax and e-mail) are available on
                                                                           BOI’s website:
Principal function:
                                                                           Membership structure:         27 members.
•    To promote, encourage and facilitate both local and foreign
     investment in Pakistan.                                               Products/commodity responsible for:

Services/activities:                                                       Investment promotion and facilitation to boost socio-economic
                                                                           development in Pakistan.
•    Assists the Government in the formulation and review of
     national investment policy and laws;                                  Training:
•    Identifies and promotes investment opportunities in different
     sectors of the economy;                                               BOI does not conduct any courses for outside participants.
•    Acts as a national focal point of contact between the
     potential investors and all investment-related government             Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
     agencies responsible for providing infrastructure facilities,
     etc. to the investors;                                                Priority sectors for investment in Pakistan are (1) oil and gas; (2)
•    Enhances Pakistan’s international competitiveness and                 manufacturing and industry; (3) infrastructure; (4) information
     contributes to its economic and social development;                   technology; (5) agriculture; (6) tourism; (7) the social sector; and
                                                                           (8) the services sector.
•    Provides support services and assistance to the potential
     investors to set up or expand their business in Pakistan
                                                                           Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
     through One Desk Facilitation Service;
•    Makes available all essential information, publicity material
                                                                           Foreign investment is fully protected by:
     and data, etc. to the investors.
                                                                           •    Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act,
Publications issued:
                                                                           •    Protection of Economic Reforms Act, 1992.
Booklet (English):                                                         •    Foreign Currency Accounts (Protection) Ordinance, 2001.
•   Pakistan Investment Policies, Incentives and Facilities.               •    Board of Investment Ordinance, 2001.

Brochures (English):                                                       Category:
•   Explore the Potential of Pakistan - The New Business
    Frontier.                                                              Industrial promotion; and investment promotion authority.
•   Investment Opportunities in Pakistan.
•   An Open Door for Investors.
•   A Compendium on Industrial Estates/Zones in Pakistan.

Investors’ information guides (English):
•    Agriculture Sector Profile.
•    Power Sector Profile.
•    Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Profile.
•    IT and Telecom Sector Profile.
•    Infrastructure Sector Profile.
•    Oil and Gas Sector Profile.
•    Tourism Sector.


EXPORT PROMOTION BUREAU (EPB)*                                                 Local branches:
Government of Pakistan
                                                                               Regional offices in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta.
Office/postal address:
                                                                               Subregional offices in Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Sialkot,
5th Floor, Block A                                                             Gujranwala, Multan, Abbotaad, Swat, Mirpur Azad Kashmir.
Finance and Trade Centre
Shahrah-e-Faisal                                                               Publication issued:
Karachi 75400
                                                                               •    Export Intelligence Bulletin (weekly, English).
P.O. Box: 1293, Karachi
Phone:    (92 21) 9206487-90
Fax:      (92 21) 9206497, 9202713                                             Trade promotion organization.

                                                                               FEDERATION OF PAKISTAN CHAMBERS                               OF
Year established:      1963                                                    COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (FPCCI)
Principal function:                                                            Office/postal address:

•    To promote and support sustained growth in export of goods                Federation House
     and services both in terms of volume and value.                           Main Clifton
                                                                               Karachi 75600
                                                                               P.O. Box: 13875, Karachi
•    Assists in establishing contact with prospective buyers abroad;
•    Explores possibilities for export markets and identifies items            Phone:    (92 21) 5873691, 5873693-4
     possessing export potential;                                              Fax:      (92 21) 5874332
•    Publishes regularly specialized publications featuring export
     opportunities, foreign trade information, training courses,               E-mail:
     directory, statistics, etc.;                                              URL:
•    Conducts product/market surveys abroad and provides up-to-
     date intelligence;                                                        Year established:      1950
•    Organizes seminars/conferences and training programmes for
     motivating people to export and apprises them of ways and                 Principal functions:
     means of going about the export business;
•    Assists in enhancing the skills and knowledge of established              •    To advocate the collective opinion, concern and aspiration of
     exporters in marketing and promotion for exports;                              the private sector;
•    Provides inputs, based on its field experience, for the                   •    To offer helpful advice and solid assistance to the
     formulation of export policies;                                                Government in its efforts to promote exports, encourage
•    Issues GSP Certificates;                                                       foreign investment and stimulate economic activity;
•    Organizes/assists in organizing exhibitions at home and                   •    To bridge between the private sector and the Government;
     abroad, and assisting the participation of exporters in such              •    To play an active role in presenting problems of trade,
     trade displays;                                                                industry and environment and safeguarding the interests of
•    Arranges and programmes the visits of overseas buyers and                      the private sector through constant dialogue with the
     exploratory missions delegations to Pakistan;                                  Government.
•    Assists in resolving trade disputes and operational constraints;
•    Provides face-to-face counselling to resolve export problems;             Services/activities:
•    Maintains a well-organized library;
•    Assists in facilitating the standardization and simplification of         •    Sponsors general and specialized business and investment
     procedures;                                                                    delegations to foreign countries;
•    Assists in overseas publicity to create brand/country/product             •    Organizes Pakistan’s participation in international fairs and
     awareness;                                                                     exhibitions;
•    Enhances the awareness of environmental and social issues                 •    Maintains constant liaison with Pakistan diplomatic and
     such as child labour;                                                          commercial missions abroad;
•    Helps the industry to adopt standards such as ISO 9000 and                •    Exchanges information relating to trade, industry and the
     14000;                                                                         economy with the foreign chambers and institutions;
•    Promotes buyer-seller contacts;                                           •    Encourages leading exporters of the country by giving them
•    Recommends the establishment of export-oriented industries.                    Export Trophy Awards every year;
                                                                               •    Mediates in the resolution of commercial disputes between
                                                                                    Pakistani and foreign businesspersons.


Publications issued:                                                   Services/activities:

•   Annual Report of FPCCI Activities.                                 As detailed under Principal functions.
•   Compendium of G-77 CCI of Developing Countries.
•   FPCCI Bulletin (monthly).                                          Category:
•   Pakistan Trade Directory.
•   Souvenir of Annual Export Trophy Awards.                           Ministry of Trade.
•   Brochures of bilateral relations.
•   Booklet on Regional Economic Groupings.

Local branches:                                                        JHELUM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND
Zonal Office:
50-A, Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt-54810                                  Office/postal address:
Phone: (92 42) 6670970-71
Fax:     (92 42) 6670972                                               Rani Nagar
E-mail:                                             G.T. Road
Liaison Office:
99-W (B-Side), 1st Floor, Shalimar Plaza                               P.O. Box: Post Office: Chak Akka Via: Dina, Distt: Jhelum
Jinnah Avenue, P.O. Box 2927, Islamabad
Phone: (92 51) 2273178-80                                              Phone:     (92 544) 646532
Fax:     (92 51) 2273177                                               Fax:       (92 544) 646533
                                                                       Year established:      1994
Membership structure: 47 chambers of commerce and
industry, and 166 all Pakistan associations of trade and               Principal functions:
                                                                       •    To issue membership certificates as well as certificates of
                                                                            origin for the export cargoes and attestation of commercial
Products/commodity responsible for:                                         documents;
                                                                       •    To issue recommendation letters for visa and passport;
Services; training; seminars, conferences, symposia       and
                                                                       •    To circulate trade enquiries and exhibitions/fairs received from
meetings; and all areas of business and industry.
                                                                            FPCCI and the export promotion bureau;
Category:                                                              •    To help in training exporters and importers;
                                                                       •    To organize a local exhibition once a year.
Chamber of commerce.

                                                                       Circular regarding trade and business interest (fortnightly).
                                                                       Membership structure:         500 members.
Office/postal address:
Ministry of Commerce
                                                                       Chamber of commerce.
Government of Pakistan
6th Floor
Pakistan Secretariat Block A

Phone:   (92 51) 9201796, 9201851
Fax:     (92 51) 9203024


Principal functions:

•   To undertake policy matters of the global system of trade
•   To plan/monitor/evaluate development projects and schemes
    of the Ministry of Commerce and its attached departments;
•   To prepare and review the annual plans, mid-term plans and
    five-year plans and to prepare trade reviews;
•   To deal with donor agencies for technical/financial
    assistance for trade-related projects.


PAKISTAN READYMADE GARMENTS                                               Local branches:
ASSOCIATION (PRGMEA)                                                      Suit 114, Latif Centre
                                                                          99 Ferozepur Road
Office/postal address:                                                    Ichhra, Lahore
                                                                          Phone: (92 42) 7596296-7
18-A, Shaheen View Building                                               Fax:      (92 42) 7586101
Block - VI, P.E.C.H.S.                                                    E-mail:
Karachi 75400                                                             18-A, Shaheen View Building
                                                                          Block - VI, P.E.C.H.S.
Phone:    (92 21) 4549073, 4547912                                        Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi 75400
Fax:      (92 21) 4539669                                                 Phone: (92 21) 4382601-3, 4535394, 4313087
                                                                          Fax:     (92 21) 4539669
E-mail:                                               E-mail:
                                                                          Oberoy Sports Building
Year established:      1980                                               Paris Road
Principal functions:                                                      Phone: (92 432) 592683
                                                                          Fax:     (92 432) 592683
•    To advise, protect, safeguard and promote the rights,                E-mail:
     interests and privileges of its members;
•    To remove difficulties and shortcomings in the ready-made            Membership structure:     1,200 members.
     garment trade;
•    To create sympathy and unity among the manufacturers and             Products/commodity responsible for:
     exporters of ready-made garments;
•    To disseminate information of interest to the garment trade          All sorts of woven ready-made garments, made-ups and
     and to print literature conducive to the objectives of the           accessories.
•    To provide forms of contracts and other documents used in            Training:
     garment trade and commerce;
•    To encourage and facilitate the settlement of commercial             Maintains two Technical Training Institutes (PRGTTI):
     disputes by arbitration or conciliation;
•    To consider, initiate and promote improvements in the                18-G, Block-VI, PECHS, Karachi
     commercial laws, rules and regulations for representation to         Phone:       (92 21) 4526918, 4546446-7
     the Government;                                                      Fax:         (92 21) 4546448
•    To enter into arrangements with the Government conducive             E-mail:
     to the objectives of the Association;
•    To issue certificates in accordance with the requirements of         71-L, Gulberg-III, Lahore
     the trade to exercise the rights and objectives of the               Phone:        (92 42) 9230756, 9230757
     Association;                                                         Fax:          (92 42) 9230758
•    To cooperate and work with other recognized associations,            E-mail:
     chambers of commerce and industries;
•    To organize participation in trade fairs and exhibitions and
                                                                          Training is being provided in the fields of special marketing in
     to organize trade delegations to selected markets abroad;
                                                                          apparel; quality control and assurance; merchandising; pattern
•    To provide service to foreign trade delegations;
                                                                          cutting and grading; inventory control and material management;
•    To provide advice and guidance to members on trade,
     industry and fiscal aspects of production and exports;               garment machine mechanic courses for computerized pattern
•    To advise the Government on textile negotiations with quota          generation.
     countries and other related export problems of the members
     as well as on budgetary, trade and fiscal policies;                  Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
•    To represent the Association in various government and
     trade bodies.                                                        Ready-made garment manufacturing and exporting units including
                                                                          both woven and knitted.
                                                                          Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    As detailed under Principal functions.
                                                                          •   The Association is registered with the Ministry of
Publications issued:                                                          Commerce, Government of Pakistan under the Trade
                                                                              Associations Act in Category-A.
•    PRGMEA Directory of Members (annually, English).
•    PRGMEA Newsletter (monthly, Urdu/English).                           Category:
•    PRGMEA Circulars (fortnightly, English).
                                                                          Trade association.
•    PRGMEA Members Directory CD (annually, English).
•    PRGMEA Export Excellence Awards Ceremony Brochure
     (annually, English).


INDUSTRY                                                                (TCP)

Office/postal address:                                                  Office/postal address:

39 Civil Lines                                                          4th-5th Floor, Block B, Finance and Trade Centre
Mayo Road                                                               Sharea Faisal
Oawalpindi                                                              Karachi 74400

P.O. Box: 323                                                           P.O. Box: 1244, Karachi 74200

Phone:    (92 51) 5584397                                               Phone:    (92 21) 9202947-9
Fax:      (92 51) 5586849                                               Fax:      (92 21) 9202722, 9202731, 9202592

E-mail:                                                E-mail:
                                                                        Year established:      1967
Year established:      1952
                                                                        Principal functions:
Principal functions:
                                                                        •    To export selected items of public sector corporations,
•    To liaise the business community with the Government and                agencies, etc.;
     counterparts abroad;                                               •    To channel export through TCP to various markets under
•    To collect and disseminate commercial and industrial                    credit given by the Government to expand business in areas
     information;                                                            such as the Commonwealth of Independent States
•    To organize functions as ISO, total quality management and              (CIS)/Central Asian Republics (CAR)/Malaysia, African
     semantic meta-databse cells;                                            countries, etc;
•    To stimulate economic and investment activities.                   •    To export Pakistani products to new/non-traditional markets
                                                                             by way of giving concessions/incentives by the Government
Service/activity:                                                            to prospective buyers for capturing new markets;
                                                                        •    To perform the innovative role of undertaking the export of
•    Provides services to the business community.                            non-traditional items to non-traditional markets on an
                                                                             experimental basis;
Publication issued:                                                     •    To undertake and develop the export of fresh
                                                                             fruits/vegetables and minerals in collabouration and on a
•    News Bulletin Trade Directory.                                          partnership basis with the private sector;
                                                                        •    To import essential commodities in emergent conditions as in
Membership structure:         2,500 members.                                 the past;
                                                                        •    To import S.B. oil under future PL-480/416 Programme and
Training:                                                                    CC Credit, etc;
                                                                        •    To import palm oil from Malaysia under Malaysian credit;
Arranges different training courses.                                    •    To import industrial raw materials and other selected bulk
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                        •    To utilize credit facilities;
                                                                        •    To undertake countertrade to discover new markets and to
National industrial zone.                                                    promote exports, particularly to the countries facing cash
Category:                                                               •    To purchase/sell cotton, sugar and other items, etc., as per the
                                                                             directive of the Federal Government;
Chamber of commerce.
                                                                        •    To inspect the quality and quantity of brown rice and to issue
                                                                             an authenticity certificate for the export of brown rice to
                                                                             European Union countries.

                                                                        Local branch:

                                                                        Trading Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt) Limited
                                                                        Regional Office
                                                                        1st Floor, LDA Plaza
                                                                        Egerton Road, Lahore 54000
                                                                        Phone: (92 42) 6304349, 6309148, 6316558, 6310980
                                                                        Fax:       (92 42) 6301011


                                                                        Public limited company handling international trade for and on
                                                                        behalf of the federal Government.


THE SIALKOT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND                                        Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                           Manufacturing of surgical instruments, leather garments and
Office/postal address:                                                     sports goods.

Shahrah-e-Awain-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat                                          Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
                                                                           •   Companies Ordinance 1984 of Pakistan.
P.O. Box: 1870                                                             •   Securities Exchange Act, 2000.

Phone:    (92 432) 261881-3                                                Category:
Fax:      (92 432) 267919, 268835
                                                                           Chamber of commerce.

Year established:      1984

Principal functions:

•    To promote, aid, develop, stimulate and protect the
     economic interest of Pakistan in general and of those
     engaged in industry, agriculture, commerce, trade, banking
     an insurance in particular;
•    To consider all questions connected with trade, industries,
     agriculture, manufacture and commerce and to initiate
     and/or support necessary actions connected therewith;
•    To consider, support or oppose legislative or other
     government measures affecting the economic interest of
     businesspersons and industrialists and also to make
     representations to the Government or grievances, if any;
•    To adjust controversies between members of the Chamber
     relating to the commercial, industrial, agricultural and
     financial interest of the businesspersons and industrialists;
•    To arbitrate in settlements of disputes arising out of
     commercial transactions between parties willing and
     agreeing to abide by the judgment and decision of the
•    To communicate with the Chamber of Commerce and
     Industry of public bodies within or outside Pakistan and to
     concert and promote measures for the projection of trade,
     commerce and manufacturers and the labour engaged therein
     and to remove mutual hardships;
•    To establish a commercial and statistical library.


•    As detailed in Principal functions.

Publication issued:

•    Commercial News Bulletin (fortnightly, English/Urdu).

Membership structure:         More         than   5,000   members

Products/commodity responsible for:

Surgical instruments, sports goods, leather garments, sportswear,
musical instruments, military uniforms and badges, martial arts,
saddlery, cutlery and kitchenware, etc.


Offers short-term, trade-related courses for members as well as

                                                                                                           PAPUA NEW GUINEA

COFFEE INDUSTRY CORPORATION LTD. (CIC)                                  Products/commodity responsible for:

Office/postal address:                                                  Coffee: green bean, roast and ground.

P. O. Box 137                                                           Training:
Eastern Highlands Province                                              •   Coffee Factory Manager course.
                                                                        •   National Exporter Training Course.
Phone:    (675) 7321266,7322466                                         •   Coffee Quality Ratio Workshop.
Fax:      (675) 7321431,7321351
                                                                        Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
URL:                                           Expansion of smallholder production; rehabilitation of the
                                                                        plantation sector; downstream processing; marketing; and quality
Year established:      1964                                             improvement.

Principal function:                                                     Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:

•    To control and regulate the production, processing,                •   Coffee Industry Act of 1991.
     marketing and export of coffee grown in Papua New Guinea.          •   Coffee Industry Regulations.

Services/activities:                                                    Category:

•    Promotes Papua New Guinea coffee internally and overseas;          Commodity board.
•    Lobbies on behalf of the Papua New Guinea coffee industry;
•    Operates pulper maintenance services for growers;
•    Provides price and marketing information;
•    Maintains a database for the industry and disseminates
•    Imposes quality controls through inspection;
•    Takes part in negotiations at the International Coffee
     Organization (ICO);
•    Enforces ICO requirements;
•    Undertakes research on coffee;
•    Undertakes extension services for smallholder coffee
•    Administers a price stabilization scheme.

Publications issued:

•    ACIAR working papers project 8734.
•    Coffee Discussion Papers.
•    Coffee Report.
•    Papua New Guinea Coffee Export Statistics.
•    CIC submission/papers.

Local branch:

Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd.
Industry Operations Division
Export Control Department
P. O. Box 3993
Lae, Morobe Province
Phone: (675) 4725044, 4724979
Fax:      (675) 4724934

Office abroad:

Corporation Representative-United Kingdom
St. Lawrence, Kingsway, Hullbridge
Essex SS5 6DR, United Kingdom
Phone: (44 702) 231285
Fax:     (44 702) 232373


INVESTMENT PROMOTION AUTHORITY (IPA)*                                          •    Wages in PNG.
                                                                               •    A Business Guide to Papua New Guinea (CD-ROM).
Office/postal address:                                                         •    Agricultural Manual (CD-ROM\).
                                                                               •    Fisheries Resource Manual (CD-ROM).
P.O. Box 5053                                                                  •    Forestry Resource Profile (CD-ROM).
Boroko NDC 111
Phone:    (675) 3217311
Fax:      (675) 3202237                                                        Through a bilateral arrangement for assistance with Australia, and
                                                                               through other multilateral donor agreements, training courses are an
E-mail:                                                        important part of the arrangement.
                                                                               Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
Year established:      1992
                                                                               Foreign investment, particularly through joint ventures, which
Principal functions:                                                           involve upstream and downstream processing of natural resources is
                                                                               encouraged. Specific areas include agriculture and manufacturing.
•    To promote and facilitate investments in Papua New Guinea;
•    To be first contact point for foreign investors for advice on             Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
     project proposals and for approvals of applications for
     registration to conduct business in the country;                          •    Associations Incorporation Act.
•    To contribute to planning for investment and recommend                    •    Business Groups Incorporation Act.
     priority areas for investment to the Government;                          •    Business Names Act.
•    To coordinate investment proposals.                                       •    Companies Act.
                                                                               •    Investment Promotion Act.
                                                                               •    Trademarks Act.
Investment and Export Promotion Division:
•    Informs and educates the business community about                         Investment promotion organization.
     investment opportunities in Papua New Guinea;
•    Answers enquiries from the public and facilitates business
     introduction through its database of foreign and domestic

Business and Investment Facilitation Division:
•   Certifies foreign enterprises wishing to carry on business in
    Papua New Guinea; conducts research on investment-related
    issues and prepares country report on investment trends.

Business Registration Division:
•   Administers the registration of companies, business names
    and trademarks under the key business laws; maintains a
    national registry of all companies and corporate bodies
    operating in the country;
•   Administers “Reserved Activities” - small-scale operations or
    traditional business activities reserved for citizens and national

Industrial Business Development Division:
•    Facilitates investment through the development of industrial
     commerce and enforces quality control.

Publications issued:

•    Investment Papua New Guinea Magazine (quarterly, English).
•    IPA brochures.

Priced publications:
•    Environment in PNG.
•    Foreign Exchange Controls in PNG.
•    Foreign Investment Guidelines.
•    Investment incentives.
•    Land in PNG.
•    Taxation and Customs in PNG.
•    Telecommunications in PNG.

                                                                                                         PAPUA NEW GUINEA

PAPUA NEW GUINEA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                     East New Britain
AND INDUSTRY                                                             ENB Chamber of Commerce
                                                                         P.O. Box 1335
Office/postal address:                                                   Rabaul, ENB Province
                                                                         Phone: (675) 9821999
P.O. Box 1621                                                            Fax:     (675) 9821970
Port Moresby                                                             E-mail:

Phone:   (675) 3213057                                                   Sepik Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Fax:     (675) 3210566                                                   P.O. Box 2, Wewak
                                                                         East Sepik Province
E-mail:                                             Phone: (675) 8562950
URL:                                                Fax: (675) 8562296
Principal functions:
                                                                         Western Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Industry
•   To provide representation for businesspeople with which the          P.O. Box 523
    Government can consult and to promote, support or oppose             Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands
    legislation or other measures affecting the Papua New                Phone: (675) 5421855
    Guinea business community;                                           Fax:     (675) 5422480
•   To promote business interests of private businesses in Papua         E-mail:
    New Guinea and to further the economic development of
    Papua New Guinea and to ensure the provision of services             Milne Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    and utilities essential to such progress;                            P.O. Box 85, Alotau
•   To collect and circulate statistics and other information            Phone: (675) 6410242
    affecting and relating to the business houses within the             Fax:     (675) 6410242
    Papua New Guinea provinces;                                          E-mail:
•   To play an important role as the representative voice of the
                                                                         Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    business industry in Papua New Guinea, by providing a
                                                                         P.O. Box 393, Popondetta
    unified approach to the Government and other organizations.
                                                                         Phone: (675) 3297197
                                                                         Fax:     (675) 3297193
Local branches:
Goroka Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 582
                                                                         Chamber of commerce.
Goroka, EH Province
Phone: (675) 7322697
Fax:     (675) 7322318

Kimbe Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 465
West New Britain Province
Phone: (675) 9835685
Fax:     (675) 9835526

Lae Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 265, Lae
Morobe Province
Phone: (675) 4722340
Fax:     (675) 4726038

Madang Chamber of Commerce and Industry
P.O. Box 182
Phone: (675) 8522937
Fax:     (675) 8522812

New Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry
P.O. Box 422
Kavieng, New Ireland Province
Phone: (675) 9842349,
Fax:     (675) 9842379


DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY                                               Offices abroad:

Office/postal address                                                          Papua New Guinea High Commission
                                                                               39-41 Forster Cresent
Waigani 31                                                                     Yarralumla ACT 2600
National Capital District                                                      P.O Box E 432
                                                                               Kingston, Australia
Phone:    (675) 3256080, 3256099, 3259225, 3256047                             Phone: (05 61 262) 733322
Fax:      (675) 3256108                                                        Fax:     (05 61 262) 733732
                                                                               E-mail: kunducbr
                                                                               Papua New Guinea Consulate
Year established: 2000                                                         320 Adelaide Street
                                                                               Level 3/Suite 12
Principal functions:                                                           Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia
                                                                               Phone: (05-617) 3221-7915
•    To ensure that Papua New Guinea attains maximum benefits                  Fax:     (05-617) 3229-6084
     from its participation in international expositions, trade fairs,         E-mail:
     exhibitions and road shows;
•    To undertake market research, formulate export strategies                 Papua New Guinea High Commission
     and marketing plans including export analysis on targeted                 279 Willis Street
     markets;                                                                  P.O Box 197
•    To maintain trade control measures as well as to devise                   Wellington, New Zealand
     relevant control mechanism in order to regulate business and              Phone: (05 64 4) 3852474/5/6
     commercial interest;                                                      Fax:     (05 646) 3852477
•    To identify potential investment projects and investment
     project profiles for discussion with potential investors during           Papua New Guinea High Commission
     trade and investment mission overseas;                                    P.O Box 2447
•    To provide necessary information to potential Papua New                   Suva, Fiji
     Guinea exporters and importers on the trade regimes of                    Phone : (05 679) 301244
     overseas markets.                                                         Fax:       (05-679) 300-178

                                                                               Papua New Guinea High commission
                                                                               P.O Box 1109
                                                                               Honoria, Solomon Islands
•    Provides trade enquiry and information services;
                                                                               Phonel: (05 677) 20561
•    Provides advisory services;
                                                                               Fax:     (05 677) 20562
•    Undertakes market surveys for Papua New Guinea products;
•    Provides information on overseas markets;                                 Mita Kokusai Building 3F 13
•    Prepares an exporters register on logs;                                   4028 Mita 1 Chome
•    Prepares an exporters directory;                                          Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
•    Issues log and timber export licenses;                                    Tel:     (05 813 3) 4747801, 4
•    Issues certificates of origin.                                            Fax:     (05 813 3) 4747275
Publications issued:                                                           URL:

•    A Guide for Papua New Guinea Exports and Importers.                       Embassy of Papua New Guinea
•    Commodity brochures on Papua New Guinea export products:                  Ta Yuan Diplomatic Building
     coffee, cocoa, tea, forestry, and fisheries and marine resources          Beijing, China
•    Statistical digest.                                                       Phone: (05 86 10 6) 5324312
•    Papua New Guinea Manufacturers Directory.                                 Fax:      (05 86 10 6) 5325483
Local branch:                                                                  URL:

Investment Promotion Authority                                                 Embassy of Papua New Guinea
International Export Promotion Division                                        3rd de Roxas corner Gamboa street
P.O Box 5053, Boroko NCD                                                       Makati City, Philippines
Phone: (675) 3217311, 3084444                                                  Phone: (05 63 2) 811 3465 to 66
Fax:      (675) 320 2237                                                       Fax:      (05 63 2) 811 3468
URL:                                                       Embassy of Papua New Guinea
                                                                               Panin Bank Centre (6th Floor)
                                                                               Jalan Jendral Sudirman 1
                                                                               Yakarta 10270, Indonesia
                                                                               Phone: (05 62 21) 725225, 12181742
                                                                               Fax:      (05 62 21) 7201012

                                                                                                             PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Consul General                                                             Training:
Papua New Guinea Consulate
P.O Box 1947                                                               •   Textiles training for women
Jayapurea 99116, Indonesia                                                 •   Small Industries development and training
Phone: (05 62 967) 531250, 1897                                            •   Small Business development
Fax:     (05 82 2) 7989856
Email:                                          Industries where investment is encouraged:

Papua New Guinea High Commission                                           Mining, petroleum, tourism, fisheries, agriculture, forestry,
14 Waterloo Place                                                          cottage.
London SWIR 4 AR, United Kingdom
Phone: (44 207) 9300922/6                                                  Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
Fax:     (44 207) 9300828
Email:                                                •   Investment Promotion Authority Act 1992.
                                                                           •   Cottage Business Activities Act 2004
Papua New Guinea Embassy
Avenue de Tervuren 430                                                     Category:
Brussels, Belgium
Phone : (05 32 2) 7790826/756/609                                          Ministry of Trade and Industry
Fax:      (05 32 3) 7727088

Papua New Guinea Embassy
1779 Massahusetts Avenue NW
Suite 805
Washington, DC 20036, United States of America
Phone: (1 202) 7453680
Fax:      (1 202) 7453679

Permanent Mission of Papua New Guinea to United Nations
Suite 405
New York, NY 10017, United States of America
Phone: (1 212) 5575001
Fax:      (1 212) 5575009

Papua New Guinea High Commission
No. 11, Lingkungan Uthant Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur
GPO Box 13506
50812 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: (603 4257) 5405/ 9260
Fax:      (603 4257) 6203

Embassy of Papua New Guinea
Unit#210, Doosan We’ve Pavilion Building
58 Soosoong-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone: (05 822) 21985771
Fax:     (05 822) 21985779
Email: ambassador

Membership structure:

WTO, APEC, ACP-EU, Pacific Islands Forum, Melanesian
Spearhead Group

Products/commodity responsible for:

Coffee beans, arts and culture, artifacts and handicrafts, vanilla
beans, tea, sawn timbers and logs, tuna, reefs fish, bechedemer,
scrap metals, and manufactured products.


BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS (BSP)                                          Services/activities:

Office/postal address:                                                     •    Renders advice and services to exporters and importers on
                                                                                banking procedures, and trade documentation;
International Department                                                   •    Monitors compliance of banks/exporters/importers with the
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas                                                     BSP export and import rules including reporting
A. Mabini corner Pablo Ocampo Sr. Sts.                                          requirements;
Malate, Manila 1004                                                        •    Evaluates and acts on requests to purchase foreign exchange
                                                                                to service trade payments that do not squarely fall under
Phone:   (63 2) 536 6077                                                        existing rules;
Fax:     (63 2) 536 0053                                                   •    Monitors credits granted by/outstanding credits of selected
                                                                                government financial institutions to small- and medium-scale
E-mail:,                                export enterprises;
URL:                                                     •    Assists in conducting of studies for further simplification of
                                                                                export/import     procedures/documentation      and     export
Year established:    1993 (formerly Central Bank of the                         financing needs of exporters;
Philippines, 1949-1993)                                                    •    Publishes the annual “Directory of Philippine Exporters”;
                                                                           •    Actively participates in meetings of the Export Development
Principal functions:                                                            Council.

On trade:                                                                  Publication issued:
•    To review and formulate policies and rules governing
     international trade and disseminate these to the public;              •    Directory of Philippine Exporters (annually, English).
•    To provide rediscounting of export financing granted by
     banks;                                                                Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    To compile/prepare reports on the country’s balance of
     payments, showing information on trade and investments,               •    BSP Circular No. 1389 (Consolidated Foreign Exchange
     among others;                                                              Rules and Regulations) dated 13 April 1993, as amended.
•    To compile data on trade-related external debt and related
     transactions;                                                         Category:
•    To organize and conduct meetings/dialogues with exporters
     to discuss the export outlook and issues affecting exporters.         Banking - statutory and public.

On foreign investments:
•   To review and formulate policies and rules governing
    foreign investments (inward and outward) and disseminate
    these to the public;
•   To register inward foreign investments and to monitor
    transactions pertaining to registered investments;
•   To evaluate applications of Philippine residents to purchase
    foreign exchange for outward investments that require prior
    BSP approval;
•   To compile data on registered investments and inflows and
    outflows of foreign exchange pertaining to foreign

Under existing rules, foreign investments are required to be
registered with BSP (through the International Department) if the
foreign exchange to service the repatriation of capital and the
remittances of dividends, profits and earnings thereon shall be
purchased from the Philippine banking system. Foreign direct
investments in shares of stocks of corporations not listed on the
Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) are required to be registered
directly with the BSP, together with investments in: (1) peso time
deposits with maturity of at least 90 days; (2) government
securities; and (3) money market instruments. Foreign
investments in stocks listed in the PSE may be registered directly
with the BSP or by commercial banks, which are required to
report to the BSP such registration of investments as well as
transactions on registered investments. BSP delegated to
commercial banks the registration of foreign investments in PSE-
listed stocks acquired through the PSE-trading floor.


BOARD OF INVESTMENTS (BOI)*                                                 BOI-Cebu Extension Office
                                                                            Espina Building
Office/postal address:                                                      135 Juana Osmena Extension
                                                                            Capitol Site, Cebu City
385 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue                                                   Phone: 210017
Makati City                                                                 Fax:      52660
Metro Manila 1200
                                                                            BOI-Davao Extension Office
Phone:    (63 2) 8958322, 8967342                                           c/o DTI-Davao
Fax:      (63 2) 8953521                                                    Escalona Building, 3/F
                                                                            Ponciano Reyes Street, Davao City
E-mail:                                                     Phone: 76841, 75250, 78984
                                                                            BOI-Iloilo Extension Office
Year established:      1967                                                 Cnr. J.M. Basa and Peralta Streets, Iloilo City
                                                                            Phone: 270060
Principal functions:                                                        Fax:      270083

•    To promote domestic and foreign investments by identifying             BOI-Legaspi Extension Office
     investment opportunities, providing investor assistance,               Del Rosario Building
     encouraging regional dispersal of industries, and broadening           Rizal Street, Legaspi City
     the entrepreneurial base;                                              Phone: 23347, 23307
•    To build an environment conducive to the expansion of                  Fax:      23307
     existing industries and investments, and what will attract new
     capital;                                                               Publications issued:
•    To enhance worldwide competitiveness of Philippine
     industries.                                                            •    Annual Report, 2001.
                                                                            •    BOI-Approved Projects under EO 226.
Service/activities:                                                         •    Briefing Folios with Basic Facts on the Philippines.
                                                                            •    Checklist on Doing Business in the Philippines.
•    Information assistance to local and foreign investors;                 •    Foreign Investments Act of 1991 (R.A. 7042).
•    Timely investment advice and facilitation regarding investors’         •    Investment Priorities Plan.
     business transaction;                                                  •    It's a Pleasure to Do Business in the Philippines (English/
•    Assistance in the selection of ideal investment location;                   Japanese/Chinese/Korean).
•    Joint Venture Matching Services for international local and            •    Omnibus Investments Code of 1987 (E.O. 226).
     foreign entrepreneurs;                                                 •    Philippines Handy Economic and Trade Indicators.
•    Investment advice and facilitation for SMEs;                           •    The Philippines: Your Competitive Edge.
•    Business linkages with the public and private sectors;                 •    Primer on Built-Operate-Transfer Scheme.
•    Evaluation and supervision of investment applications;                 •    Primer on Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and Built Transfer
•    Training on Investment Promotion;                                           (BT) Schemes.
•    Seminar on Investment Networking for Local Executives;                 •    Primer on Foreign Investment Policies in the Philippines.
•    Facilitation of Environmental Clearance Certificate and                •    Primer on Foreign Investments Act of 1991.
     advocacy for environment-related projects;                             •    Primer on Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV).
•    Investment briefings, inbound and outbound missions,                   •    Rules and Regulations to Implement E.O. 226.
     seminars and conferences for local and foreign investors;
•    After-sales service through the Investment Promotion                   Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
     Network (IPN), a system of hotlines connecting Investment
     Promotion Units (IPUs) across 24 related government                    Listed in annual Investment Priorities Plan.
•    Entrepreneurial assistance to Overseas Filipino Workers;               Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
•    Industry sectors planning and preparation of Industry sector
     profiles.                                                              •    Omnibus Investments Code of 1987 (E.O. 226).
                                                                            •    Rules and Regulations to Implement E.O. 226.
Local branches:
BOI-Cagayan de Oro Extension Office
c/o DTI-Region X                                                            Investment promotion authority.
Corrales-Luna Streets, Cagayan de Oro City
Phone: 722278, 723604



Office/postal address:                                                      Office/postal address:

3/F, Trade and Industry Building                                            11th and 13th Avenue
361 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue                                                North Reclamation Area
Makati City 1200                                                            Cebu City 6000

Phone:    (63 2) 7513123, 7514736                                           Phone: (63 32) 2321421, 2321423, 2323951, 2323957
Fax:      (63 2) 7514706                                                    Fax:   (63 32) 2321422

E-mail:                                                  E-mail:
URL:                                                  URL:

Year established:      20 June 1964                                         Year established:      1913

Principal function:                                                         Principal functions:

•    To develop, implement and coordinate standardization                   •    To promote business and investment development;
     activities in the Philippines.                                         •    To enhance SME development.

Services/activities:                                                        Services/activities:

•    Standards development;                                                 •    Organizes fairs and exhibits;
•    Standards promotion and media relations;                               •    Provides training services;
•    Enforcement of consumer assistance;                                    •    Disseminates information and maintains databases;
•    Product testing services, and certification programme;                 •    Encourages labour and management cooperation;
•    Registration of assessors services;                                    •    Establishes industry-academic linkage.
•    Standards information services;
•    WTO/TBT (technical barriers to trade) enquiry print and                Publication issued:
•    International relations;                                               Chamber Updates (monthly, English).
•    Private emission testing centre (PETC) - accreditation
     services;                                                              Local branches:
•    Labouratory accreditation services;
•    Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies scheme;                  32 affiliated industry and professional associations with CCCI.
•    Special projects;
•    Financial, administrative, human resource development, and             Membership structure:    2,436  members     [936    direct
     information technology services.                                       members and 1,500 indirect members (32 affiliated sectoral
Publications issued:
•    BPS Information Kit (English).
•    List of Philippine National Standards (PNS) under                      •    Sales and Marketing;
     Mandatory Product Certification.                                       •    HR Development;
•    Directory of Accredited Labouratories.                                 •    E-Commerce;
•    Product Guides.                                                        •    Global Competitiveness Training.
•    List of Companies with PS/ICC (monthly, English).
                                                                            Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
•    Catalogue of Philippine National Standards.
•    BPS Directions (through e-mail).
                                                                            Information and communication technology; tourism; light
•    List of Accredited Certifying Bodies.                                  engineering; electronics; semi-conductors; food and agriculture;
                                                                            and food processing.
Products/commodity responsible for:
All industrial products.
                                                                            Chamber of commerce; commodity board; industrial promotion;
Training:                                                                   inspection institution; investment promotion authority;
                                                                            productivity centre; shipper’s council, port authority, national
Seminars on ISO 9000 - Quality Management, ISO 14000                        shipping corporation; trade association; trade facilitation body;
Environmental Management System and PNS ISO IEC Guide                       trade fair and exhibition authority; trade promotion organization;
17025 - Labouratory Accreditation.                                          and training/research institute.

Standard, testing, certification inspection and accreditation body.


DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY OF THE PHILIPPINES                                      Offices abroad:
                                                                            Since 1973, DAP has been the national productivity organization
Office/postal address:                                                      (NPO). As NPO, DAP fulfills the country’s commitment to the
                                                                            Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in promoting productivity
DAP Building                                                                in the Philippines. It spearheads the development of productivity
San Miguel Avenue                                                           consciousness and promotes the principles, techniques and
Ortigas Centre                                                              practice of productivity and quality in key sectors of the economy.
Pasig City
                                                                            The APO, of which the Philippines is a founding member, is an
P.O. Box: 12788, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City                                 intergovernmental agency dedicated to the promotion of
                                                                            productivity improvement to accelerate economic growth of
Phone:     (63 2) 6312124 or 6312153 (Office of the Executive               member countries through mutual cooperation.
Fax:       (63 2) 6312123                                                   The APO Headquarters is in Tokyo with the following address:

E-mail:                                                  Asian Productivity Organization
URL:                                                      Hirakawa-cho Dai-ichi Seimei Building 2F
                                                                            1-2-10 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku
Year established:       1973                                                Tokyo 102-0093, Japan

Principal functions:                                                        Category:

•      To build capacities and partnerships among the key sectors           National productivity organization (NPO)/productivity centre.
       of Philippine society;
•      To generate innovative, value-adding and synergistic
       solutions to national and local concerns;
•      To join hands with the international community in                    GARMENTS AND TEXTILE EXPORT BOARD (GTEB)
       promoting sustainable human development and global
       competitiveness.                                                     Office/postal address:

Service/activity:                                                           2nd-4th Floor, New Solid Building
                                                                            357 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
•      DAP offers training and education, technical assistance,             Makati City
       consultancy, research, advocacy and publications in the
       areas of governance, productivity and quality, and                   Phone:    (63 2) 8904651-2
       management.                                                          Fax:      (63 2) 8904653

Publications issued:                                                        E-mail:,
•      The Academy publishes books, manuals and monographs on
       a wide range of development topics. Featured on the website          Year established: 1979
       are a few of its recent publications which are available for
       sale or for free. Interested parties may e-mail                      Principal functions:
                                                                            •    To formulate negotiation strategies and bilateral trade
Local branches:                                                                  agreements with major importing countries (United States of
                                                                                 America, EU, Canada);
DAP Sa Mindanao (DSM)                                                       •    To carry out the overall administration and allocation of export
Rm. 202 Villa Abrille Building                                                   quotas;
C. M. Recto Avenue                                                          •    To process and issue garment textile export clearances/export
Davao City 8000                                                                  licenses, licenses of bonded manufacturing warehouses and
Phone: (63 82) 2212677                                                           authorization to import raw materials;
E-mail:                                                 •    To conduct activities that aim to diversify and expand markets
                                                                                 and optimize quota utilization.
DAP Conference Centre (DAPCC)
Barrio Sungay,                                                              Service/activities:
Tagaytay City 2720
Phone: (63 46) 4131291, 4131292                                             Export registration:
E-mail:                                                    •   Garment exporters are required to submit a company profile
                                                                                form designed for the purpose. This is the equivalent of being
DAP Sa Visayas Office (DSV)                                                     registered with the GTEB. Registered companies are included
Room 205, LDM Building                                                          in the publication of the GTEB Directory of Philippine
M.J. Cuenco cor. Legaspi Sts.                                                   Garments and Textile Exporters distributed worldwide to
Cebu City                                                                       foreign buying offices and overseas Philippine trade centres.
Phone: (63 32) 2541126


Re-accreditation/monitoring of social compliance:                          Product design and development:
•   Re-accredits exporters that comply based on the standard               • Assists exporters develop design-oriented and market adapted
    criteria patterned after the Worldwide Responsible Apparel                 products through the hiring of foreign/local fashion designers;
    Production Program (WRAPP);                                            • Extends product development assistance to exporters to
•   Monitors compliance of exporters to global ethical sourcing                upgrade the quality of Philippine products.
                                                                           Development assistance programme for the industry:
Export information services through website and publications:              • Promotion/implementation of GTEB Scholarship Programme
•   Provides updated statistics on garment and textile exports;                for training courses chosen by garment firms;
•   Gives information on trends, trade opportunities, trade fairs,         • Provision for micro firms to avail of the General Sewing Data
    selling missions, seminars and training through publications               (GSD) system at the GTEB common service facility;
    and through the Internet;                                              • Eliciration of cooperation between government, management,
•   Maintains files of foreign buyers and listings according to                and labour groups through tripartite dialogue to get support for
    country of destination and product line, for easy access of                Networking for Gain-sharing Programme for the parties to
    prospective exporters;                                                     agree on acceptable standards of outputs and incentives;
•   Distributes Directory of Philippine Garments and Textile               • Encouragement of firms to be compliant with international
    Exporters, supplemented by current listing of Export Quota                 standards of quality by providing certain subsidy in the cost of
    Holders.                                                                   undergoing the ISO 9001, 2000, WRAP/SA 8000
Export assistance and facilitation services:                               • Partnership with financing institutions for the grant of loan
•   A frontline service counter is provided for speedy assistance              facility to garment and textile manufacturer-exporters;
    to current and potential exporters and traders.                        • Coordination with the Bureau of Customs to address speed-to-
                                                                               market concerns;
Trade facilitation:                                                        • Development of Web-based Inquiry and Report System
•   Export/import licensing – time-bound processing of                         (WIReS) to provide the industry access to wider, accurate and
    export/import documents:                                                   timely information; and facilitate online transactions.
    -     Evaluates applications and issues licences to import raw
          materials and to operate a bonded manufacturing                  Publications issued:
    -     Evaluates and issues Export Licences, textile Visa,              •    Directory of Philippine Garments and Textile Exporters.
          Textile Export Clearance, Certificate of Origin, Special         •    Export Quota Holders.
          export Licence, and certifications as required by the            •    GTEB Annual Report.
          importing countries;                                             •    GTEB Sales Kit How We Can Help You.
•   Continuous enhancement of the quota system and its
    implementing rules, regulations and procedures:                        Products/commodity responsible for:
    -     Grant of quota as incentive to firms that engage in
          productivity or growth enhancement programmes                    Garments/apparel item; textile/textile made-ups (bed linens, table
          (technology/skills upgrading, participation in trade             cloths, stuffed toys, etc.).
          promotional activities, etc.).
Seminars and training:
•   Conducts seminars/trainings on GTEB Rules and Regulations              Coordinates with allied government agencies in conducting training
    to facilitate transactions between the Board and garment                   programmes and seminars on specialized subjects;
    exporters;                                                             Organizes dialogues in the provincial regions to promote garment
•   Coordinates with other government agencies and private                     exports and to disseminate market-related information
    entities in the conduct of technical training programmes and
    seminars on specialized topics.                                        Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:

Buyer-supplier matching programme:                                         Garments/textile industry.
•   Matching between buyers and sellers and with other potential
    partners;                                                              Category:
•   Provides valuable contacts and business information to both
    buyers and sellers.                                                    Commodity board; Ministry of Trade; and trade facilitation body.

Market research and product promotion:
•   Conducts exploratory market research missions and studies in
    untapped markets such as non-quota countries;
•   Prepares country and product specific marketing strategies.

International fairs/missions:
• Conducts/organizes participation of exporters to trade fairs
     and selling missions.


INTERNATIONAL TRADE GROUP (ITG)                                                  Foreign Trade Service Corps:
                                                                                 •    Assists Philippine businesspersons, producers and exporters
Office/postal address:                                                                with marketing information and project development support,
                                                                                      and liaises with foreign government agencies;
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)                                           •    Develops market and commercial intelligence for
5th Floor, Industry and Investments Building                                          dissemination to Philippine businesspersons, provides direct
385 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue                                                             support to DTI’s overseas promotional programmes;
Makati City, Metro Manila 1200                                                   •    Assists businesspersons handle complaints against foreign
                                                                                      firms and Governments;
Phone:    (63 2) 8953318, 8976682 loc. 239                                       •    Supports DTI’s units in import and export administration,
Fax:      (63 2) 8953393                                                              monitoring of trade agreements and investments promotion;
                                                                                 •    Is accountable for established foreign investment and export
E-mail:                                                           targets for their respective areas of responsibility.
                                                                                 Publications issued:
Year established: The Executive Order 133, signed in 1987,
reorganizes the International Trade Group (ITG) of DTI.                          •   Export/Import Manuals: Handy Guide to Export.
However, several executive issuances were made since 1987 that                   •   Export/Import Manuals: Handy Guide to Import.
authorizes the Secretary of DTI to conduct internal                              •   Philippine Exporter’s Manual Vols. 1 and 2.
reorganization. Today, ITG is operating under a lean
                                                                                 •   Philippine Export Development Plan.
organizational set-up with focused agencies catering to specific
                                                                                 •   Guidebook on Exports for Local Chief Executives.
client needs. ITG has emerged as the country’s Trade Promotion
Office (TPO).                                                                    •   Early Bird News (available on the DTI website).
                                                                                 •   Philippine Business Report.
Principal functions:                                                             •   Online Catalogue of CITEM.

•    To be the primary coordinative, promotive, facilitative and                 Local branches:
     regulatory arm of the Government for the country’s trade,
     industry and investment services;                                           Bureau of Export Trade Promotion (BETP)
•    To act as catalyst for intensified private sector activity in order         5th-8th Floor, New Solid Bldg.
     to accelerate and sustain economic growth through: (a) a                    357 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
     comprehensive industrial growth strategy, (b) a progressive                 Makati City, Metro Manila
     and socially responsible liberalization and deregulation                    Phone: (63 2) 8953654, 8990133, 7593381
     programme, and (c) policies designed for the expansion of and               Fax:       (63 2) 8904707, 8904716
     diversification of trade, both domestic and international.                  E-mail:

The International Trade Group is involved in standards and                       Bureau of International Trade Relations (BITR)
programme development, and policy formulation on international                   3rd Floor, Trade and Industry Bldg.
trade and commerce. It is also tasked to monitor the                             361 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
developmental, regulatory and service delivery programmes of                     Makati City, Metro Manila
DTI that are pertinent to international trade and commerce.                      Phone: (63 2) 7510384
                                                                                 Fax:       (63 2) 7513262

The ITG agencies are organized by functions, according to the                    Foreign Trade Service Corps
services required by exporters in their value chain:                             Coordinating Office (FTSC)
                                                                                 5th Floor, New Solid Bldg.
Bureau of Export Trade Promotion:                                                357 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
                                                                                 Makati City, Metro Manila
•   Formulates and monitors programmes, plans and projects
                                                                                 Phone: (63 2) 8979659, 8979661, 8979672
    pertinent to the development, promotion and expansion of the
                                                                                 Fax:       (63 2) 8904774
    foreign trade of the Philippines;
•   Formulates country and product export strategies;
•   Conducts research on new product development and                             Offices abroad:
    adaptation opportunities in the export markets, identifies the
    domestic supply base for such products;                                      The DTI offices abroad are managed by the Foreign Trade Service
•   Prepares situation reports on all export production; prepares                Corps, under the International Trade Group of DTI. The directory
    and updates country and regional market profiles;                            of DTI’s Overseas Trade Offices is available on the Business
•   Maintains an integrated information system on all aspects of                 Guide of the DTI website:
    the products relevant to export marketing.
                                                                                 Products/commodity responsible for:
Bureau of International Trade Relations:
•   Responsible for all matters pertaining to foreign trade relations            Construction materials; electronics; food; giftware and holiday
    (bilateral, regional, multilateral) market access and market                 décor; home furnishings; IT and IT-enabled services; marine
    access-related matters;                                                      products; motor vehicle parts and components; organic and
•   Formulates positions and strategies for trade negotiations,                  natural products; and wearables.
    consultations and conferences; supervises trade negotiations,
    consultations and conferences.


Training:                                                                  Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
                                                                           •    Export Development Act (Republic Act No. 7844).
Trade Business Management Courses:                                         •    Foreign Investment Act (Republic Act No. 8179).
    -    Export Management Courses,                                        •    Foreign Investment List (Executive Order No. 286).
    -    Entrepreneurial Development Courses,                              •    Omnibus Investment Code (Executive Order No. 226).
    -    E-commerce Programmes.                                            •    Retail Trade Liberalization Act (Republic Act No. 8762).
Testing and Inspection Courses:                                            Category:
     -    Food (e.g. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point -
          HACCP, Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),                Design centre; Ministry of Trade; state trading organization; trade
     -    Garments (e.g. Quality Control for Garment Industry,             facilitation body; trade fair and exhibition authority; trade
          Production Management of the Garment Industry),                  promotion organization; and training/research institute.
     -    Furniture (e.g. Production Management for the
          Furniture Industry, Quality Management for the
          Furniture Industry),
     -    Quality and Productivity Courses (e.g. Supervisory               PHILIPPINE ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY
          Effectiveness for Improved Quality and Productivity,
          ISO 14000 Environment Management System).

                                                                           Office/postal address:
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                           Almeda Building
The Board of Investments (BOI) is a government agency under
                                                                           Roxas Boulevard cornor San Luis Street
the Industry and Investment Group (IIG) of DTI, which promotes
                                                                           Pasay City
investments in the Philippines. Investors, who are located outside
of economic zones, register with the BOI. On the other hand,
                                                                           P.O. Box: 3403, Makati CPO
investors who wish to locate in economic zones must apply and
register with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).
                                                                           Phone: (63 2) 5513438, 5513436
PEZA manages and operates economic zones all over the country
                                                                           Fax:   (63 2) 5113436
and collects application and registration fees. To facilitate the
processing of export documentation, One-Stop-Export-
Documentation-Centres are located in economic zones. Also, to
facilitate the processing of Permanent Resident Status of foreign
nationals and their families, offices of the Bureau of Immigration
                                                                           Year established:      1995
and Deportation are located in economic zones.
                                                                           Principal function:
The Investment Priorities Plan 2005 (IPP 2005) is a rolling
annual plan of priority industries and service areas, which are
being encouraged through the grant of fiscal and non-fiscal                •    To promote investments to the Philippines, particularly in
incentives. IPP 2005 contains a list of Priority Investment Areas               PEZA economic zones.
under the following: Preferred Activities, Other Preferred
Activities, Mandatory Inclusions and the Autonomous Region for             Services/activities:
Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) List. All activities under these lists
shall be eligible to incentives prescribed under EO No. 226 or the         •    Provides investment information, guidelines and assistance
Omnibus Investment Code, as amended, subject to the general                     to prospective PEZA investors and visitors;
policies and guidelines of the BOI.                                        •    Undertakes promotion and marketing of PEZA Ecozones, IT
                                                                                Parks and Buildings;
The Preferred Activities covers the Medium-Term Philippine                 •    Provides assistance in the application of investors for
Development Plan (MTPDP) identified 11 investment areas:                        registration as an Ecozone Export Enterprise, Ecozone IT
agribusiness, healthcare and wellness products and services, ICT,               Enterprise, Ecozone Utilities Enterprise or Ecozone Facilities
electronics, motor vehicle products, energy, infrastructure,                    Enterprise;
tourism, shipbuilding/shipping, jewelry and fashion garments.              •    Facilitates the prompt issuance of investors’ visa to
                                                                                expatriates working for PEZA locator enterprises;
Other Preferred Activities covers other export industries,                 •    Organizes inbound/outbound investment missions.
clustering and modernization activities.
                                                                           Publications issued:
Mandatory Inclusions cover all areas/activities where the
inclusion in the IPP and/or the grant of incentives under E.O. 226         •    The Special Economic Zone Act of 1995 (Republic Act No.
is mandated by law.                                                             7916 as amended by Republic Act No. 8748).
                                                                           •    Rules and Regulations to Implement Republic Act No. 7916.
The ARMM List covers priority areas that have been                         •    The PEZA Economic Zones, Your Investment Destination in
independently determined by the Regional Board of Investments                   Asia.
(RBOI) of the ARMM in accordance with E.O. 458. The BOI-                   •    Awaiting Your Investments! Philippine Economic Zones:
ARMM can administer incentives granted to activities located in                 World-Class Environment-Friendly, Ideal Locations for
the ARMM subject to General and Specific Guidelines.                            World Industry Leaders.
                                                                           •    The PEZA Network (official newsletter published quarterly in


Local branches:                                                           PHILIPPINE EXPORTERS CONFEDERATION, INC.
Regular/Public PEZA Ecozones:
                                                                          Office/postal address:
Baguio City Economic Zone
Loakan Road, Baguio City                                                  International Trade Centre Complex
                                                                          Roxas Blvd. Cor. Sen Gil Puyat Avenue
Bataan Economic Zone                                                      Pasay City 1300
Nassco, Mariveles, Bataan
                                                                          Phone: (63 2) 8332531-4
Cavite Economic Zone                                                      Fax:   (63 2) 8312132, 8310231, 8313707
Rosario, Cavite
Mactan Economic Zone                                                      URL:
Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan, Cebu
                                                                          Year established:      1991 (a merger of the Confederation of
Number of operating/proclaimed special economic zones over the            Philippine Exporters and the Philippine Exporters Foundation).
country: 123 (as of 9 June 2005).
                                                                          Principal functions:
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
                                                                          •    To provide programmes and services that will promote the
•   IT services (software development and applications in                      growth and development of the Philippine export industry;
    business, e-commerce, education, media and entertainment;             •    To work with the Government in the development of policies
    engineering, architectural and other design services; multi-               that will support an export-led economic development.
    media graphics, animation, printing and other services; call
    centres; data encoding, transcribing and related services; IT         Services/activities:
    research and development);
•   Electronics;                                                          •    Trade advisory and facilitation;
•   Electrical machinery;                                                 •    Specialized training programmes, seminars and workshops;
•   Transport and car parts;                                              •    Special trade and investment promotions programme;
•   Medical, precision and optical products;                              •    Information collection and dissemination;
•   Precision equipment;                                                  •    Technical support to regional and provincial chapters and
•   Processed food;                                                            sectoral associations;
•   Metal products;                                                       •    One-stop export documentation centre (OSEDC);
                                                                          •    Bonded warehousing operations;
•   High-value plastic products;
                                                                          •    Support for trade and investment policy analysis and
•   Refined chemicals;                                                         advocacy.
•   Garments and textiles;
•   Other manufactures.                                                   Publications issued:

Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                     •    PHILEXPORT News and Features (weekly, English).
                                                                          •    Industry Update, Policy Advisories.
Special Economic Zone Act of 1995 or Republic Act (RA) 7916
                                                                          •    Early Bird News Service.
    as amended by RA 8748.
Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 7916 as Amended.
                                                                          Membership structure:        3,000 members, representing 16
Omnibus Investment Code (Executive Order No. 226).
                                                                          product sectors and company sizes in the export industry.
                                                                          Exporters in the regions are reached though 18 regional chapters
                                                                          based in Baguio (Cordillera Administrative Region, Pangasinan,
Investment promotion agency.
                                                                          Cagayan Valley, Pampanga, Calabarzon, MIMAROPA, Bicol,
                                                                          Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Cebu, Leyte, Zamboanga, Cagayan de
                                                                          Oro, Iligan, Davao, SOCSARGEN, CARAGA, ARMM (Sulu,
                                                                          Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Tawi-Tawi).

                                                                          Products/commodity responsible for:

                                                                          Members produce and export automotive parts and accessories,
                                                                          chemicals, electronics, food, footware, leather goods, fashion
                                                                          accessories, furniture, garments, gifts, toys and housewares,
                                                                          information products, technology and services, metals and non-
                                                                          metals, resource-based products and textiles. Also has service
                                                                          providers such as freight forwarders, brokers, trade associations,
                                                                          financial institutions in roster.


                                                                          Trade promotion organization.


PHILIPPINE EXPORT-IMPORT CREDIT AGENCY                                          Services/activities:
(Trade and      Investment     Development     Corporation    of   the          PhilEXIM offers the following export financing programmes:
                                                                                Guarantee Programmes:
Office/postal address:                                                          •   Preshipment Export Finance Guarantee (PEFG) Program -
                                                                                    guarantee coverage on preshipment working capital loans
17th Floor, Citibank Tower                                                          extended by participating financial institutions (PFI) to
Valero Street                                                                       collateral-deficient small and medium exporters;
1200 Makati City                                                                •   Postshipment Export Risk Guarantee (PERG) Program -
                                                                                    guarantee coverage on export bill purchases arising from
and                                                                                 export transactions under PEFG and other receivable financing
                                                                                    extended by PFIs;
3rd and 4th Floors, Citibank Centre                                                 Alternative Schemes of PEFG and PERG:
Citibank Plaza                                                                      -     Export Trade Finance Guarantee (ETFG) - guarantee
8741 Paseo de Roxas                                                                       coverage on transaction-based loans;
1226 Makati City                                                                    -     Revolving Export Loan Guarantee (RELG) - guarantee
                                                                                          coverage to revolving lines;
Phone:          (63 2) 8934809, 8934632                                         •   Term Loan Guarantee Program (TLGP) - guarantee coverage
Trunkline:      (63 2) 8481900, 8934204                                             on medium- and long-term loans of up to P50 million extended
Fax:            (63 2) 8934480, 8934852                                             by PFIs to medium and large exporters, and to small exporters
                                                                                    with PEFG and PERG accounts, for asset acquisition,
E-mail:                                                        expansion and production modernization and related
URL:                                                         expenditures;
                                                                                •   General Facility Program (GFP) - guarantee coverage on
Year established:       1977                                                        domestic and foreign loans of medium and large exporters and
                                                                                    other domestic enterprises to finance any export promotion
Principal functions:                                                                activities, import substitution industries and other government
                                                                                    priority projects;
•     To guarantee approved foreign loans for developmental                     •   Omnibus Line Guarantee under the General Facility Program
      purposes having special regard to the needs of export-oriented                (OLG-GFP) - guarantee coverage on short-term loans of up to
      industries, BOI-registered industries, public utilities and                   P300 million granted by banks to large, direct and indirect
      industries, the promotion of which is encouraged by                           exporters, with disbursement against letters of credit (L/Cs),
      government policy;                                                            confirmed purchase orders (CPOs) and confirmed sale
•     To guarantee Philippine banking and financial institutions                    contracts (CSCs);
      against loss that may be incurred in connection with the grant            •   Programme for Large Projects in Priority Sectors of the
      of loans/credit accommodations to exporters, producers of                     Government - guarantee coverage on loans from foreign
      export products or contractors with approved service contracts                lending institutions to finance government projects in tourism,
      abroad, organized or licensed to engage in business in the                    ICT, agri-modernization and infrastructure and other projects
      Philippines;                                                                  listed under the Investment Priority Plan of the National
•     To guarantee letters of credit/guarantee issued by Philippine                 Government.
      banks and financial institutions to secure the performance of
      approved service contracts abroad entered into by any entity              Leading Programmes:
      or corporation organized or licensed to engage in business in             •   Short-Term Direct Lending Program - loans of up to
      the Philippines;                                                              P5 million to finance pre-shipment working capital
•     To provide insurance cover, credits and appropriate services to               requirements of SMEs;
      facilitate the export of Philippine goods or services by any              •   Medium- and Long-Term Direct Lending Program - loans of
      entity, enterprise or corporation organized or licensed to                    up to P40 million to finance capital asset acquisition,
      engage in business in the Philippines;                                        expansion and plant modernization and related expenditures of
•     To guarantee or provide insurance cover for investments of                    SMEs, as well as large exporters;
      any entity, enterprises or corporation organized or licensed to           •   Special Credit Facility for Export Development - short-term
      engage in business in the Philippines;                                        loans of up to P1.5 million to finance the pre-shipment
•     To enter into contract of re-insurance with any organized                     working capital requirements of small exporters;
      export credit agency or insurance organization;                           •   SME Unified Lending Opportunities for National Growth
•     To extend direct loans or other credit facilities to any person               (SULONG) – in support of the National SME Development
      or entity for the financing of export contracts and foreign trade             Plan, the government financial institutions (GFIs)
      transactions;                                                                 collabourated to design a uniform lending programme, tailor-
•     To provide technical assistance preparation, financing,                       made to meet the funding needs of SMEs. Under the unified
      execution of development or expansion programmes,                             lending program, the participating GFIs shall apply simplified
      including the formulation of specific project proposals.                      and standardized lending procedures and guidelines, for
                                                                                    example loan purpose, fee structures, interest rates, application
                                                                                    forms, financial ratios and other lending parameters, for
                                                                                    evaluating the loan application of SMEs.


Trade Credit Insurance Programmes:                                         PHILIPPINE SHIPPERS’ BUREAU
•   Export Credit Insurance - insurance coverage to exporters
    against non-payment by foreign buyers of export shipments on           Office/postal address:
    credit arising from political and commercial risks;
•   Domestic Credit Insurance (Globalliance) - insurance                   5th Floor, Trade and Industry Building
    coverage on receivables of a multinational’s subsidiary                361 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
    companies against non-payment of buyers in the subsidiary’s            Makati City, Metro Manila
•   @rating (Credit Rating Service) - a web-based global trade             P.O. Box: 3828 Makati Central Post Office, Metro Manila
    debt rating service system which certifies, rates and secures
    B2B trades online, and assesses the transaction risks involved         Phone: (63 2) 7510384, 7512512-7, 7513304, 89104892
    as well as the creditworthiness and payment capacity of                Fax:   (63 2) 7513305
    buyers across the globe.
Trade Information Exchange System (TRADEX) – an Internet-                  URL:
based information system designed to enable real-time and
interactive matching and exchange of information on buyers and             Year established:      1973
sellers in international trade to facilitate financing and other
services (                                  Principal functions:

Publications issued:                                                       •    To promote and protect the common interests of Philippine
                                                                                exporters, importers and other commercial users of water
•   Annual Report.                                                              transport;
•   Corporate Profile of PhilEXIM.                                         •    To consult/negotiate with cartelized, as well as individual
•   Newsletter.                                                                 lines, on proposed general and specific freight charges, the
•   News Bulletin.                                                              provision and maintenance of adequate, reliable and
•   PhilEXIM Law Digest.                                                        economic shipping services, and provision of equitable
•   Brochures and primers of programmes.                                        shipping contracts;
                                                                           •    To serve as a clearing house of information on shipping
Local branches:                                                                 services and other matters of interest to Philippine shippers;
                                                                           •    To bring to the attention of the Government the laws,
Naga Field Unit                                                                 policies, rules and regulations that hamper the development
Unit B-2, 2nd Floor, DMG Building                                               of Philippine trade and commerce, especially those which
Peñafrancia Avenue, Naga City                                                   may delay or obstruct the speedy, economical and efficient
Fax:      (63 54) 4738588                                                       carriage of goods, and recommend and work for appropriate
                                                                                legislation and adoption of remedial measures;
Cebu Field Unit                                                            •    To maintain and develop close relations with shippers’
Room 406 Keppel Centre, Samar Loop                                              councils and relevant organizations in Asia and other
corner Cardinal Rosales Ave., Cebu City                                         countries for the attainment of the objectives of the Bureau;
Fax:     (63 32) 4738588                                                   •    To serve as the central implementing authority for the use of
                                                                                Philippine flag vessels in the country’s foreign trade, as
Davao Field Unit                                                                prescribed by PD 1466.
Unit 43, 4th Floor, Landco Building
PDCP Corporate Centre                                                      Services/activities:
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Fax:      (63 82) 2222241                                                  •    Organizes/strengthens shippers’ associations;
                                                                           •    Undertakes research and analysis of projected increases in
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                                freight rates and various surcharges and other shipping terms
                                                                                and conditions;
Export sector, priority projects of the Government, i.e. tourism,          •    Computes freight costs of exporters’ shipments to specific
ICT, agri-modernization and infrastructure projects.                            port destinations, as well as price quotations of their exports
                                                                                to prospective buyers;
Category:                                                                  •    Educates shippers in the proper and economical stuffing,
                                                                                packing and packaging of export cargoes;
Export credit insurance; export financing organization;                    •    Secures adequate shipping services for the carriage of
investment financing organization; export-import credit agency;                 Philippine exports/import through the use of the Philippine
and government owned and controlled corporation.                                flag vessels, pursuant to PD 1466;
                                                                           •    Conducts seminars/workshops on how to save shipping costs
                                                                                in the transport of shippers’ cargoes;
                                                                           •    Provides systematic vessel chartering services or charter
                                                                                vessels for the benefit of Philippine shippers;
                                                                           •    Accredits international and domestic sea freight forwarders.


Offices abroad:                                                             Services/activities:

Philippine consular offices, which may have been delegated                  •    Conducts seminars/training programmes on:
authority by the Bureau to grant waivers pursuant to the
implementation of PD 1466 (Philippine Cargo Reservation Law).               Entrepreneurship development
                                                                                   - How to Start a Business;
Membership structure: 577 accredited freight forwarders (as                        - Entrepreneurship Development Programme: new
of 1 August 2005) and 11 regional shipping association.                               business creation;
                                                                                   - Entrepreneurship Development Programme: business
Products/commodity responsible for:                                                   improvement and sustainability;
                                                                                   - Franchising: how to select and buy a franchise/how to
Provides assistance to shippers.
                                                                                      start and manage a franchise;
                                                                                   - Business plan preparation for SMEs;
                                                                                   - Preparing a feasibility study for SMEs;
Conducts seminars/workshops on how to save on shipping costs                       - Strategic marketing: how to win customers;
in the transport of shippers’ cargoes.                                             - Basic business recording for SMEs;
                                                                                   - How to improve selling skills;
Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:                                   - Effective market research;
                                                                                   - Effective customer service;
Accreditation/registration of freight forwarding companies.                        - Effective business presentation;
                                                                                   - Effective procurement/purchasing management;
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                              - Financial management for SMEs;
                                                                                   - Retail management;
•    Executive Order No. 226 “Omnibus Investments Code of                          - Brand management;
     1987”.                                                                        - Sharpening staff writer skills for business.
•    Foreign Investment Act of 1991 - Republic Act No. 7042.
                                                                            Export management
Category:                                                                          - Expanding business through export (basics of
Ministry of Trade; shipper’s council, port authority, national                     - Product costing and pricing;
shipping corporation; trade facilitation body; and trade support.                  - Effective negotiation skills;
                                                                                   - Market briefing and understanding market access
                                                                                   - Import procedures and documentation;
PHILIPPINE TRADE TRAINING CENTER (PTTC)                                            - Understanding customs valuation;
                                                                                   - How to Avoid and Resolve Trade Complaints;
Office/postal address:                                                             - International transportation and INCO terms;
                                                                                   - Chinese-Mandarin/French/Japanese             Business
PTTC Building                                                                         Language Courses;
Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard                                    - Supply chain management/logistics management.
1300 Pasay City
                                                                            Trade exhibition management and participation
Phone:    (63 2) 8341344 - 49
                                                                                   - Creative and technical aspects of exhibition and visual
Fax:      (63 2) 8341343
E-mail:                                                           - How to participate in trade fairs.
Year established:      1987                                                      - Introduction to computers and MS Windows;
                                                                                 - Basic MS Word/MS Excel/MS Powerpoint;
Principal functions:                                                             - Adobe Pagemaker;
                                                                                 - Adobe Photoshop;
PTTC is an attached agency of the Department of Trade and                        - Dreamweaver MX;
Industry that serves as the Government’s training arm for export                 - Macromedia Flash MX;
trade. Its mandates are:                                                         - Macromedia Fireworks.

•    To design and develop training curricula and corresponding             Business support and development
     instructional materials, and conduct training programmes for                  - Basic business advisor’s course;
     micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), business                         - Business management systems;
     support organizations, and the government sector;                             - Training and development of business advisors and
•    To provide post-training advisory and counselling services for                    counsellors;
     MSMEs;                                                                        - Capability build-up for MSME business counsellors.
•    To provide customized in-company training programmes and                      - General quality and productivity improvement;
     services;                                                                     - Supervisory effectiveness for improved quality and
•    To provide a venue for MSMEs as well as large enterprises to                      productivity;
     promote their products by marketing, renting out and                          - Effective leadership skills;
     maintaining exhibition facilities, and providing events                       - Problem-solving and decision-making techniques;
     management support.                                                           - Management of change;


      -   ISO 9000 quality management system;                              Publications issued:
      -   ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system
          documentation;                                                   Books:
      -   ISO/IEC 17025:1999 the standards of a labouratory                •   Trade Secrets: The Export Answer Book for Small and
          competence;                                                          Medium-sized Enterprises. (March 2000, English; in
      -   ISO/IEC 17025 internal quality audit;                                cooperation with the International Trade Centre
      -   ISO 14000 environmental management system;                           UNCTAD/WTO).
      -   Internal quality audit;                                          •   Secrets of Electronic Commerce: A Guide for Exporters.
      -   Total quality management;                                            (June 2001, English; in cooperation with the International
      -   Basic productivity tools and techniques;                             Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO).
      -   5S of good housekeeping;
      -   Values orientation;                                              Courseware (CD-ROM):
      -   Statistical process control;                                     •   eBiz Plan – A reference material for preparing a business
      -   Social responsibility;                                               plan.
      -   Managing issues, problems and conflict in a family-              •   Exporting made e-Z – A guide to prospective exporters.
          owned enterprise;                                                •   Good Practices in Food Manufacturing – A guide intended
      -   Time and motion study;                                               for food handlers and supervisors of food manufacturing
      -   Introduction to ergonomics;                                          plants.
      -   Occupational health and safety;
      -   Process optimization through design of experiments;              Training:
      -   Materials management and inventory control;
      -   Structural packaging.                                            As detailed under services/activities.

•   Provides training courses and advisory services for the food,          Category:
    garment and furniture sectors. Emphasis is given to
    operational efficiency of SMESs.                                       Training institute; trade fair and exhibition venue; and trade
                                                                           promotion organization.
    Quality and productivity improvement for the food sector
      - Current good manufacturing practices;
      - Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP);
      - Application of sensory evaluation in food testing and
          product development;
      - Packaging and labelling for processed food;
      - Cost management for the food industry;
      - Shelf life determination;
      - Food safety;
      - Quality inspection and testing of processed fruits and
      - Post-harvest handling of fruits and vegetables.

    Quality and productivity improvement for the garment sector
      - Production management for the garment industry;
      - Quality management for the garment industry;
      - Fabric sourcing;
      - Fabric and thread: selection and usage;
      - Fashion merchandising;
      - Colour merchandising;
      - Patternmaking;
      - Clothing machinery repair and maintenance.

    Quality and productivity improvement for the furniture
      - Production management for the furniture industry;
      - Quality management for the furniture industry;
      - Materials management and inventory control for the
           furniture industry;
      - Basic furniture finishing techniques;
      - Advanced furniture finishing techniques.

•   Rents out exhibition facilities and seminar rooms for domestic
    and international trade fairs, conventions, special events and
    other promotional activities;
•   Conducts WTO capacity-building programmes and maintains
    a WTO Resource Centre.


                                                                            Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                            Industry and Investments Building
Cultural Centre Complex                                                     385 Sen. Gil J. at Avenue
Roxas Boulevard                                                             Makati City
1300 Pasay City
                                                                            Phone:    (63 2) 8953611
Phone:    (63 2) 8321112-9                                                  Fax:      (63 2) 8956487
Fax:      (63 2) 8323649
E-mail:,                                  URL:

Year established:      1973                                                 Year established:      1981

Principal functions:                                                        Principal functions:

•    To promote industrial design as a tool for improving the               •    To design, operate and maintain a system for the collection,
     quality and competitiveness of Philippine products, and                     storage and retrieval of trade and industry information;
     services the design needs of entrepreneurial groups and                •    To disseminate comprehensive and relevant information on
     associations from every level of industry;                                  trade, industry and investments;
•    To design, develop or improve products and packages based              •    To coordinate and monitor the information campaigns on the
     on market requirements and manufacturer’s production                        Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) services,
     capability;                                                                 programmes and projects;
•    To gather and disseminate data on design and market                    •    To develop communication programmes promoting Philippine
     directions and developments and cultural references, and to                 trade and investment opportunities;
     undertake applied research on materials and technologies               •    To provide editorial and creative services in support of other
     related to product development;                                             DTI unit’s information programmes.
•    To advance awareness and appreciation of the Industrial
     design profession through exhibitions, seminars, dialogue, and         Services/activities:
                                                                            •    Packages and disseminates publications (print/online) and
Services/activities:                                                             periodic reports;
                                                                            •    Provides assistance to DTI agencies;
•    Design of new product, product adaptation, product                     •    Maintains database on trade and investments;
     diversification or expansion of existing product or line based         •    Provides enquiry services;
     on market needs and available technology;                              •    Provides library and reach-out services;
•    New design and redesign of packages of food and non-food               •    Maintains/manages a Business Research Centre;
     products based on requirements of target market;                       •    Maintains a mailing list for publications and information
•    Hands-on learning and application of skills such as finishing,              dissemination.
     knotting, bleaching and dyeing techniques related to product
     development;                                                           Publications issued:
•    Seminars on product development and trends, and information
     on generic product and package design details and processes-           •    Directory of DTI Officials.
     related to product development;                                        •    DTI Annual Report.
•    Access to design and industry publications for individuals             •    DTI Dataline (biweekly).
     interested in the study of design.                                     •    DTI Guide to Services (biennium).
                                                                            •    Philippine Business Report (monthly newsletter).
Publications issued:
                                                                            •    DTI papers (occasionally).
•    PDDCP Design Digest Update.                                            Areas/industries where investment is encouraged:
•    PDDCP Design Digest.
                                                                            •    Export activities;
Local branches:
                                                                            •    Industrial tree plantation;
                                                                            •    Iron and steel projects;*
DTI Bldg., corner J.M. Basa - Peralta Streets
Iloilo City                                                                 •    Exploration, mining, quarrying and processing of minerals;*
                                                                            •    Publication or printing of books or textbooks;*
Jomil Bldg., Georgetown Park                                                •    Refining, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum
Rizal Street, Cabangan                                                           products;
4500 Legaspi City, Albay                                                    •    Ecological Solid Waste Management Act;
                                                                            •    Agricultural/fishery production and processing;*
Category:                                                                   •    Energy sources;
                                                                            •    Logistics;
Design centre.                                                              •    Drugs and medicines;*


•    Engineered products;*                                               Principal function:
•    Information and communication technology;*
•    Infrastructure;                                                     •    To provide a variety of services and facilities to members
•    Mass housing projects including development and                          and clients, which include: access to and exchange of trade
     manufacture of housing components;*                                      information, business opportunities and trade leads through
•    Research and development activities, including biotechnolgy              WTCA OnLine (, display and exhibit
•    Social service;*                                                         facilities, meeting facilities, trade missions, international
•    Tourism-related projects endorsed by the Department of                   trade show participation, training and educational services,
     Tourism;*                                                                lounge and dining services, and consumer and business
•    Motion picture limited to films with historical and socio-
     cultural significance, and documentary films;
•    New projects and bio-technology projects with a minimum
     project cost of US$ 2 million and which were not
                                                                         •    Reciprocity - provides members an access to the services and
     commercially undertaken in the Philippines as of
                                                                              facilities being offered at all World Trade Centres
     31 December 2001;                                                        worldwide;
•    Printing facilities.                                                •    WTCA OnLine - provides access to World Trade Centres
                                                                              Association’s Internet website which is a premier destination
* with modernization projects.                                                for businesses who want to succeed in the world of
                                                                              international trade;
Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:                    •    Trade information service - provides access to various
                                                                              information on business, trade and investment opportunities,
•    The Omnibus Investment Code of 1987 (Executive Order                     world markets, trade statistics, e-commerce, government
     No. 226).                                                                regulations and other business developments;
•    The Foreign Investments Act of 1991 (Republic Act                   •    International trade library - maintains a library which houses
     No. 704).                                                                an extensive collection of trade journals, directories,
•    The Special Economic Zone Act (Republic Act No. 7916).                   magazines and other publications on world markets, laws and
•    The Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992.                        regulations in different countries, tariffs and other
•    Republic Act No. 7721.                                                   periodicals;
                                                                         •    Trade missions/trade show participation - organizes
•    The Build-Operate-Transfer Act (Republic Act No. 7718).
                                                                              incoming/outgoing trade missions and international trade
•    Republic Act No. 7888.                                                   show participation in cooperation with other World Trade
•    Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 (Republic Act No. 8792).                 Centres abroad;
•    Export Development Act (Republic Act No. 7844).                     •    Training and educational services - organizes training
•    Foreign Investment Act (Republic Act No. 8179).                          programmes and seminars conducted by local and foreign
•    Foreign Investment List (Executive Order No. 286).                       experts, with topics covering various facets of business and
•    Omnibus Investment Code (Executive Order No. 226).                       trade;
•    Retail Trade Liberalization Act (Republic Act No. 8762).            •    Lounge and dining services - provides lounge and dining
•    Safeguards Measures Act (Republic Act No. 8800).                         services at special discounted rates to members for their
•    Transaction Value Act (Republic Act No. 8181).                           business meetings and private functions;
                                                                         •    Consumer and business services such as: computer rentals,
•    Motor Vehicle Development Program (MVDP) (OE # 156).
                                                                              Internet access, facsimile and photocopying services,
                                                                              answering service, translation services and other clerical and
Category:                                                                     secretarial services;
                                                                         •    Meeting facilities - provides meeting room facilities for
Trade and industry development promotion organization.                        members and guests;
                                                                         •    Display and exhibit services - provides a venue for
                                                                              showcasing products and services and the newest
                                                                              technologies in the different industries.
                                                                         Publication issued:
Office/postal address:
                                                                         •    WTC News (quarterly, English; it has a readership of around
WTCMM Building                                                                750,000 worldwide).
Financial Centre Area
Roxas Boulevard cor. Gil Puyat Avenue                                    Offices abroad:
Pasay City 1300
                                                                         World Trade Centre Metro Manila is a member of the World
Phone:    (63 2) 551-5151                                                Trade Centres Association (WTCA). WTCA has a total of 288
Fax:      (63 2) 551-5243                                                member centres operating in 77 countries all over the world.

E-mail:                                         Membership Structure:         258    corporate   and    individual
URL:                                             members as of June 2005.

Year established:     1989                                               Category:

                                                                         Trade association; trade fair and exhibition authority; and trade
                                                                         promotion organization.


EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF KOREA                                               Publications issued:

Office/postal address:                                                    •   Annual Report (English).
                                                                          •   A Guide to the Export-Import Bank of Korea
16-1, Yeouido-dong                                                            (English/Korean).
Yeoungdeungpo-gu                                                          •   A Guide to EDCF (English/Korean).
Seoul, 150-996                                                            •   The Project and Structured Finance Program (English).
                                                                          •   Outline of Relending Facility (English).
P.O. Box: 641, Yeouido, Seoul 150-606                                     •   Biannual Handbook of Foreign ECAs (Korean).
                                                                          •   Biannual Handbook of Country Information (Korean).
Phone:      (82 2) 37796114                                               •   Monthly Exim Report (Korean).
Fax:        (82 2) 7841030
                                                                          Local branches:
URL:                                           3rd Floor, Shinhan Bank Building
                                                                          71-1 Sangnam-dong, Changwon 641-831
Year established:      1976                                               Phone: (82 55) 2876830
                                                                          Fax:       (82 55) 2876831
Principal functions:                                                      E-mail:
•    To facilitate the sound development of the national economy          13th Floor, Samsung Securities Trust Building
     and enhance economic cooperation with foreign countries;             190-5, Beomeo-dong
•    To engage in a variety of financial business activities to           Suseong-gu, Daegu 706-742
     achieve its purpose;                                                 Phone: (82 53) 7541021
•    To extend financial support for export and import                    Fax:      (82 53) 7541020
     transactions, overseas investment projects, development of           E-mail:
     natural resources overseas and trade finance, to operate the
     Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) and the                 16th Floor, Capital Tower Bldg.
     Inter-Korea Cooperation Fund.                                        931 Dunsan 2-dong
                                                                          Seo-gu, Daejeon 302-828
Services/activities:                                                      Phone: (82 42) 4899715
                                                                          Fax:      (82 42) 4899716
•    Provides medium- and long-term export loans to domestic              E-mail:
     suppliers, including SMEs, and foreign buyers to support the
     export of Korean capital goods and technical services;               7th Floor, Korea First Bank Building
•    Provides medium- and long-term credits to domestic                   9-2 Geumnam-ro 3-ga
     importers for the import of raw materials and to domestic            Dong-gu, Gwangju 501-023
     investors for overseas ventures;                                     Phone: (82 62) 2326944
•    Provides guarantees for domestic and foreign financial               Fax:       (82 62) 2326946
     institutions against losses incurred in financing either the         E-mail:
     domestic supplier or the foreign buyers;
•    Provides economic development cooperation loans for                  15th Floor, KORAM Bank Building
     industrial development and economic stabilization in                 1127, Guwol-dong
     developing countries;                                                Namdong-gu, Incheon 405-220
•    Operates the Economic Development Cooperation Fund                   Phone: (82 32) 2356114
     (EDCF) that assists developing countries in implementing             Fax:      (82 32) 2356121
     development projects by extending bilateral Official                 E-mail:
     Development Assistance (ODA) loans;
•    Operates Inter-Korea Cooperation Fund under the initiative           14th Floor, Hongwoo Building, 945-1
     and policy coordination of the National Unification Board to         Daechi 3-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-846
     expand mutual exchange and cooperation with the                      Phone: (82 2) 62486114
     Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the areas of home           Fax:      (82 2) 62486119
     visits, cultural activities, sports, trade and economic              E-mail:
•    Operates Overseas Economic Research Institute to provide             6th Floor, LG Bldg.
     local firms seeking overseas investment opportunities with           257-5, Bujeon 2-dong
     coordinated and comprehensive services for launching                 Busanjin-gu, Busan 614-737
     businesses overseas.                                                 Phone: (82 51) 8175050
                                                                          Fax:       (82 51) 8176060

                                                                          9th Floor, Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Centre, 906-5
                                                                          Iui-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon 443-766
                                                                          Phone: (82 31) 2596600~7
                                                                          Fax:       (82 31) 2596609

                                                                                             REPUBLIC OF KOREA

5th Floor, Dongyang Investment Bank                       Frankfurt Representative Office
1358-8 Dahl-dong                                          Zeppelinallee 65-67, Ecke Blanchardstrasse
Nam-gu, Ulsan 680-727                                     60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: (82 52) 2745272~6                                  Phone: (49 69) 9778320
Fax:       (82 52) 2745278                                Fax:      (49 69) 9778316
E-mail:                             E-mail:

6th Floor Chungcheongbuk-do SandM Business Centre         New Delhi Representative Office
1508-1, Gagyeong-dong                                     B2 Qutab Hotel Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg,
Heungduk-gu, Cheongju, 361-802                            New Delhi 110016 India
Phone: (82 43) 2370471                                    Phone: (91 11) 51688721
Fax:      (82 43) 2370476                                 Fax:     (91 11) 51688723
E-mail:                          E-mail:

10th Floor KTCU Jeonbuk Bldg., 769-1                      P.T. Koexim Mandiri Finance
Seoshin-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, 560-720                  Menara Mulia Tower Suite 2007 JL
Phone: (82 63) 2716134~8                                  Jend Gatot Subroto Kav. 9-11
Fax:      (82 63) 2716139                                 Jakarta 12930, Indonesia
E-mail:                            Phone: (62 21) 5257261
                                                          Fax:      (62 21) 5257260
Offices abroad:                                           E-mail:

São Paulo Representative Office                           Iran Liaison Office
Av. Paulista, 1439 cj. 142,                               No. 18 West Daneshvar Street
CEP 01311-200, C                                          Shaekhbahaei Avenue, Vanak Square
Cesar, São Paulo, Brasil                                  Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Phone: (55 11) 32833021                                   Phone: (98 21) 8065301
Fax:      (55 11) 32870548                                Fax:      (98 21) 8054899
E-mail:                          E-mail:

Beijing Representative Office                             Tokyo Representative Office
Office C-716, Beijing Lufthansa Centre                    Rm. 1904, 19th Floor, Hibiya Daibiru,
50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District                    1-2-2 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku
Beijing 100016, China                                     Tokyo 100-0011, Japan
Phone: (86 10) 64653371                                   Phone: (813) 35808702-3
Fax:      (86 10) 64637116                                Fax:     (813) 35808705
E-mail:                        E-mail:

Kexim Asia Ltd.                                           Mexico City Representative Office
Suite 2511, 25th Floor, Jardine House                     Paseo de la Reforma #350 Edif.
1 Connaught Place, Central                                Torre del Angel piso 8,
Hong Kong, China                                          Col. Juarez del Cuauhtemoc Mexico DF
Phone: (852) 28100182                                     Mexico C.P. 06600
Fax:     (852) 28104460                                   Phone: (52 55) 55118445
E-mail:                            Fax:      (52 55) 55118472
Qingdao Liaison Office
Rm. 1422, Hisense Tower No. 17                            Poland Liaison Office
Donghai west Rd.                                          Korea Trade Centre, 21th Floor, Warsaw
Qingdao, 266071, China                                    Financial Centre ul. Emilii Plater 53
Phone: (86 532) 3095896                                   00-113, Warszawa, Poland
Fax:     (86 532) 3095897                                 Phone: (48 22)5206248
E-mail:                                Fax:      (48 22)5206249

Shanghai Representative Office                            Moscow Representative Office
19E, PUFA Bldg., No. 588                                  Office Building 1704 A
Pudong Road(S), Shanghai, China                           World Trade Centre
Phone: (86 21) 58768575                                   12 Krasnopresnenskaya Nab.
Fax:     (86 21) 58761782                                 123610 Moscow, Russian Federation
E-mail:                             Phone: (7 095) 2582366
                                                          Fax:     (7 095) 2582368
Paris Representative Office                               E-mail:
36 Ave. Hoche, 75008 Paris, France
Phone: (33 1) 44218317
Fax:     (33 1) 44218315


Dubai Representative Office                FEDERATION OF KOREAN INDUSTRIES (FKI)*
Level 4, The Gate PO Box 74777
Dubai, United Arab Emirates                Office/postal address:
Phone: (971 50) 2502937
Fax:      (971 40) 2279686                 2nd Floor, FKI Building
                                           28-1, Yoido-dong
Kexim Bank (UK) Limited                    Yongdeungpo-ku
Boston House                               Seoul 150-756
63-64 New Broad Street
London EC2M 1JJ, United Kingdom            Phone:    (82 2) 37710114
Phone: (44 20) 75625500                    Fax:      (82 2) 37710110
Fax:    (44 20) 75883642
E-mail:             E-mail:
New York Representative Office
460 Park Avenue, 8th Floor                 Year established:      1961
New York, NY 10022
United States of America                   Principal functions:
Phone: (1 212) 3557280
Fax:     (1 212) 3086106                   •    To promote entrepreneurial spirit and the free enterprise
E-mail:                   system;
                                           •    To develop a sound national economy through fully mobilizing
Washington Representative Office                entrepreneurs’ knowledge, experience and capital resources;
1300 L Street, N.W. Suite 825              •    To play a vital role in the private sector in promoting economic
Washington, DC 20005                            cooperation with foreign business communities;
United States of America                   •    To conduct research and survey work on domestic and
Phone: (1 202) 4088838~9                        overseas economic conditions and trends;
Fax: (1 202) 4087858                       •    To advise the Government and other interested parties on
E-mail:                     economic matters;
                                           •    To exchange economic and trade missions with other
Uzbekistan Liaison Office
16th Floor, Project Finance Centre
                                           •    To sponsor business conferences.
National Bank for Foreign Activity
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
101 Amir Temur Str.
Tashkent 100084, Uzbekistan
Phone: (998 71) 1375944                    •    Conducts studies on various domestic and international
Fax:      (998 71) 1355610                      problems which affect the Korean economy including financial
E-mail:                       and fiscal developments, taxation, business trends,
                                                technological development, industrial structure, resources,
Kexim Viet Nam Leasing Co., Ltd.                urban problems, domestic and foreign trade conditions,
9th Floor, Diamond Plaza Building               international economy;
34 Le Duan Street, District 1              •    Provides the Government and its agencies with the
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam                      consolidated views and recommendations of the private
Phone: (84 8) 8257000                           business community on overall economic policies as well as
Fax:       (84 8) 8230854                       specific areas including investment, taxation, financing, price
E-mail:                      structure, resources, foreign trade, export credit, technical
                                                cooperation and improvement of industrial structure;
Category:                                  •    Promotes international economic cooperation. Bilateral
                                                economic cooperation committees and cooperative bodies
Export financing organization.                  established under the umbrella of FKI have been serving as
                                                principal channels for cooperation between the business sector
                                                of the Republic of Korea and its foreign counterparts.

                                           Publications issued:

                                           •    Annual Report, (English).
                                           •    Chun Kyung Ryun (monthly, Korean).
                                           •    Korean Economic Yearbook (Korean).
                                           •    FKI Newsletter (monthly, English, also online).

                                           Membership structure:         342     corporate     members      and
                                           61 business associations.


                                           Industrial promotion organization.

                                                                                                                REPUBLIC OF KOREA

KOREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND                                               KOREA IMPORTERS ASSOCIATION (KOIMA)
                                                                            Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                            KOIMA Building
45, 4-ga, Namdaemun-ro                                                      218 Hankangro 2-ka
Chung-gu                                                                    Yongsan-ku
Seoul 100-743                                                               Seoul 140-875
Phone:    (82 2) 3163546                                                    Phone:    (82 2) 7921581-4
Fax:      (82 2) 7579475                                                    Fax:      (82 2) 7854373
E-mail:                                                   E-mail:
URL:,                                 URL:
Year established:      1884
                                                                            Year established:      1970
Principal functions:
                                                                            Principal functions:
•    To promote economic development, international cooperation;
•    To promote sound development of commerce and industry.                 •    To approve thereby register membership;
                                                                            •    To confirm foreign-issued offers for sale (or quotations) being
Services/activities:                                                             submitted by non-members which are required for import
•    Provides counselling and training on business management;              •    To recommend items adequate for import approval to the
•    Organizes seminars, conferences and meetings both domestic                  authorities concerned which fall under import restriction;
     and international;                                                     •    To liaise and coordinate affairs in question with the
•    Reviews government economic policies and makes                              government authorities concerning the rights and interests of
     recommendations to improve any inadequacies in them;                        members;
•    Undertakes economic research and surveys;                              •    To provide a trade balance with international markets as well
•    Operates a library, publishes and disseminates economic                     as promote mutual trade development, friendly ties and
     information and handles business enquiries;                                 diversification of import markets;
•    Sends and receives trade missions;                                     •    To run the office of market consulting for foreign business
•    Certifies trade documents;                                                  people as one part of government import diversification policy.
•    Provides assistance and guidance to foreign investors;
•    Provides information on industrial locations;                          Services/activities:
•    Participates in international economic organizations including
     International Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of             •    Provides intermediary services in linking foreign firms with
     Asian Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry.                            local partners for trade promotion;
                                                                            •    Dispatches buying missions overseas to promote and expand
Publications issued:                                                             international trade;
                                                                            •    Makes hotel reservations at special rates on behalf of member
•    Doing Business with Korea (English).                                        firms.
•    Economic and Industrial Research Series (Korean).
•    Guide to Investment in Korea (English).                                Publications issued:
•    KCCI Quarterly Review (English).
•    Weekly Chamber Bulletin (Korean).                                      •    KOIMA Magazine.
•    Reports on conferences, seminars and workshops, etc.                   •    Monthly Bulletin.
     (occasional, Korean or English/Korean combined).                       •    Trading Agents Directory (biennial).
•    Korean Business Directory (online at              •    Other brochures.

Office abroad:                                                              Local branch:

401/38 Xiondaiquiche dasha                                                  3F, Architecture Centre
Shoo Yun Iv, Chao Yong Qv                                                   847-18, Beomchon-1 Dong
Beijing                                                                     Jin-ku, Pusan
                                                                            Phone: (82 51) 6437142-3
Membership structure:         70 local chambers of commerce.                Fax:      (82 51) 6437144
Training:                                                                   Category:
The Chamber’s Vocational Training Centre provides a course in               Trade association.
factory automation data processing, computer and graphic design,


Chamber of commerce; and industrial promotion organization.


KOREA INTERNATIONAL TRADE ASSOCIATION                                          •   Operates Korean Trade Information Service (KOTIS), a
(KITA)*                                                                            nationwide online network of databases on economic and trade
                                                                                   statistics, trading systems and procedures, trade and industrial
Office/postal address:                                                             trends, tariffs and non-tariff barriers, importers/exporters,
                                                                                   buyers/suppliers overseas: provides trade and business
Trade Tower                                                                        counselling services;
Korea World Trade Centre                                                       •   Operates Korean Trade Information Centres, a clearing house
159-1, Samsung-dong                                                                for trade-related information, publishes a wide range of
Kangnam-gu                                                                         periodicals and reports including statistics, handbooks,
Seoul 135-729                                                                      directory and catalogues of export products;
                                                                               •   Conducts research and surveys on various subjects relating to
Phone:       (82 2) 5515303-6                                                      international trade and economy, promotes Korea’s
Fax:         (82 2) 5515181, 5515300                                               international competitiveness.

E-mail:;                                  Publications issued:
                                                                               •   KITA publishes over 100 trade-related materials, including 23
Year established:    1946 (formerly: Korea Foreign Trade                           periodicals, some of which are:
Association, name changed in 1996).                                            •   Korea Export (annually).
                                                                               •   Korea Trading Post (monthly).
Principal functions:
                                                                               Local branches:
•    To represent all licensed traders in the Republic of Korea;
•    To provide foreign businesspersons with information, contacts             Local branches in Chunbuk, Daegu, Daejun, Inchun, Kangwon,
     and advice;                                                               Kwangju, Kyungki, Kyungnam, Ulsan, Pusan.
•    To facilitate and promote international trade;
•    To represent and enhance the interests of the entire                      Offices abroad:
     international business community throughout the Republic of
     Korea;                                                                    Offices abroad in Brussels, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York,
•    To function as a leading trade promotion organization in                  Vienna.
     expanding the Republic of Korea’s foreign trade and enlarging
     its role in the world market;                                             Membership structure:        70,000 member companies.
•    To maintain and operate the Korean World Trade Centre
     (KWTC) providing a “one-stop service” to both domestic and                Training:
     overseas businesspersons;
•    To provide supporting services in overseas marketing and to               KITA operates the International Trade Institute (ITI) whose 47
     enhance economic cooperation through trade-related                        specialized programmes include numerous trade specialist courses.
     activities, information services and specialized training                 The ITI cultivates approximately 10,000 specialists every year by
     courses.                                                                  developing systematic curricula, pursuing new fields of academic
                                                                               management and identifying promising recruits through advanced
Services/activities:                                                           database management.

•    Organizes business matchmaking programmes for trade                       Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
     missions, hotel accommodation and tour arrangements;
•    Undertakes activities to promote international cooperation:               •   Foreign Investment Promotion Act.
     provides member firms with opportunities to interact fully                •   The Enforcement Decrees of the Foreign Investment
     with the international community, maintains cooperative                       Promotion Act.
     relationships with major international organizations;                     •   Regulations on Foreign Direct Investment.
•    Promotes trade facilitation through the business inquiry office           •   Foreign Exchange Management Law.
     with support of a computerized database, organizes and
     dispatches trade missions and market survey teams overseas,               Categories:
     assists visiting trade delegations: provides members with
     information on investment and business opportunities                      Trade association; trade promotion organization; training/research
     overseas;                                                                 institute; and owner and operator of Korea World Trade Centre
•    Offers training courses to both international and Korean                  (Seoul).
     businesspersons on trade-related issues including information
•    Operates Korean Convention and Exhibition Centre (COEX):
     provides facilities and service for international exhibitions and
     permanent display of Sample Showcase and Trade Mart and
     foreign trade shows;

                                                                                                            REPUBLIC OF KOREA

KOREA    TRADE-INVESTMENT                       PROMOTION                 Publications issued:
                                                                          •   Managing the Road to Globalization: The Korean Experience
Office/postal address:                                                        (English).
                                                                          •   Introduction to Foreign Direct Investment (English).
International Trade Organization Division                                 •   A Practical Labour Guide for Foreign Investors (English).
300-9, Yomgok-dong                                                        •   Overseas Market News (daily, Korean).
Seoul 137-170                                                             Local branches:

P.O. Box: 101, Seocho                                                     Korea Trade Centre, Kangwon
                                                                          Room 308, GongYoung B/D
Phone:    (82 2) 34607114                                                 Jung Ang Ro 1-9
Fax:      (82 2) 34607777                                                 Chuncheon Kangwondo
                                                                          Phone: (82 33) 2564181
E-mail:                                          Fax:     (82 33) 2564182
URL:                                               E-mail:
Year established:      21 June 1962
                                                                          Korea Trade Centre, Kwang Ju-Chonnam
Principal functions:                                                      5th Floor, Gwangju Small and Medium Business Support Centre
                                                                          621-15, Dochen-dong, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju
•    To promote the Republic of Korea’s foreign trade;                    Phone: (82 62) 9545500/2
•    To promote inbound and outbound investment;                          Fax:       (82 62) 9545505
•    To explore measures to become truly globalized and a leading         E-mail:
     member of the new world economic order.                              URL:

Services/activities:                                                      Korea Trade Centre, Kyonggi
                                                                          12th Floor, KSBC Building, #-Mt.111-8
•    Undertakes trade promotion activities: identifying new               Iui-Dong, Paldal-Gu
     marketing opportunities, arranging business meetings between         Suwon City, Kyonggi-Do, 442-270
     domestic and overseas buyers and suppliers, organizing trade         Phone: (82 31) 2597820/27
     missions abroad;                                                     Fax:      (82 31) 2597848/49
•    Undertakes overseas market studies, product development and          E-mail:
     industrial research programmes, namely, Strategic Marketing          URL:
     Initiative (SMI);
•    Organizes and participates in international trade fairs and          Korea Trade Centre, Kyongnam
     exhibitions;                                                         4th Floor, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building
•    Provides “Globalization Service” to assist local SMEs in             97-6 Shinwol Dong, Changwon, Kyungsangnam-Do
     export marketing;                                                    Phone: (82 55) 2871041/2
                                                                          Fax:       (82 55) 2871030
•    Conducts research on international economic trends,
     international trade developments and current trade-related
•    Maintains close cooperative working ties with international
                                                                          Korea Trade Centre, Taegu-Kyongbuk
     and foreign trade organizations;
                                                                          2nd Floor, Daegu Exhibition
•    Undertakes investment promotion activities through                   Convention Centre (Exco Daegu)
     seminars/meetings, publications, missions, exhibitions and           1676, Sangyeok-2dong
     “Investment Information Centres” at Korea Trade Centres              Buk-Gu, Daegu 702-845
     overseas;                                                            Phone: (82 53) 3838444
•    Provides trade information services through a Global Network         Fax:       (82 53) 3838443
     which links KOTRA's Head Office with its Overseas Trade              E-mail:
     Office and through KOTRA-NET;                                        URL:
•    Publishes and disseminates trade and product-related
     materials;                                                           Korea Trade Centre, Taejon-Chungnam
•    Provides consultation, advisory and library services;                #504, TSSc B/D, 23-14, Jang-Dong
•    Provides marketing support services to local SMEs through            Yusung-Gu, Daejeon
     electronic commerce and home page;                                   Phone: (82 42) 8641717
•    Maintains Korea Investment Service Centre (KISC), a joint            Fax:     (82 42) 8641716
     bureau of KOTRA, government officials and specialists in law         E-mail:
     and economy which enables one-stop service on                        URL:
     inbound/outbound FDIs.


Korea Trade Centre, Pusan                                                 Manila; Melbourne; New Delhi; Phnom Penh; Singapore; Sydney;
3rd Floor, Office Building                                                Yangon; Tokyo; Osaka; Nagoya; Fukuoka; Beijing; Chengdu;
Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre                                    Dalian; Guangzhou; Qingdao; Shanghai; Taipei; Hong Kong,
1291 Woo 2-Dong, Haeundae-Ku, Busan                                       China; Wuhan);
Phone: (82 51) 7407801
Fax:       (82 51) 7407800                                                Europe (Amsterdam; Athens; Berlin; Brussels; Budapest;
E-mail:                                                 Bucharest; Copenhagen; Dublin; Frankfurt; Hamburg; Helsinki;
URL:                                         Istanbul; Lisbon; London; Madrid; Milano; Munich; Oslo; Paris;
                                                                          Prague; Sofia; Stockholm; Vienna; Warsaw; Zagreb; Zürich);
Korea Trade Centre, Incheon
16th Floor, Koram Bank Building                                           North America (Atlanta; Chicago; Dallas; Detroit; Los Angeles;
1127 Guwol-Dong, Namdong-Gu, Inchon                                       Miami; New York; San Francisco; Washington; Toronto;
Phone: (82 32) 4216456                                                    Vancouver);
Fax:      (82 32) 4216459
E-mail:                                                Latin America (Bogotá; Buenos Aires; Caracas; Guatemala; Lima;
URL:                                          Mexico City; Montevideo; Panama; Santiago; Santo Domingo; São
Korea Trade Centre, Chonbuk
5th Floor, Chonbuk Small and                                              Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States
Medium Business Support Centre                                            (Almaty; Kiev; Moscow; Tashkent; Vladivostok).
337-2 Palbok-1dong, Duckjin-ku
Chonju, Chonbuk                                                           Membership structure:        653 members (domestic 355 and
Phone: (82 63) 2144611                                                    overseas 298).
Fax:       (82 63) 2144811
E-mail:                                               Training:
                                                                          English learning courses including conversation and writing.
Korea Trade Centre, Chungbuk
1508-1, Gakyung-dong, Hhungduk-ku                                         Titles of laws and regulations on foreign investment:
361-802 Cheongju, Chungbuk
Phone: (82 43) 2364492/4                                                  •   Foreign Investment Promotion Act.
Fax:     (82 43) 2364495                                                  •   Enforcement Decree of the Foreign.
E-mail:                                               •   Foreigner’s Land Acquisition Act.
URL:                                           •   Act on Private Investment in Infrastructure.
                                                                          •   Industrial Placement and Factory Construction Act.
Korea Trade Centre, Ulsan
4th Floor, Tong Yang Investment Bank Co.                                  Category:
B/D, 1358-8, Dal-Dong, Nam-Gu
Ulsan, 680-030                                                            Investment promotion authority.
Phone: (82 52) 2277744
Fax:       (82 52) 2277745

Korea Trade Centre, Incheon International Office
2851 Unseo-dong, Joong-gu
Incheon City, 400-340
Phone: (82 32) 7402601/3
Fax:     (82 32) 7402600

Taejon Exhibition Centre
3-8 Toryong-dong, Yusong-Gu, Taejon
Phone: (82 42) 3653000, 3001, 3002
Fax:     (82 42) 3653007, 3008

Offices abroad:

There are 99 overseas Korea Trade Centres in 73 countries located

Middle East and Africa (Amman; Baghdad; Beirut; Cairo;
Casablanca; Dubai; Kuwait; Muscat; Riyadh; Tehran; Tel Aviv;
Alger; Johannesburg; Lagos; Nairobi; Tripoli);

Asia and Oceania (Auckland; Bangkok; Chennai; Colombo;
Dhaka; Hanoi; Ho Chi Minh City; Jakarta; Karachi; Kuala Lumpur;

                                                                                                                   REPUBLIC OF KOREA

KOREAN AGENCY FOR TECHNOLOGY AND                                              KOREAN SHIPPERS COUNCIL (KSC)
                                                                              Office/postal address:
Office/postal address:
                                                                              Trade Tower #4806
2, Jungang-dong                                                               World Trade Centre
Gwacheon                                                                      159-1 Samsung 1-dong
Gyeonggi-do, 427-716                                                          Kangnam-gu
                                                                              Seoul 135-729
Phone:    (82 2) 5097399/7400, 5074376
Fax:      (82 2) 5037977                                                      Phone: (82 2) 60005382-8
                                                                              Fax:   (82 2) 60005200
URL:                                                         E-mail:,,
Year established:  1973 (formerly: Korean National Institute                  URL:
of Technology and Quality (KNITQ), changed as of 24 May
1999).                                                                        Year established:      1972

Principal functions:                                                          Principal functions:

•    To manage a national industrial standardization system;                  •    To represent the interests of the shippers of the Republic of
•    To operate a labouratory accreditation system;                                Korea concerning transportation of cargoes and to promote
•    To manage the safety control of electrical appliances and                     cooperation among shippers, carriers and other organizations
     consumer goods;                                                               associated with shipping;
•    To take responsibility for legal metrology system;                       •    To facilitate international trade by ensuring the smooth flow
•    To provide testing/analysis/evaluation functions to industry;                 of export/import cargoes, reducing logistics expenses,
•    To conduct R&D for standardization;                                           protecting the rights of shippers, and improving cargo
•    To operate a national inquiry point for industrial products.                  transportation conditions.

Services/activities:                                                          Services/activities:

•    Develops and manages Korean Industrial Standards (KS);                   •    Conducts negotiations/consultations on freight rates and
•    Accredits testing and calibrations labouratories;                             charges and other matters including documentation and cargo
                                                                                   distribution with liner conferences, airlines, inland truckers,
•    Operates safety certification system for electrical goods;
                                                                                   freight forwarders and other interested parties on behalf of all
•    Conducts safety inspections for consumer goods;
                                                                                   shippers in the country;
•    Operates national calibration system;
                                                                              •    Provides suggestions/recommendations on shipping matters
•    Designates verification bodies for legal metrology devices;
                                                                                   to the Government and other transportation-related
•    Acts as a member of international and regional organizations                  organizations to improve domestic cargo transportation
     including the International Organization for Standardization,                 conditions and reduce cargo distribution costs;
     International Electrotechnical Commission, International
                                                                              •    Maintains close relations with international shippers and
     Labouratory Accreditation Cooperation, International
                                                                                   shipping organizations;
     Organization of Legal Metrology, Pacific Area Standards
                                                                              •    Provides advisory services to its members including shipping
     Congress,      Asia-Pacific      Labouratory       Accreditation
                                                                                   schedules and freight rates, conducts research activities on
     Cooperation, and Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum;
                                                                                   ways to reduce transportation costs, and organizes seminars
•    Functions as World Tade Organization Inquiry Point;                           on shipping to enhance the knowledge and skills for shippers
•    Undertakes research and development of industrial technology                  of the Republic of Korea;
     for standardization;
                                                                              •    Conducts research on the current situations of logistics and
•    Operates certification system for technologies;                               logistics costs, the possible solutions to enhance logistic
•    Provides technical assistance to small and medium enterprises;                efficiency of infrastructure, the trends of freight rates and the
•    Provides technical assistance to developing countries.                        bottlenecks of shippers;
                                                                              •    Facilitates the national project of making the Republic of
Training:                                                                          Korea a North-East Asian economic and logistics hub;
                                                                              •    Provides logistics information such as market freight rates,
Plans and conducts training programmes on standardization, legal                   shipping schedules, logistics news, transportation guidance
metrology and labouratory accredition as follows:                                  and so on via KSC’s website at;
•    “TIC-CAR Project through the APEC Cooperation Centre for                 •    Operates RADIS (Rate Discount Service) in order to reduce
     Conformity Assessment” (2000-2005);                                           shippers’ burden of freight costs;
•    “Training Program Standardization and Conformity                         •    Operates and facilitates related committees such as the
     Assessment” for Experts from ASEAN Countries (2002~).                         Logistics Working Committee.

Commodity standard institute; industrial promotion; Ministry of
Trade; and standard, testing and inspection body.


Publications issued:                                                       11th Floor, Renaissance Tower
                                                                           989-1 Jooan-dong Nam-gu
•        Practical Guidelines for Export and Import Transportation         Incheon Metropolitan City
         (2000, Korean) – online publication.                              Phone: (82 32) 4200011-3
•        Logistic Facilitation among Korea, Japan and Far Eastern          Fax:      (82 32) 4200016
         Russia (2001, Korean).                                            E-mail:
•        Practical Guidelines for Export and Import Transportation
         (2001, Korean) – online publication.                              3rd Floor, Kongyoung Building
•        Practical Guidelines for Export and Import Transportation         9 Joongangno 1-ga
         (2002, Korean) – online publication.                              Chunchon Gangwon-do
•        Cyber Korean Shippers (quarterly, Korean).                        Phone: (82 33) 2563067-8
                                                                           Fax:       (82 33) 2563069
Local branches:                                                            E-mail:

7th Floor, Busan Trade Centre                                              12th Floor, Gyunggi Small and Medium Business Support Centre
87-7 Joongang-dong 4-ga Joong-gu                                           111-8 Iui-dong San Paldal-gu
Busan Metropolitan City                                                    Suwon Gyunggi-do
Phone: (82 51) 9933300-5                                                   Phone: (82 31) 2597850-3
Fax:       (82 51) 4634402                                                 Fax:      (82 31) 2597854
                                                                           3rd Floor, Ulsan Small and Medium Business Support Centre
7 Floor, Kukje Officetel                                                   758-2 Yonamdong Buk-gu
299-2 Shinchon 4-dong Dong-gu                                              Ulsan Metropolitan City
Daegu Metropolitan City                                                    Phone: (82 52) 2873060-1
Phone: (82 53) 7537531-3                                                   Fax:       (82 52) 2873062
Fax:     (82 53) 7537530                                                   E-mail:
                                                                           Offices abroad:
5th Floor, Trade Centre
1589-1 Woosan-dong Kwangsan-gu                                             Korea International Trade Association
Kwangju Metropolitan City                                                  Room 1201, China World Trade Centre
Phone: (82 62) 9439400-3                                                   No. 1 Jian Guo Men Wai Da Jie
Fax:       (82 62) 9139404                                                 Beijing 100004, China
E-mail:                                                Phone: (86 10) 65052671-3
                                                                           Fax:      (86 10) 66052670
1st Floor, Jeonbuk Small and Medium Business Support Centre                E-mail:
337-2 Palbok-dong 1-ga Duckjin-gu
Jeonju Jeonbuk                                                             Korea International Trade Association
Phone: (82 63) 2146991-2                                                   Room 3201, New Town Centre
Fax:       (82 63) 2136993                                                 No. 83, Lou Shan Guan Road
E-mail:                                                 Shanghai, 200336, China
                                                                           Phone: (86 21) 62368287
5th Floor, Chungbuk Small and Medium Business Support Centre               Fax:     (86 21) 62368292
1508-1 Kagyung-dong Hungduck-gu                                            E-mail:
Chongju Chungbuk
Phone: (82 43) 2361171-3                                                   Korea International Trade Association
Fax:       (82 43) 2361174                                                 Avenue Louise 165
E-mail:                                                 1050 Brussels, Belgium
                                                                           Phone: (32 2) 6462180
Daejon Small and Medium Business Support Centre #406                       Fax:     (32 2) 6467006
23-14 Jang-dong Yusong-gu                                                  E-mail:
Daejon Metropolitan City
Phone: (82 42) 8644620-2                                                   Korea International Trade Association
Fax:     (82 42) 8644623                                                   460 Park Avenue Suite 2200
E-mail:                                                  New York, NY 10022, United States of America
                                                                           Phone: (1 212) 4218804/06
5th Floor, Kyungnam Trade Centre                                           Fax:     (1 212) 2233827
7-4 Yongho-dong                                                            E-mail:
Changwon Kyungnam
Phone: (82 55) 2824115-6                                                   Korea Internatio