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									                                                                 SUPPLIER CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY
1.   GENERAL                                            Minimize occupational exposures to             applicable collective agreements.
                                                         potentially hazardous materials and unsafe     Freedom of Association and Right to Collective
Purpose:                                                 work      conditions   by      maintaining            Bargaining
Supplier is committed to act fairly and with             appropriate safety systems and effective
integrity towards its stakeholders and is                controls;                                      Supplier shall recognize and respect the freedom
expected to comply with all applicable local                                                            of its employees to choose whether or not to
                                                        Implement an emergency response                establish or to associate with any organization
rules and regulations.
                                                         program that addresses the most likely         of their own choice (including labour unions)
Policy                                                   anticipated emergencies;                       without Supplier’s prior authorization. The
Supplier should have an ethical conduct policy,         Train managers and employees to assure         employment of a worker shall not be contingent
such as a code of conduct, defining how                  their continued commitment to their own        upon the condition that he/she not join
Supplier defines and manages the ethical                 health and safety and that of their co-        aforementioned association or be forced to
impacts of its business operations. The policy           workers;                                       relinquish such membership. Furthermore, a
should include respect for human rights and                                                             membership shall not be the cause for the
demonstrate commitment to them, ethical                 Involve employees at all levels in the         dismissal of – or otherwise prejudice against – a
business    conduct    and     to   continuous           health and safety program; assure their        worker.
improvement.                                             accountability for injury and illness
                                                         prevention.                                    Supplier shall respect – within the framework of
Requirement Management Process                                                                          law, regulations and prevailing labour relations
                                                        If the Supplier has own dormitories for its    and employment practices – the right of its
Supplier shall have an effective requirement             employees, the health and safety policies
management system to identify and demonstrate                                                           employees to be represented by labour unions
                                                         and instructions are applied to dormitories    and other employee organizations.
compliance with all applicable laws and                  as well.
regulations (e.g. environmental, labour, health                                                         Discrimination and Disciplinary Practices
& safety) related to suppliers’ operations,         Child Labour
                                                                                                        Supplier shall treat its employees equally in
services and products.                              Supplier shall not employ children in violation     employment and occupation, and will ensure
2.   ENVIRONMENT                                    of convention 138 (Minimum Age Convention)          that each has equal opportunities. Supplier shall
                                                    and 182 (Worst Forms of Child Labour) of the        offer equal pay for equal work performed at
Supplier shall have an environmental policy,        International Labour Organization. In case of
defining how Supplier manages environmental                                                             equal levels.     No form of harassment or
                                                    child labour, Supplier shall take immediate         discrimination in respect of employment and
issues related to its business. The policy should   remedial     action  in    consultation    with
state a commitment to environmental protection,                                                         occupation will be tolerated, such as
                                                    BreconRidge, considering the interests of the       discrimination based on race, color, sex, age,
pollution     prevention,     compliance     with   children employed. This action will include:
environmental legislation and continuous                                                                language, religion, political or other opinion,
improvement.                                            Acceptable employment conditions for the       national or social origin, property, birth or other
                                                         children employed (such as education,          status. Supplier shall ensure that disciplinary
Supplier shall have an environmental                     working hours, wages, medical facilities       procedures prohibit physical punishment and do
management system in place in accordance with            etc.);                                         not support financial deductions, or the threat
ISO 14001 standard or equivalent. Supplier                                                              thereof.
shall have documented objective evidence that           The obligation of the Supplier not to
demonstrates continuous improvement of                   employ any more children;                      4.   SUPPLIERS
environmental performance and effectiveness of          A time period within which the Supplier        The Supplier shall evaluate its subcontractors'
the environmental management system.                     will comply with the mentioned ILO             and suppliers’ performance and set necessary
Certification of the management system is                norms                                          Corporate Responsibility improvement targets.
recommended but not required.                                                                           Supplier shall be able to demonstrate
                                                    Forced Labour
Supplier shall comply with all BreconRidge                                                              documented      evidence     of     continuous
                                                    Employment should be freely chosen. Under no        improvement related to the aforementioned
environmental requirements, including the list
                                                    circumstances will Supplier make use of forced      targets.
of banned/hazardous substances. Supplier shall
                                                    or bonded labour to develop, design,
maintain a record of the raw material contents
                                                    manufacture or assemble products and services
and information on end-of-Life treatment of the
                                                    for BreconRidge.            Upon employment,
products supplied to BreconRidge. The record
                                                    individuals should be provided with a work
shall be available to BreconRidge upon request.
                                                    contract/agreement/offer letter, basic induction
3.   WORKPLACE PRACTICES                            training and not be required to give financial
Supplier shall be committed to ethical conduct,     deposits or original identity documents.
full compliance to applicable national and          Employees should be free to leave the company
international laws and respect for human rights.    after giving reasonable notice. Supplier should
Supplier shall comply with internationally          ensure that exit procedures are compliant with
recognized ethical standards, e.g. SA8000.          local legislation, international labour standards
International Labour Organization Conventions,      and applicable collective agreements.
and United Nations Conventions.                     Compensation
Health and Safety                                   Supplier shall provide all employees
Supplier shall ensure that physical and mental      (permanent, temporary, apprentices and contract
working conditions allow employees to perform       workers)       with       fair    compensation
their tasks safely and efficiently. A certified     (wages/salaries) meeting or exceeding local
Health and Safety management system such as         legal and industry minimum standards, for
OHSAS 18001 is recommended. Supplier shall          regular as well as overtime work.
do all that is necessary and reasonable to:         Working Hours
    Protect the health and safety of employees     Supplier shall ensure that employees can
     and contract labour and minimize any           perform their work efficiently without
     adverse work conditions;                       exceeding the maximum working hours as
    Implement safe and healthy work practices      defined by local labour laws or applicable
     to prevent injury, illness and property        collective agreements. Holidays (e.g., public
     damage;                                        holidays) and leaves of absence (e.g., medical or
                                                    parental) shall comply with local labour laws or
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