Budget Cost Plans by PhilCantillon


									Budget Cost Plans

One of the biggest issues for your project is having a budget and sticking to it.

With any building project you will always encounter unexpected cost, particularly with refurbishment and
improvement works, so a contingency sum is always advisable. Therefore as with any large financial commitments it
is essential that a cost plan is developed and used to control and monitor ongoing expenditure. This will ensure that
any overspend is controlled and budgets adjusted accordingly.

Professional quantity surveyors can be employed to accurately measure and cost your requirements based on the
drawings provided from your designer.

Whatever you do always be realistic regarding specifications this will ensure that profits and expectations our met,
and your project meets your ultimate needs. Your cost plan should consider the site locations, and conditions, and
divided into the elements of construction, life cycle cost can also be established.

Some sample elements to consider:-

• Planning, building regulation fees etc.
• Design cost.
• Site conditions and environmental requirements.
• Cost and availability of mains services gas, water electricity etc.
• Health & Welfare facilities.
• Temporary works, i.e. scaffolding, site fencing etc.
• Works in the ground, foundations, drainage etc.
• External walls, doors & windows.
• Roof structure and coverings.
• Internal walls and floors.
• Electrical, mechanical installations incl sanitary ware, air conditioning, fire protection and alarm systems etc.
• Stairs, lifts.
• Wall floor and ceiling finishes.
• Decorations.
• Commissioning the building i.e. gas and electric consumption.
• Contingencies for hidden unexpected cost (suggest 5-10%)

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