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					                                   The Associated Cement
                                   Companies Limited                                   Bird’s Eye View Of Gagal Cement Works

           Gagal Cement Works
ACC Gagal Cement Works (GCW) is part of India’s largest ce-                              pathological laboratory and two full-
ment company, ACC - The Associated Cement Companies Lim-                                 time doctors cater to the medical needs
                                                                                         of employees as well as people of
ited. It is located in Bilaspur district near Barmana, a backward
                                                                                         nearby surroundings. From time to
designated area, 18 kilometres north of Bilaspur. National High-                         time medical camps and health drives
way NH 21 connecting Ambala and Manali passes through ACC                                are organised in adjoining villages with
Gagal and its colony.                                                                    mobile hospitals and regular
  GCW was commissioned on 12th March, 1984 with an installed                             participation in various National Health
capacity of 5.6 Lakh tonnes per annum of cement. Since then it                           Programmes like eye camps, family
                                                                                         planning camp, blood donation camp
has been modernized and expanded by the addition of a new plant
                                                                                         and immunisation camp. ACC Gagal
raising the total capacity to 27 Lakh tonnes of cement per an-                           promotes health care seminars such
num. ACC Gagal manufactures ACC Suraksha, a premium vari-                                as on AIDS.
ety of Blended Cement which is very popular with customers and
is the largest selling brand of cement in North India.                                   Corporate Citizenship and Social
                                                                                         ACC Gagal is a model citizen of
Human Resources                             Employee welfare                             Himachal Pradesh and Bilaspur district
GCW has generated significant em-           Adequate care is taken to provide            in particular. The annual contribution to
ployment opportunities in the district of   amenities and facilities for the welfare     the central government & HP state
Bilaspur and the state of Himachal          of the employees and those living in its     govt. by way of taxes, duties, cess and
Pradesh. Around 800 persons are di-         township. The large colony is made up        other levies is of the order of Rs. 200
rectly employed while Indirect employ-      of 440 houses set amidst picturesque         crores, of which as much as Rs. 100
ment is offered to nearly 20,000 people     surroundings. A water treatment plant        crores goes to the state of Himachal
including those engaged in ancillary        ensures the supply of clean drinking         Pradesh. ACC Gagal is fully committed
units, repair shops and transportation      water. The colony boasts of an English       to extending educational and medical
activities. ACC Gagal is proud of its       medium DAV Higher Secondary school           facilities to improve the quality of life of
most dedicated work force which is          where admission is open not just to          the local populace around the areas of
drawn mainly from Himachal Pradesh          employees children but others in the         its operations and contributes signifi-
and adjoining areas. This seemingly di-     vicinity. Other amenities include a          cantly to the development of villages lo-
verse work force has been unified into      canteen, Bank, Post Office, Co-              cated in close vicinity by way of provid-
a well-knit, well-trained and cohesive      operative Store, Sports club with            ing health care, education, family wel-
team. Their industriousness and com-        recreational facilities.                     fare, development of roads and other
mitment make ACC Gagal an efficient           A well equipped Hospital with 14           basic civic amenities, besides offering
and progressive organization.               beds, X-ray machine, ECG &                   opportunities for self-employment

                                 View of Rootzone Biotech Plants   Mango Orchard At Reclaimed Mines
                                                       ACC — a profile
  The Associated Cement Companies Limited or ACC as it is            facilities which serve as a focal reference laboratory render-
  popularly called, was formed in 1936, when ten existing ce-        ing valuable assistance to ACC’s own cement business and
  ment companies came together in a historic merger. Today,          the cement industry in maintaining consistent product quality,
  ACC is the largest cement producer in the country, with an         improvements in process and quality control and for specific
  installed capacity of 16.1 million tonnes per annum, and turn-     assignments relating to testing or trouble-shooting. Many of
  over of more than Rs 3500 crores. Its operations are spread        ACC’s refractory and special products are born out of this
  throughout the country with 14 cement factories, three re-         research.
  fractory plants, 12 regional marketing offices, and several area      ACC manufactures Portland cements for general construc-
  offices. ACC takes pride in having a network of more than          tion such as Ordinary Portland Cement and Blended cements
  8,000 dealers.                                                     including fly ash and slag based cements. It also offers other
     ACC is the only cement producer in India with a Research        cements for special applications such as sulphate-resisting
  and Development center of its own. The sprawling Research          and oil well cements as well as certain concrete repair and
  and Consultancy Directorate (RCD) complex at Thane near            grouting materials. ACC has pioneered the distribution of
  Mumbai has the most modern testing and instrumentation             cement in Bulk and Ready Mixed concrete.

  ACC Gagal is closely involved in            inducted the use of                                                View of Sutluj Udyan
fostering self-reliance and self-help to      pollution control
enrich the quality of life of the local       equipment, and
people and undertakes a wide range            high efficiency so-
of activities to improve the living           phisticated electro-
conditions of people in rural areas from      static precipitators
income-generation projects. In addition       for cement kilns,
to this the company has helped                raw mills, coal
construction of an open-air Auditorium        mills, power plants
in village Panjgain, a public park at         and coolers.
Rohru, a Janjghar in village Panjgain            ACC’s Gagal
and numerous pathways in the villages         Cement Works is
of Jamthal, Panjgain, Kunanu, Baloh,          an ISO 14001 cer-
Dhawan Kothi, Bhaterh, Khaterh,               tified plant and fully committed to con-      forestation, top soil management,
Nalag and Dehar.                              tinual improvement in Environmental           noise abatement and vibration analy-
  In a bid to promote and preserve            Performance. GCW has a fully func-            sis, general aesthetic beauty, and over-
the rich cultural heritage of the local       tional Environmental Management Cell          all performance. In addition a great
region, ACC Gagal renders financial           having experienced Environmental En-          deal of attention is devoted to other
assistance to help conduct the annual         gineers, Horticulturist and Chemists.         visible measures such as soil man-
State Nalwari Fair at Bilaspur, the              The company pays special empha-            agement, tree plantation, usage of
International Dussehra Festival at Kullu      sis to environment protection, environ-       waste products, rehabilitating waste
every year and the for Summer Festival        ment improvement, process technol-            lands and mines and water manage-
at Shimla.                                    ogy and rural development. The Com-           ment.
                                              pany has also embarked upon tack-               Extensive afforestation has been
ACC Gagal and its environment                 ling the global issues for overall sus-       done since the inception of the factory
ACC is, perhaps, one of the first com-        tainable growth of cement industry.           and mines. Of the 265 Hectares of
panies to include commitment to en-           These measures include reduction of           mining area, only one fourth is the
vironmental protection as one of its          energy consumption, reduction of fuel         active mining zone. The remaining
corporate objectives. In 1966, long be-       consumption, reduction of greenhouse          area has been converted to a green
fore pollution control norms and regu-        gas emissions, control of dust emis-          belt. More than 10.5 Lakhs of trees
latory acts came into existence, ACC          sions and water conservation by stor-         have been planted so far of various
                                                                     ing and using rain     local species which include Mango,
Greenery around down hill conveyor                                   water.                 Kher, Acacia and Babool. The
                                                                       ACC Gagal has        abandoned mine area of 1.05 Hectares
                                                                     won several prizes     has been reclaimed and converted to
                                                                     and certificates of    a Mango Orchard.
                                                                     merit for the best       Other notable environment friendly
                                                                     environmental          initiatives visible at Gagal include the
                                                                     measures under-        erection of Windbreakers that help
                                                                     taken at its various   in reduction of wind blown fugitive
                                                                     mines- particularly    emissions, a water treatment plant
                                                                     for its programs in-   to provide potable water to colony
                                                                     volving ‘greening,’    residents and the establishment of
                                                                     reclamation and        two sewage treatment plants for the
                                                                     rehabilitation, af-    colony.
Mining Operation
Mining operations at Gagal employ the                        ACC Gagal — Awards & Accolades
most modern techniques that are               n   Sword of Honour — 1993: presented by British Safety Council, United
designed to minimize disturbances to              Kingdom for excellence in safety performance.
the environment and ecology. They             n   Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award — 1996: by The Ministry
involve the use of non- electric                  of Environment and Forests for “extraordinary work” carried out in the area
detonators which substantially reduce             of afforestation.
noise,sound and vibration. Mega Rock          n   FICCI Award — 1997-98: Presented by The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
Breakers further eliminate secondary              for Corporate initiative in adapting innovative measures for control of pollution,
blasting.                                         waste management & conservation of mineral resources in mines and plant.
                                              n   Subh Karan Sarawagi Environment Award — 1998/99: by The Federation
Recycling Wastes                                  of Indian Mineral Industries for the measure taken for the protection
ACC uses large quantities of dry fly-
                                                  of environment
ash, which is a waste generated by the
Ropar thermal power plant in adjoining        n   Best Managed Unit in Organised Sector — 1999: First prize by Central Excise
Punjab. This material is otherwise a              Department Of Chandigarh, in the state of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and
pollution hazard. The dry fly ash is              Haryana.
transported from Ropar to Gagal in fully      n   Drona Trophy — 1999: By Indian Bureau Of Mines for extra ordinary efforts
enclosed bulkers to avoid fugitive                in protection of Environment and mineral conservation in the large mechanized
emissions during transportation. The              mines sector..
total investment made for this project is     n   Indo German Greentech Environment Excellence Award: for the year
over Rs. 22 crores. ACC Gagal can                 2000-01.
proudly claim that its ACC Suraksha           n   Golden Peacock Environment Management Special Award — 2001:
brand of blended cement is not only               for outstanding efforts in Environment Management in the large manufacturing
durable but also ‘Green’ - one which is           sector.
produced in a process that involves           n   Golden Peacock Environment Management Special Award — 2002:
lower emission of carbon dioxide –
                                                  for the second consecutive year for outstanding efforts in the Environment
almost 30 per cent less. ACC in fact
                                                  Management in large manufacturing sector.
transforms so-called pollutants and
converts them into rich value-added
blended cements – a variety of cement        Safety & Health                              School at Beri, Senior Secondary
which assures many superior                  ACC Gagal has a good track record in         School at Rambagh, Govt. School at
characteristics and benefits as              safety management both in the shop           Panjgain       and    the   Sanskrit
compared to ordinary cements.                floor and mines. Every effort is made        Mahavidyalaya          at Panjgain,
   Gagal also uses significant quantities    to pursue a path seeking constant            renovation and repairs to school
of mills scale generated as a waste in       improvement. Gagal Cement Works is           rooms at Bahot Kasol, Harnoda,
rolling mills of steel Industries. These     the first cement plant in India to be        Baloh and Panjgain Government
are used in replacement of natural iron      awarded the prestigious OHSAS-               Schools. In addition we have provided
ore and thus help conserve natural           18001 Certification (Occupational            assistance in purchasing land for
mineral resources.                           Health and Safety Assessment                 Govt. Sr. Secondary School,
                                             Series). This is a globally accepted         Rambagh [Barmana] and grant of
                 View of Kiln II Bag House
                                             standard for the scope of                    scholarship to Himachali Engineering
                                             ‘Occupational Health and Safety              students.
                                             Management        Systems’.      This          Sports        receives       much
                                             outstanding achievement is a                 encouragement         both    among
                                             testimonial of a high level of               employees and their families but also
                                             awareness among employees at                 among others in the community. The
                                             grass root levels on Occupational            Gagal sports club is abuzz with
                                             Safety, Health and Environment               activity after working hours and on
                                             aspects.                                     holidays. Matches and tournaments
                                                                                          are held frequently. ACC rendered
                                             Education & Sports                           valuable financial assistance of Rs.
                                             ACC pays great importance to                 80 lakhs in the construction of a
                                             training, development and education          Sports Complex and Indoor sports
                                             of its employees and, wherever               stadium at Namhol and Bilaspur as
                                             possible, of its stake-holders. ACC          well as sponsoring various
                                             Gagal has spent Rs 5.75 crores to            tournaments arranged by the state
                                             help construct the Swami Vivekanand          Government and non-Govt. agencies
                                             Government Degree College at                 such as the Under 19 Inter District
                                             Ghumarwin, in the construction of            Cricket Tournament organised by
                                             rooms and buildings in the Govt.             Himachal        Pradesh      Cricket
                                             Primary School at Lagat, Govt. Middle        association.

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