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									1    Name             :    Dr. Hari Vasudevan
                           Professor & Head, Dept. of Production Engg.
                           Convener, Training & Placement Cell.

2.   Date of Birth    :    29-5-1969

3.   Education        :    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) July 2006, Cumulative Performance
     Qualifications        Index 7.78 /10, IIT Bombay.
                           M.E. (Production Engg), April 1999, Ist class with distinction, 73%,
                           Mumbai University.
                           Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engg., December 1995, Ist class
                           60%, Mumbai University.
                           B.E. (Industrial Production), July 1990, Ist class 61%, Karnatak
                           Full Time Certificate Programme (ERP-BaaN) (1999), S.P.Jain
                           Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai under the University
                           Synergy Programme of BaaN Institute, Netherlands.

4.   Work             1)   Vice-Principal, Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engg. from
     Experience            17-7-2007 till date.
     Teaching         2)   Head of Production Engineering Department from 01-07-2008 till
                      3)   Professor in Production Engineering, Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of
                           Engineering from 16-7-2007 to date.
                      4)   Convener, Training & Placement Cell from 1-6-2007 till date.
                      5)   Assistant Professor in Production Engineering Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi
                           College of Engineering from 31-7-2003 to 15-7-2007.
                      6)   Lecturer in Production Engineering., Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of
                           Engineering from 17-8-1994 to 30-7-2003.
                      7)   Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., S.B.M. Polytechnic from July
                           1993 to August 1994.
                      8)   Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., Fr. Agnel Polytechnic from June
                           1992 to July 1993.

Research &            1)   Project Trainee, Crompton Greaves Limited, Kanjur Marg, Mumbai
Industry                   from August, 1997 to November, 1998.
                      2)   Project Trainee, PAM Pharmaceuticals and Allied Machinery Co.
                           Ltd., Kandivali, Mumbai from June, 1997 to July, 1997.
                      3)   Project Trainee, Hercules Hoists Ltd., Mulund, Mumbai from January,
                           1995 to November, 1995.
                      4)   Production Planning Engineer, Plastic Art, Mumbai from July 1990 to
                           June 1992.

Others                1)   Visiting Faculty at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI),
                           teaching M.Tech. (Production Engg.) students; subject:-Supply Chain
                           Management during January 2008-May2008.
                      2)   Visiting faculty at NMIMS University’s MPSTME, teaching subjects
                           like “Manufacturing Management”, “Manufacturing Systems and
                           Strategy” and “World Class Manufacturing” for the MBA (Tech)
                           course since the academic year 2006-2007.
                      3)   Visiting faculty at NMIMS University’s MPSTME, Shirpur Campus
                           teaching subjects like “Engineering Drawing” and “Material Science”
                           for the MBA (Tech.) and B.Tech courses since the academic year

                      4)   Visiting faculty at Chetana’s Ramprasad Khandelwal Institute of

                           Management and Research, Bandra (E),Mumbai in the subject of
                           Production Management for the academic year 1996-1997.
                      5)   Visiting faculty at Shri Bhagubhai Mafatlala Polytechnic, Vile Parle
                           (W), Mumbai during 1994-1996, teaching subjects of Production
                           Management, Work Study & Ergonomics and Engineering Drawing.
                      6)   Visiting Faculty at SVKM’s Institute of International Studies (IIS),
                           teaching students of IIS and Kingston University, London in their
                           graduate program, the subject of “Technology and Change” during
                           academic year 2006-2007.

5.   Area of          :    Manufacturing Systems and Strategy, Manufacturing Management,
     Specialization        Market Orientation of Manufacturing Firms and World Class
     s                     Manufacturing.

6. Subjects           :    Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Research, Production
   teaching at             Management, Industrial Management & HRD and Supply Chain
    Under                  Management.
   Post Graduate
7 Research            --
to guidance
11 Masters            International Journal Publications:
   No. of papers      1) Relational Switching Costs, Satisfaction and Commitment: A Study in
   published in       the Indian Manufacturing Context, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and
   National           Logistics (APJML),Emeraldinsight Publications, 2006, Vol. 18, No. 04
   Journals           (Oct.). (with Gaur S S. and Shinde R. K).
   International      2) Effect of Customer Orientation and Competitor Orientation on Small and
   Journals           Medium Scale Manufacturing Firm’s Performance in Turbulent Markets,
   Conference         International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IJESB),
   Projects           Inderscience Publishers. (with Gaur S S.) Accepted.
   Carried Out,
   Patents,           International/ National Conference Papers & Presentations:
   Technology                                              2007
   Transfer,          1) Achieving Zero Defects at an Economically Affordable Cost in
   Research           International Conference of Society of Operations Management
   Publications       (Nasik:Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Maharashtra,
                      December, 2007) (with Sawan Sumar Naik).
                      2) Market Orientation-Manufacturing Performance Relationship: An
                      Empirical Study in International Conference-COSMAR (Bangalore: Indian
                      Institute of Science, Karnataka, India, September., 2006).
                      3) Vibration Analysis of an Assembly by Converting it into a Mass Spring
                      System, in 2006 International Conference on Advances in Materials
                      Processing and Characterization (Chennai: Anna University, Tamil Nadu,
                      India, August., 2006). (with Bhosale Ajith, Lakal Narendra and Khavekar
                      4) Effect of Market Orientation on Manufacturing Performance of
                      Emerging Market SMEs, in 2006 Academy of Management Annual
                      Meeting and Conference on Knowledge, Action and the Public Concern
                      (Atlanta: USA, Aug., 2006). (with Gaur S S. and Singh, D. A.).
                      5) Influence of Environment, Resources and Market Orientation on
                      Manufacturing Performance, in 2006 American Marketing Association
                      Annual Meeting and Summer Educator’s Conference (Chicago: USA, Aug.,
                      2006). (with Gaur S S. and Singh, D. A.).
                      6) Market Orientation-Manufacturing Performance Relationship: Role of
                      Firm Resources and External Environment in 2006 Academy of
                      International Business Annual Meeting and Conference (Beijing: China,
                      June., 2006). (with Gaur S S. and Singh, D. A.).
                      7) Effect of Market Turbulence and Market Focus on Firm’s Performance in

                  Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Firms, in the International Seminar
                  on Creating Entrepreneurship Environment and Developing Entrepreneurial
                  Management (Mumbai: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India,
                  Mar., 2006). (with Gaur S. S.).
                  8) Market Orientation and Manufacturing Outputs, in 2005 AMS 12th
                  Biennial World Marketing Congress (Muenster: University of Muenster,
                  Germany, July, 2005). (with Gaur S S.).
                  9) A Review of the Determinants of Customer Loyalty, in 2005 AMS 12th
                  Biennial World Marketing Congress (Muenster: University of Muenster,
                  Germany, July., 2005). (with Gaur S S. and Agarwal Richa).
                  10) A Modified Approach in Precision Manufacturing by Abrasive Flow
                  Machining, in 2005 National conference on Advances in Mechanical
                  Engineering (Hyderabad: Vasavi College of Engineering, Andra Pradesh,
                  India., May, 2005). (with Khavekar Rajendra, Lakal Narendra and Bhosale
                  11) Exploring Relational Switching Cost-Commitment Link in Small and
                  Medium Manufacturing Firms, in 2005 International Conference on
                  Marketing Paradigms for Emerging Economies (Ahmedabad: Indian
                  Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India., January., 2005). (with
                  Gaur S S. and Shinde R K).

                  12) Achieving Competitive Excellence in Contract processing in a
                  Manufacturing Firm, in 2004 National Conference on World Class
                  Manufacturing (Wardha: B. D. College of Engineering, Sevagram,
                  Maharastra, India., March ., 2004). (with Khavekar Rajendra and Lakal

                  Papers in News Letters/text books/work books:
                  1) Understanding the Benefits and Need for Implementation of ERP in
                  Small and Medium Manufacturing Firms, Voice of Technology, Indian
                  society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2004, Combined Issues 3 and 4,
                  July/Sep and Oct/Dec.
                  2) Information and Communication, Voice of Technology, Indian society of
                  Manufacturing Engineers, 2000, Issue 4, Oct/Dec

12 No. of books   Book Chapters:
.  published      Effect of Market Turbulence and Market Focus on Firm’s Performance in
   with details   Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Firms, in S. Bhargava (ed.),
                  Developmental Aspects of Entrepreneurship, (New Delhi: Sage
                  Publications) 18-12-2007,(with Gaur S S.).

                  Published two work books, covering the syllabus of Engineering Drawing -
                  1 and Engineering Drawing -2 for Semester 1 and 2 respectively of the
                  University of Mumbai during the academic year 1996-1997.

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