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Number 12         631 D Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502-1199                   Summer 2006

            Adam Seibel family taken just before he left for the USA in 1912

Brunnental/Brunnenthal, Samara, Volga, Russia
Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl                           parents there to tell me about my roots.                          With the death of both my parents, there was
Village Coordinator                               no longer that option; so I began a search for
                                                  my GR roots. All we knew is that they were
I would like to tell you a little bit about       German and lived in Russia, but there
myself and what being a VC means to me.           seemed to be a "cloak of secrecy" around
                                                  their origin. I just think that stemmed from
I first got interested in genealogy when my       the fact that they didn't want to talk about
father died in 1990. Before that I was            the "hard times in the old country."
interested, but thought I'd forever have my                              (continued on page 27)

  Headquarters News

        American Historical Society
         of Germans from Russia

               631 D Street
         Lincoln, NE 68502-1199
           402·474·3363 (phone)
            402·474·7229 (fax) (e-mail)                  AHSGR Society President Jerome Siebert
                                                    and IFAHSGR Foundation President
        MISSION STATEMENTS                                 Sam Dreith Report
    The American Historical Society of
 Germans from Russia is an international       Summer is now upon us and we hope that you are making
  organization dedicated to the discovery,     plans to attend the annual meeting and convention here in
      collection, preservation, and the        Lincoln, August 14-20. The program for the convention
 dissemination of information related to the
history, cultural heritage, and genealogy of   promises to be both informative and entertaining. The
Germanic settlers in the Russian Empire and    Lincoln chapter, as usual, has done an excellent job in
              their descendants.               organizing this year’s event assisted by the chairs of the
 The International Foundation of American      Archives, Folklore, Genealogy, and Historical Research
 Historical Society of Germans from Russia     committees. In addition, the campus is getting spruced up to
    is responsible for exercising financial    receive visitors during the convention. Here is a great
    stewardship to generate, manage, and
allocate resources which advance the mission   chance not only to participate in a well-organized program,
 and assist in securing the future of AHSGR.   but also to visit the Headquarters campus and take advantage
            Newsletter Editor
                                               of the many attributes found there.
              Gladys Wyatt
                                               We have some good news to report on the membership front.
              AHSGR Staff
                                               Member numbers have increased! While the increase is not
               Diane White                     spectacular, it is headed in the right direction. The
             Office Manager                    Membership Committee has been working with the trustees
                                               to develop a campaign to contact those who either in the past
               Gail Gingrich                   have had an interest in AHSGR or potentially could have an
          Editorial & Publications             interest. We need your help in this effort in referring people
                      who may have an interest in AHSGR’s programs, services,
                                               and products.
            Delores Schwartz
          Bookstore Coordinator
                  In the recent past, AHSGR launched a junior membership
                                               program. This program has realized some success but needs
              Kathy Shepard
             Accounting Clerk                  your help in enrolling youth as members. It will provide
                     those in your family a background and understanding of their
                                               heritage at an early age and prepare them to develop their
                Pam Wurst
            Reference Librarian                search for more information on their family history.
                                               The SOAR on-line project is continuing to progress. If you
             Yulia Tsymbal                     have not visited or taken advantage of this new product that
            Research Assistant
                                                          (continued on page 3)

                                                                       Headquarters News
(Presidents Report continued from page 2)                    Highlighted Book of the Season
is being offered by AHSGR, please do so. We
would also like your feed-back on your
experience and how we can make this service
better meet your needs.

As we look beyond the convention and into the
latter part of 2006 and early 2007, AHSGR is
strategically evaluating its priorities and
developing products and services that can better
meet your needs. Please help us in this effort by
providing us with information on what you
would like to see AHSGR do to better meet your
needs and provide value to your membership. In
previous newsletters, we have described some
very exciting new initiatives. We hope these
prove to be beneficial to your interests in the
long run and that you feel your membership in
AHSGR is valuable to you. In the meantime,
both of us hope to see you at the annual meeting
and convention in Lincoln in August and talk            Gone without a Trace: German-Russian
about your interests in AHSGR.                          Women in Exile
                                                         T Nelly Däs. Compiler and Editor. Translated,
 Jerome Siebert               Sam Dreith                with additional materials, by Nancy Bernhardt
Society President          Foundation President         Holland,       Lincoln, Nebraska, 2000. A
                                                        compilation of memoirs and memorials based on
                                                        the recollections of German-Russian women
                                                        who experienced the terrors of Stalinism first
                                                        hand—from the “dekulakization” of 1929
                                                        through the years of Siberian exile. The volume
                                                        traces the horrific consequences for ethnic
Submission of Articles to the                           Germans—even those who had been living in
                                                        Russia for generations—after the outbreak of
AHSGR Journal and Newsletter                            war between Germany and Russia. Condemned
                                                        to forced labor in the snow, ice, and bitter cold of
Articles proposed for publication in the                Siberia without adequate clothing, always at the
AHSGR Newsletter or AHSGR Journal                       brink of starvation, and subject to the brutalities
should be submitted to the AHSGR                        of sadistic overseers, German-Russian women
Publications Coordinator, Gail Gingrich                 describe their valiant efforts to survive. The
( While paper copies will              shattering scenes are recreated in highly detailed
be considered, an electronic copy in MS                 prose that reads like fiction and in several
Word format is preferred. Any questions                 examples of vivid verse. PB.               AHSGR
should be directed to the AHSGR                         members--$27.00, Non-members--$32.00.
Publications Coordinator.

Headquarters News
Publications Update

Einwanderung          in   das     Wolgagebiet                    Volunteer Spotlight
Volume 3
Igor R. Pleve, Compiler. Einwanderung in das
Wolgagebiet 1764-1767. Edited by Dr. Alfred                          Susan White-Blaine–
Eisfeld. These detailed lists of the first settlers                 a Volunteer Translator
who responded to the Manifesto of Catherine the
                                                                   Introduction by Yulia Tsymbal
Great include information about their ages,
occupations, families, and PLACE OF ORIGIN                Susan White-Blaine, who lives in Minnesota, is
in the German states. The series lists the colonies       one of our volunteer translators and provides the
in alphabetical order. Volume One covers the              “translation services” available to our members.
twenty-two villages from A-F (Anton-                      Susan was a volunteer when I joined the
Franzosen). Volume Two covers the villages                Headquarters staff and had been for a while
from G-K (Galka-Kutter). Volume Three covers              before my time. I found her to be highly
the villages L-P (Laub-Preuss) HB.                        efficient, extremely reliable, and truly
                       AHSGR Members $65.00               professional. Not only can she read “German
                            Non-members $85.00            script” which is a real stumbling stone for
                                                          everybody who has ever seen it, but her
History of the Volga German Colonists                     translations do not need to be edited because she
by Jacob E. Dietz                                         is completely bilingual. Susan has done
Jacob E. Dietz (1864-1917). History of the                numerous translations for AHSGR including
Volga German Colonists is now available.                  family letters, records, and newspaper articles.
Originally written in Russian, it has been                The most important translations she completed
translated into German, and now, English. The             over the last two years were “Father Beratz
author, a German-Russian himself, gives the               Stories” and “Heimat Articles” that will be
reader an insight into how the colonists lived and        published at a later date. At the moment Susan is
the many challenges they faced. This book is a            involved in a huge project that she insisted on
fascinating documentation of the history, lives,          undertaking. Since December 2005 she has been
economics and politics of their times. It will            translating a complete family archive on 4 CDs
undoubtedly attract the attention of the                  which have about 400 pages of letters and
professional historian and ethnic researcher              newspaper clippings on the Grambihler family.
alike, as well as academics and sociologists,             Susan is now on the third CD, having brought to
descendants of Volga Germans in Russia and                AHSGR more than $2000 so far. Susan is a very
abroad, and simply the reader who is not                  humble person who hates to be the center of
indifferent to the fate of these people. Historians       attention. She keeps saying she enjoys working
have long known of the existence of the                   and that it is not difficult for her, but I feel the
manuscript of Jacob Dietz, which has been                 Society should recognize people like Susan and
included in a series of bibliographic guides, but         let them know how much they are needed and
its location was long unknown. It was found               appreciated.
only a few years ago in the Engels branch of the
                                                          This is what Susan wrote about herself:
State Archive of the Saratov Oblast. HB
                         AHSGR Members $38.00             My full name is Susanne Helga, and my maiden
                              Non-members $48.00          name was Küster. I was born on March 10,
                                                          1925, in Leisnig, state of Saxony in Germany. I
                                                          entered grade school at age six. During the next
                                                                                     (continued on page 5)

                                                                            Headquarters News

(Spotlight continued from page 4)                         South American Convention
three years we used the German script. It was
announced at this time that we would learn                In the Spring Newsletter, I described a meeting
“Latin” writing which is what we use today.               that will be held in South America (Argentina,
Script was no longer taught.            I entered         Entre Rios, Parana Province) September 7-10,
Gymnasium at age of 10; this was a combination            2006. Please refer to that article for further
of high school and junior college. Parents made           details. A number of people informed me that
a choice for their children. If they were studious,       they were interested in going and would like
Gymnasium was the schooling for them; but if              more details. Jan Siebert and I will be going to
they were mechanically inclined, a trade school           Buenos Aires for a conference in June 2006 and
was chosen along with a practical internship. The         hope to meet with Isabel Kessler to get more
curriculum was the same for all students at the           details on the meeting. While we are there, we
Gymnasium: two foreign languages, history,                are also going to be meeting with a travel agent
religion, math, physics, chemistry, etc. French           to see about setting up some tours in Buenos
was changed to Latin, since boys needed Latin to          Aires and other places in connection with the
become doctors, etc. There were lots of sports in         meeting. If you have an interest in joining a
school and in Girl Scouts.                                group to go to the meetings in Argentina, please
                                                          contact me so I can keep you informed as plans
The end of the war found me in Würzburg an der
                                                          are made. I may be contacted at this email
Oder. After the Americans pushed toward the
                                                          address:      An
South and I had no information about my parents
                                                          expression of interest is not a commitment to
in Munich since it was heavily bombed, I
                                                          join a group. Since we will not have an AHSGR
decided to walk home. I arrived in eight days to
                                                          Newsletter until after the Argentina meeting is
find my parents had just been evacuated from
                                                          concluded, contacting me in the near future will
their home.
                                                          enable me to keep you informed as plans are
Jobs were impossible to find. I became a guide            made. Also, if you have any questions, please do
for Americans in the famous Munich Zoo. After             not hesitate to contact me. Hopefully, we can
one year I was hired as interpreter for an                have a number of people join Jan and me for
American engineering company rebuilding the               this conference.
BMW works in Munich. My next employment                   Best wishes,
was as an interpreter for an American military            Jerry Siebert
unit stationed in Munich. All these employments
were arranged by the German government. In
1950 I immigrated to the United States and after
five years became an American citizen; but my
homeland will always be dearest to me.

Headquarters News

         RESULTS OF THE 2005                                      was asked about the AHSGR Newsletter,
                                                                  82% of the former members and 95% of
                                                                  the current members replied “Yes.”
J. Paul Hile,                                                 •   Of those doing genealogical research,
Chair, Membership/Public Affairs Committee                        56% of former members and 78% of the
                                                                  current members stated the publication
First of all, the Society wishes to thank all those               Clues was helpful to them.
who took time to participate in the telephone
survey conducted last October and November.                Membership Discount Privileges:
In total, over 150 telephone interviews were                 • The survey revealed 52% of former
completed. This number of interviews allows                     members and 60% of current members
AHSGR to have confidence in the conclusions                     feel the membership discounts on
that are drawn regarding the most important                     purchases from the AHSGR Bookstore
questions asked as part of the survey.                          are important to them. Although not
                                                                overwhelming, the figures represent a
The primary purpose of the survey was to                        majority of those interviewed in both
determine whether a reduced dues annual                         categories.
membership with commensurate reduced                         • On the other hand, only 18% of former
benefits would be attractive to former members                  members and 20% of current members
as an inducement for them to renew their                        felt the discounted registration fees for
memberships. A business proposal made to                        members        helped     them     attend
AHSGR in the summer of 2004 suggested such                      conventions. Interestingly, when these
memberships could be a primary source of                        percentages are applied to the total
income for the Society. In the business proposal,               membership figures, it represents on an
the benefits to be retained were: reduced prices                average, the number of members that
on AHSGR store items; access to research and                    regularly attend conventions.
translation services; participation in local chapter
activities; and, participation in the annual               The Value of Research and Translation Services
convention. In undertaking the survey, the                 (genealogical research was used as an indicator):
Board of Directors concluded it was not only                  • Sixty-four percent of former members
important to determine whether former members                     and 77% of current members responded
were interested in a reduced annual dues                          they are now, or had been conducting
membership, but to also know the attitude of                      genealogical research.
current members in this regard. As a result, both             • Of those involved in genealogical
current and former members were included in the                   research, 86% of former members and
survey. Tables of random numbers were used to                     74% of current members found the
identify those persons to be called, thus assuring                records available from AHSGR helpful in
the results of the survey would be unbiased. The                  their research.
findings of the survey can be summarized as
follows.                                                   Benefits of Chapter Membership:
                                                           In compiling the answers to the questions
The Importance of Membership Benefits:                     regarding chapter membership, it became clear
                                                           the questions may have been confusing.
The Society’s periodicals:
                                                           Responding to questions regarding chapter
   • When asked if they read and enjoyed the               activities was complicated by two primary
      AHSGR Journal, 86% of former                         factors: (1) for a number of those interviewed,
      members and 96% of current members                   there is no chapter in the area, and (2) because
      replied “Yes.” When the same question                there are sufficient differences among the
                                                                                 (continued on page 7)

                                                                             Headquarters News
(Telephone Survey continued from page 6)                 annual membership not be established at this
chapters in the way they conduct their activities        time.
the responses were not uniform question to
question. However, the following generalizations         Other Valuable Information Gained From the
can be made:                                             2005 Telephone Survey:
    • When there is a chapter nearby, most
       annual members belong to the chapter.                •   The current annual dues rate is not a
    • Most chapter members enjoy their social                   matter of concern for either a majority of
       relationships with other GRs.                            former or current members.
                                                            •   Sixty-five percent of those holding
Interest in a Reduced Dues Annual                               AHSGR annual memberships are 66
Membership Program with Reduced Benefits:                       years of age or older; 89% are 56 years of
                                                                age or older.
Both the former and current members
interviewed were asked the direct question                  •   Thirty-two percent of those holding
whether they would be interested in a reduced                   annual memberships in AHSGR have
dues annual membership with reduced benefits.                   been members for 16 years or more.
The results are as follows:                                     However, 59% of the former members
                                                                had held their memberships for less than
    • Of the former members: 11% responded
                                                                five years.
        positively they would be interested in the
        reduced     dues    membership;       26%           •   A large majority of both former and
                                                                current annual members have a computer
        responded they were not sure; and, 63%
                                                                with access to the internet (82% former
        responded they were not at all interested.
                                                                members and 83% of current members).
        Because of the small numbers involved,
        no firm conclusions could be drawn               The above highlights are based on an initial
        regarding what benefits those who were           review of the 2005 Telephone Survey findings.
        interested in the reduced dues                   As the Membership/Public Affairs Committee
        membership were willing to give up, and          continues to analyze the data, the results of these
        there were no definite patterns to the           analyses will be applied, as appropriate, to the
        answers.                                         activities of the Committee or form the basis for
    • Interviews of current members had the              recommendations for change to other committees
        following results: 16% responded                 or the Board of Directors.
        positively they would be interested, and
        84% responded they were not interested
        in giving up any benefits even if it meant
        their dues would be reduced.                     The name “Joan Reb” in the last line on page 24
                                                         of the Fall 2005 Newsletter should have been
Conclusions Regarding a Reduced Dues
                                                         John Reb. We sincerely apologize for the error.
Annual Membership with Reduced Benefits:
Based on the Telephone Survey results, it has
been concluded the overall administrative and
financial costs to the Society of developing and
maintaining a new level of annual membership
with reduced dues and reduced benefits would
not be off-set by commensurate increases in
membership. Therefore, the Membership/Public
Affairs Committee recommends a reduced dues

Headquarters News

   LIFE MEMBERSHIP FEES TO CHANGE                          implement a tiered approach to establishing the
       EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2007                           fees; and, (2) to establish a new fee schedule
                                                           based primarily on actuarial tables and earnings
For an organization like AHSGR, life                       projections.
memberships provide reservoirs of members and
moneys that help bring long-term stability to its          As a result of the Board’s deliberations, the
activities. This year the Society celebrates its           following new Life Membership Program fee
38th anniversary and, therefore, is proud to report        schedule will go into effect January 1, 2007.
one-third of its current memberships are life                  • For persons age 40 years and younger:
memberships. This high figure reflects, in part at                $1050.
least, that the Life Membership Program has been               • For persons age 41 to 55: $900.
in place since the early 1970s, and has been                   • For persons age 56 and older: $750.
actively promoted and accepted by the
membership as an outstanding way to support                For Family Life Memberships, the determining
the mission of AHSGR.                                      age will be that of the younger of the two spouses,
                                                           and the five-year payment plan option will
Two major factors must be kept in mind for a life
                                                           remain in effect: five annual payments of $210
membership program to be successful over the
                                                           for the $1050 fee; five annual payments of $180
years. First, there is a natural attrition rate that
                                                           for the $900 fee; and, five annual payments of
affects the number of persons holding life
                                                           $150 for the $750 fee. The current Life
memberships at any one time which requires an
                                                           Membership fee of $750 regardless of age
active, ongoing recruitment program; and
                                                           remains in effect until December 31, 2006.
second, the projected earning power of the fees
must attempt to keep pace with the projected
life-long member support costs. From the
beginning, the Society has applied the one fee              Author Seeking First World War
fits all approach to its program. The initial fee of       Immigrant Stories
$500 remained in place for some long time, and
                                                           I am writing a book about the American
it is only in recent years that it was raised to
                                                           immigrant experience in the First World War
$750. Meanwhile, life expectancy has increased;
                                                           (1914-1918) and I’m looking for stories of
inflation has continued to steadily increase
                                                           immigrant families who sent sons to fight in
expenses; and, as is historically the case, the
                                                           France or whose sons were drafted but refused to
earning power of the life membership fees has
                                                           fight on religious grounds. I’m also eager to find
fluctuated from unbelievable highs to
                                                           stories about German-speaking families who
unbelievable lows and everywhere in between.
                                                           suffered persecution during the war years. I’m
With      these     factors   in    mind,      the         especially interested in stories of soldiers and
Membership/Public Affairs Committee has been               families whose attitudes toward America
studying whether changes need to be made in the            changed as a result of the war. Please contact:
Society’s Life Membership Program fee                      David Laskin, 18757 Ridgefield Rd. NW,
schedule.     Earlier this year, after studying            Seattle, WA 98177, tel. 206-546-8856, e-mail
actuarial tables and several earning projection   Thank you.
scenarios, the Committee concluded changes are
needed.         Based on this conclusion,
recommendations were made to the Board of
Directors at its Spring Meeting in March to: (1)

                                                                               Headquarters News
A Sneak Preview:                                            in Austin, Texas, will also be a guest speaker.
                                                            Her dissertation on “Language Contact and Shift
Historical Research Symposium                               in the Soviet German Speech Community” has
 By Patti Sellenrick, Chair, Historical Research            given her a unique insight into the influences of
                   Committee                                the Russian culture and language upon Germans
                                                            from Russia who are recent immigrants to the
Plans for the 2006 International Convention of              Federal Republic of Germany from Siberia and
Germans from Russia are well underway. This                 Kazakhstan. A copy of her dissertation is
convention will provide an excellent opportunity            available through the AHSGR bookstore for
to learn more about your German-Russian                     those who would like to learn more. In addition,
heritage and to conduct your own personal                   Dr. Somerholter has been working with the
research. The Historical Research Symposium                 Historical Research Committee and the
on Saturday, August 19, will be a reflection of
                                                            University of Texas at Austin on the Aussiedler
the goals and priorities outlined by the Historical
                                                            Tape project and she will be able to give an
Research Committee for 2006.
                                                            update on that project during the convention.
Topics      highlighting      Russian       research
                                                            An open forum will follow both the morning and
opportunities include "Researching the Engels
                                                            afternoon sessions on Saturday, giving
Archives:     Exploring Your German-Russian
                                                            convention participants an opportunity to meet
Heritage” presented by Elizabeth Erina, Director
                                                            Elizabeth Erina, Alexander Rupp and his
of the Engels Archives. Opportunities to learn
                                                            daughter Dina, and Dr. Somerholter. During this
more about the resources in Russia and the
                                                            time convention participants can meet the
opportunity to visit the adopted homeland of the
                                                            speakers, ask questions, and learn more about
Germans from Russia are almost always where
                                                            their work.
researchers tend to begin their search, and they
are certainly at the top of the priority list for the       The afternoon will conclude with a preview of
Historical Research Committee.                              the film, “Norka: A Passage in Time.” This
In the afternoon, Alexander Rupp, Chairman of               documentary film offers an inside look at the
the Berlin Brandenburg regional organization of             village of Norka. In addition, Mr. Robert
the Landsmannschaft, and his daughter Dina will             Benson has added information shared by former
be speaking about the work of the                           residents and descendents of Norka that makes
Landsmannschaft and the integration of the                  this film an excellent resource for individuals
Germans from Russia into German society.                    interested not only in the village of Norka, but
Their lifestyles and struggles to fit into a new            many of the surrounding villages. Work on the
society are areas of great interest since many of           film is nearing completion, and it is anticipated
the families of our German-Russian ancestors                that the film project will be completed either in
have returned to Germany. The interested                    time for the convention or shortly thereafter.
researcher can visit the website of the
Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland at               The AHSGR bookstore will sell copies of the to learn                 film when it is completed. For those who pre-
more about this organization. Online translation            purchased the film in 2002-2003, your order will
programs are available for those individuals who            be filled as soon as the project is finished.
do not read German.
                                                            In one day you can learn about research
Dr. Kerstin Somerholter, Assistant Professor of             opportunities in Russia, the work of the
European Languages at St. Edward's University               Landsmannschaft and the Aussiedler program in
                                                                                   (continued on page 10)

Headquarters News
(Sneak Preview continued from page 9)
Germany, the study of dialects, and the history
                                                                   AHSGR VISA CARD:
and continued research of the village of Norka.                     An Exclusive Invitation!
You won’t want to miss a single minute of these
opportunities, so Mark your Calendar and Pack
your Bags--Destination Lincoln, Nebraska.
We’ll see you there!!!

To Obtain Your SOAR Member
ID and Password….
Send an e-mail message with your name and
address    (for     verification    purposes)     to The SOAR (Saving
Our      Ancestral       Records)      web      site was launched on 16 January.               This is not "just another credit card offer." By
Using the site for searching is a free resource but         responding to this invitation, you can acquire an
your member ID and password will allow you to               AHSGR VISA card that shows your support for
take advantage of the reduced fees for members              the American Historical Society of Germans
when you decide to purchase and download one                from Russia in a very tangible way. In fact, you
or more pages of the records.                               will demonstrate pride in your heritage every
                                                            time you use the card.
Remember that the keywords are for all names                The AHSGR VISA card helps to generate vital
contained in an obituary. This means if you                 funding for your Society. First International
search for a particular surname, an obituary may            Bank and Trust will donate a royalty to AHSGR
be returned for a deceased person with a                    every time the card is used to make a purchase.
different name–but your search keyword is                   These funds will be used to offset the Society’s
included somewhere within that obituary! For                general operating expenses.
example, a search for Zitterkopf will include a
return for Rogelio Nicacio Wilhelm because the              The AHSGR VISA card is designed to help you
maiden name of his wife was Zitterkopf                      save money and time while making life simpler
(published 15 May 1946).                                    and giving you peace of mind, whether at home
                                                            or when you travel. Of course, the benefit to
Dennis Zitterkopf                                           AHSGR is also very important. All these
                                                            benefits are in a credit card that carries no annual

                                                            To receive additional information on this
                                                            exciting program and to applay for your card
                                                            contact one of the following: AHSGR at 402-
                                                            474-3363 or e-mail:; or call
                                                            First International Bank and Trust at 1-888-484-
                                                            3428 and ask a representative to assist you in
                                                            applying for an AHSGR VISA card. It is just
                                                            that easy!

                                                                            Headquarters News

                                                          Glückstal Colonies
                                                         Research Association
                                                           By Margaret Freeman

                               Margaret Freeman and Carolyn Wheeler started the Glückstal Colonies
                               Research Association in 1988, in consultation with Arthur Flegel and
                               Gwen Pritzkau. Much data of interest to our families was not published
                               or accessible to the wider group of descendants from our colonies. Many
                               of us had completed family histories, some quite extensive, and in the
                               days before Glasnost and the St. Petersburg records, there were only
                               limited opportunities for further research. We recognized that our
                               families had lived together in North America, in the Glückstal villages,
and in various European regions before migrating east. The interrelationships were extensive and it
seemed desirable to get them documented. It was time to move beyond visiting about our ancestors to
seek out sources of information, and thus plans for the GCRA organization and GCRA Newsletter
For the first years, the Freemans supplemented the group's finances, as memberships were few and
membership payment was inconsistent. When the group was put on a more businesslike footing, finances
began to improve and income covered such costs as duplication, mailing and supplies.
Initially, Arthur Flegel gave much help by translating from the Odessa Kalender and other German-
language sources in his library. GCRA published “Declarations of Intent for US Citizenship” for Germans
from Russia in various counties of main Glückstal settlement a decade before this data was digitized and
placed on US Genweb or web sites of the state archives.
When the GCRA Newsletter reached twenty pages in length and we were mailing to several hundred
people, Michael M. Miller of North Dakota State University offered to duplicate and mail it as part of the
university outreach. He continues to do that, and has also assisted in publishing our various books and
annual reports. Today our twice-yearly GCRA Newsletter goes out to 400-500 recipients, along with
various archives and libraries.

The availability of the St. Petersburg records, filmed by the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus
Christ of the Latter Day Saints was a huge research breakthrough. Early on, prodded by member Jeannie
Whites compilation of all marriage records in this source, GCRA decided to translate all records from the
Glückstal parishes and publish them. Thus, Glückstal Colonies Births and Marriages, 1833-1900, and
Glückstal Colonies Deaths, 1833-1900, came into being. Later, responding to interest among the
returnees to Germany, through the hard work of GCRA member Gerda Fadden, the books were translated
into German, and Glückstal Kolonien Geburten und Eheschlieungen, 1833-1900, and Glückstal
Kolonien Todesflle, 1833-1900, are now available. For all of these volumes, Harold Ehrman managed
the desktop publishing.

AHSGR sent GCRA a copy of the history of a Glückstal daughter colony, Marienberg, written by Johann
Bollinger, at about the same time that Jan Stangl obtained a copy from her relatives in Germany. That was
translated. At the same time, Tom Stangl was working with the Einwandererzentralstelle Liste [EWZ],
the records made when the South Russians went to Poland with the German Army in 1944. Discovered
and confiscated by the U.S. military at the end of WW II, microfilm copies have been retained in the US
National Archives in Maryland, and he was finding much genealogy data. Jan happened on microfilms of
                                                       (continued on page 12)

Headquarters News
(Glückstal continued from page 11)
the German language newspapers in the Dakotas, in which letters to and from South Russia were
published. All of this was published in English and German in one volume, Marienberg, Fate of a
Village, or Marienberg, Schicksal eines Dorfes, with Johann Bollinger and Janice Huber Stangl as the
authors. Once again, the book was compiled and edited by Harold Ehrman; and, once again, the Germans
from Russia Heritage Collection at North Dakota State University was the publisher.
After Glasnost, groups began to visit Odessa and the villages of Glückstal, Neudorf, Bergdorf and Kassel,
and the daughter colonies, mainly through Michael Millers tours, Journey to the Homeland, starting in
1996. This led to the establishment of a monument in the village of Glückstal, which compares to a
county seat in the United States, in 2002. The monument, in German, Russian and English, is dedicated to
all who lived, worked and died in the Glückstal colonies of Glückstal, Neudorf, Bergdorf, and Kassel over
the years.
With visits to Odessa, the groups members made contacts with the Odessa Regional Archives, and over
time they have purchased over $10,000 worth of information in files relating to our group of colonies.
Much of this has been translated and published in the GCRA Newsletter, and our various books. The
documents on the relocation of the village of Kassel were translated and published in the Heritage
Review of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society.
Along the way, it was recognized that the Glückstal Colonies were founded nearly two hundred years ago.
In order to celebrate this historic happening, a group consisting of Allyn Brosz, Harold Ehrman, Margaret
(Aman) Freeman, Barbara (Geiger) Horn, James D. Klein, Gwen Pritzkau, Penny Raile, Homer Rudolf,
Sally (Gross) Sologuk, Janice (Huber) Stangl, and Thomas A. Stangl met, planned and wrote an 800 page
book, The Glückstalers of New Russia and North America: A Collection of History, Genealogy and
Folklore, with Homer Rudolf as editor and Harold Ehrman as desktop publisher. With additional help
from Connie Dahlke (women’s handwork and German-Russian clothing), Carol Just (Brauche and other
healing practices), Rose Ketterling (midwifery), Richard Sandmeier (formatting preparation of the Points
of Origin list), and Herb Tabert (assembling of several hundred thousand connected names from the
Glückstal District villages), the book included another two thousand pages of information and pictures
(donated by GCRA members and others) on two CDs, bundled with the book.
Simultaneously with the book production, the group worked on a documentary, Heaven Is Our
Homeland, The Glückstalers of New Russia and North America, written by Homer Rudolf, Janice
(Huber) Stangl, Thomas A. Stangl, Allyn R. Brosz, Barbara (Geiger) Horn and James D. Klein, based on
a written text by Ron Vossler. Allyn R. Brosz was narrator, Ryan Schumacher did the graphic design,
executive producers were Bob Dambach and Homer Rudolf, and the documentary was produced by
Roadshow Productions for the Glückstal Colonies Research Association. The documentary has been
shown on Public Broadcasting stations in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Idaho, Utah, California, Kentucky,
and Washington State, among others.
Responding to the need for solid research information, Duane Stabler, Selma (Job) Lapp, and Keenan L.
Stoecker, published The Researchers Guide to McPherson County, South Dakota Cemeteries, again
by the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection of North Dakota State University in 2005. GCRA
provided some financial help. The book includes a county history by GCRA member Bruce Mehlhaff, a
listing of all cemeteries and their burials in the county, maps of cemetery locations, and color photos of
each cemetery. A supplement has a surname index of burials, including female surnames, an alphabetical
list of cemeteries with township locations, and an extensive list of additions or corrections, many of which
include cause of death, and various bits of genealogical information. In conjunction with the Germans
                                                                                      (continued on page 13)

                                                                            Headquarters News

(Glückstal continued from page 12)
from Russia Heritage Collection, GCRA maintains a Listserve at North Dakota State University.
Today, in 2006, a group in conjunction with longtime Neudorf Village Coordinator Greg Dockter, is
planning further publications, including information on the village of Neudorf, not widely available up to
this time. It will also include updates on passenger lists, the inhabitants database, pictures of the
descendants of Glückstal inhabitants, and any items that were not included in the 2004 book. It is
scheduled for publication in 2008.
As GCRA plans for future publications, and continues with the GCRA Newsletter of 64 pages annually,
one can only marvel at the power of volunteers. GCRA has never had employees. GCRA achievements
are a result of individuals donating time, skills, talents and wherewithal to get the job done. Many
members have been with us for our eighteen years of existence, many pay their dues regularly, and many
send a bit extra, to continue our work. Gratitude is owed to each who helped in any way to accomplish.
these goals.

   New Items for Sale in the AHSGR
Jacob E. Dietz, History of the Volga German             Adolph Lesser, Polka Varieties CD
Colonists HB                                            Members $15.00; Non-members $20.00
Members: $38.00; Non-members: $48.00
                                                        Eva Jacobs, History and Songs of the Volga
Dr. Igor R. Pleve, Einwanderung in das                  Germans, Volume I CD
Wolgagebiet (in German and Russian), Volume             Members and Non-members $12.00
3 HB
Members $65.00; Non-members $85.00                      Eva Jacobs, History and Songs of the Volga
                                                        Germans, Volume II CD
Arthur E. Flegel, Extended Relationships of the         Members and Non-members $12.00
Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino Communities HB
Members and Non-members $65.00                          Lawrence A. Weigel, Volga German Customs
Life Story of Dr. Karl Stumpp, as told to Arthur        and Traditions, 1763-1976 CD
E. Flegel PB                                            Members and Non-members $17.00
                                                        Lawrence A. Weigel, Volga German Folk
Members $7.50; Non-members $9.50                        Humor CD
                                                        Members and Non-members $15.00
James Leiker, The Changing Village: A History of
Antonino, Kansas, 1905-2005 PB                          Lawrence A. Weigel, Volga German Customs
Members and Non-members $20.00                          and Traditions, 1763-1976 CD
Ronald J. Vossler & Joshua J. Vossler, The Old          Members and Non-members $17.00
God Still Lives: German Villagers in Czarist            Lawrence A. Weigel, Volga German Folk
and Soviet Ukraine Write Their American                 Humor CD
Relatives, 1915-1924 HB                                 Members and Non-members $15.00
Members and Non-members $35.00

Headquarters News

            Convention Update                             tell them you are attending the ASHGR
                                                          You won’t want to miss the genealogical,
                                                          folklore and historical symposiums. We’ll be
                                                          waiting for all of you with a hearty welcome!

                                                          Author Seeking First World War
                                                          Immigrant Stories
                                                          I am writing a book about the American
                                                          immigrant experience in the First World War
                                                          (1914-1918) and I’m looking for stories of
                                                          immigrant families who sent sons to fight in
                                                          France or whose sons were drafted but refused to
                                                          fight on religious grounds. I’m also eager to find
The 37th Annual International Convention of
                                                          stories about German-speaking families who
AHSGR in Lincoln, Nebraska, August 14-20,
                                                          suffered persecution during the war years. I’m
2006, is an event not to miss. Guest speakers are:
                                                          especially interested in stories of soldiers and
Elizabeth Barker, Tecumseh, OK; Robert Benson,
                                                          families whose attitudes toward America
Sacramento, CA; Dr. Patricia Cox Crews, UNL
                                                          changed as a result of the war. Please contact:
Lincoln, NE; Dr. med. Alexander Eichhorn,
                                                          David Laskin, 18757 Ridgefield Rd. NW,
Bornheim, Germany; Dr. Jacob Eichhorn,
                                                          Seattle, WA 98177, tel. 206-546-8856, e-mail
Midland, MI; Elizabeth Erina, Russia; Ed Gaither,
                                                 Thank you.
Lincoln, NE; Kenneth Leffler, Sonora, CA; Gwen
K. Meister, Lincoln, NE; Alexander Rupp,
Germany; John Schleicher, Omaha, NE; Eleanor
Sissell, Orangevale, CA; Larry Weigel, Jr.,
Manhattan, KS.
Music! Music! Music! Music is being featured
throughout the convention so plan to bring
your singing voice. A fun treat will be the
Traveling Road Show on Friday night. Bring
your treasures to share and find out what they are
The convention site will be the Embassy Hotel in
downtown Lincoln. The rate is $109 per night
and rooms can be reserved by calling 1-800-362-
2779. A full breakfast and a Happy Hour each                 Heritage Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
evening complete with appetizers are included
for each guest. Be sure to tell them you are
attending the AHSGR Convention. Be sure to

                                                                              Headquarters News

                                ACHTUNG! ACHTUNG!
                           STATE OF KANSAS, CITY OF HAYS,
The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia has announced that the state of Kansas and the
city of Hays have been chosen to host their 2007 International Convention. Upon hearing word that Hays,
Kansas, submitted a bid for the event, Calgary, Canada, also in the running, deferred their bid and plan to
host the 2009 Convention. The prestigious event is predicted to bring nearly 1,000 visitors to Hays.
 “The Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau is delighted that Hays was selected to host this event. Being
the German Capital of Kansas, we feel like Ellis County is the ideal place for an event of this caliber,”
said Janet Kuhn of the Hays CVB.
Volga German settlers began arriving in Ellis County in the mid-1870's. They were so named because
prior to coming to the United States they had settled along the Volga River in Russia. Coming from a
harsh climate, the Volga Germans were able to adapt and thrive in the region. These very religious
people expressed creativity in the construction of beautiful churches, many of which are still in use in the
communities surrounding Hays. The most famous of the churches is St. Fidelis Church, more commonly
referred to as "the Cathedral of the Plains," which stands today as a monument to the Volga German
immigrants and their enduring lifestyle.

“Germans from Russia all around the world have heard of Ellis County, but many have never actually had
a chance to visit the area. This will be a homecoming for some and a new experience for others. Having
been to several international conventions myself, I can’t wait to be a part of this one on our soil,” said
Leona Pfeifer, Convention Co-chairman.

The International Convention, slated to take place June 10-17, will host visitors from all across the U.S. as
well as foreign countries. The gathering consists of organizational business, a variety of notable speakers,
musicians, dancing troupes, folklore, genealogy, and various socials. The organization has 3,217
members and is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. On the local level, AHSGR has chapters in Hays,
Russell, Salina, Topeka, Kansas City, Wichita, and Dodge City. All local chapters will be assisting the
Sunflower Chapter of Hays with organizing and over-seeing the convention.

The Convention is coordinated under the direction of the International Board of Directors of AHSGR and
a Steering Committee which includes: Leonard Schoenberger, Ellis, Kansas; Leona Pfeifer, Hays; Karen
Penner, Newton; Carol Riffel, Wichita; Jeremy Dannebohm, Hays; Jean Carr; Wichita; Denise Grau,
Topeka; Sister Alice Ann Pfeifer, Hays; Betty Pfannenstiel, Munjor; Dennis Zitterkopf, Wichita; Evelynn
Huggins, Topeka; Kevin Rupp, Hays; and Diane White, Lincoln, Nebraska.

While planning and preparing for an event of this magnitude may seem like an overwhelming task,
Leonard Schoenberger, Co-chairman of the event, is no stranger to organizing AHSGR gatherings. Along
with attending several previous conventions, this is the second International Convention Schoenberger has
helped organize.

“Visitors can expect a good show. One thing we promised the International Board is that Ellis County
will go down in history as hosting one of the great conventions. With all of our area heritage, we are
really anticipating a good local representation. Along with the local flavor, we are going to usher in some
great speakers, many of whom are publicly known international figures,” Schoenberger said.

Headquarters News

On October 21, 2006, the Sunflower Chapter of Hays will also be hosting the Sunflower Round-Up, a
state-wide convention of AHSGR. Along with the normal schedule of events, the Round-up will serve as
a time to plan and prepare for the international visitors. The Holiday Inn Convention Center has been
selected as the venue for both the 2006 Sunflower Round-Up and the 2007 International Convention.
During both events, the Convention and Visitors Bureau will be providing tours of several famous Ellis
County landmarks.

Members of the staff at both the Hays CVB and the Holiday Inn will accompany Schoenberger, Pfeifer,
Rupp, and Dannebohm as they travel to Lincoln, Nebraska, in August for the 2006 International
Convention. During their stay in Lincoln, the group hopes to generate enthusiasm and distribute
information on the state of Kansas and the city of Hays

“It’s a very good time to be a German from Russia and call Hays home,” said Jeremy Dannebohm,
Publicity Director for the event. “Our heritage and our history is so rich; we are proud to have an
international organization dedicated to its preservation. It is my hope Unsere Leute (our people) will take
ownership of this historic gathering and join the local chapter to assist with the International Convention.”

Individuals wishing to join the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia can do so by
contacting Kevin Rupp, President of the Sunflower Chapter in Hays, Kansas. Rupp will help potential
members contact their local chapters. Rupp can be reached at 785.625.6638. For more information
regarding the 2006 Sunflower Round-Up or the 2007 International Convention log on to

                                                          Immigration, The American West and the
                                                          Twentieth Century German From Russia, Omaha
                                                          Indian and Vietnamese Urban Villagers in
                                                          Lincoln, Nebraska, A Dissertation
                                                          By Kurt Kinbacher under the supervision of
                                                          Professor John R. Wunder, History Department,
                                                          University of Nebraska. Donated by Kurt
                                                          Kinbacher, PH.D.
                                                          25th Anniversay—Harvest of Memories Ernte der
     Newest Additions to the Library                      Erinnerungen. Calgary Chapter, AHSGR.
Kraus Reunion July 17-20, 2003. Handbook                  Jornada, Romance sobre a emigracao alema para
and Gazetteer. Dick Kraus, Editor.                        a Russia (1762-1782), By Sergio Neville
                                                          Holzmann. Portuguese text.
Lutherische Kirche in der Welt. Folge 53 2006.
                                                          Russo-Nemetskye Kulturnye Svyazi Istoriya i
The Old God Still Lives: Ethnic Germans in                Sovremennost. Materially Dokladov I Vystupleniy
Czarist and Soviet Ukraine Write Their                    Uchastnikov       ezhdunarodnoi        Natchno-
American Relatives 1915-1924. Translated,                 Prakticheskoi Konferentsil i Dnei Nemetskoi
edited and with an introduction by Ronald J.              Kultury na Volge. Samara, 14-15 July 1994.
Vossler and Joshua J. Vossler. Illustrated by                                      (continued on page 20)
Joshua J. Vossler.

             To All Past Attendees of the German-Russian Cultural Festival in Leader, SK
                               German-Russian Cultural Festival
                          October 13, 14, 15, 2006, Leader, Saskatchewan
          We will be limiting the number attending to 300. Register early if you plan to attend!
       If you register and subsequently cannot attend, you will be reimbursed the registration
       fee, less a processing fee of $10 per person. There will be no refunds after October 1,
          Registration begins on Friday, October 13, at 6:00 PM and will be followed by the
       Opening Address at 7:45 PM. Pork ribs and sauerkraut, smoked pork hocks, homemade
       sausage and homemade potato and cabbage salads will be served at the Saturday evening
       banquet. Book displays will be accessible all weekend. A blacksmithing display featuring
       iron crosses will be available on Saturday. The Sunday Church Service at 10:00 AM will
       conclude the festival.
       Speakers and presenters are as follows:
               Joe and Linda Elder…..An account of their recent trip to Russia
               Betty Lang…………....Home Remedies
               Merv Weiss…………...His search for his German-Russian relations
               Dr. Peter Penner
               Ted Becker………........”dem Cherman Rooshans”
               Ron Vossler…………..German-Russian Humor
               Val Wangler………….Genealogical info found in Staats-Anzeiger newspapers
               Sandra Steltes………... “Doing Things Right”
               Bob Schneider………..Organizing tours to Russia
               Klementina Hoffer……Her life story in Russia
REGISTRATION FORM. Please Print. Please include the names of all registrants.
Name(s): _________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________ Email or Fax: ______________________________

                          Cost                                              Number
                       per person                                           required


                                                                       Total Enclosed
Make Cheques (Cdn $) Payable to German Russian Cultural Festival. Send the completed form and
payment to:
                                    German Russian Cultural Festival
                                           C/o Tim Geiger
                                              Box 624
                                         Leader, SK S0N 1H0

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                                       starts with a Cowboy
                                    “Hoot and Holler” at the
                                   Oklahoma City Convention!

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                    Buy a gift membership!
This campaign is designed to reward both new, and referring members who recommend new members or
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As an additional benefit, both new and referring members will receive discounts on a vast array of books
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                                       I f it istob, it isu tom!

                         FUTURE OF AHSGR!

                                                                          Headquarters News
               Requests from Abroad
               1) Jerzy Polzenius is searching         7) Wilhelm Thommy has been looking for a long
               for information on his great-           time for his uncle Anton Wolf who was born in
               great-great-grandfather Samuel          the 1890’s in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. In 1918
               Polzenius born in 1782. He              Anton left his family and went to Germany with
might have moved to Ozorkow, Poland in 1830.           his brother Josef.
Jerzy Polzenius,
2) German Araya from Argentina is asking for
information about his great-grandparents from
Saratov. Andreas Kloster, born 1885-1890,
son of Cristian Kloster and Barbara Tiel, and
Catalina Holzman, whose parents were Jose
Holzman and Margarita Klain. The couple got
married in Argentina.         German Araya,
3) Alexander Wilhelm needs help in his family
research. His grandfather Wilhelm Peter, son of                 Anton Wolf's son with his family
Wilhelm Philip was born 1887-1888 in
Pobochnoe. He was married twice: to Sofia              While Josef got married and stayed in Munich,
Knack, and Anna Maria, daughter of Egor, and           Anton immigrated to America. A picture of
had 5 children. In 1920 he moved to Khutor             Anton’s son with his family is available.
Druzhinin. Alexander Wilhelm, Windthorststr.           Wilhelm Thommy, Pfarrer-Vogg-Str 14, 89358
15, 67436 Speyer, Germany                              Kammeltal, Germany
4) Alexander Eberz is interested in information        8) Wladimir Kopusow is trying to find
about Eber(ts)z family from Rastadt, Odessa            Elenberger family members. They came from
area. Alexander Eberz, Sonnenweg 82, 38518             Langenfeld in the Volga area.          Jacob
Gifhorn, Germany                                       Elenberger, Wladimir’s great-grandfather, was
                                                       born in the 1870’s and married          Kniss
5) Maria Kramer is looking for the descendants         Wesskreit.    He came to America at the
of her great uncle Philipp Hopfauf, born 1887,         beginning of the 20th century.      Wladimir
son of Peter Hopfauf and Franziska Butsch,             Kopusow, Hauptstr 39, 66953 Pirmaseus,
from Karlsruhe/ Ukraine.         In 1914 he            Germany;
immigrated to the USA and settled in the
Chicago area. Maria Kramer, Neckarstr 75,              9) Nelly Meissner wishes to find descendants of
70806          Kornwestheim,         Germany;          her great-great-grandfather Karl Meissner born                                     in 1858 in Grimm and married to Katarina
                                                       Sott. The village nickname for the family was
6) Paulina Kusmin is hoping to hear from those         “rotkoepfiche Michels” as Michels Meissner,
who knew her mother’s [Anna (Anastasia)]               born in 1824, had red hair. In 1912-1914, Karl’s
brother Alexander Weht from Brabander,                 daughter Scharlotta Meissner, born in 1882,
Volga area. He was born about 1883. He came            immigrated to America with her husband. They
over and lived not far from Los Angeles. Last          received money and parcels until 1937 when the
contact was in 1928.         Paulina Kusmin,           contact was broken.            Nelly Meissner,
Gogginger Str 63, 86159 Augsburg, Germany              Nichtenberger Str 8, 38120 Braunschweig,
                                                                                (continued on page 20)

Headquarters News
(Requests continued from page 19)                       The Linenberger Genealogy. By Amy Topler
10) Juri Hegwald is searching for his uncle and         and Agnes Dreiling. Donated by Arthur Flegel.
his descendants.     The Hegwald (Gegwald,
Heichwald, Haichwald) family is from                    A Wagner Family Odyssey. By Fonda D. Baselt
Rosenfeld on the Volga. Juri’s grandfather,             A Wagner Family Odyssey. From Germany to
Egor Hegwald, was married to Tilmann                    Russia to America. A Supplement to the Wagner,
Katerina, and there were 7 children. Egor tried         Wilhelm, Rudy, Lamm and Kiel. By Fonda D.
to flee Russia with all the family in 1915-1923         Baselt.
but only the eldest son whose first name might
have been Johanes Hegwald (1895-1900)                   Wanderers Between Two Worlds. German
emigrated. His wife and child stayed behind, but        Rebels in the American West 1830-1860. By
later died from typhoid. For some time the              Douglas Hale.
family received letters and packets from
Canada. Yuri Hegwald,              Die„ deutsche Frage” im Schwarzmeergebiet
                                                        und in Wolhynien. Politik, Wirtschaft,
(New additions continued from page 16)                  Mentalitaten und Alltag im Spannungsfeld von
Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1761               Nationalizmus und Modernisierung (1856-1914).
Band 3. Kolonien Laub-Preuss. By Igor Pleve             By Dietmar Neutatz . German text.
hrsg von Alfred Eisfeld.                                History of the Volga German Colonists. By
My Grandparents. A Collection of Stories,               Jacob Dietz. English Text.
History, Photos and Genealogy of the Gottlieb           CD’s ADDED:
and Lydia Klauser Hardt Family. By Jon Hardt.
Donated by Jon Hardt                                    Dutch Hop. Music of the Germans from Russian
                                                        performed by Adolph Lesser and his Polka Band
A Thumbnail Sketch of the Kuks. By Montford             and Paul Weingardt and his Polka Band.
                                                        On Location With Adolph & Friends. By Adolph
A History or Genealogy of the Bleth-Freed               Lesser.
Families. By Jessie Taylor-Zehr.
                                                        Polka Varieties. By Adolph Lesser.
Wetzstein, Judt and Related Families. Volume
II. By Sister Mary Leo Bleth. Donated by
Arthur Flegel.
A History of the Michael Wetzstein Margaretha
Judat and Related Families Volume I. By Sister
Mary Leo Bleth. Donated by Arthur Flegel.

                                         WORTH MONEY!
                             Save Inkjet/Laser cartridges and cell phones.
                            Don’t throw them away. A recycling company
                               will forward the money to AHSGR. For
                               mailing envelopes call 1·800·368·5881

                                                                           Headquarters News

Germans from Russia Oral History Project                 (Tramping Lake, Regina, Saskatoon, and   Allan
Continues in North Dakota and Saskatchewan               areas) for three weeks. From August      5-13,
                                                         Lacher and Johnson will be conducting    more
In the spring of 2005 the Germans from Russia            interviews    in   the   Lehr/Kulm       area.
Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, launched
the Dakota Memories Oral History Project in              This project is sponsored primarily by the
order to document and preserve the history and           Germans from Russia Heritage Collection,
heritage of Germans from Russia on the                   NDSU Libraries, Center for Heritage Renewal,
Northern Plains. During the first field season,          and Theresa Mack Germans from Russia History
Jessica Clark, Project Coordinator, and Will             Doctoral Fellowship. We have also received a
Clark, videographer, collected more than thirty          grant from the Canadian Embassy for interviews
interviews, primarily in Gackle, Wishek,                 in Saskatchewan. This project has received
Streeter, Ashley, and Berlin, North Dakota.              additional funding from the NDSU Development
                                                         Foundation, North Dakota Humanities Council,
For the 2006 field season we will continue this          Germans from Russia Cultural Preservation
landmark project by adding more than fifty               Foundation, Glueckstal Colonies Research
interviews to the collection. The interest in and        Association, and a number of private donors.
support of this project has prompted us to
employ a second interviewer, Sarah Lacher, and            For more information, please contact Jessica
videographer Craig Johnson who will be                   Clark at 701-231-8419 or
conducting interviews in Linton and Strasburg  , or Michael Miller at
from May 13-19 and in Linton, Strasburg,                 701-231-8416 or
Hague, and Venturia from May 24-31. In July      The Dakota
the Clarks will be conducting interviews in the          Memories Oral History Project website is:
Rugby area for one week and in Saskatchewan    

New Pleve Charts
Surname:                Reichenborn
Villages:               Schuck, Koehler
Donated by:             Raymond Reigenborn
Special Instructions:   Notify submitter
Surname:                Salwasser
Village:                Stahl am Tarlyk
Donated by:             Gene Lehman
Special Instructions:   Notify submitter
Surname:                Unruh
Villages:               Sabara, Ostrog, Karlswald
Donated by:             (C1) Mark Dirks, 8735 West Lane, Winton, CA 95388
Special Instructions:   Notify submitter. Purchase from AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln,
                        NE 68502

Headquarters News
Welcome to our newest Members!
If someone lives close to you give them a call and personally welcome them to AHSGR. Don’t forget to
invite them to your Chapter meeting!
Paul Acouaviva              Renae V. Barnett                Gregory & Mary Bruning       Michele T. Flaherty
207 Rue Republique          11857 W. Driftwood Ct           7100 N. 176th Street         898 N. Cindy Avenue
La Farlede 83210 France     Boise, ID 83713                 Waverly, NE 68462            Clovis, CA 93611-6762
Ostrock, Schultz   
                                                                                         Schroh, Jungheim
Stanely G. Andersen         Joann Baroh                     Arnold A. Burgemeister       Volmer, Neu-Colonie,
830 West Street             725 161st Street South          3660 S. Pleasant Valley Rd   Seewald, Saratov
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                                                                    Village Coordinator News

Schilling and Dobrinka
Gary Martens, Village Coordinator

I started working on genealogy about 25 years
ago, when my wife urged me to work on her
family’s history. We were able to get to
Tennessee once a year and started gathering
information from various sources.        On the
maternal side of the family, her one great-
grandmother emigrated from Finland in 1902.
My wife always thought it would be great to
travel to Finland. In 1995 that dream became a
reality when I went to work for Nokia, a Finnish          my uncle’s application for a delayed birth
company, and we spent six months living in                certificate, which I figured out to be Dobrinka.
Finland. In April 1995 we traveled on the
Finland-to-Sweden ferry to the Aland Islands, an          I don’t recall how I found out that my
autonomous part of Finland, where my wife’s               grandfather was from Schilling. When Sam
great-grandmother had grown up. We met an                 Sinner started his graduate studies and gave up
archivist at the Aland Provincial Archives. She           being a VC for Schilling, I immediately knew I
became interested in the family because one of            wanted the position. I have since added all the
my wife’s ancestors was an important Aland                Schilling villages (six) except Alexandertal. I
architect in the early 1800’s. We got some of the         started with no database for Schilling, but have
family history while we were there; but when we           built it to 6300 people with extensive data on a
returned home in July 1995, there was a package           number of families from Schilling.
waiting for us from the archivist with the family
history going back to the 1600’s.                         I have a Pleve chart of my grandmother’s
                                                          Weimer family, and I enjoy sharing that
My Martens family has lived in Nebraska since             information with the few people in this country
the late 1800’s. I’ve done extensive collection of        that have Weimer from Dobrinka connections.
data on the Martens and related families. I               Using census records, I obtained information on
became interested in the USGenWeb Project                 most of my grandfather’s Worster family from
during this research.        When the county              Schilling. I hope to have details on the family as
coordinator position became open for Lincoln              soon as I receive a Worster chart.
County, I took that position, and now am also
county coordinator for Polk and Seward                    Thanks to the previous Dobrinka VC, Arliss
Counties in Nebraska.                                     Hoskins, I have a Dobrinka database of
                                                          approximately 2000 people. I will continue to
My mother’s parents were German-Russians.                 add to that database, helping people with
Until the mid-1990’s, I had no idea that her              Dobrinka and Schilling connections. I will
family had lived in Russia since 1764. We had             continue to disseminate my database information
been led to believe that our grandmother was a            as people request it and as I find family
German who worked in Moscow. When I found                 connections.
out they were German-Russians, there was very
little information available. My mother and her
brothers and sisters had passed away. The only
information to go on was a birthplace listed on

Village Coordinator News

Alt-Danzig, Guldendorf,
Hoffnungstal, Neu-Danzig
Curt Renz, Village Coordinator
Asking questions about family and heritage while visiting with my grandfather in 1952, I found
his stories so fascinating that I was "hooked" for life and wanted to know more. Eventually
running out of living sources for my own family research, I decided to collect data on anyone
who came from my four ancestral villages in Russia through live interviews, letters, cemetery
searches, etc.
    Joining AHSGR and attending the 1972 convention, I began meeting people with the same
village connections through the surname exchange. Shortly thereafter, I joined a small group of
individuals who at AHSGR conventions, under the leadership of Gerda Walker, were known as
Village Coordinators. It was there that I learned that what I'd been doing fit perfectly under the
VC profile. I collect, extract, and organize family groupings associated with the villages and
continue to work on verification of points of origin in Germanic States. I also continue to collect
and extract letters from American German-language newspapers sent from the villages to family
or friends in America. In addition to possessing an 1848 history for each village, I also do or
have the following:
Hoffnungstal-Bessarabia collection:
      Possess various Personnalbuchs for the years 1847-1879, 1861-1900, and 1900-1920.
      Possess a village map.
      Current collection contains letters from 1909-1939.
      Collect and extract obituaries for those born in this village from various newspapers.
Guldendorf-Odessa collection:
      Purchased the 1829-1849 Personnalbuch der Gemeinde Güldendorf.
      Purchased the Güldendorf birth records for 1833-1889, 1899, 1902-1913, and1915.
      Obtained the marriage records for the same years as the birth records.
      Purchased the Güldendorf death records for 1833-1891, 1899, 1902-1913, and 1915.
      Current collection contains letters from 1905-1932.
      Collect and extract obituaries for those born in this village from various newspapers.
      Translated the 1858 Revision List for the village.
      Purchased a variety of documents from the Odessa Regional State Archive
         that pertains to individuals who eventually settled in the village.
      Continue to extract Einwandererzentralstelle (EWZ) records.
      Possess a village map.
Alt Danzig-Kirovograd collection:
      Possess birth, marriage and death records for 1833-1841, 1843-1848, 1850-1858,
         1860, and 1865. Supplemental records for 1858-1864, 1866-1869, and 1871-1885.
      Current collection contains letters from 1903-1926.
      Continue to extract Einwandererzentralstelle (EWZ) records.
Neu Danzig-Nikolayev collection:
       Possess birth, marriage and death records for 1847-1848, 1850-1872, and 1874-1885.
       Supplemental records for 1847, 1850-1855, 1857-1869, 1871-1874, and 1876-1885.
       Current collection contains letters from 1903-1926.
Obtained various village documents from the Nikolayev Regional Archive.
      Continue to extract Einwandererzentralstelle (EWZ) records.
      Possess a Village map.
                                                                    Village Coordinator News

Brunnental/Brunnenthal,                                   course it has happened because of the "clues" left
Samara, Volga, Russia                                     behind by some pretty amazing people before
Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl                                  1) There was 89-year-old Marie (Greenwald)
Village Coordinator                                       Bandey (still living) who did some incredible
                                                          interviews with a Mrs. Marie (Lebsack) Becker
(Brunnental continued from front cover)                   back in the 1980's. These interviews (posted on
After months of searching through libraries, I            my Brunnental website) talk about so many
found some old Journals in a genealogy library            different families and how they were related.
in Portland, Oregon, which mentioned a George             Together they also produced the map that
Gettmann from Brunnental. I asked my father's             AHSGR has for sale of Brunnental (1908). It
cousin if anything about this village sounded             was drawn by me from their taped interviews.
familiar, and she remembered that it was indeed           Marie Becker had a wealth of information
the name of the village in Russia where my                because her father had been the mayor of
great-grandparents had lived. They were both              Brunnental; and since she went around with him
born in Frank, Russia in 1855, but their                  to collect taxes, she knew where everyone lived
respective     families   had      moved     to           and how they were related.
Brunnental/Brunnenthal when it was formed.                2) Irma (Greenwald) Waggoner, who now lives
                                                          in Lincoln, has always been a "treasure trove" of
So I checked out books and met a wonderful                information. She doesn't forget anything; and
woman in Portland, Marie (Greenwald) Bandey.              whenever I'm stuck, she helps me figure it out.
Her father was a Greenwald and so was my                  She has done a majority of the early research on
great-grandmother. She got me in touch with the           these families, and has been an incredible
Portland Chapter of AHSGR; and before I knew              inspiration to me over the years!
it, I was involved heavily in AHSGR, and even             3) Rev. Elias Hergert wrote a 1923 poem about
served for several terms on the national Board.           Brunnental during the terrible famines in Russia.
While researching my family in the Portland               In this poem he mentioned everyone (males)
area, I kept finding more and more families from          he could think of who was living in the U.S. and
Brunnental, so I started researching them, too, as        Canada, grouping them by their proximity (he
everyone seemed to be related in some way.                put the Wyoming group together and the
This genealogy thing had a "life of its own," so I        Canadian ones in another stanza). This gave us
decided to become a Village Coordinator and               amazing clues on who had left Russia and where
started researching every family from                     they lived in 1923.
Brunnental. My database today has over 37,000             4) Die Welt Post articles (many written by Rev.
names (that includes descendants and ancestors)           Hergert and others about the village and people
and is growing daily. I owe the start of my               of Brunnental) provided information on
database to Barbara Clausen, who was the                  relationships and reported what was happening
original Frank Village Coordinator, and to others         in Brunnental and what was happening in the
like Doris (Eckhardt) Evans, the current Frank            USA. Those notes gave us more clues about
VC, Norman Dudek, who was the VC for Kolb                 families. We have to thank Gerda (Stroh)
at that time, and Jean Roth, who was the VC for           Walker, the first Brunnental VC who translated
Walter. These people all shared their data and            many of these articles and indexed them by
helped me start my Brunnental database.                   village, for her fine work and her many
     The fact that I have taken each family name          contributions.
from Brunnental and researched each one has                                      (continued on page 28)
helped in getting these families together, such as
the case of the SEIBEL family descendants. Of

Village Coordinator News
(Brunnental continued from page 27)                        Viktor's grandfather, Adam Seibel, came to the
5) Records such as obituaries, funeral records,            U.S. in 1912 with two younger brothers, Jakob
memory folders, passports, bible records,                  and Heinrich Seibel. Viktor's grandfather left his
photographs of families, sermons and personal              wife and children (son Adam Seibel who is
journals, histories of Brunnental, and family              Viktor's dad) behind in Brunnental because they
histories were shared by the various families and          had eye disease. Adam was planning to send
individuals who had kept them. All of these                for his family later, but it never happened. He
helped in the production of the Brunnental                 ended up living his life alone in the U.S. with his
Village Newsletter which was produced for a                wife and children in Brunnental. Rev. Elias
number of years.                                           Hergert even talks about Adam Seibel being
6) Public records here in the U.S. such as census          “alone in this country with his wife so far away
records, death indexes, cemetery records, WWI              in Brunnental” in his 1923 poem of Brunnental.
draft registrations, Social Security records (death
and application), alien voter registrations,                We found that Adam Seibel, who lived in
naturalization records, and passenger lists, etc.,         Washington and Oregon, spent time in a
have all been searched and have given us more              Washington state prison. I actually sent for the
clues about our families.                                  prison records for Viktor. The other two
7) The Surname Charts done by Dr. Pleve, the               younger Seibel brothers (Jakob and Henry)
"Brunnental Re-Settlement List" provided by                married here in the U.S. and had families, and
Vlad Soshnikov, and the village census and                 now they are all reunited.         They live in
church records have given us more information              Washington and Oregon. The one brother who
on our people and their relationships.                     went to Massachusetts worked for GE. His
                                                           youngest son, Robert Seibel, is a comedian in
Through all of those sources we have put                   Boston. The brothers who were in Portland
together a very detailed and well-documented               never kept touch with the brother in
database on our ancestors from Brunnenthal and             Massachusetts so the younger generations had no
our descendants who now live all over the                  idea they had cousins. I was able to find them
world. We have linked up so many families. In              all, and now they are all corresponding with
the 1990's, we ran an article in a German news-            Viktor in Russia. They have exchanged photos,
paper and we heard from many Brunnentalers                 genealogy, etc., and the best part of this story is
and were able to link up many families from that           that Viktor has found a friend in Russia who can
one advertisement. We've also found families in            translate for him so we are able to e-mail him in
South America and Canada and many still living             English and get correspondence back in English.
in Kazachstan or the Ural Mountain regions.                What a treat! And this has all been done on the
Just recently we found the relatives of the
SEIBEL family from Brunnental (living in                   These are the stories that keep me going!
Oregon, Washington, and Massachusetts) for a
Viktor Seibel living at 120 Kushnov Street,                "It is a revered thing to see an ancient castle not
Miass Chelyubinsk region 456394, Russia.                   in decay, but how much more it is, to behold an
                                                           ancient family which has stood against the waves
                                                           and weathers of time.”
                                                                                         --Francis Bacon

                                                           Brunnenta lWebsite:

                                                                                    Chapter News

Arizona Sun Chapter                                      California District Council 2006
                                                         Heritage Fest
The first two meetings of the Arizona Sun
Chapter were held at the Foothills Chapter of the        The CDC Heritage Fest—California’s annual
Glendale Public Library. The meeting usually             celebration of Russian-German history and
starts with a business session followed by a             culture—was organized this year by the Lodi
break for snacks and coffee. This also gives us a        Chapter, with the support of the five other
chance to visit with one another, which we can’t         California chapters. Lodi has been a West Coast
do often, because our members are scattered              center for South-Russian and Bessarabian
across the state of Arizona.                             Germans for the last 109 years, ever since the
                                                         first Germans made the “third migration” from
Our speaker at the February meeting was                  the Dakotas to California’s Central Valley in
Sigmund Ziebart from Stuttgart, Germany. He is           1897. The day-long event was held on April 22
the cousin of one of our members, Elvera Reuer,          at First Baptist Church, which originally was the
and happened to be visiting her at the time. He          German Baptist Church.
told how the GRs emigrated from Germany to
Poland or Hungary and then finally to                    Speakers included Arthur Flegel (“History of
Bessarabia.         Sigmund      explained   the         Lodi”), Pastor Horst Gutsche (“Thirty Years of
circumstances that made them leave those                 Experiences with German Parishioners”), Alton
countries to go to Bessarbia and then the                Sissell (“Contemporary Genealogy Resources”),
tragedies that caused them to return to Germany.         Margaret Freeman (“Development of the
He said, “They came full circle.”                        Glückstal Colonies”), and Victor Goehring
One of our own members, Ed Babitzke, was the             (“Journey to Russia and Ukraine in 2005”). The
speaker for our April meeting. Ed gave us                dinner session featured singing little-known
several examples of the kind of information that         songs of exile sung by Agnes Litfin Dillon;
can be found in various state and local archives.        Russian-German folksongs arranged for a
He told of some of the difficulties he has had at        women’s trio performed by Ms. Dillon, her
some archives and how helpful the clerks were at         daughter Christina and Gigi Cobb; and a lively
others. He gave us several ideas for furthering          sing-along of Russian-German favorites with
our own research.                                        Richard Kisling at the piano and John Kreutzer
                                                         on bass. The event was capped by Dr. Jerome
April was our last meeting for the spring.               Siebert, President of AHSGR, who spoke about
Summer is coming when the temperatures begin             the multi-faceted successes our organization is
to climb toward the 100 degree mark and above,           experiencing, including successful ongoing work
and many of our members leave for cooler                 with Russian archives, the recent launch of
climates, so our next meeting will be our                SOAR online, availability of newly-published
Oktoberfest next fall.                                   books and plans for continuing publication, and
Hildegard Wasnick, Newsletter Editor.                    establishment of communications with Russian-
                                                         German organizations in Argentina.
Central California Chapter                               According to chapter president, Ken Isaak, there
Our Chapter will be celebrating our 35th                 were numerous new-comers among the 122
anniversary on July 9, 2006, with a luncheon at          people who attended the fest. Participants
Smuggler’s Inn in Fresno. The program will               eagerly bought the books and other materials
feature speakers, remembering the early day              sold by GCRA and the Sacramento Valley
stories, and a German sing-a-long. We continue           Chapter.
to make noodles and bierocks as we have for                                       (continued on page 30)
many years. Our annual Oktoberfest is always
great fun.

Chapter News
(CDC continued from page 29)                            important history; Jerry Siebert, who spoke
Many thanks to members of the Lodi Chapter for          about his recent visits to Argentina and the
their efforts in organizing this activity, and          contact he has made with Isabel Kessler; Elaine
congratulations on a successful day! Next year’s        Hatfield, who shared correspondence she has
fest will be hosted by the Southern California          received from relatives who settled in Brazil;
Chapter, under the leadership of chapter                Ann Franz, who talked about her life when she
president Ray Heer.                                     lived in a Mennonite community in Paraguay;
                                                        Rudy Dyck, who spoke about the 1998 trip he
Golden Gate Chapter                                     made to the “el Chaco” region of Paraguay; and
                                                        Arthur Flegel, who described the visit a North
For the past year, a geographical theme has been        American delegation made through the region in
woven through the content of the bi-monthly             1978 on the hundredth anniversary of the
meetings of the Golden Gate Chapter. In July,           founding of the first German colonies in
2005, the speaker was Adam Wolff, a graduate            Argentina.
student at Stanford University, whose talk might
have been titled “Adventures in Kazakhstan,”            The Bessarabian colonies were the focus of our
because he presented an engaging and fresh view         May meeting. Arthur Flegel brought his maps of
of life in contemporary Kazakhstan as he                Bessarabia and described some of the origins and
experienced it while traveling throughout the           emigration routes of the people who settled
country on his motorcycle during the year he            there. Sue Nakaji gave a brief history of the
lived there.                                            colonies and introduced the video You, Land of
                                                        my Forefathers’ Choice: History of the
In September, excerpts from Ron Vossler’s book          Bessarabian Germans, copyright by Dr. Erwin
of famine letters, We’ll Meet Again in Heaven,          Ziebart and Dwayne Janke.
were introduced and read by Richard Kisling,
Irma Eichhorn, Rudy Dyck, Elaine Hatfield,              The geographical thread will be picked up again
Jackie Mattison, James Horn, and Hathalle               in the fall, when the chapter revisits central Asia
Monfort.                                                with Back to Kazakhstan, an excellent 30-minute
                                                        video sourced from Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin,
The November meeting featured Pastor Horst              about four Russian-German men who recently
Gutsche whose subject was “German Russians in           have returned to Kazakhstan and are making
Western Canada.” Pastor Gutsche delivered a             their fortune with ideas and skills they acquired
fascinating personal tour of the German                 while they were in Germany!
communities and churches in Alberta, Manitoba,
and Saskatchewan.                                       The Golden Gate Chapter also is working with
                                                        the California State Genealogy Library-Sutro to
In January, 2006, Alan Peters presented                 maintain a bound set of the complete output of
“Vagabonds in Paradise: the Story of                    AHSGR Work Papers, Journals and Clues.
Mennonites in California”—historical and
contemporary perspectives on Russian-German             Golden Wheat Chapter
Mennonites with special emphasis on Mennonite
communities and institutions in California.             The Chapter held their annual genealogy meeting
                                                        on Sunday, April 23, 2006. The members and a
“German-Russians in South America” was the              number of guests enjoyed the delicious potluck
topic of the March meeting which was organized          dinner. Ellen Chuksina displayed a number of
and introduced by Sue Nakaji, who completed             Russian foods from her shop, Euro Taste in Old
extensive research. Participants included Irma          Town. She presented information regarding her
Eichhorn, who spoke about her father’s                  shop, and expressed thanks again for helping her
relationship in Berlin in the 1920s with Jakob          and her daughter, who escaped from Russia, to
Riffel who later lived in Argentina and wrote an                                 (continued on page 31)

                                                                                      Chapter News
(Golden Wheat continued from page 30)                      upon their arrival in the United States. We
 remain in the United States.                              are proud of our heritage.
 After the dinner, everyone proceeded to                   Wichita, Kansas
the AHSGR library room. The program was                    Rachel Smith, Reporter
presented       by     knowledgeable      members
explaining the use of the Index of Resources,              PRESS CONFERENCE HELD IN KANSAS
location and explanation of research books,
family histories, German-Russian and local                 On April 19, members of the Kansas Round-Up
literature, story tales, Pleve charts, maps, videos        Board of Directors and Dennis Zitterkopf,
covering chapter meetings and Kansas Roundup,              member of the AHSGR International Board of
scrapbooks containing pictures of meetings over            Directors, were in Hays to visit with members of
many years, CD's, Journals, and items                      the media and those interested in the 2007
received of special interest. Amanda Bartel                AHSGR International Convention to be held in
presented a program on quilts from Passing On              Hays. Kevin Rupp, our Chapter President, has
the Comfort written by Ann-Kuening-Tichelaar               already received e-mails from across the United
and Lynn-Kaplanian-Buller, and also how she                States and even Argentina!          News spread
prepared her books on her family history. The              quickly, and people are excited.
attendants asked questions and contributed their           The group began the day early with a live
stories. Passing On the Comfort has been                   interview on the Mike Cooper Show at 8:45 a.m.
donated to the library.                                    One of the things I launched two months ago
 Several members gathered for another noon                 was a monthly “AHSGR Update” on the Cooper
lunch of German foods at the Imbiss on May 11,             Show. It lasts about ten minutes and has proven
2006. While these delicious foods are not of our           to be successful as from only two broadcasts we
ancestors’ cooking, the foods         are German,          have recruited members. The entire program is
and we always enjoy partaking of something                 funded by donations. Following the visit with
different. Also, several visited the Euro Taste to         Mike Cooper, the group enjoyed a tour of Hays,
obtain German and Russian foods.                           a business meeting, and various interviews for
                                                           local television and radio.
The annual Chapter picnic will be Saturday,
August 5, 2006, from 12 noon to 4 p.m. at the               Members of the regional media, newspapers,
Hyde Park Shelter, 201 South Greenwood,                    local businessmen, and journalism and German
Wichita, Kansas. You need not worry about the              students from regional schools were invited to a
weather; the shelter is enclosed and air-                  press conference. During the press conference,
conditioned. Members from other chapters and               the panel answered questions as well as
guests are always welcome. Bring a salad,                  explained the selection process of how Hays was
vegetable or a dessert. Fried chicken will be              chosen to host the convention, what convention
furnished by the Chapter. A program will be                goers can expect, and a little history of the
presented.                                                 organization. We hope to make this the largest
                                                           convention ever!
Members are planning to attend the AHSGR
International Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska,             During the convention, Hays can expect dynamic
August 14-20, 2006. Also plans are being made              internationally   known       speakers,   great
for the AHSGR International Convention in                  entertainment, and a week packed with events
Hays, Kansas, in 2007. The communities and                 and education celebrating our heritage.
cities surrounding Hays, Kansas, are populated             Contact: Jeremy Dannebohm, Publicity
with the descendants of Germans from Russia,               Director, phone: 785-365-7777 or Janet Kuhn,
and this heritage is practiced. This portion of            CVB Liaison, phone: 785-628-8202
Kansas is where many of our ancestors settled
Chapter News
Mount Diablo Chapter                                       advanced years, learn the use of computer
                                                           programs by making many errors. Our Chapter
The Mount Diablo Chapter was well represented              President, Bruce Cropper, has been making
at the CDC Heritage Fest in Lodi on April 22,              numerous trips there to get familiar with what
2006, with at least seven of our members using             they have and how it is used so that he can assist
about 8 gallons of gasoline per car to make the            chapter members in doing research.              We
trip. Art Flegel gave the first talk on the                amateurs should keep in mind that we should
Germans from Russia families living in the Lodi            never be afraid to try something new.
area in the early days, where he lived while               Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark and
working in Stockton when he first moved to                 a large group of professionals built the Titanic.
California. The rest of the speakers presented
interesting topics that were enjoyed by all. The           Harvey Culbertson
lunch and supper were primarily very good
German foods. Jerry Siebert made some very                 Nebraska Panhandle Chapter
interesting     comments       concerning     the
preservation and distribution of information               The Nebraska Panhandle Chapter of AHSGR has
contained in the archives in the German-Russian            recently converted its video cassette, The Beet
villages.                                                  Tenders’ Destiny, to CD. Filmed in western
                                                           Nebraska, this 25-minute video details the
Our next chapter meeting on June 4, 2006, will             development of the beet industry in the North
be a SOAR and Genealogy workshop at the                    Platte Valley. Chapter members recreated the
Hillcrest Congregational Church in Pleasant Hill.          thinning and topping of beets for the filming.
Bob and Marge Benson from Sacramento will
present the SOAR project, explaining what it is            In this industrialized world, the hard hand labor
and how it works and providing attendees with              of working beets is a thing of the past. The
some hands-on help in using it. The Genealogy              determination and efforts of our German-Russian
workshop will provide information on how to                ancestors to build a better life is remembered and
use the various internet programs available in             appreciated in this video and it helps to preserve
tracing your family history. The last hour of the          this segment of our history for future
meeting is reserved for participating and in               generations.
consuming all of the good German-Russian
                                                           Copies of both the cassette and CD are available
dishes brought for the potluck supper.
                                                           for $15 each (includes shipping and handling)
We have what has become an annual picnic early             and may be ordered prepaid from Gladys Wyatt,
in August where those who want to can swim,                2600 Road 35, Harrisburg, NE 69345.
play Bannock, consume some of that dark-
                                                           Our Chapter generally meets monthly except in
colored, somewhat fizzy beverage sometimes
                                                           the summer.        Our recent programs have
called German beer, and engage in some
                                                           concentrated on members sharing their
conversation and storytelling, all of which is
                                                           memories. The discussion usually starts out
followed by our usual potluck supper.
                                                           slowly, but builds quickly and gets very
On September 16, 2006, we have scheduled a                 animated and fun with everyone chiming in. In
trip to the archives of the Family History                 December, Christmas memories were shared. At
Centerin Oakland. Alton Sissel of Sacramento               the annual soup supper in January, everyone told
will lead the class at the Oakland LDS Family              about their favorite food made by their mothers.
History Library, demonstrating what he covered             In February, members shared confirmation
in his talk at the CDC Heritage Fest in Lodi.              experiences and pictures and family Easter
This will be of great interest to those who were           customs were shared at our annual Schmeckfest
not able to attend the Heritage Fest and of greater        in March. Everyone is encouraged to share these
interest to those like the editor who, being of                                      (continued on page 33)

                                                                                       Chapter News
(Nebraska Panhandle continued from page 32)
recollections with their children, grandchildren           summer developing a PowerPoint presentation
and great-grandchildren.                                   which will be used by officers or members who
                                                           are speaking about AHSGR to area genealogy
Chapter officers for the year are Shirley Flack,           societies and other organizations. Our President,
president; Joyce Kautz, vice President; Gladys             Mary Lauck, has recently done interviews for
Wyatt, secretary; and Helen Doshier, Treasurer.            two newspapers on Germans from Russia and
New Mexico Chapter
                                                           Our Chapter has maintained a relationship with
The big excitement now for New Mexico                      Dr. Peter Kastner, a German language professor
Chapter is the creation of bright turquoise                from the University of Northern Colorado, and
chapter vests; we hope to stand out at                     the German Club from UNC over the past
conventions and other activities representing the          several years. Dr. Kastner has offered to teach a
chapter.     In    March       Velma       Jesser          series of German language classes for our
(AHSGR/GRHS) shared a variety of tips and                  members and we are in the beginning stage of
tricks in doing genealogy, including samples of            scheduling them.
unique situations she had encountered while
                                                           Our Publicity Chair, Barbara Stromberger, has
doing her own family research.          In April
                                                           worked with a Family Reunion subcommittee to
Christina Flegel (AHSGR) presented a program
                                                           put together packets about AHSGR. Our current
about the foods, life styles, and culture of the
                                                           dinner-meeting reservation form has a check-off
German-Russians followed by foods made from
                                                           to request this packet. Those folks who have
her grandmother’s recipes. Members are finding
                                                           family reunions over the summer can request a
new family information during the third hour of
                                                           packet and we will send them one. The packets
our meeting, the Resource Hour, to which
                                                           contain a variety of materials including AHSGR
members bring primary sources to share; in April
                                                           membership forms and a SOAR flyer.
we looked at maps from yesteryear. We have
heightened publicity and are making some                   A group of volunteers is being formed to help
contacts with Germans from Russia located in               separate multiple images of obituaries, etc., from
New Mexico, thanks primarily to efforts of                 one of the SOAR projects. When we did the
Vince Humann (AHSGR/GRHS), as we continue                  original database of our chapter scrapbooks,
to value the support of out-of-state                       some of us got a lot of practice doing that.
AHSGR/GRHS members for the success of our
Chapter.                                                   We value information from other chapters about
                                                           resources they offer. Our newsletter promotes
Velma Jesser, President                                    research aids, census lists, and other kinds of
                                                           publications offered by other chapters and
Northern Colorado Chapter                                  individuals doing GR research. Please contact us
                                                           if you have something you would like to have
Northern Colorado Chapter has recently                     our readers know.
purchased a portable covered booth for
participation in the summer and fall town                  The April newsletter featured a 1976 German-
celebrations and the fall Octoberfests in the area.        language interview of Maria Emmert Fritzler
Officers take turns manning the booth which                who was then 86 years old. The tape was
offers a selection of the most popular Germans-            translated   by    Dr.    Lyudmila     Ivanovna
from-Russia publications and cookbooks as well             Koretnikova when she was at the University of
as membership applications and other                       Wyoming. It offered our readership a view of
information. We use these opportunities as part            Alt Messer from before World War I and the
of our overall publicity and recruiting efforts.           genocide, persecution, and final banishment of
We are also going to spend time over the                                            (continued on page 34)
Chapter News                                              Southern Nevada Chapter
                                                          The German Consul General of Los Angeles
(Northern Colorado continued from page 33)                addressed the Southern Nevada Chapter of
1941. Maria gave a concise history of her                 AHSGR recently in Las Vegas. Speaking on the
German Reformed Church and a good view of                 repatriation of Ausland Deutsche (ethnic
life in her village almost 100 years ago. We also
gave special thanks to all of the volunteers who
have been clipping articles about weddings,
obituaries, birthday parties, and special-interest        Germans living in foreign lands) following
stories about Germans from Russia from the area           World War II and the collapse of the Soviet
newspapers over the 35+ years of our Chapter              Empire, Dr. Christian Stock described the plight
history. Currently there are about six people             of these unwanted peoples, many of whom were
who are actively clipping. The clippings are              grossly mistreated.
scanned for inclusion in SOAR and then put into                Dr. Christian Stock, Ms. Sigrid Sommer,
scrapbooks.                                                                 Larrie Schmidt
Our May dinner speaker will be AHSGR life                 A career diplomat, Dr. Stock described his own
member Harold Felte who went to Russia with a             personal relationships with some of the German-
farm organization in November 2005. Harold is             Russians he encountered in his native land,
a gifted photographer and we look forward to              recalling their tales of fear and degradation
seeing his pictures. Louis Eberhard will lead us          following Germany’s defeat in World War II.
in singing traditional German-Russian songs.              Although the repatriation of millions of ethnic
                                                          Germans was a huge financial burden on the
Northern Colorado has a dedicated group of                Federal Republic of Germany and encountered
officers and hard-working members. Our Book               much hostile reaction from native Germans, the
Chair, Betty Hoffner, sells a good volume of              government persevered. Tens of thousands of
books from her home and at the Chapter dinner             those who were repatriated were German-
meetings. Net profits from book sales over the            Russians who survived Stalin’s deadly Gulags.
first three months of the year earned almost              Many of these later joined family members in
$300.00 for our treasury. Our Genealogy Chair,            America.
Laura Strong, will be offering a SOAR class at
our September meeting to provide an opportunity           A question and answer period followed the
for our members to learn how to use the SOAR              Consul-General’s speech, with Dr. Stock giving
database. We rent the computer lab at the Aims            a brilliant assessment of the contemporary
Corporate Center where our meetings take place.           Berlin-Washington, D.C. relations. Some 40
Our Finance Chair, Sue Buxmann, works to find             German-Russians attended the event with food
creative ways to generate money for the treasury          provided by Cafe Heidelberg. Organized by
during our meetings. Our membership Chair,                Chapter President Larrie Schmidt, the event was
Violet Stromberger, works especially hard the             a huge success according to those who attended,
first three months of the year on contacting              including Ms. Sigrid Sommer, the Honorary
members who do not renew. The officers for                German       Consul       in     Las     Vegas.
2006 are a repeat of officers from 2005.                                           (continued on page 35)
Lauren Brantner
VP and Newsletter Editor

                                                                                     Chapter News
                                                          Mr. Schmidt said such events are crucial if local
(Southern Nevada continued from 34)                       chapters are to generate ongoing enthusiasm
                                                          among members. He said future events would
hopefully include a University of Nevada, Las            showing an assortment of these charts and the
Vegas, history professor addressing the reasons          different sizes and the quality of material on each
Germans left their homeland for Russia between           chart.
1767-1770. Also a Russian diplomat describing
the present conditions for those Germans who             The chapter also conducted a press conference
chose to remain in Russia will be a possible             on April 19 at City Hall to officially announce to
speaker.                                                 the city the selection of Hays as the site for the
                                                         2007 A.H.S.G.R International Convention. The
The event produced five new members for the              chapter is now in full swing preparing for the
18-month-old Southern Nevada Chapter,                    Kansas Round-Up that is scheduled for October
bringing its total to 31 members.                        21, 2006, at the Holiday Inn in Hays and the
                                                         International Convention which is scheduled for
Sunflower Chapter                                        June 10-17, 2007, also at the Holiday Inn at
                                                         Hays. Fund raising has begun as well as
The Sunflower Chapter gathered on Sunday,                publicity for these events. Sunflower board
May 7, 2006, in Munjor, Kansas for their spring          members attend a radio show on KAYS Radio
meeting. The local area high school students             (which also host the SOAR project) on the third
were invited to participate in the meeting. Leona        Wednesday of the month at 8:45 a.m. Topics
Pfeifer conducted an interaction program with            range from chapter events to traditions, customs,
the students and the members of the chapter.             Lawrence Weigel CD and much more. Leona
The German language in comparison to the local           Pfeifer and Kevin Rupp will be the guests on
dialect and the high German taught in the                June 21 speaking about the wedding customs and
schools proved to be both entertaining and fun           the upcoming events. We have received e-mails
for the group. Galen Schmidtberger and Kevin             on these events from California to Argentina and
Rupp lead the group in singing “Du, Du, liegst           from Canada to Florida!
mir in Herzen” and also “Wir Sitzen So Froelich
Beisammen”. The high school students then                The next chapter meeting is set for August 6 and
entertained the chapter with a German song of            it will be a picnic for the members. Our annual
their own which they use to learn language               “All You Can Eat Breakfast” will follow that on
                                                         September 10.
structure in the classroom.   Kevin Rupp                 See you in Lincoln Nebraska!!!
presented a brief talk on the Pleve charts
Help Wanted!
                                                          Guidelines for Processing Obituaries
Have some spare time? We are in need of                   When submitting obituaries please provide the
volunteers to help with the processing of                 source of the obit, (name and location of
obituaries. This involves typing (or using your           newspaper, our members who are
                                                          valuable toetc.) and the date on which it doing
computer) headings on 5x8 cards and cutting               appeared in the you for Date of death should not
                                                         research. Thank source. your assistance!
and pasting the newspaper articles to the cards.          be used as the source date. Computer generated
An Obit Kit will be sent with the supplies you            obituaries may be submitted using the following
will need along with the clippings. For more              settings:
information contact headquarters at 1-402-474-            Paper sizes:    8x5 or 8.5 x 11
3363 or e-mail us at This                Suggested margin settings:
would be a good Chapter project and would be a                    Top: 0.50” Bottom: 0.10”
tremendous help as the obituary cards are very                    Left: 0.50” Right: 0.50”
valuable to our members who are doing research.
Thank you for your assistance!
Cookbook Corner

Enjoying our traditional German foods brings back memories of our mothers and the days of our youth.
Cooking and serving these foods perpetuates our heritage and traditions. It also provides an opportunity
for discussion with family members of the unique history of the Germans from Russia. With these
thoughts in mind, we plan to feature recipes you may wish to try. The first recipe is from Küche Kochen,
one of the cookbooks available in the AHSGR bookstore. Recipes from other cookbooks will be featured
in following editions of the Newsletter.
Summer is garden salad time. If you have cucumbers in your garden, the following recipe is a wonderful
way to use them. There are many variations of cucumber salad, but if you have never tried a cucumber
salad with the addition of hard-boiled eggs, you are in for a treat. Try it. If you don’t have a garden, you
can always patronize the grocery store or a farmers’ market. Enjoy!

                 Gurke Salat (Cucumber Salad)
3 medium crisp cucumbers                  2 eggs, hard boiled
1 medium onion                            Salt
1cup sour cream                           Bit of parsley

Peel cucumbers. With tines of silver fork score lengthwise and then slice
into bowl, layering with thin slivers of onion and sprinkles of salt. Cover.
Refrigerate one hour. Drain well. Add sour cream. Mix lightly. Put into
serving bowl. Top with eggs that have been pressed through coarse sieve.
Sprinkle with parsley flakes. Delicious with Kartoffel and Kloes called
“Heinz” favorite dish. Mrs. Theodore E. Heinz, Greeley, Colorado.

(Please type or print.)            MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________
Address/Country: ______________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: _____________________ Email Address: _________________________
Villages: ______________________________________________________________________
Surnames: ____________________________________________________________________
A gift from: ___________________________________________________________________
(   ) Individual $50.00. ( ) Family $50.00. ( ) Student $15.00.         ( ) Youth $8.00
(   ) Life Membership $750.00.             ( ) Life Membership, first installment $150.00
(   ) My check or money order is enclosed. ( ) Charge my: VISA MasterCard Discover

Card Number: ______________________________________ Expiration Date: ___________

Signature: _____________________________________________________________________
               Please fill in the correct credit card information if charging your payment. Your signature
                              is required to process the payment. Payment in U.S. funds only.
                            Mail to: AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln, NE 68502-1199


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