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Supplier Analysis Worksheet - PDF


Supplier Analysis Worksheet document sample

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									                                                               SCM         506
                                                               Issued:     02/20/06
                                                               Revision:   5
     SUPPLIER QUALITY MANAGEMENT                               Page:       1 of 14
                                  CERTIFIED SUPPLIER PROGRAM

    1.   PURPOSE

Ø        This procedure establishes the fundamental requirements for successful
         execution of the Certified Supplier Program under which a supplier’s
         process is approved/certified for self-release of product, material or
         special process services by authorization of the acquiring Howmet Castings
         facility. This specification is predicated upon the supplier having
         absolute responsibility to provide products, materials or special process
         services that are in continuous conformance to the characteristics
         specified in the applicable Howmet procurement contract, applicable
         specification(s) and/or requirements of the product/process control plan
         (reference Howmet specification SCM 504). The objective of this
         specification is to commission preferred suppliers to self-certify special
         processes and process materials when the supplier has proven the process to
         be in control through established and documented process control methods.

    2.   SCOPE

Ø        The Howmet facility program personnel for site specific purchases and
         Howmet Corporate Procurement Services personnel for purchases common to
         multiple sites shall at their discretion utilize the contents of this
         document that are determined to be necessary to certify suppliers of
         special process materials and services defined in Howmet’s Supplier,
         Quality Management Policy and Procedures Manual (e.g. alloy, brazing,
         casting, heat treatment, non-traditional machining, surface treatment,
         welding, etc.) and process materials (e.g. ceramic products, cores,
         Mono-Shell® materials, patterns, process materials, powders,
         refractories, waxes, etc.). This specification and SCM 504 shall be
         invoked in the purchase order when a candidate for supplier
         certification has been selected.


Ø        3.1     Howmet Castings Procurement Policy &   Instruction Manual

Ø        3.2     Howmet Castings Supplier Quality Management Policy and Procedures

         3.3     Juran’s Quality Control Handbook

Ø        3.4     ISO 9001 and AS 9100

         3.5     Howmet Materials Control Manual (MCL), Sections I and II

Ø        3.6     Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans, 4th Edition, by Nicholas L.

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SCM 506
Page 2 of 14


Ø        It is the desire of Howmet Castings to control process inputs and
         eliminate process variation within our processes. To meet this
         objective, preferred supplier(s) shall be chosen on their ability to
         continually provide quality commodities and/or special process services.
         Suppliers from each commodity group (reference Howmet Commodities Table
         106) are solicited to become a primary supplier of specific commodity(s)
         and/or special process services for Howmet Castings. Each of these
         primary suppliers shall be given preferential business status relative
         to those contracts and specific commodity(s) and/or special process
         service(s) for which they have been certified.

Ø        Attainment of Certified Supplier status with Howmet Castings requires
         that the supplier establish and maintain a system of process controls
         designed to ensure continuous compliance of product, material or
         services to the contractual specification(s) and/or approved (SCM 504
         Process/Product Control plan(s) The elements of the process (e.g.
         personnel, machines, tools, materials, measuring & test equipment,
         environment, etc.) must be identified, prioritized, controlled and
         continuously monitored to ensure process output meets or exceeds
         Howmet’s requirements.


         5.1 The criteria for selection of potential supplier candidates for
             certification as a minimum shall consider:

               5.1.1    Commodity/service importance

               5.1.2    Ability and capability to support requirements if considered
                        for sole or dual sourcing

               5.1.3    Manufacturing capacity, volume purchases and long-term

               5.1.4    The candidate’s prior performance (either by the
                        procurement representative’s experience, receiving and
                        inspection and/or test data, supplier ratings and supplier
                        assessment data)

Ø              5.1.5    Analysis of quality data pooled from available resources
                        (Howmet customer approved supplier lists, Howmet facilities,
                        ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Registration Directory, Nadcap, Dun &
                        Bradstreet, etc.).

Ø        5.2 After a candidate supplier achieves certified supplier status and
             is placed on Howmet’s Certified Suppliers Directory, preference
             shall be given to that supplier for receiving Howmet business for
             products in which the supplier has been certified. Business
             preference shall be afforded as long as the certified supplier
             sustains optimal performance levels and value. However, Howmet
             Castings reserves the right to consider other prospective suppliers

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SCM 506
Page 3 of 14

               when it is determined that a competitor can provide equivalent
               product with enhanced value over that of an existing supplier. The
               “Supplier Selection Analysis Worksheet”, Appendix B, shall be used
               as a means in making the determination to consider a prospective
               supplier over an existing certified supplier.

               With the impending contract in mind, each supplier requirement
               shall be assigned a weight and a rating, based on its significance
               to the contract and the supplier’s ability to meet predetermined
               requirements. The weight given for each requirement should be the
               same for each supplier being analyzed for the given contract under
               consideration. The supplier’s rating for each requirement, of
               course, will likely vary from supplier to supplier. The scores are
               totaled for each supplier and the supplier receiving the highest
               total score shall be selected for the imminent contract. In the
               event of tied scores, the current certified supplier shall be
               awarded the new contract. If there is a tied score between
               suppliers on the Certified Suppliers Directory, the supplier with
               the highest average supplier performance rating for the previous
               four quarters shall be awarded the new contract.


         6.1   Howmet Facility Procurement

Ø              The Procurement Managers shall manage the program at each Howmet
               facility and the Commodity Team shall manage suppliers of common
               raw materials, determining which suppliers, on a global basis, are
               capable and best suited for commodity consolidation for sole or
               dual sourcing and certification. Responsibility for certification
               of the supplier when the contract entails a consolidated materials,
               product or services purchase shall be with the Corporate
               Procurement organization. Each Howmet facility is responsible for
               execution of the supplier certification process when the product,
               material or special process service(s) are specific to that
               particular Howmet site. The purchasing representative where the
               certification process is initiated shall apprise Corporate
               Procurement Commodity Team of all supplier certification
               activities. The Commodity Team is comprised personnel from
               Quality, Materials Engineering, Procurement and Logistics each of
               which provides representation for the various Howmet business
               sectors. The Commodity Team has responsibility for select
               commodities and suppliers, and for administering the facility level
               consolidation and certification process. These individuals shall
               also provide the necessary intermediary customer/supplier support
               to ensure a timely completion of program projects.

         6.2   Howmet Engineering

               Certification initiation, plan requirements formulation,
               implementation and approval and change level authority shall be
               accomplished by Materials Engineering Services, HRC, for Common raw
               materials and by Howmet facility process and/or product engineering

SCM 506
Page 4 of 14

               personnel responsible for the relative special process commodity(s)
               and/or special process service(s).

Ø              The engineer(s) shall invoke on the purchase order as a requirement
               of the purchase applicable sections of SCM 504 (Product/Process
               Control Plan), define the commodity/service expectations, technical
               requirements (customer and/or Howmet), process capability
               requirements and specify the need for any additional applicable
               technical supporting document(s) in the RFP package or purchase
               order amendment, as applicable. Section 8 of this procedure shall
               be utilized as a basis for the determination of the certification
               plan requirements. The supplier certification process shall be
               accomplished in accordance with the applicable guidelines
               established in Howmet specification SCM 504.

               The Materials Engineering Services organization or the facility
               program engineer(s) shall provide any necessary technical
               consultation and assistance to the supplier on commodity, product or
               special process services fitness for use requirements, such as;
               performance, expectations, maintainability, reliability, development
               of mutually agreed verification and/or analysis method(s), design or
               process expectations and safety aspects, as applicable.
               Howmet/Supplier joint conferences regarding technology and/or
               process issues, product or material optimization, etc., shall be
               conducted, as necessary, to support the certification process.

        6.3    Howmet Quality Assurance

               6.3.1    Supplier Certification Quality Requirements

Ø                       Procurement Quality Assurance or the Howmet facility quality
                        assurance engineer/representative, as applicable, shall
                        establish and define the supplier certification quality
                        requirements. The quality assurance engineer/representative
                        shall provide direct support to the program cognizant
                        engineer(s), as necessary, during certification initiation,
                        plan formulation and implementation and approval. The
                        suppliers’ performance shall be evaluated on a quarterly
                        basis for the fundamental criteria established in the Howmet
                        Supplier Performance Measurement System. Howmet/Supplier
                        cooperative quality planning and improvement conferences
                        shall be conducted, as necessary, to ensure the program
                        defined requirements are maintained at the required
                        certified supplier performance level. The program quality
                        assurance engineer/representative shall maintain supplier
                        certification records according to Howmet specification SCM
                        504 ESPA documentation criteria.

               6.3.2    Supplier De-certification

Ø                       Procurement Quality Assurance (PQA) or the Howmet facility
                        quality assurance engineer/representative, as applicable,
                        shall be responsible for working with certified suppliers
                        and assist them in maintaining their required certified

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SCM 506
Page 5 of 14

                        supplier performance level or in the applicable supplier
                        performance measurement procedure. If a supplier’s
                        performance level deteriorates and is in danger of going
                        below or is below a performance level required of a
                        certified supplier, the respective Howmet quality
                        representative(s) shall work with the supplier to achieve
                        the performance level required of the supplier. If it is
                        determined that the supplier is uncooperative, unwilling,
                        incompetent, and/or unresponsive in developing an effective
                        corrective action plan, then the supplier shall be removed
                        from the Certified Suppliers Directory at the discretion of
                        PQA and/or the Howmet facility management, as applicable.
                        The expectation is that both the certified supplier and
                        Howmet shall make every reasonable effort as business
                        partners to maintain the supplier’s required performance
                        level and thereby prevent de-certification.

               6.3.3    Procurement Quality Assurance Manager

                        Suppliers that have met the Certified Suppliers Program
                        requirements shall be listed on Howmet’s Certified Suppliers
                        Directory. The Procurement Quality Assurance Manager shall
                        be responsible for reviewing the Certified Suppliers
                        Directory on a quarterly basis for accuracy. The PQA Manager
                        shall be responsible for maintaining the Certified Suppliers
                        Directory. The PQA Manager shall revise the Certified
                        Suppliers Directory on a quarterly basis.

Ø                       The “Certified Suppliers” Directory may be viewed on the
                        Howmet Procurement Community Intranet.


         The supplier’s system must be maintained in strict compliance to Howmet
         Supplier Requirements Specification, SCM 501 or SCM 502, as applicable,
         and as a minimum, must ensure that the requirements defined in the
         purchase order documents (Howmet or Howmet customer drawings,
         specifications, Industry or Military Standards, sketches, process method
         sheets (PMS’s), sketches, work instructions, etc. are accounted for,
         documented and controlled. The system definition shall include
         responsibility and methods for identifying and controlling significant
         elements and key features of special processes and for obtaining Howmet
         customer approval where and when required. The system shall control
         these special processes, significant elements and attributes and assure
         process changes are not introduced into the manufacturing cycle without
         Howmet corroboration and formal approval. The supplier shall maintain
         adequate records of certification approval/documentation according to
         the established requirements in Howmet specification SCM 504.


         The process documentation and certification approval process shall be
         accomplished by the supplier and Howmet facilities alike according to
         the requirements set forth in Howmet specification SCM 504. Howmet

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SCM 506
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        engineering personnel, at their discretion and determination shall
        selectively utilize the criteria contained herein as a basis for
        devising the supplier certification plan requirements.

        8.1    Characteristic Accountability

Ø              Characteristic Accountability of each characteristic defined in
               each applicable P. O. document, including first tier and subsequent
               tier documents, shall be recorded on the Product Characteristic
               Accountability Report, Appendix A, form. Likewise, the supplier’s
               process control guidelines and process documents shall identify
               characteristics designated as significant or key by the applicable
               Howmet facility to prohibit unauthorized change and ensure control.

               Note: All product and process characteristics are important and
               need to be controlled. However, some characteristics, herein
               referred to as “Key Characteristics”, need extra attention.
               Excessive variation in these characteristics may directly impact
               Howmet’s end product. Where the results of the processes cannot be
               fully verified by subsequent inspection and testing of the product
               and where, for example, processing deficiencies may become apparent
               only after the product is in use, these “special” processes shall
               be carried out by qualified operators and/or require continuous
               monitoring and control of process parameters to ensure that the
               specified requirements are met. Qualification of a special process
               operation shall include machines, methods/instructions, human
               resource(s), measurement and monitoring devices and material.

        8.2    Process Monitoring & Operator Instructions

               Process Monitoring & Operator Instructions are required for all
               employees having process operation responsibilities. The
               instructions must be accessible at the work station, they may take
               the form of process sheets, inspection and/or laboratory test
               instructions, shop travelers, test procedures, standard operating
               procedures or other documents normally used by the supplier to
               provide the necessary information.

               8.2.1    Process monitoring and operator instructions shall include
                        or reference, as appropriate:

                 Operation number and number keyed to flow chart, as

                 Product nomenclature and number

                 Current revision level/date and approval(s)

                 Required tools, gages and other equipment, as

                 Material description/identification

                 Howmet designated key characteristics

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SCM 506
Page 7 of 14

                  Statistical sampling or SPC requirements

                        NOTE: Acceptance criteria for attribute sampling plans
                        shall be zero defects - reference Zero Acceptance Number
                        Sampling Plans by Nicholas L. Squeglia.

                  Relevant engineering and manufacturing standards

                  Inspection and test instructions

                 Corrective action instructions or reference to
                                   system standard

                 Visual aids, when and where applicable

                 Tool change intervals and set-up instructions,
                                   where applicable

Ø       8.3    Key Process Characteristics (KPCs)

Ø              Key Process Characteristics are required for each part, material,
               product and service. Those commodities determined to be processed
               precisely the same may be submitted as multiples in a single plan
               (each part number or item number must be identified in the
               quality/technical plan). The plan shall include all subcontracted
               elements and all applicable characteristics. Key characteristics
               shall be recorded on the SCM 504, Product/Process Control Plan,
               Appendix A, form.

Ø              8.3.1    To support the establishment of a Product/Process Control
                        Plan, it will be necessary for the supplier to identify Key
                        Process Outputs (KPOs) and Key Process Characteristics

                  KPOs are most often selected based on some or all
                                   of the following:

                                   Processing Requirements
                                   Drawing Requirements
                                   Specification Requirements
                                   Howmet Customer Requirements
                                   Nonconformance History

                  KPCs affecting the Key Process Outputs may include,
                                   but need not be limited to the following primary

                                   Material Inputs    (previous operations, supplier, raw
                                      material, tools, measuring & test equipment.)

                              DOCUMENT UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED
SCM 506
Page 8 of 14

                                 Machine Condition      (total productive maintenance, critical
                                    components, etc.)
                                 Set-up (fixturing, clamping, etc.)
                                 Machine (settings: pressure, time, feed, speed,   etc.)
                                 Method (sequencing of steps)
                                 Operator (skills required)
                                 Environment (temperature, location, etc.)

               8.3.2    Analysis and improvement of processes should be prioritized
                        based on the results of the of the process output. Initial
                        studies should be conducted on those operations/elements of
                        the process that have a poor quality history and/or are
                        critical to the performance of the material or function of
                        the product.

        8.4    Process Performance Requirements

               Process Performance Requirements of Key Process Characteristics
               shall be monitored at the operation through use of control charts
               or equivalent. The operators responsible for control of these
               characteristics shall be trained in the fundamentals of SPC and
               determined to be proficient. Process performance requirements for
               characteristics defined as “key” are as follows:

               Capability for stable processes and normally distributed data, the
               threshold target is Cpk > 1.33 unless otherwise specified.

               Attributes data shall be monitored through the use of p, u or c
               charts, as applicable to determine performance.
               PROCESS CAPABILITY INDEX (Cpk, Cpl, Cpu) , defined as:

               Cpl = X - LSL            Cpu = USL - X                   Cpk = Cpl or Cpu
                       3σ                       3σ                    (whichever is less)

               Cpl, Cpu are process capability indices for spec parameters with
               only (respectively) Lower or Upper limits.

               Cpk is process capability indices for specification parameters with
               both Lower and Upper limits.

               8.4.1    Characteristics identified on the Key Feature Control plan
                        that are either unstable or non-capable require initiation
                        of the appropriate reaction plan from the control plan.
                        Reaction plans should include containment of the process
                        output and 100 percent detection inspection of the
                        applicable characteristics. A supplier corrective action
                        plan shall then be completed indicating specific timing and
                        assigned responsibilities to ensure the process becomes
                        stable and capable. The reaction plans must be submitted to
                        and approved by the procuring Howmet facility.

Ø                       Note: Regardless of the capability requirement or the
                        demonstrated process capability, continuous improvement is
                        required, with the highest priority on “Key Characteristics”.

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SCM 506
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                         When data from control charts indicate a high degree of
                         capability, the supplier may revise and submit the
                         Product/Process Control Plan to the applicable Howmet facility
                         for concurrence/approval utilizing the SCM 504 Control Plan
                         Product/Process Revision Request, Appendix B, form.

          8.5   First Article Requirements

                A First Article Inspection Package of actual results and which
                accounts for all characteristics defined in the applicable P.O.
                documents must be submitted as documented evidence that all
                features and characteristics have been accounted and planned for in
                the manufacturing process. The package shall include:

                8.5.1    Manufacturing Routing Sheet(s)

Ø               8.5.2    Process Flow Chart

                8.5.3    Lab results of destructive and non-destructive evaluations,
                         as applicable. (These may be: sieve analysis, chemical
                         analysis, metallurgy, physical properties, hardness, etc.).

Ø               8.5.4    100% dimensional inspection, as applicable.   (Record
                         dimensions and results on Appendix A).

Ø               8.5.5    Process capability data for Key Process Characteristics

                         Cp : Process Capability based on Specification limits.
                         Cp = USL - LSL


Ø         Howmet approval must be granted for a part, product, material or
          service, engineering process change level, manufacturing location,
          material source(s) and production process environment. Changes in any
          of these factors requires the supplier to formally notify Howmet as
          prescribed in Howmet specification SCM 504, Paragraph 4.13, Control Plan
          Significant Product/Process Change Approval.


Ø         When an approved process has not been used to produce product, materials
          or provide special process services for Howmet for 18 months or more,
          the source shall notify the Howmet procuring facility and obtain written
          approval prior to restarting the process. Changes to the process
          resulting from inactivity, significant or insignificant, requires formal
          submittal and approval according to the requirements of specification
          SCM 504, Paragraph 4.13, Control Plan Significant product/Process
          Changed Approval.

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SCM 506
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Ø         Supplier performance and measurement shall provide the supplier with
          qualitative and quantitative data relative to the commodity or services
          being procured by the Howmet facility (s). Supplier performance shall be
          evaluated in the categories of quality, delivery, service and price
          index. Suppliers are expected to maintain the overall minimum rating of
          90.0 – 93.9 composite score. The Supplier Performance Measurement System
          is designed to provide the supplier with vital information for
          continuous improvement. At the same time, the Howmet Certified Supplier
          Program is designed to provide the necessary business incentives to
          ensure continuous improvement.

    ∅ - Denotes change from previous issue

SCM 506
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                                               Appendix A


                                                    Page 1 of 2

Product Name                                                Drawing/Spec./Rev.

Howmet Item/Part #/J/N                              Rev.           Serial #           Lot #

Supplier                                            Supplier Representative
                (Company name, city & state)                                         (Name & Title)

Supplier Item/Part #                                Rev.            Submittal Date

Reviewed/Approved by                                Date            Requesting Facility
                          (Howmet Representative)                                             (Acronym)

                Dwg./Spec.               Spec.       Measurement
              Characteristic               or          data type       Supplier
Item #       (Provide copy of             Dwg.      (Variable or       Obtained          Comments
            dwg. or spec. with            Loc.        Attribute)        Results
           correlating numbers)

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SCM 506
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                                  Appendix A (cont’d)


                                      Page 2 of 2

              Characteristic        Spec    Measurement   Supplier
 Item #   (Provide copy of dwg.       or      data type   Obtained   Comments
               or spec. with         Dwg   (Variable or    Results
           correlating numbers)     Loc.     Attribute)

SCM 506
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                                                     Appendix B

                                Supplier Selection Analysis Worksheet

  Selected Supplier:                                Date:                         Evaluator:
  Supplier Number:

                                                                                            (Weight x Rating = Score)
                               Requirement Description                                      Weight Rating       Score

   1. Supplier can meet facility lead time requirements                                     Select:   Select:   Select:
   2. Supplier manages inventory (consignment versus Howmet-owned inventory)                Select:   Select:   Select:
   3. Supplier has technical competence & customer support                                  Select:   Select:   Select:
   4. Supplier has ability to meet Howmet schedules                                         Select:   Select:   Select:
   5. Price of product, material, or service is competitive                                 Select:   Select:   Select:
   6. Supplier has favorable payment terms                                                  Select:   Select:   Select:
   7. Supplier has financial stability (ref. Dun and Bradstreet, etc)                       Select:   Select:   Select:
   8. Supplier has knowledge of industry/market                                             Select:   Select:   Select:
   9. Supplier is geographically close to Howmet facility(s)                                Select:   Select:   Select:
  10. Supplier has capacity and ability to meet Howmet’s min. and max. volume               Select:   Select:   Select:
  11. Supplier has change order capabilities                                                Select:   Select:   Select:
  12. Supplier has expedite capabilities                                                    Select:   Select:   Select:
  13. Supplier has favorable contract terms (length, effective date, legal aspects)         Select:   Select:   Select:
  14. Supplier has favorable business history with Howmet facilities                        Select:   Select:   Select:
  15. SDB consideration                                                                     Select:   Select:   Select:
  16. Supplier’s implementation schedule meets Howmet’s needs                               Select:   Select:   Select:
  17. Supplier has process control capabilities & techniques (SPC, control charts)          Select:   Select:   Select:
  18. Supplier has excellent distribution capabilities                                      Select:   Select:   Select:
  19. Supplier can perform testing, evaluation, & certification activities                  Select:   Select:   Select:
  20. Supplier has a process for price adjustments                                          Select:   Select:   Select:
  21. Supplier has a process for conflict resolution                                        Select:   Select:   Select:
  22. Supplier has a favorable labor relations environment                                  Select:   Select:   Select:
  23. Supplier has excellent transportation capabilities                                    Select:   Select:   Select:
  24. Supplier meets SCM 501/502 requirements, as applicable                                Select:   Select:   Select:
  25. Pre-production evaluation & cost impact                                               Select:   Select:   Select:
  26. Supplier has a sourcing plan (including inspection & test equipment)                  Select:   Select:   Select:
  27. Supplier has excellent quality records (mfg., inspection & testing, etc.)             Select:   Select:   Select:
  28. Supplier has technical support available and is willing to participate as a partner   Select:   Select:   Select:
      in developing and optimizing product or material.
  29. Total cost of dealing with the supplier is favorable (material/product cost,          Select:   Select:   Select:
      communication methods, inventory requirements, incoming verification
      requirements, testing evaluations, certifications, pre-production evaluations,

                                                                                            Total Score

                                      DOCUMENT UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED
SCM 506
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                                      Appendix B (cont’d)

                WEIGHT                                         RATING
  1 – Nice to have                      0 – Does not meet requirements at all
  2 – Should have                       1 – Meets just a few requirements
  3 – Need to have                      2 – Meets basic requirements
  4 – Very important to have            3 – Meets a little more than just basic requirements
  5 – Absolutely must have              4 – Exceeds basic requirements & expectations

   Methods for determining how well a potential supplier fits the criteria include:

   • Obtaining a Dun & Bradstreet or other publicly available financial report
   • Requesting a formal quote, which includes providing the supplier with specifications and
       other requirements (for example testing)
   • Visits to the supplier by management and/or the selection team
   • Confirmation of quality system status either by on-site assessment, a written survey, or
       request for a certificate of quality system registration
   • Discussions with other customers served by the supplier
   • Review of databases or industry sources for the product line and supplier
   • Evaluation of samples (for example, prototyping, lab tests, validation testing) obtained from
       the supplier

                               DOCUMENT UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED

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