Registered nurse Durham nc Mitchell Moehring RN BSN CCRN resume

					                                        Mitchell C. Moehring, RN, BSN, CCRN

 Kindred Healthcare, Rose Manor HCC, Durham, NC                                                2/2010-6/2011
 Registered Nurse on Rehabilitation Hall (2010-2011)
 Recognized for superior customer service and was named the most out of all nursing staff in patient and resident
  surveys with regards to patient satisfaction.
    Demonstrated excellent customer service and timeliness. Result: Director of Nursing offered promotion to
       become center’s wound care nurse and an extensive reference.
    Established good communication with medical director. Result: Medical director offered extensive reference.
    Regularly cared for 15-20 patients. Result: Received excellent performance reports throughout employment.

  Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC                                                    7/2009-10/2009
  Registered Nurse in ICU Float Pool (2009)
  Heavily recruited by hospital for ICU positions. Recognized for ICU expertise and helped to educate other
  nurses during orientation.

  Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL                                                     6/2006-6/2009
  Registered Nurse in Cardiac Surgery/Transplant ICU (2006-2009)
     Certified in advanced cardiac life support, basic life support and pediatric advanced life support; maintained full
         performance on evaluation reviews and successfully obtained complete training in ventricular assist
     Certified in critical care nursing to become one of only a few nurses with the certification.
     Promoted a member of the skin prevalence team. Result: Decreased the amount of skin breakdown throughout
         the whole hospital and improved the condition of patients with skin breakdown.

  CJW Medical Center, Chippenham Campus, Richmond, VA                                           11/2005-5/2006
  Registered Nurse in Cardiac Surgery Step-Down Unit (2005-2006)
  Recognized by manager as outstanding new nurse; fully certified in advanced cardiac life support and basic
  life support.
         Completed full training in basic cardiac rhythm interpretation. Result: Taught fellow nurses how to
recognize and treat fatal heart rhythms.
         Completed medical Spanish class. Result: Communicated more effectively with Spanish-only
speaking patients.

  CareDoc, E-Browser, Powerchart (Electronic Medical Record), CVVH Dialysis, Ventricular Assist Devices,
  Tandem Heart, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps, Substernal Pain Pumps, Transcutaneous Epicardial Pacemakers,
  Basic Rhythms, Meditech 4.1.

 BS, Nursing, Kaplan University, Chicago, IL, May 2010

 Diploma, Nursing, Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing, Richmond, VA, October 2005

 BS, Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, August 2000

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