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                                                                                        Volume 11, Issue1
                                                                                               May 2008

    A Publication of the Junior League of St. Petersburg                        

              Left to Right: Mindi Conrad, Courtney Suthard, Elizabeth Morris, Janeen Hambleton,
                                    Akemi Gianfilippo and Megan Stewart Pott

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Junior League of Saint Petersburg
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                                                                                                    President’s Perspective                                                 3

                                                                                                    Community Council                                                       4

                                                                                                    Membership Council                                                      7

                                                                                                    Development Council                                                    10
                                                  MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                                                    "Meet the Board"                                                       11
                                       The Junior League of St. Petersburg is an
                                         organization of women committed to
                                        promoting voluntarism, developing the                       Finance Council                                                        16
                                        potential of women and improving the
                                    community through the effective action and                      Organizational Chart                                                   18
                                    leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose
                                      is exclusively educational and charitable.                    "U Complete Us"                                                        19
                                                    OUR VISION
                                    The Junior League of St. Petersburg envisions                   Sustainers                                                             20
                                    a community where individuals and families
                                     have access to resources that assist in the                    Corresponding Secretary’s Report                                       22
                                          development of healthy life skills.
                                                                                                    Announcements                                                          23
                                             REACHING OUT STATEMENT
                                    The Junior League of St. Petersburg reaches
                                      out to women of all races, religions and                           THANK YOU TO OUR ADVISORS AND SPONSORS
                                    national origins who demonstrate an interest
                                        in and a commitment to voluntarism.                         AmericanKidz Adoption Services, Inc                                     6

                                                                                                    Apple Photographics                                                     6
                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                    The Arts Center                                                        21

                                    President....................................... Jenn Maxwell   Kuttler Kitchens                                                       17
                                    President-Elect ....................... Chloe Firebaugh
                                                                                                    Loving Arms                                                            21
                                    Community VP .................................... Lauri Lee
                                    Membership VP ........................... Mary Ann Will         MyBuyerswin, Inc.                                                      17
                                    Corresponding Secretary ...........Missy Everhart               Staci L. Price, D.C., P.A.                                              6
                                    Recording Secretary .................. Allison Garrett
                                    Finance VP ..................................... Erin Conners
                                                                                                    St. Petersburg Catholic High School                                     9
                                    Development VP ......................... Linda Punzak           TradeWinds Island Resorts                                              16
                                    Parliamentarian ................................. Lisa Brody
                                    Communications VP ..............Maria Chapman
                                    Sustaining Advisor ................. Georgia Mattern
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                                    500 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N., Suite 201
                                                                                                                  The circulation is approximately 600 households.
                                             Saint Petersburg, FL 33705
                                        (727) 895-5018 (727) 894-8065 fax
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                                                                                    Christine Casey - CauseWay Editor / Publications Chair
                                                                                                                        Kristin Keenan - CauseWay Designer
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                                                                                                                         Amy Hammond - Editorial Assistant
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                                           Tues, Thurs: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

                                        Page 2                                                                                                                         CauseWay
                                                                          By Jenn Maxwell

                                                                                                   President’s Perspective
                    I bet you’re wondering what the logo on the cover of this
                    Causeway is all about. Well, I’ll tell you. Every member, no
                    matter how new she may be, enables us to fulfill our mission. We
                    just aren’t an effective organization without each of your
                    experience, vision and volunteer muscle. So, after the Winter
                    AJLI Conference, I thought long and hard about how I could
                    capture this value and that’s when it hit me. Jerry Maguire said
                    it best, “You … complete me.” Of course, in this case, “you”
                    refers to 600 members & Sustainers and “me” is replaced by “us”
                    but you get the picture, right? Every time you put aside your
                    plans to volunteer or attend a meeting, you are sending the
                    League a message that we matter to you and the work we do in
the community is important. We want you to know that we appreciate the time you
devote to volunteering for our projects and participating in our events. Be sure to
check out the new section of the CauseWay each month that highlights how U
Complete Us.

I am frequently asked, “Jenn, how do you do it all?” That’s an easy answer for me
because I don’t try to do it all – I do what I can. And I say that with confidence
because I know I am surrounded by capable women who share my volunteer spirit
and dedication. Remember, we all get by with a little help from our friends so we
should always strive to be the volunteer we need each other to be, with the
assurance that one day we will receive the same support. Just this month, Ann
demonstrated that concept by filling in for me at the closing ceremony of the Par-Tee
-Time Golf Tournament, the first day of her Past-Presidency! What a great example of
the teamwork and volunteer spirit we share as Junior Leaguers. Ann, in case we’ve
never told you, U Complete Us!

So remember, whether you’re
babysitting at Library Puppets,
dealing with a Gift Gallery
vendor, preparing for a
meeting, acting as a
Sustaining Advisor or writing
an article for the CauseWay,
you are performing an
important task that helps us to
accomplish our overall
Cheers to U Completing Us!

                                         Left to Right: Ann Vickstrom, Jennifer Maxwell

May 2008                                                                                  Page 3
Community Council   Mainsail Kids Create! Tent
                    What a great weekend we had for the Mainsail Art
                    Festival. Another year of sun, fun and children
                    enjoying the crafts that our committee, general
                    membership and volunteers worked so hard to

                    A special thanks to our event committee lead, Ms.
                    Danielle Weitlauf and her efficient coordination of
                    the event volunteer sign-up. Also a thanks to both
                    our leader, Ann Vickstrom who spent much of her
                    Saturday volunteering and Cathy Ball who also
                    helped behind the scenes.

                    Coordination of shifts for this event is always difficult
                    and we had a few non JL related student
                    volunteers help us when we were low of on shifts as
                    acknowledged further below. We were well prepared with enough supplies for children to enjoy
                                                        making several different crafts while their parents shopped for art.
                                                        Our crafts included: magical star wands, butterfly watercolors,
                                                        jumping frogs, mainsail sailboats, duck ponds and our famous
                                                        painted fish prints.

                                                      Below is the list of Volunteers that helped to make this event

                                                      Kids Create! Committee participants: Lindsay Bettendorf, Carrie
                                                      Johnson, Sarah Lucas, Sarah Owens, Christie Pratt, Holly Walker and
                                                      Danielle Weitlauf.

                                                      JL Members and New Members that volunteered with preparations
                                                      and/or participated at the event:

                                                       Kim Belinc, Lisa Brody and Daughter, Melissa Burghardt, Jillian Burns,
                                                       Christine Casey, Nikki Copehart, Judy Cunniff, Jennifer DelSasso,
                                                       Shannon Downey, Sara Evans, Melissa Everhart, Lynn Flagler, Mary
                    Danica Hames, Tara Hechlik, Treena
                    Hoaglan, Heidi Hobbs, Miranda Jarrell,
                    Jessica Lowe, Kirby Meehan, Elizabeth
                    Morris, Georgia Naruns, Johanna
                    Nekvasil, Cindy Parmentier, Megan Pott,
                    Gina Pugh, Amy Rettig, Christina Shinsky,
                    Stephanie Sikes, Sortney Suthard, Tirrah
                    Switzer, Ann Vickstrom, Alexis Walker, Rita
                    Wesley, Patricia White, Mary Ann Will.

                    Non JL related student volunteers:
                    Madison Fullarton, Age 14 from Grace
                    Lutheran, Gabby Berlanti, Age 12 from
                    St. Stevens and Trey Walker, Age 10 from
                    Lutheran Church of the Cross (LCC).

                    Please forgive us if we left your name off
                    the above and know that you are appreciated.
                    Thanks to all for your support and participation. Hope to see you again next year!
                    Submitted by: Holly Walker, Kids Create! Chair

                    Page 4                                                                                          CauseWay
                                        Great News About the Bike Rodeo!

                                                                                       Community Council
                                          “Thank You, Community Foundation of
                                                 Greater St. Petersburg.”

                                         Thanks to a grant from the Community of
                                         Foundation of St. Petersburg in the amount
                                         of $3,300.00, the Junior League of St.
                                         Petersburg will be able to provide free
                                         bicycle helmets to children at the Bike
                                         Safety Rodeo.

                                         The Bike Safety Rodeo is put together
                                         each year by the Public Affairs committee,
                                         and will take place at the Back to School
                                         Care Fair on August 9, 2008. The Rodeo
                                         teaches children bicycle safety with a
                                         hands-on safety and obstacle course, and
                                         provides helmets to children who need

  The 12th Annual Back to School Care Fair will be held on August 9th at the
                    Johnnie Ruth Clarke Health Center
                               1344 22nd St S
                          St. Petersburg, FL 33712
                              7:00 AM-4:00 PM

                  You can help stuff a child’s backpack when
                   you purchase any of the following items:
                               2 pocket folders
                                  #2 pencils
                                 Glue sticks


May 2008                                                                      Page 5
Community Council   Sallie House Easter Project

                    On Saturday, March 8, 2008, the Community Outreach
                    Committee brought a lot of smiles to the faces of children
                    staying at Sallie House by hosting an Easter Egg Hunt! The
                    Friday before the project, Heather Chisholm hosted the
                    committee’s Easter Egg Stuffing Party at her adorable

                    Victoria, Andrea, Tirrah, and Heather arrived early to hide
                    the eggs in the court-yard while the children were inside
                    eating breakfast. With baskets in place, the children ran
                    out the door and started snatching up eggs in a hurry
                    with big bright smiles on their face. They could not wait to
                    get the candy in their mouths! Heather Chilsom wore the “famous” bunny costume, and the
                    kids’ smiles became even bigger and wider. Pictures with the bunny were taken and given
                    to the children.

                    Thank you to all the volunteers who participated, including Heather Chisholm, for hosting the
                    egg stuffing event at her home, and the following committee members who helped us stuff
                    over 18O eggs: Heather, Heather’s Sister, Victoria Rahall, Megan Gregory, Tirrah Switzer,
                    Whitney LeCain, Cassandra Jackson, and Andrea Winning.

                    Page 6                                                                               CauseWay
                                     2007-2008 League of Her Own Award Recipients

                                                                                                      Membership Council
                                                  MAY 2007              CHLOE FIREBAUGH
WE ALL KNOW SOMEONE WHO GOES                      JUNE 2007                Megan Pena
                                                  JULY 2007              Donna Mainguth
           SOMEONE WHO IS IN
                                                                     The Care Fair Committee
                                                                  (Lara Shelton, Lindsay Summer,
            NOMINATE HER!                                          Laura O’Dell, Andrea Vigrass,
                                                                    Alison Stock, Alyson Terrell,
 Award nominations should be submitted to        AUGUST 2007      Samantha Haigler Nevins, Ann
  the Lifelong Membership Committee for                             Hudock, Helen Sourini, Amy
 consideration. Please fill out the following                      Landers, Athena Richardson,
    information & submit it by email to                            Brooke Himot, Sara Palm and
                                                                      Mary Carol Younginer)
                                                SEPTEMBER 2007              Mary Harris
    1. The name of the nominee,
    2. Why she is being nominated (short,       OCTOBER 2007               Katie Giglio
       detailed list),
                                                NOVEMBER 2007       Tiffany Webb, Trevor Smith
    3. Who nominated her
                                                DECEMBER 2007        Melissa “Missy” Everhart
  The League of Her Own Award and special
   recognition gift is presented to a league    JANUARY 2008              Carrie Johnson
         member each month at the
                                                 FEBRUAY 2008    Maria Chapman, Chloe Firebaugh
       General Membership Meeting !!
                                                 MARCH 2008              Donna Mainguth

                                                        Open House at Great Explorations

                         Special thanks to past board
                          members who came out:
                         Ann Vickstrom, Jenn Maxwell,
                           Chloe Firebaugh, Robin
                           Grabowski, Mary Ann Will

May 2008                                                                                     Page 7
Membership Council   Arrangements

                                         Annual May Membership
                                           and Dinner Meeting

                                                    Tuesday, May 20th
                                                 St. Petersburg Yacht Club
                                                      11 Central Avenue

                                                   5:30 PM Social & Cash Bar
                                                        6:00 PM Dinner
                                                        7:00 PM Meeting

                                    Presentation of the Virginia H. Lazzara Award, the Mailande
                                     Holland-Barton Award, the Tomorrow Award and the Anne
                                         Register Anderson Memorial College Scholarship.

                                    Tomato Bisque SPYC Greek Salad, and Key Lime Pie
                                                     Cost: $25.00
                                                   RSVP by May 15th
                                       Please make checks payable to JLSP and mail to HQ at
                                         500 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street N, Suite 201
                                                    St. Petersburg, Florida 33705.
                                          For questions, contact Linda Punzak at 526-1946.

                     Page 8                                                                       CauseWay
May 2008   Page 9
Development Council   Great Friends to Kids Luncheon

                                                                   Junior League supports the
                                                                   “Great Friends to Kids”
                                                                   luncheon to benefit Great
                                                                   Explorations Children’s
                                                                   Museum’s outreach to
                                                                   vulnerable youth.

                          Great Explorations Children’s Museum was founded by the Junior League of St.
                          Petersburg. The museum celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The league
                          continues to support Great Explorations through generous donations of time,
                          leadership and monetary contributions to enhance the lives of families in our
                          community as they play, learn and grow at Great Explorations Children’s

                          League members continue to hold leadership positions on the Great
                          Exploration’s Board of Directors, Chairman’s Council and Treasured Trustees
                          Legacy Society. League support for the 3rd Annual Florida Great Friends to
                          Kids Luncheon exemplifies the league’s continued and valued place at Great
                          Explorations. Great Explorations Board Member Mary Harris filled a table at the
                          lunch with leaders in the community who have an interest in building youth
                          assets. President Ann Vickstrom invited past league presidents and board
                          members to the luncheon. Those members who attended the luncheon
                          include: Jenn Maxwell, Robin Grabowski, Mary Wyatt Allen, Elise Minkoff,
                          Colleen Russo and Maria Chapman. (Apologies to anyone inadvertently
                          omitted). Heather Chisholm organized a group of volunteers to prepare for
                          luncheon guests. This group of amazing women include: Heather Chisholm,
                          Judy Cunniff, KathyDan Salkovitz, Sara Evans, Aly Terrell and Amy Hammond.

                          The luncheon raised more than $20,000.00 that will be used to provide Great
                          Explorations Camp Scholarships, and free admission for underserved youth.
                          Many thanks to all who are working with Great Explorations to nurture young
                          people in our area.

                                   Original article submitted by
                                   Deborah Williams
                                   Annual Gifts
                                   Great Explorations
                                   Children’s Museum
                                   727-821-8992, ext 228
                      Page 10                                                                       CauseWay
                                                                                  Meet the Board

                                                                                                            May Feature
                              Jennifer Maxwell - President

                              Jenn has been a member of the League for seven years. As a New
                              Member she was the Tomorrow’s Leader award recipient. As a first-year
                              Active, she was as the co-chair of Ways & Means; at that time, Ways &
                              Means encompassed the annual fundraising gala as well as the
                              inaugural year for both Endowment and Par-Tee-Time Golf Tournament.
                              In addition to these events, she oversaw a sub-committee in the process
                              of researching a holiday market which later became Celebrate the
                              Season.    In that year, Jenn double placed on the Give-A-Book
                              committee. She has served on the Family Visitation House and
                              Community Outreach committees as well as Nominating. She joined
                              Membership Development as an advisor in 2004 and chaired the
                              committee for two years while double placing in 2006 as Assistant Chair
                              of Leadership & Training.        As President-Elect, Jenn chaired the
                              Fundraising     and    Strategic    Planning    Ad-Hoc    committees.

                              Jenn is currently the President/CEO of the Police Athletic League of St.
                              Petersburg, a local non-profit that provides educational, athletic and
                              recreational activities for disadvantaged youth. Jenn’s professional
career encompasses a Masters degree in special education and spans eight years of teaching
students with disabilities. She attends the University of Tampa in the Non-Profit Management &
Innovation program through the College of Business and will complete her certificate this August. Jenn
was a member of the Chamber of Commerce 2007 Leadership St. Pete class and was elected project
manager for the class community service project.

Jenn is a member of St. Paul’s Catholic Church in St. Petersburg. After moving to St. Petersburg in 1998
she volunteered in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and in the Women’s Circle of First
Presbyterian Church. Through the church’s national affiliation, PCUSA, Jenn spent a year living abroad,
working at the West London YMCA in education and training of asylum seekers and refugees
reentering the workforce. Jenn spends a lot of her time volunteering with the Adults Mentoring Kids
program of the Gulf Coast Jewish Community Center where she mentors eight-year-old, Josh.

                              Chloe Firebaugh - President Elect

                              Chloe has lived in St. Petersburg for the past 18 years and been an
                              active member of the Junior League for 7 years. She has served as
                              Corresponding Secretary, Lifelong Membership Chair, Fundraising and
                              Development Vice President, Gift Market Chair, Gift Market Chair-Elect
                              and Cupid’s Casino Chair. Although she has enjoyed all of her
                              placements, her favorite was this past year, as she was able to serve on
                              both the Strategic Planning and Fundraising Ad Hoc committees.

                              Chloe attended both the University of Florida and the University of South
                              Florida. She graduated from UF in 1999 with a BA in Anthropology, with
                              minors in both Classical Studies and Business Administration. While she
                              loves anything related to anthropology or history, she realized that her
                              job opportunities were rather slim, so she went back to school to further
                              her studies. In 2001, she graduated from USF with a BS in Finance and
                              Economics. Surprisingly, she utilities both of her degrees on a daily basis
                              in her current job as a Forward Planner for KB Home.

When not working or volunteering, Chloe enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with friends and
family. She has recently discovered Sudoku puzzles and finds them both entertaining and addicting.

Chloe loves being a member of the Junior League of St. Petersburg and looks forward to the
opportunities awaiting her in 2008-2009. She is honored and excited to have been selected as
President-Elect and can’t wait to get started!

May 2008                                                                                         Page 11
May Feature   Meet the Board

                                              Missy Everhart -
                                              Corresponding Secretary

                                              Melissa was born and raised in St. Petersburg. She is a graduate of
                                              Northeast High School and the University of South Florida with a degree
                                              in Psychology. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, she worked for
                                              eight years at Bankers Insurance.

                                              She has been married to Brian almost ten years. They have three
                                              children, Lauren, 6, Christopher, 4, and Jack, 2. When Melissa is not
                                              volunteering at the schools of her children, she enjoys reading and

                                          Melissa has served Give-A-Book, Care Fair, Family Visitation House,
                                          Membership Development and Placement. Last year she served on the
              board as Membership Vice President, but is excited to serve this year as Corresponding Secretary.

              Allison Garrett -
              Recording Secretary

              Allison is originally from Richmond, Virginia, but has lived in Florida for 8
              years. Prior to moving to the sunshine state, Allison received her BS
              degree in broadcast communications from Radford University and
              worked for more than a decade as a television news reporter/anchor in
              Virginia, California and Florida.

              Allison joined the Junior League of Richmond in 1995. She transferred to
              the St. Petersburg League in 2001. Her past placements include serving
              as chair of the Family Visitation House Committee and Assistant Chair of
              Give-a-Book, in addition to volunteering on the Education and Training
              Committee and serving as an advisor on the Membership Development

              Allison works for The Dalton Agency, a full service public relations and advertising agency based in
              Jacksonville, FL. Her clients include McDonald’s Wal-Mart and BAE Systems, Inc. Allison works out of her
              home/office in St. Pete. Allison’s husband, Andy, is a marine biologist for the state of Florida. When she
              is not helping clients with press releases or crisis communications, she is helping Andy rescue injured
              manatees. Allison is on the advisory board for Lowry Park Zoo, a member of the Operations Committee
              for the Ronald McDonald House and a member of the Leadership St. Pete Class of 2008. Andy and
              Allison are members of St. Raphael’s Catholic Church. The couple lives in St. Pete and have two dogs,
              Molly and Abby. Allison and Andy are expecting their first child (a girl) in September.

              Page 12                                                                                          CauseWay
                                                                                     Meet the Board

                                                                                                                May Feature
                                                Lauri Lee -
                                                Community Vice President

                                             Lauri has been a member of the Junior League since
                                             2000. She has served on Public Relations, an Advisor on
                                             Membership Development, Membership Development
                                             Co-Chair, Data Services Chair, Nominating Committee,
                                             Nominating Committee Chair, Care Fair and Give-A-
                                             Book. Lauri has served on the Board in the past as
                                             Membership      Development      Co-Chair, Recording
                                             Secretary and Communications Vice President. Lauri also
                                             served on the Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee. She
is looking forward to continuing to broaden her training and knowledge of the League and making a
worthwhile contribution to our community by serving as the Community Vice President this year.

Lauri was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, attended Shady Side Academy, but went to New
York to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Science and Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy
from Ithaca College. After graduating in 1995, she accepted a job with All Children’s Hospital where
she worked for almost 9 years. Lauri is a Pediatric Physical Therapist who owns Therapy Playhouse,
providing rehabilitation services to children birth-18 years including Physical, Occupational and
Speech therapies. Additionally, she holds specialty certifications and teaches classes on Infant
Massage, Youth Fitness and Mat Pilates for special populations.

Lauri enjoys spending as much time as possible with her husband Darrell and their dog Ripley. They
enjoy spending time with their families, traveling and entertaining. Although Lauri gives most of her
“free” time to the JL, she also volunteers for the All Children’s Hospital Telethon, Taste of Pinellas, Paint
St. Pete Proud, the Great American Teach-In and doing guest lecturing at local schools and colleges.

Erin Connors -
Finance Vice President

Erin has been a member of the League for 6 years. She has served on
the Care Fair, Education and Training & Celebrate The Season

She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She attended both West
Virginia University and the University of Central Florida.

Erin is a certified public accountant and a certified valuation analyst.
She works in the litigation department and is the accounting manager
at Garcia & Ortiz, P.A.

Erin is a member of the Sacred Heart Church, Young FICPA, St.
Petersburg Kappa Delta Alumnae Association and served as a financial
adv isor   to  the    local   Kappa      Delta    collegiate     chapter                for   two    years.

In her free time, Erin enjoys watching college football, traveling and rollerblading.

May 2008                                                                                             Page 13
May Feature   Meet the Board

                                                           Mary Ann Will -
                                                           Membership Vice President
                                                           Mary Ann has been a member of the Junior League
                                                           since1999. She has served as CauseWay Editor twice,
                                                           been on the Centennial Committee, Website Committee
                                                           and Library Puppets Committee, served as Arrangements
                                                           Chair twice, as well as, Communications Vice President.

                                                         A St. Petersburg native, actually growing up in St. Pete
                                                         Beach, Mary Ann graduated from Keswick Christian
              School and Samford University in Birmingham, Ala. with a B.S. in Graphic Design. Prior to being a stay-
              at-home mom, she worked at Florida Trend Magazine as an Assistant Art Director and in Advertising for
              Dillard's Department Stores.

              Mary Ann and husband Scott have been married for 12 years and have two children, Emily (6 1/2) and
              Benjamin (4). In her spare time, Mary Ann enjoys scrapbooking, traveling, and graphic design work.

              Maria Chapman -
              Communications Vice President

              Maria was born in Clearwater, and is in the third
              generation of her family to have grown up in Pinellas
              County. She graduated from St. Petersburg High School
              and then attended FSU for one year before transferring
              to UF, where she earned her BS in Psychology.
              Thereafter, she attended UF law school and returned
              home to practice law. She has been practicing in St.
              Petersburg / Tampa ever since. Currently, she works in
              the appellate department of the Abbey, Adams law firm
              in downtown St. Petersburg, where she provides litigation support and works on appeals.

              Maria and Ken met in March 2005, just two months after he returned from a year long tour in Iraq. Ken,
              a Tampa native, flew Blackhawk helicopters for the Army National Guard in support of Iraqi Freedom.
              Ken is self employed, though he continues to serve in the Guard part time. Ken and Maria surprised
              everyone by eloping just a month after they met! They live happily in St. Petersburg with their 3 Lhasa
              Apsos (little fluffy dogs) - Neo, Sophie and Harley. Maria enjoys Sudoku puzzles, genealogy research,
              photo restoration, and spending time with Ken and their dogs.

              Maria was a “Provisional” in 02-03 and has served on CauseWay, Nominating and the Strategic
              Planning Committees. Maria became editor of the CauseWay in 05-06 and remained editor for 3
              years. The CauseWay was such a great way to meet people serving on all committees and to learn
              about how the league operates as a whole. This year will be the first time Maria has served on the
              Board, and she looks forward to the opportunity to serve the league in this way .

              Page 14                                                                                       CauseWay
                                                                                   Meet the Board

                                                                                                             May Feature
Linda Punzak -
Development Vice President

Linda and Dave Punzak have been married since 2000
after re-meeting each other at their 20 year high school
reunion. They have four kids between them, two at St.
Pete High and two and Southside Fundamental Middle

Linda has been in the JLSP since 2001 and has served as
Treasurer, Endowment Chair, Lifelong Membership
Assistant Chair, and last year as Arrangements Chair.

She is Past President of the Florida International Museum Guild and served on the Auction Committee
of this year's American Heart Association Heart Ball.

Her interests include picking up socks, walking the dogs, cooking, and knitting. She excels at laundry

                               Lisa Brody -

                              Lisa Brody, married to Carl Brody, Senior Assistant Pinellas County
                              Attorney is the proud mother of two children, Mara (9) and Clayton (5).

                              Lisa is the Managing Attorney for Bay Area Legal Services West Division,
                              which includes Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota Counties and is a long
                              time advocate of providing access to justice for the indigent
                              populations. Prior to joining Bay Area Legal Services, Lisa was a
                              Managing Attorney for Gulfcoast Legal Services.

                              Lisa was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Lisa received her
                              undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon
                              in 1992 and subsequently received her law degree as well from the
                              University of Oregon in 1995.

Lisa’s commitment to public service began in 1989, when she served as an intern to United States
Senator Ted Stevens (AK) in Washington D.C., and subsequently provided constituent services for his
Fairbanks Alaska office. Locally, she served a two-year term on the St. Petersburg Nuisance Abatement
Board and as Chair of the Pinellas County Community Foundation. She is also a member of the Florida
Bar and St. Petersburg Bar Association where she served on the Diversity Committee. Lisa regularly
perform Diversity Trainings in her capacity as a Florida Bar Certified Diversity Trainer.

In addition to her work in the Junior League, Lisa’s civic involvement includes serving as a Girl Scout
Troop Leader for the Girl Scouts of the Suncoast Council. She is also actively involved in the Zeta
Upsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority wherein she serves as the Chapter’s Second
Vice President. Lisa is also the Chair for the Bay Point Elementary School Advisory Council. Lisa’s other
community involvement includes serving on the Board of the Soulful Arts Dance Academy which is a
non-profit dedicated to training , nurturing and providing exposure to the performing arts to all youth in
our community regardless of their income.

May 2008                                                                                           Page 15
Finance Council   Member Dues

                  Annual dues for the 2008-2009 League year were due on April 30, 2008.

                  You should have already received your 2008-2009 dues notice. Payment of the dues in full must occur
                  by May 31. Late dues payments are subject to a $25 late fee. If no payment is received by July 1, the
                  member will be dropped without notice from membership for non-payment of dues.

                  Your dues help to cover our operational expenses enabling your league to develop women leaders
                  and improve our city. Each one of our members is vital to the continued success of the Junior League
                  of St. Petersburg.

                  Active dues are $120 per year and Sustainer dues are $105 per year.

                  Payment can be made by either:

                            (1)   Mailing your check, payable to JLSP, to

                                  Junior League of St. Petersburg
                                  500 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N. Suite 201
                                  St. Petersburg, FL 33705

                            (2)   Paying online with your credit card at After logging in, click
                                  on the eStore tab and then click on the “Member Dues” link. From there, make
                                  the selection of the Dues that applies to you, and check out with your credit card
                                  payment information. It’s that simple!

                  Page 16                                                                                        CauseWay
         Coming Soon…
        JLSP Merchandise
       Purchases … Online!
          Presented by:
     the Website Committee

May 2008                     Page 17
                                 2008 - 2009 JLSP Organizational Structure

                                                                            PRESIDENT                                             RED/ALL CAPS = Board of Directors
                                                                          Jennifer Maxwell                                        Bold = Committees
                                                                                                                                  Italics = Assistant Chair
                                                                                                                                    *     = Double Placed
                                                PRESIDENT-ELECT                               PARLIAMENTARIAN
                                                 Chloe Firebaugh                                  Lisa Brody
             COMMUNITY                       FINANCE                     COMMUNICATIONS                         MEMBERSHIP                         DEVELOPMENT
            VICE PRESIDENT                VICE-PRESIDENT                  VICE-PRESIDENT                       VICE-PRESIDENT                      VICE-PRESIDENT
                Lauri Lee                   Erin Connors                   Maria Chapman                         Mary Ann Will                       Linda Punzak
          Care Fair                                        RECORDING                    CORRESPONDING                              Resource and
                                  Assistant Treasurer
   Ann Hudock/Laura O’Dell
                                    Christine Taylor       SECRETARY                      SECRETARY                                Development
         Samantha Nevins                                    Allison Garrett                  Melissa Everhart                     Barbara Mazer Gross
   Community Outreach                                        Marketing                  Leadership & Training                       Gift Market
         Tirrah Switzer                                      Shelby Burns*                     Liz Bradley*                         Tiffany Webb*
                                                                                               Ashley Surdyk                         Elizabeth Morris
            CRPD                                           Media Relations                   Arrangements                          Special Events
       Robin Grabowski                                                                    Courtney Vandenberg                      Natalie Bauman*
                                                            Carey Reynolds*
      Nikki Gaskin-Capehart                                                                     Renee Burk                           Jennifer Petagna
        Give-A-Book                                                                     Membership Development                   Golf Tournament
        Jennifer Hobbs
                                                            Publications                   Donna Mainguth*                        Megan Stewart Pott
                                                            Christine Casey
         Jennifer DelSasso                                                                     Sarah Walters                          Mindi Conrad
        Kids Create!                                           Website                         Placement                          Endowment and
       Danielle Weitlauf                                      Kate Giglio                    Cathy McKyton                         Annual Giving
           Sarah Lucas                                       Miranda Jarrell                   Julie Ann Scott                     Heather Hendrix
      Library Puppets                                                                        Nominating                          Primary Fundraiser
        Mandy Houston                                                                                                               Kristin Connell
                                                                                              Tiffany Webb
        Tricia Johnson                                                                                                             Jenna Worden-Brooks

                                                                                                                                                                      Page 18
        Public Affairs
  Kim Jackson/Christina Rahija
           Sara Evans
Organizational Chart
                                                     Golf Tournament Committee

                                                                                          U Complete Us
                             DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL

                            Golf Tournament Committee:
                                  Megan Stewart Pott
                                    Mindi Conrad
                                   Courtney Suthard
                                  Janeen Hambleton
                                   Elizabeth Morris
                                    Patricia White

                “U Complete Us” Par-Tee-Time Golf Tournament Committee:
                                These ladies worked tirelessly to host the 6th
                                Annual Par-Tee-Time Golf Tournament.        From
                                securing sponsorships and foursomes to collecting
                                in-kind donations and working with the Vinoy to
                                cover all bases, they made us proud! The golf
                                tournament was our first fundraiser this year so
           look for more good things to come from the women on this committee
           throughout the year.

May 2008                                                                        Page 19
Sustainers   Welcome New Sustainers

                                                                The Sustainers hosted a beautiful welcome
                                                                for the Active Members turning Sustainer
                                                                on April 30th, 2008. This event was held in
                                                                the Community Room of the Vinoy Place
                                                                hosted by Jean Irwin. A lovely spread of
                                                                classic Mediterranean hors d'oeuvres and
                                                                a potent signature rum punch along with
                                                                assorted wines and soft drinks were
                                                                served. Catering was by Edith James of

                                                             There was much excitement in the air
                                                             as    Mary    Ellen   Shevlin,  Sustainer
             President, welcome the Sustainers and announced the 24 Actives who are changing their
             status to Sustaining. Those in attendance included: Trisha Spinazzola, Stephanie Hayes,
             Barbara Matirne, Ann Vickstrom, Jean Catanese, Karrin Alman, Janette McCurley, Ashley Fox,
             Mary Scott and Patty Ann Hamblen. Mary Ellen also announced those who are turning
             Sustainer who were not able to attend including: Teresa Berger, Elizabeth Cobin, Michelle
             Curtis, Gigi Fleming, Eva Herdegen, Jenny Martin, Elise Minkoff, Johanna Nekvasil, Diana
             Whittle, Tiffany Babb, Kimberly Burke, Susan Bedinghaus, Robyn Oeth, and Deborah

             Mary Ellen also thanked her outgoing Board including:                 Shirley Bassett (Vice
             President), Katherine Prescott Treasurer), and Susanna Johnston-Versandi (Secretary). The
             New Board for the 2008-2009 year was congratulated and announced. These members
             include:     Shirley Bassett (President), Elise Minkoff (Vice President), Katherine Prescott
             (Treasurer), and Susan McLean (Secretary).

                       Congratulations to our New Sustainers and our New Sustainer Board Members!

                                                                                    Pictured from
                                                                                    Left to Right:

                                                                                    Tricia Spinazzola,
                                                                                    Stephanie Hayes,
                                                                                    Barbara Matirne,
                                                                                    Ann Vickstrom,
                                                                                    Jean Catanese,
                                                                                    Karrin Alman,
                                                                                    Janette McCurley,
                                                                                    Ashley Fox, and
                                                                                    Patty Ann Hamblen

             Page 20                                                                                 CauseWay
                                                           Joint Board Meeting

                            On April 1, 2008, the Incoming and Outgoing JLSP Board
                            members attended the Joint Board Meeting. Based on
                            the meeting, the League is sure to experience a smooth
                            transition between Boards.

                             Special thanks to
                             Past     President,
                             Jillian Doyle, for
                             facilitating   the
meeting.      She provided an excellent
opportunity for the Outgoing Board members
to celebrate all of the past year’s successes,
and provided insightful information on how the
new Strategic Plan will affect our incoming
board and the League as a whole in the years
to come. What a great way to start off the
new League year!

May 2008                                                                    Page 21
Board Reports   Corresponding Secretary’s Report - April 2008

                YEARBOOK CHANGES -                    STATUS CHANGE:                    REINSTATEMENT
                ACTIVES                               Active to Sustainer               Martine, Barbara (A)
                Bennett, Lydia - update information   Alman, Karrin                     (Will be voted to Sustaining status
                924 2nd Street N                      Babb, Tiffany                     once reinstatement is approved)
                St. Petersburg, FL 33701              Berger, Teresa                    RESIGNATION
                  Burke, Kimberly                   Brady, Elizabeth (A)
                                                      Catanese, Jean                    Brieser-Hands, Brenda (A)
                Grabowski, Robin - update phone       Cobin, Elizabeth                  Brooks, Lisa (S)
                727-367-6950 (work)
                                                      Curtis, Michelle                  Jones, Diann (A)
                                                      Fleming, Gigi                     Poftak, Brenda (A)
                Johnson, Carrie - update phone
                number                                Fox, Ashley
                727-893-2181 (work)                   Hayes, Stephanie                  DECEASED
                                                      Herdegen, Eva                     Dew, Anne Hovell (S)
                Petersen, Tavie - update email        Martin, Jenny
                   Matirne, Barbara                  STATUS CHANGE:
                                                      McCurley, Janette                 New Member to Active*
                Pratt, Christie - update phone        Minkoff, Elise                    Bauman, Natalie
                813-745-6438 (work)                   Nekvasil, Johanna                 Bradley, Liz
                                                      Scott, Mary                       Brandes, Natalie
                Rahall, Victoria - update address     Spinazzola, Tricia                Braschler, Bianca
                173 Banyan Bay Drive                  Vickstrom, Ann                    Bryson, Kilty
                St. Petersburg, FL 33705              Whittle, Diana                    Burghardt, Melissa
                                                                                        Burns, Jillian
                Straw, Breann - update phone          STATUS CHANGE:                    Carlan, Lauren
                number                                Sustainer to SE                   Casey, Christine
                727-643-6099 (cell)                   Finn, Joan                        Cunniff, Judy
                                                      Hough, Hazel                      DalSasso, Jennifer
                Younginer, Mary Carol - update
                                                      Mann, Mary Joan                   Downey, Shannon
                                                      McFall, Madge                     Eckert, Kristin
                10103 Courtney Palms Boulevard
                #102                                  McMasters, Natalie Parramore      Evans, Sara
                Tampa, FL 33619                       Nagelsen, Donna                   Gianfilippo, Akemi
                813-766-4903 (home)                   Smith, Barbara Godfrey            Hames, Danica
                                                      Wallace, Martha Rudy              Hammond, Amy
                YEARBOOK CHANGES -                    Wilson, Joyce Carter              Henderson, Robin
                NEW MEMBERS                                                             Hoaglan, Treena
                Burghardt, Melissa - update phone     TRANSFERS                         Hobbs, Heidi
                number                                Duda, Maria (S) from Tampa, FL    Honsinger, Karen
                727-871-8685 (cell)                   3700 19th Avenue South            Jarrell, Miranda
                                                      St. Petersburg, FL 33711          Mackay-Lowe, Jessica
                YEARBOOK CHANGES -                          Meehan, Kirby
                SUSTAINERS                                                              Meyer, Nancy
                Amundrud, Lise - update contact       Jones, Amy (A) from Emerald       Morris, Elizabeth
                info                                  Coast, FL                         Naruns, Kristen
                727-898-3111 x235 (work)              831 3rd Avenue North              Naurns, Georgia
                727-422-7038 (cell)                   St. Petersburg, FL 33701          Newsome, Tara
                                                        Parmentier, Cindy
                Bassett, Shirley - update phone
                                                                                        Petagna, Jennifer
                                                      Klein, Laurel (S) to Mobile, AL   Pugh, Gina
                727-826-3679 (all)
                                                      150 Du Rhu Drive #1503            Rehar, Allison
                Eggeman, Gail - update email          Mobile, AL 36608                  Shinsky, Christina
                address                               251-445-2690                      Sikes, Stephanie
                                                       Spoor, Amy
                                                      Overbey, Mary Margaret            Surdyk, Ashley
                Fleece, Joanne - update phone         "Peggy" (A) from N VA             Walker, Alexis
                number                                936 31st Avenue NE                White, Patricia
                727-368-9044                          St. Petersburg, FL 33704          Williams, Crispin
                Rowe, Joann - update email                * Change to Active Status contingent
                                                        upon completion of New Member
                                                                                        responsibilities through April 30, 2008

                Page 22                                                                                              CauseWay

                  May Birthdays
                                               Way to go Megan Stewart-Pott, Mindi Conrad
                                               and Cortney Suthard for their hard work on the
                 Hazel Hough                   2008 Par-Tee-Time Golf Tournament at the Vinoy.
                 Ginny Sweat
    1          Meredith Granese                Thank you Linda Punzak and the Arrangements
                   Toni Amick                  Committee for organizing fantastic cluster
                Elizabeth Brady                meetings this year!
    3             Susan Phillips
                                               New Members Patricia White and Elizabeth
                  Mary Smith
    5                                          Morris deserve a High-Five for stepping up to be
                   Lisa Brody
                                               a part of this year’s golf tournament committee!
                 Kathy Baldwin
                   Cathy Ball
                                               Thank you to Laura Odell, Lindsay Summer, Lara
   10             Nancy Meyer                  Shelton, Rita Wesley, Allison Stock and Kim
   11           Suzanne Haerther               Belinc for the sweat equity they put into
                                               cleaning out the Care Fair storage unit.
   12             Debbie Harris
   14             Ann Hudock                   Hooray for Donna Mainguth and all of her hard
   17           Mary Ellen Shevlin             work on the New Member Open Houses for next
   17            Jackie Petersen
   19          Lindsey Bettendorf              Many thanks to Sustainers Elise Minkoff, Gaby
                Carole McCrory                 Gramling, Suzanne Haerther, Linda Earle, Donna
   21                                          Sue Marks, Lynn Samardich, Colleen Russo, Suchi
                 Karen Ward
                                               Daniels, Nancy Burgess and New Member
   22             Carol Foster
                                               Christina Shinsky for volunteering to help with the
   23         Leeanne McDonough                Suddenly Sustainer dinner at the Ronald
                Candace Scherer                McDonald House in March!             They helped
   24                                          provide a delicious dinner for the families staying
                  Jessica Lowe
   25           Margaret Amley                 there and played Bingo with them as well! And,
                                               much appreciation goes out to the Sustainers for
           Athena Lynette Richardson           their generous $100 contribution to support the
              Brooke Nicole Himot
                                               Ronald McDonald House dinner.
   29            Suzanne Earle
   31             Kristen Kruger

        Congratulations to                Congratulations to                   Congratulations to
    Mary and Charley Harris            Tricia and John Spinazzola           Megan and Lee Gregory
 On the birth of their daughter:       On the birth of their son:        On the birth of their daughter:
             Emily                           Zack Ulrich                           Lila Page
                                          Born April 10th, 2008
    Born on April 23rd, 2008                                                 Born on May 6th, 2008
                                               6 lbs, 1 oz
                                                                               7lbs, 10oz, 22 inches

May 2008                                                                                       Page 23
                        MAY                                            JUNE
     16th - Deadline for summer CauseWay.              10th - Communications Council Meeting
            Email submissions to
                                                       16th - Care Fair Meeting
                                                       25th - CTS Meeting
     19th - Care Fair Meeting
     20th - Community Outreach Meeting                 1st - Board Meeting
     20th - General Membership Meeting                 4th - Independence Day (HQ closed)

     22nd - Sustaining Advisor Social                  7th - Care Fair Meeting
                                                       8th - Communications Council Meeting
     22nd - Primary Fundraiser Committee
           Meeting                                     15th - Optional General Membership
     26th - Memorial Day (HQ closed)
                                                       18th - Deadline for September
     28th - CTS Meeting                                       CauseWay. Email submissions to
     31st - Leadership & Board Training                21st - Care Fair Meeting
                                                       30th - Care Fair Meeting

CauseWay                                                                     NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
Junior League of St. Petersburg, Inc.                                         PERMIT NO. 616
500 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. St. N., Suite 201
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705                                                  ST. PETERSBURG, FL

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