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1. I'm afraid I can't ______ you on the point you've been talking about for so long.
  A) talk with           B)go with          C)agree                 D)match
2. I have no money to spend, ______ you have nothing to spend money on.
  A) whereas            B) whereupon        C) although             D) where
3. Professor Wheelock is a learned scholar, I should say. But I really find it difficult to understand his
  books, _______ his lectures.
  A) much more          B) much less        C) even less             D) still less
4. I didn't even find a chance to talk to him at the dinner party, _____ to discuss your problem with
  A) much more          B) many more         C) much less           D) more than
5. In discussing the marketing strategy for the coming year, I should like to draw everybody's
  attention to the fact that retailing ______ 68 percent of our profit this year.
  A) charges for        B) results in      C) brings about          D) accounts for
6. ______ the obscure nature of the charge against me, I feel sure that if I had come from a poor
  family and had really been unemployed, there is every chance that I would have been found guilty.
   A) Given that       B) Provided that     C) Given              D) Provided with
7. I sincerely hope that you will not take my negative remarks about your proposal _______.There is
  nothing personal in my comment.
   A) personally          B) privately        C) in person           D) in private
8. They tried to _______ hard plastic for metals in manufacturing machine parts.
   A) replace            B) substitute       C) take the place of     D) give way to
9. By allowing tax deduction that favors small and medium-sized private enterprises, the government
    hopes to _______ the current crisis in the employment market.
    A) alleviate         B) accelerate         C) strengthen          D) recover
10. Divorce is not necessarily the best solution when a couple learning to ______ each other find
    difficulty in doing so.
    A) cope with        B) go through         C) compete with        D) adjust to

      Birth, marriage and death: these are the __1__ events in human life. Many things, good and
bad, can __2__ to us in our lives. Yet there are three days __3__ are usually marked by some kinds
of special celestrial ceremony: the day we__4__; the day we get __5__ and the day we die. These
are the three main events in __6__. We __7__ have no choice in the __8__ of these: We can
choose __9__ or not to marry. But we have no choice in birth or __10__. All human __11__ -- from
the most primitive to the most sophisticated – are affected by these events. The only thing that differs
in each society is the __12__ these events are celebrated. Yet all societies share common
characteristics. Birth is a time of joy. The proud __13__ receive congratulations and presents on
behalf of __14__. Marriage is __15__ a time of joy. The young __16__ through a special wedding
ceremony and __17__ presents to help them set up their home. Death is a time of __18__ and is
marked by a special ceremony and mourning. __19__ three events are usually__20__.
1. A. best                       B. greatest                  C. smallest                        D.
2. A. be                         B. be taken place            C. change                          D.
3. A. in which                   B. they                  C. when                            D. which
4. A. are birth                  B. are born                  C. birth                       D. born
5. A. marriage           B. married                   C. married to                 D. married with
6. A. human                      B. life                  C. society                    D. world
7. A. ever                       B. only                      C. still                           D. yet
8. A. first                              B. second                     C. third
          D. whole
9. A. either                     B. if                                 C. neither
          D. whether
10 A. dead                       B. death                              C. die                    D. died
11 A. beings                     B. events                    C. life                   D. lives
12 A. behavior           B. idea                      C. road                   D. way
13 A. children           B. parent                    C. parents                D. people
14 A. neighbours                 B. themselves        C. the new-born           D. the others
15 A. also                       B. either                             C. not                    D. too
16 A. go                                 B. ladies                              C. men
          D. women
17 A. give                       B. giving                             C. receive                D.
18 A. difficulty         B. sorry                             C. joy                    D. sorrow
19 A. The all dates of                                B. The dates of all the
  C. The days of each                                 D. Whole the dates of
20 A. forgotten          B. given        up                   C. received               D.
Keys: 1—5 BDDBB                  6—10 BBBDB 11—15 ADCCA                  16—20 ACDBD

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