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									                          VFW MISSOURIAN
                                        August 2011 Edition

                                                                                                          Olin Parks
                                                                                                      State Commander

                                                                                                           Lora Dailey
                                                                                                   State Ladies Aux.President

Inside this edition:
Page   #1 -    State Commander message and District #18 Leadership Academy photo’s
Page   #2 -    Letters from the State Line Officers.
Page   #3 -    Letters from Surgeon, All American District/Post and Lifetime Achievement Awards.
Page   #4 -    Past Commander comments and Candidates for State Surgeon.
Page   #5 -    Ladies Auxiliary page.
Page   #6 -    Letters from Department VOD/PP Chairman.
Page   #7 -    Partners in Veteran Service program and Veteran Service Articles.
Page   #8 -    Veterans Rally at the Capital and Festival in Forrest Park
Page   #9-     National Home Trip Information
Page   #10     Article, Angela Bode attends 99th Infantry Division reunion
Page   #11     Jessie Jones for Nationa C-I-C 2015-2016, campaign ad and bio.
  VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 1
                                                                                   !!!!!!New this Year!!!!!!
                                                            Leadership Academy at Mountain Grove Post 3770 on July 30th. The
                                                            Leadership Academy is a new function supplied by Department to provide
                                                            leadership training and situational knowledge to post leaders. Additional
                                                            Leadership Academies are scheduled for: August 6th at Cape Girardeau,
                                                            August 7th at Lee's Summit, August 13 at Ballwin, August 21st at Clinton,
                                                            September 11 at Palymyra, September 25th at Sullivan. A few other dates are
                                                            available to districts who have not scheduled (end of September deadline for
                                                            classes). (Below are Pictures taken at the District No. 18 Academy.)

                     Olin Parks
                 State Commander

Greetings to all my fellow comrades and warriors:
This fall will be an important milestone for our organi-
zation and its stated objective of assuring veterans'
care and benefits. As everyone has heard, there will
be budget reconsiderations at the state and federal
level. In order to have a strong voice, the Veterans
of Foreign Wars must expand its membership in
order to be a functional fraternal organization that
can make its voice heard. To delineate membership
to a non-priority is allowing those who have different
priorities to simply put us out of any legislative voice.
Retention is an overriding concern as shown by just
reviewing the last few years' membership statistics.
Reinstatement of members who were never invited to
the post or welcomed sufficiently into the Veterans of
Foreign Wars will be a real challenge but can be
overcome by being visible as a worthy organization
of veterans "standing for veterans". Now is the time
to be proactive about protecting and growing our
membership which translates directly to legislative          State Commander, Olin Parks present District No. 18 Commander
recognition. Our veterans care and benefits need             Chris Johnston with his 2011-2012 District Commander hat.
our support - let's do our job and make sure we have
a strong voice. All kinds of "cuts" will be considered
by our elected representatives - let's be sure that our
fellow veterans' benefits do not make that list!!
In visiting with members throughout Missouri, I am
constantly reminded how lucky I am to be a member
of a prestigious organization that "walks the talk".
The capabilities of our individual members are truly
exponential and should make everyone proud.
Please exhibit this pride by being a public VFW
member - have a VFW sticker in your back window,
wear VFW shirts, invite eligible veterans to become
members and be their mentor. Always remember
most of us would not have joined if someone had not
asked us to. Chronicle your post activities in news-
papers, on our weblog, and on local radio and TV
stations - we are doing great things but we are not
"beating our own drum".
In Comradeship,
Olin L. Parks, Commander
Vfw Missourian August 2011 pg. 2

  Phil Pippin, Sr.. Vice Commander                    Lyle Seelinger Jr. Vice                           Jessie L. Jones,

Comrades:                                      Greeting Comrades,                          Greeting Comrades:
Thanks for all you do. A new year has
started and I know all will do their part in   It seems like just a short time ago we      It’s an honor to serve again this year as
making this the best Veterans of Foreign       were at the Department Convention but       your Adjutant/Quartermaster. As in the past,
Wars in the Big Ten and also in the            here we are already well into the new       July1 starts a new year with new programs
National Organization. Each Post must          year.                                       and leadership at all levels in the organiza-
grow through retention, recruiting and rein-   Many Posts are very active in the commu-    tion. As we make this transition each year, it
state. When you recruit a new member,          nity assisting our comrades and their       is ever more important that we remember
remember to always welcome him or her          families, promoting Americanism and citi-   our obligation when taking office “to council
into your post. Do this by personal wel-       zenship. Community projects and             and otherwise assist your successor
come, aphone call and especially a hardy       events are a great way to show the com-     through the experiences you have gained
welcome in your post news letter. To do a      munity that the members of your             during your term in office”. Far to many of
reinstate, get together with your member-      organization, the VFW, still care.          the calls to the office are from new officers
ship chairperson and a few comrades or          Many of us live in the same area that we   seeking advise that should have been avail-
post officers and hold a call night. Also do   did when we joined the armed                able at the Post from those that had served
mailings. Post Commanders and                  forces. The same area that                  before. If you are a new officer, seek advice
Quartermasters must check memstats             we proudly served and fought to protect.    from those that have gone before you and
each week, not once every few months.          As members of the VFW we can                seek their council.
Every Commander and Quartermaster              show that we still care and are proud of
must check your Mo.webmail daily. The          our community by having an active           Communication, as in the past, is our key to
state office updates info several times a      Community Activity Program.                 success as an organization. It’s our duty to
month to inform all members of whats                                                       obtain the information required of our office
going on in our organization. If anyone        Lyle Seelinger                              and communicate to those having a need to
wants to get involved with the Yellow          Jr. Vice Commander                          know. That includes officers at all levels and
Ribbon program, please contact me at my                                                    our members. Today, all communication is
web mail or phone. Remember, Working                                                       sent electronically. It’s imperative that Post
membership started July1, 2011.                                                            Officers log onto their webmail. Instructions
                                                                                           are contained in the Post Commander and
Thanks again to all                                                                        Quartermaster manual printed and given to
                                                 NATIONAL OUTSTANDING                      all Commanders and Quartermasters. You
Phillip Pippins                                   COMMUNITY ACTIVITY                       do not have to have a computer at the post.
Senior Vice Commander                                                                      You may log-in anywhere where you have
                                                 POST AND AUXILIARY IN                     access to a computer.
                                                 MISSOURI AWARDED TO:
                                                                                           Quartermasters, don’t forget that your
                                                                                           Incorporation annual report is due in August
                                                  Post and Auxliliary # 2866               and IRS 990’s and 990N’s are due by
                                                       St. Charles Mo.                     November 15.
                                                                                           Looking forward to seeing you at the C of A.
                                                  Post and Auxiliary # 7183
                                                        Lilbourn, Mo.                      Jeesie Jones, State Adjutant/Quartermaster
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 3
 (Lyle Seelinger, continued from pag#2)                                              (Tom Mundell, continued from column #2)

 There are numerous suggested activities                                             first filling out a Veterans Referral Form
 in the Guide. The needs of each commu-                                              and getting it turned in to our VSO office.
 nity are different. Each Post should look                                           Then you will make sure that their paper-
 at their community to determine which                                               work has been received and is being
 projects will benefit the area the most.                                            worked on.
 It has been proven time and time again
 that a Post active in the community                                                 like to be able to help some friends or rela-
 will continue to grow.                                                              tives that have served. Let them know that
 People like to belong to an organization                                            being a member in the best Veterans
 that is active in the community. One that                                           Organization in the world will give them
 they can brag about what they have                                                  that capability and they will never regret
 done or are doing. Also the reputation of                                           the day that they met you. Make sure you
 the Post will improve and membership                                                have that referral form filled out first. That
 will increase as people will want to be a                                           gives you their information so that you can
 member of the VFW.                                                                  follow up. Contacting members that need
 When you do an activity or project have                                             to renew their membership with the same
 someone take pictures and report it in                                              introduction will inspire them to want to be
 the area newspaper. The more you pat                                                back in the organization, the VFW. They
 yourself on the back the more you               Tom Mundell, State Surgeon          will see you and the good that you are
 will be recognized. At the present time                                             doing and the help that you are trying to
 only about one-third of the Posts have                                              provide them. They will be much more
 submitted a Community Activity report.      As Veterans, Active Duty, Reserves, and likely to renew at that time, if you can fill
 Any activity that has been completed        members of the National Guard grow in   out a referral first and get the ball rolling to
 since May 1 can be reported on this         their careers, each of them know that they
                                                                                     help Them.
 years reports.                              have worked hard, focused and have hon-
                                             ored their commitments they each made to Tom Mundell
 Make your Post, your District, your         their country and its citizens. Each of them Missouri VFW State Surgeon
 Department, YOUR VFW look good              know that there are benefits that they have 314-616-1613
 by being active in YOUR COMMUNITY.          earned, deserve and qualify for. But few
                                             know exactly how to go about getting them.
 Thank you for all that you are doing not    Reaching out to these individuals by first----Congratulations--
 only for your community but also for your   introducing yourself as a Veteran and ask-
                                             ing them if they have heard about the
 fellow comrades.
                                             recent opportunities that are available with-             AMERICAN
 Respectfully yours,                         in the VA to help them be all they can be          POST COMMANDERS
                                             today as well as tomorrow, will peak their
                                             interest. "Are you paying very much for
                                                                                                       2010 - 2011
 Lyle J. Seelinger
 Jr. Vice Commander                          healthcare right now?" "This is the best
 Community Activity                          time in history to be in the Military or be a     Post 3944, Overland/St. Ann
 Chairman                                    Veteran". Ask them where they served.                  Post 7356, Parkville
                                             Regardless of where, speak to that time                 Post 4207, Monett
                                             and place and show interest in their military         Post 5327, Wentzville
                                             service. Find out the job that they per-
                                                                                                  Post 3118, Pleasant Hill
                                             formed in the military and begin formulating
                                             a plan to introduce to them possible ways         Post 3838, Cape Girardeau
                                             that the VFW could help them submit                Post 4680, Caruthersville
                                             claims for illnesses or injuries that they
                                             acquired while serving their country. Each
                                             of us are Veteran Service Officers. Our
                                             professionally trained and successful
                                             National Veteran Service Officer's cannot
  QUARERMASTER OF THE                        be everywhere at all times. It is up to us to LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT
                                             reach out to these individuals and let them AWARDS WERE AWARDED
  YEAR AWARDS WERE                           know we care. We are here today, right
  AWARDED TO:                                                                              TO:
                                             now and are willing to do everything we
                                                                                                    KERMIT ELLIS, JR.
                                             can to help them. As you show your con-
                                             cern and commitment, keep informing them         Post 4436, Montgomery City
            Doug Lorenz                      of success stories that you have had with
             Post 4288                       other Veterans. Ask them if they have                JAMES E. LOTSPEICH
            Corder, MO                       friends or relatives in the area that might         Post 3118, Pleasant Hill
                                             be in need. Show them you are devoted to
                                             helping them and you will put a 100% effort
                                             toward helping them through the process
                                             by (continued , top right)
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 4

             Bob Wonnell                                      Jim Gill                                     Chris Bell
        Past Dept. Commander                      Candidate for Surgeon 2012-2013               Candidate for Surgeon 2012-2013

Our Missouri VFW Veterans Service Officer        Jim graduated from Webster Groves High        I am a candidate for the high office of
program is busy helping veterans. Many or        School in 1967, spent one (1) year at the     Department Surgeon for the year 2012-
our Posts are busy helping veterans. Many        University of Missouri before heeding the     13. I am asking for your support and
of our Districts are busy helping veterans.      call and enlisting in the United States       your vote . I have served in a number of
The word is slowly getting out that the VFW      Navy. He gained his eligibility while serv-   leadership roles in the Navy, and in the
exists to do just that, help veterans. All of    ing with the Navy from 1968 to 1989.          VFW, at the Post, District, Department
your other programs can feed off of the one      During his 21 years of service, he served     and National levels. As you can see by
primary program of the Department of             aboard five (5) Ships and two (2) Shore       my qualifications I have experience in
Missouri. Many Posts have realized that by       Stations before retiring as a Chief Petty     two different Departments in the VFW. I
having Post Service Officer Events and           Officer in 1989. His last duty station was    believe that with my experience, I can
Veterans Benefit Fairs they can accomplish       at Oaknoll Naval Hospital in Oakland,         make a difference as the Department
so much more in their communities and in the     California; here he completed 4 ½ years       Surgeon in the coming year.
Post itself.                                     of independent duty as the Disability                     If elected, I will continue to sup-
Membership continues to be a battle but your     Counselor for the Western United States.      port the Veteran Homes and the refur-
goals can be obtained. You have time to                    After his service he returned to    bishing of the facilities, continuity of care
reach the 100% goal and keep this organiza-      Missouri and for 20 years was the Plant       and expansion. The VFW needs to be
tion a strong and viable voice in Jefferson      Engineer at the Fulton Diagnostic and         one of the watch dogs of this very impor-
City and Washington D.C. You must make           Reception Center. Initially he began          tant program and continue to be a driv-
membership a priority. Now is the time to be     under the direction of the Department of      ing force for our state legislators to make
working membership.                              Corrections but finished under the direc-     Veterans Homes and Veterans issues a
One thing I must emphasize to all now and        tion of the Office of Administration. He      top priority in Missouri. I will make this
forever. Communicate, communicate, and           retired from the State of Missouri in         my number one priority as your
communicate! Let your city, county and state     August 2010 and returned to his roots.        Department Surgeon.
know you exist to serve veterans and their       He and his wife GiGi now live on an Elk                   I have the complete support of
families.                                        and Deer Preserve in Ste Genevieve            my Family, Post and District. I have the
Our Veterans in the Park Festival will be here   County where they enjoy the wonders of        experience, dedication and commitment
before we know it. Step up and help or at        nature and work as ranch hands.               to fulfill the responsibilities as
least attend.                                              Jim joined the VFW in 1974 in       Department Surgeon and I ask for your
Supporting our Missouri Veterans Homes is        Hayward, California, and became a Life        support in my quest for this high office.
also a priority. Get involved comrades, get      Member in 1979. During his California
involved.                                        years he was elected 1983-84 Seam                        MY QUALIFICATIONS
                                                 Squirrel for Pup Tent 86 (The Gold Pup                   Retired from the U.S Navy after
Bob Wonnell                                      Tent) in Santee, California. In Santee he     23 years of service. Attained the rank of
Past Dept. Commander                             began serving the VFW holding all Post        Master Chief Petty Officer. (E-9) My eligi-
2010-2011                                        Chairmanships and Positions; this contin-     bility for membership in the VFW is
                                                 ues even today. Upon returning to             based on my service in. Vietnam 67-72,
                                                 Missouri he had more time to devote to        Beirut, Lebanon 83-84, Panama 88-89.
                                                 the VFW and transferred his membership        Life Member of VFW Post 30, Life
                                                 to Callaway Post 2657 in Fulton.              Member of Disabled American Veterans,
                                                                                               Member American Legion Post 21.
                                                 (Continued on Pg #6)
                                                                                               (Continued on Pg #6)
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 5                                  LADIES AUXILIARY PAGE
                                                         Betsy Buchanan, Ladies Auxiliary Department Rep.
                                                              for the October C of A and Homecoming

                  Lora Dailey
        State Ladies Auxiliary President

As we jump into the start of the 2011- 2012 year, I
want to first thank my Auxiliary sisters for placing
your trust in me by electing me as your president
and for giving me such a wonderful team of offi-
cers to work with. Rebecca Strauss Sr. Vice,                       BETSY BUCHANAN, Taylorsville, Indiana
Danetta Wakefield Jr. Vice, Marianne Seelinger
                                                                 NATIONAL DISTRICT COUNCIL MEMBER, #5
Chaplain, Debbie Miller Secretary-Treasurer, Gigi
Gill Conductress and Sheila Allen Guard.                  Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.
Our first C of A is coming up October 7-9, 2011 in
Jefferson City, where our National Representative      Betsy Buchanan, Taylorsville, Indiana, was elected to represent Indiana and
will be our newly elected NDCM #5 Betsy                Missouri on the National Council of Administration, which governs the Ladies
Buchanan for Indiana. For those attending there        Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars between National Conventions.
will be a breakfast reception Saturday, October 8
please take the time to stop in and welcome Betsy      Installed at the 98th National Convention in San Antonio, Texas, she will
to Missouri. Then on Saturday evening a fun time       serve a two-year term as one of 28 representatives who make up the Council
is planned for the Commander and Presidents            along with the top seven National Officers, the National Chief of Staff, and
Homecoming, where the theme is Hawaiian Resort         the four Junior Past National Presidents.
By now you should have heard about the financial       A member of Wagner-Reddick Auxiliary #1987, Betsy joined on the eligibility
crisis facing our "Wonderful" Veterans Homes.          of her father, who served in the U. S. Navy 1942-1945. She has served in
Make those phone calls, send those e-mails and         several capacities for the organization, including Auxiliary, District and State
make those visits to your State Representatives        President. On the national level she has served as Director for the Buddy
and Senators and let them know that we are             Poppy program and Big Ten Conference Chairman for the Buddy Poppy and
against any financial cuts to their funding. Then      Legislative programs.
mark your calendar to join your Department
Officers on September 14th in the rotunda at our       In her spare time she enjoys traveling, reading and her volunteer work at the
state capital, as we make our voices heard.            USO Camp Atterbury.
May God share his blessings with you as he
watches over our veterans and active duty person-      Betsy's family includes husband Chuck.
Lora Dailey
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 6
                                             (Jim Gill, Continued from pag#4)
                                                                                             (Chris Bell, Continued from pg#4)
                                             Here he was elected 1991-93 Post                                NATIONAL
                                             Commander and received his All-State White      National Aide-De-Camp 2003-2004,
                                             Hat. District 9 elected him the 1995-96 and     2007-2008, 2009-2010
                                             2002-03 District Commander; where he was        Member of the National Resolutions
                                             recognized as a District All-State Commander. Committee 2003-2004, 2009-2010,
                                             He was appointed as the Department of           2010-2011
                                             Missouri State Inspector in 1999 and served in National Deputy Chief of Staff 2009-
                                             this position for the next 10 years. He has had 2010
                                             the privilege to be appointed to National       Member of the National VFW Programs
                                             Committees and Aide-de-Camp. Currently he Committee 2010-2011
                                             is serving as Ste Genevieve Post 2210 Service
                                             Officer and the Chairman of Volunteer                         DEPARTMENT
                                             Services for the "Veterans Festival at Forest   California State Aide-De-Camp 2001-
                                             Park".                                          2002
                                                       Jim would appreciate your support in Missouri Department Sgt. at Arms 2010-
                                             the upcoming election.                          2011
           Jimmy Cook                                                                        Currently serving as Department
         VOD/PP Chairman                                                                     POW/MIA Chairman 2011-2012
                                              Monett Post 4207 Officer for 2011-2012
The theme for Voice of Democracy is
                                                                                               Calif. 10th District Commander 2003-
"Is There Pride in Serving in Our
                                                                                                 (All State District Commander)
                                                                                               Calif. 10th District Sr. Vice Commander
The theme for Patriot's Pen is "Are
You Proud of Your Country?"
                                                                                               Calif. 10th District Jr. Vice Commander
Getting our Programs into the Schools
                                                                                               Missouri 5th District Commander 2009-
has always been challenging. I know that
the teachers have a full load and are
                                                                                                 (All State District Commander)
sometimes reluctant to take on more
                                                                                               Missouri 5th District Sr. Vice
work. One thing that we can do is to
                                                                                               Commander 2007-2008
present our programs to the School
                                                                                               Member of the 5th District Honor Guard
Principles and Superintendent to show        Above is a picture taken last night at our post
them the benefits we have for their stu-     meeting, I just wanted to forward it. We have                       POST
dents. By doing that, they may pass that     a really good bunch this year and are especial-   Calif. Post 3000 Quartermasters 2000-
along to the teachers, the importance of     ly proud that Loren Cole ( WWII ) is still an     2002
participating in the Voice of Democracy      active officer at 90 years old. In April, I got     (All State Quartermaster 2001-2002)
and Patriot's Pen Programs. Also remem-      to present him with his 65 year continuous        Missouri Post 1829 Jr. Vice Commander
ber that the Programs are not just for       member pin, something that I was very proud       Missouri Post 1829 Quartermaster
Public Schools.                              to do.
Please include Private and Parochial
Schools as well as the home-schooled         Front Row L – R : Officer of the Day, Bill        Membership Chairman (District and
students.                                    Cooper; Senior Vice Commander, Ken                Post)
                                             Madison; Adjutant, Dick Gibson;                   Voice of Democracy Chairman (District
All District Chairpersons should have the    Commander, Quentin Carter;                        and Post)
Programs material for this year.             Quartermaster, Richard Redshaw;                   Patriot's Pen Chairman (District and
If you need material contact your District
                                             Surgeon, Loren Cole                               Post)
Chairperson, or you can go to the web
                                                                                               Teacher Award Chairman (District and
site, vfw.org or vfwmo.org for Entry
forms, Chairman Manual, Score Sheets         Back Row L – R : Trustee, Leo Morris;
                                                                                               Community Service Chairman (District
and Participation Reports.                   Trustee, Dave Thurman;
                                                                                               and Post)
                                             Home Committee, Chuck Wakefield;
                                                                                               Buddy Poppy Chairman (District and
As you know, the deadlines are an            Service Officer, Terry Clay;                      Post )
important part of our Programs. All dates
                                             Chaplain, Alfred Painter                          Blood Assistance Chairman (Post)
are posted in the Chairman Manual. At
                                                                                               Civil Disaster Chairman (District and
every level, the entries should be moved
forward in a timely matter. That includes    Respectfully,
                                                                                               National Home Chairman (District and
the Department winners to the Veterans       Terry Clay
of Foreign Wars National Contest.
                                                                                               Political Action/PAC Chairman (Post)
                                             Dist 7 CDR
                                                                                               Wheelchair/Golden age Games
By working together, we can have anoth-
                                                                                               Chairman (District and Post) Loyalty Day
er successful year with the Voice of
                                                                                               Chairman (District and Post)
Democracy and Patriot's Pen Programs.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 7
                                                                         Partners in Veteran Service

                                                           Become a continous donor and receive a distinctive donor pin.
                                                                       Bronze - $10.00/mo or $120.00/yr.
                                                                        Silver - $20.00/mo or $240.00/yr.
                                                                  Gold - $30.00/mo or $360.00 or more per yr.

                                                                     Pins to be awarded at the State Convention.

               Dennis F. Flynn
          Department Service Officer

                   DID YOU KNOW?                                            NOW TWO WAYS TO DONATE
                                                                                  TO THE VETERAN SERVICE
1) The Veterans of Foreign Wars was founded in 1899 for                        OFFICER PROGRAM
the purpose of assisting veterans in obtaining medical          1.                          As an Individual:
and pension benefits from the federal government?
                                                                By Credit Card monthly or one time donation (see attachment).
2) VFW Service officers file over one third (1/3) of the        The individual donor will be recognized by VFW Department.
claims filed in the St. Louis Reginal.office?
                                                                2.                     As a Post/District member:
3) VFW Service officers are successfull in obtaining over
$120,000,000 million dollars in VA benefits for Veterans in Donate directly to your Post Relief Fund on a monthly (auto-
Missouri each year?                                         mated transfer by credit card to Post Relief Fund) or one time
                                                                basis. Be sure to request that your donation be forwarded to
4) The VFW Service Officer program is funded solely             Department for the Service Officer Program and that your
through VFW Department membership dues, programs                Post/District be given credit for the donation. This donation
                                                                will used to offset the $3.00 per member.
and donations?

5) Donations to the VFW Service Officer program are             Submitted by: James Rippy, VSIO Chairman
tax-deductible to the full extent of the law?

                                   “VETERANS HELPING VETERANS”
                              JOIN THE “PARTNERS IN VETERAN SERVICE”
                                                       DONATION CARD
Mail to:
VFW Dept. of Missouri             I would like to support the important work of the VFW Service
P.O. Box 26                       Officers by enclosing my gift of: ( )$25 ( )$50 ( )$75 ( ) Other $__________(check enclosed)
Jefferson City Mo. 65201          Donor name:_______________________________________________
                                                                        (Please Print)
Credit Card Donation              Address:_______________________________________________________________________
Step 1: Complete Credit Card Information:
Please charge my: ( )Master card ( ) VISA ( ) AMEX ( )Discover Card No. ______________________Expiration _____/_______
Signature_____________________________ Date:_______________ Phone No. _________________ Security Code:_________

Step 2: Please choose one option:
( ) Option 1: Make a one time donation by credit card of $____________.____
( ) Option 2: Join the Partners in Veteran Service by donating the amount listed below from my credit card monthly:
             ( ) $10 per month* ( ) $20 per month ( ) $30 per month ( ) Other $____________per month.
                          *monthly minimum amount is $10, processed on the day requested of each month.
I understand payments will continue automatically each month until I notify VFW Department Headquarters of any change.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 8

                    MAVO                                                  VETERANS FESTIVAL IN FORREST PARK
        Missouri Association of Veterans
                                                                          Three (3) day event hosted by the Missouri
                 Organizations                                            Veterans Foundation over Labor Day Week-
                Veterans Rally in the Capital
                    September 14, 2011                                    Throughout Forest Park, from our world-famous St.
                 Capitol Rotunda, 1st floor                               Louis Zoo to our nationally renowned St. Louis Art
                                                                          Museum, our expansive Missouri History Museum,
                                  AGENDA                                  the breathtaking St. Louis Science Center and the
                                                                          nearby internationally respected Missouri Botanical
         9:30- Set-up                                                     Garden, Forest Park will be brimming with special and
                                                                          unusual exhibits, events and festival fare guaranteed
         10:00-Opening-Jessie Jones, Chairman, MAVO                       to captivate visitors of all ages.

         Salute to Colors
         Opening Prayer - VFW Chaplain
                                                                             Bring the entire family and friends.
         Pledge of Allegance                                                        Volunteers Welcome
         Opening Remarks - Jessie Jones                                   Event Chairman: Dave Morgan, Past Department
         10:15-Larry Kay, Executive Director, Missouri Veterans           For more infomation, visit the website at vfstl.com

         10:30-Paul Connors, Missouri Veterans Commission

         10:50-Remarks by Commanders of Veterans Service                                 Schedule of Events
                                                                                      Saturday September 3, 2011
         11:15-Dewey Riehn-Events and locations of activities for the     9:00 AM Parade
               rest of the day                                            Featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales Forest Park
                                                                          9:00 AM Veterans Village
         Adjourn for MAVO meeting.                                        Runs 9:00 AM through 8:00 PM
                                                                          9:00 AM Arts and Crafts Show
         Visit with Legislators                                           Runs 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM
                                                                          The Muny
                        Comrades and Sisters                              10:00 AM Opening Ceremony
                                                                          Presented by the VFW Department Honor Guard
                                                                          10:00 AM Food and beverage
For the past three (3) years,the Missouri Veterans Commission has
                                                                          11:00 AM Entertainment (bands)
had to use it’s reserve fund to support the operation of the Veterans
                                                                          Runs 11:00 AM through 8:00 PM
Homes in Missouri. Based on current state funding from General
                                                                          1:30 PM Golf Tournament
Revenue the Reseve fund will be depleted by July 2013. If Legislators
                                                                                       Sunday September 4, 2011
do nothing to correct this situation in the next session that starts in
                                                                          9:00 AM Veterans Village
January, the homes will have to start closing in July 2013. We urge all
                                                                          Runs 9:00 AM through 8:00 PM
those concerned about the homes to be present at this Rally to show
                                                                          9:00 AM Arts and Crafts Show
the Legislator’s our support for full funding for the homes and our
                                                                          Runs 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM
desire to find a dedicated source other than General Revenue. Post
                                                                          The Muny
and Auxiliaries are being asked to bring their colors with stands. We
                                                                          10:00 AM Food and beverage
want to make a big showing.
                                                                          11:00 AM Entertainment (bands)
                                                                          Runs 11:00 AM through 8:00 PM
Note: Parking for vehicles will be a problem. It’s recommended people
car pool and have a designated driver that can drop them off and pick                  Monday September 5, 2011
them up.                                                                  9:00 AM Veterans Village
                                                                          Runs 9:00 AM through 8:00 PM
Hope to see you on the 14th.                                              9:00 AM Arts and Crafts Show
                                                                          Runs 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM
                                                                          The Muny
Jessie Jones                                                              10:00 AM Opening Ceremony
MAVO Chairman                                                             Presented by the Korean War Honor Guard
                                                                          Korean War Memorial (behind Jewel Box)
                                                                          10:00 AM Food and beverage
                                                                          11:00 AM Entertainment (bands)
                                                                          Runs 11:00 AM through 8:00 PM
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 9

                              Annual National Home for Children

                                         October 21-23, 2011

                        Mark your calendar! This year’s Department of Missouri
                                   National Home for Children Trip
                                      Dates: 21-23 October 2011

                                         Cost: $175 per person
                  Includes: bus transportation and hotel stay (double occupancy)
                 We are working on bus routes with pick-up / drop-off locations along
                               three routes for maximum participation:
                        Tentative headcount required by 1 September 2011
                            Deadline for reservation is 1 October 2011
                                      I-70: Kansas City to St. Louis
                                       I-44: Springfield to St. Louis
                                   I-55: Cape Girardeau to St. Louis
                           ***locations and schedules to be published***

                                 If you cannot attend, PLEASE
               Support our efforts by sending a donation to help pay for our trip.

                                        Point of Contact:
                                   Nancy Cowan 314-323-4481
     Send this form along with your check (made payable to Department of Missouri, VFW) to:
                                         VFW Post 5327
                                      ATTN: Nancy Cowan
                                           1414 Hwy Z
                                      Wentzville, MO 63385

           Phone #:______________________Email____________________________
          Roommate’s Name:_________________________________________________
          Amount Enclosed:__________________________________________________
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 10
                                         Angela Bode, Office
                                         Manager, attended the
                                         reunion of the 99th Infantry
                                         Division. The unit her
                                         father served in.

                                         Her thought’s and pictures
                                         from the event are displayed
                                         on this page.

At the ripe, old age of 29, Elliott Montgomery (my Daddy) and some 37,000 of
his comrades were caught in an impossible situation in American history, bet-            Insignia
ter known as the Ardennes Campaign of the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.
The 99th Infantry Division, referred to as the Battle Babies because of their
inexperience in battle, became trapped in an unspeakable state of affairs,
early on the morning of Dec. 16, 1944. It was the beginning of a battle that
raged for months.
The 99th Infantry Division has held reunions for 62 of the last 67 years, 2011
being their last because of dwindling attendance and members' advancing
age. It was my honor and privilege to attend my first and last reunion, July 21
- 24, 2011. While I did not find anyone who knew my deceased father (1915-
1984), I found many who told the same stories I had heard all my life and was
too stupid to write down or too young to appreciate. I remember spending lots
of quality time with Daddy in our barn where his full set of uniforms hung on
the wall, just short of the first manger. Stories of friends and how and where
were never understood until recently through the help of my newly found "rela-
tives" of the 99th.
It was truly humbling to stand in their midst, becoming acquainted with their
hearts, and touching the hands of those who fought to defend America's free-
dom. Each veteran I met had a twinkle in his eye and a smile that lit the sun.
Each said they would do it again and again. I felt as if I were in the presence        Memorabilia
of family and princes higher than any royalty. Words cannot express nor
explain the sacrifices and the amazing accomplishments of the 99th.
War is not to be glorified or thought of as pretty. As with all veterans, there are
stories to be told, accounts to be credited, celebrations and regrets to be
shared. There are also those experiences that should forever remain unspo-
ken out of respect and reverence. For those of us who are not veterans, no
words can express how profoundly we need and want to be made aware of
your contributions.
They say they, the WWII veterans, were the "Greatest Generation". My Daddy
will always be my greatest hero. But never forget, you are someone's greatest
hero, everyone's hero, and my hero too. I encourage each of you to take time
to write down historical facts and experiences as inner peace and healing
allows you to for your loved ones and future generations. Your personal,
indelible sacrifice to your fellow man made a difference and it matters because
they are YOURS.
If it's possible to love and appreciate someone even more than you already do
because of what you learn about them (in my case) after they pass, then I             Story Recording
guess my dad was the greatest of the Greatest Generation. It was at my first
and last 99th Infantry Division Reunion that I realized Daddy was taking care
of and protecting me before I was ever born through his service to our country.
I was speechless for most of the reunion weekend as I was confronted with
revelation of what he went through for me and a nation of people he never
met. For all the sons, daughters, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters…
in-laws, and out-laws of your life who can never fathom what you experienced,
know that we fundamentally desire to absorb and appreciate the offerings of
each beloved soldier, sailor, and airman so that we may NEVER forget what
you did for us. Thank you over and over for your service. May God richly
bless and protect you.
VFW Missourian August 2011 Pg. 11

                                                         Jessie L. Jones was endorsed at the 91st
             Jessie L. Jones                             Department of Missouri Convention held at the
     Missouri's Endorsed Candidate                       Holiday Inn Select in Columbia Missouri on June
    For Jr. Vice Commander-In-Chief                      9, 2011 as Missouri's endorsed candidate for Jr.
                2015-2016                                Vice Commander in Chief of the Veterans of
                                                         Foreign Wars for the 2015-2016 VFW year.

                                                         Jessie served in the United States Marine Corp
                                                         from 1964 to 1968 including a tour of duty in the
                                                         Republic of Vietnam from March 1966 - April 1967,
                                                         attached to Marine Air Support Squadron , 3d
                                                         MAW at Da Nang and Marine Air Support
                                                         Squadron , 1st MAW at Chu Lai. His decorations
                                                         include the Vietnam Service Medal w/1 bronze
                                                         star, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal
                                                         with Palm, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
                                                         w/60 device, Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon,
                                                         National Defense Service Medal and Good
                                                         Conduct Medal.

2009 - present State Adjutant/Quartermaster              Jessie joined the VFW in 1989 at Post 2657 in
2009 - 2011    Chairman, Missouri Veterans Assoc.        Fulton, Missouri, where he maintains his life mem-
2008 - 2009    State Adjutant/Assistant Quartermaster    bership. He has served in elected and appointed
2007 - 2008    State Adjutant
2006 - 2007    All American State Commander
                                                         positions at the Post, District and Department
1999 - 2000    All State Commander, District No. 9       (state) levels culminating with the election as
1994 - 1997    All State Commander, Post 2657            Department Commander in 2006 - 2007. Jessie
Received various National Appointments over the years.   currently serves as Adjutant and Quartermaster of
                                                         the Department of Missouri and served for two
B. S. Degree in Business Administration from the
University of Missouri, St. Louis
                                                         years as Chairman of the Missouri Association of
                                                         Veterans Organizations.
MBA from William Woods University
                                                         After his release from the Marine Corp in 1968,
Retired from AmerenUE after 36 years of service.         Jessie worked for thirty-six (36) years for
Twenty Six (26) years in Management at Ameren's
Callaway Nuclear Power Plant.
                                                         AmerenUE, a utility company with Headquarters in
                                                         St. Louis Missouri. Prior to his retirement in June,
"Seeking support and endorsement in the Big Ten          2006, Jessie worked in Supervision and
Conference"                                              Management at AmerenUE's Callaway Nuclear
                                                         Power Plant for twenty-six years.
Mail Campaign contributions to:
Earl Boyer, Campaign Finance Chairman
1560 Hillcrest Dr.                                       Jessie earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business
DeSoto, MO 63020                                         Administration from the University of Missouri St.
                                                         Louis and Master's Degree from William Woods

                                                         Jessie and his wife Charlotte have three children
                                                         and nine grandchildren. They make their home in
                                                         Fulton Missouri.

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