5 Strategies For Repeated Online Consumer Business

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					5 Strategies For Repeated Online Consumer
The customer is the most important aspect of any business. As online business owners we all
want to bring as many customers to our website as possible. Keeping existing customers is just
as important as gaining them. Loyalty customer service, addressing complaints promptly, and
offering incentives like gifts and discounts are all great practices. However, how are we going to
keep these customers coming back again and again if those great practices do not work? Since
existing customers are the best source of sales, it is imperative that we have effective strategies
that will keep them. Here are 5 strategies that will keep them coming back.

Make it simpler to buy from you than your competition: Customers like simplicity in this fast
paced world we live in. When you list your products or services it is very important to not be
redundant in your descriptions. Customers want to get what they want and get out. Redundancy
can make them bored and want to move on to the next website. Have a clear and detailed
description, but with concise wording. A smooth checkout process is also imperative. It is
definitely necessary to have a functional and attractive website, but you do not need a fancy
website. Having too many graphics can slow the process down with high-speed internet, and
even more for the customers who still use dial-up connection.

Modify your pricing structure: Percentage discounts and sales are helpful, but having low
prices is even better! A perfect example of a business using this strategy is the world's largest
retailer Walmart. If possible, try to cut down your prices without hurting your profits. If you find
this too difficult you will need to come up with creative ways to make it happen. Even if you first
try lowering your prices by a small amount, that can make a huge difference in sales.

Build a plethora of products and services: A big part to keeping customers is to make sure
they not only get to your website, but stay on it. Offering a large amount of products and services
makes it very convenient for the customer. A perfect example of a business using this strategy
would be the giant online retailer Amazon. Customers would rather enter their checkout
information once instead of going to another website and entering it again. It is a fast paced
world, and convenience is extremely important to a customer.

Make sure your customer knows your website is secure: With a significant increase in
identity fraud these days, it is very important to make sure the customer knows your site is
secure. Make sure you state on your site what information is taken and how that information is
handled securely. Be specific on exactly how their information is protected. Customers want to
make sure they are not sharing their information that can be snatched up by someone else. A
sense of security can go a long way for repeated consumer business.

Get your business to stay in the mind of the customer: Successful advertisers have found
many ways to keep customers using psychology. A good slogan and/or commercial is a great
tool that can get customers to keep your business in their mind. Using a catchy phrase, song, or
image that links to something they like or need can stay in a customer's mind. For example, let's
say you sold dog food and made a commercial about a dog that looks unhealthy because of the
plain dog food he eats. He slowly puts on healthy weight because a specific dog food product
that is given to him. That specific product can stay in the mind of the customer. If they happen to
see their dog looking too unhealthy, they can question their current dog food and automatically
link healthy dog food to your product.

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