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									    CLASS OF 2011

  Greetings from your Counselor:
        Ms. Lilly – A to Cl
      Ms. Dunn – Cm to Haw
    Ms. Leber – Hay to Miller
    Mr. Roberts – Mills to Sh
        Ms. Adams – Si - Z
  Lafayette Counseling Services:

Academic Planning
Schedule Changes
Educational and Career Information
Problem-Solving Suggestions/Ideas
Peer and Social Concerns
Personal and Family Challenges
How/When Can I See My Counselor?

Sign-Up Slips in Guidance Office
Sign-Up before school, during class change, or
after school (for the next day)
Office-Helper will deliver note to teacher when
your counselor is available to see you
Teacher will dismiss you to guidance office
After meeting with counselor, return to class with
note signed by counselor, including the time
           Lafayette Graduation
4 Credits English: English 1, 2, 3, and 4
3 Credits Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, and one additional Math
     Class (Pre-college: Algebra 2)
3 Credits Science: Physical Science, Biology, and Earth/Space
     Science (Suggested Pre-college: Chemistry or Physics)
3 Credits Social Studies: Integrated Social Studies, World
     Civilizations, and U. S. History
1 Credit Health/PE: ½ credit of each
1 Credit Visual/Performing Arts
11 Credits Electives: (Pre-college: Level 2 of Foreign Language)
 Credits Needed for Promotion
To Become a Sophomore: 6 Credits
To Become a Junior:   12 Credits
To Become a Senior:   18 Credits
To Graduate in 2011   26 Credits
          Skills for Promotion!
Participate in class
Ask questions
Use reference books, textbooks, library, and the internet
Listen and take notes
Use your Agenda to list assignments and refer to it
(Agenda) in the evening when completing homework
Devote some time EVERY night to review/homework
Complete assignments and turn them in ON TIME
Study for Tests and Quizzes
Attend ESS sessions when needed
  Remember KEES Scholarship $$$$$

The grades you earn each year (your GPA) can earn you
$$$ for educational goals after high school.
If you earn at least a 2.5 unweighted GPA each year,
you will earn $$$. The higher your GPA each year, the
more you earn.
The money can be used for college, technical/vocational
school, or special training schools such as business,
computer, hair design, etc.
Ways to Assist Your Success
      in High School:
          Attend School and All Classes Every Day
    Keep a Positive Attitude about School and Learning
              Participate in Extra-Curricular or
                  Co-Curricular Activities
      Establish Goals for Your Future (ILP and Coin3)
   Utilize Programs (ESS) and Services Available to You
                           at LHS
Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

 Academic Team          Mu Alpha Theta
 Art Club               National Honor Society
 Band                   Newspaper
 Beta Club              Orchestra
 Chorus                 Powder Puff Football
 DECA                   Spanish Club
 Environmental Club     Speech/Drama Team
 FBLA                   Strolling Strings
 French Club            Student Council
 French Honor Society   Yearbook
 Freshman Class         Y-Club
 German Club
 Key Club

   CATCH IT !!!!!

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