How To Use Testimonials In Your Online Business

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					How To Use Testimonials In Your Online

Having good testimonials on your site about your product or service will help you in more than
one way to convince your visitors to buy from you. Social proof can be one of the most
persuasive forms of buyer incentive. Good testimonials tend to increase trust in your product and
will get you better conversions than if you had a sales page without good testimonials, or
especially without at all. As an online marketer, you need a process, or multiples, that work well
with acquiring feedback. The following testimonial examples guidelines will work well if you
put some effort into making them work.

If you have spent the time creating the right positioning, a well-thought out executed case study
can really get people's attention. While not every single product will easily lend itself to a case
study, you will never know until you take a hard look at it. What you should do is not talk about
testimonials, but instead solicit volunteers to help you with your study on what they encountered
when using your product or service. It's just another way to get a stronger feedback from your
customers and showcase your product in a positive light by highlighting how it can help.
Remember that if this approach is good enough for the largest companies on the planet, then it is
going to be a proven strategy that you can implement in your online business to increase
conversions and make more sales. As I always say to people, just give it a shot and see how you
customers react to the idea of crowd sourcing information. This can be a great way to leverage
your efforts and have other people do some of your work for you while getting much needed
market feedback in real time.

Lots of people react negatively when they see one business writing in a negative tone about
another business. The very best thing you can do is maintain calm no matter what anyone
chooses to write about you. So perhaps a customer may make a comment that does compare your
product to another from someone else, and that is fine because they are the ones writing it.

It is only natural for new visitors to your site to be able to identify with those who are
represented in your testimonials. There has to be some kind of connection made with those
highlighted in your product testimonials. One of the secrets to getting terrific testimonials is
through your feedback or survey questions.

Knowing how to use testimonials are but one important aspect of any effective sales letter, but
one that can make a huge improvement in your sales and conversions.

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