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The endurance cyclist’s magazine                         Issue #15



             Tanya Bosch on strength training
             Barry Moore on club structure
             PBP Participant Watch
                        Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                 1
2   Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
Inside...                                                 Get in                                             What’s
President’s Pedals ................................. 4
PBP News ............................................ 5
Jersey Competition .............................. 5
                                                          early!                                             new on
                                                            With Paris-Brest-Paris looming and many

Audax - how does it work? .............. 6
                                                          organisers and committee members going
Melbourne Express ............................. 7         overseas, members need to start thinking of
Minutes of the 2003 AGM .............. 10                 the the 2003/04 calendar of rides sooner rather

                                                          than later.
AAC Organisers praised ................... 12
Alpine Classic needs you .................. 12             So if you’d like to include a ride in the 2003/
                                                          04 calendar, you need to contact your State
Organising the Alpine Classic .......... 12               Correspondent, (details page 20), by early June
Diary of an Alpine rider .................. 14            with details of your event.
                                                                                                             Fatigue Management paper
The Brevet Card ................................ 17        If you would like to co-ordinate the national       Rod Evans is a former champion
PBP Participant Watch ...................... 18           calendar then please contact the President,        endurance cyclist (including the 24 hr track
                                                          Hans Dusink on 03 9314 3815 (ah), 0419 564         world track record and the round
Contemplating PBP 2003? ............... 19
                                                          759 (bh), or email as       Australia record ) and also a former WA
The Whittlesea Whimsical Wander .. 20                     soon as possible.                                  secretary of Audax. Rod gave a paper at
Melbourne Region report ................ 21                A volunteer is also required to publish the       a fatigue conference held in Fremantle in
Tanya Bosch on strength training .... 22                  calendar. If you have skills in this area please   1996 applying his experience as an
                                                          make contact with the president.                   endurance athlete to the fatigue problems
The Key Issue: How Many Levels? 24
                                                                                                             faced by long-distance truck drivers. It
A Single Level Structure ................... 25                                                              seems Rod used to drive large trucks

                                                          Polo tops
Thoughts on Club structure ............. 25                                                                  across the Nullabor in his spare time!
Structural Developments .................. 26                                                                  It is not surprising that Rod’s paper
Clothing orders .................................. 28                                                        has some very useful tips for Audax
                                                                                                             riders on the management of fatigue.
                                                           Do you work in the rag trade or do you ride       The paper is now available on the Audax
                                                          a bike? Possessing any one of these                website at or just
                                                          qualifications will enable you to apply for the    look under the >About > FAQ section.
    The Endurance Cyclist’s Magazine                      position of ‘PBP Polo Top Co-ordinator’.           It is a very worthwhile read for any cyclist
                                                                                                             contemplating a night ride. It will be of
     Produced quarterly for members of the                 The position would involve sourcing a
                                                                                                             particular interest to all PBP aspirants.
          Audax Club of Australia Inc                     supplier, organising order forms, collecting
                                                          payment and sending out orders.                    Time Saver!
  Editor & Design Patrick van Dyk                                                                              The club now has a national ride entry
                                                           Please contact Hans Dusink, Club President
  Distribution Phil Bellette                                                                                 form which is available on the website
                                                          on 03 9314 3815 ah or 0419 564 759 bh for
                                                                                                             under ‘Docs & Forms’. If you have
                                                          more details. First in, best dressed!
                                                                                                             access to the internet and a printer and
  Checkpoint welcomes contributions from anyone
  on all aspects of endurance cycling. Please send                                                           want to make life just a little easier for
  your contribution or enquiry to the address                                                                yourself and your friendly ride organiser

                                                          Next time
  below. The deadline for the next issue is 28 May.                                                          before the start of a ride, you can
                                                                                                             download the form and complete it in
  To reach a market of over 500 cyclists at great                                                            the comfort of your own home, or even
  rates, contact the Editor or visit our website,                                                            better at work. You can also personalise
  which also displays rates and specifications.             In the Winter edition of Checkpoint, you’ll      the form by typing in your details and
  Website                                                 see a complete list of Dirt, Nouveau, Super        storing it on your own computer.                             and Woodrup award recipients for the
                                                                                                             Missed one?
                                                          2001/02 Audax year.
  Email                                                                                                       Back issues of Checkpoint are available                                   Also, regular columnist Maria Matuszek, a        for download from the web at
                                                          lecturer at ACU National, will return with her
  Postal Address
  Editor, Checkpoint                                      informative articles. The subjects to be covered
  PO Box 12144                                            in the upcoming editions will focus on exercise
  A’Beckett St                                            and the immune response; current views on
  Melbourne VIC 8006
                                                          exercise and pregnancy, and hydration.

                                                                       Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                             3
President’s Pedals
President’s Report to the AGM, 18 February 2003, Melbourne
 Welcome to the Annual General Meeting of
The Audax Club of Australia for the year
ended 30th October 2002.
Reflections of the Year 2002

  The National committee continued to look
at the Constitution as we promised to do at
this time last year. We soon realised that we
could not do this without professional advice.
Barry Moore contacted Mathew Innis, a lawyer
with experience in constitutions for sporting
clubs. At a meeting Barry asked Martin some
questions regarding our current constitution
and set up. Mathew gave us some of his views
and arranged to give us a quote. A basic
constitution would be in the order of $2000
but the Audax issues may be more complex.
Costs will be lower if he provides the advice,
with Audax to do the work, than they would
be if he did the lot.
  Several other issues relating to this issue were
also raised
  We can have a structure where some of the          Facing the big issues: President Hans Dusink
constituents are incorporated and others
directly part of Audax Australia. In this case,      like in the future. What is the correct structure?     not be renewed. I do not want to rehash all
we would have to have tighter control over           We encourage stimulation amongst members               the circumstances here, as I believe that
the unincorporated regions (states?). The            on this issue and urge them to think about             enough has been written and said at the time.
incorporated entities would not have to be           the structure of the Club. Ed- See the article on      Suffice to say that a satisfactory outcome was
designated in the constitution. We did not           page 24 of this issue, The Key Constitutional Issue.   arranged after much hair pulling and some
pursue it, but got the impression that a body                                                               lateral thinking. I wish to place on record my
                                                     The Calendar
the size of Melbourne Region may be better                                                                  sincere thanks to Peter Mathews and Barry
                                                       In the past each region prepared a separate
off if it were separately incorporated.                                                                     Moore without whom this would not have
                                                     calendar. This ranged from a single A4 sheet
                                                                                                            happened. Copies of our insurance coverage
  As there is only one incorporated entity           to an elaborate booklet. On top of this
                                                                                                            are available from the Club.
currently, the “buck” stops with the National        National prepared an A3 calendar for
Committee, who have the responsibilities of          distribution to all members. I felt that this            The cost of our insurance for the calendar
directors to exercise “due diligence” (I think       was duplication in resources. It was decided           year is $13750. This is an increase of 25% on
this is an area where we are currently vulnerable,   to go for a single calendar that could be used         the previous year. Our membership fees did
as National may not exercise sufficient control      by every member. Melbourne and National                not increase by this amount and the current
over the activities of the regions.)                 met the cost of this. This booklet was well            club reserves are on the low side. We are
                                                     received. I want to offer a sincere thanks to          managing this by keeping an eye on our
  We had a discussion of insurance. He
                                                     Keith Lowe who spent many hours co-                    expenditure levels.
confirmed a view that accident insurance is
                                                     ordinating the efforts of all regional
cheap relative to Public Liability Insurance, and                                                           Ride Rules
                                                     correspondents, as well as arranging the design
said that some insurers will only issue PLI if                                                                Commencing 1st October the revised
                                                     and layout of the final product.
accident insurance is included, in order to                                                                 lighting rules came into force. A copy of these
minimise their PLI exposure.                         Insurance                                              rules was sent to each member. I notice that
                                                       It was at this stage of the year that things         on all rides I have taken part in, the lighting
 The issue of the constitution is an ongoing
                                                     began to go off track. No sooner had we sent           rules were being enforced and the lighting
matter. The most important issue we need to
                                                     the calendar to all members, than we found             checked. Since the drafting of these rules, it
address is what do we want the club to look
                                                     out that our Public Liability insurance would          has come to my attention that there are some

4                                                                Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
riders using a flashing white light as the          and Keith Lowe are going to look at the Ride

                                                                                                      PBP News
primary front light. This is clearly against the    guidelines issued by Melbourne Region with
rules. The only accepted main light is an           a view to clarifying our approach to risk
effective fixed beam. Front flashing diodes are     management on a ride-by-ride basis. This will
a reflector only.                                   probably mean some changes in the way rides
                                                    are organised, but I do not envisage a
  The ride rules in general need to be examined     revolution.
to iron out some anomalies. These will be                                                               by Peter Mathews
addressed in due course.                             This means that there will be a busy year          International Brevet Secretary
                                                    ahead. Your committee is up to the task, but
The year ahead                                      we need input from you the member.
  The year head is full of excitement, as we get                                                        International Brevet processing
closer to the PBP on 18th August. There will        Brevet Results                                        Yannis Varouchas was the ACP official
be at least 70 Australians in Paris for the 15th      Our ranking in the Audax world continued          who processed all brevet results received
running of this event. This year the entry limit    at number 4, but we are under threat from           from countries other than France.
is 4000 people. Personally, I cannot wait to get    Canada.                                             Regretably, Yannis died late last year. Since
to the starting line at 10pm and start in a           We will be under pressure this year, as we do     his death, there has been a gap in the
peleton of 700 riders. But there is much club       not have an Alpine Classic to include in our        homologation of brevets longer than 200
work to do before some of us get there. Your        results.                                            km by the Audax Club Parisien. We have
Committee is committed to getting a fully                                                               just been advised of the process for
revamped constitution to the next AGM in             Melbourne Region continues to be the
                                                                                                        submission results. This means that
February 2004. We have a timetable in place.        number one club in the Audax results table.
                                                                                                        stickers and brevet numbers will start
                                                                                                        flowing again soon. A great relief for PBP
                                                                                                        qualifiers, amongst others. Please let Peter
                                                                                                        Mathews know if you are missing results
                            200km 300km 400km 600km 1000km                  Points                      prior to November 2002. You can contact
             USA            1301 648         446    303      47             8618                        Peter by email at
                                                                                                        or by phone on 03 9890 6089.
             France         1931 241         109    19       22             5355
                                                                                                        PBP Rules
             Great Brit 715         247      138    122      44             3895                          Yes it rules many of our lives! On a
             Australia      888     102      56     48       20             2794                        more mundane level we recently received
                                                                                                        an extract of the rules for the fifteenth
             Canada         373     162      98     85       27             2404
                                                                                                        PBP (2003). These have been translated
             Italy          360     162      84     8        49             2080                        for us and will be posted on the web site
                                                                                                        and distributed to members interested
           Points are awarded on the number of brevets issued annually in each country.                 in registering for PBP in the next few
           Australia remains in the leading pack but has strong competition.
                                                                                                        weeks. IMPORTANTLY - the rules state,
                                                                                                        “White diodes (LED) at the front of the
  The first planks of this appear in this edition   Membership                                          cycle are considered as emergency lighting
of Checkpoint. There needs to be much                 After a slow start our membership now             and not as cycle lighting”. Prepare carefully!
discussion before we put pen to paper. I urge       stands at 476.
                                                                                                        What’s an extra 23km?
all members to participate. I know we joined
                                                        At this time last year we had 437 members.        Material publicising PBP includes a
Audax to ride our bikes with likeminded
                                                                                                        tentative route sheet. Potential
people, but occasionally we need to draw on          Lorraine Allen does a fantastic job, handling
                                                                                                        participants will undoubtedly be
the membership to give us fresh ideas and           membership inquiries and keeping the register
                                                                                                        interested to note that the total distance
divergent points of view. Barry Moore,              up to date. I would ask you to show your
                                                                                                        is given as 1223 km. The time limit is 90
Malcolm Rogers, and Peter Mathews will be           appreciation.
                                                                                                        hours. Consider this well in your planning
the focal point of this sub-committee
                                                      We have attempted over the last few years
  We are also endeavouring to examine and           not to send out a separate renewal form.
streamline some of the administrative               Instead we have put the form in Checkpoint.
processes within the Club. This may be              We have had many complaints about this. In

dependent on the final outcome of our Club          future Checkpoint will contain the renewal
structure but I believe much can be done to         form and a separate form will be sent to
make the administrative task less onerous. Our      those members who have not renewed by
Treasurer and Secretary have taken this role on     1 December.
board.                                                                                                  The recent competition for a new Audax
                                                     I wish you all safe cycling and may you all      Australia jersey resulted in a tie between two
 The other important task that needs to be          achieve your goals for the coming year.           of the four entries. The president has decided
carried out is that of Risk Assessment and                                                            to defer any action for a period of at least one
Management. Henry Boardman, Peter Curtis                                                              year on this matter. In the meantime, see the
                                                                                                      back page for special deals on jerseys.

                                                                  Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                               5
What is Audax Australia
and how does it work?
by Barry Moore                                    n Dirt Series Brevet Secretary (Sam Blight):    State
                                                    registration of brevets for all off-road      Officially, the role of a State is to elect a State
                                                    (Dirt) rides with Audax Australia             Correspondent, who represents that state on
I know that all that most of us want to do is
                                                                                                  the National Committee. In practice, the
ride our bikes. But it is probably worthwhile     n Membership Secretary (Lorraine
                                                                                                  State Correspondent is the President of the
knowing a little more about the organisation        Allen): membership records
                                                                                                  region with the largest number of members.
of our club.
                                                  n Public Officer (appointment to be             In WA, SA and Tas, there is no issue as each
Audax Australia is affiliated with Audax            made soon): statutory functions under         of these states has only one region. In each
Club Parisien (ACP), which ratifies Audax           the Incorporated Associations Act,            of the other states, there are at least two
rides of 200 kms to 1000 km (plus PBP),             including lodging financials, reports of      regions. The calendar is also co-ordinated
and with Les Randonneurs Mondiaux (LRM)             general meetings and amendments to            at state level, generally by the largest region,
which ratifies rides of 1200 km and longer          the constitution                              then amalgamated into one document by
(except PBP).                                                                                     National for printing and installation on the
                                                  n Checkpoint Editor (Patrick van Dyk):
Audax Australia is actually the Audax Club          editing and production of a quarterly         website. A state has no revenue of its own.
of Australia Incorporated, Association No           magazine for members.                         Regions
A0014462. The club is incorporated in                                                             The function of regions is to organise rides.
                                                  n Clothing Officer (Martin Haynes):
Victoria, under the Associations                                                                  As we all know well, this is the raison d’etre
                                                    purchase and sale of club clothing
Incorporation Act. This does not restrict                                                         of the club. The rest of the organisation is
our right to act as a national organisation.      n Webmaster (Sam Blight): looking after         there to support the organisation of rides.
                                                    our wonderful website                         Rides must be run under the Ride Rules.
There are three levels to Audax Australia:
National, State and Regions.                      n Spoker of the Audax list (Peter               Within this national framework, there is
                                                    Mathews): providing (and potentially          some variation between regions in the way
National                                                                                          rides are organised. Revenue for regions is
                                                    removing) access to the email list.
The national governing body is the National                                                       derived from ride fees (less brevet fees, which
Executive Committee. The National               The function of the National Committee is         go to National).
Committee comprises:                            to manage the club including determining
                                                the ride rules and managing membership            According to our constitution “The Regional
    n three Officers: President (Hans                                                             Committee/s shall consist of a President,
                                                records. The committee is required to meet
      Dusink), Secretary (Don Briggs) and                                                         Treasurer and such other appointees as
                                                at least four times each year. In recent times,
      Treasurer (Greg Lansom)                                                                     deemed necessary by the National Executive
                                                all meetings have been teleconferences.
    n three Ordinary Members (Peter                                                               Committee”. In practice, the structure of each
                                                At the National level, revenue is derived         Region is organised by those members and
      Mathews, Henry Boardman and Barry
                                                from brevet fees (currently $3 for rides of       the structure of regional committees varies,
                                                less than 200 km and $4 for rides of 200 km       depending mostly on the number of
    n all State Representatives (NSW, Vic,      and beyond) and membership fees (currently        members in the region.
      Qld, WA, SA and Tas).                     $40 pa, or $10 per event for temporary
                                                membership). Major items of expenditure           And, in conclusion …
The National Committee also makes
                                                by National (excluding clothing, which makes      Yes, Audax is an odd organisation, with lots
appointments to specific tasks. These are
                                                a small net contribution to club revenue) are:    of dedicated people making it all happen.
not committee positions, though these                                                             And it does happen. Between all of us, we
members may also hold committee                   n Checkpoint (approx. $6,000 pa)                successfully organise a couple of hundred
positions. These positions are:
                                                  n mailouts to members (approx. $2,000           rides each year.
    n International Brevet Secretary (Peter         pa)                                           Well, that’s it for now – your first lesson in
      Mathews): registration of brevets with
                                                  n affiliation fees for ACP and LRM              Audax Australia. Maybe next time, we’ll
      ACP for all successfully completed
                                                    (approx. $2,000 pa)                           look at the international dimensions of
      rides of 200 km and beyond                                                                  Audax.
                                                  n affiliation fee for Cycling Australia
    n National Brevet Secretary (Barry
                                                    (approx. $14,000 pa, including ride
      Parsons): registration of brevets of
      less than 200 km with Audax Australia

6                                                          Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
Melbourne Express
One thousand kilometres from Adelaide to Melbourne

 by Ian Humphries

  This was a well attended Audax ride with
about 28 starters. Although the previous
days were a bit wet, the skies had almost
cleared. Overnight rain had left the roads
initially a bit on the wet side though. I could
see the sheen of the early morning sun on the
roads. The ride was nicely organised by
Matthew Rawnsley and started outside his
house in the Adelaide hills!
  I arrived about 40 minutes before the start
and wondered where everyone was. They soon
arrived and everyone chatted nervously. Some
were well prepared but on their first ride, while
others were experienced PBP veterans. I was
somewhere in the middle - with just a recent
200km ride as preparation and a history of
starting these long rides without enough
training. I started the ride with Duncan            cautiously too, and with stops we were soon         and meet the challenge of the winds together.
McDonald from Brisbane. Duncan was on               separated. The riding in the Adelaide hills was     So after another short roadside break we
his new recumbent bike and on his first ever        quite lovely though - little traffic and good       reformed with quite a large group. I thought
really long event. As usual as soon as the time     scenery.                                            riding in the group would be social and usually
to start passed everyone soon was off. We                                                               I am less bothered by headwinds, so thought
                                                       The weather looked liked it would be fine
started at the back of the field and then shortly                                                       I could help the group and chat to some
                                                    for the event after the previous few days of
after the start Duncan realised his LightSpin                                                           people I hadn’t met before. The group
                                                    rain, with more rain expected later in the week.
dynamo had been left engaged from the                                                                   however was very regimented at their “roll
                                                    After some rolling ups and down we
previous evening and stopped to pull it from                                                            overs” which seriously limited the possibilities
                                                    encountered a long run downhill which
the wheel.                                                                                              for conversation and made riding in the group
                                                    allowed me to freewheel past the first group
                                                                                                        a bit less interesting than usual. Drafting in
   The first few kilometres being a bit up and      and be the first into the first control at Prices
                                                                                                        the gusty conditions made it difficult for
down and a bit drizzly meant it was punctuated      Bakery, Strathalbyn. I didn’t know I was in
                                                                                                        some I think. So I got pretty quickly bored
by frequent stops to remove and add clothes         front until we got there actually - and I wasn’t
                                                                                                        and headed off down the road at my own
including my rain coat and also to water the        actually racing but I saw no reason to brake on
                                                                                                        slightly faster pace. A few hills were
roadside trees - all of which tends to hamper       that nice downhill and wait for anyone. I was
                                                                                                        encountered shortly after this and I think the
early progress. I was nervous about the ride        pleased to see Duncan arrive before I left and
                                                                                                        group splintered again anyway, because not
and the wet slippery roads early on and took        wished him well on the ride.
                                                                                                        long after Matt Rawnsley came zooming up
it very easy until the roads looked like they
                                                       I took photos along the way using a              in my mirror and we rode into the second
had dried out a bit. Duncan was taking it
                                                    disposable camera, which I carried in one of        control at Meningie together. A few others
                                                    my jersey pockets throughout the ride (it was       were not long back at this stage but most
                                                    in a small Ziplock bag and pretty easy to access    were now a bit strung out. I didn’t see
                                                    while riding). We arrived at the ferry virtually    Duncan. We did see the three supported
                                                    as it was ready to cross the Murray River.          riders aiming for Beachport or Millicent for
                                                      After rolling from the ferry, the small group     the last time as they were quickly back on
                                                    of us in front rode on until we met the main        the road while we fed up at the local bakery.
                                                    highway and we turned right into quite a severe       I refilled my Hydrapack and hit the road
                                                    head wind. After a short break and some riding      with Aldo and Otto. The road out of town
                                                    into the wind with Aldo tucked in my draft          was again a bit rolling and I felt it better to set
                                                    we decided to wait for a larger group following     my own pace along here. I caught and zipped

                                                                 Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                                7
past John (whose riding secrets seem to be           where nothing was open. It was quite late but
very brief stops and a litre of milk at every        I can’t remember what time it was. I was
control) on another downhill bit and was             thankful to have a pre-packaged lasagne in my
soon alone with the wind and scenery again.          kit bag carried along by some of the riders
The weather through this section in the              support helpers There was no food to buy at
Coorong was cloudy and I certainly didn’t feel       the towns we stopped in at the late times we
like swimming in the nearby water but there          got there. The Adelaide Market’s gourmet
were pretty nice views of it to be had. I cruised    lasagne went down well after reheating it in
along enjoying the open air and my first             the motel room microwave. The aim was to
experience of this area.                             get up and on the road before 4am, so it was
                                                     to be just a few hours sleep here. As on other
  The road continued on its merry way to
                                                     rides I didn’t sleep at all well on the first night
Kingston, where we had talked about
                                                     but felt ok when we got going - over 400km
stopping for dinner. Luckily for me the place
                                                     to do on day 2 so just as well! I saw Duncan’s
mentioned was closed as I had not recognised                                                                  I arrived at Portland and turned right into
                                                     bike in the shed and so he had made it this
what looked like a plain old servo as a                                                                    town for food and to get my card signed -
“homestead diner” or some such and went                                                                    there was no sign of Matt or any of the
on to the next tiny one shop oasis and               Day 2                                                 support crew. I chose a little takeaway place
stopped there for some nibbles. The (almost)            Breakfast was provided - a small box of            and ordered some sandwiches and following
lack of vegetarian food left me with only a          cereal, jam and some bread to toast and instant       John’s lead, ordered a milkshake. I didn’t
fried egg sandwich and chips to devour. It all       coffee! Aldo, Otto and I left the basic but           know where everyone else had got too and
tasted great though! A refill of my Hydrapack        comfy motel together. We saw John leave just          started back onto the road after a longish break.
was then sufficient to get me on my way again        before us but he stopped to ring home at the          Finally I saw a few more riders stopped
and I left the next few people who arrived to        first phone box. We stopped at the bakery in          elsewhere, at a service station.
finish their meals and got back to some more         Millicent for breakfast number two and met
                                                                                                             Aldo and I then teamed up, but we had a bit
pedalling.                                           up again and surprise: John drank another
                                                                                                           of trouble working out which road to take
                                                     litre of milk.
   I cruised along alone as darkness fell, with                                                            but soon got on our way. Night riding is a
my bike, my helmet and I well covered in                I rode most of the afternoon at my own             whole lot more interesting with company and
reflective tape. Apparently I stood out quite        pace and alone again, except at the controls          probably safer too as it is less likely the
dramatically! As for the front, the constant         where I’d wait for the first few to catch up. But     “sleepies” will creep up on you without you
beam 3 LED light was just sufficient along           after Mt Gambier, Matthew Rawnsley joined             knowing. We stopped at Port Fairy for dinner.
most of the roads but use of my 5 x C-cell           me very briefly at the front before shooting          We left with a small group and rolled along
battery powered 2.4 watt halogen headlight           off down the road at 100 miles per hour. I            nicely into the night along the first part of
was required to actually see by when I was           think he must have been time trialling against        The Great Ocean Road to get to Port
blinded by oncoming headlights. I rode on            some fast cycling demons within! But he has           Campbell at 11:55pm. This time I was in a
alone seeking the comfy bed at Robe and some         finished the Alpine Classic in near or under 7        room with Matt who was already tucked up
sleep, and was the first to arrive there to stop     hours! My overall average speed (24.6km/h)            in bed, so I showered as quietly as possible
for the night.                                       was about the same on the ride as Matt’s but          and sat outside to have another snack. It was
                                                     it wasn’t near his on this day and of course he       a quiet and lovely evening to be out. I planned
    There was a basic motel in a quiet little town
                                                     was aiming for and achieved 2000km.                   to sleep in a bit the next morning - at least
                                                                                                           until sunrise anyway so that the ride on the
                                                                                                           remainder of the Great Ocean Road would
                                                                                                           be in daylight as I’d not been along it before.
                                                                                                           Day 3
                                                                                                             After allowing myself a very good nights
                                                                                                           rest I didn’t even get up at sunrise and so I
                                                                                                           thought a lot would have been long gone.
                                                                                                           There were only 6 bikes in the shed when I
                                                                                                           left anyway. I wasn’t sure whose they were, or
                                                                                                           how many were still to come, but they must
                                                                                                           have been pretty late arrivals to decide to leave
                                                                                                           even later. No sign of Duncan. I’d decided I
                                                                                                           would climb Lavers Hill and ride the last day
                                                                                                           at my own pace, stopping at the lookouts and
                                                                                                           taking in the scenery of my first visit to the
                                                                                                           area and of course take some photos. After
                                                                                                           all, I was here to enjoy the ride. It was a perfect
                                                                                                           morning and beautiful weather for the Great
                                                                                                           Ocean Road. I couldn’t come all this way and
                                                                                                           not stop at the Twelve Apostles either.

8                                                                Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
                                                                                                         arranged my accommodation at Robe and Port

                                                                                                          Melbourne Express checkpoints
                                                                                                          Distance      Arrival         SA time
                                                                                                          0km           29/9/02         07:00
                                                                                                          55 km         29/9/02         09:20
                                                                                                          148km         29/9/02         13:45
                                                                                                          458km         30/9/02         10:10
                                                                                                          562km         30/9/02         15:00
                                                                                                          869km         1/10/02         14:00
                                                                                                          936km         1/10/02         17:05
                                                                                                          1020km        1/10/02         22:36

                                                                                                            The next evening I rang Duncan to find
                                                                                                         out he had abandoned after about 600km due
                                                                                                         to lack of sleep. He was in pretty good spirits
                                                                                                         though and seemed to treat it as a learning
   I found the Great Ocean Road a very               he must have used the “other” finish at the
                                                                                                         experience - two months later I had the
enjoyable ride with its sweeping bends, roller       servo on the east-bound side of the freeway.
                                                                                                         opportunity to ride with him again in the
coaster hills, fabulous scenery and nice little
                                                       Overall it was a really fine scenic ride. I was   Fleche Opperman and he seemed quite a bit
towns all contributing to the day’s fun. I
                                                     pleased with the ride too as it was                 stronger and faster there.
started catching a few people along here too -
                                                     comparatively a much faster riding time,
passing John twice this day, both times uphill,
                                                     relative to distance, than I did on PBP 1999.
while riding only to be passed at controls again
                                                     Almost 5 hours in it in fact. I felt much better
as I stopped to chat at the 1000km control.
                                                     after this than PBP too. Note for reference:
John and Matt had fewer controls I think on
                                                     PBP 1999 for me was ~55hours riding time,
this section of the 2000km brevet. The                                                                   Photos:
                                                     69hr17min total for 1250km. My overall
famous Otways weren’t quite so big as I’d                                                                Page 7
                                                     statistics for the 1000km: Average riding speed:    top: Ready to roll at the Adelaide start
imagined in both height and park size and
                                                     24.6kph, and 9+ hours sleep! Sleep at Robe          bottom: The spectacular Twelve Apostles.
were but a brief section of this day’s ride. My                                                          Page 8
                                                     (~3hours?), Sleep at Port Campbell (6 hours).
average road speed from morning until dusk                                                               top: Time for a break at the SA/Vic border.
                                                     Total time: 63 hours 36min / Riding time:           bottom: Crossing the mighty Murray.
on Day 3 was pretty quick and I reeled in most
                                                     41hours 29min / Time off bike: 22hours              Page 9
riders even with the breaks for photography.                                                             top: Hitting the road in suburban Adelaide.
The scenery was uplifting which seems to give                                                            bottom: Enjoying the scenery from the saddle.
me a lift too and make the riding easier. I            Finally, many thanks to the bag carriers and
                                                                                                         Courtesy Ian Humphries
found the road pretty good with mostly fine          the other friendly riders, especially Joy who
shoulders and not too much traffic. Might be
a bit narrow for a trike in some places though
I thought.
  I’d hooked up with Aldo again, though this
time he could hardly talk with a very sore throat,
and Peter and Kathryn on the last leg to
Geelong. We saw Otto determined to finish
leave the cafe earlier. I had a very enjoyable
final day, snacked regularly and had felt strong
throughout. As we rode off into the early
evening we figured we had plenty of time to
finish. However, the last leg was plagued with
stoppages to don extra warm clothes and
attempt to fix Peter’s main light. I gave
Kathryn a banana and a muesli bar as she
seemed a bit short of food later on and then
we managed a good run to the finish! Yay! We
were all happy to be finally there. I’m sure
Otto must have finished well before us but
no one had seen him and we finally concluded

                                                                  Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                            9
Minutes of the 2003 Annual
General Meeting                                                                                                 Audax Club of Australia Inc.

 Held at the Bells Hotel, South Melbourne, Victoria.                          Membership, after a slow start, now stands at 475. Appreciation was
                                                                             given to Lorraine Allen for her work in this area.
Meeting opened
 7.30pm by the President.                                                     The President wished all members safe riding and hoped everyone
                                                                             will achieve their goals for the year.
 Brian Gavin, Howard Duncan, Peter Weiss, Keith Lowe, Raoul Mills,            Moved that report be received; Hans Dusink/Tim Laugher, carried.
Peter Curtis, Leigh Paterson, Andrew Thomas, Brian Payne, Don Briggs,
                                                                             Treasurer’s Report
Derek McKean, Hans Dusink, Lorraine Allen, Peter Mathews, Barry
                                                                              Presented on behalf of the Treasurer;
Moore, Ian Boehm, Adrian Stewart, Tim Laugher, Frank Mitchell,
Bernard Collins, Bob Bednarz, Malcolm Shaw and Rodney Snibson.                Total receipts for 2002 were $34,197.18.
Apologies                                                                     Total Payments for 2002 were $31,061.52.
 Noreen Moore, Malcolm Rogers, Phil Bellette, Sue Taylor, Terry Gross,

                                                                              Operating surplus was $3,135.66.
Ray Watt, Robin Curtis, Allan Kellet & Pat Dory.

                                                                              A large cheque from the Melbourne Region being brevet fees and
Minutes of the previous meeting
                                                                             payment for the calendar has been received since the end of the financial

 Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting as published in              period.

Checkpoint Magazine No.12, 2002 taken as read; Hans Dusink/Peter
Mathews; carried.                                                             Peter Curtis asked a question about the cost of medallions. The
                                                                             President answered that these were fully paid for by the riders and it

President’s Report
                                                                             was pointed out that the 1200km brevet fees included the LRM medal
 The main points were;                                                       cost.

  Constitution; many issues require debate to reach a consensus during        Report moved by Peter Curtis/Lorraine Allen, carried.

the coming year and professional help will be required to get the
wording correct.                                                             Election of Officers
                                                                              The President vacated the chair and handed the meeting over to
 The calendar; cost for production was met by National and the               the Secretary who read out the nominations for the advertised
Melbourne Club and the booklet was well received.                            positions;
  Insurance; a satisfactory outcome has been reached with affiliation         President; Hans Dusink; seconded by Peter Mathews; there being
with Bicycling Australia for $13,750 which is an increase of 54% over        no other nominations, Hans Dusink was re-elected to the position
the previous year.                                                           of President.
 Ride Rules; the new lighting rules came into operation on 1 November         Secretary; Don Briggs; seconded by Hans Dusink; there being no
2002. The ride rules will be examined to iron out other anomalies            other nominations, Don Briggs was re-elected to the position of
during the coming year.                                                      Secretary.
 The year ahead; PBP is coming closer for at least 70 Australian riders.      Treasurer; Greg Lansom; seconded by Hans Dusink; there being no
 Re-vamp the Constitution for the 2004 AGM which will require as             other nominations, Greg Lansom was re-elected to the position of
many members input as possible. Barry Moore, Malcolm Rogers and              Treasurer.
Peter Mathews will form a sub committee and be the focal point for            Committee Members; Henry Boardman; seconded by Hans Dusink,
comments.                                                                    Barry Moore; seconded by Hans Dusink and Peter Mathews; seconded
 Administrative procedures will be revamped by the Treasurer (Greg           by Hans Dusink; there being no other nominations, Henry Boardman,
Lansom) and the Secretary (Don Briggs).                                      Barry Moore and Peter Mathews were elected to the positions of
                                                                             Committee members.
  Risk assessment and Management will look at the existing guidelines
for review with the view of clarifying our approach to risk management        Moved that the nominations be accepted; Don Briggs/Tim Laugher, carried.
on a ride by ride basis.
  Brevet results show that our world ranking continued at number 4
and the loss of the Alpine Classic will affect this in the coming year’s
results. Melbourne Region remains the number one club in the
worldwide Audax results table.

10                                                            Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
Special Resolutions                                                                 Resolution Number 3
Resolution Number 1                                                                   Motion 3
 Motion 1
                                                                                      Article 11: Casual Vacancies
 Articles 8, 9 & 12: Public Officer
                                                                                     When such a vacancy occurs, or if a position has not been filled at the
 That the Audax Australia Constitution be amended as follows:                       Annual General Meeting, the National Executive Committee may
 (i)   the words “who shall be the public officer” be removed from                  appoint one of its members to be President or a club member to be
       Article 8.a.2                                                                Secretary, Treasurer or an ordinary member. The new appointee shall
                                                                                    hold that position until the annual general meeting next following the
 (ii) The words “and executed the duties of the Public Officer” be                  date of appointment.
      removed from Article 12.b.
                                                                                      Moved Hans Dusink/Barry Moore, the postal vote was carried 44 for & 0
 (iii) the following be added to Article 9:                                         against and the meeting also carried the motion. Tim Laugher voted against the
 “the National Executive Committee shall appoint a Public Officer.”                 motion.

 Moved Hans Dusink/Barry Moore, the postal vote was carried 44 for & 0              Resolution Number 4
against and the meeting also carried the motion unanimously.                          Motion 4

Resolution Number 2                                                                   Article 6A: Notification of Meetings
 Motion 2                                                                             (i)That Article 6Ac of the Audax Australia Constitution be amended
 Article 8: Officers and Article 9: National Executive Committee                         to read:

 (i)That the italicised text below be added to Article 8b of the Audax                C Notice of general meetings.

    Australia Constitution:                                                           1 The Secretary of the Club, at least 45 days before the date fixed

  Nominations for election to the position of officer shall be made in                  for holding a general meeting of the Club, must cause to be sent to
writing to the Secretary, signed by the proposer and nominee both of                    each member of the Club a notice stating the place, date and time

whom must be financial members of the Club. Nominations will                            of the meeting and the general nature of the business to be

close 30 days before the Annual General Meeting at which elections are                  conducted at the meeting. .
to take place. If a nomination is not received for any position of officer or if      2. Notice may be sent –

insufficient nominations are received to fill all positions as ordinary members.
Nominations for vacant positions may be made until 20 days prior to the Annual          - by prepaid post to the address appearing in the register of

General Meeting.                                                                        members; or

 (ii) That Article 8c of the Audax Australia Constitution be                            - by agreement with the member. By facsimile transmission or
      replaced with:                                                                    electronic transmission.

 Subject to this Constitution, each ordinary member of the National                   3. A member intending to bring any business before a general
Executive Committee shall hold office until the annual general meeting                 meeting must notify that business to the Secretary in writing or
next after the date of election but is eligible for re-election.                       by electronic transmission at least 30 days before the date set for
                                                                                       the general meeting. The Secretary must include that business in
 (iii) That Article 9b of the Audax Australia Constitution be                          the notice to members on the specific nature of the business to
       replaced with: Nominations for election to the positions of’ ordinary           be conducted at the general meeting.
       members of the National Executive Committee shall be made in writing
       to the Secretary, signed by the proposer and nominee both of whom must         4 The Secretary of the Club, at least 15 days before the date fixed
       be financial members of the Club. Nominations will close 30 days before          for holding a general meeting of the Club, must cause to be sent
       the Annual General Meeting at which elections are to take place. If no           to each member of the Club a notice stating the place, date and
       nominations or insufficient nominations are received to fill all positions       time of the meeting and the specific nature of the business to be
       as ordinary members, nominations for vacant positions may be made                conducted at the meeting, including any motions to be considered
       until 20 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.                               at the meeting.

 (iv) That Article 9c of the Audax Australia Constitution (power                      5. No business other than that set out in the notice referred to in
      of the National Executive Committee) be renumbered as                            6Ac.4 may be conducted at the meeting.
      Article 9d                                                                        (ii) That Article 6A.b.7 of the Audax Australia Constitution be
 (v) That a new Article 9c be inserted as follows:                                           amended to read:

   Subject to this Constitution, each Officer of the National Executive               If the committee does not cause a special general meeting to be
Committee shall hold office until the annual general meeting next after the date    held within two months after the date on which the request is sent to
of election but is eligible for re-election.                                        the address of the Secretary, the members making the request, or
                                                                                    any of them, may convene a special general meeting not more than
 Moved Hans Dusink/Barry Moore, the postal vote was carried 44 for & 0              three months after that date.
against and the meeting also carried the motion unanimously.
                                                                                      Moved Hans Dusink/Barry Moore, the postal vote was carried 44 for & 0
                                                                                    against and the meeting also carried the motion unanimously.

                                                                       Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                                11
                                                                              Alpine Classic
Resolution Number 5
 Motion 5
 Article 6A: General Meetings (correction of cross-reference)

                                                                              needs you
  That Article 6Af.4 of the Audax Australia Constitution be amended
to read except as provided for in rule 6Af 3, it is not necessary to give
notice of an adjournment or of the business to be conducted at an
adjourned meeting.
  Moved Hans Dusink/Barry Moore, the postal vote was carried 44 for & 0
                                                                              by Phil Bellette
against and the meeting also carried the motion unanimously.
General Business:
 The President tabled a recently translated history of the PBP.                 Its official. After 53 days the
                                                                              fires that caused so much
 Tim Laugher asked if there was any reason to change our calendar             havoc in the Bright area are
year for our new insurer and the President indicated that there was           now out. However, the work
none.                                                                         involved with dismantling
  Andrew Thomas asked where the decision was made to charge $10               the cancelled 2003 Audax
for non-member ride fee. The President explained that the National            Alpine Classic continues and
Committee agreed that the figure would help cover the high Insurance          is not expected to be complete
cost and also encourage non-members to join as a member. Andrew               till late April.                    Sydney Morning Herald, 23/1/03
also asked if there was any thought to having a sliding scale fee related       To date t-shirts and refund
to distance of the ride. This was not originally considered but will be       letters have been mailed out. The next task is the mailing out of
taken on board.                                                               refund cheques and distribution of donations to the organisations in
 Tim Laugher explained that members of Bicycle Victoria received              the Bright area.
discount from Cycling International and asked would this extend to              While some of the infrastructure from the cancelled ride can be
Audax members. The President replied that this was part of the BV             transferred to the 2004 event, the Alpine committee is performing a
sponsorship of some events, and thus would not apply to Audax                 juggling act of cancelling the 2003 event and organising the 2004 ride.

                                                                               The workload on the small committee has been heavy and we are

  Keith Lowe asked if the higher Public Liability Insurance Costs would       eager to recruit extra help. If you are available to assist by joining the
mean higher ride membership and ride fees. The President indicated

                                                                              committee and sharing the workload we would love to hear from you.
that the National Committee had not intended to increase them but             Interested? Please email or phone 03 9786 9807.

would use the increase in membership fees to achieve the losses.

                                                                             Organisers praised
  Peter Weiss asked should we increase brevet fees due to the added
expenses of insurance cover.. The President explained as before that
the National Committee will be keeping a close watch on the level of
  A discussion on the entry form waver resulted in a recommendation
                                                                               Hundreds of emails flowed in to the Alpine Classic
that no change be made to the wording at this time.
                                                                              organising committee and Checkpoint both before and
 Barry Moore gave a talk on the outcome of the structure of The
                                                                              after the event was cancelled. It was pleasing to see so
Audax Club of Australia so that the Constitution re-vamp could be
completed. The review will be debated, made and put the membership.           many entrants supporting the event and the organisers.
                                                                                                                                            ation. I really
  An example on how we will be represented on the National                                                  website re the bushfire situ
                                                                             Thanks for updating the                                 you just do what is
Committee either National, State or Region and or combinations of                                         note to let you know that
                                                                            appreciate it. Just a quick                                it is for everyone's
each.                                                                                                     happy with your decision, as
                                                                            best and I'm sure we are all
  Items for discussion will be published in Checkpoint and on the           safety.
                                                                                                                                           that some poor
email to ask for a consensus of opinion before a decision is made at                                        able to do these events, and
                                                                              It's a privilege for us to be                                us. Good luck,
the next AGM.                                                                                              d trying to organise them for
                                                                             buggers are rushing aroun                                    valieri
                                                                                                           to be cancelled. Franco Ca
 Samples of the suggested new designs of the Australian Medals               and don't stress if it needs
were circulated to the meeting. It was a consensus of opinion that the
medal with the small printing of “Les Randonneurs Mondiaux” be
                                                                                                                                          . As part of my
used but incorporate the distance above the mountain scene from the                                         t the Classic was cancelled
                                                                               I was very disapointed tha                              (NSW). I am not
other example. Derek McKean to present a sample for the National                                          d Terrace and to Lithgow
                                                                             training I rode to Raymon                                   ling.
Committee to review before a final decision is made.                                                       sers acted correctly in cancel
                                                                             whinging. I think the organi
                                                                                                                                            g injured is not
 There being no further General Business the meeting closed at                                              es for our health, and gettin
                                                                                I think that we all ride bik
                                                                              fun. Andrew Phillips

12                                                             Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
Bushfires cause Classic cancellation
 It wasn’t only the 1200 odd riders that were dissapointed at missing out on the Club’s biggest event of the year.
Family and friends who join the riders, locals and business owners in the Alpine Shire, and the organising committee
were all sad at having missed this premier event. Rodney Snibson of the Alpine Classic Organising Committee
tells us how much went into the organisation of it all.

The Organisational
 The organising committee for the 2003 event
comprised Phil Bellette (Ride Coordinator),
Alan Tonkin, Rodney Snibson (Secretary),
John Bennett, Keith Lowe, Peter Martin and
Bob Bednarz (resigned in mid 2002).
 The committee met monthly depending on
urgency. To reduce the workload of the
committee, a paid Ride Coordinator was
appointed. Phil Bellette was selected on the
basis of his experience and expertise.                The Daily Telegraph, 22-1-03

  The committee implemented an early
registration scheme. Letters were sent out in         They were able to provide equipment to the        the committee to cancel expenditure such as
June to past riders, inviting them to register        AAC at no financial cost. The committee           catering.
early for the event. The early registrations closed   updated its risk management plan. This
                                                                                                          The committee announced that refunds and
in September. By November all positions were          document has proved very useful in
                                                                                                        t-shirts would be sent to the riders. When
filled. This scheme spread the workload over          negotiations with Parks Victoria, the police
                                                                                                        riders said they would like to donate their
nine months. It provided the committee with           and insurance companies.
                                                                                                        refunds to the bushfire effort, the committee
cash to plan ahead, as well as order clothing
                                                        Phil used the plan to identify risks in the     identified three organisations that riders could
and equipment.
                                                      AAC routes. For the 100km ride, the               choose from: the CFA, Bright Ambulance
  Phil was able to produce a monthly financial        committee jettisoned Smoko in favour of           Auxiliary, and the Friends of Mt Buffalo. The
report for the Melbourne Region committee,            Wandiligong. Smoko was too dangerous for          riders were informed of AAC income and
ensuring the committee was accountable. The           riders to turn around. Due to the short           expenditure, so that the committee could be
committee set up its own bank account, in             distance to Wandiligong, it was decided the       seen as accountable and transparent.
consultation with Melbourne Region.                   100km route would bypass the Mt Buffalo
                                                                                                          The objectives of the committee in 2003/
                                                      Chalet and head to Cresta Run.
 Peter Martin designed the AAC t-shirt and                                                              04 are to retain Phil Bellette as the Ride
AAC business card.                                      A shorter 85km route was created, due to        Coordinator, continue with the early
                                                      the increased difficulty of the 100km ride. The   registration scheme, look at alternative venues
  The committee made two trips to Bright in
                                                      danger of the returning 100km and 200km           to Mt Buffalo Chalet, build up a relationship
May and November. The committee
                                                      riders turning right into Howitt Lane was         with the Falls Creek management, strengthen
interviewed the representatives of the Alpine
                                                      removed completely by setting up a new            our relationship with Parks Victoria Mt
Shire, the Alpine Tourism body, the
                                                      control at the Bright Youth Hall                  Buffalo and arrange local masseurs to provide
Coachhouse, Victoria Parks (Mt Buffalo), Mt
                                                                                                        a massage services on the day of the event.
Buffalo Chalet and the regional police.                 When Audax Australia lost its insurance, the
                                                      committee searched for an insurer. Phil found       The committee would like to acknowledge
 Our sponsors Christies, Coachhouse, and
                                                      an insurer a few weeks before the AAC. It is      the support of Maureen Chesser and St Johns
Continental continue to support the ride.
                                                      likely the AAC will always require an insurer     Ambulance, Michael Costolloe and the Bright
Enervit is a new sponsor. It provided Enervit
                                                      separate from Audax insurance through             Ambulance, Lloyd Williams and the Open
bars and powder at wholesale rates for the
                                                      Cycling Australia.                                Road Tourers, the management at Mt Buffalo
Audax Alpine Classic. The Catering
                                                                                                        Chalet, Darin Lynch of Parks Victoria, Henry
Coordinator, John Bennett provided a                   When bushfires threatened Bright, the
                                                                                                        Boardman for the development of the risk
comprehensive and thorough catering plan.             committee moved swiftly to cancel the ride
                                                                                                        management document, and Patrick van Dyk
                                                      and inform all stakeholders through email,
  The committee formed a closer relationship                                                            for the layout and design of the AAC documents.
                                                      Audax website, phone calls and radio
with Bicycle Victoria (BV), helped by the fact
                                                      advertisements. The early decision enabled
that Alan Tonkin is the Sales Manager for BV.

                                                                   Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                          13
Diary of an Alpine rider
 Brisbane member Duncan McDonald headed south for the Alpine Classic but didn’t quite get there. The fit fifty-five
year old takes us day by day through his altered journey.

Saturday 18 Jan
  The bike was loaded and ready to go
without any dramas and I was on the road
by 6.50 am. On previous trips I had boxed
the bike and then had to transport the bike
and luggage to the train or direct to the
  At the end of my last trip for the Opperman
Trial where we rode from Canberra to Dapto,
I flew home from Sydney. Remembering how
far it was to the temporary Virgin Blue terminal
at Mascot, I simply rode into the terminal and
they accepted it without fuss. That certainly
saved a lot of time and trouble.
  It was a pleasant morning ride through
Brisbane and without too much traffic to
worry about my mind was wandering as I
went along Kingsford Smith Drive. Too late,
I realised I had missed Nudgee Rd and was
approaching the Gateway Arterial freeway. I
carried on for a bit, hoping that I would be
able to cut across to the airport somewhere
but eventually decided that it would be better
to go back and take a road I was certain would     Keeping a low profile, Duncan readies himself for another trip.
get me there.
  Last time I had found a quiet detour             pointed to the freeway, on which bicycles are      out but the YHA in North Melbourne had
through industrial areas that avoided the busy     banned. After asking at a service station I        room in an 8 bed dormitory.
roundabout under the Gateway Road. Today           headed off along Melrose Drive, but it was
                                                                                                        My plan was to take a leisurely ride from
was a Saturday though, and the gates were          not until I was well clear of the airport that I
                                                                                                      Melbourne to Bright via Yea, Mansfield and
shut!                                              found a sign showing that this was indeed
                                                                                                      Myrtleford, perhaps staying at the Bonnie
                                                   the way to the city. I was soon heading back
  Retracing my route to Nudgee Road I was                                                             Doon YHA along the way. However the main
                                                   towards the freeway but this time there was
heading in the right direction, still with some                                                       item on the news that day was about the
                                                   no sign banning the entry of anything so I
time up my sleeve, when a guy pulled up and                                                           bushfires in the Mt Beauty area. I decided to
                                                   followed it for a few km until I found and
waved me down. He is trying to build, or at                                                           stay in Melbourne to see what might eventuate,
                                                   exit for Essendon. That sounded familiar so
least design, a face-down recumbent with linear                                                       studying the maps to find and alternate route
                                                   I took that and got to town via Moonee
pedalling motion, insisting that this is the                                                          to Canberra, where I was going to see my
                                                   Ponds. Not being familiar with the road
most efficient way to do it. I eventually got                                                         mother and sister.
                                                   network, I travelled almost into the city before
away but by this time it was getting late and I
                                                   finding a way to Richmond, where I was to          Sunday 19 Jan
wanted to have time to check in without
                                                   pick up a couple of bulbs for my dynamo             Sunday was very smoky even in Melbourne
rushing things.
                                                   light. I had not been able to find them            and I could not see much sense in going
  I got there 35 minutes before we were due        anywhere in Brisbane.                              anywhere near the fires.
to take off and the bike was accepted without
                                                    After catching up with Peter and Noreen             I did not think to go to Beach Road this
any trouble.
                                                   Moore I went to see Howard Duncan of               time, instead exploring South Bank and some
  Takeoff was 0845 and we arrived at               Adventure Travel to look at travel plans to get    of the inner suburbs. The Kostya Tzu fight
Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport at 1200,           me to PBP and other places and events.             was about to be shown live in the Mt View
having lost an hour to daylight saving. I was                                                         Hotel so I stopped for lunch and
                                                     By then it was time to look for a place to
loaded and ready to ride by 1230 but the only                                                         refreshments.
                                                   stay. The first few hostels I tried were booked
signs indicating which way to get to the city

14                                                            Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
Monday 20 Jan                                         After a quick visit to the motor racing circuit I     I went looking for the site of the famous
  I spent the morning walking around the city         headed back to the mainland and away from           penguin parade but the only access to the beach
enjoying the sights. Around 11:00am there             the crowds.                                         where they land is through the visitor centre
were three women wandering around near                                                                    at $14 per head, even though the penguins
                                                       A sign that intrigued me had the words “Blue
Parliament House wearing their bras over the                                                              only appear at nighttime.
                                                      Line not in operation” on the standard yellow
top of their other clothes. Is that a common
                                                      diamond shape. I saw a number of these                By then it was time to head for the circuit for
Melbourne custom? One of them looked
                                                      both on the island and the mainland. Anyone         a few quick laps. There were 120 or so bikes
rather like actress Kerry Armstrong, but I
                                                      know what it means?                                 on the track when I went out but it is a long
don’t watch enough TV to be sure.
                                                                                                          way around so it was not too crowded. I
                                                       Another sign that appeared particularly
 After lunch with Peter and Ian, I heard the                                                              managed to swoop past a bunch of roadies
                                                      meaningless said “Significant Flora - use
Alpine Classic had been cancelled.                                                                        on a twisty bit near the high part of the track
                                                      caution when clearing undergrowth”. Without
                                                                                                          and by the end of the main straight was
Tuesday 21 Jan                                        any information on what one should look
                                                                                                          about 300m ahead. It is great to hear the
  Tuesday morning saw me heading East with            for I doubt if it would help save anything.
                                                                                                          comments as they realise that they are not
a vague idea of going to Phillip Island. I had
                                                        Then there were these half-metre high             the fastest things on the road. They did
never been there but had often thought I’d
                                                      concrete pipes on end labelled “Fire Plug”.         manage to catch me on the longer climb back
like to go and see the motorcycle races there.
                                                      These had me stumped until I later saw the          to the top though.
  The map I had was very small and gave very          same words used to label what people in other
                                                                                                          Friday 24 Jan
little help in navigation. I headed off in the        parts of the world call fire hydrants.
                                                                                                            Practice day for the historic motorcycles. I
general direction that I wanted to go, looking
                                                                                                          spent the day taking in the sights and sounds
for place names that appeared on my map.
                                                                                                          that reminded me of my misspent youth in
After a while I saw a sign to Ferntree Gully          “...there were three women                          Singapore and Malaysia. Bob Macintosh from
and remembered that is where Greenspeed
trikes are made. On the way there is nice
                                                      wandering around near                               Coffs Harbour was racing 1950s motorbikes
                                                      Parliament House wearing                            with his son, and is also a dedicated touring
descent into a valley which saw my speed reach
80kph, not bad for a bike with a full touring         their bras over the top of
load. I could never do that on my upright                                                                   It was tempting to stay another day or two
tourer.                                               their other clothes. Is that a                      and see the actual racing but I was booked on
  After saying hello to Ian at Greenspeed I
                                                      common           Melbourne                          a flight out of Canberra the following Saturday
                                                      custom?”                                            and wanted to spend at least a couple of days
headed south for Dandenong. The traffic was
                                                                                                          there with my mother and sister.
horrific and I could not wait to find some
quieter roads. I headed south towards                                                                      When I returned to the hostel a Japanese
Cranbourne rather than staying on the South                                                               guy had arrived from Sydney on a shiny new
                                                        Just a few kilometres down the road I came
Gippsland Highway but that was just as bad.                                                               Giant with humungous racks front and back.
                                                      to Kilcunda, which had a pleasant looking
Everywhere I went seemed to be the same. I                                                                He did not speak much English but he is
                                                      caravan park with a pub across the road, so I
was well out of urban areas but the sparse                                                                planning to circumnavigate the country in ten
                                                      stopped there for the night. In the pub was a
rectangular road grid seemed to be crammed                                                                months.
                                                      poster advertising an historic motorcycle race
to capacity wherever I went. The smaller roads
                                                      meeting that weekend, with the highlight            Saturday 25 Jan
still had lots of traffic but no shoulders with
                                                      being the return of Italian champion                  Very hot weather was forecast for today with
treacherous loose gravel right up to the
                                                      Giacomo Agostini with his MV machines on            temperatures of 42 and above in much of
                                                      which he captured 15 world titles in the 70s.       Victoria. I set off about 0800 and just
  Eventually I evaded the traffic but ended up        There was a chance I might even know some           managed to reach the mainland before my rear
on unsealed roads with lots of loose surface,         of the people racing from my days on powered        derailleur cable broke. No worries, I had a
not much fun on a loaded bike with smooth             two-wheelers. Next to that, there was another       spare. However I needed to cut the old cable
tyres. I found my way to Tooradin on the              poster offering pedal cyclists the chance to ride   cleanly just to remove it and did not have the
northern edge of Western Port Bay where I             around the circuit for two hours on Thursday        right tool. Luckily the new Swiss Army knife I
camped for the night.                                 evening.                                            got for my birthday had a tiny wire cutter in it
                                                                                                          so I was able to cut it strand by strand, leaving
Wednesday 22 Jan                                        After looking up my YHA guide I found
                                                                                                          a clean end.
  On Wednesday I headed around the eastern            there was a hostel at Cowes, on the other side
side of the bay towards Phillip Island. After a       of the island, and they could give me a bed           Then I found my spare cable was only 2.1m
brief stop at the Vietnam Veterans Museum             for two days at $19.50, cheaper than a tent site    long and I needed about 2.4m. Out with the
in San Remo I crossed to the island and               at the caravan park!                                knife again and I was able to tie the new cable
enquired about a tent site at the caravan park.                                                           to a length of the old one to get me going.
                                                      Thursday 23 Jan
The fee (for a couple) was $28 but when I
                                                        Thursday morning saw me heading back to             Wonthaggi bike shop owner (Peter Hill?)
protested that I was on my own they
                                                      the island, taking a scenic ride around the         was able to supply the right cable and was
graciously reduced it to $20. I decided to have
                                                      perimeter as far as the roads would allow.          interested to hear my opinion of recumbents.
a quick look around and then find somewhere
                                                      Cowes is the main tourist centre and this was       He said he had only seen one other bike like
a bit less touristy to pitch my tent for the night.
                                                      one of the busiest times of the season.             mine, on an Audax 400 ride some months

                                                                   Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                             15
ago and it was very slow. (Could this have           about wanting a ride until I saw the large            There is a large sign saying, “Bombala is a
been Peter Mathews on his first ride soon after      platform on the rear of the van after they          timber town” and exhorting people to use
taking delivery of his Flying Furniture              passed. I would have taken them up on it just       more local products. I was told that they are
machine?) I remember having such stiff               to get out of the smoke.                            likely to look askance at anyone on a pushbike,
thighs after my first weekend recumbent ride                                                             and to ride one as weird as mine one would
                                                       Later on the hills were getting to me more
that I could hardly walk on the Monday and                                                               naturally mean being taken for a greenie. No
                                                     than the smoke and I had a bad case of “hot-
that was only 200km.                                                                                     wonder the English couple had been run off
                                                     foot”. I was walking the last part of every hill
                                                                                                         the road the day before!
 I don’t know what the temperature got to            just to get some relief for the soles of my
but I am sure the forecast was conservative. It      feet. Maybe I should have bought some stiffer       Wednesday 29 Jan
was a stinker! After a welcome iced coffee I         shoes!                                               I stayed the day to avoid the heat and decided
had a brief nap beside the Leongatha                                                                     to ride through the night again to reach
                                                      There was a good downhill run into Orbost
velodrome and headed off again. It was too                                                               Canberra. Another 40 degree day was
                                                     and I paid for an on-site van for the night as a
hot to sleep. What a way to spend your                                                                   forecast and fires were still raging in the area
                                                     huge black cloud blotted out the daylight
birthday!                                                                                                around the capital.
                                                     around 3:00pm. I could not make out
  I made it to Morwell at 9:30pm and stocked         whether it was smoke or a storm and was               I set off around 5:30pm into yet more hills.
up on food at the supermarket, which seemed          glad to rest my feet. It was a bargain at $25       I was looking forward to finding the top of
to be the only thing open in town. It was            compared to some of the places I have been.         the range and thinking about the joys of
slightly disturbing with security guards                                                                 coating down the other side. After stopping
                                                     Monday 27 Jan
everywhere and signs exhorting shoppers not                                                              to make a phone call at Nimmitabel I pressed
                                                       I woke after a good night’s sleep and thought
to let go of their handbags etc. Outside the                                                             on for another few km before finally finding a
                                                     about staying another day to rest my feet but
local youths were harassing girls in the car park                                                        sign which said “Great Dividing Range
                                                     I still had a fair distance to go to Canberra.
and being told in no uncertain terms where to                                                            1100m”. Did this mean the start of the range
go.                                                    It was much cooler and overcast so I decided      or the top, I wondered?
                                                     to press on before the hot weather returned.
  I decided to ride through the night to take                                                              Soon I was flying down the other side and
                                                     The sound of bellbirds appeared and stayed
advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures                                                            the next 40km to Cooma was a dream run. I
                                                     with me for the next couple of days.
and get a bit closer to Canberra. It was 1:00am                                                          did have to slow down for a couple of hills
when I passed through Sale where there were            The road was fairly narrow with not much          but it was clear they were simple up-and-over
crowds of much happier people walking along          in the way of shoulders. The timber jinkers         ones instead of the relentless climbs of the
the streets after leaving a lively looking pub.      were whizzing by without leaving much room.         previous day. There were a few spots of rain
                                                       Luckily there were not too many of them.          on the way into Cooma but then the sky cleared
Sunday 26 Jan
                                                                                                         and it was ideal for cycling: cool temperature,
  At 0530 I arrived in Bairnsdale and curled
                                                                                                         no wind, easy hills and almost no traffic. I did
up in a grassy area out of sight of the road
traffic. I thought about finding a camping area       “He had met another                                come across a couple of wombats, the first of
                                                                                                         which stopped in the middle of the road. I
for the day but after waking up at 0700 I felt       couple who had been run                             stopped just short of him and he stayed put
good enough to continue on. There are two
routes to Orbost from Bairnsdale and the
                                                     off the road by a timber                            until I got off and started walking towards
inland one looked slightly shorter so that is        truck.”                                             him. The second one simply ran across and
                                                                                                         out of my way before I had to slow too much.
the way I went. That turned out to be not a
good choice.                                           After another good downhill run I arrived         Thursday 30 Jan
                                                     at Cann River where the road to Canberra              There were a few more hills, the worst one
  Soon after leaving town there was a definite
                                                     leaves the Princes Highway. Although it was a       being just south of Michelago, about 65km
smoke haze in the air. After climbing for a few
                                                     relatively short day I was glad of a rest.          out of Canberra. There were dozens of roos
km there was a good downhill run followed
                                                                                                         along the road all the way into the city. I arrived
by another long climb. The smoke was getting           An English guy, Steve from Manchester,            at Watson, recumbent capital of the country,
thicker all the time from here yet I did not         arrived as I went into town and we had a couple     at 0530.
relish the thought of retracing my path to           of beers in the pub. He was heading for either
Bairnsdale.                                          Tasmania or Adelaide but had not quite made          That day the Monaro Highway between
                                                     up his mind. He had met another couple who          Cooma and Canberra was closed by the
  By the time I got to Bruthen the smoke was
                                                     had been run off the road by a timber truck.        bushfires, with Michelago under threat. It was
really thick and I was riding as slowly as I could
                                                                                                         another 40+ day with fires starting even in
to keep my breathing as shallow as possible. I       Tuesday 28 Jan                                      suburban Hackett, though quickly brought
had not realised the Great Alpine Road starts          It was a very pleasant start to the day, riding   under control.
here and it was closed because of the fires at       up the Cann River Valley through the forested
Omeo. People still wanted to enter the area to       areas. Lots of bellbirds and interesting scenery.    I had ridden almost 1200km and climbed
camp and see the fires so the CFA had to             By the time I got closer to the NSW border          more hills than if I had done the Alpine
maintain a roadblock to keep them out.               and Bondi State Forest the going got tougher.       Classic. It was good to have two days’ rest
                                                     I made it to Bombala by 4:30pm and picked           before flying back to Brisbane.
  A couple in a van offered to put my bike on
the back but I did not hear properly and             up a few supplies before heading to my cousin’s
thought it was just another smart remark             place about 15km to the north.

16                                                              Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
The Brevet Card
 One of the things that differentiates Audax from other cycling clubs is the brevet card. This precious little bit of
cardboard which we all carefully make sure we get signed at all ride checkpoints serves as a permanent record of our
participation in the ride. A successful brevet is one that is completed within the rules and within the maximum
permitted time.

by John Bennett

  Besides enabling the rider to relive these
happy days in their dotage, brevets enable the
rider to make claim to various awards such as
the Nouveau and Super Randonneur Series,
and eligibility to participate in the Paris-Brest-
Paris 1200km ride held every four years in
 Successful brevets up to 200km are assigned
a unique number by Audax Australia.
Distances 200km and greater are assigned a
unique number by Randonneurs Mondiaux
and Audax Club Parisien.
  So what is the process that makes the
validation of the brevet happen and how can
riders and ride organisers assist in smoothing
the workflow?
The Process                                               The precious brevet card is basically the same format all around the world. Audax
  At the conclusion of each ride the ride                 Club Parisien issues the unique brevet stickers to all member countries.
organiser completes a number of documents
commonly referred to in total as the ride
package. These documents include the brevet          brevet numbers to be received. Recently, due              card secretary. This can be in the Word
report, which summarises the ride time for all       to the death of Yannis Varouchas of Audax                 format as provided on Audax website
riders, and each riders brevet card. The ride        Club Parisien who did this processing in                  or as an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel
package is forwarded to the brevet card secretary    France, the allocation of brevet numbers from             spreadsheet proforma can be obtained
for the particular region for processing.            France has been put on-hold until a new                   from the brevet card secretary.
                                                     person is appointed to this position.
  If it has not been prepared and forwarded                                                              n     At the time the rider completes the
separately by the ride organiser, the regions          Once the brevet numbers have been                       ride registration form, have riders also
brevet secretary prepares an electronic version      assigned, the stick-on labels containing the              address an envelope for the completed
of the brevet report i.e. an Excel spreadsheet,      brevet numbers are returned to the brevet                 brevet to be returned to them.
and dispatches this via e-mail to either Barry       secretary for attaching to the brevet cards and           Addressing envelopes for a large ride
Parsons, Sam Blight, or Peter Mathews for            mailing to the riders.                                    of say 60 riders is a very time
allocation of the brevet numbers. Barry looks                                                                  consuming process.
                                                     Assisting with the Workflow and Workload
after all on-road rides of less than 200km,            Where the number of rides conducted by            n     Make sure the ride entry forms and
Sam looks after all “Dirt” (off-road) rides and      a particular region is small obviously the                brevet cards are legible and the
Peter processes rides of 200km or greater. Barry,    workload for the brevet secretary is not                  postcode is included
Sam and Peter’s responsibilities are National        particularly onerous. But for Melbourne
                                                                                                          If ride organisers have any other suggestions
responsibilities i.e. Australia wide.                region, where a large number of rides are
                                                                                                        as to how the workflow and workload can be
 The rides less than 200km processed by Barry        conducted with an ever increasing number of
                                                                                                        improved and reduced, or want further
and Sam are quickly turned around as the             riders attending, riders and ride organisers can
                                                                                                        clarification on what is required they should
brevet numbers for these rides are assigned          greatly assist with the processing of brevet
                                                                                                        contact John Bennett, the Melbourne Region
by Audax Australia. However for the longer           cards by attending to the following:
                                                                                                        Brevet Card Secretary on (03) 5428 3341 or via
200km and greater rides the brevet reports            n      Send an electronic copy of the brevet      e-mail at
have to be sent to Paris to have the numbers                 report to the relevant regional brevet
assigned; it can take a few months for these

                                                                  Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                          17
PBP Participant Watch
 Now in the midst of their qualifying rides, these five Audax members, along with over 70 others, will be on their way
to Paris within 6 months. We find out what these five have been up to since their last update. In this instalment, each
participant answered three questions presented to them out of a possible seven.

Have you qualified yet? Which distances              February. I plan to do the MacArthur Meander       Gary
have you yet to complete?                            400 (Heywood) 8 March and then “Around               This was a difficult decision. How much
                                                     the Adelaide Hills in a Day” 600 on 15 March.      gear am I going to need to carry? I pondered
                                                                                                        this for a couple of weeks. On the 300s or
  At last we have completed some qualifiers                                                             longer I've done, I've used an empty (as in no
- the 200 & 300km events! By the time we                                                                water but filled with gear) 2 litre CamelBak
managed to get onto a qualifying ride I                                                                 which also has a one litre storage
doubted that we could actually do it, despite                                                           compartment. I figured I'd need more than
having done several in the past - how fickle                                                            the CamelBak so the choice was really between
is the mind! This past weekend we                                                                       a backpack or a pack attached to the bike. I
completed a 300km qualifier. If all goes                                                                ride to work with a backpack and whilst it's
according to our plans, we should be finished                                                           fine for a short journey I didn't fancy 1200km
the 400km and 600km by the end of Easter.                                                               with it (even though it's a back pack especially
Peter                                                                                                   designed for cyclists).
 I’ll broaden this answer to report my progress
against targets that I set for myself and              If I don’t think I’ve recovered enough after
mentioned in Checkpoint No. 13, 2002                 the 400 or don’t complete that 600 I will do
 Target.                Achievement.                 the 600 Murray & Bach over Easter instead
                                                     of the 1,000.
 16,000 km.             13,505 km.
                                                     What is your weakest point?
 24 Audax brevets       21 completed brevets.

 2 - 3 Super Series     1x600 km; 2x400 km;
                        3x300 km; 5x200 km.
                                                      Injury of some description.
 4x4 km walks/week      165 x 4 km walks.

 Qualify ASAP.          400 km (Nov 02); 300 km      What date are you departing Australia, and
                        (Dec 02); 600 km (Feb 03).   where are you staying in Paris?                      So I have attached a Trek rear rack to the
                                                                                                        bike coupled with a 10 litre Deuter Rack
  So you can see that I didn’t fully achieve any     David                                              Top Pack and am putting up with the various
of my targets. I am, however, happy with               I will be departing Sydney for Paris (via        comments my non-Audax cycling mates have
progress especially in view of setbacks between      London) on Sunday August 10 to arrive on           made about how "uncool" a bike rack looks
November and January. Firstly, the insurance         Monday August 11. This is to give me ample         attached to a carbon-fibre framed road bike!
crisis caused scheduled rides to be cancelled.       time to get over travelling and to get used to     I'll be giving the rack and bag it's first major
Secondly, a car doing a U-turn forced an             riding on the opposite side of the road. I am      test on the weekend of March 8-9 when I do
introduction between my ribs and a concrete          booked in to the Holiday Inn for the period        the Southern 600.
kerb, and a rearrangement of my left little          up to the start of the ride and for a period of
finger. Thirdly, the bushfires caused                                                                   Are you feeling stronger and fitter than 3
                                                     2 nights after the ride.
cancellation of the Alpine Classic and with it                                                          months ago? How is your general health?
my hopes to finalise qualification then. C’est                                                          Are you doing anything other than cycling?
la vie! Back to the drawing board!                   What type of bag, if any, are you carrying
                                                     on the ride?
                                                                                                          I'm definitely fitter than I was three months
Have you studied the route or checked out            Gillian                                            ago, I've avoided the colds and flus you can
how hilly it is and where the controls are?            At this stage it will be a small rear rack top   get when doing a lot of training but have had
Are you worried about navigation?                    bag that I have been using for all longer rides,   a minor knee injury which keeps disappearing
                                                     and it has proved adequate. However, when          then resurfacing. I've taken up pilates in the
                                                     I get time to study some “past experiences”        last month to try to improve my core strength
 I completed the Irene Plowman 200 in                and talk to a few veterans of PBP, I might         and flexibility.
Melbourne on 14 February and then the                change to something a little larger.
week after the Gawler to Burra 300 on 21

18                                                              Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
David                                                  I have followed a French group back into Paris    My plan is to get ahead of schedule early and
  Due to a chest infection that has hung               twice and both times I have been bewildered       take the time pressure off the return leg to
around for nearly 6 weeks now, I am not as             at the ‘round and around’ and ‘up and down’       Paris. Much has been said of the ‘no sleep
strong as I would like to be (we never are             way of re-entry which never seems to be           before Loudeac (400 km) or you’ll fail’
though are we?). However, I think I am just            getting nearer to the finish.                     imperative but I don’t know of any
about over that now - I finished a 600km                                                                 substantiation of this myth.
qualifying ride last weekend. As well as
                                                        I have been studying as many web sites as I
riding, I have been doing circuit training at
                                                       can to find out all about the route. I will be
a gym in Kiama and have been attempting
                                                       developing a plan to set my riding speed
to take up golf with Sandy, my wife. Not all
                                                       between control points to allow for sleep
that successfully, but I am enjoying it.
  Yes, gradually getting fitter and faster, but
am relying a bit on the gradual build-up of
the qualifiers to help with that. I am still feeling
daunted by the idea of 1200km, and even
600km is weighing on my doubting mind.

                                                                                                           However, I do believe that my previously
                                                                                                         ridden ‘no sleepover’ way of riding 400’s
                                                                                                         provided better endurance training for PBP
                                                                                                         than my recent trend of ‘sleepover 400’s’, and
                                                                                                         that the former method naturally leads to a
                                                                                                         first PBP sleep at this distance. Power naps are
                                                         I am planning to sleep at Loudeac on the        very effective, provided you have the certain
                                                       way out and back. From my reading there           means to wake as planned. Checkpoint
                                                       could be a possibility of getting lost so it is   sleeping halls are invaluable in this regard. You
                                                       advisable to have a good knowledge of the         pay an attendant say 50 French Francs (or
                                                       route…just ask the Mongrel Dogs of                Euro’s nowadays) and you can be sure that
                                                       Wollongong about my sense of direction!           you’ll be woken at a requested time. I have
  The psychological boost of success with the                                                            not used pills to induce or prevent sleep on
200km was great. Haven’t got enough time                                                                 rides.
                                                         Having done PBP in 1999 I will rely on my
to even put in the time on the bike that I
                                                       memory. I do though think it would be good        Ian
would like, so the answer is no, nothing extra.
                                                       to cycle the route before hand. Say doing           Having the drop point at Loudeac at 440km
My main health problem is the stress of trying
                                                       200km a day between brevet stops & allowing       is the best place for the first sleep, and then
to squeeze everything in before we depart, and
                                                       every 3rd day off for recovery. Then you could    use it again at the 880km mark. Change of
riding more than ever as well!
                                                       enjoy the route, see what all of it looked like   clothes and gloves here as well. Main objective
                                                       in daylight, as well as feel prepared. Though     is to get to Brest within the first 40 hours. If
                                                       overall the route is so easy (ie there are no     I’m easily within that, and like last time, we
Have you studied the route? Do you know
                                                       really hard hilly spots) and so well signposted   are given a ticket entitling us to either a free
what to expect where? Will you just
                                                       that it would not be necessary unless the         beer or glass of wine, I’d drink that and then
follow everyone else?
                                                       intention was to do it in under 55 hours. I       snooze on one of the gym mats in the
                                                       think if there is a sense of urgency in your      gymnasium. Getting towards the end of the
Peter                                                  cycling you would feel better having surveyed     PBP I will power snooze (formerly known
  The character of the route is hilly and the          the route. My intention is to do it in about 85   as 40 winks).
impression that I have is that the hills just          hours.
keep coming! The major climb is the Roc                                                                    I used No-doze tablets in 1999 only at the
Trevezel just before Brest but I didn’t find it                                                          beginning because of the 10 pm start. I think
very difficult. I found the PBP route markers          Have you planned where you are sleeping           that was one of the reasons for feeling very
very easy to follow and as well as following           en route? Do you plan to power-nap, or            tired when I got to Brest. If like me, it takes
everyone else, I had no need to refer to maps          have set times to sleep? Will you be carrying     88 hours to finish I reckon that the
or instructions. I think the danger with this          No-Doze pills or similar?                         sleeplessness will catch up. I haven’t used No-
approach is in the return into Paris from the                                                            doze since and don’t intend to use any pills in
last Checkpoint because if you are nearing                                                               2003.
the time limit the ‘everyone else’ may not be
                                                         I believe that it is imperative that 1200km     Contemplating PBP 2003?
there and the markers may have been
                                                       sleep needs are established before PBP. My           Make sure you have registered your
                                                       minimum sleep needs for 1200km are 3x2             interest with the President, Hans Dusink,
  If you are able to familiarise yourself with         hours. Currently I am leaning towards riding       to ensure that you receive the appropriate
the Paris re-entry it would be well worthwhile.        as far as possible before a first sleep stop.      ride documentation and entry forms.

                                                                    Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                           19
Organising the Whittlesea
Whimsical Wander
by Rodney Snibson

 The Club is currently focusing on safety, reducing risk, and adherence to the Club’s rules and policies. This ensures
among other things the safety and well-being of riders on Audax events, and makes life easier for the volunteers who
administer the rides. With this in mind, Bill Jeppesen and Rodney Snibson, of the Melbourne Region, set out to
organise a ride from scratch. If you have ever considered organising a ride but aren’t sure where to start, read on to
see how they did it.

 The organisers of the ride are Bill Jeppesen     Road onto Kinglake Road was safe as traffic          As ride organisers for the Melbourne Region
and Rodney Snibson. The first ride took place     was visible on both sides. A shop and public        we have to send to the Brevet Secretary one
under gloomy skies on the Queens Birthday         toilets were available at West Kinglake. A shop     week after the ride;
weekend, June 2002.                               was available at Hazeldene. The right turn
                                                                                                       n Cheque or money order made out to
                                                  from Flowerdale on Glenburn Road was safe.
 In 2001, after the Pier to Pub ride, Bill                                                               Audax - Melbourne Region (don’t post
suggested we should organise an Audax ride.         We called into the Glenburn Hotel and asked          the cash)
Bill said the ride should:                        for the manager. He was happy for us to use
                                                                                                       n Completed brevet cards
                                                  the front of the hotel as a control and allow
 n be a 100km ride close to Melbourne
                                                  riders to access the toilets. The hotel was the      n Unused brevet cards
 n have access to facilities                      logical control as it was the mid-point of the
                                                                                                       n Complete brevet form
                                                  ride and had toilets.
 n be easy to navigate
                                                                                                       n Completed entry forms
                                                    At Glenburn hotel, we turned right onto
 n be an undulating ride
                                                  the Melba Highway. Visibility was fair, but          n Ride Financial Report including
 n be safe.                                       traffic was brisk. After 12 km, we had to turn         receipts
                                                  right onto Kinglake Road. As the turn is on
 When I got home and examined the map, I                                                               n Ride Report with instructions and map
                                                  the crest of a hill, it was impossible to see
noticed a 100km loop from Whittlesea that
                                                  oncoming traffic.                                    Other regions have similar requirements.
went out to Humevale Road, West Kinglake,
Flowerdale, Break o Day, Glenburn,                 The road back to Whittlesea was uneventful           See you at the Whittlesea Whimsical Wander
Kinglake, West Kinglake and Whittlesea.           as riders only had to keep left until Whittlesea.   on the 22 June. The ride is supported and has
                                                  Public toilets and shops were available at          a medium level of difficulty.
  I mentioned this route to Bill. He, being a
keen skier, was concerned about riding down
the Melba Highway during the busy ski season.       On reviewing the route, we decided to avoid         President Hans Dusink

We drove around the route and noted the           the right-hand turn from Melba Highway                03 9314 3815

road was in good condition and most of the        onto Kinglake Road, by directing riders to go
                                                                                                        Secretary Don Briggs
route had shoulders or bike lanes. The distance   anti-clockwise.                                       08 9458 8175
was 104km.
                                                    In April 2002, Bill and I did the ride anti-
                                                                                                        Treasurer Greg Lansom
  A logical starting point for the ride was the   clockwise without incident. The change of             02 4271 6091
former courthouse on the corner of Church         direction reduced the level of risk in the ride.
Street and Kinglake Road. Public toilets,                                                               General Committee
                                                    By accessing the Ride Organisers Guidelines         Peter Mathews 03 9890 6089
parking and picnic facilities were available on
                                                  on the Audax website under Docs & Forms,              Barry Moore 03 9803 6529
the site. A community group in Whittlesea                                                               Henry Boardman 02 4261 2878
                                                  we were able to determine a charge for the ride
promoting local tourism managed the
                                                  to cover our costs. The guidelines provided           State Correspondents
Courthouse. We went in and enquired about
                                                  details on what food to provide on a 100km            NSW Malcolm Rogers 02 9402 7798
using the grounds as the starting point for an
                                                  ride. The guidelines stated that ride kits and        QLD Vaughan Kippers 07 3376 6761
Audax ride. They were pleased to be involved                                                            SA Matthew Rawnsley 08 8370 0415
                                                  mobile telephones were available for our use.
and asked us to contact them before the event.                                                          TAS Paul Gregory 03 6229 3811
                                                  We were reminded that we had to get riders to         VIC Peter Curtis 03 9569 5233
 On Whittlesea Show day, Bill and I rode the      sign their entry form before the ride and fill        WA Colin Farmer 08 9330 4441
route. The right-hand turn from Humevale          out their brevet cards.

20                                                           Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
Melbourne Region Correspondents
Report for 2002/3
by Peter Curtis

 The 2002/03 year has been a challenging year. The disruptions caused by
problems with our Public Liability Insurance together with the cancellation
of the Alpine Classic caused last minute changes in our Ride Calendar and
plans. However, despite these setbacks the year has been one of consolidation
in which we improved our processes and efficiencies of operation and have
worked to provide a wide selection of rides to our members.

  Achievements that we have made this year              Each of these people are responsible for
are:                                                  maintaining the kits, however it’s expected
                                                      that Ride Organisers will return kits in the
The final publication of “Guidelines for Ride
                                                      same condition that they received them. I
                                                      would like to thank each of these members
  This has been a long process that was started
                                                      for volunteering for this responsibility.
in the previous committee and finally
completed this year. The document is now              The division of the duties
available on our website and is sent to all Ride      of Brevet Secretary
Organisers. Thanks must go to all people who            In the past the Brevet Secretary has been
have provided input to this document but              responsible for sending out all pre-ride
especially to Keith Lowe who provided the             information as well as the processing and
final touches and published the document.             disbursement of all post-ride information and
                                                                                                            Correspondent Curtis, pondering the
This document will now provide the basis              returning Brevet Cards to all riders. This has been
                                                                                                            challenges ahead.
for a similar one to be launched on a National        an onerous task requiring many hours to complete.
basis.                                                To reduce this load we divided the responsibilities
                                                      of this office between Keith Lowe, the Ride Co-       Clubnights
Audax presence at the 2002
                                                      ordinator, who sends out all of the pre-ride            The committee made an effort to organise
Around The Bay
                                                      information to Ride Organisers and John Bennett,      interesting club evenings featuring guest
  We manned an Information booth at the
                                                      the Brevet Secretary who is responsible for post-     speakers on a range of topics on a monthly
start/finish of the 2002 Around The Bay ride
                                                      ride reports and disbursement of Brevet Cards.        basis. The response from members was not
where we spoke to many participants of that
                                                      Recently, we have also asked Ride Organisers to       strong and Club Nights for 2003 will revert to
ride and distributed brochures about Audax.
                                                      provide addressed envelopes for the return of         a bi-monthly basis. Check the Calendar for
Thanks to all members who assisted in
                                                      Brevet Cards to further reduce this workload. A       details of these events.
manning the booth, hopefully we gained
                                                      further development that may be considered in
some new members from this event.                                                                           The Alpine Classic
                                                      the future would be to ask Ride Organisers to
                                                                                                              The many hours of work of the Alpine
Permanent “homes” for Ride Kits                       accept the responsibility for the return of Rider’s
                                                                                                            Classic Sub-Committee, comprising Phil
  Since the loss of our storage facility at Bicycle   Brevet Cards. Thanks must go to both Keith and
                                                                                                            Bellette, Rodney Snibson, John Bennett,
Victoria house our Ride kits have been drifting       John for their efforts in these roles.
                                                                                                            Keith Lowe, Alan Tonkin and Peter Martin in
between Ride Organisers making it difficult
                                                      The Ride Calendar                                     the planning for the 2003 Alpine Classic
to monitor the condition of the kits and keep
                                                        The publication of the Ride Calendar,               culminated in the heartbreaking cancellation
them in an appropriate standard. We now have
                                                      although a regular task in our year, was made         of this event because of the bushfires in the
permanent “homes” for our ride kits at 4
                                                      even more difficult this year because of the          Alpine region. Even though it was cancelled
different locations around Melbourne. The
                                                      decision to produce a single National Calendar        these people put in plenty of work over the
custodians of these kits are:
                                                      rather than separate Regional ones. The format        whole year and it must have been very
 n      Keith Lowe in Parkdale                        used was that of previous Melbourne                   disappointing to have to cancel at the last
                                                      calendars. Thanks must go to Keith Lowe,              moment. Thanks to all those people who put
 n      Raoul Mills in Caulfield
                                                      who took on this task, for the many hours he          in huge efforts for this event.
 n      Peter Moore in Richmond                       put into it, and for the excellent job he did,
                                                                                                             The Alpine Classic now has a life of its own
                                                      which is evident from the very high standard
 n      Derek McKean in Greensborough                                                                       and is very draining on the resources of
                                                      of the calendar.

                                                                    Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                           21
from previous page..

Melbourne Region. The ride would not
continue in its present form without the
                                                    Strength for long
efforts of a dedicated group of people, who
are willing put in the many hours of work
required for the planning and running of this
                                                    distance cycling
  During November and December of 2002               by Tanya Bosch
with the loss of our insurance coverage
nationally, events proceeded rapidly with
planning being done on a week-to-week basis.
Unfortunately, because of time constraints           “I have almost finished doing my qualifiers for PBP. I am doing the distance
communication to members was by email. I            OK but would like to be better on the hills and a bit faster over all so as to
apologise for those members not on email,           give me more time to play with if anything goes wrong during PBP”
who may have missed out on some of the
rides during this period, but there was
insufficient time for mail-outs.                      That is a typical example of some of the           little. For those of you who have a triple and
  It was especially gratifying during this period   questions I receive. I promised that last time I     spin well up the hills, this training will come
to see the co-operation and willingness from        would cover some methods of training that            as a bit of a shock.
ride organisers to modify their rides with          will improve overall time. Please bear in mind
                                                                                                           In between efforts spin at 100 cadence at
inclusions of extra distances and date changes      that to attempt this intense training, the cyclist
                                                                                                         65% this will include going down the hill so
in an effort to put together an abbreviated         would already have a good base of easy
                                                                                                         try to keep pedalling. Do roughly 3 repeats of
calendar. Fortunately, this was not needed,         kilometres and would have completed a couple
                                                                                                         5 minutes or 2 repeats of 7 ½ minutes in the
however none of our requests were refused.          of 100km rides with ease.
                                                                                                         first week and increase by one each week. Try
Our healthy financial status built up over many
                                                      Strength Endurance training will enable you        to do this training twice a week. When you are
years enabled us to organise 2 multi distance
                                                    to push bigger gears on the hills and the flats      on a ride or a race other than Strength
events, Jump The Gun and the Gloworm
Gambol, organised by Lorraine Allen and             at your normal cadence. If you are a cruncher        Endurance training, ride up the hills at your
Peter and Andy Moore. Thanks to Lorraine,           you will love this training. If you are a spinner    normal cadence which should be at 75 plus.
Peter and Andy who at the last moment had           you will hate it. It is good for you. Do it twice    Give yourself a recovery week at the end of
to add further distances to their rides and cope    a week in one cycle of 4 – 6 weeks only. Don’t       the cycle where you reduce dramatically the
with more riders. More than 50 riders entered       do it all the time. You still need to encourage      number of efforts.
for each of these events. These rides were          your legs to spin. Bear in mind that while you
                                                                                                         Strength Endurance on the flats
expensive with each ride costing $1750 in single    are increasing the intensity you will need to
                                                                                                           Pick a road or circuit with no traffic
event insurance coverage, however riders paid       decrease your volume (number of kilometres
                                                                                                         interruptions. Ride your effort at 85% at 75-
for 50% of this premium in an extra levee           a week). You will need a heart rate monitor
                                                                                                         85 cadence. Start with roughly 5 minute efforts
placed upon entry fees.                             with knowledge of your maximum heart rate
                                                                                                         and either build the length of the efforts or
                                                    and a cyclometer with cadence.
  Melbourne Region, which relies on profit                                                               build the number of efforts each week. As
from the Alpine Classic to fund its operating       Warm Up                                              with the hill training, recover for five minutes
expenses, will suffer from the loss of the            Warm up well for 20 to 30 minutes.                 at 65% at 100 cadence. Remember to come
Alpine Classic this year. Our cash reserves will    Include a one minute effort at 85% of your           right down on the recovery week. When I have
decrease over the coming year, so to minimise       maximum heart rate, either on a short hill at        done this in a squad the biggest mistake cyclists
this loss we will be investigating a marginal       normal cadence or on the flat at 100 cadence*.       made was to spin too high and to go too fast
increase of ride fees to partly compensate for      Warm down well, spinning at 100 plus for at          overall. Your legs should hurt a bit and your
this loss.                                          least 10 minutes. Stretch well afterwards.           breathing won’t be too bad. At the time it
                                                                                                         may be tempting to think that the speed is
  I would like to thank all members of              Strength Endurance on the hills
Melbourne Region committee for all their                                                                 too low but the effort will be felt the next day!
                                                      Pick a hill that will take at least 5 minutes to
efforts over the last year and all people I have    climb at 85% of your maximum heart rate.              * ‘cadence at 100’ indicates 100 revolutions
worked with. My role has been enjoyable and         Climb it in a gear that will get your heart rate     per minute
challenging and I would like to wish the new        to 85% after 2 minutes or less after starting
committee best wishes for the coming year. I        the hill and that will give you a cadence of 50
would also like to encourage members to think       to 60. Keep your body still, don’t rock! Do it        Tanya Bosch is a level 2 coach who is
about standing for positions on the Regional        all in the saddle. It helps to have good core        experienced in coaching cyclists for PBP and
Committee. Unfortunately it always seems to         strength before you start this training. If you      other Audax rides. You can contact her on 02
be the same few stepping forward to take up         find that cadence too hard, or you are rocking,      93691436, 0419217974 or email
these positions and like the old saying “ Many      or something is hurting increase the cadence a
hands make light work !”

22                                                              Checkpoint - Autumn 2003

      3HWHU 0RRUH·V                    Ã

      Abbotsford Cycles
      Telephone (03) 9429 6889 Fax (03) 9429 9262                          Open; 8am to 6pm Weekdays
      27 Swan Street @Richmond Station                                     9am to 12.30pm Saturdays

      Need your bicycle serviced or repaired in Melbourne?
Peter Moore’s small shop is
dedicated to the upkeep of
                                           Goretex membrane allows it
                                           to be used while inside the
                                                                                 Ask about the difference between
bicycles.                                  case $72                              a “Service” and an “Overhaul”,
                                       •   Ortlieb Briefcase pannier, for
IrÃD‡r€†                                  the commuter or carrying the
                                                                                 and how to judge what your bike
We have purchased and are                  laptop to Brest and back $245         Did you know that by rotating
selling at a discount some             •   Smart Twin Headlight, 2.4/10          two or three chains with one
interesting bits;                          watt, rechargeable lead acid          cassette, you can extend the life
• Sugino chainrings, top quality           battery, a practical system for       of the system and save money?
    for 6/7/8speed, 130, 110 and           Audax because of 10 hour run          As well as all the major jobs, we
    74 pcd, most 95 cents/tooth            time, $140 set                        can do small things to enhance
• Panaracer 700x20 Stradius            •   For PBP, the above can be             your cycling, including;
    “Zero Slip” tyres, not as              run from 5 normal cells (D,           • Screwing your LED rear
    narrow as the size indicates,          C, or AA) which can be                    lights direct to your rack,
    $25 each                               bought along the way.                     eliminating fragile brackets.
• “Sidelights” brilliant silver            Holders, including plugs, $12         • Drilling a hole in your bottom
    reflective tape, $2 per sheet      •   “Viewpoint” mirror sticks                 bracket so water drains out!
• Waterproof lycra seat covers,            inside your lens, pack of two         • Engraving your Licenee
    unfashionable colours! $1ea            for $36                                   Number on the bike.
• Velox 15mm patch10 for 50c           •   Quality Australian made               • Tidying up the wiring, and
• Velox self adhesive, 10 for $2           white or clear bottles with no            running a double wire for
• “Velo” (Czech) double sided              advertising                               your dynamo.
    steel hubs, 36h, for single        •   Pioneer 5 led tail $12 ea             To fit an extra bottle cage, or
    speed/fixed wheels, $10            •   Two Pioneer lights mounted            relocate an existing set of
• Two very unusual Minoura                 to an aluminium strip, drilled        mounts, we have a device like a
    small racks, one to hold a             to go straight to a reflector         pop rivetter which will put more
    transistor on the handlebars,          bracket, $35                          threaded holes where you want
    one to make a small platform       •   Smart “Polaris” 3 led head            them in your steel or aluminum
    on the front or rear of the bike       light, can be run flashing or         frame.
• A range of superseded San                constant, at $35 an excellent
    Marco saddles, mostly road,
    priced from $18 to $85             •
                                           back up light
                                           Tool and tube bottle, large
                                                                                 9v†p‚ˆ‡   Ã
                                                                                 Audax Members receive a
• Italian lightweight road bars            screw top, $12
                                                                                 discount of 10% on every item
• Italian cork tape, white with        •   B&M S6 super efficient
                                                                                 except labour, but including
    “Pedro’s” logo, $15                    sidewall dynamo, $149
                                                                                 Specials.. Postage is extra.
As well;                               •   Lumotec 3watt head, with led          Payment may be made by cheque
• Ortlieb mobile phone case,               when stopped, $49                     or credit card by phone.
    fully waterproof plus the          •   Zefal HPX pumps, $49

                                                Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                             23
The Key Constitutional Issue:
How Many Levels?
by Barry Moore

  We had promised a completely new                  need some form of local structure for the
constitution for members to consider at the         organisation of rides. At present, there is only
2003 AGM, but a few things got in the way.          one Region each for WA, SA and Tas.
The exercise is not a simple one, we had            However there are multiple Regions in Qld,
trouble finding good advice and the small           NSW and Vic.
issue of public liability insurance diverted our
                                                     We have three options:
attention at a critical time.
                                                     n retain both States and Regions
  However, we have made some progress. We
have found a source of good legal advice, and        n retain Regions only
can now say with confidence that we can
                                                     n retain States only.
continue to have Audax Australia
incorporated under the Victorian Incorporated       Retain both
Associations Act, even though we operate              The attraction of this option is that the
nationally. We just need to take the additional     National Committee can be held to a
step of registering with ASIC (Australian           reasonable size, as there is only one
Securities and Investment Corporation). This        representative from each State, while allowing
is good news because the Victorian legislation      separate Regions to be developed to meet local
is not too difficult to read and understand.        needs.
                                                                                                        Barry Moore, seeking answers
In fact, it is written with clubs like ours mind.     A difficulty is that this requires a mechanism
If we were required to incorporate under            to determine the State Representative, for
Commonwealth law, as we feared at one stage,        States with more than one Region. To date,
the task would have been far more difficult.                                                            their own organisations (processing of
                                                    this has been done by appointing the President
                                                                                                        brevets, etc). If these tasks, plus organisation
  We also know that we can have some                of the largest region in each State as the
                                                                                                        of the ride calendar, are done by other regions,
branches incorporated separately and others         Representative (despite a requirement in the
                                                                                                        you have to ask why not merge the regions
remaining as parts of the national body. This       constitution for elections in these States) .
                                                                                                        into a single State branch. With the Region-
is also good news, because most of our              However, you could imagine a situation where
                                                                                                        only structure, a position on the National
States/Regions are quite small and have no          this may not be acceptable and an election
                                                                                                        Committee for each region could lead to a
need or desire to incorporate separately. On        would have to be held.
                                                                                                        very cumbersome committee.
the other hand, one or more larger regions            We also have regions which are very small.
may want to consider the possibility of             They may not meet the current constitutional
                                                                                                        States only
separate incorporation. One of the issues we                                                              As outlined above, there are a lot of
                                                    requirement to have, at least, a President,
must consider is whether we think it would                                                              attractions in this option. The branches would
                                                    Secretary and Treasurer. They may have only a
be good for the club.                                                                                   be stronger and should function more
                                                    handful of members and no separate bank
                                                                                                        effectively. Local groups could still function
  The constitutional amendments which were          account. You have to ask whether these
                                                                                                        within States. State committees can be drawn
approved in 2002 and 2003 remove some of            regions could operate more effectively within
                                                                                                        from different areas of a State, with committee
the more obvious problems and take our              a State organisation.
                                                                                                        meetings held by teleconference and email
constitution closer to the Victorian model.         Regions only                                        used at the primary communications medium,
The main issue for us now is to decide how           If regions were to be retained, even under a       as the National Committee currently
we want our club to operate.                        State/Regional structure, we may have to            functions.
  The current constitution gives us three levels:   consider minimum requirements (eg, bank
                                                                                                        National Committee
National, State and Regional (see separate          account, committee structure, minimum
                                                                                                         Whichever option is chosen, the structure
article for an explanation). There is a strong      number of members, minimum number of
                                                                                                        of the National Committee must be
case that we need at least two of these levels.     events). An attraction of regions is that they
                                                                                                        considered. We could have elected members
The issue is whether we need all three and, if      can be closely related to their local communities
                                                                                                        only (currently President, Secretary, Treasurer
not, which one would be dropped. It is a bit        (eg, Wollongong, Tumut, Haywood).
                                                                                                        and three Ordinary Members), or include State
trite, but we need to be organised nationally       Disadvantages are that the organisation
                                                                                                        and/or Regional representatives. Another
if we are to be a national organisation. Given      becomes fragmented and some regions will
                                                                                                        option may be to have elected members only,
Australia’s geographic area, we probably also       be very small and possibly unable to sustain

24                                                             Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
but designate one committee position for
a representative of a smaller State or
Region. A further option would be to have
                                                 Some principled thoughts on Club structure
a ‘cabinet’ of the elected members, with
key decisions to be ratified by a full
committee which would include State/             by Henry Boardman
Regional representatives.
Which way for Audax Australia?                     In progressing our thoughts on a new                 My preferred structural option is a central
 My preferred option (and this is a personal     structure for the club, we really need some           Australian group (National), with a concept
opinion, the issue has not yet been              principles upon which we could test our               of regions and no state bodies. National
discussed by National Committee) is to           options. Here are my candidate principles:            would manage the linkages to ACP, establish
move to a two level structure: National and                                                            and manage our ride rules and guidleines,
                                                  1.     Ensures continuing alignment with
State. This would remove possible                                                                      manage the ratification of all brevets, etc.
                                                         the ACP ride rules.
duplication of effort, provide branches                                                                  The regions would simply run activities in
which were largely self-contained and of          2.     Ensures consistent operation of
                                                                                                       each region, based upon a clear and central set
sustainable size, and provide a National                 activities across all regions of Australia.
                                                                                                       of rules and guidelines. Any region may want
Committee of manageable size.                     3.     Has a minimum number of layers                to put on a star attraction event such as the
  Whichever way we go on this, we have to                within the structure.                         “Alpine Classic”.
reach a position fairly soon so that we can       4.     Maximises learnings and information            We don’t have that many regions all up. It
sort out our constitution. Do you have a                 sharing across regions.                       could be that some regions might want to
view? Why not write a letter to Checkpoint                                                             merge??
or bash out an email to the list. We really       5.     Maximise cross region activities.
need some active discussion so that we can        6.     Minimum confusion around authority              I feel at times the state concept is a hindrence
develop a club position.                                 levels and rule and guideline setting.        to some regions getting together for some
                                                  7.     Maximise time out on the roads on
     Have your say on this issue                         the bike.
             or 03 9803 6529

The Case for a Single Level Structure

by Hans Dusink                                   eliminate two problems; the paperwork flow              In terms of accounting, we would have a
                                                 is direct and less people are involved in the         central body that reports its results to members
                                                 administration. We can then have more                 and to the regulator. Currently I believe we
                                                 people riding rather than do administration           report the correct way, but it may be open to
 As part of the constitutional discussion, the
                                                 work. In fact it may then be possible to have a       interpretation. Should Audax Australia
Club must address the structural issues.
                                                 paid office assistant to do the day to day            include the financials of all regions in the
Elsewhere in this issue of Checkpoint you
                                                 administration work                                   annual result? Does Audax Australia have an
will read about the current set up.
                                                                                                       entitlement to the regional bank balances??
                                                   The structure of the National Committee
  I would like to propose that the Club go to
                                                 will need to be changed to ensure that there is         I have put a contrary view because I believe
a single level structure.
                                                 a fair representation of all states. I would hate     that all types of structures need to be
 We are all members of Audax Australia, not      to think that we become Victoria centric. I           examined. I am sure that there are other
members of Melbourne region or Western           would propose that the general committee              arguments to support a single structure, just
Australia. I am sure that riders do not          consist of one member from each state.                as I am sure that there are counter arguments
differentiate between the Club and the region.                                                         to some of the above ideas.
                                                   Using a single level structure, it may be
  The organisation of rides would not change.    possible to have other Clubs such as Middle             Please air your views. I want this Club to
A ride organiser would submit his ride plan      Distance or Kyneton Cycling Club offer Audax          end up with the best available structure to
to the Calendar co-ordinator in the July/        style rides. It would be possible to broaden          take it forward over the next decade or more.
August period. The ride would appear on the      our base of ride organisers and routes.               I want to make sure that we have a sound
National calendar as per now.                                                                          footing.
                                                   The drafting of the constitution would be
 In terms of reporting, all ride organisers      simplified. We would not need to define
would report their results direct to the Audax   relationships between national, state and                   Have your say on this issue
brevet secretary and all monies received would   regions.                                              
                                                                                                                     or 03 9803 6529
go direct to the Audax Club. We immediately

                                                              Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                                25

                                         les Randonneurs Mondiaux
                                    The Randonneurs Mondiaux Jersey
       The Randonneurs Mondiaux jersey, will be on sale at a special initial price of 31 Euros, all                             Structural
     taxes included. The jersey, made of the same material (light and breathable) as the 1999 PBP
     jersey, will be manufactured by “LA GRIFFE de l’EFFORT”, supplier of the 1995 and 1999 PBP
       Orders for the jersey at the special price of 31 Euros will only be accepted between March
     15, 2003 and June 15, 2003. The special price of 31 Euros requires a minimum total order of                                by Peter Mathews
     250. Cheques will be returned to purchasers if this order quantity is not reached.
       Jerseys ordered at the initial sale price, can be claimed EXCLUSIVELY at the Randonneurs
     Mondiaux display booth on Sunday, August 17, 2003, at the Gymnase des Droits de l’Homme,                                    My comments on club structure are based
     St. Quentin en Yvelines. Jerseys will not be sold nor orders taken at that time. Please                                    on my knowledge of Audax Australia’s past
     note that les Randonneurs Mondiaux will not assume responsibility for jerseys that have been                               and present functions and a desire to see us
     ordered but not claimed on Sunday, August 17, 2003. If you have your jersey claimed by a
                                                                                                                                achieve significant development of
     third party, be sure to provide him/her with a signed authorization including your name and
     complete address.                                                                                                          randonneuring in Australia. If we are to
       After the initial sale price, the cost of the jersey will be between 42 and 45 Euros, depending                          achieve our potential as an organised activity,
     on the packaging and individual mailing cost in effect at the time.                                                        we may have to make some hard decisions.
       Information on ordering jerseys in subsequent years will be provided at a later date. In
     principle, orders will be accepted once a year, in March for a delivery date in May.                                         On and off I’ve been involved with the
                                                                                                                                National Committee since about 1995. During
                                                                                                                                that time we have seen the steady growth of
                                                                                                                                the Club in Victoria and New South Wales
     View the designs in full colour
     on the web at                                                                                               which in my opinion has been haphazard and
     English/english_home.htm                                                                                                   due to good luck rather than good
                                                                                                                                management. Other states teeter along.
                                                                                                                                  As Barry Moore says, rides are our reason d’être
                                                                                                                                and it is the ride organisers who ensure we
                                                                                                                                achieve this goal. They are the key to the future
                                    Purchase Order form for the RM Jersey
                       ( To be used for initial offer only: from 15 March to June 15, 2003 )                                    of the club. If we believe the Club has potential
                                                                                                                                for growth we need to define the critical success
                     PURCHASE ORDER                                                 Copy for RM use only
                                                                                                                                factors to achieve this.

      Surname:……………………………………..….                                        Surname:……………………………………..….                                The major factor limiting the development
     First name: ………………………………….……                                      First name: ………………………………….……
                                                                                                                                of Audax in Australia is resources, both people
      Address:……………………………………...…..                                      Address:……………………………………...…..
                                                                                                                                and money. One suggestion which has been
      ………………………………………………..…..                                           ………………………………………………..…..
                                                                                                                                made is that one or more of the larger regions
     Country……………………………………..……..                                        Country …………………………………..……..
                                                                                                                                should incorporate separately, though within
                                                                                                                                the framework of Audax Australia. I am
     Postal Code ____/____/____/____/____/____/____                   Postal Code ____/____/____/____/____/____/____            strongly opposed to this, as I believe there is
                                                                                                                                a lot of potential in the possibility of using a
     Circle size selected and indicate number of Jersey               Circle Size selected and indicate number of Jersey
      ordered for each size (See measurement table)                    ordered for each size (See measurement table)            unified financially managed club to grow
                                                                                                                                Audax Australia nationally. I am sensitive to
                    0: ________           4: ________                              0: ________           4: ________            the ownership of funds in regions where
                    1: ________           5: ________                              1: ________           5: ________            these are generated, and a very transparent
                    2: ________           6: ________                              2: ________           6: ________            process for use of funds would obviously be
                                 3: ________                                                     3: ________                    critical. An example might be to seed the
                                                                                                                                development of other premier events like the
                   Complete both sides. Do not separate the two parts of this Purchase Order form.                              Audax Alpine Classic, say somewhere like Mt
                                                                                                                                Gambier, Cooma or Canberra where present
        Send cheque ( free of charge ) on a French bank payable to: Audax Club Parisien (-Maillot RM) or
      Postal money order to 1-01499 F Paris (free of charge) payable to: Audax Club Parisien (-Maillot RM)
                                                                                                                                participation is low.

      Send purchase order with your cheque ( 31 Euros/jersey ) after March 15 and before June 15, 2003 to:                        I favour a National/ Regional structure. De
                                                                                                                                facto that is what we really have. Most of the
                                                       Robert Lepertel
                                                                                                                                other State Committees essentially act as
                                                   7 avenue de Normandie;
                                                   93220 GAGNY; France                                                          Regional Committees, and in the case of NSW,
                                                        Measurement table
                                                                                                                                Wollongong could well become larger than
                        XS                S              M                 L           XL              XXL          XXXL        Sydney in then near future as in 2002 it ran
      Order size         0                1              2                 3            4               5             6
      Height        1.56m/1.63m      1.62m/1,67m     1,66m/1,73m     1,72m/1,79m    1,77/1,83m      1,80m/1,88m   1,85m/2,00m
                                                                                                                                nearly as many brevets as Sydney.

      Chest           80/90 cm         88/92 cm       90/94 cm         94/100 cm    94/100 cm        100/108 cm   105/115 cm
                                                                                                                                   If Audax Australia is to remain a strong
                                                                                                                                and vibrant contributor to cycling in Australia,
                                                                                                                                I believe we have to establish a structure which
      Waist            80 cm            85 cm           90 cm            95 cm       100 cm            105 cm       108 cm

                                                                                                                                enables us to make best use of our financial
                                                                                                                                and human resource.

26                                                                                 Checkpoint - Autumn 2003
                                                                  Cairns to Cape York
                                                                  10th - 30th August 2003
                                                                                         MTB mayhem

                                                                                               Brisbane to Sydney
                                                                                               October 2003
                                                                                               Road ride Coast & Country

                                    Adelaide to Melbourne
                                       5th - 12th April 2003
                                       Coast & Great Ocean Road

                 c li c k s
    ri d e t h




                                                                                                                        03 9735 5592
                                                                                                                        0418 368 717

Ed Bourke Design

                                                              Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                    27
                                                          Checkpoint - Autumn 2003                                                            28

If undeliverable return to
Audax Australia Inc.
PO Box 12144                                                               SURFACE                                     POSTAGE
A’Beckett Street
Melbourne VIC 8006                                                           MAIL                                     AUSTRALIA

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