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        Latest version of FFEI’s RealVue3D brings enhanced benefits to publishers

            •   RealVue3D version 3.9 to include special effects as standard
            •   Desktop and Server versions to suit all publishing environments
            •   New pricing structure provides high value

        Hemel Hempstead (8th July 2009) – FFEI today announced the release of RealVue3D version
        3.9. This new version of the company’s innovative 3D print simulation software, RealVue3D, now
        provides the user with access to all the latest features and special effects in one complete, low-
        cost package.

        RealVue3D software enables publishers to convert any multi-page PDF document into an
        interactive 3D visualisation. The virtual document can be rotated and viewed from any angle,
        giving the creator and their client a true impression of how the final product will look when printed.
        RealVue3D contains a host of features to depict the creative effects used in magazines, books
        and newspaper supplements to enhance the visual impact. These features range from stock
        selection – textures, gloss, matt, tint – to more sophisticated effects such as embossing,
        varnishing and foiling.

        By using RealVue3D, a publisher can create almost instantaneous product simulations to improve
        the design workflow. For example, the position of externally supplied content in magazines, such
        as advertisements, can be easily reviewed to ensure the most effective and logical content
        sequence. Considering several different front cover designs can be made extremely simple with
        the use of RealVue3D’s carousel tool. Rather than incurring extra time and costs by printing each
        design, using the different RealVue3D features and effects multiple files can be viewed on one
        screen and the overall look and feel instantly compared.

        Andy Cook, Managing Director, FFEI said, “These kinds of unrivalled advantages provided by
        RealVue3D not only give the publisher the flexibility to fully assess the product in development
        and produce a more pleasing end-result, but also offer the customer the opportunity to evaluate
        the product prior to the print stage. Communication of the overall look and feel of the product
        design layout contributes towards increased customer satisfaction, considerable savings of time
        in end-to-end production cycles and the elimination of paginated dummies and costly contract
        proofs. RealVue3D can even be used by publishers as a sales tool providing the ‘wow-factor’
        screen preview of any product, or to upsell special Ad positions such as magazine gatefold cover
        options and wraps.”

        Developing RealVue3D version 3.9 involved extensive market research and analysis of
        responses from existing and potential RealVue3D customers. This feedback greatly contributed
        to the creation of the most comprehensive and user-friendly version of RealVue3D to date, as
        well as providing a host of new ideas for additional enhancements to be incorporated into future
        RealVue3D packages.

        RealVue3D’s special effects, such as metallic foils, embossing/debossing, cut-outs, paper
        textures and iridescent inks were optional additions to the original and highly successful software
        package, but for RealVue3D version 3.9, these groundbreaking features will be included as
        standard along with other enhancements.

        RealVue3D version 3.9 is available in two versions – RealVue3D Desktop for individual users of
        all levels, with the option to download either the Standalone, Adobe or Quark version. RealVue3D

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        Server is suitable for multiple users to create 3D simulations from anywhere on their network via
        template based hot folders, providing a high level of workflow automation into the busy and fast
        moving world of publishing.

        Visit to download your free RealVue3D 14-day trial, view inspiring
        demonstrations of the software in action and to find more information about this pioneering


        RealVue3D reproduction of metallic foils, cut-outs and gate folds

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