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									Fat Camps: Why Wellspring is a Better
Choice for Your Child
Parents have a seemingly endless number of options when it comes to deciding their child's summer plans. With
so many traditional summer camps and "fat camps" to choose from (not to mention the temptation of simply
hoping your child's weight issue will resolve itself, continuing along the same path of diets, gyms and personal
trainers), it's important to choose your child's summer plans carefully.

"Fat camp" is a term used in popular culture to describe a camp where a child is sent to lose weight. The term 'fat
camp' is one that we don't use at Wellspring, because it is the antithesis of what Wellspring represents. In fact, we
wish the term 'fat camp' would go away altogether. But given the popularity of 'fat camps' as a descriptor, and the
reality that there are many traditional fat camps in existence still, we want you to understand what makes
Wellspring different.

"I just want you to know that this camp has been a miracle for Caroline. She lost 22 pounds and
came back confident and mature. Prior to Wellspring, we had tried everything and nothing had
worked. The immersion in the camp allowed her to break her bad habits and to have success in
healthy eating and weight loss. It is now 3-months post camp and she has lost a total of 45
pounds! Now that she has been successful, there is nothing that can stop her!"
-Lori H., Hayward, CA, mom of Wellspring La Jolla Camper

Why is Wellspring the best choice you can make for your child?

Fat Camps Do Not Promote Long-Term Weight Loss
Wellspring is famous for equipping campers with the skills they need to make healthy choices for the rest of their
lives. Unlike fat camps which restrict food, boot camps that demand activity, or diet camps which simply put
campers on a short-term diet, Wellspring exposes campers to a range of exciting activities and provides
campers with a safe environment in which to learn to regulate their food intake and activity levels.

Fat Camps — Why Wellspring is NOT a Fat Camp
While our campers do lose a remarkable amount of weight at camp (in fact, the most ever reported by any weight
loss camp), Wellspring should not be confused with the fat camps portrayed in popular culture.
Traditional "fat camps" for kids and teens are associated with:
        Strict food and calorie limits
        Weight loss during camp—but weight regain as soon as camp ends
        A camp culture that encourages campers to return year after year, without a focus on teaching campers
         to maintain weight loss on their own

Many children and young adults in the U.S. attend "fat camps". Over the summer, campers may lose weight at fat
camps due to smaller portion sizes and increased activity. However, the campers do not gain any skills to
continue success at home, often leading to rapid weight regain after camp ends, leaving overweight teens and
young adults feeling helpless and like failures. Even the New York Times has reported on this phenomenon - over
half of all fat camp attendees return the following summer.

To view an excerpt of this New York Times article by Abby Ellin, click here.

Fat Camps DO NOT Focus on Changing Behaviors

The difference between fat camps and a comprehensive weight loss program like Wellspring is clear—Wellspring
offers the long-term behavioral change missing at fat camps. Wellspring's focus on changing behavior over the
long-term (rather than focusing only on short-term results, as fat camps do) results in the long-term weight loss
that fat camps simply cannot replicate. Sports, activities and diet are all part of an overall clinical design to teach
new behaviors and habits.

Fat Camps ARE NOT Based on Scientific Research

Wellspring is a fitness and weight loss camp based on decades of scientific research. Our weight loss results
are replicated year after year at each of our 12 program locations. While your child will undoubtedly lose weight
at a fat camp, you should carefully consider the credentials and research involved in developing the program.
Like most weight loss schemes, fat camps are set up as a business meant to keep consumers paying for weight
loss every year. Long-term weight loss that can be sustained independently by the child is not taught at fat
camps. The end result? Continued weight gain and additional stress and unhappiness for your child.

Fat Camps DO NOT Work

Unlike fat camps, Wellspring Camps WORK. At old-fashioned fat camps, campers lose weight over the summer,
quickly gain much or all of it back over the fall and winter, and then land right back at the same fat camp next
summer—and the next, and the next, and the next.

The alumni who do return for a second summer at Wellspring do so to strengthen their commitment to a healthy
lifestyle, to play leadership roles at camp, and to act as mentors to other campers — NOT to re-lose the weight
lost the previous summer. We want campers to learn to live a healthy lifestyle and share that knowledge and
commitment with others, not spend summer after summer trying to lose the same weight all over again.

Fat Camps DO NOT Provide Continuing Care

Weight loss is hard work, making it unlikely that a child's behavior will change completely over the course of a
summer. Fat camps leave campers feeling great about their summer weight loss, then send them home without
the support and guidance that helped them find success at camp.

At Wellspring, we provide a comprehensive, year-long Continuing Care Program, that provides campers
ongoing support from the same behavioral coach they worked with at camp for the full year after camp ends. In
addition, we teach families the most effective ways to support their camper's weight loss at Family Workshops.

Considering a Fat Camp or Weight Loss Camp?

If you're thinking about weight loss camp this summer, ask these questions to make sure it is more than
just a fat camp:

    1.   What was last year's average weekly weight loss at camp? Are results published or presented at
         scientific conferences?
2.  What are the camp's long-term results? What percentage of campers maintain or continue weight loss at
3. Who designed the weight loss program? What are their credentials? Is the program design scientifically
    based, or is it a diet camp or fat camp?
4. Is counseling or behavior modification offered as an integrated part of the program? By credentialed
5. If so, do the therapists work full time at the camp during the summer? Does each camper have an
    individual therapist assigned to him or her? Do therapists continue to work with campers after campers
    return home?
6. How are families involved?
7. How many campers return each year? Did they regain weight?
8. How large is the Camp? Is it a manageable size where the Camp Director knows each and every
9. Can we talk to several families of campers who have maintained or continued weight loss from last
10. Does the camp demonstrate improvements in self-esteem and overall well-being?
12 Weight Loss Camp Locations
Campers at Wellspring's weight loss camps change their bodies and their lives, with amazing weight loss and
dramatic improvements in self-esteem and motivation.

This year, over 1,000 families will choose Wellspring programs over traditional diet or fat camps. Get started on
your transformation by choosing from one of Wellspring 12 summer programs:

                                Wellspring Camp La Jolla

                                Boasting a premier location at the beach, Wellspring Camp La
                                Jolla is America's most prestigious weight loss and fitness summer
                                camp. Located on the campus of University of California San
                                Diego, Wellspring Camp La Jolla offers an incredible range of
                                activity, beautiful weather, and excellent facilities. Campers spend
                                lots of time enjoying the beach—sand volleyball, boogie boarding,
                                surfing lessons, snorkeling, and evening bonfires—and make use
                                of UCSD's expansive fields and $35 million state-of-the-art fitness
                                complex with a variety of classes such as strength training, kick
                                boxing and yoga. Trips to Seaworld, Knotts Berry Farm,
                                Disneyland, mountain biking and hiking adventures, and on-
                                campus games and activities round out the ultimate camp
                                experience. Wellspring Camp La Jolla is the perfect summer
                                weight loss program for boys & girls 8 - 18, and young men &
                                women ages 19-24. Start dates throughout the summer beginning
                                June 19, running for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 weeks.


                                Wellspring Texas

                                Set in the heart of the Lone Star State, Wellspring Texas provides
                                boys and girls ages 11-18 with exciting weight loss, sports, and
                                activities. Campers enjoy comfortable dormitories and athletic
                                facilities while traveling to nearby rivers and magnificent state
                                parks for exciting adventure activities. Trips to Sea World, Six
                                Flags, and Schlitterbahn Water Park. Three, six, eight, and ten
                                week sessions available. Start dates are June 5, June 19, July 3,
                                and July 17, July 24.

Wellspring New York

The only weight loss camp exclusively for young women (ages 11-
24), Wellspring New York offers a wide variety of fitness classes
and activities specifically geared for women to lose weight, get in
shape and significantly improve their level of fitness. Situated on
the historic 100-acre campus of Union College, one of America's
oldest colleges, and located only a couple of hours from New York
City. Campers enjoy beautiful, world-class facilities and
comfortable air-conditioned rooms in a renovated hotel on
campus. Trips to Niagara Falls, New York City, and Great Escape
Theme Park. Wellspring NY has transformed the lives of
thousands of young women. You could be next. Three, six, and
nine week sessions starting June 19, July 10, and July 31.


Wellspring Adventure Camp North Carolina

For boys and girls ages 11 - 18, combining weight loss and
behavioral change with adventure: whitewater rafting, rock
climbing, rappelling, kayaking, hiking, camping, and a range of
team sports and traditional camp activities. Located in the Blue
Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, nestled in a
picturesque mountain valley with rustic cabins and a river flow
running through camp. Trips to Carowinds Theme Park and
Dollywood's Splash Country. Three, six, nine, and twelve week
sessions available, with start dates every week beginning June 5
through August 7.


Wellspring Wisconsin

Located on a beautiful 820-acre campus, Wellspring Wisconsin
takes advantage of expansive state-of-the-art facilities for
swimming, fitness, basketball, volleyball, tennis, personal training,
weight lifting, and aerobics. Boys and girls ages 11 - 18 enjoy
exciting activities on campus and in the surrounding region, plus
trips to Six Flags Theme Park, Noah's Ark Water Park, Kalahari
Indoor Theme Park, and other area attractions. Sessions run three,
six, and nine weeks, starting June 12, July 3, and July 24.

Wellspring Family Camp

Located on our campus in beautiful La Jolla, California,
Wellspring Family Camp offers all of the fun and adventure of a
family vacation at the beach. Families with 1-3 children ages 5-15
attend Wellspring Family Camp for one, two, or three-week
weight loss vacations and transformations. Families take
advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities of University of
California San Diego, with fitness and culinary classes by top
instructors, and a wide variety of sports, games and camp
activities. Our close proximity to the natural wonders of La Jolla
Cove means evening bonfires on the beach, hiking along the coast,
and mountain biking at local nature reserves. A fantastic and
memorable family vacation that provides all family members the
skills, knowledge, and support necessary for initial and long-term
weight loss success. Trips to Seaworld, Knotts Berry Farm,
Disneyland, and Hollywood. Weekly sessions begin June 20
through August 14.


Wellspring UK

Europe's only scientifically-based summer programme for weight
loss is located on the campus of Exeter University, in the heart of
Devon in the South West of England. Designed for young people
ages 11-24, students travel from across the UK, Europe and the
Middle East to partake in the many traditional sports, fitness
classes and outdoor activities offered at Wellspring UK. Our
campus features first-rate facilities, including extensive playing
fields, courts, swimming pools, and outdoor areas for hockey,
tennis, netball, and other sports. We also venture to the wild
countryside and beautiful coastline, plus take trips to Legoland,
Alton Towers and London Eye. Three, six, and nine week
programme start dates are 26 June, 17 July, and 7 August.

Wellspring Pennsylvania

Based on a beautiful college campus in the heart of the Poconos,
Wellspring Pennsylvania is the only scientifically based co-ed
weight loss camp in Pennsylvania, the Poconos, or New York.
Campers experience Wellspring's fitness and weight loss approach
through a range of sports and adventure activities including
basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, hiking, and canoeing.
Young men and women ages 11 - 24 come to Wellspring
Pennsylvania for a transformative summer in an exceptionally
beautiful environment. Trips to Camelbeach Mountain Water Park,
Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, and New York City. Sessions
available in three, six, and nine weeks, with start dates of June 12,
July 3, and July 24.


Wellspring Florida

Located on a lush college campus just minutes from Central
Florida's Atlantic beaches, Wellspring Florida offers campers a
fantastic range of outdoor and indoor fitness options. In addition to
a variety of water sports and beachfront activities, campers enjoy
extensive climate-controlled athletic facilities, including weight
rooms, cardio rooms, aerobics studios, and indoor playing fields.
And with two outdoor swimming pools, a sand volleyball court,
and walking trails through the 30-acre Botanical Gardens, the
Wellspring Florida campus is an ideal setting for a summer of fun
and sun for boys and girls ages 11-18. Trips to Universal Studios,
Kennedy Space Center, and Disney World. Sessions run three, six
and nine weeks, with start dates of June 12, July 3, and July 24.


Wellspring Vancouver

Located near Vancouver, British Columbia, Wellspring Vancouver
is known for providing campers with access to mountain and
ocean activities. Enjoy kayaking on the Pacific, climbing
snowcapped mountains, as well as trips to amusement parks and
the 2010 Olympic Village. At Wellspring's first program in
Canada, Canadian and American campers ages 11-18 attend
Wellspring Vancouver for remarkable weight loss and lifestyle
change. Trips to Splashdown Water Park, Playland Amusement
Park, and Ziptrek Tours. Sessions start June 26, July 17, and
August 7, with sessions running three, six, and nine weeks.

Wellspring Women's Program

Women ages 25-65+ enjoy a fitness and weight loss vacation in
beautiful La Jolla, CA, on the campus of University of California
San Diego. Weight loss activities are tailored to meet the fitness
levels and goals of each participant in a supportive and
motivational setting. A full wellness program, including life
coaching and culinary and nutrition classes, complement a
comprehensive range of fitness activities. In addition to the
aerobics, dance, yoga and personal training classes offered in
UCSD's state-of-the-art fitness complex, participants hike the
beautiful La Jolla shoreline, bike through picturesque villages and
nature reserves, shop local boutiques and galleries, and enjoy the
company and friendship of like-minded women ready to commit to
a lifestyle of health and vitality. Trips to Seaworld, Knotts Berry
Farm, Disneyland, and Hollywood. Start dates throughout the
summer beginning June 19, running for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9


Wellspring Academy of California Summer Program

Lose weight, get in shape, and earn academic credit! Summer
session at Wellspring Academy of California provides young men
and women ages 12 - 24 the opportunity for lifestyle changes
while getting ahead in school. An expansive 68-acre campus,
experienced staff, and a year-round boarding environment provide
the perfect compliment for children and young adults looking to
lose weight while earning credits - whether for high school or
college. Sessions start June 6 and June 27, with ten and thirteen
week sessions available.


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