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									                                                                      Bologna, 24th June

                                      PRESS RELEASE

Food, Health & Well-being, and Living are the three big topics stimulating
discussion, exchange of ideas and personal growth on the part of ever more savvy,
informed and demanding consumers .
The Well-being sector takes the lead role in this edition.

In Bologna, 10th to the 13th September

Health Living returns in September, giving voice to lifestyles and modes of consumption
that are changing people’s daily habits and challenging routine ways of doing things.
Two areas upon which to reflect: Organic food and its continued rise, which is in total
contrast to the direction of the food agriculture sector as a whole; even in a period of crisis
such as this consumers are putting quality of food at the centre of a healthy lifestyle.
In addition the Well-being sector is growing, attaching a more complex meaning to the
concept of health, creating a strong link between keeping well, feeling well, and looking
good; between diet, health and beauty.

Well-being takes the lead role in this edition of SANA, and will be the subject of attention
of the Permanent Observatory on Consumption, directed by Giampaolo Fabris, now
in its third year. The data relating to 2009 will be presented at the opening conference
entitled Towards healthy growth. A changing reality, a changing response, to be held
on the morning of Thursday 10th and further commented upon in conversation with a
group of participating philosophers, historians, architects and designers.
G. Fabris says, “We have already begun the work of analysing the data, and we can start
by saying that the data collected shows an increase in both interest in and preference for
natural cosmetics, which to the eyes of the user combine functionality with their
therapeutic effect. Of note is the rising importance of the question of ethics and respect for
the environment vis-a-vis the products being purchased.”

An important development is the Herbal Zone, an area dedicated to professionals working
in the field of medicinal plants and in the Health and Well-being sector. The exhibitors are
all firms that have been certified to meet the necessary quality and environmental
At the centre of the herbal zone is an area reserved for seminars and workshops
(Customer loyalty in the Herbalist’s shop, Thursday, 10th September – in the morning;
Hygiene and traceability. From the primary producer to the Herbalist’s shop,
Saturday, 12th September – in the morning; Herbal quality. The responsibility of the
grower and the herbalist, Saturday, 12th September – in the afternoon.)
In the Garden of Simples. Herbs and Flowers: the science, beauty and nature is the
central exhibition at this edition of SANA and pays homage to a Renaissance tradition
which saw herbal gardens blossom in every university allowing students to both study and
learn to recognise the plants.
The architect Aldo Cibic is the creator of this event at which both Italian University
lecturers and students of herbal techniques and cosmetology will meet with the public to
show how science and tradition are these days allied, and how “the simples”
(medicamentum simplex in medieval Latin), are still the lead players in health and beauty.

These are the titles of the well-being seminars:
• Herbal products & Animal farming. The market, the prospects & the new
Thursday 10th. In co-operation with the Ministry for Agricultural & Forestry Policy and the
Centre for Food Agriculture Research.
• Vegetable based food supplements. From the traditional to the new. FRIDAY 11th.
Representatives of the European Food Safety Authority will be present as well as Italian,
French, Belgian & Dutch Health Ministry officials and members of the scientific community
and industry.
• Organic cosmetics. The market and the regulations. SATURDAY 12th. Organised
  by CCPB and SISTE.
• The professionalism of the herbalist. Requirements and guarantees. SUNDAY
In conjunction with the FEI and Unerbe

The Food area of SANA will continue to apply rigorous admission criteria for exhibitors in
the Food Halls and will maintain separate areas for both Organic products (Halls 20 &
21)and for those certified Dop, Igp, Stg and Emas (Hall 19). Hall 19 will also host the
second edition of the platform for good food A Taste of SANA, with Marisa Laurito.

Of all the seminars on the official programme Organic. Yours & Theirs. Organic for
everyone & getting it across (Thursday afternoon) stands out. This event will be
examining both the methods and the tools used to talk about and promote organic
products; and it will be peering over the organic fence to look at some examples where
good content has benefitted from using innovative communication techniques. At the end
there will be the Organic. Doing it, and Selling it prize-giving. This award is organised by
FederBio and given for the most innovative organic product, the best packaging, the most
effective PR campaign and the best print, radio, TV and web media coverage.

Living will feature a house which wastes no resources, is energy-saving, and uses
recycled materials or those from renewable sources and it will show the possible inter-
relationship between beauty, design and technology. Information desks for the public,
documentation areas, meetings and conversation, all of which make for an exhibition area
which is open, dynamic, rich with starting points, suggestions, ideas and advice.

At its second editio Sanakids. Possible scenarios for children and the environment
offers a range of products aimed at children, across the board from SANA’s original main
sectors of interest.

Press office: GB Studio (Gabriella Bonvini – Stefania Consigli) 02.70600135

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