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									             Supply Chain
Update                      Grainger Center
                            for Supply Chain
                            Spring/Summer 2010


COURSE INNOVATIONS:         5 Distribution at Its Best:
                              Spring Site Visit to
                              W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Bringing Technology into    8 Students Place Second in
                              Graduate Supply Chain

the Classroom                 Challenge

                            9 Supply Chain Management
Story begins on page 2        Undergraduate

                            11 Executive Speaker Series:
                               Claudia Knowlton-Chike
                               of GE Healthcare and
                               Dennis Arnow of Logitech

                            12 Grainger Center Alumni…
                               Where Are They Now?
                               Quraish Baldiwala,
                               MBA 2001

                            14 Alumni News

                            16 2010 MBA
                               Placement Report
                                                                                                 Bruce Fritz
Simulation Day in Pete Lukszys’s Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management course

Bringing Technology into the Classroom
Pete Lukszys heeded our call to supply chain management faculty members to share what
they feel are “hot topics” in the industry and interesting developments in their teaching
or research. Pete is a senior lecturer and the Center’s director of applied projects. He was
instrumental in formulating the proposal and securing the funds for the Wisconsin School of
Business’ participation in the SAP University Alliances Program, which provides SAP software
to students and offers curriculum content and training workshops to faculty. SAP is one of the
largest software providers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, the core software
used to coordinate information in most areas of businesses. Being a member of the SAP
University Alliance enables students to experience firsthand how organizations operate and
how ERP systems can help organizations become more efficient, productive, and profitable.
Students learn how technology can enable integrated business processes and strategic
thinking, and this experience gives students a tremendous advantage in the marketplace.

At the 2010 SAP Curriculum Congress in San Diego, Pete led an interactive session about
“Kicking Off Your SAP University Alliances Program,” where he shared tips and lessons
                                                                                                               Bruce Fritz

learned about how to get an SAP University Alliance program started or take it to the next
level. He should know. He has incorporated SAP into his Enterprise Systems and Supply
Chain Management course, a core component of Wisconsin’s supply chain
management curriculum.

                             SAP also has been introduced into
                            courses on business process configuration,
                            production planning and control, and a fraud
                            examination accounting course that looks at
                            security and internal control configurations
                                                                           Bruce Fritz

                            of the SAP software.

                            Pete’s Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain
                            Management course follows a three-             Students appreciate and understand the                            “The goal isn’t to become an
                            module format. Modules 1 and 2 provide         value of this experience. For Amber Sleichter
                            an overview of supply chain processes and      (MBA 2010), “It was great to get real hands-                      SAP software training college,
                            enterprise systems and a discussion of how     on experience with the ERP system (SAP) that
                            to manage the implementation of enterprise     my future employer uses.” Gloria Guo (MBA                         but rather to show how
                            systems. Module 3 is where SAP comes           2010) added, “The ERP simulation provides
                                                                                                                                             information technology can
Bruce Fritz

                            in. Students use ERP to manage supply          a big picture of supply chain management.
                                                                           The hands-on experience of using an ERP
                            chains and make business decisions. Using                                                                        enable integrated
                            an ERP simulation game, students are put       system to make decisions and complete
                            in a situation in which they have to run a     the transactions in the system enhanced                           business processes and create
                            business with a real-life SAP system. Teams    our understanding of the importance of
                            of students compete in this ERP supply         information integration. Moreover, because                        value for customers.
                            chain game, interacting with suppliers and     we ran the ERP simulation as a group, the
                                                                           experience of reaching consensus and                              Exposure to ERP is highly
                            customers by sending and receiving orders,
                                                                           implementing the team decisions to make
                            delivering products, and completing the                                                                          valued by many of the
                            entire cash-to-cash cycle.                     sure procurement, manufacturing, marketing,
                                                                           and accounting/financing work cooperatively                       companies who recruit our
                                                                           is very valuable. During the simulation,
                                                                           we had access to the centralized database                         students. The initiative is
                                                                           embedded in the system; therefore, we were
                                                                                    able to analyze the data to facilitate                   off to a great start, and there is
                                                                                    the decision making. This is like a
                                                                                    real business operation experience!”
                                                                                                                                             a lot we can do.”

                                                                                         The ERP initiative at Wisconsin
                                                                                         requires extensive cross-discipline
                                                                                         faculty training and course
                                                                                         development considerations. “The
                                                                                         idea is to enhance our curricula
                                                                                         by bringing a well-known business
                                                                                         software into the classroom to
              Bruce Fritz

                                                                                         reinforce our teaching,”
                                                                                         says Lukszys.
                                                                                                                               Bruce Fritz

    Four Values That Define the Wisconsin MBA:
                   Community, Leadership, Connection, and Innovation

                                                                                                                   Bruce Fritz
                   The Wisconsin MBA is designed to put              In addition to its MBA program, the Center
                   professionals out in front in their chosen        also offers an undergraduate specialization
                   fields. It is composed of outstanding             and assists in the efforts of faculty research in
                   programs in highly focused career                 the field.
                   specializations in key areas such as
                   supply chain management. The program is           The Center was established in August 1991,
                   about knowledge creation and providing            with a generous gift from The Grainger
                   transforming educational experiences. It          Foundation of Lake Forest, Illinois. The
                   offers real focus and real success to students.   gift was made to recognize the increasing
                                                                     importance of supply chain management
                   The Grainger Center for Supply Chain              and the industry’s growing need for leaders
                   Management at the Wisconsin School                with advanced education in the area. The
                   of Business is one of the few endowed,            contribution by The Grainger Foundation
                   university-based centers specializing in          allows the Wisconsin School of Business to
                   supply chain management in the United             fulfill a significant need in graduate
                   States. Its unique curriculum is cross-           business education.
                   functional and takes an integrated process
                   view of supply chains, including marketing,       During the summer of 1992, the Grainger
                   sourcing, logistics, operations, and customer     Center for Distribution Management became
                   service. It is a personalized and industry-       operational. The first class of students
                   focused program supported by companies            graduated from the program in the spring
                   known for supply chain excellence. Students       of 1994. In July 1999, it was renamed
                   connect with and learn from real-world            the Grainger Center for Supply Chain
                   supply chain leaders and are part of a strong,    Management. Since its genesis, the Center
                   close-knit community.                             has graduated 148 students who have gone
                                                                     on to become business leaders across the
                                                                     industry, in firms large and small.

                                                                                                        Bruce Fritz
Brook Rucinski (MBA 2009), senior planning analyst at W.W. Grainger, Inc., chats with Amber Sleichter
(MBA 2010), Gloria Guo (MBA 2010), and Kwame Adu-Bonnah (MBA 2011) in the lobby of the
company’s corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois.

By David Poytinger

On March 5, Grainger Center students,               some of the technological innovations
faculty, and staff enjoyed a tour of the            Grainger is using to make the process more
W.W. Grainger, Inc. distribution center             efficient. Our tour guides also provided
in Niles, Illinois, as well as a visit to the       insight into the intricacies of managing and
corporate headquarters in Lake Forest. The          coordinating the inbound freight into the
trip provided students with an opportunity          distribution center.
to experience firsthand some of the
classroom concepts they had                         After the tour of the distribution facility,
been studying.                                      students visited with Grainger executives,
                                                    including CEO Jim Ryan, and learned
W.W. Grainger, Inc., with 2009 sales                about the current state of the organization
of $6.2 billion, is the leading broad               and how the company weathered the
line supplier of facilities maintenance,            economic storm of the last 18 months. A
repair, and operating (MRO) products to             key takeaway from the discussion was the
businesses and institutions in the United           ambitious move by Grainger to expand its
States and Canada, with an expanding                SKU offerings during the recession in an
presence in Japan, Mexico, India, China,            attempt to win new customers.
and Panama. Its highly integrated network–
including branches, distribution centers            For students, this site visit was an exciting
and Web sites–is the core competency from           educational opportunity; seeing classroom
which the company derives its competitive           concepts in action provides a whole new
advantage. For a student studying supply            level of learning.
chain management, this is an experience
that cannot be passed up.

Grainger distribution centers distribute
more than 900,000 MRO products and
support more than two million customers.
Our tour through the Niles distribution
center displayed Grainger’s best-in-industry
pick-pack-and-ship process and displayed

                                                    The Grainger Center

The Center offers a unique promise of career and leadership                  Integrated Learning Environment
development for:                                                             The curriculum is cross-functional, applied,
                                                                             and collaborative, allowing students to
• individuals who are already working in supply chain                        learn about supply chain management in
  management and want the best training and connections possible             an integrated business framework from
  in order to lead                                                           renowned faculty with expertise in supply
• individuals who want to manage the whole business (not just one            chain management and other crucial business
  piece such as marketing or logistics)                                      disciplines. Core supply chain courses
• individuals looking for a career path where they can leverage              include:
  both their analytical capabilities and their interest in relationships     • Strategic Global Sourcing
  and systems.                                                               • Logistics Management
                                                                             • Operations Research
This promise is fulfilled through delivering results in four key areas: an   • Marketing Channels
integrated learning environment, industry partnerships, personalized         • Enterprise Systems and Supply
attention in a close community, and remarkable placement success.              Chain Management
                                                                             • Seminar in Supply Chain Management
                                                                             • Principles of Integrated Supply Chain
                                                                               Design and Operation

                                                                             Electives may be chosen from multiple
    Certificate programs in                                                  disciplines, including finance, marketing,
    SUSTAINABILITY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP                                      management, operations, and engineering.

                                                                             The Center also offers an extensive applied
    Wisconsin is committed to integrating cutting-                           learning program.
    edge and relevant concepts throughout the MBA
    curriculum. Available to students are a certificate in                   SAP University Alliance: Students learn
                                                                             how technology can enable integrated
    entrepreneurship delivered via the top-ranked Weinert
                                                                             business processes and strategic thinking.
    Center for Entrepreneurship and a certificate in business,               Being a member of the SAP University
    environment, and social responsibility offered in                        Alliance enables students to experience
                                                                             firsthand how organizations operate and
    conjunction with UW-Madison’s Nelson Institute for
                                                                             how enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    Environmental Studies. These certificates may be added to                systems can help organizations become more
    the supply chain management degree.                                      efficient, productive, and profitable—and
                                                                             gives students a tremendous advantage in
                                                                             the marketplace. Several courses utilize ERP
                                                                             technology in which teams of students run a
                                                                             real SAP system.

Executive speaker series: Business leaders        Industry Partnerships                              Placement Success
visit campus regularly to share their real-       The Center has deep ties to industry. Its          Supply chain management talent is in
world experience and discuss leading-edge         extensive network of corporate partners            high demand, as the Center’s remarkable
supply chain topics in their industries. Close,   provides real-world perspective that enhances      placement record for summer internships and
meaningful interaction with senior executives     the curriculum and applied learning program,       full-time employment reflects. (See placement
in an informal setting makes these events         and provides invaluable career guidance            report on back cover.) Our graduates achieve
great learning and networking opportunities.       to students.                                      quickly and notably. Average starting salaries
                                                                                                     are consistently the highest among peer
Global experience: Students have                  Close Community                                    schools, ranging from $80,000 to $110,000.
opportunities to travel abroad over winter        Students experience the best of two worlds:        A few facts to consider about the value of the
break to meet with companies and learn            the resources of a large, world-class university   program: Center students are funded for at
about their global operations, as well as a       and hands-on, personalized attention made          least one year of their MBA experience, and
country’s business, political, and cultural       possible by the in-depth resources offered by      they typically double their pre-MBA salary
environment. Recent trips have included           the Center. Each student receives personalized     upon graduation.
Brazil, China, Dubai, India, and Argentina.       career and academic advising. Students are
                                                  connected—directly and personally—with
Case Competitions: Students have the              an extensive network of industry executives,
opportunity to compete in team case               alumni, corporate partners, and faculty.
competitions, including the International         Students receive personalized guidance from
Graduate Logistics Case Competition and           this network throughout their time in the
the Graduate Supply Chain Challenge.              Wisconsin MBA program.
These events give students the opportunity
to analyze real-world cases and propose           With an entering class each year of
solutions to business leaders.                    between 10 and 20 students, supply chain
                                                  management MBA students form close ties
Hands-On Seminars: Students gain additional       to each other and to the faculty and alumni
expertise in supply chain management              dedicated to the supply chain management
through faculty-led seminars each semester.       program. The Center offers generous financial
Recent seminars have included demand              aid packages to qualified students, including
planning, Six Sigma certification, and sales      fellowships, assistantships, and scholarships.
and operations planning.

Site visits: Students learn about supply chain
practices firsthand by visiting various U.S.
locations. Recent trips have included tours of
Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, Kraft Foods/
Oscar Mayer in Madison, Harley-Davidson
in Kansas City, Missouri, and W.W. Grainger,
Inc., in Lake Forest, Illinois.

                                                                  Students Place Second in
                                                                  Graduate Supply Chain
Executive Advisory Board                                          Challenge
The Executive Advisory Board is comprised of
senior executives at leading firms that are renowned              The Department of Supply Chain Management at Michigan State's
                                                                  Eli Broad Graduate School of Management hosted a unique case
for supply chain management excellence. Board
                                                                  competition in March that proved to be both challenging and
members provide strategic and curricular guidance,                rewarding for the MBA teams that participated. Wisconsin's team
participate in applied learning programs, and                     took second place in a field of nine teams, including Ohio State
provide placement opportunities for students.                     (first place) Michigan State (third place), Penn State, the University
                                                                  of Arkansas, Purdue University, the University of Maryland, Georgia
                                                                  Tech, Arizona, and Indiana University.

Karl Braitberg                      Jim Ryan
Vice President,                     Chairman, President,
Demand Management,                  and Chief Executive Officer
Planning & Customer Value           W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc.

                                    Jim Shuman
                                    Senior Vice President,
John Kenny                          Materials Management
President                           Genzyme Corporation
                                                                  Bruce Fritz

                                    Brian R. Smith
Steve Loehr                         Director, Logistics and       The Wisconsin team: Mark Dyer, Mark Adkins, Justin Spaeth, and
Vice President, Client Enablement   Indirect Procurement          Ajay Balasubramaniam.
IBM Global Operations,              Harley-Davidson Motor
Integrated Supply Chain             Company                       Unlike traditional MBA case competitions, this event introduced a
                                                                  simulated real-time competitive supply chain strategy environment
                                                                  (the Supply Chain Operations Decision Environment or SCODE) that
Kevin O’Marah                       Eric Smith                    objectively assessed the skills of each team to design and manage
Group Vice President, Supply        Vice President,               dynamic supply chains against a common scenario. Teams were
Chain Research, AMR Research        Supply Chain                  measured on various performance outcomes such as total revenue,
                                    Emerson Electric              order fulfillment, inventory turns, and a supply chain profitability
                                    Corporation,                  factor. The SCODE simulation challenged the student teams to pick
                                    InSinkErator Division         several manufacturing plant locations serving a global demand
Thomas F. Pyle, Jr.                                               market and make assignments of markets to each plant. Decisions
Chairman                                                          had to be made concerning which suppliers to use and what modes
The Pyle Group                                                    of transportation to use for inbound raw materials. Production had to
                                    Gray Williams                 be scheduled based on a demand forecast, and orders had to be filled
                                    Vice President,               involving transportation mode selection. Other considerations were
Doug Raftery                        Worldwide Supply Chain        capacity requirements and sourcing strategies, and the team also
Former Vice President,              Logitech                      had the ability to change prices, which considerably increased the
Customer Business Development                                     complexity of the overall task.
Procter & Gamble

  Home Services                     Carolyn A. Woznicki
Stu Reed                            Vice President, Global
Senior Vice President and           Procurement
President, Home Services            Johnson Controls, Inc.
Sears Holdings Corporation
Supply Chain Management
                   Popular with Students, Employers

In addition to the highly regarded MBA program in supply chain management,
the Grainger Center offers a specialization in supply chain management to all
undergraduate students enrolled in the Wisconsin School of Business. Students
can add this specialization to their current business major. To complete the supply
chain management specialization, students take six required courses and one of three
electives. There are currently 15 students enrolled in the specialization.

Required Courses                                       Electives
Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management                Marketing Research
Procurement and Supply Management                      Retail Management
Logistics Management                                   Operations Research I
Marketing Channels
Production Planning and Control
Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management

                                                      Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management is the foundational course in the
                                                      specialization curriculum. The course provides students with an understanding
                                                      of the link between key business functions and how effective supply chain
                                                      management can improve performance and provide competitive advantage. The
                                                      course includes an exciting web-based simulation project, where student teams
                                                      compete in managing a high-tech company’s supply chain.

Undergraduates experience the close community, career development opportunities,
and industry partnerships similar to that experienced by the Center’s MBA students.

     Kersi Antia                                               John M. McKeller
     Assistant Professor,                                      Senior Lecturer, Marketing
     Marketing                                                 and Procurement/Supply

                              Verda Blythe                                                Deborah Mitchell
                              Faculty Associate, Marketing                                Senior Lecturer,

                   Gregory DeCroix                                                James G. Morris
                   Wisconsin Naming                                               Dean’s Professor of
                   Partnership Professor of                                       Operations and Information
                   Operations Management                                          Management

     Jan B. Heide                                              John R. Nevin
     Professor and                                             Chair, Marketing
     Irwin Maier Chair
     in Marketing

                                Peter B. Lukszys                                      James Rappold
                                Senior Lecturer,                                      Assistant Professor and
                                Marketing, and                                        Director, Supply Chain
                                Director of Applied Projects                          Management
                                                                                      Executive Education

                    Ser :
            peaker Claudiaies
Executive S                Knowlton-Chike of GE Healthcare
                                                  on Supply Chain Management Leadership
by Steve Harris
On April 30, GE Healthcare’s general              responsive. The supply chain functions at GE
manager of global logistics spoke to Grainger     Healthcare include new product introduction,
Center students, faculty, and staff about the     sourcing, planning, fulfillment, manufacturing,
role of the supply chain practitioner, the        and logistics (Claudia’s group). Spanning all
development of supply chains in the health        of these functions are strategy, compliance,
care industry, and how to succeed as a supply     finance, human resources, information               the impacts of cycle time and cost with the
chain manager. Claudia Knowlton-Chike             technology, communications, and facilities.         logistics network post-crisis.
started her career with IBM as a packaging
engineer, then shifted to IBM’s supply chain      The logistics organization has leaders in each      Claudia’s engaging presentation stressed
management organization before joining            region responsible for all transportation,          the importance of making the supply chain
Motorola and finally GE Healthcare in 2008.       distribution, 3PL management, and trade             organization work horizontally rather than in
She enjoys bringing the supply chain skills       compliance, along with leaders for network          vertical silos. She also shared some valuable
she learned in the high-tech industry to health   optimization, packaging, and logistics systems      advice on standing out as a supply chain
care and sees health care developing a more       and initiatives. Claudia manages employees          professional:
robust supply chain function.                     located in 16 countries who handle the               •Be curious and share new ideas
                                                  transportation and warehousing of all of GE          •Take initiative and anticipate the needs of
GE Healthcare is a $16 billion business           Healthcare’s products, from huge imagers               the business
for GE, has an R&D spend of over $1               to small vials of dye and pharmaceuticals            •Be resourceful and utilize the strengths
billion per year, 46,000 employees, and           with a very short shelf life. Her organization         of others
manufacturing sites all over the world.           mitigates risks associated with tax, currency,       •Take accountability for decisions, actions,
GE Healthcare provides transformational           labor, country stability, and supply disruptions.      and results
medical technologies and services,                Claudia was responsible for managing the             •Act collaboratively
with expertise in medical imaging and             logistics impact of the Icelandic volcano            •Meet commitments
information technologies, medical                 eruption that grounded aviation in Europe            •Listen—be open to others and
diagnostics, patient monitoring systems,          in April 2010. Her team started by gathering          new thoughts
performance improvement, drug discovery,          information on the current status of all             •Be an energizer, a positive force
and biopharmaceutical manufacturing               shipments in the supply chain. She then                on the team
technologies. The company holds an end-           proactively communicated the status each day         •Seize opportunities to learn and grow
to-end view of supply chain management,           to critical stakeholders, provided estimates         •Remember to maintain a healthy
with the goal to be resilient, reliable, and      of recovery time, and prepared teams for               work-life balance

Dennis Arnow of Logitech Shares Trends—and Swag
Logitech’s vice president of supply chain for the Americas region           differently than older people, we can add that users in China tend
introduced Center students to some of the key trends and strategic          to be younger and use the Internet more for social networking than
directions of this leader in the digital world. And much to the             users in the United States, who tend to be older and use the Internet
students’ delight, he gave away several of Logitech’s hottest products      for shopping and its text-based functions.
during his presentation.
                                                                            Logitech’s four strategic directions:
Logitech’s goal is to get people immersed and delighted in the               • Focus on the four screens (or interfaces)—PCs, smartphones,
digital world in a tactile, intimate way. Key company segments                 TVs, and meeting rooms—and improve the experiences.
include PC navigation devices, Internet communications, digital              • Bet big on China by tailoring products to Chinese tastes and
music, laptop essentials, home theater control, and gaming. The                usage patterns, win at volume price points, and master the
company has a worldwide presence and is unrivaled in its global                dynamics of broader retail distribution in China.
distribution. Several trends are likely to influence Logitech’s future.      • Ride the video wave, becoming involved in personal content
The market shift of connected platforms reflects the expansion of              with video creation and sharing and commercial content with
devices—from desktops to notebooks to smartphones. Also affecting              projectors and meetings/video conferencing.
the business are geographic, demographic, and usage trends,                  • Leverage open ecosystems by participating in platform
which interconnect and overlap. For example, in addition to the                development to proliferate peripherals (such as wireless game
overall demographic pattern that younger people use the Internet               controllers, for example).


                                                                       Where Are They Now?
 Quraish Baldiwala, MBA 2001

Quraish is the commercial director of strategic    nutrition with leading global brands such as        What is your role and responsibility
markets for Abbott Nutrition, a division of        Similac, PediaSure, Zone Perfect, EAS, Ensure,      at Abbott?
Abbott Laboratories, in Chicago. Prior to his      and Glucerna, along with a solid portfolio of      I am currently the commercial director for
current role, he was the commercial director       therapeutic and critical care products for use in  strategic markets such as India, Russia, and
for Asia and was the business unit head for        hospitals. Abbott Nutrition products are sold in   Japan, and I also manage commercial projects
South Africa for Abbott Nutrition International.   over 100 countries.                                at a divisional level. My responsibilities as far
Quraish joined Abbott Nutrition as a supply                                                           as strategic markets go are focused on market
chain manager for the U.S. operations in 2006      The supply chain practice at Abbott Nutrition      entry, market expansion, and market
and managed the food, drug, and specialty          has evolved since the inception of the division    acceleration depending upon the stage of
channels. Prior to Abbott, Quraish worked as a     in 2006. We currently operate out of multiple      growth of the market. These activities include
supply chain manager for Gillette and focused      plants located in the United States, Europe,       executing financial and business plans,
on the mass channel that included accounts         and Asia. Recently we opened a state-of-the-       managing the product development, creating
such as Target, Kmart, and Wal-Mart. Quraish       art facility in Singapore to produce pediatric     marketing and demand generation strategies,
also spent two years as a brand manager with       products. Three regional supply chain              recruiting talent and building an organization,
General Mills and managed brands designed          centers coordinate the logistics and demand        developing standards of care with leading
to be sold in the Club channel.                    management. Supply chain activities in country hospitals and opinion leaders, and building
                                                   are managed by local logistic teams. The           local supply chain capabilities. I am
In addition to his 2001 MBA in supply chain        overarching theme to the supply chain is the       responsible for cross-functional teams in each
management and international business,             focus on stringent quality, product integrity,     country and at the divisional level that execute
he earned an MS degree in operations               and customer service. Team members have a          these tasks. At a divisional level, I work
management in 2002 from the University             diverse background ranging from business to        on aspects such as acquisitions, licensing,
of Wisconsin-Madison. He has a degree in           science to project management experience.          global supply chain strategy, and product
industrial engineering from the University of      Experience at plants and operational experience development using emerging technologies.
Mumbai and founded and managed a start-            in some aspect of the supply chain such as
up business in India prior to enrolling into       quality, demand management, and regulatory         What has been your most significant
graduating school.                                 affairs is commonly seen among the divisional      achievement to date?
                                                   and regional logistic centers. Abbott Nutrition    My time as a business unit head for Abbott
Could you give us an overview of Abbott            owns and operates all distribution centers,        Nutrition in South Africa provided me with
Nutrition and the supply chain practice            some of which are attached to our domestic         the opportunity to manage a struggling
at Abbott Nutrition?                               and international plants. Distribution in          business unit and return it to profitability
Abbott Nutrition is a $6 billion division          countries internationally is done via distributors while dealing with a competitive and hostile
of Abbott Laboratories, headquartered in           or managed by the local affiliates through a       work environment. The business unit had
Lake Forest, Illinois. Abbott Laboratories         customized distribution network.                   been struggling for three years and was
is the leading global health care company                                                             faced with increasing local competition and
with 2009 revenue of $31 billion. Abbott                                                              also was mired with business issues such as
Nutrition focuses on adult and pediatric                                                              overstocking, inaccurate forecasts, shrinking
distribution, and low organizational
morale. Not only did we return the
business unit to profitability within three
months, but we also regained market
share, led in retail execution, drove
down operating costs while increasing
divisional margins, and created best-in-
class promotional practices that made the
most of a limited budget. The tenure as
business unit head was my first exposure
to true international business and further
developed my abilities to understand                network, and the ability to work with local        What particular courses or projects
and manage global operations while being            companies to gain firsthand experience. The        that you had in business school were
cognizant of local nuances and operating            quality of my classmates and the ability to        valuable to you?
parameters.                                         interact with national supply chain leaders,       Having managed all the U.S. channels of
                                                    attend case competitions, and participate in       trade with the companies I have worked for, I
Why did you choose to pursue a degree at            forums such as CSCMP roundtables were all          have found myself incorporating the learnings
Wisconsin through the Grainger Center?              very instrumental in formulating my decision.      from Marketing Channels and referring to
After completing my engineering degree at                                                              my notes over the last few years. Courses on
the University of Mumbai in India, I founded        How did the Grainger Center's                      international operations and international
a business that manufactured customized             curriculum better prepare you for your             finance also have provided lasting value over
shipping containers for the oil and gas industry.   current job?                                       the years. The experiences of working on cross-
Although I was fortunate to be able to lead         The curriculum allowed non-business majors         functional teams on real-world situations and
the division to the #4 spot in the national         (such as myself) to develop a strong foundation    issues were also important.
market within two years, I was acutely aware        through the completion of prerequisites and
of my lack of formal business knowledge and         set the tone for the core courses and electives.   What do you think are the most
training and the impediment that it could be        I took electives in finance, international         important issues and/or trends
for future personal and professional growth. I      business, marketing, and statistics, which         influencing supply chain
was looking for an MBA program that would           broadened my understanding of these                management today?
further hone my operational knowledge               functional areas. The depth and breadth of         The last two decades were characterized by
and also help me develop business skills to         the supply chain management curriculum             globalization, focus on emerging markets, and
someday be a business leader. The Grainger          has really helped me in my career and was          the decoupling of the supply chain into a web
Center provided the finest curriculum and           instrumental in me having the confidence           of autonomous entities that were designed to
most comprehensive program available                to start my career as a brand manager with         work together—all this with a view to offset
and also had added benefits such as world-          General Mills after earning my MBA.                higher costs in developed countries, take
class faculty, niche program, a great alumni                                                           advantage of a growing middle class overseas,
                                                                                                       Continued on page 14                        13
                                                                                              Alumni News

Continued from page 13

and developments in transportation and         of my current role. There is no substitute,    Alumni Dinner in Chicago
information systems that allowed remote        of course, for networking with alumni and      On the eve of the Grainger Center's spring site
supply chains to function. In my opinion,      other supply chain thought leaders and         visit to W.W. Grainger, Inc. (see page 5), several
the most important issues today and for        staying connected with the Grainger Center     alumni joined us for dinner in Northbrook. It
the next decade are the fallouts from this     activities to help a busy professional keep    was great to see and catch up with Quraish
recent paradigm and their impact on global     abreast of the rapidly evolving field of       Baldiwala (MBA 2001), John Foster (MBA 2000),
business management.                           supply chain management.                       Christopher Grancher (MBA 2008), Justin
                                                                                              Mayer (MBA 2009), Brook Rucinski (MBA 2009),
Higher transportation costs driven by          Do you have any words of wisdom for            Umang Singh (MBA 2003), Chris Smith (MBA
rising fuel prices and longer lead times       current Grainger Center students?              2005), and Grace Xiang (MBA 2009).
have all made global transportation one        From a curriculum standpoint, I would
of the key focus areas as companies try to     encourage students to use their electives
manage the pressure on margins. Global         to pursue courses in adjoining disciplines                    Lilibeth (Ares) Mowery (MBA
sourcing is a key trend, and development       to help broaden their educational base.                       2004) and Mathew Mowery
of suppliers and networks that provide         Participating in case competitions and local                  (MBA 2005) announce the
a seamless supply of parts and products        supply chain roundtables is an easy way to                    October 8, 2009, birth of son
within stipulated quality guidelines is now    learn about real-world supply chain issues                    Liam. Lilibeth is manager of
critical. International operations is the      while developing cross-functional skills. I                   inventory optimization and Matt is
third key trend that focuses on building       would encourage students to choose their       manager/black belt of operations excellence, both
localized supply chains and operations to      internship and first job after graduation      at Cardinal Health in Dublin, Ohio.
take advantage of cost bases and navigates     with great care. Be discerning and opt for
changing regulatory environments. Last, the    opportunities that give you the maximum
dearth of well-qualified global supply chain   bandwidth to learn and add value. It is not                   Andrew McMurdie (MBA 2010)
professionals capable of understanding         so much where you work, but what you do                       and his wife Deena announce the
the end-to-end value chain, the changing       during the internship and the first career                    birth of daughter Alyssa, February
global environment, and operating on           job that really set the tone for your future                  16, 2010.
the international stage is going to be one     development and career path. Have fun
of the biggest influencers of supply chain     during the graduate program. Use the time
management in the years to come.               to grow into a world-class professional
                                               and use the opportunity to learn from your
How do you keep abreast of all the             classmates, the faculty, and the alumni
advances in the world of supply                network, since these connections will hold
chain management?                              you in good stead in the future.
I am a member of the Council of Supply
Chain Management Professionals and strive
to attend a few of the local roundtable
events. Traveling on long international
flights helps me keep up with reading the                                                     And speaking of alumni, a reception to
supply chain publications that I subscribe                                                    congratulate the class of 2010 (our newest alums!)
to, such as Global Logistics and Supply                                                       was the Grainger Center’s last official event of
Chain Strategies, Logistics Spectrum,                                                         the year. L to R: Caryl Knutsen, Jack Nevin, Verda
Supply Chain Management Review, and                                                           Blythe, and Pete Lukszys celebrate with Emily
other online publications. I do also try and                                                  Zhang, Samy Affo, Amber Sleichter, Justin Spaeth,
read magazines such as The Economist and                                                      David Poytinger, Gloria Guo, Andrew McMurdie,
Business Week to keep abreast of global                                                       Chris Gajdostik, Aaron Prevost, Richard
developments since that is an integral part                                                   Shtivelband, Ajay Balasubramaniam, and Mark
                                                                                              Dyer. (Not pictured, Terry Goeldner.)

JOHN R. (JACK) NEVIN                             VERDA A. BLYTHE                                  CARYL KNUTSEN

Jack is executive director of the Grainger       Verda is the director of the Grainger Center.    Caryl is the assistant director of the
Center and chair of the Marketing                She is responsible for marketing the Center      Grainger Center. Managing the daily
Department. He previously served as chair        to prospective students and employers,           operations of the Center, she works
of the Marketing Department from 1988            developing the applied learning program,         with current and prospective students,
through 1992 and associate dean of masters       and providing academic and career guidance       alumni, employers, faculty, the Executive
programs from 1999 to 2002. Jack earned a        to undergraduate and MBA students. She           Advisory Board, industry professionals, and
PhD in marketing from the University             works closely with the Center’s faculty and      administrators within the Wisconsin School
of Illinois.                                     Executive Advisory Board on program strategy     of Business. Caryl leads the marketing and
                                                 and leads outreach activities with alumni,       communications activities and manages
His research is primarily concentrated           employers, and professional associations.        the production of Center publications and
in three managerial-oriented areas of            Verda has presented at various conferences       the Center’s Web site. She also coordinates
marketing: marketing channels, supply            about industry-educational partnerships in       the applied learning curriculum, which
chain management, and marketing strategy.        supply chain management, and she teaches         includes executive speakers, industry-led
His research has appeared in the Journal of      two courses: Fundamentals of Supply Chain        seminars, networking events, and corporate
Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research,        Management in the undergraduate curriculum       site visits. Caryl develops and recommends
Journal of the Academy of Marketing              and Ethical Leadership in the MBA curriculum.    improvements for processes related to
Science, Journal of Macromarketing, Journal                                                       admissions and recruiting, student services,
of Retailing, Journal of Marketing and Public    Verda brings thirteen years of supply chain      and programming for undergraduate
Policy, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal   industry experience to her position, having      and MBA students, coordinates alumni
of Marketing Channels, and Law and Society       worked in various functions, including           development activities, and manages the
Review, among others.                            procurement/sourcing, production, and            work of four project assistants. Caryl has
                                                 logistics. After earning a BBA degree in         been with the Center for ten years. She holds
Jack’s teaching responsibilities include         logistics from Iowa State University, she        a bachelor of arts degree in English. Before
traditional full-time MBA classes on             worked for Ruan Transportation Management        joining the Wisconsin School of Business, she
marketing channels, marketing strategy, and      Systems in various roles, including quality,     worked in scholarly publishing for fourteen
supply chain management. He also actively        planning, and customer development. In           years at the University of Pennsylvania.
participates in executive development            2002, she graduated with an MS degree in
programs and has served as a research            supply chain management from the University
consultant or expert witness for a number of     of Wisconsin-Madison and is a Grainger
organizations. He has been heavily involved      Center alumna. Her summer internship during
with the American Marketing Association          graduate school was in logistics and materials
and the International Society of Franchising     management at Harley-Davidson Motor
in a professional service capacity.              Company. Upon graduation, she joined IBM’s
                                                 integrated supply chain, where she worked
                                                 in global procurement and the systems and
                                                 software group, both domestically and abroad.                                              15
               3450 Grainger Hall
              975 University Avenue
             Madison, WI 53706-1323

Supply Chain Update is produced with
funds made available by the Grainger
Center for Supply Chain Management
Opportunity Fund.

Editor............ Caryl Knutsen
Reporters....... Steve Harris (MBA 2011)
                   David Poytinger (MBA 2010)

2010 MBA Placement Success
                                                   Full-Time Employment
Each student in the Center receives                Company                        Location            Job Title
personalized career advising. Supply chain         Cisco Systems                  San Jose, CA        Business Analyst III
                                                   (2 of 2 offers accepted)                           Cross-Functional
management talent is in high demand,
                                                   Dover Corporation              Downers Grove, IL   Global Sourcing Analyst
and the opportunities in the field are             Genzyme Corporation            Framingham, MA      Oracle Functional Analyst
tremendous. Our graduates achieve                  Intel Corporation              Santa Clara, CA     Planning Analyst and
quickly and notably, and average starting          (2 of 2 offers accepted)       and Chandler, AZ    Supply Chain Analyst
salaries are consistently among the highest        Johnson Controls               Milwaukee, WI       Sourcing Manager
of our peer schools. The Center has a              Logitech                       Fremont, CA         Supply Chain Planning Associate
                                                   (2 of 2 offers accepted)                           and Supply Chain Analyst
remarkable placement record, and this
                                                   Miller Coors, LLC              Milwaukee, WI       Procurement Analyst
year was clearly no exception.
                                                   MBA Internships
                                                   Company                    Location
 Full-Time Employment                              American Family Insurance Madison, WI
 Average full-time base salary offer: $87,900      Chevron USA               Houston, TX
                                                   Cisco Systems             San Jose, CA
 Average full-time base salary accepted: $88,778   (2 of 2 offers accepted)
 Average accepted signing bonus: $6,000            Genzyme Corporation        Framingham, MA
                                                   W.W. Grainger, Inc.        Lake Forest, IL
 MBA Internships                                   (1 of 2 offers accepted)

 Average monthly base salary offer: $6,315         Lands' End                 Dodgeville, WI
 Average monthly base salary accepted: $6,230
                                                   Logitech                   Fremont, CA
                                                   Shure Incorporated         Niles, IL
                                                   Target                     Oconomowoc, WI

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