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									                    Military Sealift Command

                    Junior Supply Officer
                    Recruitment Initiative
                                                                         Take your career farther, faster.

                MSC is looking for Logistics Majors, at the top of their class, who
                are aspiring to become Supply Officers. You will be trained to
                coordinate and execute fleet logistics operations onboard complex
                platforms providing supplies to USN vessels worldwide.
                If you are highly skilled, ready for adventure, and desire to be a vital part of Military
                Sealift Command, you should consider the Junior Supply Officer Recruitment Initiative
                for maritime academy students.
                To fill this role you must be knowledgeable in large scale logistics operations and fleet
                operating procedures; you must be prepared for planning, coordinating, loading, and
                discharging of all types of cargo to meet the MSC mission of underway replenishment
                and point-to-point cargo movement. In this job, you will also be involved in MSC special
                missions, such as humanitarian, cable laying, salvage and diving operations, and
                submarine tender operations.
                                                                                           JSO Program
                	 a Junior Supply Officer, you’ll stage and prepare
                     As                                                                   Requirements
                     for large scale underway replenishment operations,
                     load several million gallons of bulk cargo fuel, and                Logistics Degree
                     be fully trained in Department of Defense logistics
                                                                                            US Passport
                     procedures. At the conclusion of the 3-year program
                     you will be given the opportunity to competitively apply         Transportation Workers
                     for a position as an MSC Supply Officer.                              Identification
                	   Supply Officers are Department Heads – responsible
                     for the proper performance and administration of the                Merchant Mariner
                     Supply Department. In this position, you’ll manage                      Credential
                     inventory for all types of materials moving through the
                     vessel; you’ll oversee inventory management, food service and ship store
                     operations. And you’ll be directly involved in all supply logistics planning for MSC
                     missions worldwide.
                This is an opportunity to do what you’ve been trained to do – working at sea, on state-
                of-the-art ships, using the best technology. We’re looking for academy students to join
                our team of civil service mariners (CIVMARs), to complete missions for the U.S. Navy
                worldwide. This is a federal government job, with full government benefits. Discover more
                about your place at MSC, visit


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