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									PEG Newsletter 4th Edition: Summer 2009

      Company News and Project Updates

      New Projects

      Conference Reports
      London, Tunisia, Singapore, Mumbai, Miami

      PEG Recruitment

      PEG India and PEG South East Asia
      Introducing our global team

      Goodbye Mr Delvaux
      35 Years at PEG’s Service

                                              Provisional Taking Over of the new
                                              1MTPY Cement Plant in Hama, Syria by
                                              the Government Organisation for Cement
                                              and Building Materials

                                                                     Hama cement plant Syria

With summer in Geneva in full swing, PEG S.A. welcomes you to its fourth edition of the
company newsletter. Here at PEG S.A. we have had a very successful past few months,
with our business ever increasing in size and scope. We attended the IEEE-IAS/PCE
conference in Miami, as well as the Cemtech Asia Conference in Singapore, and the
Intercem Conference in Mumbai, all of which proved fruitful in relation to the acquisi-
tion of new contracts. Since our last newsletter, we have increased in size with 17 new
members added to our team.
We wish you a pleasant read of this fourth edition, and wish you success and prosperity
for 2009.

                                Yours Sincerely, Marc Lambert - Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                          Jet D’eau - Genève


Company News                                                                                   3
Malta and Bulgaria Lufthansa Update                                                            4
New Projects                                                                                   5
PEG India & PEG South East Asia                                                                6
Conference Reports                                                                             7-8
Enatec                                                                                         8
The Interview                                                                                  9-11
PEG Employment and Recruitment                                                                 12

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Company News
Births                                           ing with New Business Development.                 of Accoya wood. When commenting, Marc
                                                                                                    Lambert (CEO PEG S A.) said “We are delight-
It has been a busy period in terms of new ad-    Also after completing his studies in Industri-
                                                                                                    ed to be working with Accsys and a number
ditions to PEG families. Seven of our employ-    al Engineering, we are pleased to announce
ees have recently had babies and our warm-                                                          of governments for such a progressive, envi-
                                                 the return of Sofiane Ennseiri to our team as
est congratulations go to the following:         Manager of our Turnkey Engineering Team.           ronmentally responsible product.”
                                                                                                    For more information visit:
Technical and Operations Director, Dr. Hans      For more information about our graduate  
Wilhelm Meyer and his partner Ellen with         training scheme or internships program,
their baby Bennet. Born on the 28th Sep-         please contact
tember 2008, a lovely healthy boy weighing
3250g, and measuring 56 cm.                      Lufthansa Technik: Project Update

Electromechanical Engineer, Ismail Yilmaz        PEG is pleased to announce the completion
and his wife Filiz with their new baby Bilge     of the first bay of its aircraft maintenance fa-
Naz Yilmaz. She was born 31 December 2008        cility in both Malta and Bulgaria. Initially the
at 16h45. She weighed 3.3kg and measured         design process of its docking systems was
51cm.                                            successfully implemented following a thor-
                                                 ough evaluation of the client’s requirements.
Project Secretary, Katrina Bates with her baby   The first realization phase was then carried
Lana. She was born on the 28th of November       out and completed in a fast and efficient
2008, she measured 47 cm and weighed 3.57        manner by the Turnkey Engineering Team.
kg.                                              Fully automated and fully equipped, the
                                                 first base of the maintenance docks features
PEG India Coordinator, Carlos Fernandez and      state of the art appliances which include in-      Hama Cement Plant Provisional Taking
his wife Maria with their baby Martin. Born      dividual power supplies and maintenance            Over
on the 15th May 2009 he weighed 3.8kg, and       accessories such as kerosene fuel extrac-
he measured 52 cm.                               tors, lavatory facilities, aircraft loaders and    PEG is pleased to announce that the new
                                                 fuel tank repair trolleys. Furthermore, the        Hama cement plant of G.O.C.B.M. (General
Project Manager & Mechanical Engineer,           equipment utilized is fully galvanized, ATEX       Organisation for Cement and Building Ma-
Damien Grandjanny and his wife Natalie           protected and comply with the international        terials) has successfully been completed and
with their baby girl Axelle. Born on 2nd of      aircraft maintenance norms of basic safety         that the provisional acceptance protocol cer-
April 2009 at 19h42, she measured 52 cm          requirements (DIN EN 1915-1), stability and        tificate has been duly issued to the general
and weighed 2.84 kg                              strength requirements and calculations and         contractor.
                                                 tests methods (DIN EN 1915-2). On comple-
Project Manager and Electromechanical En-        tion of the project, the facilities will be able   Resulting from the efficient collaboration
gineer, Luc Courtieu and his wife Emmanuel       to dock all Airbus fleet and Boeing fleet (A to    between G.O.C.B.M. and PEG, all the major
with baby Paul, 3kg, 51cm born on 13th April     D check)                                           performance indicators have outperformed
at 9.28am. A new brother to sister Elena.                                                           the figures originally agreed upon. The pro-
                                                                                                    duction capacity of the Hama cement plant,
Project Secretary, Aicha Sane with her baby                                                         for example, has been greatly improved to
girl Maïmouna. Born on April the 12th 2008,                                                         3700tpd from the 3300tpd. This successful
she measured 48cm and weighing 2.87kg.                                                              endeavor is largely due to the dedication
                                                                                                    and expertise of the different project teams
We wish them all the best for the future with                                                       involved, past and present. PEG is pleased
their new families.                                                                                 to thank all those who have shown commit-
                                                                                                    ment to the project throughout its execution
Graduate Recruitment and Internships:                                                               and commissioning .
                                                           Lufthansa Technik Malta - Bay 1
After an exciting three month internship         Company News
with PEG S.A. Alix Lambert has left to move
on to new projects. PEG thanks her for her       PEG Resources (a subsidiary of PEG S.A.) has
hard work and cooperation and wishes her         signed an agency agreement with Accsys
every success in her future career.
                                                 technologies Plc, in respect of the rights to
Furthermore, PEG S.A. is pleased to announce     source and develop a licensing infrastructure
the forthcoming arrival of 4 new intern stu-     to manufacture Accoya wood throughout the
dents. Starting in July, our new interns will    African Continent. The two companies have
be contributing to the team in various roles     targeted several African countries to explore
including Engineering, Marketing and assist-     licensing opportunities for the production
                                                                                                                             Hama plant - Syria
                  PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
          Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                                            3
Lufthansa Technik Malta and Bulgaria Update
                                                                                                 The PEG tail docks are independent from
                                                                                                 the “horizontal stabilizer dock” ensuring ad-
                                                                                                 ditional flexibility and a safer working envi-

                                                                                                 A focus on the latest technologies and a
                                                                                                 strong emphasis on Research & Develop-
                                                                                                 ment represent a trademark at PEG which
                                                                                                 enables it to gain an invaluable competitive
                                                                                                 edge. Yet PEG’s force extends much further.
                                                                                                 By managing a project from beginning to the
                                                                                                 end and providing full contracting services,
                                                                                                 PEG provides solutions that are delivered and
                                                                                                 implemented on time and within budget.

                                                                                                 This is one of the roles of the Turnkey team
                                                                                                 who allows the project to come to fruition.
                                                                                                 Our responsibilities include on-site works
                                                                                                 supervision, the procurement of equipment,
                                                                                                 the monitoring of logistics and the structural
                                                                                                 calculations. Last but not least, PEG through

MALTA FIRST BAY                                   to, which in turn optimizes the maintenance
                                                  procedures and diminishes the operating
                                                                                                 its Transport specialists help deliver products
                                                                                                 on time and on budget. Nicholas Gilbert,

COMPLETE, AND                                     costs. Our fully automated easy-to-use docks
                                                  allow our clients to decrease the number of
                                                                                                 head of Transport & Logistics adds that “The
                                                                                                 traceability system in place at PEG enables

BULGARIA PROJECT                                  operating staff by at least 30%.
                                                  Key benefits of our prototypes and technical
                                                                                                 considerable advantages. Furthermore, we
                                                                                                 have reduced the equipment and steel struc-

FINISHED                                          facts are outlined below:                      ture transportation time from 6 weeks to 6
                                                                                                 days, within Europe, through optimisation
                                                  Key Benefits:                                  and at the same time we can ensure a qual-
PEG is pleased to announce the completion         Our platforms are equipped with sliders with   ity delivery through our safe packing proce-
of the first bay of its aircraft maintenance      a traveling distance of up to one meter.       dures”.
facility in Malta and both bays in Sofia, Bul-
garia.                                            PEG provides flexible and mobile docks suit-   Having served the industry leader in the
                                                  able for maintenance of both Airbus and        maintenance overhaul sector for the past ten
Initially the design process of its docking       Boeing families.                               years, PEG has acquired valuable experience
systems was successfully implemented fol-                                                        in the design and building of all types of
lowing a thorough evaluation of the client’s      Our tail dock is equipped with support plat-   docking maintenance facilities let they be on
requirement. This entails to provide tailor-      forms which can suspend/elevate heavy          wide body aircrafts as well as narrow body
made designs that will anticipate and tackle      equipment and tools.                           ones. PEG continuously strive to provide so-
the obstacles posed by old and outdated                                                          lutions that are fast, efficient, easy to operate
hangars, not originally constructed for such      Our design provides dual air channels for      and inexpensive to maintain.
purposes.                                         painting and pneu-
                                                  matic plug-in tools
The first realization phase was then carried      with easy connec-
out and completed in a fast and efficient         tions to the hangar
manner by the Turnkey Engineering Team.           outlets.
Fully automated and fully equipped, the
first base of the maintenance docks features      The use of our docks
state of the art appliances which include in-     guarantees the over-
dividual power supplies and maintenance           all reduced aircraft                                          Our fully functional narrow body dock design
accessories such as kerosene fuel extractors,     downtime, i.e. for
aircraft loaders and fuel tank repair trolleys.   a regular D-check
Furthermore, the equipment utilized is ATEX       of an Airbus A340-
protected and comply with the international       600 up to 6 days are
aircraft maintenance norms of basic safety        saved using our tail
requirements (DIN EN 1915-1), stability and       docks compared to
strength requirements and calculations and        other maintenance
tests methods (DIN EN 1915-2). The safety ele-    facilities.
ment is one which PEG pays special attention                                                                      Our fully functional wide body dock design

                  PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
          Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                                                       4
New Projects
Since our last                            administrative analysis of a group of
                                          cement plants relating to four exist-    Benin:
newsletter,   PEG                         ing plants and two green field plants
                                          under construction in the Islamic re-
                                                                                   PEG S.A. was commissioned to en-
                                                                                   sure the success of the operation
has signed 17 new                         public of Iran.                          of a grinding plant featuring two
                                                                                   grinding lines of 80tph capacity. The
contracts...                              Costa Rica:                              mandate includes; checking the de-
                                          Contract to supply all the studies for   sign, inspecting the equipment in
                                          the construction of one 20’000 ton       the concerned workshops, supervis-
                                          clinker silo and one 10’000 ton ho-      ing erection works and auditing the
The contract was to inspect and
                                          mogenisation silo.                       plant during the warranty period.
evaluate the costs associated to the
revamping, optimization and up-
                                          France: Contract for the opening         India:
grading of the Congalese national-
                                          and exploitation of a new quarry. In-    PEG India Pvt. Ltd. signed a contract
ised cement plant. The initial nomi-
                                          cludes planning for loading of lime-     with Lafarge India on the Arasmeta
nal production was 1000tpd. Today,
                                          stone, transport, unloading and stor-    project to assist in the engineering
it is running on average at 200tpd.
                                          age for the clients cement plant.        and equipment supply stages of the
The upgrade aims to raise produc-
                                                                                   implementation of the project.
tion levels to 1650tpd.
                                          West Africa: Market Study
Dominican Republic:
                                          Colombia: Preliminary designs of a       India:
Our client commissioned PEG to
                                          bypass system.                           The Grasim Group entrusted PEG In-
provide a feasibility study relating
                                                                                   dia Pvt. Ltd. to carry out a feasibility
to the investment for a 1’000/1’200
tpd clinker production line from the      Russia:                                  study of the rationale and practical
                                          This contract is to provide Consult-     aspects of the feeding of clinker and
crushing to the existing clinker silo.
                                          ing and Engineering Services for the     gypsum to the cement grinding ball
                                          evaluation of three Chinese suppli-      mills from the three silos in opera-
                                          ers and a Russian design institute.      tion.
Contract for a feasibility study relat-
ing to the rehabilitation of the Gov-     The elaboration of the plant concept
                                          design, tendering and contracting        India:
ernment owned Karbala cement
                                          for the construction of a new cement     Maihar Cement sought PEG India
plant in the republic of Iraq
                                          plant in the Russian Federation.         Pvt. Ltd. consultancy services to up-
                                                                                   grade their clinker cooler to a poten-
The scope of the contract is to pro-      Russia:                                  tial output of 5’000tpd. The mandate
                                          Contract for the expert evaluation       will consist of reviewing cooling air
vide consultancy and engineering
                                          of an offer for the reconstruction of    and exhaust air requirements and re-
services for the client during the
                                          one existing kiln line (5x 185m and      inforcing cooler housing in order to
construction of 2 cement plants.
                                          6000t/ Day) as well as for the expert    keep up with the larger production
This is a semi turnkey project with
                                          evaluation of an FLS proposal for the    of clinker.
PEG overseeing the approval of the
GA drawings, civil works site super-      construction of a new 6000 T/ Day
                                          clinker production line.                 Mexico:
vision, erection of equipment, com-
                                                                                   PEG S.E.A. provided the detailed
missioning of the plant and finally
the hand over to the client.              Tunisia:                                 design of ducts and stack for a coal
                                          Contract for a new Greenfield ce-        and petcoke grinding system for a
                                          ment plant operating 2 lines, with       3’500tpd clinker plant.
PEG is to act as consultant to ex-        a nominal capacity of 5,500tpd per
ecute the elaboration of a techni-        line.
cal, economical, financial, legal and

                PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
        Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                        5
 PEG India & PEG South East Asia
 Introducing the Titans!
  The PEG group of companies is pleased to introduce you to our Filipino and Indian members of staff,
  all of which have extensive experience in the cement infrastructure and the environmental industries.
                                                                              PEG S.E.A. was established to pro-
        PEG S.E.A.                                                            vide civil and mechanical engi-
                                                                              neering and drafting services to
   ORGANIZATIONAL CHART                                                       the cement, environmental and
                                                      infrastructure sectors. PEG S.E.A.
 Civil Mechanical                                                             delivers a comprehensive range
 Specialists                                                                  of design and drafting services
                                                                              through personnel having gained
                Manag ng D rector
                                                                              their experience in both local and
                                                                                               Techn cal Director

                                                          Exec Assistant      international markets. PEG S.E.A.                                                                Manager
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Project Manager
                                                                                                                                                                          St uctural Designs

                                                                              has the ability to work in alliance
                                                                              with engineering, architectural,
                                                       Project Supervisor
                                                                              fabrication as well as construction                  P oject Superv sor

                                                                              companies, in order to best fulfill
              Outsourced                                                                                                                                                                Structura /Safety Engr        Erection Supervisor         lectrical Superv sor

                                                                              the clients’ requirements. Having
                                    P oject Eng neer
                                                                              successfully completed numerous
                                                                            Project Engineer                        Project Engineer               Project Engineer

                                                                              projects worldwide whilst working                                                                          Mechanical Foreman           R gger Foreman              Mater al Controller

                                                                              either with client teams of engi-
                                                                              neers and designers or independ-
                                                                               Draftsman                              Draftsman                          Draftsman

                                                                              ently, PEG S.E.A. has repeatedly

                                                                              proven its reliability, professional-
                                      Dra tsman
                                                                              ism and dedication in completing
                                                                               Draftsman                              Draftsman                          D aftsman

                                                                              projects, on time, on budget and
                                                                              of course to the clients best satis-
PEG India was established to pro-
vide detailed mechanical, electri-                                                               PEG INDIA
cal and automation engineering
and design management services                                                             ORGANIZATIONAL CHART
to the cement, environmental and www pegindia in
infrastructure sectors by combining
Indian engineering values with a Mechanical
team of highly experienced indus- Electrical &                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Head of Electrical

try experts in order to bring satisfac- Automation
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Senior Consultant                 Technical Director
                                                                                                                                                            Head of Mechanical                                                                                           Head of Process   Engineering Dept
                                                                                                                                                             Engineering Dpt                                                                                             Engineering Dpt

tion to the greater benefit of all our
clients. PEG India is fully independ- Specialists
ent from any contractors, equip-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ass stant        Executive Assistant

ment manufacturers or banks. This
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Commerc al Manager

permits us to provide our clients
with unbiased advice, services, and                                                                                                                                                                       Designer

recommendations, whilst offering
                                                                                                                                        Plant Designer                     Designer                                                         Des gner

solutions that are adapted to our
clients’ specific needs.

                                                                                                                                                                          Draftsman                       D aftsman

                 PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
         Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    6
Miami IEEE-IAS/PCA Technical Conference           estimation of the cost of investment for a        tiated correspondence with them and sub-
                                                  1,000/1,200tpd clinker production line from       sequently, visits to some of the interested cli-
                                                  the crushing to the existing clinker silo         ents have been planned in order to develop
                                                                                                    a new relationship with PEG India.
                                                  Furthermore, contact was made with Trini-
                                                  dad Cement, and PEG is looking to establish       Singapore Cemtech Asia Conference 2008
                                                  a future working partnership in this respect.
                                                                                                    In June, the PEG S.A. conference team trav-
                                                  As a result of the conference, PEG estab-         elled to Singapore to exhibit at the 2008
                                                  lished many new and interesting contacts          Cemtech Asia Conference. Based at the Pan
                                                  and Miami proved to be the perfect venue          Pacific Hotel, and with over 150 participants
                                                  for a conference.                                 from all over the world, the conference pro-
                                                                                                    vided PEG with some excellent networking
                                                                                                    opportunities and the chance to catch up
The Cement Industry Technical Conference          Mumbai Intercem Conference 2008                   with their partners in the Philippines, PEG
celebrated its 50th anniversary last year in                                                        South East Asia and PEG India.
Miami, Florida from the 18th to the 22nd
May. It was held at the Doral Golf Resort and
Spa, just a few miles from Miami Internation-
al airport.

The event took place over 4 days, attracted
approximately 115 companies from all over
the world, and represented virtually anyone
with an interest in cement manufacturing.
This included both corporate and plant level
operations, production, automation, power,
maintenance and environmental personnel                                                             The conference provided a comprehensive
along with equipment manufacturers, sup-                                                            review of South East Asian cement markets,
pliers, vendors and consultants.                  Between the 23rd and 24th of October 2008,        and also a detailed insight in to the use of
                                                  the PEG conference team travelled to Mum-         secondary fuel systems, a subject that PEG
The exhibition featured a mix of educational      bai to exhibit at the Intercem India 2008 Con-    S.A. Technical Director, Dr. Hans Wilhelm
tutorials and technical papers and delegates      ference. Delegates from all over the globe        Meyer is a particular expert in. This subject
were also offered. the chance to visit and tour   attended and the conference featured many         provided Dr. Meyer with an opportunity to
the Titan America’s Pennsuco cement facility,     interesting presentations on topics such as       deliver a presentation on the optimum utili-
followed by a tour of the Titan Quarry.           the future of the Indian Cement Industry,         zation of secondary fuels in South East Asia.
                                                  current domestic industry developments            With over 50 cement producers from all over
The cement industry is growing in the USA,        and export growth and Waste Heat Recovery         the world, such opportunities are fantastic
but when compared with other countries the        Technology in China.                              for the PEG brand, and allow us to emphasise
growth is unsubstantial. It is therefore likely                                                     our position as a world leader in the cement
that domestic capacity increases will outstrip    Currently, India is one of the fastest growing    engineering field.
growth in consumption during 2007-2009.           economies in the world, and achieved GDP
However, significant increases in clinker         growth of 9.1% for the fiscal year 2007-2008.     As a result of the conference, we have seen a
capacity are expected in the period 2008 –        With 50 major players in the Indian cement        number of new leads which we are currently
2012. The cement industry in the USA has          industry and over 70,000 people involved in       following up and are looking to pursue a fur-
announced plans to increase clinker capac-        production of cement in India, the Indian ce-     ther business relationship.
ity by nearly 25million tonnes by 2012. This      ment capacity is approximately 204million
capacity increase reflects the $5.9bn invest-     tones per annum. This figure is expected to
ment which will increase capacity by 27% on       rise to around 300million tones per annum
2006 clinker capacity. The expansion plans        by 2012. Indian cement plants are consid-         Tunisian African Cement Trade Confer-
cover seven new Greenfield sites, and the ex-     ered to be among the best in the world in         ence 2009:
pansion of 18 existing facilities.                terms of operational efficiency, asset utiliza-
                                                  tion, energy efficiency and pollution control     In late April, the PEG conference team trav-
PEG S.A. had a booth at the show, and re-         technologies. Capacity utilization remained       elled to Tunisia for the inaugural ‘Africa Ce-
ceived many interesting enquiries from            good at around 96% for the year 2007-2008.        menTrade Conference. The conference set
potential clients. PEG S.A. is now currently                                                        out to examine the upcoming opportunities
involved in a 1200tpd OPC plant in Santo          The Intercem conference proved success-           arising from Africa’s infrastructure boom and
Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The            ful for PEG and a number of potential new         the challenges facing the African cement in-
client has requested that PEG provides an         clients were identified. PEG has already ini-     dustry.

                  PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
          Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                                               7
                                                                                                         Enatec GmbH
The conference saw key players in Africa’s Ce-
                                                    Despite the difficult economic circumstances
                                                    in Russia, BusinessCem was a useful opportu-
                                                                                                      An Introduction to Enatec
ment and Construction industries and other          nity for networking, and people are remain-
                                                                                                      With the cement industry growing faster
global cement companies discuss key issues          ing optimistic and interested in our services.
                                                                                                      than ever in developing countries (India ce-
linked to the cement trade in the region.           However, the investment trend has moved
                                                                                                      ment industry expected to grow 22% in the
                                                    more towards the rehabilitation and revamp-
                                                                                                      next 2 years), and with sustained growth lev-
PEG Technical and Operations Director, Dr.          ing of existing cement plants, as opposed to
                                                                                                      els within more mature markets such as the
Hans Wilhelm Meyer presented his presenta-          the commitment to invest in a new plant.
                                                                                                      USA and Europe (around 5.5% per annum),
tion titled “Professional Project Consultancy,                                                        reliable spare and wear parts suppliers have
the basis for a successful investment.”             Airline Purchasing & Aircraft Maintenance
                                                                                                      never been more important within the ce-
PEG S.A. had a booth at the exhibition which        Outsourcing EXPO in London:
                                                                                                      ment supply chain.
provided excellent exposure for our brand
and services to all the delegates.                                                                    Enatec GmbH has been providing worldwide
                                                                                                      and invaluable engineering support to the
We also held various project discussions                                                              heavy industry sectors since 1994. To date,
with potential investors and clients from the                                                         Enatec has been involved in many projects
Maghreb Region, East Africa, Central Africa                                                           comprising of modernisation, optimisation,
and as well as Iran.                                                                                  ventilation systems, environmental control
                                                                                                      as well as spare parts and logistics.
Furthermore, the PEG team used the oppor-
tunity to network with various local equip-                                                           Initially established to supply spare and wear
ment suppliers, civil construction companies                                                          parts, Enatec is able to combine the best of
and erection companies in the area.                                                                   both worlds, Quality AND Value, through
                                                    In early May, Marc Lambert took the PEG S A.
                                                                                                      a vast network of carefully managed and
                                                    conference team travelled to London to ex-
                                                                                                      controlled suppliers. ENATEC executes the
                                                    hibit our Aircraft Maintenance Dock Systems
                                                                                                      design of all its spare parts in Europe and
BusinessCem 2009, Moscow:                           at the Airline purchasing and aircraft Mainte-
                                                                                                      carries out the manufacturing process under
                                                    nance Exhibition 2009. Situated in London’s
                                                                                                      strict supervision in their partner workshops.
                                                    Olympia exhibition hall, the exhibition pro-
                                                                                                      This ensures European engineering stand-
                                                    vided a melting pot of suppliers throughout
                                                                                                      ards combined with low cost manufactur-
                                                    the airline industry. Amongst other things,
                                                                                                      ing in order to provide the most competitive
                                                    this exhibition provided the PEG team with
                                                                                                      prices for their customers.
                                                    excellent opportunities for networking with
                                                    events such as a “Meet the Buyers” evening.
                                                                                                      Today, in addition to their core business,
                                                    This event, a kind of speed dating for the        ENATEC sells its own range of specialist
                                                    business world, was fantastic for all involved    equipment covering conveyors and filters,
                                                    including PEG, and allowed our team to net-       right through to bespoke equipments that
                                                    work with a vast number of suppliers and          have been design engineered and produced
In April, the PEG conference team travelled         buyers in a short space of time.                  by their team of experts. Located in the
to Moscow for the 2009 BusinessCem con-                                                               heartland of Germany’s cement manufactur-
ference event. The main theme of the Con-           The evening events were also interesting          ing area, ENATEC is able to provide its clients
ference was the strategic and technical             with the first night being an awards evening.     with customized engineering solutions at a
developments in cement manufacture of               Several awards were issued to Maintenance         competitive price.
CIS countries. The conference also aimed to         Repair and Overhaul companies which
discuss the present situation in the cement         helped to highlight the key players in the        As the heavy industries grow, manufacturers
industry of Russia and CIS countries.               industry.                                         need to be sure that they have suppliers that
                                                                                                      are able to grow with them and adapt to their
Many interesting subjects were raised such          The event showed little signs of industry         needs. With unlimited production capacity
as the reconstruction of existing cement            slowdown with 141 airlines in attendance,         for spare parts and an experienced logistics
plants, the use of waste products and trans-        and exhibitors from the Middle East, Amer-        division, ENATEC is perfectly positioned to
fer to alternative fuels, logistics, new technol-   ica, Africa, Asia and Europe, the event was       offer its global clients, global solutions.
ogies and the main investment trends in the         very much an international affair and the
current economic climate.                           event organizers claimed an 8% increase on        For more information about any of the serv-
                                                    attendance over last years event.                 ices that ENATEC GmbH can provide, please
PEG S A. Technical and Operations Director,                                                           contact us:
Dr Hans Wilhelm Meyer presented his topic           Overall, PEG gained a lot of useful contacts as
of cement plant optimization, moderniza-            well as receiving some calls for tenders.         Email:
tion and energy conservation.                                                                         Tel: +49 (0) 2521 93 610

                   PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
           Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                                               8
The Interview

Christian                                   LEMAY cement plant in Belgium (2 ver-
                                            tical kilns) in the summer of 1963. Bel-
                                                                                         basis than I gave it professionally.” In any
                                                                                         project, we should never split the man
                                            gium has had a long history in cement,       away from the machine and the aware-
Delvaux :                                   especially in the limestone region of
                                            the Tournai area. Although at that time
                                                                                         ness of the whole context is essential for
                                                                                         the successful delivery of any project.

35 years at                                 a trainee wouldn’t receive a salary, I can
                                            testify that this experience enriched me
                                                                                         In Africa the local conditions have to
                                                                                         be respected and considered, and the

PEG’s service
                                            both technically, and as a person. Further   “Elders” should be met and consulted.
                                            training in positions in various cement      As my old friend Amadou Hampâté Bâ
                                            plants followed. Finally, I got accepted     says: “In Africa, when an old man dies,
                                            to the Holderbank Technical Centre in        a library burns.” As well as big projects,
                                            Switzerland to carry out research for my     we have to develop small and medium
                                            thesis. At this stage, the cement virus      sized ones, as well as the production of
Throughout the past three years, PEG        overcame me, and I was never cured!          lime and derived products in Africa. This
has seen many positive changes. Whilst                                                   involves looking for reliable African part-
change has to occur in the fast moving      Which PEG projects have you                  ners who are ready and willing to invest
world that we live in, it is nevertheless   worked on?                                   in their country and to collaborate in the
important to maintain a strong struc-                                                    smart approach of adapting projects to
ture/backbone within the company. This      Cement plants                                the different surroundings whether cul-
has only been achieved and made pos-        Engineering and leading cement               tural or regional. PEG is very sensitive to
sible through the retention of our loyal    projects for new cement plants, exten-       these issues and I also deeply share and
and dedicated staff. One of which is Mr.    sions, renovations or transformations,       believe in them. These thoughts are of
Christian Delvaux whose commitment          starting from the feasibility studies, ex-   great importance if one considers the
and expertise should be regarded as a       pertise and technical-economical stud-       possibility of real industrial develop-
role model to all of us.                    ies to the implementation (mainly in         ment based on a real trade relationship
                                            Africa) of various projects. My interest     between the north and the south. This is
How did you begin a career in Ce-           in the numerous African cultures led me      further enhanced by the world’s interest
ment?                                       to understand and approach the African       in mining and energetic wealth of the
                                            continent and its people. As I often say     African continent.
It began after three months practice at     “Africa brought me more on a personal
                                                                                         Waste Management
                                                                                         I conducted the engineering and project
                                                                                         management of the extension and im-
                                                                                         plementation of PEG’s largest waste
                                                                                         management plant in Switzerland. With
                                                                                         heat recovery through incinerating mu-
                                                                                         nicipal waste as well as specific waste, in
                                                                                         order to produce electricity and distance
                                                                                         heating was to be a breath of hope for
                                                                                         the 21st century which had begun so
                                                                                         bleak. Yet the world is still faced with
                                                                                         this issue of waste and pollution and this
                                                                                         should be constantly addressed.
                                                                                         Technical solutions for addressing the
                                                                                         waste problem are available; recycling,
                                                                                         incineration, and composting exist, and
                                                                                         are operational. However, before decid-
                                                                                         ing to invest, it is crucial to establish a
                                                                                         master plan for the concerned waste
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         Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                                 9
The Interview
which will help find the best adapted                                                    The second thing is the set up of high
sorting channels to the given context as      Finally, I’ll conclude with another two    performing data processing tools, for
far as quality and cost are concerned. The    values which are close to my heart and     the technological side as well as for the
cement channel is important as it uses        will remain in the future:                 administrative and financial ones. This is
waste as an alternative fuel. A number                                                   obviously crucial in this century, for us
of cement producers have understood           •	       The	 right	 man,	 at	 the	 right	 and our clients. Even if we keep in mind
this and are already acting accordingly.      place, and at the right moment.            that, no matter how advanced these
However, for the remaining ones, time         •	       Each	project	has	to	be	tailored	 tools are, they have to remain tools in
has come to take that vital step. In some     to measure                                 human’s hands and not the other way
cases, especially in Africa, and before in-                                              round.
vesting, it is important to learn about the   Which positive changes have you
quantities and the quality of the waste       noticed in the past three years?               The third thing is a larger geographic di-
available in order to maximize its value.                                                    versification created by the speeding up
Moreover, a detailed approach has to be       The universe, society in general and the       of the development around the world.
made, since the African waste is differ-      human being in particular are in perpet-       This is due to globalization and also due
ent from traditional European munici-         ual evolution. This is one of the princi-      to the necessity of implementing many
pal waste. Finally, setting up “clever and    ples of any life on earth. This also applies   cement plants (or extending or trans-
adaptable solutions to the local context”     to PEG today and in the future. So what        forming the existing ones) to satisfy the
would help the political decision mak-        is new? The first thing is the rejuvena-       ever increasing demand for a product
ers to solve a public health problem and      tion of PEG, with Marc’s appointment to        that we can consider as a primary neces-
help the cement producers to get some         Chief Executive Officer representing the       sity for the economic development of
alternative fuels. In the cement industry,    third generation of the Lambert family.        the planet. To summarize, I can say that
as in all industrial activities, new tech-    New co-workers regulating the balance          PEG, even if it was already acting world-
nologies help reduce the pollution in an      of the age pyramid and the extension           wide, entered at the right moment and
effective way.                                of the diversification of origins brings us    actively participated in what we nowa-
                                              “fresh blood”. In 1995, within the compa-      days call globalization.
How has PEG changed in your 35                ny we already had 14 different nationali-
years of valiant service?                     ties, mainly European. Today, we have 15       What about PEG tomorrow?
                                              different nationalities representing the
When it was created by the Lambert            entire world. This is a great benefit for us   That is a vast subject. As a preamble, I’ll
family in April 1965, PEG was the first En-   as well as for our clients, considering the    say tomorrow that PEG will be what it
gineering Consultancy that was entirely       significant value of the various cultures
independent from the cement produc-           and experiences of each individual.
ers and also the equipment suppliers.
From the beginning, within the compa-      However, the rejuvenation doesn’t entail
ny PEG had a number of qualified engi-     the abandonment of the experience and
neers and technicians allowing them to     knowledge of the senior ones. PEG care-
offer state of the art cement engineering  fully watches over to ensure the transi-
consultancy services. Today they have      tion in the best possible conditions. Yet,
many. Amongst the original values of       this is not the easiest to accomplish, as
PEG, some are still evident today:         a real effort must be made to find the
                                           perfect balance between the one trans-
•	       Geographical	 diversification	 –	 mitting the knowledge and the one re-
PEG is worldwide                           ceiving it. Personally, I think there is a
•	       Product	 Diversification:	 Ce- link between this process and the qual-
ment, Infrastructure and Environment.      ity of our relationships with our clients
•	       Competency	 diversification:	 vi- and suppliers, all for the greater benefit
sion, development, implementation and of our projects.
                 PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
         Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                                    10
The Interview

                                                                                                      Curriculum Vitae


                                                                                              Namur, Belgium, 11th of August 1943

                                                                                              Secondary studies, Classical branch.
                                                                                              Superior Studies at the “Ecole Centrale
                                                                                              des Arts et Métiers” (ECAM), Brussels
                                                                                              (Qualified electro-mechanical engi-
                                                                                              neer), MSc

                                                                                              Career :
                                                                                              “Compagnie des Ciments Malgaches”

                                                                                              Engineer in charge of the maintenance
wants to be, but as well as what the mar-       ing in various areas of the world whether
                                                                                              (cement plant, power station and port
ket will dictate to it. Human and techni-       it be equipment manufacturing and/or
cal potentialities as well as the above         qualified people in each scope of our ac-
mentioned diversifications are major            tivities. Finally, tomorrow means being
                                                                                              Technical Director,
assets favoring PEG. If at its beginning,       ready to put our competence in the art
                                                                                              then General Director a.i.
PEG implemented three cement plants             of dealing with small and big projects at
(Le Havre in France 3000tpd, Pertigalete        the disposal of a larger and diversified
in Venezuela 3000tpd and Guidonia in            client base, within the cement industry
Italy 4300tpd) it was thanks to the dy-         or other fields. The challenge is worth it,   15th November 1973 – Mechanical
namism, competence and the experi-              and there is a real need for it in numer-     Engineer and Project Manager
ence of its employees. Since then, PEG          ous parts of the world.
has implemented over 400 projects in                                                          2nd June 1980 – Commercial repre-
more than 90 countries, and it is due to        To conclude, I want to say that if these      sentative
the fact that the company retains the           few ideas, which I wanted to share with
same spirit. Tomorrow, in an ever grow-         you throughout this interview seem ob-        2nd February 1982 – Member of the
ing market, where the idea of time takes        vious, they are often the most difficult      Board of Directors
another dimension compared to when              ones to implement.
I began in the cement industry, I think                                                       31st May 1983- Manager and author-
that the fundamental values we cherish                                                        ized agent
will remain. Nevertheless, we will have to
be ever more innovative; we will always                                                       Hobbies:
have to look for better solutions at the                                                      Choir singing, Classical music, Ceram-
best prices in the shortest time frames                                                       ics, painting under glass, Reading, Po-
for our clients and permanently inno-                                                         etry, as well as the study of
vate. I’ll summarize this in a few words:                                                     cultures, and Philosophy.
Listen, think and then Act.

Tomorrow also means considering the
good of our clients, all the potential exist-

                  PEG S.A. - 4, rue du Lièvre - CP 1411 - 1211 Geneva 26 - Switzerland
          Tel +41 (0) 22 544 31 00 Fax +41 (0) 22 544 31 05                                            11
PEG Employment and Recruitment
PEG’s New Employees
Gareth Jones                         Sofiane Ennseiri                   Louis Durand
Head of Electrical Engineering and   Turnkey Manager                    Cost analyst
Automation Department

Norbert Kuempel                      Olivier Della Meastra              Ronan Jouchet
Head of Mechanical Engineering De-   Assistant to CEO                   IT Systems Consultant

Juergen Kretschmer                   Ilya Khalikov                      Aicha Sane
Mechanical Engineer                  Contracts Consultant               Project Secretary

Brian Boon                           Nicholas Gilbert                   Laura Cuttaz
Process Engineer                     Marketing Trainee                  Project Secretary

Bruno Allouchery                     Ahmad Ashrafi                      Moussa Cisse
Mechanical Engineer                  Business Consultant                Office Assistant

Wilhelm Schwendimenn                 Olivier Python
Civil Engineer                       Business Consultant

  PEG Vacancies
  PEG Vacancies

  As an ever growing company, PEG is always looking for experienced experts to join its offices around
  the world (Geneva, Germany, India, Philippines). We are seeking candidates with the following ex-

  Project Managers with at least 10 years of cement experience.
  Civil Engineers with at least 10 years of cement experience.
  Mechanical Engineers with at least 10 years of cement or heavy industrial engineering experience
  Electrical Engineers with at least 10 years of cement or heavy industrial engineering experience
  Site Resident Engineers with at least 10-20+ years of site cement engineering experience
  Geologists with at least 10 years of cement industry experience
  Commissioning Engineers in the field of cement with a minimum of 10 - 15 years of experience

  French and or English languages and a willingness to travel are essential.
  Fluency in other languages is an advantage, but not a must.

  If you wish to apply, please send your CV and covering letter to, quoting your
  name and skill in the subject line.

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