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									         Lunch Learn           &      Workshop Series
  One Fit Mama® kicks off their 3rd annual free Lunch and Learn
                                                                           When: Every 2nd
  Workshop Series at Whole Foods Markets® in Jenkintown!
                                                                                   Wednesday at
  This monthly series, sponsored by One Fit Mama®, Whole
                                                                                   11:30 am
  Foods Markets® of Jenkintown, and Moxie Moms®, covers a
                                                                           Where: Whole Foods 1575
  wide range of topics. Moms are encouraged to bring their
                                                                                    Fairway Road,
  children along. Snacks will be provided by Whole Foods.
                                                                                    Jenkintown, PA
February 13, 2008
                                                                           How: To register, call
Parents and Money – Building Your Financial
                                                                                 Whole Foods®
                                                                                 directly at 215-481-
Sherine Mani,                                                                    0800, or go to their
Regional Manager, Primerica Financial Services
Learn about building a family’s financial house through planning –
                                                                                 customer service
everything from eliminating debt, building equity faster in your home,           desk.
protecting your family’s assets, saving for retirement, and college        For more information,
                                                                           contact One Fit Mama®
March 12, 2008                                                             at 215-886-2869. You can
No More Tubes, No More Antibiotics: Holistic                               also visit us at
Treatments for Childhood Ear Infections                          

Damien Ciasullo,
Owner of Rhino Chiropractic Center
Learn about some of the medical myths concerning ear infections, the

most common causes of ear infections, as well as the most effective
treatment options and prevention measures.

April 9, 2008
Building Strong Families
Dawn Greico,
Representative from Once Upon a Family
Is your family life so hectic that you have little or no family
time? Learn how you can BUILD STRONG FAMILIES by creating and
incorporating new traditions, values and beliefs, and special memories
into everyday activities.

May 14, 2008
                                 Lunch Learn&     Workshop Series
                                                                              June 11, 2008
Do you wash your face, brush
                                                          Beyond “Mommy Guilt”:Finding &
your teeth and clean your house?
                                                        Redefining Balance in Mothers’ Lives
Kathy Marsh,
Speaker from Mellaleuca                                                             Jeanine O’Rourke, LSCW
If you said yes, then this is for you! Come have         Do you feel guilty making time for yourself? Join us
fun in identifying what things can be creating          for an interactive workshop that helps moms reflect
stress on your immune system, impacting                 on their own self care (or lack thereof!) and inspires
allergies and other illnesses. Learn how                  women to redefine the balance between nurturing
to shop healthier to save time, money, the                            their family and nurturing themselves.
environment and to be a slimmer you!

July 9, 2008                                                                  August 13, 2008
Toilet Learning for the Toddler                                     Motherhood as a Journey of
Speaker from the Center for Parenting
Education                                                                                Lisa Mullins, LCSW
Children and their parents go through the                          Most discussions of motherhood focus on
process of learning to use the potty. Learn                          how mothering affects the child. Our
ways to avoid power plays and make this time                          discussion will use a fairy tale to look
a smooth transition from diapers to big kid                            at how the experience of mothering
pants. Join us for a insightful look at healthy                       changes the Mom. We’ll explore how
approaches to this exciting and yet often                         motherhood can be a crucible for growing
frustrating and challenging milestone in your                        into the person we were meant to be.
child’s life.

                                                                             October 8, 2008
September 10, 2008
                                                                Babywearing 101: Benefits and
Motherhood: Love Minus the
                                                                                How To Wear
                                                                                           Tonjia Coverdale,
Gail Kotel,                                                                          Owner of Divas n Babes
PT and Owner of Therapeutic Pilates                                      Come see what the celebrity buzz is
How can you lift your baby/child with no                               all about! Learn the art and benefit of
pain? Have trouble getting your little one                          babywearing for mommy and baby, see a
out of his/her stroller or car seat, crib, or                       demonstration on how to wear your baby
highchair? Have your questions/concerns                            in various positions and different types of
answered by learning how to be a great mom                          carriers, and learn more about the time-
without the pain.                                                    honored tradition of wearing your baby.

November 12, 2008
The 5 Minute Mommy Makeover
                                                                               December 10, 2008
Kathleen Quarterman,
Speaker from The Body Shop at Home
                                                                            Exercise and the Brain
Who has the time to look like a celebrity when you
                                                                                               Catie Haig,
have kids?! You do! Feel and look like a celebrity
                                                                     Owner of The Little Gym of Abington
by learning simple, quick techniques to give your
                                                                Learn about the importance of exercise and
fabulous face a glow with The Body Shop At Home
                                                                                     the brain in children.
5-minute Makeover!

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