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An Introduction To Local SEO


									Link building is an important part of any SEO campaign and it is even
more important for any local SEO. To start doing local SEO, you should
already have your address on your website's homepage. You'll be surprised
how many people leave that off. Some people would like to put it on the
footer. That way, it will be on every single page of their site. It is
okay to do that and it is not a problem.

The next one is your phone number. It is very important to have the phone
number and address on your site because it links up all the links that
you will acquire from the sources that is given below.

Also you need to set up your Google Places profile. Hopefully that has
already been verified and you have already filled in all the relevant
fields. If not, make sure you have done that before moving on and doing
the next step for your local SEO.

Yellow Pages

Let us get back to your link building. The first areas that you have to
look into are the Yellow Pages. These are the likes of YELL, 118, SCOOT
and can also include Yahoo Locals and Smile Local. It is important to be
linked to these places.

Local Directories

This is very much the same when you build links from any other
directories. But this time you need to focus locally. You can search
Google for "business directories" and then the areas you are in. From
there, you can find such directories as Free Index, Hot Frog (which has
been hit but the Panda Update but still worth placing yourself there
since people are still using the site looking for information there),
Applegate and BizWiki. All the information fed on local directories and
Yellow Pages ends up being put on Google Places account or at least have
a knock-on-effect to it.

Social Media

It is very important to be listed on social media sites since the
community uses it a lot and therefore you might get some customers that
way. These are the likes of Yelp, We Love Local, Brownbook, Qype, Trip
Advisor and Tipped. Once you verified these accounts and you have
verified these listings, it also gives you the option to have more
information since you can add more images and more descriptions, your
opening hours and the product you supply perhaps. It is very much the
same information that you put in your Google Places account. That said,
make sure that you have verified these accounts.

Hopefully this article gave you a nice starting point on where you should
start for your local SEO. Start building links from these areas and
you'll start seeing improvements within Google Places and your local SEO
placing as well.

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